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Thursday, August 08, and Friday, August 09, 1996

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There is a (*) to indicate where Thursday ended, and Friday began.

Greetings! I will say to you, upon this day, that subjects discussed previously have been given to you with regard to time elements within physical focus, and perhaps have, to a certain extent, been misinterpreted. If you choose to incorporate this information offered to you within our recent session regarding the subject of probabilities, some clarification would be in order.

As my dear friend Elias has stated, within your shift, and also within these beginnings of this shift, you will be experiencing trauma. This will be the case. In clarification to this statement, I would offer this to you. This trauma, as has been stated, will occur among every individual to some extent. Within probabilities, however, this trauma may not be viewed by you as trauma, per se; this being that each individual, being the creator of his own reality, has the ability to forge his own way, so to speak. No two expressions will be the same. No two experiences will mirror. They may correlate or commingle, but each will have its own individual identification. Just as you have created yourselves within a distinct expression, so also will these actions of trauma be engaged. Where one individual may incorporate what you would term to be insanity, another may only feel a slight twinge, so to speak, within his head; these both being most definite expressions of trauma. To physically focused individuals, these would be viewed as quite different. However, within non-physical focus, these would be viewed as the same.

Each time you engage probabilities, you also engage what you would term to be symptoms. These symptoms are your body’s way of letting you know, so to speak, that these probabilities have been engaged. For example, if there is conflict within your workplace and you choose to engage changing of these probabilities, you may experience a symptom of dissatisfaction of these conditions in which you have initially chosen to employ yourself. If these symptoms were not present, this engagement would continue as it had been. By incorporating the symptoms, you afford yourself a stronger noticing of these unsatisfying conditions; therefore providing the vehicle, so to speak, for disengagement from this situation. Within another probability within this same scenario, these symptoms may only afford an expression of verbalization, in request to other individuals within higher positions, as you would term this, for helpfulness within changing of these conditions. In this, these other individuals have the choice to either comply, or not to engage compliance.

Within physical focus, these probabilities would be your most probable probabilities. Within any of these choices, a certain amount of trauma would be incorporated. However, the engagement of your choice would determine the level, so to speak, of conflict incorporated. These choices will become more abundant, and the symptoms become more noticeable, and the expressions of these probabilities will become easier, as you move through this time of awareness toward your shift. This is not to say that everyone will choose the least conflict, for within individuality and within each individual moment, “opposing” probabilities will be offered up to you, by you; for you may not be aware, all probabilities lead to the same end, so to speak.

This information offered to you within these past months has been presented for awareness and preparation for these probabilities. All individuals, within all areas of your globe, will be experiencing many, many different expressions within this shift. All expressions will be individual to each. Each experience shall be perceived within a different manner. All conflict or trauma shall be perceived within an individual manner. This will be opening up, so to speak, a new line of communication to all individuals, in that these experiences will be helpful within the widening process. These individuals will compare notes, so to speak, and in this, will exchange ideas and expound theories, so to speak. Exchange will be helpful within creating a better understanding of this expression. Individual concepts and views shall, within physical focus, aid in expressing of examples of diversity. This would be an important expression within physical focus, as diversity enables individuality. Without this individuality, physical expressions would have no particular impact when engaged by other individuals. (*)

As you widen within your awareness and become more understanding of these probabilities, your understanding of the importance of these differences, as you would term it, will also become more apparent. These expressions of personality are helpful in distinguishing essence from essence. As has been stated, all energy is connected. It is only perceived by you to be separate and individual. This perception is incorporated within physical focus for the reason of identification. Just as you each have your own vibrational tone, you also each have your own individuality. Within objective awareness, you attempt to incorporate the concept of no separation. This incorporation within the objective state is not so important as the understanding within this state. The incorporation will take action within its own time, so to speak. However, the understanding must take effect first, in your terms.

These concepts that you have been offered within these past months are exactly that; concepts. Subjectively, these would be viewed as truths, and are incorporated as reality. Objectively, these are still viewed as concepts. Therefore, understanding subjectively will lead to actualization objectively. You need not be incorporating tremendous effort in actualizing these concepts objectively, for within physical focus, individual and mass belief systems strongly counter-affect these expressions. Understanding of these concepts, however, may be actualized within the safety of your own mind, so to speak, without physical interference from physically-focused doubting Thomases. If you are spending more time understanding, and not so much time trying to engage these ideas, when the time comes for these ideas to be officially engaged, the more understanding that is incorporated, the less trauma will be put within action. I express “officially” in that at this present now, within physical focus, these concepts within mass belief are still concepts; therefore official engagement would not be probable.

These statements have been given as helpfulness to those individuals who are thinking that to be “very wide” incorporates total acceptance and realization of concepts put forth. Awareness and widening is a process taken one step at a time, so to speak. You may not perform brain surgery without first learning where the brain is! This expression is also very much within non-physical focus.

I stated previously of being, for lack of better terminology, “less evolved” than the essence of Elizabeth. In this, some confusion ensued. These things may take some time, so to speak, to explain. I shall attempt to encapsulize this for you.

Within essence, all action is engaged by probability. All probabilities are engaged by choice; the choice of all probabilities, then the choice of the individual probability. Within these choices, the essence of Elizabeth and the essence of Patel have engaged within the agreement of manifestation. This manifestation within physical focus, within the reality of no time, has occurred simultaneously to each. Within this simultaneousness, an event occurred wherein these two essences “traded places,” so to speak, for a brief moment; thus allowing a passing through of energy. This “passing through” created, as you would term it, a black hole, in which the energy was suspended for a very brief increment of time, so to speak.

I must add, these terms are only being offered for lack of better terminology. Misinterpretation may follow this explanation. However, these ideas will become clearer.

As the energy suspended, certain qualities were exchanged and reincorporated within each. This exchange was made within agreement, for intrusiveness is not recognized within consciousness. This exchange has been incorporated for the same reason that you, within objective reality, exchange thoughts and ideas. Non-physically, however, thoughts and ideas are exchanged automatically. What is exchanged here, for lack of terminology, would be experience. Therefore, within consciousness, within essence, within agreement, the essence of Elizabeth and the essence of Patel have chosen to exchange experience; thus the statements made earlier which evoked questioning.

I hope this has been of some significant explanation. As we have stated many times, because of terminology, ideas are sometimes difficult to express with ... Correction. Ideas are impossible to express with no distortion whatsoever, and very difficult to express with little distortion. In this, I am apologizing beforehand for any misinterpretation that may occur from this information; all the more reason to be connecting within consciousness and “figuring it out!” This offered with much affection, and encouragement of widening! Until we next speak, ta!

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