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Wednesday, August 14, 1996

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Vic’s note: This session was done in two parts; the first in the morning, and the second in the evening. There is a (*) to indicate the ten hour break. For continuity, read in conjunction with Elias’ material of the same date. See the note at the end of this transcript for additional information.

Greetings! We will, on this day, attempt to place a small amount of understanding within this very large amount of misunderstanding! Within this confusion that you presently incorporate, many aspects of this phenomenon are being overlooked, so to speak, for there are many aspects of this phenomenon that have not been discussed to this present time.

Within the widening process, the energy that is exchanged initially would be viewed by you to be unbalanced, so to speak. This balance would be leaning more toward the non-physical energy essence. This would be for the reason that the physical body of the receiver, so to speak, is not “equipped” to be receiving of a balance of this energy initially. What you have been viewing for the last months, as you term this, is a “gradual balancing” of this energy between the essences of Michael and Elias. As this balance is incorporated, many changes take place; many of which you have already become aware of within your own widening and ability of noticing. You will, within your subjective consciousness, recognize these changes and accept immediately. Objectively, however, these changes will be, to a certain extent, confusing to you, for the reason that within your objective expression, you tend to qualify and rationalize these changes as being objective, and you disregard the subjective action that is taking place simultaneously.

You, Lawrence, have presently, because of your connection with Michael, “taken on” a very large responsibility, in that within this widening process that is within full engagement, not necessarily within full actualization, certain aspects of the phenomenon that are objectively manifest take on a different expression; for within this balancing of energy, as the energy is, to your way of thinking, beginning to manifest more objectively, a certain amount of bleed-through occurs. This bleed-through would be, as you would term it, working in reverse; for the consciousness of Michael, as it widens, also actualizes a certain moving toward the center, so to speak. This would be this balancing that has been mentioned. As this consciousness merges within the subjective, it also merges within the objective; therefore creating a partial allowance of belief systems to bleed-through as well. This would be what you, Lawrence, have been viewing. This would also be the responsibility that was spoken of earlier.

This strong noticing upon your part would be a direct result of the connection that you hold with Michael, this also being the reason that this viewing has created this conflict for you; for within the phenomenon, Michael is unaware of objective (*) expression whilst engaged within this state, and in this, the responsibility incorporated. This would be a responsibility of information delivered to Michael in helpfulness, of letting him know, so to speak, of these objective expressions of bleed-through.

We have been aware of these changes, so to speak, for quite some of your time. These issues have not been addressed for the reasons of not wishing to incorporate distortion. This may seem to be quite contradictory within initial impression. However, these concepts are quite different within subjective consciousness than they would be within objective. These issues presented within outward expression have been expressed by no coincidence. They have been expressed for allowance of exchange, not only between the essences of Michael and Elias, but also of Michael and Lawrence. These essences all have, within agreement, chosen to incorporate this action in this way; this particular expression being the most efficient, so to speak, within objective and also subjective consciousness.

This perception of distortion which is, as you have expressed to yourself, a perception, (for your expression is directly related to perception and this would be your perception), this issue not being expressed was also an agreement; for prior information of this particular expression would have influenced, within physical focus, Michael’s allowance of this exchange. Michael, being concerned for other individuals, may have created a certain blocking within consciousness of this expression; thus the agreement, within subjective, to allow this expression with no prior information objectively.

Michael’s desire within this area is great, as also is Lawrence’s. In this, within agreement, within consciousness, this expression has been actualized; the expression being within becoming, the actualization not quite complete, so to speak. As this expression becomes more apparent to Michael, it will also become more, for lack of better terminology, under control. In this, yes, it would be a temporary condition, in your terms.

This information that you would perceive as distorted is, in actuality, not affecting any situation more than any information delivered at any other time, for all information is affecting of all things. This would not be what you term as negative, for there is no positive or negative. There is only perception. Within physical focus, your perception forms, so to speak, your physical expression.

As my dear friend Elias has stated to you, there is no need for concern; for within consciousness, no harmfulness will be expressed from one essence to another. This expression “one to another” is important to understand, for this would mean that, for example, from me to you, as the expression is offered, would be offered within one direction, so to speak; from me to you. Hurtfulness only ensues when the information is taken from the source, me, so to speak, and filtered through a belief before it is taken in; thus the information has been distorted.

This is not to say that initial information may not be delivered within a distorted manner, for it may and quite frequently it is, as perceived by you within physical focus. The action of acceptance or non-acceptance of distortion is within your choices. The statement of “ringing true” is a very good example of a “defense mechanism,” as you would term it. This ringing would be your own way of sifting through, so to speak, the distortion. The more that you listen to this ringing, the less distortion will be incorporated. This also would be your choice.

There is much more to be expressed upon this subject, and will be. It may be addressed further this evening, or not! At any rate, the subject will be additionally addressed. Within this particular time, however, this transmission shall be interrupted, so to speak, for allowance of interaction of other essences. Until we next speak, ta!

Vic’s note: Ron completed the second part of this transmission during the time period of a regularly-scheduled Elias session, and in the company of five people who were gathered for that session. We don’t always engage Elias on Wednesday nights, but Mary had stated earlier that Elias had been very present all day, and it was apparent to her that he would be speaking. It was also apparent to her that Elias would not speak while Paul was engaged with Ron, and so we waited. Paul’s information is in direct response to questions posed by Vicki. As soon as Ron was finished, we engaged Elias, and Vicki asked the same questions. We then read Paul’s response. It is interesting to note the similarity of the answers, as they both “came out of left field” in response to some rather challenging questions. The questions are not included here, as you can read them in the Elias transcript.

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