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Tuesday, September 03 and Wednesday, September 04, 1996

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This is in direct response to a question asked by Cathy. The question is, “Why did Mary react in the way that she did to Vicki’s TFE?” There is a (*) to indicate the break between days.

Greetings! This day, we shall attempt to address to expressions of conflict and perceptions of probabilities. These expressions in question have been expressed in many other ways and at many other times, so to speak; these being expressions of a knowing within of change and movement within awareness. As these knowings are manifest objectively, they make themselves known to you in a way to achieve your attention. If the attention is not given within a timely, so to speak, manner, they will alter their probabilities to include other probabilities for noticing. This altering would be what was incorporated within your last evening’s encounter, so to speak.

Michael has had an awareness of this essence for much of your time, and has incorporated many different expressions within. This interaction with this essence would be helpful within his understanding of self, and also within understanding of probabilities; this particular probability having been offered up many times before. This action of this probability was in no way intended as intrusiveness. In quite opposite terms, so to speak, it has been offered as what you would term another stepping stone. In this, his choices have been engaged and probabilities have been set in motion.

Michael is within an area of change. Within this area, many expressions of confusion abound, so to speak. Within this confusion, many probabilities may be overlooked; thus creating a narrower field of opportunity. Within Michael’s subjective self, a great turmoil is within action. He perceives this opening to awareness as a struggle for identity, not realizing that this identity has in no way been threatened. The act of viewing this action of your last evening, involving Lawrence and Shynla, was not only a benefit to you all, but also an offering to Michael, to be noticing of choices and to be noticing of the broad spectrum of probabilities. In narrowing this field of probabilities, you will also narrow your field of reaction. (*) Within a wider field of probabilities, the field of choices is also widened.

Be realizing that this essence is within transition. In this, great confusion ensues. This confusion is not recognized totally subjectively, as the subjective consciousness has not been fully engaged. This confusion will be manifest within projection of this confusion.

It has been expressed previously that this essence would be, in your terms, known as a dream artist. In this, interaction may also be achieved within other states of altered consciousness. These other states would actually be more affected, as within these states physical awareness is more present; thus enabling a closer objective interaction between essences. The essence within transition is still experiencing much objective perception, and incorporating perceptions of physical trauma. This trauma is being expressed as confusion, and in this confusion, may express within a distorted manner.

This essence that we speak of, as has been stated, does not wish, within consciousness, to be creating conflict for self or for other essences. Conversely, this essence would be only wishing for helpfulness, within understanding of movement through awareness. Michael and Lawrence, as do Shynla and Olivia, have achieved an understanding objectively, collectively, that was only beginning to be touched upon by this essence within question; this essence being the same essence encountered both within your TFE and also upon your Ouija board.

This expression presented by Lawrence toward Michael would be a knowing of this conflict, and a connection with it. This reaction to Lawrence from Michael would also be a knowing, and a great connection with this essence. Within analyzation and contemplation, this conflict is perpetuated. Within acceptance and realization and knowing of connection, this conflict may be more easily moved through.

This realization of Michael and Olivia of pyramids, although quite meaningful, in your terms, and quite on the right track, so to speak, does in no way lessen the affectiveness of this small pyramid incorporated within your small group. These four individuals have been asked for helpfulness. This would be your probability and your choice to respond. There is no right or wrong. There is no good or bad. There is, in actuality, no intrusiveness or non-intrusiveness, for all experiences are drawn to you. This is your choice. This is your expression. This is your perception. This is your responsibility, so to speak. This is a great opportunity for you objectively to be connecting subjectively, as the desire is great from both sides, so to speak. The reality is yours for the creating.

Much affection, with absolutely no intrusiveness intended! Until we next speak, ta!

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