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Sunday, September 15, and Sunday, September 22, 1996

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There is a (*) to mark the break

Greetings! A few small considerations, for consideration. Within ten of your days, be observing; there will be within your group a new, so to speak, individual whom shall be instrumental in this expansion we have spoken of. This is not to be taken too lightly, nor too seriously, for this is only a choice being afforded you within the forum of these sessions. In this affectingness of this individual will be the medium for this expansion, a medium that most assuredly will be quite acceptable to all concerned. As was stated, this would be your own choice within your own probabilities. Michael, being given to episodes of stubbornness and uncomfortability, shall most certainly be having the most conflict within this choice. Be assuring Michael, though, that within this small group of yours, there is much trust; perhaps not trust of self, but trust of one another, which is surely a start, so to speak.

Be remembering that intrusiveness is a manifestation from within, as are all things. In this, as was verbalized so eloquently by one of your former, so to speak, political leaders, the only thing to fear is fear itself; for within you lies the ability to abstain from fear, and to let yourself remember all that is and all that will be, harboring no fear whatsoever.

Think of it as a frozen lake. It may seem solid to view from the shore. However, it may not be as thick as you perceive. As you step out upon this frozen lake, something tells you, so to speak, just how safe it actually is. You may take a few steps, testing the ice; and if it feels safe, you continue. Contrarily, if this action does not feel safe, you shall proceed back to the shore. In returning to the shore, this effort to cross this frozen lake has been thwarted, and a longer journey has been chosen. This would be around the lake. Had you trusted a feeling of safeness within a trusting of self, the ice would have been quite supportive to you for the entire journey across this lake.

Recently, in your terms, Lawrence has found himself quite at odds with himself. He is not feeling a safeness upon his ice. As we have stated many times previously, you have all created your own ice to stand upon, or not. All That Is, Is. All that is created is real. What you choose to do with these creations is within your own choices. You may incorporate helpfulness from other individuals within this journey. Other individuals may be quite helpful in offering perceptions of how thick they believe the ice to be, but when it comes time to take your first step out onto this frozen lake, you must take this step alone; for with too much helpfulness, you may be putting too much weight upon the ice. Each individual must choose their own way across this lake. (*)

Each individual, however, must also be within agreement of other individuals; for if all individuals step out upon this ice, even though they may be incorporating their own direction, the weight of all individuals may be too great for this ice. Therefore, within agreement, each individual shall not only choose his own direction across this lake, but also he will choose, within agreement, the best time, so to speak, to embark.

As we have stated previously, nothing is absolute. However, within your most probable probabilities objectively, these probabilities may be difficult to change; not impossible, but in your terms, difficult. Presently, Shynla and Olivia take steps slowly and cautiously upon this ice. Michael, Lawrence, and William incorporate baby steps, with perhaps a bit less caution. Yarr and Lanyah have chosen presently to engage this journey around the lake. This is not to say that this probability may not at any time change, for the ice remains upon the entire lake and may be crossed from any point within its circumference.

Be trusting of this ice, for it maintains its thickness. Only your fears and beliefs may melt it away. Also be remembering that within consciousness, we will be there with you, so to speak, to pull you from the cold water should you crack your ice and fall in; for even though you must primarily trust yourself, you also have made agreements with all others, and we shall be stretching within a chain, so to speak, across the still intact ice, to pluck you from your metaphysical depths! Until we next speak, ta!

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