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Thursday, October 10, 1996

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Greetings, my dear, dear Shynla. Within this evening, you seem to be involving yourself in a conflict that, within your knowing, has no answers or explanation. We are very, very fond of this essence of Shynla, and very supportive of the expressions of this essence also. These expressions of conflict are directly in response to questions that have been posed recently, in regard to this essence of Ruburt.

I have a particular affection for you Shynla, as within my own physical expressions, I was quite similarly engaged. Being so very inquisitive and so very naive, I was constantly engaged within searching for answers to questions that I had no idea that I had answers to already. You may rest assured that these expressions are temporary. These expressions are only evidence that within consciousness, you are moving. You are making great progress, so to speak, within your understanding of essence.

As was expressed to Lawrence, relax. Make no more effort than is necessary. Engage your subjective calmness. Engage your objective calmness. Only you can adjust your way of thinking, so to speak. Only you can engage your own subtlety.

This physical expression that you engage presently would be only a manifestation of unassuredness of self. You may be completely sure of yourself and your own expression. Your reaction to other physical individuals is a response to your own insecurity; insecurity being a term that may be interpreted within many ways. Physical insecurity may be much more influential upon you than you may think. Within your experiences, try to link these insecurities with other experiences within your lifetime. Take these experiences and match them to even other experiences within this same lifetime. As you engage these memories, they will bring other memories; and by engaging these other memories, even other memories may be engaged; and as these memories are engaged, they will all blend together into a very small portion of your life, a very insignificant, so to speak, expression; for upon a whole, all expressions and experiences would be considered, in your terms, quite insignificant.

This term I am not wishing to be misinterpreted. Insignificant, in your terms, would mean to you to be unimportant. This is not the expression that is being offered. This term would only be eluding to matters of no matter, for within consciousness, it really does not matter! This within physical focus is a difficult concept to grasp, so to speak. However, you within physical focus are able to accept and let go of more conflict scenarios than you know.

Make no mistake. These expressions are very real. These expressions are very physically incorporated. However, these expressions are also very physically focused. As you move, you will realize that these physical expressions are just that; physical expressions. Objectively, there is not much to be done with them. Subjectively, there is very much. As you incorporate this movement, you will begin to see that there is a fine line between objective expression and subjective expression. You only need to learn to look at both sides, so to speak. Experience the subjective by experiencing the objective. Little is to know of either, for all is known of both. Until we next speak, ta!

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