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Sunday, October 13, 1996

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Greetings to all of my dear ones. This day, we have been asked a question concerning the well-being of the present physical focus of the essence of Michael. This, as are so many questions, is not so simple to answer as you would tend to think. Michael, being presently physically focused, has taken on the burden, so to speak, of relating to other individuals who would be considered by you to be very influential within his thinking. Michael, however, stubbornly refuses to take heed of this advice, if you will. These other individuals have only the intent of assistance within this conflict. Allowance of incorporation of helpfulness will be achieved by realizing that within physical focus, there are certain avenues that must be afforded; certain directions that are necessary to insure a smooth transition. Michael is occasionally leant to forgetfulness of objective reality, which is very much influencing of this focus; so much so, in fact, that subjective expressions are dwarfed by these objective expressions. This may be difficult to ascertain at this point, however.

Be not forgetting that you all are within physical focus. This would be the most obvious realization to you. This should be the most obvious realization to you. This is not to say that subjective expression is unimportant, for it is not. It is only to say that before, so to speak, you may fully understand subjective reality, you must obtain a firm grasp upon the objective. Michael has, for lack of better terminology, released his grasp upon his objective personification; thus allowing perhaps too much influence to be expressed from the subjective. As this influence is realized and actualized, confusion ensues; for within physical focus, much is left to be learned about subjective expression. This confusion may manifest itself within many forms. Just as has been expressed that within this oncoming shift, many individuals will express this shift in many different ways, this also holds true for individuals initially engaging this shift, which is exactly what is taking place at this very moment with all of you within the forum of this small group, as well as many, many other individuals.

Michael’s expressions, within the engagement of this conflict that he experiences presently, manifest within a personal area of his existence. Within his beliefs, he would be incorporating the thought that were other individuals to be made aware of these private, so to speak, issues, that these other individuals would have a lesser opinion of him. This information may be just as well kept from Michael’s view. However, this information will, within time, so to speak, be quite helpful to him. We are realizing that Michael will be expecting to be made aware of this exchange, for he is currently present within your immediate space confines; this being not just one of your famous coincidences.

As you may already be aware, many expressions of essence are taken within much misinterpretation. This would be the reason for entering any given situation with acceptance and as much understanding as you may physically incorporate. As was expressed earlier, physical expressions are very much a part of this focus. This may be sounding to you as an inane concept. In one way, I am supposing that it is. However, within another way of looking at this, you are so misunderstanding of objective reality that this statement would be an understatement. Wake up and physically smell the coffee! Until we next speak, ta!


Greetings, once again. I shall at this time extend an apology for misleading information. This language barrier incorporated by this essence at this time would be, in your terms, quite frustrating. Regarding the previous information recently expressed, this information was not intended to be of such a confusing nature. I shall attempt to clarify, although this same issue has come up within your past and was much more clearly defined by my dear friend Elias. In any case, this will be another stab at it.

Within your expressions of physical focus, you learn as you linearly incorporate. This linear expression is ingrained upon you throughout your lifetime, as you would term it. Many of your years of information have been instilled within you, making very deep marks upon your psyche. Within introduction of this new, so to speak, way of looking at things, a few of these deep marks have begun to smooth out. This smoothing process is, from an objective standpoint, “a long row to hoe,” so to speak. These deep marks must be not only smoothed out, but must also be filled back in as they are smoothed. Otherwise, the deep marks will remain. Only the edges will be smooth. This process of “filling in” will be accomplished by acceptance of objective reality. Just as you learn to engage belief systems, so must you also learn to engage objective reality.

We have attempted to offer to you knowledge of subjective reality, and also to express the importance of preparation for your shift. This preparation is not to be misinterpreted, for we use the term prepare with a slight variation, in so much as this term may be literally and laterally translated. This translation we have chosen would be more of a lateral nature.

Within this physical existence, you experience physical occurrences. These occurrences, because of your beliefs, are exactly that; physical occurrences. What I was trying to express to you, within our last engagement, was only that until you accept and engage and actualize and let go of all existing beliefs, you shall be hard-pressed to accept or engage or actualize or take hold of subjective expressions to the fullest extent.

As I spoke of earlier, this learning experience that you have undertaken is definitely a step in the right direction, so to speak. However, it is only a step. There are many, many miles yet to go. Within your thinking, you have all managed to pierce this veil between the objective and the subjective. This is not totally the case. You have all had a glimpse behind the veil, but you have in no way pierced it. Michael has the point of his knife firmly embedded within this veil, and is pounding and pounding upon the end of his knife with a rock. He is making some progress. In fact, within your terms, this progress would be considered great leaps and bounds. However, within our terms, this would be this same tip of this same iceberg. Pounding upon this veil is only diminishing your focus upon reality. If you lose sight of your reality before you understand the complexities as well as the simplicity of this existence, you may not be taking with you the material for filling the deep marks before you smooth them out.

I am afraid that this information may be not much more informational to you than was our last exchange. If this is the case, be patient. This will become clearer as you sharpen your focus. Much love and warmest regards to you all. Ta!

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