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Friday, November 01, 1996

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Vicís note: This exchange occurred during a large group setting at a Seth conference in New Haven, Connecticut. This is the only time Ron has engaged this exchange in a group setting, and in longhand rather than typing. I have been meaning to type it up for a few years, and now I finally am! (1/3/99, 3:00 AM)


These next days may prove for you to be a great study in scientific and also intuitive experimental practices, intuitive in that only within intuition will you actually realize what may be happening within subjective reality.

Many things may be quite difficult to understand, in that many individuals have chosen to incorporate themselves within this forum for the purpose of social interaction. Many have come in hopes of connecting with something that they have no idea that they are presently connected with! These individuals may create a difficulty within agreements with other individuals in attaining a close bond, so to speak, with information and concepts that may not be spoken, but are quite well known.

Be aware that any information desired has been offered and is available to you. By noticing at the same time that you actualize, you may receive information and employ imagination, so to speak. Also understand that [although] these individuals may be attempting to actualize or realize, the concepts will be not so easily incorporated for them. These individuals are generally, so to speak, rooted within the objective, lending toward more physical action, being confused with subjective action.

Vicís note: here, Ron stopped the transmission, and it never was resumed.

[Paul H.ís note: Ron mentioned to me, shortly after New Years Day 1999, that the impetus for this interaction was his perception at the conference that some of the people didnít really understand the Seth Material and were trying to figure it all out in their own ways. So itís clear to me that the response was in answer to his own wonderings.

Also, as "fate" would have it, my wife Joanne and I also attended this conference run by Seth Network International. It turns out that it was Vic and Ronís first conference too. Though we didnít connect objectively, except to pass by each other as "strangers" during those days, we did connect with them the following June 1997 at the SNI conference in Elmira, NY. and decided to move to Castaic, CA the following September to particpate in the unfolding Elias saga. We also met a some other individuals at that November SNI conference who have gone on to participate in the Elias forum Ė Norm and Reta, Vivien, Melinda, and Rodney.]

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