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Friday, March 14, 1997

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Greetings Lawrence, and also to my dear dear Giselle. We have been with you recently within these conversations. We have noticed this change, so to speak, of perception and are understanding of situations involved within this exchange. Many probabilities come into focus. Many choices are available to you. This is not to say that the choice has not already been made, for it has.

Be remembering that for all of these years, in your terms, you have been investigating many avenues of thought. Within this investigation, you have created many conclusions and reached none. This would be because of an inner knowing that there are no conclusions; only that which is. In this, you may rest assured that your choices have been valid. Your impressions have been correct, so to speak. Within these impressions lie certain variables, to which you hold many beliefs. These beliefs may tend to confuse and may begin to frustrate. These are only impressions. All impression is filtered through belief, and all belief is created by you, for you.

Even within the vast knowing of consciousness, there may be times when information may be filtered; not necessarily through beliefs, in your terms, but through an unreadiness, so to speak, to incorporate this information. You are upon a threshold, so to speak, of awareness. Within your own essence and within this forum, you may, with help of others, so to speak, begin to fully realize and to assimilate.

Confusion is a state that has been created by physically focused individuals to answer certain questions; questions such as where do we go when we die? Why do I feel this way? Who am I? These questions have been mysteries to you and to many many others for much of your time. These questions have quite simple answers. However, within physical knowledge these questions shall be quite difficult to answer.

Within acceptance of self and acceptance of other individuals, these questions may be answered for you, by you. No thing is absolute. No message is written in stone. All factors have variables. Countless probabilities are open and available to you. All probabilities chosen are correct, or should I say acceptable. Be knowing that within action, also within each day of your physical lifetime, you have created this for yourself and have done so perfectly, with no mistakes whatsoever.

Exchange of information is important to you. Continue this if you choose, for it may be helpful to you. Until we next speak, ta!

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