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Saturday, March 15, 1997

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Giselle. Greetings, my love. I have been anticipating interaction once again, this being not from merely yestereve. For much time, in your terms, we have known one another as much more than passing acquaintances. These terms are quite limiting within understanding. However, we are aware that you shall be beginning to remember these connections forthwith.

As you well know, all things spoken or thought are actualized. In this, all things have a certain meaning. All actions create a flow, so to speak, within consciousness; a direction of intent, put forth and actualized by you. These feelings of transition, as you term it, are thoughts projected to your inner self, so to speak, as instruction for your widening. This widening shall come to pass within many areas of consciousness and within many aspects of yourself. Incorporation of this process, as you term it, has but to be dealt with, within a partial subjective knowing and an inner objective knowing. This would be why these issues trouble you so. Begin to realize that within your subjective knowing, you are connected to all. Therefore, there is no bad, no good, no positive, no negative, only movement; a constant flow of energy of which you are a part, as are we all.

No harmfulness shall befall you within your subjective focus. Objectively, the only harm that may occur shall be the knowing without acceptance, for the knowing is known by you. Only acceptance has not been put into play. As you widen your beliefs, you shall also widen your awareness. Objectively, all beliefs shall be your worst nemeses, to coin a purely objective phrase. Once these beliefs have been confronted and challenged and then taken to you and accepted, then your awareness shall be much clearer to you; as a small pool may be still and calm, but the view to the bottom is hampered by many leaves and lily pads on the top. As you move the leaves and the lily pads aside to attain a better look, you have also stirred up the silt from the murky bottom of this pool.

Now; viewing is extremely difficult. Many individuals may spend only a moment staring into the murky water and then say to themselves, “This is too murky. I shall move on and perhaps I shall find a clearer pool.” This may be. However, some individuals may choose to remain and to be content to look around at the beauty that surrounds them whilst waiting patiently for this water to settle, and when it does the results are wondrous! For not only has the water become quite clear, within the stirring of this bottom silt tiny reflective particles have been allowed to settle upon the top of the silt, making this viewing much easier and much more satisfying, for these reflective particles have created an inner light source from the bottom of the pool, as well as the light from without. In this, you have unobstructed clear viewing, while this other individual is just now finding another pool and in this pool are many leaves and lily pads. Until we next speak, ta!

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