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Saturday, March 22, 1997

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Margot, hi. I’m going to start this letter out, but I have a strong feeling that I won’t be the one finishing it.

It’s interesting to me that you would perceive Paul in this way, especially knowing how curious Vicki is about the subject of aliens. I have never thought about it quite in this way.

My impression of non-physical manifestation is that although certain emotional expressions are eluded to, there is no need for emotion as we know it. True, Elias has, from time to time, been known to break out in a belly laugh. He has even gotten what we would consider a bit perturbed at a couple of individuals’ lack of understanding. I can’t say for sure if this subject matter has been addressed directly because I never read the transcripts, but my inner senses are telling me that (switch to Paul) this expression of emotion may be likened to a difference between a cloudy day and a sunny day. Within this cloudy day, the pressure, so to speak, would be at a higher level, as you would term it; whilst within this sunny day, this pressure would be lessened to a certain extent. As this pressure changes, it is as if weight were being added or taken away. This would be a very limited explanation of what your term for emotion would be termed within our terms. This is not to say that non-physical expression experiences atmospheric changes, for it does not. It is only to say that this would be the closest to an objective explanation as is practical within your understanding.

These individuals of Zeta of which you speak would, as you have described, be in your terms lacking in emotion. However, to these individuals, these emotional expressions that you physically-focused hold have no meaning to them. Just as the language is quite different from yours, so would all actions of manifestation be; for these individuals inhabit a space-time framework within another dimension, and within this dimension other belief systems have been placed into effect and other perceptions have been manifest.

Regarding abduction, these individuals would not be responsible for these occurrences, as these expressions have been objectively manifest by you for your own noticing. These individuals of Zeta, as you term it, have no interest of you. Also, these expressions of essence would be linked to you within consciousness. Therefore, harmfulness done by these individuals to you would also be harmfulness done to you, by you; and also to them, by them.

These are difficult concepts to be expressing within a short period of your time. Suffice it to say that within this widening that you may all be experiencing, these ideas shall become more clear, so to speak, to you, and these concepts of separation shall begin to diminish, as will your oh so strong beliefs! We shall be bidding you good evening. Until we next speak, ta!

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