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Friday, May 09, 1997

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Greetings! This evening we shall, after long awaited anticipation, attempt to dispel misdirectedness regarding interaction occurring within some time ago, so to speak. This would be regarding a conversation held upon your computer and information offered to Kaileen. These concepts shall be not so easily interpreted within objective focus. However, I shall be delivering this information with as little distortion as is non-physically possible.

Within what was termed as alignment with this family of Vold, terminology used was lending to misinterpretation. Within this shall be our starting point, so to speak.

Alignment may be interpreted within many different aspects. You tend to interpret this within one definition. This alignment that I spoke of was not to be inferring that this essence has aligned herself directly within this family, but has aligned within helpfulness to this family and its intent; this intent being the exacting of this shift, amongst many other things; this shift being the predominant focus. As has been stated previously, these alignments shall be overlapping each and another to an extent that it may seem they all intermingle to form a single unit, which in actuality, they do; this being why these concepts may be difficult to comprehend, as well as being quite difficult to put forth to you.

This essence of Kaileen has chosen to align within this manner as, in your terms, an experiment or a trial period, so to speak. Within lending of energy within this manner, she may more easily identify her intent subjectively; therein enabling an objective recognition of same. This essence has also been within alignment within this same manner with two other of these family groups; one being the Zuli family, the other being Borledim. As this essence incorporates helpfulness within movement of these particular families, she is choosing to move on, so to speak, to be of helpfulness elsewhere.

There are many other essences within this focus that you now incorporate having similar intents. These essences shall become more evident as this shift develops and as this expansion flowers. All essences shall be incorporating helpfulness to all other essences within connections. However, this shall not be directly within alignment of intent. It shall be within the direction of intent, but not within alignment; as with these other essences.

To be slightly more explanatory, this essence of Kaileen, through her own experiences, has given herself as example to other essences of movement within this shift. In allowing for this movement to occur and to be allowing the viewing of this movement, it shall serve to better the understanding of individuals incorporating difficulty within acceptance. The chosen temporary alignment of this individual, as opposed to the direct alignment, offers a unique opportunity for viewing parallels, as well as opposites or mirroring action. A great deal may be learned by viewing these actions within objective as well as subjective expression.

As has been stated, these terms and explanations may be very easily misinterpreted; as my dear friend, as all of us subjectively focused, are aware. In this, these concepts may and shall be incorporated within your future time for more detailed explanation. These few words shall in no way suffice as adequate explanation of these concepts, just as with many other concepts that have been offered to you, and still may be, as a slight glimpse into understanding. These things shall become clear to you. These ideas shall become as second nature, so to speak, and it shall most probably be realized when you shall be least expecting it. Until we next speak, ta!

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