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Saturday, May 24, 1997

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Greetings to you all. Upon this day we shall attempt a slight experiment, if you will, involving capitalization and punctuation. (Here, the experiment ends) Or not!

As many of you may be aware, Olivia has issues with this form of communication. In this, she tends to avoid, so to speak, this interaction. We have been in steady contact with Olivia for very much of your time, and in this have attempted to ease her mind, so to speak, of conflicting issues. To be aware and acknowledging of this exchange is quite different from acceptance and assimilation of same. As this exchange continues within its stages, so to speak, the acceptance shall become greater and the ability within trustfulness shall become much less complicated to her.

Having stated this, we shall on to another subject. It has been noted that within your mailings of late, the issue of beliefs has been at the forefront of these conversations. As you shall begin to realize, this issue shall be at your forefront continuously, for this would be the objective issue driving all of your other issues. Objectively, you move into an area of separation wherein you put your issues into certain categories, as with issues of fear, issues of trust, issues of relationships, and thus and such. In this, you have put an invisible, so to speak, shell around these issues that may create difficulty in accessing these issues, so that they may more easily be dealt with.

You may think of this as a group of your bubbles floating about. There may be many bubbles within your reach as they are initially created. However, as the wind currents change, these bubbles shall be dispersed within many directions, making it extremely difficult to reassemble them into a smaller grouping. As your beliefs are noticed and accepted, these bubbles shall begin to one by one burst, allowing these issues to be free to move amongst other freed issues and within this intermingling be diluted, so to speak, within a much less concentrated form.

We are realizing that these analogies may be the most efficient method of communicating these concepts. However, this language may be very limiting to discriptiveness. Many of you hold very, very many bubbles within reach. It is merely up to you, so to speak, to extend to these bubbles and be popping them one by one. As this is accomplished, you shall be amazed at how much clearer you may be able to see before you, for these bubbles have been obstructing your vision, so to speak, creating a refraction of light within the shape and reflectiveness of these bubbles, giving the illusion, so to speak, as you attempt to focus through these bubbles, of seeing many of the same object before you. As each of these bubbles burst, you shall notice that focus begins to become more clear and eyes begin to uncross, so to speak.

We are aware that confusion may arise within understanding of certain concepts offered to you. If questions arise from these interactions, we shall be quite willing to address them. This experiment portion of our exchange today I am afraid has failed drastically, for Olivia has not as yet incorporated the trusting within herself to allow the flow of this energy without injecting a bit too much, so to speak, of her own confusion; this owing to her bubbles!

Until we next speak, ta!

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