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Saturday, June 28, 1997

<  Session 32 Paul (Patel)  >

Greetings, my dear ones, all! Upon this day, which it has been quite some of your physical time, we shall be interacting once again.

As was discussed within your conversation of yestereve between Olivia and Lawrence and Shynla, changes, so to speak, are happening; these being a mass movement through consciousness brought about by this pyramid, so to speak; this change being an initiation within consciousness to be examining beliefs and to be acting upon these examinations. Within this, you have all been given the opportunity to be viewing what you would term subjective bleed-through. In noticing these bleed-throughs, you open yourself to a noticing of many other individuals subjectively.

Much movement is occurring within this present now, as you understand it, and many individuals are beginning to realize that there is “more to it,” in the words of the famous Lawrence. As these individuals begin to notice these movings, also will your job, so to speak, begin to become easier for you within this pyramid; for the explanations of many concepts will become less involved, for there will be a certain knowing upon the parts of these individuals. This is not to say that you may rest easy, so to speak; for within this ease of translation for these other individuals, other aspects of this shift shall become obvious to you. Within this shall be an emergence of many new mountains to climb, so to speak.

Uriel, within his newly objectified understanding of his Sumafi intent, shall be quite instrumental in bringing certain concepts of this shift and also of this expansion to light.

Be remembering that although you may be thinking that you are understanding of certain subjective concepts, just as there are innumerable focuses as well as innumerable aspects, there are also innumerable ways to interpret these concepts that have been presented to you. Within this, much care should be taken to realize and be aligning with your Sumafi intent. This is also not to say that this has not been the case to this point, for it has; for you all have done very well in providing this information within very little distortion. Be realizing that within translation from subjective to objective, certain distortions are inherent within this information. Within this objectification into your language, you must achieve the ability to read between the lines, so to speak, which you all have done quite well. Be listening to your inner voice and acting upon this expression.

Lawrence has done well within this listening to self. However, he has not managed to translate this totally objectively as yet. These feelings of, “If I am an asshole, then I shall be listening to my impulses!” is quite upon the right track, so to speak. However, he is presently hopping around his track upon one foot! Lawrence may try examining these impulses, and also his probabilities within these impulses, to be gaining an understanding of this action.

This explanation, I am aware, is not sufficient to you, and if you are wishing I shall be clearing this up. However, for now we shall leave this to Lawrence’s devices to be figuring this out!

To you all, I bid you a good day. Until we next speak, ta!

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