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Friday, July 04, 1997

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Greetings! This day, we shall be attempting to express certain answers to certain questions posed by Olivia if she is choosing to continue within this interaction, as she is aware this energy is quite affecting this day; this being attributable to the fact that this essence has been going through some changes, so to speak, within consciousness, as have you all; this being a time, so to speak, of great movement, in your terms, and each of you individually shall be experiencing this movement within your own manner.

As has been discussed within the recent past, so to speak, this individual of Dave, may I offer Mylo, has been incorporated within this group to be of helpfulness within this expansion and also within this shift if he is so choosing. These are probable probabilities to this present now. However, they remain probabilities. This essence of Mylo shall, if choosing, be helpful within his connections, so to speak, to other essences unknown by you, in your terms. These individuals have been aware of this essence of Mylo for quite some of your time and have been in contact with him. This creativity of which he seeks expression shall become evident within interaction within this presently focused group of individuals within this particular space arrangement. Be understanding that this group shall draw to itself much helpfulness from external, so to speak, sources, and within this is where initially this individual of Dave shall be helpful within this expansion. This is not to say that these probabilities may not change within a blinking of an eye. As you are aware, there are no absolutes. It is only to say that presently this would be the most probable.

Concerning this shift of energy that is being felt, so to speak, by you all, this is within alignment with a mass movement occurring within this present now. You may look at this movement as you would a large ball on a range of hills. As you roll the ball it initially begins, so to speak, with a great amount of velocity, as you have given it this. Within your rolling, this ball shall roll smoothly for some distance, only slowing to a small extent as long as it rolls upon flat ground. When the ball reaches a hill, it may need to use a bit more energy to thrust itself up and over this hill. As it reaches the top of this hill, the ball upon reaching this top shall relax, so to speak, within its energy instantaneously, until the ball begins its descent down the other side of this hill. Upon reaching the other side of this hill, this ball may now be redirecting this energy which it has used in one way to reach the hill, in another way to climb the hill, in yet another way to rest upon the crest of this hill, and still another within its descent. Within this descent it shall be storing, so to speak, this energy for the ascent up the next hill.

In this expression of storing, definition must be offered, for this expression is not the most explanatory term. This action of storing this energy would seem to be, within your objective image of gravity, a task that would be considered quite effortless, for your gravity shall be helping it along. Subjectively this would not be the case, for going up the hill is no different than going down, for there is no up or down!

I only use this analogy for clarification, in your terms. This ball, as it descends the other side of this hill, shall be using the same energy within the same amount as did it climbing this hill, only it shall be using it within a different manner, as it did approaching the hill and also cresting this hill. This expression of descending the other side of this hill is what is being experienced en masse at this present time, so to speak. Within agreement it has been decided to descend this hill, and within the storing of this energy upon this descent for the journey to the next hill as well as the ascent up the next, you shall be expressing differently, so to speak, than you may be accustomed to, in your terms.

Be noticing of these expressions for they are all about you presently, and are also being noticed by individuals who up to this present now were unaware of any movement within consciousness, within objective knowing. This shall be sufficient information for the present. However, there shall be more to come.

Until we next speak, ta!

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