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Friday, August 01, 1997

<  Session 34 Paul (Patel)  >

Greetings, my dear, dear Uriel. Recently, within the actions chosen by you all, there has been a new, so to speak, development. This may be the source of this issue that you presently hold. However, this may also be, as you stated, the “straw that stirs the drink!” This is not to say that this shall be looked upon as competition, for it is not. Essences shall never compete, and as there are so many of you to keep track of, so to speak, there is little room to be looking out for the other guy!

You may be feeling, so to speak, that things are, within this particular time frame, not looking so favorable for you. This would only be your own duplicity acting out and trying to confuse you. As you are well aware, you hold a certain place, so to speak, within this group of individuals that may in no way be equaled, for you hold your own individuality that shall not be ever taken away from you, so to speak. Within these coming moments, which may appear much longer than moments to you, much shall be accomplished by you all; for the intent held by you and other individuals has been stated and rehearsed, so to speak, for much of your time.

Be also remembering, Uriel, that within this objective time framework all things shall be accomplished, be it the actualization of this shift or be it the actualization of what you may term your purpose. However, the only purpose is to experience. Objectively however, this would be expressed as purpose, for individuals need to feel an importance. This importance shall only be judged of you, by you; and as you realize this ultimate task that you have chosen for yourself, you shall also realize that the importance was never as important as it may have seemed within the time frame that you perceived it.

Take no affront of our dear Mylo, as he has been waiting for very much of your time also, although objectively he has been unaware of this. These probabilities shall play themselves out and there shall be no interference or jealousy, for all essences are as one essence and all thoughts have a commonality that may merge into one collective effortlessness to achieve, so to speak, the desired results. This result would be, to be and to understand and to remember, for within remembrance shall be satisfaction of a job well done. This essence shall be here and be interacting with you, for as you begin to remember you shall also be manifesting many, many questions. You may only be asking, and I shall be within your proximity for your queries.

As Olivia may be saying within her terminology, lighten up! These manifestations of this green-headed monster shall be quickly quelled, for this wave of consciousness may be drawing to an ebb; and these thoughts shall turn to actions, and these actions shall turn to realizations, and these realizations shall turn to awareness, and this awareness shall be reality.

I express great fondness for you, Uriel, and also to all; for within this coming shift, no thing shall be greater than any other, as it should be. Until we next speak, ta!

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