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Friday, August 22, 1997

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Greetings to all of my dear ones! As many of you have become aware, much activity has been engaged within the areas of widening and involvement within consciousness. Upon this day, we shall attempt to dispel certain misconceptions of information which has been presented previously. Initially, I shall be assuring you that these concepts or ideas are purely a matter of choice to you, and this choice shall be and ever has been yours to make. Within the context of the ideas presented within the past two years of your time, much has been discussed and also much has been discovered by you. These things shall all be quite helpful to you within this process, so to speak, that we speak of as your shift.

This shift, although uniquely individual to you as a global body, is not unknown to other factions of your known universe; for as you have come to realize, there are many, many other aspects of consciousness intimately connected to you all. This may be a misleading statement, for in expressing this, it is only to be saying that other aspects of your essence are within constant communication with you always. These you may think of as small whispers to yourself, or as thoughts that seem to “pop in,” so to speak, from nowhere. As you move through these areas of consciousness, be realizing that although these other aspects shall not be objectively interacting within this physical action of this shift, they shall be engaging, within the subjective realms of reality, similar actions. This shall be a much different action, for within subjective reality, similar actions shall be interpreted and responded to in a much different fashion than you shall interpret individual actions presently objectively focused.

This introduction, so to speak, shall be only to say that within this shift, you may be feeling that you are “all alone in the universe.” (quotes) However, this may not be spoken further from what is presently occurring. All consciousness is of the same makeup, so to speak. In this, we shall be expressing that there is no other; for other denotes separateness, of which there is none.

We shall begin this lesson, so to speak, with a brief synopsis of the interaction of this shift within consciousness. Many of you are aware of changes, so to speak, going on around you – within everyday noticing of occurrences, within your everyday existence. These alterations within energy have been created by you as a form of noticing and a means of remembrance; for you all, within this particular time period that you have titled the twentieth century, have chosen to remember that other choices are and have been available to you for all of your existence, physical as well as non-physical.

Do not misunderstand. The terminology used within this expression that you have created is quite limited within understanding, as you have designed this language to be limiting for the reason of not letting in too much information at one time, so to speak, for this would be difficult for you to assimilate and to accept.

This shift shall incorporate many things, as has been stated previously by my dear friend. You shall begin to open, so to speak, to other areas of your inner workings, so to speak, and be starting to listen from your inside out. As you move through this shift, be noticing others around you and be conscious of their individuality, for they shall be interpreting this shift in much different ways than you shall. Helpfulness within this noticing of dissimilar expression may be in the form of speaking to these individuals and offering alternate ways to perceive these actions that may be troubling them, or it may be more beneficial to them to be merely, so to speak, lending energy within consciousness to them in a way to be supportive to their plight. Individuals shall be within their own time, so to speak, coming to a remembrance and achieving a perception of other aspects of reality that they may never have realized existed.

We shall interrupt presently. However, this shall be an ongoing discussion and shall resume.

BREAK (Ron doesn’t remember the break)

In continuance: Much of your present time framework that you have chosen to refer to as all time ... which is not in reality all time, for there is no all or time ... has been devoted to a religious incorporation of right and wrong. These terms have been chosen as a means of separation from self. As the terms are presented to you, a visual image is then presented by you, of a “good thing” on the one hand and a “bad thing” on the other. These interpretations of good and evil shall become evident to you as you move closer to the finalization, so to speak, of this shift; for as you come to recognize these separations, you shall also come to realize that within consciousness there is actually no separation between them. These expressions of good and bad are only separated by you for the experience of making a distinction; this also being a term of separation.

Be not misunderstanding, for as this action of this shift takes place, so to speak, individuals shall be fearful of losing this individuality, which is the reason that separation has been created by you. These concepts of separateness shall become more obvious to you as the shift proceeds, and in this individuals may choose to either accept the new, so to speak, information presented, or they may choose to hold even more tightly to their religious beliefs, in fear that they shall be forfeiting their individuality. This is not the case. However, many shall be experiencing this expression.

To these individuals, much care should be given to expression of acceptance of this expression, for to attempt to change the thought processes of these individuals shall be quite confusing to them. By expression of acceptance, a model, so to speak, has been offered to them, and a knowing on their part is put into play. As an individual is incorporating trauma, many beliefs are placed in motion, and they will tend to block or interfere with expressions of helpfulness. This shall become evident to each individual as this shift progresses, so to speak. In this, more helpfulness may be achieved by expressions of acceptance than by physical interaction. This is not to say that interaction may not be helpful. It is only to say, listen to your inner voice and choose the expression that feels, so to speak, right to you.

This information that has been offered within your past two years has been offered to you not as a lesson, but as a reminder; for these individuals that have drawn themselves to this interaction have already incorporated a certain amount of remembrance, and have chosen to assist other individuals within their quest for this same remembrance. These individuals shall also offer helpfulness to you in a mirroring of remembrances. Within each memory lies a multitude of probabilities that shall all manifest, and in these probabilities are choices that have been made by you for your own noticing, and these choices shall be also experienced by other individuals expressing similar choices, only affecting in a way to mirror the affect of your individual choice.

Perception is the key, so to speak, to understanding, and understanding is the key to incorporation, and incorporation is the key to action, and action is the key to reality. Each of you holds your own reality, as all of you holds the same; this being a difficult concept. However, this shall become more clear, as it has presently become more clear than it previously was, and this progression, so to speak, shall continue whether you are aware of it or not.

We shall be continuing with this discussion, for there is much to be said. We shall only disengage presently for Olivia.

Until we next speak, ta!

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