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Saturday, August 23, 1997

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Vic’s note: I must say, Paul is moving into areas of information that is indicative of this wave of change and acceptance.

Greetings once again, my dear ones all!

In continuance, I should like to restate that this shift has begun. There is no reason to be wondering what shall it be like when this shift becomes reality, for it is. These actions that you have chosen for your own noticing have been well thought-out, so to speak, and have been in the workings, as you would term this, for quite much of your time. Be understanding that this shift shall not hit you over the head as with a bat, nor shall it sneak upon you in the night. This action is before you ... although there is no before. It has merged its energy with your energy and has become you, and you it. We only express linearly for your better understanding of these actions that may be difficult for you to comprehend otherwise. As this probability has unfolded, this action has also become easily accessible to you; for as I have stated, it is within the present now, as are all things.

Within your recent past, in your terms, you have been given a brief list, so to speak, of family incorporations within your regularly scheduled session time. Within these descriptions are certain concepts, so to speak, that have given you much to ponder. Included within these descriptions have also been what you would term clues; actions not as yet manifest. Be noticing within these next few of your weeks, and you shall notice that certain aspects of these sessions shall be quite different, from your standpoint, and they shall be creating much cause for discussion. As these issues are discussed, certain facets of consciousness shall be unearthed, so to speak, and you shall have a new, so to speak, ways to perceive these issues. These clues have been offered to you for the intent of making you think, as you would term it, and to give examples to you of this widening process and the multitude of probabilities involved.

These probabilities have been chosen, and the most probable of them put into motion. All that is left for you to do, if you are choosing within probabilities, would be to do nothing, so to speak. This action of this shift has quite round wheels and shall roll along quite nicely, for within doing nothing, so to speak, you shall be doing everything. You have been brought up within your objective focus to believe that within doing nothing, nothing shall be done. This is incorrect, for there is no thing as doing nothing, for within your subjective awareness, all is realized and all things are within motion. Even as you perceive that you do nothing, you shall be creating continuously and shall be manifesting your shift flawlessly.

Be also aware that within this noticing of widening, you shall also be rearranging your thought patterns, so to speak, to be accepting of issues that until now have been difficult for you to deal with. This has already been an area of noticing to you, to a small extent, but shall become quite apparent to you within movement. You may be assured that these actions, although at times seemingly quite frightening, shall be over in a blink of an eye, so to speak. This blinking within physical shall perhaps not feel so fast to you. However, within consciousness, it shall be even faster than this blinking.

These are things that you shall become more aware of as you move: For example, tolerance for other individuals (which has in the past, so to speak, been not so high, and within the middle of the conflict you have found yourself expressing anger towards this other individual) shall be non-existent, for tolerance shall hold no power either way, and within this shall simply cease to be noticed. These actions shall be incorporated within all aspects of objective focus as an acceptance of issues and an awareness of melding or merging of consciousness. This is not to say that all shall be completely apathetic for there shall be no more anger or there shall be no more fear, for this is not the case. Apathy is also a condition of emotion that you hold that shall be placed within a state of suspended animation, so to speak, for it shall hold no power over you, as will no belief hold power.

This shall be sufficient presently. However, there shall be much discussion on this subject futurely.

Until we next speak, ta!

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