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Friday, November 28, 1997

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Greetings and good evening, my dear Lawrence. As you continue to amaze and bewilder yourself at your quite creative expressions of imagery to yourself, you may take solace in the fact that these creations are not only of benefit to your further understandings of this shift, but also may be of great help to others in this understanding as well.

This imagery that you have great curiosity over has been provided to you by you, for the purpose of relinquishing a small portion of the final manifestation that you presently enjoy. In this, you have taken, so to speak, a stronger foothold within this focus and have placed your beliefs underneath a partially protective covering that may only be viewed for moments at a time. As you move through your quite neatly organized beliefs, you may find that occasionally one may be out of place, so to speak. As you place this belief neatly back into its place, you may also knock two others out of their places, and so on. This is not to say that these beliefs shall all be scrambling about to be stepping out of place, but that they may be only trying to show you how easily skewed they may become. Although you may be looking to these beliefs and saying to yourself that you were not aware that these existed, you may also be aware at the same time that these have always been known by you. As in all things, there shall be a certain amount of doubtfulness within the interpretation of these beliefs. However, the expression is as is, and interpretation shall be your best teacher. Within these interpretations of these beliefs, you may encounter many hills and valleys, so to speak. Just as our story of the ball and the hill, some shall be quite easily interpreted and some shall be not so easy for you. The ease comes from recognizing these and acknowledging them, for as they become acknowledged, they become more familiar to you. As they become more familiar, they also become more submissive, so to speak. As they become more submissive, they also become more comfortable, and as they become more comfortable, they become more you. I use this term you, as your beliefs are you, just as you are your beliefs. The more comfortable you become with your beliefs, the more comfortable you become with you. I hope that this has been of some slight help to you, and we would also like to thank Olivia for gracing us with this honor of speaking. Until we next speak, ta!

Vic’s note: For the record, this communication was inspired because I had the weirdest dream imagery last night, and I decided to ask Paul about it. The imagery was of a large brown growth on my foot. I looked under it to see what was there, and there were two rows of very neatly-sliced tomatoes, the most beautiful tomatoes you’d ever want to see. They were very red and very appetizing. I thought this was strange in my dream, but I wasn’t disturbed. However, I was disturbed when this visual was very present all day! It was very distracting!

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