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Sunday, January 18, 1998

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The first part of this session was delivered during the first half of our session with Elias.

Greetings! I shall address briefly this evening to issues expressed by Lawrence within session of yesterday.

I am quite aware of your displeasure resulting from answers given to questions concerning Cindel. What you may be unaware of is the interaction between Cindel and her present mate. This individual has within agreement chosen to align with disengagement; this as you know being a probability, this also being the most probable probability presently. Within this choice, Cindel has also within agreement chosen to align with this individual, lending energy to this action subjectively. This action is no more important, so to speak, than any other action. Objectively, however, this action takes on a different appearance, for it has been manifest throughout the duration of this physical relationship. Creation of actions such as this are quite common within physical focus, for you must continuously give yourselves excuses for non-creation. You think that issues manifest from outside of you. This would not be the case, for all that you experience comes from within.

This counterpart action that you, Lawrence, are aware of has been drawn to you as an example of your own issues with ...

Here, the transmission stops, and resumes on February 10.

... the action of the twins. Within this, you consider a connection of no separation. However, within physical, the separation is quite prominent. As issues arise, you may be blaming yourself, so to speak, for these actions, and in this creating conflict. This is unnecessary; for as each essence is quite connected, each essence is also quite individual.

Be realizing that within each moment, probabilities are changing. They may be only minutely altering, but changing. These changes may not be evident to you, for objectively they seem to be unchanged. Subjectively, however, the changes are quite noticeable. This is why, within your thought process, the most reliable source for information may occasionally seem to you most unreliable. This is not to say that you may consider yourself wrong, for as you know.... This is only to say that many times within objective focus, situations may arise that will be to you seemingly difficult to understand. These situations have only been slightly misinterpreted, in that the probability has changed so slightly that you have not noticed this change.

Within all expressions, there have been multitudes of openings for confusion. Within these choices, you have chosen the choice that to you may involve the least amount of conflict, when in actuality, because of the slight change in probability, this choice may be not as efficient as may another.

Consider a mountain of falling rocks. Place yourself at the bottom of these rocks. As these rocks tumble downward, you are facing these and considering the probabilities. “Should I turn my back to these rocks and be running away? Should I face these rocks and be trying to stop the very large one that shall surely crush me if I am unable to stop it? Perhaps I may take cover behind this small tree that may snap from the force of these tumbling rocks.” You may be so caught up, so to speak, in these most obvious probabilities that you may not notice the less probable ones which have the capability of changing to the most probable, such as finding one small rock that you may easily handle, and at just the right moment, so to speak, hurling this small rock beneath this very large rock that threatens you, thereby causing this rock to bounce over the top of you. Thus no harm has come to you, and this very large rock may continue unobstructed within its chosen movement to the bottom of this mountain, where it shall come to rest and shall be threatening to you no more.

All that you perceive shall come to pass. All that you encounter shall be known to you. All that is imagined is reality. All that is, is you. There is no exception. Until we next speak, ta!

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