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Wednesday, February 11, 1998

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Greetings Tyl, and also to all. A request has been made for our interaction, and I shall offer a brief response.

Within this focus of Joanne that you have chosen to manifest, you have given yourself many challenges. These are quite inventive and also quite creative, for these challenges have been noticed and recognized by you for much of your physical manifestation. I shall express to you that within this area of movement, I may not offer direction to you. However, I may offer probabilities to you that you perhaps have not noticed, for within the multitude of probabilities many may be overlooked, so to speak, for within physical focus you tend to gravitate to the most obvious probabilities and disregard the not so obvious. This subject has been discussed within our previous exchange.

As you are aware, much inhibition is experienced by you in many areas. These areas have been for the most part passed over by you, so to speak. Within these areas may be lurking a situation that may be quite comfortable to you, in that you may be able to express yourself as you may desire to be expressing. As we have spoken of many times, all avenues are open to you and all options are within your reach, so to speak, as you are well aware.

I hold great fondness for you Tyl, as we are of common stock, so to speak. This is not to say that you may hold speciality with this essence. It is to say that speaking in linear terms that are familiar to you, this essence of Patel and Tyl have been through much time together and have shared many lifetimes, so to speak.

Be acknowledging of your own inner sense and recognizing of the knowledge that you possess. In this, all may be afforded to you by you, and you may accomplish anything. Be also aware that you have created your reality to perfection, and any changes or alterations to this reality are made only by you. A certain feeling shall come over you at the precise time, so to speak, that you may be connecting with a most probable probability. You are aware of this feeling, as it does come upon you often. If you are paying attention and noticing this feeling, it shall become as second nature to you, and within this you may be beginning to connect more with essence. This shall seem foreign to you initially, but it shall become more and more comfortable. Issues that you hold presently shall appear as but mere specks compared to the immenseness of essence.

Be also knowing that you may be inquiring of me as you will, and I shall gladly respond. Until we next speak, ta!

I shall also comment briefly upon this subject of white noise, for this impression of Olivia is for the most part correct, in that your term of white noise is a quite objectively-oriented term and has in no way touched upon the wholeness of tone. This tone that we speak of may not be audibly transmitted within objective focus, for your equipment has been developed objectively for objective purposes. This tone may be encountered by you within meditation, or perhaps within your game. However, it shall not be easily recognized, for it has not been heard by you previously. This term of “heard” may be a misleading terminology, for it is not heard at all. A closer term may be “felt.” However, even this term is an extreme understatement, so to speak. For example, the tone that you are aware of within your new game is a tone more within alignment of this tone we speak of. This tone, taken to extreme, so to speak, intensity, when blended with other tones creates a vibrational pattern that you may recognize in all things. This is the tone of reality, of all that is.

This, as I stated previously, has been expressed briefly. There is much more to speak of on this subject, and it shall be done futurely. Once again, ta!

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