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Thursday, March 12, 1998

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Greetings. As you are aware, this exchange has been difficult for Olivia recently. This may not be so easily expressed to you within language that will be easily understood by you. This action is as you perceive, Lawrence; a blocking of sorts. In this, you are quite correct. However, this is more involved than you are aware of.

This exchange has been created to be of helpfulness to you all within complement to other essences. Within this “setting up,” so to speak, certain agreements have been made between essences to be within cooperation, so to speak; this being physical and non-physical. Within this objective separation that occurs presently, a confusion has ensued causing an appearance of blocking. In actuality, Michael experiences this same response to this separation. An adjustment period has been put in place to be re-establishing this subjective communication. This communication has not only affected Michael and Olivia, but also Lawrence and Shynla and also others, as you are aware. To a certain extent, because of connections within this group physical and non-physical, myself as well as other non-physically focused essences have been also affected to a small degree.

This is not to say that we are all within a tailspin! It is to say that due to connections, the affectingness may be more pronounced locally, so to speak; locally meaning within this small group that we align with presently. These explanations may be better left to interpretation by you, for the language is quite limiting and this expression may lend itself to distortions. Suffice it to say that you currently hold an understanding of these issues, and you may be understanding them more efficiently if you are listening to your own explanation to yourself.

Now, regarding Lawrence’s present issue, which he has put to the forefront ahead of all of his other issues, so to speak: this exchange was presented for a noticing of how probabilities do exist and how changeable, so to speak, they are. You may recall that the inference to “others” in no way qualified these statements to you. In like manner, these statements in no way justified themselves in your thinking. As you widen your awareness, you may begin to realize that all things are connected and that all connections have been previously made, so to speak. In this, be examining your future interaction with others who were involved within this event that took place within your session. As these issues were raised concerning interaction between Elias and other individuals, there were certain underlying probabilities being put into motion; these being quite connected to this present situation that you have all chosen to create. Within this, certain inconsistencies were expressed but only noticed by you, Lawrence. This has been created for your own benefit in knowing of these issues that you presently encounter.

This connection has caused you much conflict. However, it also has caused you much reflection, and within this reflection you have given yourself explanation of recent events that you may not have been made aware of otherwise. This expression of explanation, as I stated, may be confusing if taken in literal terms. Trustfulness of self shall better enable you to discern these things that may seem distorting, for in actuality there is no distortion, only mis-perception.

I shall close for now and express to Olivia that this essence shall not be intrusive. However, we shall not discontinue knocking upon her head!

Until we next speak, ta!

Vic’s note: The reference to my present issue is concerning session 259 which was held at Angel’s Corner on Jan 17, 1998. I took issue with Elias’ response to Stella during the session and asked questions about it, but the answers made no sense to me at the time. I was alone in my reaction; nobody else had a sense of anything, including Stella. Today, in working on the transcript of that session, it still made no sense to me. So, I asked Ron to engage Paul, and he did. Ron has had difficulty engaging this exchange since Mary left, which is what Paul is referring to in the first three paragraphs.

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