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Sunday, April 26, 1998

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Greetings! Concerning this challenge presented by Lawrence, shall I also offer a challenge to him within this effort to be connecting? Shall he be also connecting within his own consciousness to be attempting to be understanding this expression of Michael? Within this, be looking to the present probabilities that have been brought to the forefront and to the circumstances that also present themselves within this scenario. (1)

Now; as for this challenge offered to Olivia, let me be stating that within this time framework presently, probabilities have been chosen that shall be affecting of all individuals within this forum, within this space arrangement that you presently occupy. In this I shall be expressing that all things shall come full circle, so to speak; even to the smallest, as you would term it, probability. You consider this circle that has been spoken of as a very large event, which in actuality it is. However, within this very large circle there are countless smaller circles that are being completed, so to speak, constantly. This is not to say that these circles are separate from these larger circles. It is only to say that they operate within their own intent and have their own individuality. This small circle which is being completed presently has been chosen for better understanding of each choice that is made within this focus that you presently hold. In this you are beginning to become aware that as each choice is made, another circle is completed, in a manner of speaking. You shall find that within each choice that is made, a number of instances may occur.

For example, if you are striving to be widening your awareness in the area of fear, you may be choosing to drive within your automobile at extremely fast speeds. You may also within this same striving choose to be spending the night within your local graveyard. Each in its own way may be quite fearful to you. However, they each have their own individuality. Within each of these choices are numerous probabilities of outcome, all of these but additional choices of probabilities, and each being an excellent choice; this being the area that Michael has chosen to place himself within presently, for he has chosen to attempt to widen his perception of issues held within the proximity that he recently vacated. In doing this, he has created more of a reliance, so to speak, upon his own inner senses by learning to be listening to himself. Objectively this may seem to be not the most practical form of allowance of information, for he is not within contact of individuals that he relied upon in the past, so to speak, for objective input. Subjectively, however, he is making great progress in that he may focus more intently upon this subjective action.

This may be ample food for thought for now. Until we next speak, ta!


(1) The challenge presented by Lawrence (Vic) to Olivia (Ron) has to do with a telephone conversation between Lawrence (Vic) and Michael (Mary) two days prior to this exchange. Ron asked Vic to elaborate on this conversation, and Vic challenged Ron to connect with it himself, suggesting various methods such as dream or meditative state. Ron chose to engage Paul, which is interesting because Ron is still objectively unaware of the nature of the conversation. However, much action appears to be occurring subjectively.

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