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Sunday, May 24, 1998

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“Sensory Communication”

Greetings! Certain inquiries have been made recently as to the validity of this phenomenon and to the respect due it. If I may, I should like to inquire to you, how does this phenomenon feel, so to speak, to you? For within this expression, there are no separate entities, so to speak, coming from other dimensions and putting these words upon your machinery or sending waves of energy down from heavens on high to be enlightening you from above. This information has been created by you.

This process that is used, so to speak, is in actuality not a process at all. It is an opening up to your own inner resources and allowing information to be translated within a language that you shall understand. This translation has been modified within your own belief systems, just as a translation from English to German.

For example, there are many words in just your language of English that may be used to express the same action, and within these many words there are some that may be more explanatory of concepts presented. It would be up to you to choose which words best suit your own interpretations of these concepts presented, for within you is a knowing outside of words of these concepts, and an understanding of same. As you take in, so to speak, these understandings, you immediately translate them into ways of expression to another. This would be basically objectively instinctual, for you have set up this particular dimensional focus to be within a framework of teaching.

I may be attempting to explain this. From the inception of a small one, a learning process, so to speak, is put forth into action, this being that the parent assumes that this small one has come into this existence with no knowledge, so to speak. This is incorrect. However, this parent assumes that this small one must be taught, and so this action continues throughout this individual’s focus. As this individual moves through this focus learning, so to speak, also the message that is being conveyed is teaching, for in your terms, to learn is to be taught.

This is not to say that this process, so to speak, is not effective, for within this present focus there is no other way that is totally accepted by all individuals of imparting information to be used by this individual. In actuality, this information is of no consequence within subjective reality, for these translations have distorted the true meanings of these concepts. As this shift continues to unfold, these actions shall become more evident to you and these translations shall become less necessary.

This is not to say that these translations shall stop altogether, for within objective focus, you have no other means of communication that is as familiar to you. Within objective focus, words shall be still the most prevalent form of communication, for it has become the most familiar to you. Your understanding of inner knowings shall be much more accessible to you, and you shall be using certain words and terminologies less and less. However, this form of language communication shall not be fading away, so to speak, within your completion of this shift, nor shall all forms of distortion be obliterated, so to speak. This form of communication has been created by you, for it utilizes the entirety of your sensory system objectively. If it were not for this form of communication, there would be much conflict within you.

This sensory stimulation is important, so to speak, within objective focus, for this stimulation has been expressed to you from birth. Just as a small child may be denied this stimulation, and a shutting down, so to speak, occurs, and the child shall choose to disengage. This would be due to a surface or blanket, so to speak, objective intent to be learning and teaching. This process, for the most part, has served you well objectively and has fulfilled your objective value commitment quite nicely. It has, however, over the centuries, so to speak, been allowed to achieve an importance to you that shall not soon be altered. I am not saying that objective expression is in any way improper or wrong, for as you know, there is no wrong. It is only to say that this may only be a very limited form of expression, and as this shift expands, so does your awareness of this. This understanding shall come to pass for you all.

Objectively, this action may never in your terms be fully recognized, but it shall be more than partially recognized and shall also be more than partially put into action. This, as many of you are aware, is presently occurring to a certain extent. This is quite evident to you within your objective reality, within your media, and within your objective communications. Many individuals shall be experiencing partial awareness of subjective action or reality, and all individuals shall be expressing some awareness of same.

This action of this shift is for many quite evident presently. It shall be made more evident as the objective understanding is made more clear. Through your sensory forms of communication, these translations shall become more universal and shall be more easily understood as a mass. However, this action has only recently begun to formulate, so to speak. Much attention shall be given to what you would term effective translation, and within this a more accepted understanding of the actions of this shift shall be placed to the forefront, so to speak, thus allowing for a merging of the objective sensory communication and the subjective inner awareness.

Hopefully, this translation of these words that have been presented through the cooperation and allowance of my dear Olivia have been sensorily effective, so to speak. And to you all, until we next speak, ta!

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