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Sunday, May 31, 1998

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“Subjective Sensory Information”

“Reverse to Distraction”

Greetings. Concerning questions posed recently, so to speak, by individuals incorporated within this space arrangement, we shall not be addressing to specific questions per se, but shall be extending an overview of concepts queried. For the most part, these concepts have been misunderstood; not to the extent that you may think, but these misunderstandings lead to assumptions that may prove to be holding back or creating blocks as you attempt to move through these areas of consciousness that you now occupy. In this, much care is needed in visualization of these concepts presented.

Firstly, this concept of acceptance shall be of great challenge to you all, as you all may be aware. As we are attempting to make these ideas more than merely ideas, be remembering that you hold a knowledge of these concepts. In realizing this, it shall ease your difficulty of understanding, for if you are concentrating upon the words and not engaging your periphery, you shall miss, so to speak, much of the meaning of these concepts.

Acceptance may only be achieved through understanding that within your beliefs, there are certain situations that shall trigger these beliefs and shall be creating conflict. Within this conflict you turn your attention from your periphery to your words, and in this lose an important focus which may be what you would term “reverse to distraction,” for the sensory involvement would be the objective distraction, and the sensory involvement would also be the subjective attraction.

I shall clarify. As you focus upon your conflict, you are engaging objective sensory input. This tends to distract from peripheral focus, for it is engaging the objective senses. If you allow yourself to maintain focus within your periphery, a balance is created which shall enable you to justify these sensory distractions.

This term sensory, and also the concept that we are using it to represent, is not limited solely to objective reality; for as you know, you also engage what would be termed as inner senses, these being for the most part the engine, so to speak, that drives your objective reality as you know it. These senses are known by you, however not fully understood, which would be the reasoning for interaction within this phenomenon to be creating a buffer that you may fall back upon, so to speak, in avoidance of this trauma that has been described previously. As you realize conflict, you also realize these inner senses. You also do not pay attention to these, for you have conditioned yourselves to react to these objective sensory expressions.

In this, the attention is drawn from these subjective sensory expressions and may not be noticed until after the fact, so to speak, thus allowing for distortions within this objective focus; for when the subjective senses are ignored, so to speak, you are resigned to settle for objective translations to yourself of the conflict that is being presented to you, by you. As you know, these translations to yourself within objective focus are filtered through beliefs, for no matter what the amount of information absorbed objectively, this shall always be filtered through these belief systems, for your entire existence is, as you know, built upon beliefs. This would be why listening to subjective sensory information shall be of much value to you.

This information, in a pure form, so to speak, is constantly glimpsed by you. I say “glimpsed,” for this would be all that it is to you but a brief glimpse, when in actuality it is there at all moments for you to view. You only do not allow your focus to align with this pure, so to speak, information for much of your time, for it is unfamiliar to you, just as with your dream mission there are layers of information that may be tapped within all states of consciousness. This has been stated previously and has not been totally understood nor totally expressed clearly. These concepts may only be fully understood by you if the peripheral focus is quite clear. This, however, may not be an option to you physically, for as has been stated, these objective words are filtered and may not be expressed purely objectively.

Presently, a frustration is being incorporated by many individuals, for this subjective glimpsing of this pure information has been quite prevalent. Many, many are reaching an awareness that this information is attainable, but realizing that its purest form is only slightly glimpsed, for beliefs incorporate themselves much quicker, so to speak, than your subjective viewing. This shall be the case within objective focus, for as I stated, this has been the action created by you within this objective focus.

Be aware that these glimpses need only be glimpsed, for you all are aware that you have achieved these glimpses each and every day of your physical existence. This would be that small voice within you expressing to you that this particular situation may be dealt with in a variety of ways, and there may be a nagging at you within a choice made by you that may be telling you that another choice may have incorporated less conflict. However, this has been only a glimpse of this other choice or choices, and the first choice that has been instantaneously filtered through your beliefs has become the main focus, and you have not allowed the focus to remain balanced.

A brief break here.

Continuing. Although this balance may not be fully achieved objectively, it may be noticed; and within gradual, so to speak, incorporation of this knowledge of it, you may create a less stressful scenario within the noticing. Your interaction with yourself is a much clearer form of communication to you, although you use the same form of communication through words to yourself. These are also interspersed with non-word symbols to yourself. These symbols are also filtered to a certain extent through your beliefs. However, they are more clearly interpreted, for the meaning is not so limited by language.

These thoughts that you offer yourselves which seem to be quite clear have been offered for your noticing. If you are noticing the clearness of these thoughts, you shall also be noticing that to express these seemingly very clear thoughts into objective expressions may be quite difficult, for your symbolism to yourself may be quite different to another individual. This would be why so many times you may express to another individual that they do not understand what you are trying to say. This is an inability to translate these symbols into your words. This is also why these concepts have been not quite fully understood, for within this language lies a barrier, so to speak, between this pure information and the translated symbols.

As we have expressed, the symbols have a slightly more pure presentation to you than the words, but are also limiting, for within your objective expression these have also been distorted to a certain extent. This is why it has been expressed to you that these times, so to speak, of this shift shall be incorporating trauma for you all. There is much to be done to alleviate this trauma to a certain extent, but this may only be actualized within your noticing of this glimpsing that you all are aware of constantly.

This information delivered presently may be incorporating difficulty in understanding. However, within your glimpsing, we have no doubt that you are understanding quite well. Listen to your small voice and acknowledge the small glimpses; for within glimpsing there is knowing, and within knowing there is understanding, and within understanding there is incorporation, and within incorporation there is widening, and within widening there is acceptance, and within acceptance, there is your shift.

This shall be all for now, so to speak. Until we next speak, ta!

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