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Thursday, July 16, 1998

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Vic’s note: this session is taken from the Elias email list, run by Gerhard Fuchs, who lives in Austria.

In a message dated 7/16/98 9:31:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> No, there was just the one message of John M. to the conscious
> creation-list, that I have forwarded to this list. He sent it to sethworks
> and the Idea-list, too, but I never intended to send our discussion to
> other lists, unless we decide to do so.
> Gerhard

Ron: Hello Sheri, Leslie and Gerhard,

Thanks for clearing that up Gerhard. I had been subscribed to Sethworks for a couple years and in those years I attempted to evoke a few Elias threads, only to find that they were not really taken to as I had expected. I took this as imagery to myself that the folks interested in this material would draw themselves to it. This whole E phenomenon has taken up its own speed, so to speak, and it has felt comfortable to not be trying to push it along any faster than it chooses to move.

Thanks to you, Gerhard, for your patience in allowing this web site to develop in its own "time." Sometimes we all feel that if this information isn’t made available to everyone right now it will be too late. As the dead guys say, there is no "too late,” and there are no accidents.

As most of us probably know, it took several years before anyone but Rob and Jane (and maybe a few of their close friends) knew about Seth. It took me a while to understand this choice but I think I’m beginning to figure it out. This information is an individual choice and just like anything else is better left to its own devices.

As I was writing the above, Paul (Patel) decided he wanted to get in his two cents worth, so here’s what he had to say:

Paul (Patel): “As you incorporate this information, others may then begin to see, so to speak, a change within your outward expression, and they themselves may become curious as to the nature of this change. As this occurs, an opening is created, and this opening provides an entrance, so to speak, to new perspective that may only be recognized individually. This is why it has been stated many times, you – underline you – create your – underline your – reality.

Within what you would term a short amount of time, these concepts presented by these essences presently shall be more easily understood, and the need to be making this information available objectively will also be unnecessary, for as you widen, you also move your influences from objective influx to the subjective. This is not to say that there will not be individuals who may not receive information objectively. It is only to say that many, many individuals shall not require, so to speak, the amount of objective interaction as previously. The allowance of this exchange of energy may be an example to you of this moving away from objective interaction, which is not actually moving away, but it has been offered to be exemplifying this concept of subjective knowledge that you all possess.

This exchange has been requested by myself and allowed by Olivia and agreed upon by us both. This is an action that you all may engage if you so choose and that you all have felt the inclination to. You have only not let your acceptance outweigh your fear. There is no essence that will be intrusive, and in this, if you are allowing your beliefs or fears to outweigh your acceptance, you shall easily dismiss this action.

By allowing this inner knowledge to move to the surface, so to speak, you also allow much greater understanding of this reality that you have created, and in this, you also begin to realize that it is much less complicated than you tend to make it objectively.

I shall be disengaging for now. However, I shall be popping in from time to time, as you would term it, and until we next speak, ta!"

Ron: I’m not sure what any of this, including what I wrote initially, has to do with what I was responding to in the first place but since "there are no accidents,” I’m just gonna throw it out there for what it’s worth.

Thanks, Ron

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