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trauma of the shift in consciousness

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You would not be experiencing much trauma, and needing of so much information from me, if you were only about to encounter a shift to be incorporating all of your dead relatives or friends without veils! (Grinning) This is not a big deal! A little scary, maybe. (Pause) The awarenesses that you are approaching far exceed this one, and are extremely more intricate and involved, and each of you play a vital part.” [session 49, October 29, 1995]

ELIAS: “This is the point of your participation within this forum, to be contributing within consciousness to the alleviation of this trauma; which I cannot emphasize too much the importance of this action! I cannot emphasize to you too much the reality of this trauma. View individuals experiencing transition within physical focus not choosing senility. Much fear is incorporated, much confusion, much lack of understanding, which creates trauma. I am not expressing mild dismay! I am expressing trauma! I have expressed from the onset of our sessions and continue to emphasize this element to you, for it is of great importance, and your affectingness within consciousness is great, and also greatly needed.” [session 158, March 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “From the onset of [the twentieth] century, this shift has been in movement. It has been initiated at the onset of that century.

Now; certain time frameworks hold significance in mass movement, and in this, events that have occurred within that time framework of that world war are quite significant and have offered experiential information to many of you, which is significant in allowing you assimilation of objective information that may facilitate your movement into this objectification of this shift, as you continue with it and insert it into your objective reality.

Now; understand, I have been expressing throughout this forum that there is trauma associated with this shift in consciousness.

(Intently) You all associate that statement as applicable to now, or pertaining to events which may occur within the future. I am expressing that statement as an overall statement in relation to the action of this shift in its entirety, which encompasses time frameworks that you also view to be past.” [session 721, November 07, 2000]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “This week, I will ask you each to examine yourselves and your belief systems. I will ask you to focus on these at another awareness than only superficially and choose within you something that you experience conflict with in a belief system, incorporating some element that you would view as ’secretive,’ an element personally involving yourself in which you would not be comfortable in sharing with another individual. You may be using your entire week to find this element! Therefore, you have much time to explore your own consciousness. And if you are bringing to this audience next week that you have stolen a piece of candy from a dime store when you were a child, incorporating a belief system that this is bad, I will be laughing at you and expressing that you think harder!

This exercise is expressly to illustrate to you how you disconnect and separate and create value judgments and influence your own selves and affect your own consciousness through belief systems. The point of this exercise will not be taken if you are not taking the step in connection and risking in trust. If you are not incorporating trust and if you are continuing to incorporate separation, you WILL experience trauma within your shift. My purpose in speaking to you is to avoid this.” [session 33, August 27, 1995]

RON: “I’d like to ask a question about the shift. I’m curious as to ... I know you answered this partially ... as to how this shift will be different in non-physical focus from physical focus. I’m speaking of the people that don’t choose to remanifest, as opposed to the people that chose to remanifest.

ELIAS: As opposed to your present interaction? (Ron nods) Presently, you have incorporated a separation. Within your present focus and knowledge of consciousness, you do not readily interact with non-physical focus. You may incorporate interaction infrequently, with a phenomenon such as this that you experience presently, or you may visit an individual who has incorporated the ability to be connecting with essences within non-physical focus and translating for you. You do not directly interact yourselves with non-physical focus, except within dreams. Within your dream state, you do. You interact quite frequently with non-physical focus. After your shift has been accomplished, you will, individually, incorporate the ability to access non-physical focus yourself. You will have the capacity to consciously engage non-physical focus. You will not need a ‘medium.’ You will not need an ‘in-between’ individual. This is affecting also of non-physical focus, for as a result of your separation and your focus, non-physical focus must incorporate tremendous energy to be connecting presently. This will be unnecessary.

Do not misunderstand. I am not suggesting to you that once your shift has occurred, that you will be walking upon your planet continuously speaking with individuals who are not physically focused, and you will not be interacting continuously with voices from beyond! This would be quite a confusing situation, and not very productive; but if you are wishing, and you are choosing, you may access these areas of consciousness individually, with no other interaction of other individuals.

Let us use your meditations, (grinning) so to speak, as an example. You may choose to engage in a meditative period. Within this period, you may focus upon a specific subject that you wish to be engaging. Let us say you wish to be engaging conversation with a friend who is not longer within physical focus. In this situation, your visualization will be clear. It will not be scattered, as you experience presently. You will focus intently and you will visualize, for you will not be manufacturing this visualization. You will be engaging actual consciousness which will physically manifest before you, and engage within conversation with you.

You will also have the ability to access non-physical elements of yourself; your essence. The separation will be lessened. Therefore, when I say to you, ‘View yourself as motion. You are a direction,’ I may also say to you, ‘Change direction,’ and you will view another you. You will have the ability to connect. It will not be a struggle [like] what you experience presently within your confusion, or your disconnection, as you will view it, or your ‘fuzziness!’ (Grinning)

These are exhibitions of your physical brain clearing pathways. Your consciousness is affecting your physical expression. In this, it is opening your neurological pathways within your physical brain to allow more of an awareness. You will notice, within these times, that you are experiencing these elements of fading, or being disoriented, or being what you express to be fuzzy, or forgetful. Within these times, you are also quite open to be connecting with other individuals and other consciousness. (Pause)

You are barely scratching your surface presently, but you are learning quickly and you are noticing, and as you notice more, you will be connecting more. This is the beginnings of your shift. This shift entails a great widening of consciousness. It would not be quite possible for you, within physical focus, to be ‘snapping this on.’ You will ease into this area of consciousness. Some individuals will not ease as much, (grinning) and will be experiencing a jolt, for they will not be ready, and this will incorporate trauma. You have already begun the process; therefore you have already begun to eliminate this trauma.” [session 69, February 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “You are no less intelligent than any other developmental area of your physical expression upon this particular planet. Your expressions may be different, but your intelligence has always been the same. Your connections have been different. You now, approaching this shift, have widened your awareness, and have offered yourselves the opportunity to be within an element of consciousness which is more connected, so to speak; for you incorporate less separation. As you approach your shift, more and more, your awareness increases. Your veils drop.

CELIA: Thank you for clarifying.

ELIAS: You are welcome. This is the reason that you may view individuals surrounding you, within your everyday life, that exhibit understanding that you may view, that you believe they do not quite understand; and within their waking consciousness, they may not make these connections to essence and understand what they incorporate exactly; but this is a global shift. You all are moving within consciousness. Some of you move more quickly, if you choose to view this in this way, and within your perception, you may view yourselves to incorporate your connections more clearly, but you will all approach and intersect with this shift in consciousness at the same time, so to speak. This is your agreement.

I will also express to you, using this connection once again, (referring to Jene) that this individual also incorporates an understanding of this shift a little clearer in some elements, for you are correct that within conscious awareness, you also may be influencing and helpful within the accomplishment and the avoidance of trauma; that being my reasoning for incorporation with these individuals.

We have not yet approached this area of explanation, for it is important for each of you, as individuals, to understand your connections to yourselves first; to be understanding of your individual importance and power first; and to be trusting and accepting of yourselves first. Then you may be understanding of your affectingness of other individuals, and the affectingness of your focus in being helpful within the accomplishment of this shift; for I have expressed to you previously, there will be the experience of trauma.

You have not incorporated this Source Event of this great religious element, and willingly, within waking consciousness, allow it to simply drift away! This is a great imaginative creation. You hold very dearly to it. You have for many, many centuries; not only within the development of your Christian religious-focus, but also beyond this. You have created many religious-focuses, for these all are expressions of one Source Event.

Now you incorporate another Source Event which will be equally as powerful and encompassing; but you also, in your widening and letting go of the previous Source Event, incorporate confusion and distraction. Therefore I, as do many others, incorporate interaction for helpfulness, and some direction. Clarification as to help; in allowing you less conflict and less confusion and less distortion.

VICKI: ... Well, I have a question. Our shift is an expression of a Source Event, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Would this be a different Source Event than the one that our religious belief systems are expressions of?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: So it seems then that there is also an overlapping between these Source Events.

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: And that’s why, within our religious belief systems, we can read about the shift?

ELIAS: Partially. Within your religious beliefs, within the onset of your incorporation of your expression of this Source Event, you also hold an awareness that each Source Event, and their interpretations within physical manifestations ... Are you understanding?

VICKI: I think so.

ELIAS: ... are temporary. The Source Event is not temporary. The manifestation of the interpretation is physically temporary. Your temporary, within your expression of years, may be very long, but within no-time, it may be no time at all! In this, your interpretations and manifestation of the Source Event include information of a discontinuation, therefore allowing for an open system; for there are no closed systems. You, as you approach your shift, now incorporate the action of helpfulness, within consciousness, to be avoiding trauma that you have expressed through your interpretation of what shall manifest as the ending of this period of this Source Event. Therefore, you now hold the responsibility of ’shifting your ending.’

CELIA: Oh! (Note here that other individuals present made an interesting conglomeration of sounds in response to this statement)

ELIAS: You are not wishing to be experiencing trauma. You are not wishing to be experiencing devastation. You are understanding that energy is not annihilated. Energy is never destroyed. Energy never dies. (Pause, and then, softly) It only changes. (Another pause) Therefore, you may allow these belief systems that you have created of this Source Event to be changed; therefore allowing the incorporation of your new Source Event, continuing your cycle, allowing for your open systems.” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “Many elements have been set forth concerning the issue of your shift. Very many of your concepts concerning your shift are, in one respect, distortions within belief systems. Within another respect, they are symbolic of actualities. If you are viewing information available to you concerning your shift as absolute, you have incorporated a distortion. If you are understanding that these concepts are symbolic of probabilities, you are incorporating an accurate assessment of the probabilities.

In this, I restate: You hold a responsibility, within yourselves and to the collective whole of individuals of your planet, through consciousness, to be altering of these symbols. No probability is carved in stone! Your natural inclination, as you have already engaged one Source Event and manifested expression of this, is to be completing of these expressions within the guidelines that you have already created. You also are aware, within this now, that you are unwilling to be experiencing this type of trauma.

Within all of your set-forth belief systems, you express trauma concerning the ending of this ‘age,’ so to speak. You attach developments of your atmosphere, of your Earth, of your people, even to your consciousness. These may be expressed. They also are unnecessary, and may not be expressed. They may not be expressed if you are engaging your agenda, within consciousness, to be altering of these probabilities. Some individuals have chosen ... mark these words; you have chosen to be helpful; to be moving energy, within consciousness, to be affecting of this shift and its probabilities.

As we approach actualization of manifestation of your shift, more conflict arises. More physical elements surface. You visually may view more evidences of what you have chosen previously to be creating. If you are allowing the course of previously chosen probabilities, you shall manifest turmoil. I speak to you in offering you the understanding and knowing that you hold choices and alternatives. It is not necessary to experience trauma. It may be avoided.

Within the symbolism of your belief systems that offer you explanations, you view these to be separations of individuals physically focused; some choosing to be terminating physical existence, some choosing to be what you express to be left behind, some moving forward, some complying, some not. I have expressed to you, many times; there will be trauma. This shift will occur, for you have chosen it to occur. How it occurs involves very many probabilities; although I shall qualify that also, its absoluteness in occurrence is a probability also, but it is your most probable probability. Therefore, for the purposes of this discussion, I choose the words, ‘It will occur.’

In this, some individuals do choose to widen their awareness. Some do not. It is not your responsibility to be focusing upon masses of individuals, and their individual choices of whether they widen their awareness or not. It is your responsibility, within your choice, to be engaging this new agenda, and placing yourself into an area of helpfulness; to be moving and influencing, within consciousness, by offering information, and by exhibiting yourselves to be the straight little trees. Just as you each trust, more acceptingly, another individual’s expression more than their verbalization, you also shall be viewed and shall be trusted by your expressions, in cooperation with your verbal expression.” [session 97, May 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Smiling) It has been asked, ‘What is this shift that we approach?’ It has been requested that an explanation be given. We have offered information of your approaching shift previously. I shall offer you more information, in light of your experiences recently.

Within our most recent session, I was acknowledging of each of you, and many more also, and congratulating on your new births. (1) We engaged an exercise to be emphasizing the interconnectedness of you all within consciousness, and to illustrate the parallels within all of your expressions. This also parallels the expression of mass events, expressed individually within your own individual realities.

Your shift is an alteration of consciousness which you have chosen. You presently are experiencing alterations in consciousness. You are experiencing an enlargement of the scope of your awareness. In this, you challenge existing belief systems.

I have spoken to you often of the trauma that shall be experienced with regard to this shift in consciousness. I have spoken to you that this shift is global; therefore, it is an immense movement. Just as waves of consciousness create mass events, which we have discussed thus far, your ideas of which are relatively small, this also incorporates a wave. This wave encompasses your entire planet; all of the individuals existing within it. Therefore, this wave is quite powerful. It has a tremendous motion incorporated within it.

The trauma that is experienced, within this alteration of consciousness connected with your shift, is related to a widening of awareness of belief systems. Thus far, within our discussions of widening awareness, these have been words. (Humorously) You widen here, you widen there! You are so wide, you are not very wide! You are too wide! Your awareness is widening, your awareness is not widening! (Grinning ‘widely’) They are words to you. They are ideas. I say to you, within reality, your awareness is widening!

In this, you feel within you the pulls and the pangs of this expansion within your objective consciousness. You become aware of belief systems, and you identify these belief systems. This also creates confusion. Within your individual expression presently, you experience conflict and confusion in widening belief systems. Within your shift, I do not use the term trauma lightly; for within your own experience, you already are becoming aware of the difficulty that is incorporated within widening in your awareness and recognizing belief systems, and also recognizing the reality of no right or wrong. You have existed for very much time within your present reality with these belief systems. Widening an awareness of these belief systems that you hold very tightly to creates conflict, for you do not willingly allow them to fly away!

I have expressed to you many times, I do not speak to you to eliminate your existing belief systems, only to be recognizing of them and widening your awareness to encompass more; for as you allow yourselves a larger scope of awareness, you also let loose your hold upon these existing belief systems. You do not forget them! You do not completely eliminate them; for you exist within physical focus within an area of consciousness that you have agreed upon accepted guidelines for existence. Therefore, to an extent, these belief systems are incorporated with you always; although you do hold the ability, and you have made the choice, to shift your consciousness to allow a wider perception, therefore allowing yourself to be ‘unlocked.’

You have existed for much of your time period ‘locked’ into certain belief systems and accepted guidelines. It is as if you have ‘rutted out’ a pathway within a field. This pathway has been traveled back and forth continuously. Its scenery, its direction, its area has been accepted by you all, and has been used. Now, you choose to plow the entire field. You choose to widen, and allow yourselves the opportunity to experience all that lies beyond your small rutted path. In choosing this, you also incorporate trauma, for you hold very tightly to your accepted rut. You do not incorporate tremendous change very easily! You are beginning to view, individually, the difficulty in incorporating these changes of widening awarenesses. You are beginning to experience the confusion of letting go of accepted belief systems. Think now of the trauma that shall be incorporated, within a much larger scale of your entire globe!

The process has been initiated. Just as you incorporate symbolism within all elements of your existence, you also incorporate symbolism within the manifestation of your shift. It seems, within your perceptions, to be a necessity to allow yourselves physically to view symbols, within your reality, that you may look to and connect with. Therefore you have chosen, within agreement, to manifest symbols.

One of your symbols that has been chosen, through agreement, is the manifestation physically, into physical focus, of Rose. (2) This manifestation now has been completed; this being only one of your symbols that you have offered to yourselves, but this symbol will serve to be instrumental and very instructive to you. Already, this essence has provided much instruction and initiation within your own widening.

Within our exercise at our last meeting, I offered the illustration of the symbolization of Rose’s gestation, that you personally may connect with and understand more of your own creations and your own widening. This has been incorporated already throughout our entire meeting time together. It continues at an accelerated pace. The physical manifestation, in being completed, accelerates the actualization of movement within consciousness. Therefore, if you are viewing that we have been moving quickly previously, we shall be moving more quickly now! (Grinning at Cathy)


ELIAS: For not only do you all move within consciousness as you learn and as you widen, but all other individuals are moving also. Their awareness is different, but their movement accelerates also, within consciousness.

It was inquired, early on within our sessions, ‘Why do you, Elias, engage with us?’ The response was, ‘To avoid trauma within your shift.’ You now begin to experience the reality of the severity of the possibility of trauma connected with widening belief systems, which is the action of your shift. What you experience presently, you may term to be a small taste! (Here, there are moans and groans from the group) Therefore, you may more clearly be understanding why essences incorporate with individuals physically focused to be helpful; although you view, at times, Elias to be not very helpful, and allowing you to experience much trauma! (Laughter)

You are accomplishing well, for you have allowed yourselves a base within understanding of essence, of self, of belief systems, of reality, to allow you no trauma. You experience distress or uncomfortableness or conflict, but you are not experiencing trauma, for you are learning how to avoid experiencing trauma by becoming aware of self.

I am understanding that you hold many questions this evening, and that you experience much confusion. Therefore, I will allow this evening’s session to be directed to your questions. But first, I shall welcome new essence this evening! (Smiling at Julie, and then to the group) You may ask your questions, if you are choosing.

CELIA: I have a question. You have mentioned the trauma. I believe, from my personal experience, there is difficulty with other people because of my change in belief systems in my shift, difficulty in their understanding of me, or saying that I’m ... weird! (Laughter) So, is this true? Is this what we call the trauma?

ELIAS: You will experience many individuals that will experience trauma as you engage this shift within consciousness, for they choose presently not to be acknowledging of this movement. Many individuals are very comfortable within their existing belief systems, and although they hold an underlying awareness that their existing belief systems are inefficient, they also, presently, work. Therefore, they hold to them, continuing. In this, they also reject those that they view to be widening. Just as within the manifestation of your religious-focus, within its onset, or what you would term to be its beginnings, there was also much conflict; for there is conflict within the birth of a new age in consciousness. As those within the beginnings of your religious-focus experienced much conflict and rebellion, so also do you experience the same expression presently. Understand that just as your religious-focus was a global incorporation, it was accepted; the difference being, within your religious expression, you allowed yourselves many different expressions of this mass event.

Within the incorporation of the shift, you are not choosing to be ‘replacing’ old belief systems, so to speak, with new belief systems. You are choosing to widen your awareness, allowing for existing belief systems; this being also an area which incorporates much confusion presently within what you term to be your ‘new age,’ for many individuals express, within ‘metaphysics,’ that they hold the answers for your shift within consciousness. In actuality, they create a new religion. They are substituting. They are incorporating new belief systems in an attempt to replace old belief systems; although they would be quite surprised to realize that their new belief systems are not very new at all! (Laughter) They are very anciently old belief systems brought forth surfacely, once again, into your present reality.

This is not the point. Your shift is not to be replacing belief systems, and incorporating new belief systems to be focused upon. Your shift is to be accepting of all – underline three times, although your computer will not underline three times – all belief systems. Within acceptance of all belief systems, you eliminate right and wrong. You do not eliminate the belief systems! You widen your awareness, within consciousness, to eliminate right and wrong; therefore allowing yourselves to be more consciously connected, within your objective consciousness, to essence; and allowing yourself a more efficient expression of essence within physical focus. All of this you will experience effortlessly, once you have made your connection.

All of your times presently now that you express to yourselves, ‘I am wishing to be expressing within this manner, but, but, but, but!’ (Grinning, and laughter) You will not experience, any longer, the ‘but’; for the expression shall be natural. It is the natural expression of your essence to be accepting. Within this one concept, within this one word, lies the whole of your shift, also lies the whole of your trauma, for this being your most difficult area to incorporate. Your belief systems encourage you and reinforce you to not be accepting. You do not accept others. You do not accept yourselves. You do not accept ideas. You do not accept anything, except that which you choose within your own expression of separation, which is your own private, individual space. Within your widening of awareness, you will become aware, there is no private, individual space! It is all connected. It is all affecting. It is all one. (Pause)

You also will not experience such ‘fighting.’ I do not express this word with the connotation of fighting amongst each other. I express this word of fighting yourselves, for if you are not fighting yourselves, you are not fighting each other! (Smiling)

Therefore, Sari [Cecelia], do not concern yourself that others view you strangely, or that they pull away. Focus upon your own expression. Focus upon the incorporation and expression of your own little tree, and in this, you will radiate to all around you. If you are not allowing conflict within yourself, you will not be creating conflict. This, I also understand, is a conglomeration of words! (Very humorously) If you are not expressing conflict within yourself, you are not creating conflict for any individual to which you encounter! Hm, hm, hm! Words, words, words! (Here, we all crack up)

These words hold truth. You do not understand the truth, for you do not understand the conflict that you generate within yourselves, for you identify conflict with feeling. Conflict does not always engage feeling. Conflict is incorporated through physical focus as an expression of separation, and lack of communication and connection with the expression of essence, which comes from belief systems. Therefore, if you are recognizing of these belief systems, and you are allowing yourself the acceptance of these belief systems, the conflict is eliminated.

Acceptance of belief systems is not recognizing a belief system. It is not expressing to one’s self, ‘I see this belief system. I am expressing I acknowledge this belief system. Therefore, I accept that I hold this belief system.’ This is not acceptance of a belief system! Acceptance of a belief system is the understanding that it is no more than a belief system that facilitates some action within accepted guidelines within physical focus, and that it holds no right or wrong. It is only a physical expression. In essence, underline, it is a symbol.

I express to you now, the physical expression manifested by our small one Elizabeth [Elizabeth], within a pregnancy and a childbirth, was the symbol. Your expressions, within consciousness, are the reality. Your movements, within consciousness, are the reality. Our exercise was intended to demonstrate the reality of consciousness, and the symbolization of the physical act and manifestation within physical focus. As I have expressed to you many times, your physical expressions are mirror images of essence. They are not essence. They are elements of the whole. Therefore, the belief systems are elements of the manifestation.” [session 99, June 09, 1996]

VICKI: “Do I understand correctly that one’s preference in physical manifestation, of gender, really has nothing to do with one’s ability to use their intuitive abilities?

ELIAS: Correct, although you choose to not focus, to this point, upon your intuitive sense if manifesting within the male orientation, although this presently is moving into another area and changing, so to speak; but it is no accident that your physical identifications and expressions of your selves are divided into male and female. You identify left and right hemispheres of brain as male and female. You identify left and right sides of body as female and male. These are mirroring your awareness of your intentional choice of separation, within consciousness, to be manifesting for the experience of these aspects of essence.

Therefore, you also manifest a leaning, in certain directions, within your expressions. The males lean to be less attentive to the intuitive sense. They hold less attention to the emotional expressions. They allow more of a concentration of intellectual and physical expression. The female leans, within the manifestation of the experience, to the intuitive and the experience of the emotional. Less attentiveness is placed upon physical. It is unimportant for males, generally speaking, to be nurturing and emotional. It is less important for females to be hurling javelins and lifting tremendous rocks, or taming wild horses, generally speaking; for these are expressions of the sexual orientation that you have chosen to manifest within. This is not to express that one is better than another. They are different experiences that you choose intentionally for their individual experience.

In this, it is never impossible for a male to be intuitive, just as it is never impossible for a female to be intellectual. Quite to the contrary, on both accounts! But within the expression of male, which is reinforced through your accepted societal focus, it becomes more difficult for the males to be understanding of the intuitive sense within physical focus; therefore the initiation, within consciousness, to be affecting en masse, allowing an easement of the male orientation into the acceptance of the intuitive expression. Therefore, your very being, in those of you who have chosen to be manifesting as female, is quite affecting. Your awareness of consciousness and self allows you a wider affectingness within mass consciousness. Also, understand that as those males that choose to be widening within consciousness and accepting of the intuitive sense move stronger within consciousness, they also shall be very effective, in helpfulness to the mass consciousness, in avoiding trauma.” [session 100, June 16, 1996]

ELIAS: “Picture, to yourselves, each belief system being a bird cage. Within your ‘less difficult,’ as you perceive them to be, belief systems, you may hold one bird within the cage, to which opening allows this bird to fly out. The engagement of these belief systems presently, that you have offered yourselves the opportunity to be moving through, incorporates a very large bird cage containing thousands of birds flooding out of the doorway, creating a mass cloud of winged action. They are the elements; the cage is the belief system. (Pause)

(Vic’s note: you can almost hear the whoosh of those birds!)

You hold wonderings as to why you do not see what you create. I express to you that within reality, and if you are truthfully examining, you shall agree, you do view what you create! You have moved into an area of awareness, within widening, that no longer holds what you view to be blocks that cover your vision. I have expressed to you many times, there is no thing that is removed from your awareness. You need only allow yourself the openness, the willingness to view, and the acceptance of self; and as you incorporate these actions, you do view what you create. You also view what you draw to, or what you draw to yourself for your awareness, allowing yourself to change your perception; not to eliminate belief systems, but to alter your perception and allow a wider awareness.

You challenge, now, ultimate base belief systems of right and wrong, of good and bad, of acceptable and unacceptable. You offer yourselves, now, the opportunity to create the reality of the ideas; to shift your focus and allow yourselves to incorporate into your reality what thus far, you have viewed only as concepts. Within this, these four, the pyramid, gain great strength in connection, which will be, and is now, quite affecting within consciousness, and affecting of your shift; as within your small expansion, you begin to view already; for how shall you connect, in what you term to be consciously, if you do not hold an understanding of the experience?

Just as, returning once again to our wealthy man attempting to be the poor man, you shall not truly understand the reality of trauma, and allow yourselves to be helpful within this, if you do not incorporate the experience of moving through belief systems; to which you create your own trauma in engaging. This is not to say that you must experience trauma to be understanding and effective; but within your focus, you do create trauma for yourselves, in response to the engagement of belief systems; for you resist change, and you do not allow what you view to be a relinquishment of your own individual control. In actuality, you gain control within acceptance, and an allowance of a widening. If your understanding is very small, your helpfulness within physical expression may be very small. If your understanding is very great, your expression shall follow.” [session 101, June 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “I tell you truly, which you may communicate also to our new friends; you may choose to view presently, within this now, that you will not experience trauma in conjunction with this shift ... but, you will. You may look to your individual experiences, and you may view within this present now individually, not en masse, how the engagement of very strong base belief systems causes trauma. If you incorporate your multiplication, viewing mass events and mass consciousness, shifting mass belief systems causes trauma. Your expression of non-acceptance of these concepts is only an attempt at physically-focused control. You shall eliminate much, much conflict by allowing yourselves to view the unnecessary element of control issues; for you allow yourselves acceptance of self and trust of self in this, which far out-weighs your small concept of control. If you are trusting of self, you feel no need to be controlling of self, or any other element.” [session 102, June 30, 1996]

VICKI: “A question for Michael [Mary]. ‘Why has Paul’s [Patel’s] latest transmission caused more confusion rather than less, and what am I doing to create so much confusion for myself?’ (3)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I express, the answer to this very question is contained within the transmission! In this, you have been presented with information of establishing a movement; engaging belief systems. In this, if you are objectively expressing contrary to this movement, you shall create confusion, and quite likely, much frustration.

The element that Michael [Mary] employs presently is that he chooses to be moving through belief systems. He has engaged these belief systems. I have expressed previously, he stands not within the center of his stream; but within objective expression, he draws back, in not trusting of his own expression and movement. He has allowed what my comrade has expressed; the influence, objectively, of conflicting information, and not trusting the movement that has been engaged within. Therefore, he continues to focus within, but within a conflicting expression. He expresses, ‘I shall be trusting of self, of my own impressions, of my own movement, of my own thoughts and my own feelings.’ Then he expresses, ‘I trust not my own feelings, or my movement, or my thoughts.’ This is in direct conflict with the original expression! This is not so uncommon; for each of you, as we have expressed to Yarr [Jim] previously, looks to results. You look to physical manifestations, outwardly, of what you engage. If you do not view immediate change, you are not accepting of your expression.

Many of these belief systems that you presently engage, within this group presently, and within many other individuals connected ... (Long pause, which is unusual for Elias in the middle of a sentence) It is difficult to express without misunderstanding. (Another pause)

You share information. You share and interact with the intention of being helpful to each other, to which we encourage, for in gaining other perspectives, you allow your own perception to widen; but you also discount yourselves, and do not trust your own expression. Many belief systems that you presently engage are very base belief systems. Therefore, the engagement of these belief systems enters many elements; just as we expressed of your bird cage being the belief system, holding very many birds as the elements. It is not always immediately, visibly transformed, within your objective perception. Therefore, you may engage these base belief systems, and you may be moving through efficiently; but you may also not view, immediately, the resultingness of this moving through. Also, within this expression, many of you will engage these types of belief systems within familiar circumstances; for as we have spoken many times of trauma, you are, much to your surprise, learning to avoid trauma. Therefore, within consciousness, you choose to use existing circumstances and elements to move through base belief systems. Therefore, you may view yourselves displaying similar actions, or you may view others to be displaying similar action to previous. The difference will become known eventually. You are only offering yourselves the opportunity to use less traumatic elements to accomplish traumatic movement.

Therefore, Michael [Mary] expresses a confidence, originally, in viewing an engagement of belief systems; but confronted rationally with these belief systems, and the viewing of them, and the expression of them, has allowed doubt of the movement; for he, as do you all, expects a movement to be ‘different.’ If you are engaging a belief system which is existing within you, you shall view yourselves expressing quite differently, automatically, instantly. You may even allow yourselves the grace period of ‘not automatic’; but you shall view, instantly, differences in your action. This is not necessarily the situation! If you are engaging base belief systems, and allowing yourself the opportunity to experience great trauma, you shall express entirely differently. You shall be quite confused. You shall experience much frustration. You shall engage battle within yourselves for such an extreme change within action, and you shall experience trauma.

But, within these individuals in this group, you have learned a different method. You have adopted a different process, in accepting that it is unnecessary to engage trauma to be moving through belief systems. You experience an element of trauma, to a very slight extent, in the initial engagement of base belief systems; but as you choose to be moving through these belief systems, you also, within consciousness, divert and avoid more trauma by allowing yourselves to use existing elements and circumstances, within your present now, which will develop, left alone, into a new expression of a wider perception. You engage confusion by questioning your movement, by not trusting your own expression, by not trusting self. Confusion may be eliminated with acceptance of one’s own expression.

Therefore, you may instruct Michael [Mary] that he may view this transcript of my comrade once again; and this time, he may view without the element of judgment, allowing a slightly shifted perception.

The issue of personal responsibility exists still. This other belief system is allowed to seep in and cloud the belief system which is being engaged. Therefore, within the expression of distraction, this may serve as an example.

Do not be confused. Many times, distraction is quite helpful. Within the element of engaging base belief systems, distraction from reinforcement of these base belief systems may be very helpful. This is not necessarily an avoidance of a belief system, but distraction allowed to ‘filter in’ in the area of replacement of another belief system; that of personal responsibility. ‘I am not accomplishing!’ This is detrimental, and as you have been expressed to, impedes movement; which you shall view as quite obvious. No movement is being engaged while confusion is allowed to ensue. (Pause)

Very artful transmissions, as you call these! You shall learn much from my dear beloved.” [session 103, July 07, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within your present now, the time element holds a thickness which allows formation to appear; formation of objects, of thought, of emotion, of physical feeling, of sense data. Outside, in a manner of speaking, of this present now, or your perception of this present now, you may draw other events; but as they are being drawn as periphery, they are not perceived to be quite so ‘real.’ This creates confusion when you begin to encounter simultaneous time. When the intellect begins to attempt to interpret events which are not within its ‘real’ focus, it becomes confused. Therefore, it automatically attaches a secondary perception, which it incorporates a belief of ‘non-real’ to. This you encounter in many areas of your focus.

Presently, within your intent of widening your awareness, this becomes a focal point of importance, for you begin to incorporate other events which lie outside of your baseline or ‘real’ interpretation. Elements of consciousness cross over each other. Events begin to be perceived differently. States of consciousness, such as your dream state or other altered states, begin to filter into your objective awareness, which may be confusing to the intellect which is accustomed to interpreting events in one direction. This you have created purposefully; for holding a base or ‘real,’ as you interpret it, perception allows you less confusion, and an intensity of experience. This is not to suggest that you will experience no intensity within the periphery; although as you incorporate an acceptance of ‘side perceptions,’ the experience seems not to hold such intensity for you have allowed a wider awareness, incorporating more experiences in a greater variety, accepting more of your own subjective expressions. Therefore, objective incorporation seems less intensified; this being also the effort, so to speak, in avoiding trauma within your shift; for this lessening of intensity is a natural by-produce of widening of awareness. There is more trust and acceptance of what you view to be ‘unusual.’

This also may be distracting! It is difficult to incorporate trauma if you are very distracted! (Grinning) If you are pursuing many avenues of consciousness, you are quite occupied; therefore you allow yourself no ‘time’ to experience fear and trauma.” [session 106, July 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within the action of your shift, this expression [merging objective and subjective awareness] shall be ‘normal’; a wider awareness which allows you to incorporate your objective expression and attention, and also simultaneously a working subjective interaction that you are consciously aware of. The subjective expression connects with much more of your information and probabilities.

You view, presently, confusion; for these expressions are unfamiliar to you. Therefore, they are not entirely accepted as of this present now. Within the action of your shift, this expression that you exhibit presently, and the expression that Michael [Mary] exhibits within [his] dream, shall not be confusing objectively or viewed as ‘not real’ within [the] dream state, but viewed as normal expression of self, just as presently you view your objective expression solely as normal. You view subjective interaction as not quite so normal! Within the action of your shift, separation to the point of only experiencing objective expression without subjective interaction shall be viewed as not quite so normal. (Pause)

These are the elements of actions that shall incorporate trauma for many individuals, yourselves included, if you have no information; for your automatic thinking process shall magnate to [the] evaluation of madness!” [session 115, August 25, 1996]

RON: “You said that in the shift, everyone will incorporate trauma. Does trauma have to be bad? Could ecstatic joyfulness be considered trauma?

ELIAS: Within your definition of trauma, you would not define this as ecstatic joy, although this would be a by-product of the action of the trauma; the trauma being initial, and the by-product of this being the joy. In this, there are variances of trauma, for each individual will experience and express this differently. Some may outwardly experience this, in what you view to be physical trauma that you may all witness. Others may experience inner trauma, being expressed in confusion. We would not be placing this trauma in the definition that you hold of negative; only to be either an expression of great confusion, or conflict.

RON: But we would consider that negative.

ELIAS: But there is no negative! (Playfully)

RON: I know! That’s why I’m wondering if ecstatic joyfulness could be trauma as well, because I was under the impression that trauma just means something extreme, an extreme reaction.

ELIAS: If this expression is what the individual perceives to be completely foreign and conflicting to what they are familiar with within their focus, yes, you may incorporate this expression also; but this would also be an expression of conflict!

RON: Well, I’m doing that then! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Good choice!

RON: Thank you!

ELIAS: Presently, within your choices of probabilities, each of you are already experiencing your trauma; this being an example to differentiate what you view to be sudden, impacting trauma, for you experience increments of trauma in moving through belief systems presently, although you do not experience one event of great traumatic proportion; this being what we express in the difference that each individual shall incorporate within the experience of trauma, as related to the shift; this being your choice, as with all things.

You may choose to be moving through belief systems and engaging the action of the event of your shift and allowing yourselves less trauma, or you may be choosing to engage a single action of great proportion, which may be expressed within what you physically view to be traumatic, or what you view to be confusion. Not all individuals shall experience what you think of as hurtfulness or distress. Some individuals shall experience great confusion within a lack of understanding of the event. Some may experience a mixture of joyfulness, related to presently held belief systems religiously that they view to be being actualized, but also simultaneously experiencing fearfulness. Therefore, yes, they may be experiencing joy, but within a lack of understanding of the event, they shall also experience conflict.

RON: So winning fifty million dollars in the lottery wouldn’t be considered trauma?

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is dependent upon your perception!

RON: Okay, that’s what I’m doing then! I can handle that trauma! (Laughter) Was the earthquake an expression of trauma associated with the shift?

ELIAS: No. These are, as we have expressed previously, natural occurrences of your expressions collectively. These are unexpressed emotional elements which seek expression physically within your physical element, for this is how you express within this dimension; physically. Therefore, you express all things physically. This extends collectively to your creations of natural occurrences.

We express to you that you are not separate from nature. This is an example to you of your non-separation from what you view to be nature or natural occurrences, just as your floods and tornadoes and hurricanes are also expressions of yourselves, en masse, collectively being expressed for your benefit.

RON: What about fires?

ELIAS: These also.

RON: But are they really expressions of nature if they were caused by man?

ELIAS: Which is nature! (Laughter) There is no separation!

VICKI: We go there so easily!

ELIAS: Automatically!” [session 117, September 01, 1996]

NORM: “It seems to me that the manner or the method of the shift, could it have been done or initiated or continued in a way that would have less traumatic events, or have we selected it this way?

ELIAS: You have chosen the actions that occur. Now; within the present engagement of action of movement of this shift, you are widening your awareness to be affecting within changing of probabilities established within your religious element. These are very strong belief systems. You have created very strong expectations globally, of events that you have chosen within probabilities to occur. Within the action of this shift, you may be altering of these actions within a recognition that it is unnecessary to be creating of devastation for your attention. You do not need to be creating floods, famines, earthquakes, holocausts to be gaining your attention and initiating movement into what you view to be a new era. You may easily move into your new awareness without all of your fireworks! In this, you hold a task of being helpful and also influencing within consciousness of these belief systems that hold to absoluteness in established probabilities.

I have expressed to you previously, your religious element, your era, shall not disappear without struggle. Although you have chosen and agreed collectively to move into a new awareness and you have chosen the probability of this shift, many are reluctant to be moving. You are reluctant to be moving! As your own consciousness widens and you experience new elements within your daily experience, you pull back. You hold reluctance yourselves! You are not jumping into this shift with both feet! You hold to your belief systems quite strongly. You find it difficult to be accepting of belief systems. You continue with your religious era and with its manifestations.

Each individual offers themselves information that will speak to them to be accomplishing in the movement of this shift, but within the beginning throes of this shift the movement is not easy, just as within the movement of a revolution there is turmoil and conflict. You engage within a global shift of consciousness, which is a much greater mass event than a revolution of a country. It is a greater action than your world war. It is tremendous. Therefore, there shall be conflict. You would not be speaking with this essence were you not approaching this shift.

NORM: I wish I would have been able to say I would anyway, but you’re probably right. I’m interested in the problem associated with devastation. The energy that is being developed due to these conflicts is going to be expressed in devastation. Does it have to be that way?

ELIAS: No! This is the point! This is your direction.

NORM: So we can be very helpful in the mass events, and the nine are doing that in ...

ELIAS: You are accomplishing this! (Firmly) Do not look to these nine manifestations to be carrying your planet! They are initiators. They are helpers. They are directors within the intent of the individual essence families. They are not responsible singularly for movement of this shift! You all are contributant to the action of this shift.” [session 145, January 05, 1997]

VICKI: “Well, I’ll address to your question. I’ve been having a lot of experiences with what you term unofficial information. I term it confusion. I really don’t understand what’s going on. I walk around and I don’t even know who I am this week. Other people don’t recognize me. It’s very hard to focus on anything. Somehow, I’ve managed to make it through transcripts. Getting through a day of work today was extremely difficult. There seems to be flashes of pictures of a TFE (4) that I did once, I believe with Jene, in which she suggested that I go to a future focus. In that future focus, I found myself living alone on the beach, which very much parallels the picture I had in our meditation last year of this focus in the late seventeen hundred’s.

I never thought about the two of them at the same time until this week, although when you began talking about this unofficial information tonight, the pictures were very clear. Now I’m having another extremely emotional response which I don’t even understand, because I wasn’t having this an hour ago. So, I’m not sure exactly what to say about this unofficial information except that it’s very confusing, and it also seems to be going along with some very interesting dream imagery that is vague, but not so vague that I can’t remember parts of it, and the imagery itself, no matter what way I try to look at it, no matter what layer I try to look at it within, I can’t even come to a logical conclusion about that of any sort. So, that’s been my experience this week.

ELIAS: An example of simultaneous time and the interaction of what you view to be different time periods which are influencing of the present now, for they are all the present now and they are all influencing of each other. Be remembering, Lawrence [Vicki], within this, that the present now is also influencing of the others. You are not subject to the past and the future. You also are influencing. All three are influencing of each other continuously. Within this, you are identifying a remembrance of the past focus, which has skipped the present now and identified with future focus, which relates back to present focus. You, within the present now, are offering yourself the opportunity to view all three.

This, as I have stated previously, is confusing. You may each heed this, as you did not previously. I have expressed to you all that within this activity of remembrance, you shall experience confusion. This is unofficial information. It is not information that is officially accepted within your mass belief systems and within your objective consciousness. Therefore, you shall reach a point, so to speak, within this motion of subjective activity where you shall experience confusion, and you shall experience a threatening of identity. You do not feel like yourself. You cannot identify.

I have expressed this many times within our previous sessions, in an attempt to be preparing you for future experiences; which, you do not understand as I explain and you then experience and become distressed, for you are forgetful that you have been instructed.

This is temporary; not within an entire focus temporary! (Grinning) Relatively temporary; within a short time span, as you view this. This also is your choice, in what you allow within your subjective movement. You may choose to allow more of a widening which shall create confusion and disorientation, so to speak, and a feeling of confused identity.

It also shall be quite beneficial to your understanding, if allowed; for as you allow this subjective activity, you open these neurological pathways that we have spoken of previously, allowing more activity within physical expression, which allows more objective understanding. This is not to say that your objective understanding is dependent upon your physical brain. It is not; but the communication between your subjective activity and your physical expression, in cooperation, speaks to your objective thought process; just as we have spoken previously of your physical expression.

You feel hunger. You think subsequently, I must consume food. I have explained, you initially subjectively express information and instruction instantaneously, which is responded to within body consciousness, which then relays (to Norm: ‘Key word!’) a message objectively that your physical expression is in need of attention. Are you understanding thus far?

VICKI: Yeah.

ELIAS: In this, you are moving in a similar direction of attention. Your subjective movement is affecting of physical expression, bodily expression, and also of brain interaction; physical neurological pathways being opened, which then is instructive to your objective thought process, which delivers information to you. This may occur instantaneously. It is possible. Generally, you do not accept this. Therefore, you choose a process, which you have chosen. All of you choose a process, for this is in alignment with your belief systems. You do not believe that you may acquire information instantaneously.

In this, you temporarily experience these conditions; emotionally, mentally, physically. It is affecting of your entire focus, for you are allowing yourself an opening to essence, which allows an opening to other focuses of essence and to alternates of this focus. This becomes confusing, for they are recognized as all of you. Your physical brain and your objective thought process does not automatically understand this information. Therefore, it does not understand how to differentiate you from focuses of you and alternates of you. It does not recognize all as you. Therefore, it sends back confusing messages to your physical expression which suggests to your thought process, ‘This is unrecognized feelings. This is unrecognized information. I do not know this individual.’

You are very singularly focused within this physical focus. This is how you have created this focus. Your attention is directed in one line. It recognizes one line of information. It recognizes one body, one you, one thought process. You are not one thought process. You are allowing yourself a movement into recognition and knowing of this. You view this as uncomfortable and negative, for it is unfamiliar.

VICKI: So that’s why the expressions, mentally, emotionally, and physically, are all things that I consider negative, because I consider it unfamiliar?

ELIAS: Correct. Also, within your belief systems, you believe that your physical expression is unacceptable. It is unacceptable to be discomforted within physical expression. This is not accepted.

VICKI: Why do we choose unacceptable?

ELIAS: You are responding. You are sending messages. Subjectively, you are sending message to physical body. Objectively, you are responding to physical body. Your physical expression is confused, for you a sending opposing messages. Therefore, it becomes confused. Your objective consciousness holds to its one official line of reality. It does not easily relinquish this. You have chosen to be moving within subjective consciousness into objective awareness. Objective does not relinquish easily. Subjective is unofficial information; unfamiliar. Your belief systems are influencing within this action. You essentially catch your physical expression within the middle. Therefore, you feel confused. You feel disordered within physical body functioning. You feel not yourself, for your identity is challenged. This shall pass. Be accepting of your expression, and allowing. As you push against your own choice of movement, you create more confusion.

VICKI: I don’t understand how I push against it. I don’t understand how to not do that ’cause I don’t understand how I do it!

ELIAS: Within your expressions, attempt, if you may, to be viewing your expressions not as acceptable and unacceptable; to be only allowing. Think to yourself, Lawrence [Vicki], of your attempts to be incorporating of natural time. Do this with yourself. Incorporate natural acceptance.” [session 149, January 19, 1997]

RETA: “You said trauma would be one of the things people would go through in the shift, and that we can be helpful, and that one of the reasons we’re here is to learn to be helpful. You’re not saying that anyone here will experience trauma! Is that right? Not in this group?

ELIAS: This is your choice. If you are choosing to be availing yourself of this information and also applying this information and widening your awareness, you shall not be experiencing trauma within the shift. Not all that appear within this forum are choosing to be continuing and availing themselves of this information, and may experience trauma.” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

NORM: “And would you say that they do not need objective ideas such as what we have the opportunity to acquire here in order to be able to appropriately enter the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express to you all once again, you do not need this forum. It is unnecessary for your awareness for you to be interacting with Elias. You choose to engage this interaction, and the exchange is accomplished. Individuals throughout your planet shall draw themselves to information which shall be helpful to them. This is not to say that individuals shall all understand all that will occur; this being your objective in being helpful within consciousness. You view quite slightly presently a movement within consciousness, within yourselves objectively being affected. This affectingness causes confusion. At times it may cause you conflict, for you create conflict many times when you are confused. In this, you also shall experience moments of questioning where you shall be questioning of self and identity, as I have expressed to you often, and you may also question your reality. You hold information to allow you a footing, for you have asked. Therefore, you may experience these things but they shall be temporary, and you shall be accepting and understanding of what you experience. Others may experience these same occurrences, and as I have expressed to you previously, they will believe themselves to be entering insanity.

NORM: They choose this reality. They choose that trauma.

ELIAS: Yes, but I also express to you, in like manner to other individuals which I have addressed previously, I am not in agreement with the thought process and the direction that you move in within this statement. It is not merely, ‘Oh, well! These individuals create their own reality. It is of no consequence to me.’ For what another creates, so do you also. What another experiences, so do you also. As you lend energy to the shift you lend energy to yourself, for there are no separations. There are no sections. Therefore, aspects of yourself choose, in your terms, the trauma, but you do not. Therefore, you may be helpful to other aspects of you in lessening this trauma, in recognition that it is unnecessary; not that it is ‘bad,’ but it is unnecessary.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

NORM: “The basic question is, can science develop a thing, living or not, that can measure subjective activity of any kind?

ELIAS: Your operative word is ‘can’ you. As all things are possible to you, I shall express yes, you can. Now; whether this is more probable, I shall express that as you continue within physical focus you shall develop instruments that will be designed more efficiently to measure objective responses and imagery of subjective movement, although not measuring subjective movement itself; the reason being that as you move into the action of your shift, it also shall become unnecessary for you to be developing instrumentation to be measuring of subjective activity. It shall be accepted. The reason that you create instruments within your technology is to prove elements to yourselves, to give yourselves information in proving what you think. It shall be unnecessary to be proving subjective activity once your shift is accomplished, for it shall be accepted.

NORM: It would seem to me like there’s a lot of people that are not going to accept this for some period of time. It would be totally different than the history that we’ve had so far. I guess that’s to be expected, but that means that it will be a situation where almost all people will then have inner senses that are operating to the point where they will accept this information.

ELIAS: This shift encompasses your entire globe. This shift is not concerning some individuals. It is concerning all individuals within this dimension within this particular physical focus. It is involving all of what you think of presently as your future focuses, although they are simultaneous. There shall not be individuals excluded from the action of this shift. It is an agreement and a movement in consciousness. It incorporates all of the consciousness within this dimension and physical focus.

You are correct that there shall be many individuals that shall not quite so readily be accepting of this movement, this being the reason why I have expressed that there shall be experienced trauma as involved with this shift. This is also the reason that you have drawn yourselves to this forum and that you speak with me, to be affecting within consciousness, to be helpful in eliminating this trauma, for you hold an awareness subjectively, and becoming objectively, of the trauma connected with this shift, and therefore wish to be helpful in lessening this manifestation.

NORM: Somehow we are perceiving the future in our dream state? Is that what we’re doing?

RETA: Or was it an agreement before we came here to be helpful?

ELIAS: This is a difficult area, for this incorporates your concept of your time framework. In one manner of speaking I express to you that this agreement has been made previously, although it is being made presently. You inquire that you are viewing futurely within your dream state. You experience what you think of as future time, for it is sideways time. It is not future. It is simultaneous. It is now. Therefore yes, you do experience future time and also past time within your dream state. You create affectingness within consciousness subjectively, beneath your dream imagery.

RETA: I want you to know that when you say that we may have had an agreement ahead of time, that feels really comfortable inside. It really feels like you do hit the truth. I’ve been comfortable with that all along. I want to express to you that I appreciate you, and I feel that you’ve taught me quite a bit. I just wish I could pass it on faster, or take the time to do more with it.

ELIAS: You are. (Smiling)

NORM: Is this occurring through what was stated as mass action? Is the term mass action involved with the shift? It is, isn’t it?

ELIAS: There are many mass events that shall be in response to this shift, and you may express a terminology of mass action or collective action if you are choosing. It is, en masse, an agreement within essence of all essences choosing to be participating within this physical dimension.

NORM: Do the focuses, are they involved directly with mass action?


DREW: These mass events you said will be the result of the shift. Is it likely there will be mass events that will help cause the shift?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You have witnessed recently one small mass event which has been influencing in the movement of the shift within consciousness, within this recent week time. (5)

DREW: Now, you had indicated that this was actually a small event that was greatly influencing. So when we use the word mass event and we’re looking into the probabilities of things to come that will aid the shift, I’d like to get a sense of scale. Will these events be similar in scale to the kinds of things we’ve experienced in the past week, or will there be mass events on a national or even global scale that will be influencing?

ELIAS: These all involve probabilities. Therefore, I may not express to you definites of mass events, in predicting that globally you shall experience this or that. There are probabilities that may be created, if gaining enough collective energy, which shall be in extreme large occurrences, although as I have stated, this is not necessary. Therefore, you may choose within probabilities to be not creating of tremendous exaggerated actions; this being part of the action of these individuals within this forum, yourself also, is to be avoiding massive drama and therefore eliminating of much trauma.

DREW: And yet it would seem, as Norm said, unlikely that large numbers of our population, nationally and globally, would have such shifts in belief systems without some sort of traumatic mass event. The numbers are so great and their belief systems so entrenched, it would seem unlikely that without some sort of objective event, their change in belief systems would be unlikely to occur.

ELIAS: I address first to what is seeming to be a misunderstanding. Individuals upon your planet, essences manifest physically within this dimension and upon your planet, hold agreement to be accomplishing a shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is not necessarily an elimination or a change in belief systems! It is an awareness and an acceptance of those held belief systems, and therefore, within this awareness and acceptance, there is an allowance of an expansion of consciousness objectively within physical focus, expanding your creativity and your objective abilities, or your belief in your objective abilities.

Individuals throughout your globe may continue to hold their belief systems, but they will hold an awareness that they are belief systems and not truths. They will recognize that their sciences incorporate equal amounts of belief systems as your religious elements. They will understand their own creativity and their own ability to manipulate and move within consciousness more efficiently and to be manifesting objectively aware connections within consciousness of self and other essences, therefore expanding objectively your knowledge of reality within physical focus.

Therefore, as you move into the action of your shift, as I express to you that individuals shall experience trauma, they shall not experience trauma in regard to a massive global explosion which shall be upturning their world and eliminating of all of their known reality. They shall be experiencing trauma as they naturally move into more of an objective awareness of subjective activity and bleed-through action, which shall be confusing and which they shall be identifying within themselves as insanity. Therefore, your planet shall be seized with the epidemic of mass lunacy, to their way of thinking, without helpfulness within consciousness.

They shall not be eliminating of their individuals belief systems. I do not express to you that you be eliminating of your individual belief systems. They are a part of your reality within this focus. I express to you only that you widen your awareness to hold an understanding that what you actualize is filtered through belief systems, that you do hold belief systems, that everything within your physical focus is affected by your belief systems. This is not wrong! This is not bad! This is not inefficient! This is what you have created within this dimensional focus, and it is quite efficient. It is only too limiting for your creativity within this present now, for you choose to be expanding your creativity and utilizing more of your abilities unrestrained.

RETA: Could I liken this to perhaps the mass event of the end of communism as we know it, the Berlin Wall coming down? Because within that mass event there were more people exposed to freedom and allowed to think for themselves for the first time, and allowed to integrate themselves with other ideas, other nations, other concepts. To me, that mass event was a real push toward widening understanding. I know it’s got to go a long ways, but even in the countries now that are still more or less controlled by their regimes or their culture, they still now know of outside ideas and worlds and so they do not think the same as they used to think. So more people do have an awareness that they never had before. So that mass event to me was a huge event.

ELIAS: Just as within the small event of which we spoke at our last session, these events serve to be altering of perception and awareness. It matters not the direction. It matters that the perceptions and the awareness is altered. In this, you are correct. I shall reserve my debating with you, of individuals’ choices to be manifest within certain locations of your planet and restrictions which they choose to place upon themselves as opposed to inflicting upon other individuals, for a later date. (Chuckling)

NORM: You mentioned before that we are leaving the era of religious ideas. Will this be the age of enlightenment? Is that term going to be the one that refers to the era of the shift?

ELIAS: This would be a popular terminology globally. Within your present now, many individuals within many cultures within many religious beliefs systems incorporate this wording, which is acceptable if you are choosing this to be your terminology.

NORM: Will it be known as that in the future, in the ‘sideways’ future? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very good! I shall say that within probabilities your history records may record this terminology in reference to this time period of this shift, whether or not you choose to incorporate it as a ‘title.’” [session 162, April 06, 1997]

ELIAS: “It is to an extent valuable to be aware of elements of your other focuses as we are approaching your shift. As you approach your shift in consciousness, many more subjective elements shall become obvious to you. You shall be incorporating many more subjective bleed-throughs. Therefore, it is valuable to you to be holding an understanding of your other focuses, for they are influencing of this focus. They are not only influencing of this focus physically, but they are also influencing of this focus emotionally. This dimension of physical focus which you have chosen to manifest into is based in emotional experience. Therefore, this is an extreme element in importance, for your experience.

Your emotional state within this particular focus holds influences from your other focuses also. In this, your fears within this particular dimension and within this particular focus are also influenced by fears within other focuses of this dimension. I specify this, for you hold focuses of essence within many dimensions.

You are not only manifest within this particular dimension and physical focus. There are numberless physical focuses occupying the same space arrangement. The focuses which are influencing of this focus, to which you recognize as you, are those which are also within this dimension. This is not to say that some of your other focuses within other dimensions do not bleed through or influence you, for they do; but for the most part, your encoding limits itself to one dimension. Therefore, you hold a framework of reference subjectively to be functioning efficiently within this dimension.

You may be choosing many manifestations within this dimension, and you may be allowing recently some bleed-through information into your objective awareness. This occurrence is a natural action which is happening presently as you are approaching your shift within consciousness. This shift shall allow you more of an awareness than you have incorporated within the entirety of your history upon this planet. We have spoken of lessening or eliminating the trauma that may be incorporated within this shift in consciousness. Many individuals do not understand what may possibly be creating of trauma with regard to this shift. I express to you that as you allow more subjective information to become objectively known, this becomes very confusing; for this subjective information does not fit within the framework of your accepted reality.

You are not only changing small elements of your reality within the action of this shift. You are changing essentially the entirety of your manifest reality within this dimension; for you shall approach all of this reality differently as you incorporate much more subjective activity. It is quite obvious to you all that the movement within what you classify as psychic activity is growing tremendously. This continues upon a daily basis, and you all lend energy to the continuation of this movement which is altering and shifting the consciousness of your globe. This is not limited to a small area. This encompasses the entirety of your planet.

Were you not to allow yourselves the information of subjective activity and the understanding that this is also an element of yourselves and that you are much more than what you view within your mirrors as one physical entity, you would be experiencing much conflict within the confusion of information which shall be bleeding through. You have chosen this action collectively. Therefore, the information shall bleed through. You shall incorporate experiences of interaction with individuals within transition. You shall connect with information of your own focuses of essence. You shall recognize that all about you is your own creation, and also is not quite as solid as you view it to be! You also may surprise yourselves at your own abilities to manipulate energies in ways that previously may have seemed impossible.

Other focuses are lending energy to you presently within the movement and accomplishment of this shift; this being why, futurely and presently, you shall be encountering more of your own belief systems. They shall be becoming more obvious to you; for within the action of this shift you have chosen to be accepting of belief systems and acknowledging that they exist within physical focuses, but also that they are nothing more than belief systems. These hold no power unless you allow them. In this, as you move into the accomplishment of your shift you shall experience much less conflict and what you view to be tension, for you shall understand that these belief systems that you hold are not truths. They are belief systems. They may serve you, or they may not. They are not dictating to you.” [session 174, May 17, 1997]

ELIAS: I have stated already the intent of our agenda.

RETA: You’ve stated it already. So we need to go back through and find it, or would you give me a hint where it is?

ELIAS: This intercourse occurs for the purpose of delivering information with regard to the shift, in the effort to be lessening the trauma associated with your shift in consciousness.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

NORM: “Will it be helpful, in the event of the trauma, to be able to have a specialized trauma hospital for people that have various experiences that.... (Elias starts laughing)

ELIAS: You may choose this singularity of motion if you are wishing, although it is unnecessary, for the interaction that you shall be engaging is subjective within consciousness. As you are approaching another individual, you may express through your language whichever you choose. The interaction will occur subjectively, in a knowing of acceptance and a knowing of no separation. You may term this to be in your language a ‘universal support system,’ although it is applied only to this universe within this space arrangement within this dimension and this reality!

Q: ... Elias, you spoke earlier about the shift in consciousness creating confusion and misunderstanding. Can you tell us things that we might look for that would indicate this was taking place?

ELIAS: This occurs presently all about you. Individuals experience the same subjective bleed-through that you individuals experience, but recognize. Individuals that do not hold this information objectively experience, regardless, the same events. Therefore, they may be encountering your extraterrestrials, which are YOU, (laughter) and they may be experiencing strange objects, which are your creation, and they may view the alteration of objects before their waking eyes and they may not hold an interpretation. This creates fearfulness. Individuals, as you are aware presently, create fearfulness within themselves, for they do not understand what they are creating. Therefore, they view this as threatening.

Also be remembering, you are moving out of your religious era. Many belief systems have been developed within this era. They are quite strong! Individuals may objectively manifest those elements which correlate to their belief systems. You may view little demons with tails! (Laughter) They are your projections of your belief systems. They are not entities attempting to be hurtful to you. They are projections of your own fearfulness; but within the belief systems, many individuals experience much confusion and trauma, for they do not understand.

Also, we have spoken earlier of transition. I have expressed to you that many, many individuals shall be choosing to be experiencing much of this action of transition within physical focus. This already presently occurs. You label this as senility. You label this as a dysfunction. Therefore, you attempt to alter this without an understanding. The individuals that are creating this reality also hold no understanding objectively. Therefore, this creates a frightenedness within them, and much confusion. They are not accepting of the reality that they create any more than you are accepting of the reality that they create!

ANDY: ... Elias, how will the shift affect other groups and belief systems in the human world, like the Christian belief system?

ELIAS: There are many, many cultures within your planet that experience these subjective bleed-throughs and hold less confusion than do you within your western Christian belief systems, although you are all allowing yourselves the opportunity to be understanding; for you all, within the entirety of your globe collectively, experience these same bleed-throughs. Therefore, you may view individuals within your western culture that encounter their extraterrestrials, but you may also view individuals within very small native cultures with no civilization, within your terms, that also encounter your extraterrestrials. It is not limited to those of you which hold western civilization. In actuality, I have expressed that there exists among you one small tribe of individuals which hold an objective understanding much greater than any else upon your planet, and have already incorporated much of the action of this shift. It shall all be accomplished within your objective time framework by a specific time period that you have agreed upon, but you may be accomplishing within this time framework at different rates, so to speak; this being the reason that you hold the ability for helpfulness with many individuals in avoiding trauma and confusion within the action of this shift, for you do hold a beginning of understanding and awareness.

Many individuals within your western civilization hold very strong belief systems. In this, they shall be experiencing trauma, for they do not understand objectively the experiences that bleed through subjectively into their objective awareness.* You may be instrumental in acceptance of belief systems, and helpfulness to individuals not holding this objective understanding to be in your terms ‘working through’ belief systems, for they shall be accepted. Therefore, you may offer yourselves examples of activity and behavior that shall alter. As I have expressed, if you are not holding the belief system within its power, if you are accepting of the belief system and neutralizing its power, you may be occupied with other adventures within creativity. It is unnecessary to be creating of the behavior that you are creating now, for you will not hold the judgment of right and wrong. You shall understand that these are experiences. Therefore, they do not hold the power.

Let us explore a very simple example of a small child. If you are expressing to a very small child that it may not have this chocolate that you place in front of it, it shall desire this chocolate! (Much laughter) It shall incorporate behavior to be acquiring of this chocolate, for it has been denied and it has also been expressed within a belief system. The belief system has been projected to this child that they may not accomplish – this will be wrong. Therefore, they become intrigued, and are very aware of the energy which has been projected to them.

In this, as you are continuously exploring energy within an insatiable curiosity, you shall wish to be experiencing this which has been projected within energy in denial of your experience. If you hold no belief system or if you have accepted the belief system and are aware, therefore recognize that all is experience, you neutralize the energy of the belief system. Therefore, you may express, ‘You may not have this chocolate, but if this be your experience, it matters not.’ You may encounter a different response from this child, for it may lose interest in what it may acquire as it wishes; this being a very simple example, and only one within the action of this shift.

As I have expressed, you shall also access many other areas of consciousness that you do not allow yourselves within your belief systems presently. You do not en masse speak to individuals that you view to be dead! There is no ‘dead,’ but you believe that there is an existence of separation. Therefore, you do not allow yourself the experience. Within an understanding that this is a belief system arranged within your physical reality as an explanation to yourself of information that you have forgotten, you allow yourself the remembrance; and in this, you may engage this experience.

You may access your focuses within this dimension. Presently, you believe that you must engage elaborate steps to be accessing of your other focuses within this dimension. You must be engaging out-of-body experiences, or you must be engaging hypnotic states, or you must be concentrating extremely within your meditations. You merely need look to another focus to access, but you believe that you may not. Therefore, you do not.

Within the acceptance of the belief system, the energy is dissipated, which is that which creates the limitation. In the acceptance of the belief system, you understand its reality, and you may step beyond these belief systems, allowing for your own creativity. And if you are wishing to be exchanging – not viewing only, but exchanging – temporarily with another focus, you may, and you may cross your time frameworks and you may exchange temporarily with your focus within 1314, and they may exchange with you, and you may not incorporate a ‘method!’ You may merely will it, and it shall be.

You also shall offer yourselves the opportunity to be exploring more efficiently your own dimension and your creations. Presently, you seek to be exploring with technological apparatus, and you fly around space. You shall acquire the information and know that it is much more efficient to be traveling through space than to be traveling around space. You begin now to understand partially this concept. You allow yourself to relax your belief systems and accept that you may create an experience which you term to be out-of-body, within limitations. This is traveling through space. It is much more efficient! (Laughter) And, incorporates ‘no-time'!” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

BOB#1: “Isn’t the apocalypse largely a Judeo, actually not even Judeo, but a Christian belief?

ELIAS: No. There are many other religious elements that believe in these prophecies also, not necessarily in the identical same actions, but within the action of massive destruction of your planet.

RETA: In talking to a couple of individuals who firmly believe this is going to be happening, and in talking to them about the Earth being a living thing and so on and telling them that we possibly could stop this action, they were very adamant that we had no business even thinking it would stop because it’s God’s plan. So there would be a lot of opposition in some people.

ELIAS: This is not, as I have said, necessarily opposition. It is a difference in belief systems which does not necessarily lend to the destruction of your planet and the actualization of these prophecies. It does not necessarily express a lack of lending of energy to your shift, for they believe that a massive extreme change shall occur, and a massive extreme change is occurring!

RETA: But not in destruction?

ELIAS: It matters not!

BOB#1: In their mind, it’s just a destruction of their precepts.

RETA: I don’t know. They believe in physical destruction of the globe, and then they’re talking about the globe eventually going into a celestial state of a sea of glass. I mean, there’s all kinds of things that can be read.

ELIAS: It matters not.

NORM: So is this vote absolutely democratic? If fifty percent or greater intend for it to happen, then it will happen?


NORM: Well, how is it decided?

ELIAS: Within agreement globally.

NORM: Nobody can ever agree to anything! I mean, are there numbers involved? I mean, are percentages involved?

ELIAS: Not in your terms. You are misunderstanding; this being why we move away from these areas of discussion, for it lends only to your misunderstanding and confusion.

(Firmly) This shift is accomplished. This shift is accomplishing. Within your physical dimension, the probabilities presently, within this moment ... and you may ask and I shall be offering you information within every other moment that we are interacting, and I shall be expressing to you that it is continuing to be in agreement globally ... within essence, within consciousness, this shift shall be accomplished and inserted into your reality. This is not to say that probabilities in themselves do not exist for opposition or for non-materialization, but these are very, very, very less probable for insertion into your dimension within this present now and the agreement within consciousness of all of the essences which focus within this dimension.

NORM: In other words, the shift in awareness is being accomplished, but there may be other happenings that will occur simultaneously or will occur in the next hundred years, such as destruction. The shift will occur, but other....

ELIAS: If you are choosing, but you may also be choosing not to be actualizing these elements.

BOB#1: So the shift is a result of choices that have already been made and agreements that have already been formed within probabilities in the past, so to speak?

ELIAS: In the now, so to speak! (Grinning)

BOB#1: Okay, for the purposes of discussion! And these choices tend to take on a bit of a cause and effect kind of nature. Had other choices been made, the shift may not have occurred, but since the choices were made en masse, in agreement over time with large numbers of essences, we move towards this shift. So what you’re saying is the probability that we will make an abrupt left-turn or reversal is just not highly likely?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: So the shift then is going to happen. Therefore, if we choose in that process to have destruction, then we will have it, but the shift will happen either way.

ELIAS: Correct; this being part of why I speak to you, that you may become aware and not be creating of these elements which are unnecessary, and also creating much trauma for yourselves which is unnecessary.” [session 196, July 20, 1997]

DAVID: “Can I ask then, in respect to that person (6) ... I’ll say it quietly ... is that an indication to us of what we are going to experience in a mass form?

ELIAS: This is an example for you, that you may realize through experience of objectively witnessing and interacting with an individual experiencing trauma in relation to the shift, that you may understand more fully the reality of this trauma which I have spoken to you of. Therefore, the experience creates more of an acceptance of the reality of the concept. This also offers you information in why you are directing your energy to be helpful within the shift.

DAVID: Now, if they choose not to come back, how are we going to continue helping them?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary that the individual incorporates themselves within this forum, or returns objectively. The example has been offered. The experience has been objectified with you. Therefore, the understanding has been offered, and you may be helpful within directing the pyramid energy.

RON: Would that be considered a common, so to speak, manifestation of this trauma?

ELIAS: If helpfulness is not offered, yes. This is your objective. This is the point, to be avoiding the trauma in the shift and not creating the trauma in the shift; this being an example of probabilities that you choose. If you are lending energy to eliminating the trauma in the shift and being helpful, you shall create the probability of less conflict and no trauma within individuals within the action of the shift.

BOB: Is it necessary or even likely that every individual will move through this particular type of experience, or is it possible that there will be other experiences that you would not even describe as trauma? I have a sense of people moving towards a calmness, a serenity, a knowing that is not objective, but purely subjective. So I guess you wouldn’t describe it as awareness, but that there are certain parts of our population who are just simply calming down. Is that an accurate description of what some people might go through?

ELIAS: Correct, although the main element of this shift in consciousness is that you shall be consciously, objectively aware of subjective abilities. Therefore, eventually you all shall move into a position of knowing and interacting with subjective awareness. This is not to say that you must be manifesting the type of example which has been presented to you. This is an example of trauma. The point is to be avoiding this trauma, in a recognition that it is not necessary. You may move into the objective awareness more easily and with less conflict, although at points you all shall experience some confusion, but this is not necessarily to say that you shall create conflict and trauma.

BOB: I have the sense that there is ... and it’s really strange, it’s rather unlike me ... that there are large groups of people who are simply moving towards awareness and are recognizing things but not quantifying them, just simply going, ‘Hmm!’ And they’re just simply noticing things, and they’re moving. And as things are made clear, they’re just simply accepting things relatively readily, that everything’s going to be okay, sort of ... that there is part of the population that’s doing that.

ELIAS: Correct. This is the action of the shift that you are lending energy to. This is the example of what you may be continuing to be helpful in creating, as opposed to the example of trauma; but without the example physically presented to you of the trauma, you did not understand the concept and the extreme and the intensity and the reality that individuals may experience this action. Therefore, this, within you and within your knowing subjectively, allows you a clearer understanding of the elements of the shift to which I have been explaining to you.

VICKI: ... Is there anything that Mary and I could have done, within objective, verbal interaction with this individual who was experiencing this trauma, that we’re just totally clueless about, that would be helpful maybe in another situation?

ELIAS: Within the limitations of understanding at the time of the interaction, you were accomplishing well. I may express to you, you may have expressed more or differently, although this would be requiring of more information which you did not hold at the moment. Therefore, you moved within the boundaries of the information that you had. You each experienced unfamiliar action which you held no explanation of. Therefore, your response was as it was. Futurely, you may be responding differently within more acceptance, as you do hold explanation now of the experience of the individual and of the energy. Therefore, be acknowledging of the accomplishment, not discounting that you did not accomplish enough.

VICKI: I’ve thought about it, and it’s not the first time we’ve been presented with what is an unfamiliar energy, or it appears to be so intense at the time that you don’t quite know what to do. You find yourself responding emotionally, and you don’t know quite what to do! I guess maybe there’s some sort of belief systems in there that maybe there’s some ‘bad’ energy. I don’t know.

ELIAS: Quite.

VICKI: I wouldn’t consciously think that, but after watching my own responses ... I realize you pull away when things are unfamiliar.

ELIAS: Quite. Michael [Mary] nor yourself, Lawrence [Vicki], objectively holds thought processes of ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ energy, although the belief system is held en masse and this is influencing subjectively. Therefore, within intensity and unfamiliarity, you are correct. You pull away, for you lack understanding. Therefore, you also do not allow acceptance; but as you present yourselves with more experiences – which is your best teacher! – you shall become more familiar and you shall be responding within your behavior differently, for your acceptance shall be increasing. Your acceptance already has increased greatly, from previous time periods within this forum.” [session 200a, July 27, 1997]

Paul (Patel): “Much of your present time framework that you have chosen to refer to as all time ... which is not in reality all time, for there is no all or time ... has been devoted to a religious incorporation of right and wrong. These terms have been chosen as a means of separation from self. As the terms are presented to you, a visual image is then presented by you, of a ‘good thing’ on the one hand and a ‘bad thing’ on the other. These interpretations of good and evil shall become evident to you as you move closer to the finalization, so to speak, of this shift; for as you come to recognize these separations, you shall also come to realize that within consciousness there is actually no separation between them. These expressions of good and bad are only separated by you for the experience of making a distinction; this also being a term of separation.

Be not misunderstanding, for as this action of this shift takes place, so to speak, individuals shall be fearful of losing this individuality, which is the reason that separation has been created by you. These concepts of separateness shall become more obvious to you as the shift proceeds, and in this individuals may choose to either accept the new, so to speak, information presented, or they may choose to hold even more tightly to their religious beliefs, in fear that they shall be forfeiting their individuality. This is not the case. However, many shall be experiencing this expression.

To these individuals, much care should be given to expression of acceptance of this expression, for to attempt to change the thought processes of these individuals shall be quite confusing to them. By expression of acceptance, a model, so to speak, has been offered to them, and a knowing on their part is put into play. As an individual is incorporating trauma, many beliefs are placed in motion, and they will tend to block or interfere with expressions of helpfulness. This shall become evident to each individual as this shift progresses, so to speak. In this, more helpfulness may be achieved by expressions of acceptance than by physical interaction. This is not to say that interaction may not be helpful. It is only to say, listen to your inner voice and choose the expression that feels, so to speak, right to you.

This information that has been offered within your past two years has been offered to you not as a lesson, but as a reminder; for these individuals that have drawn themselves to this interaction have already incorporated a certain amount of remembrance, and have chosen to assist other individuals within their quest for this same remembrance. These individuals shall also offer helpfulness to you in a mirroring of remembrances. Within each memory lies a multitude of probabilities that shall all manifest, and in these probabilities are choices that have been made by you for your own noticing, and these choices shall be also experienced by other individuals expressing similar choices, only affecting in a way to mirror the affect of your individual choice.

Perception is the key, so to speak, to understanding, and understanding is the key to incorporation, and incorporation is the key to action, and action is the key to reality.” [Paul (Patel) session 35, August 22, 1997]

ELIZ: “The only thing that confuses me is ... well, a lot of things before! But now, I don’t quite understand ... how do I put this? ... how it’s going to be accepted. For instance, my mom was telling me about the lady that was talking to her, that was experiencing the shift overwhelmingly, and how she didn’t work. All she did was go to the gym, and her whole family thought she was crazy. It seems that if the whole world is in that kind of a state, who’s going to take care of the world, you know? This is what I’m worried about.

ELIAS: This be the reason that information is offered. The individual of which you speak has been offered information, and in this experiences less trauma presently and holds a greater ability to cope, so to speak, with the opening that she has allowed herself. Each individual shall draw information to themselves to be offering explanation within their confusion, and in this, each individual shall be understanding more of this action within consciousness.

I express to many individuals, and you also: It matters not of other individuals and their choice within the action of this shift. It matters that you look to YOU. Be not concerned with other individuals and how they shall manifest their reality within this shift. Be concerned with how YOU manifest and what YOU allow, for in your allowance, you also lend energy to other individuals to be lessening of their trauma. You are all interconnected.

I express to you in one vein that it matters not of what other individuals experience or express. I also express to you that it matters, for as you gain information, you also may be helpful in sharing the information that you hold.

ELIZ: Verbally?

ELIAS: At times. You will find that as you occupy your attention with you and upon your own experiences and are allowing yourself more and more acceptance of self and your experiences, you shall hold a greater understanding with other individuals. In this, you shall know how to be connecting with other individuals to be helpful. This may not necessarily be an offering of Elias’ information! This may be that you, in interaction with another individual, may recognize experiences and feelings and confusion within them that you also have experienced. In this, you may offer helpfulness to the other individual, in expression that they are not experiencing lunacy; that in reality, their reality is altering, and this is the point.


Attempt to be allowing yourselves to enter into areas of experiencing within this shift, and not holding fearfulness, and continuing to be focusing your attention upon the present now; for no other exists. There is no future; there is no past. There is now – continuously. Therefore, allow yourselves the experience within the now, and be trusting of yourselves. As you allow more of your widening and your experiencing, you also allow yourself more of your language to yourself. Therefore, you also offer yourself more information of self, and of your direction, and of your choices. If you are concerning yourself futurely, you are distracting yourself from listening to yourself. Individuals express to this essence, ‘What shall I do? Which direction shall I move into?’ You may answer these questions for yourselves if you are only listening to yourselves. If you are focusing your attention within the now, you may be surprising yourselves that your self shall speak to you within impressions and impulses and that small, quiet voice within you, which shall offer you your own direction and give you your answers.

You need hold no dependence upon other individuals or this essence for your answers, for you magnificently may offer these answers to yourselves. It is merely a question of remembering and listening to self, and you shall know within you when you are speaking to yourself. You shall hold a recognition of impressions that in your terms shall feel right to you, and you shall know which direction you wish to be choosing within your probabilities. This be the point, and why I express so very often to individuals that they focus upon the now, and self; for in this, you need not be inquiring of this essence! I may be offering you explanations of your reality, and I may be offering you helpfulness within your confusion, but this essence does not choose your probabilities for you. No essence chooses probabilities for you. You choose for yourselves. And as you are listening to other individuals or even listening to what you view to be other essences expressing to you a direction that you must move within, hold this as suspect, for no other individual may offer you your direction.” [session 216, September 13, 1997]

ELIAS: “This shall be one of very few – very few – sessions that I shall move into this direction of expressing to you the most probable probabilities that you hold futurely; but in encouragement of your movement and acknowledgment of your movement, which you presently doubt, I have chosen to be encouraging of you this evening and expressing to you a slight glimpse into what your most probable future probabilities are, as they exist within this present now.

NORM: Will we be able to develop instruments that reflect our consciousness that have, indeed, conscious intent?

ELIAS: You shall continue to create instruments and technology that monitor your physical reality, although you shall also incorporate more information about consciousness and acknowledge this more freely; but within your sciences you shall continue in the direction that you are moving in presently, in monitoring and developing within physical aspects.

NORM: We in this form have a limited awareness of a change, in our view of the world. Will that become quite commonplace by the year 2050?

ELIAS: Yes; much more expanded than you are now.

NORM: Will inner senses be used more commonly than they are now?


NORM: The basic physical needs of entities or focuses here are food and clothing and some shelter. That will be handled by other than monetary means?

ELIAS: Yes. Not necessarily by your specific date of 2050....

NORM: Plus or minus twenty-five years?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Our food intake could be drastically modified by then?

ELIAS: Less.

NORM: Less food required?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And more water!

ELIAS: You shall realize that monetary gain is unnecessary and meaningless. You shall move into a new area of consciousness, this being part of the action of this shift in consciousness. In shifting your consciousness, you shall move into the area of realization that the exploration of your existence within physical focus is more important than your monetary gain, and more satisfying.

NORM: Experiences that we desire to have, we will be tending toward those experiences rather than making sure that we have a house?

ELIAS: You shall be provided for. It shall not be an issue any longer.

NORM: Our creativity will be able to provide that for us?

ELIAS: All individuals shall work together within the area of value fulfillment, and in this you shall be providing for each other in all areas.

NORM: Fantastic!

DAVID: In these change-overs that we’re going to experience, will they be all gradual change-overs that won’t create sudden conflict or panic, or will there be much of that?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This be your choice, and this be the element of probabilities. You may be choosing of great trauma and tremendous elements of destruction for your own attention. This be your choice. It is a probability. You may be deflecting of this choice and not creating of this, which is what you are moving into now by allowing yourself information concerning this shift in consciousness; to be eliminating those probabilities and inserting other probabilities into your reality, but they are a continuing probability.

DAVID: And if this information that you give us is not released ... is this information going to be part of helping to not create this panic or trauma?

ELIAS: It is an element of this.

DAVID: And if the monetary system suddenly collapses overnight like it almost did a few days ago, for example, that would cause panic instantly amongst everybody.

ELIAS: It shall not collapse immediately. This shall be a gradual process, and you shall realize that it is unnecessary. I shall be expressing to you that initially your sciences shall be discovering of new elements of your reality, and in this, this shall bring about your lack of necessity for your present system.

DAVID: It seems like science is going to be in the forefront here. Where is religion going to come into this?

ELIAS: Individuals shall continue to hold their religious belief systems, but this shall also deplete itself as individuals begin to be accepting of belief systems and recognizing that they hold belief systems. Your sciences also hold great belief systems, but they move into, as you express, the forefront now, in mirroring physically what you know to be within essence.

NORM: So the social and political systems are going to be replaced by a great deal of cooperation between all focuses?

ELIAS: But shall also continue to hold political influences; but your political influences shall be more directly involved and compatible with all of your societies.” [session 233, November 02, 1997]

NORM: “May I ask a question that’s a little off the subject? New Year’s Eve, starting at four o’clock and going until ten o’clock, and then again starting at ten and going to four o’clock in the morning, there was six hours of video exposition in regard to all the predictions that are to happen around the year 2000, from Nostradamus to the Bible to many, many current people that are having these experiences. And in that six hours – Reta and I both watched all six hours of it because it was fascinating, and of course I’m sure it was fascinating to a lot of people and will probably enhance the likelihood of all the disasters occurring – it only mentioned three times that some have said that this is only a possibility, that we have the choice of not making it happen. That seems to be of course not promoted, and it’s not good producing to say those types of things. But my concern is that when that happens ... and you were commenting before and I believe I have the right idea, that in our sleep we are experiencing information or gaining information in regard to that this is only a possibility and it’s our choice. Am I saying this right?

ELIAS: It is your choice. It is a matter of probabilities.

NORM: Are we gaining access to this information in our sleep?

ELIAS: You do.

NORM: Is this part of the reason why the nine babies were born, that they would be able to more directly interact with us, all of the people here on this Earth today? (7)

ELIAS: Their function is to be helpful within the action of this shift.

NORM: What does helpful mean in this regard?

ELIAS: In lessening the amount of trauma to be experienced within this shifting consciousness.

NORM: Does trauma include the end of four or five billion people?

ELIAS: It may.

RETA: I think one of the points was that there was ... everybody has fully described terrible things that are going to happen, but there’s only one or two places you can find described what we would like to lend energy to. So when millions of people are seeing this over and over and over and reading it over and over, non-religious or religious, saying all these disasters are going to come, all that energy is going there and I would like to see ... I know that that’s one of the reasons you’re here, but it seems to me that there ought to be a way to get more information out there on the other possibility, so that all this energy wouldn’t be lent to disaster.

ELIAS: This be the point!” [session 255, January 04, 1998]

SARA: “Okay. Let’s see. Aaron has a lot of religious beliefs, and I was wondering if in any way I can help him to not be afraid of an Armageddon or an impending doom, you know, religiously, or would this be interfering with his growth?

ELIAS: This is a mass belief system held by many individuals influenced by your religious era. I have expressed previously that both probabilities exist within the action of this shift. It is a question of which energies are lent more strongly to be inserting into this actual reality, that which shall materialize, so to speak.

SARA: Well, that makes me afraid because I don’t believe any ... I mean, I believe that there’s symbolism in the Bible, but I much more believe more of a Seth-type of philosophy, and I think that my focus would be very upset if a god came down, crashing through the sky! (Laughing)

ELIAS: God shall not come crashing through the sky, although you may be inserting destructiveness into this official reality if that energy is lent to proportionately more than the elimination of those probabilities. This be the reason that I speak to you all of this shift and of the affectingness of trauma within this shift, for in this you are offered more information and you hold the ability to alter probabilities and insert less trauma – and eliminate destructiveness in these probabilities – into your officially accepted reality. You also hold the ability to be creating of these elements if lending energy to them. Therefore, you may express to your partner that the more energy that is lent in this direction, the more it becomes a more probable probability. If you are concentrating upon destruction, you are lending energy to its creation.

SARA: If all probabilities are actualized, then why would you need to come here to help us?

ELIAS: All probabilities are actualized, but they are not all actualized within YOUR officially accepted reality. They are not all actualized within this particular dimension. You insert them into this dimension.

You choose certain probabilities that you shall be inserting into this particular dimension and reality. All probabilities are actualized in OTHER realities and outside of this particular officially accepted reality, but they are all not actualized within your officially accepted reality.

SARA: But I guess it’s kind of like if you see someone in the street who is in pain. You can either say, ‘Well, they created that reality!’ and walk past them, or you can decide to help them. But wouldn’t helping them be conflicting with the reality that they’re trying to create?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for within your interaction you must also evaluate why you have drawn yourself to this situation, and in this you may also be listening to your intuitive sense and allowing yourself the information of whether this individual is requesting, within consciousness, your helpfulness or not. You have drawn yourself to the situation, and you have drawn for a reason.

I have expressed to individuals previously within this forum, this is incorrect to be expressing, ‘Oh well. You are creating your reality. It matters not.’ Very incorrect! You are ALL interconnected. There is no separation. Therefore, the experience of one is the experience of all, and you are part of the all.” [session 273, April 07, 1998]

ELIAS: “You are quite adept at focusing your attention singularly within the areas of your belief systems; and those element that are in agreement with these belief systems and supportive of these belief systems you accept, and those elements that are not, you do not allow yourselves to even view. You ignore. This be the reason also why there may be expressed trauma within this shift in consciousness, for individuals are continuing within the direction of their belief systems, and more elements of consciousness are becoming known to them, but as surprise, unexpectedly. Therefore, it is information outside of their officially accepted reality and belief systems.

This be also the reason that I speak with you, that you may hold the information and that you may offer this information to other individuals, and thereby lessen the amount of trauma that individuals shall be experiencing in regard to this shift in consciousness.

You offer yourselves many opportunities to view the limitedness of your explorations and your discoveries. You view that certain discoveries are wondrously amazing, but they are merely a small piece, and only that which supports what you already accept within your belief systems.

For much time framework, you have accepted that your origins spring from one location. Your sciences and your religions support this, that you hold your origins of your species upon one continent and that you have branched from there. Therefore, in this you also allow yourselves discoveries limitedly that shall support this belief system, but in widening your awareness and offering yourselves more information, opening to your consciousness and recognizing that there is much more available to you than you allow yourselves, you may also be noticing of much more information which is much more supportive of the vaster picture than merely the small picture that you allow yourselves to view presently.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling) This evening, we shall begin with an examination of your present time framework.

What be this air that hangs so very strangely upon this time period presently that moves you all in a new, strange direction that is unclear? ‘What is my purpose? What is my direction? Where are we moving? What does our future hold?’ These are questions that have been presented to this essence and that all of the individuals presently upon your planet are inquiring of, for these are strange times ... changing times, but interesting times!

You engage presently what I have designated in my terminology as a shift in consciousness, which is occurring presently and escalating and is affecting of all of you individually and also en masse. Odd and peculiar events occur within your present time framework, and this moves more intensely as you move forward within your linear time. In this, waves occur in consciousness.

Let me express to you that there is no separation within consciousness, and although you view yourselves to be separate individuals, and within this reality objectively you are, you are also not. You are all interconnected within consciousness, and you hold no separation. You all hold affectingness to each other en masse and individually, and in this you share many experiences.

Presently, within this now, a wave is occurring within consciousness which is directly involving this shift in consciousness. Many individuals are beginning now to be experiencing elements of trauma and confusion.

Now; let me also express to you that as I have expressed many times previously, the reason that I speak with all of you is to be offering information in regard to this shift in consciousness, and in that to be affecting in lessening the trauma that shall be associated and IS associated with this shift. And now, it begins.

I have been speaking for a time period with many individuals as to this shift in consciousness, but I have also been offering information to all of these individuals of self, that they may better understand their individual selves and interactions and therein hold a greater understanding of the action of this shift in consciousness.

This shift is global. You have agreed within essence to be creating a new type of reality within your particular dimension, which is this, and in this physical manifestation you have exhausted your wonderment with your experiences that you have created previously, and now move into a new area of experience.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

NANCY: “I recently sold my house. I know it was fear-based thinking that I should go elsewhere. It’s part of that Ramtha (8) strategy that there’s going to be terrible Earth changes around here and whatever, so my husband and I did go ahead and sell our house. We have a longing to be out west, and I’m just feeling so ‘nowhere’ with it. I know I create my own reality, and with the probabilities that are out there, if you could help the small, personal Nancy here and give me some pearls of wisdom?

ELIAS: Personal invalidation! You are not the ‘small person of Nancy!’ (Chuckling) Listen to your inner voice, and be remembering that the information that you have accessed offered by this other essence incorporates belief systems. Therefore, look to yourself ALWAYS. In your evaluation you may incorporate information of other essences, but also do not discount your own soft little voice within you, for this is your communication to you, your language to you of essence, which is directing you.

Individuals within physical focus express this to be their higher self, their intuition, their guide. They attach many different identifications to this soft little voice, but in actuality, this is YOU. This is your essence speaking to you, and it shall not offer you misinformation, and it also shall not offer you information within the confines of belief systems. YOU shall INTERPRET the information THROUGH your belief systems, but the information itself is not presented to you within the confines of belief systems.

Therefore, as you feel a draw to move physically, be acknowledging of yourself in your draw and recognizing that you are purposefully creating a line of probabilities. Your influence in your initial move to be detaching from your dwelling has moved in the area of fearfulness, aligning with information that you have received and accepting this information in fearful aspects.

Let me express to you: many, many predictions have been offered in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. Many predictions have been offered for much of your history and you view them to be coming to their culmination now, which in one aspect there is truthfulness in this, for you ARE moving into the end throes of this shift in consciousness and its accomplishment, but all of these predictions are probabilities. They are not set in stone, and you have the ability to be diverting of these predictions.

(Intently) This be another reason that I speak with individuals within physical focus, to be reminding them that you hold the ability to alter probabilities. It is your choice which probabilities you insert into your officially accepted reality.

In this, I offer information that masses of individuals may draw themselves to, and in this collectively direct their energy, yourself included, in the area of creating less trauma and diverting the probabilities of destruction and harmfulness that much energy has been lent to throughout your history.

Therefore, these predictions hold much energy and continue to hold much energy, and may materialize into your officially accepted reality IF they are continued to be lent energy. But you also hold the probability of diverting those predictions, those probabilities, and creating different actions.

It is unnecessary to be creating of destruction and doom and trauma. It is more efficient to be creating of ease, and the manner in which you create ease is to be listening to self and not accepting all of what is offered by what you perceive to be outside of self.

In like manner, I express to all individuals to not be following of this essence. I do not require disciples. I do not solicit followers. I am encouraging of every individual to be following of themselves, to be acknowledging of themselves, and to be recognizing that it is unnecessary for you to be continuing within your belief systems of authorities and other individuals that shall direct you.

YOU hold the ability to direct YOU! You do not need any other individual or essence to be directing your movement. You may direct your own movement, and create wondrous experiences in your own direction!

In this, I express to you that in your draw to be moving, recognize this as two-fold.

One aspect of you is recognizing of the draw and translating that into an objective physical movement in locations, which is entirely acceptable within your particular line of probabilities that you are creating presently. It is in alignment with your creation.

The other aspect of this situation is that you are also recognizing of tremendous movement within yourself, within those individuals that you view to be close to you physically, and within the action of this shift. You FEEL the movement. You have not translated that aspect of your knowing. You have merely translated the other aspect into an objective mirror image in physical location movement.

Let me also express to you that new adventures may be, within time framework, awaiting you within new locations, and I shall continue to be interactive with you regardless.” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “… now you draw yourself to this forum and offer yourself this experience in exchange with myself that shall be helpful in offering more clarity to your direction, which within your intent you shall be moving into the creation of your probabilities, which you have already begun, to be offering helpfulness and information to other individuals in drawing them to this information, and in this you are actively participating in the lessening of trauma within the action of this shift, which is QUITE purposeful, for many individuals shall be and are already experiencing much trauma in connection with this shift, and as they begin to address to their belief systems, they shall be experiencing more trauma. This is not an easy task!

SALLY: That’s for sure.

ELIAS: You have created very, very strong belief systems within this physical focus. Therefore, they are not so easily banished. Many individuals experience much trauma in the addressing to these. You yourself may be relating to individuals, for you have experienced your own elements of trauma in addressing to belief systems, and shared experiences offer validation. You may not objectively fully understand another’s trauma if you have not offered yourself the experience. Therefore, you HAVE offered yourself the experience, that you may more efficiently be addressing to other individuals and offer helpfulness. You also draw to yourself presently more information in imagery. You offer yourself the participation with your family.

SALLY: I have a very difficult time interacting with my family because they are steeped in Catholicism, and I am like the rebel!

ELIAS: But this offers you the opportunity to move into the direction of acceptance, and in this you present yourself as the straight little sapling (9) merely by being, and by not moving in the direction of judgment but moving in the direction of acceptance.” [session 294, July 01, 1998]

PEGGY: “Is there anything in particular, that you can look at me and tell me anything I should be doing? For instance, maybe so I could possibly get in touch with some of my guides or anything like that?

(Vic’s note: Here, Elias sighs and sports another crooked smile. The patience of this essence is simply amazing to me!)

ELIAS: You hold very many very strong belief systems. This shall be creating of much trauma within your focus if you are not looking to these belief systems and addressing to them.

I express to you that there is much information that has been offered that you may also be connecting with and allowing yourself the opportunity to assimilate the information, that you may begin to address to these belief systems that you hold very strongly, for we move more swiftly now into the action of this shift in consciousness, and as it moves into more intensity and becomes stronger in its movement, you also become more affected, and in this affectingness you shall be moving yourself into the area of trauma if you are not addressing to these belief systems that you hold.

Therefore, my suggestion to you is to be allowing yourself the opportunity to connect with individuals of like mind, to be sharing information between yourself and other individuals, allowing yourself the opportunity to view your own belief systems and to be addressing to them.” [session 295, July 08, 1998]

ELIAS: “Essence naturally, automatically magnates in the direction of pleasure. It is merely your belief systems that move you away from the expression of pleasure, and in your moving away from any expression of pleasure, you may offer yourself the opportunity to examine the belief systems that are influencing you to be moving away from the expression of pleasure.

These are all opportunities for you to examine and notice those belief systems which are affecting of you and also limiting you and blocking your energy and your expressions and your acceptance of yourselves, for if you are not accepting of this focus, you shall also not be accepting of all of your other focuses, and if you are not accepting of all of your other focuses, you shall not be accepting of essence, and this shall create thickness in energy and this shall also create trauma.

You have already established an agreement within consciousness to be moving into the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness. IT IS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED.

Therefore, you automatically shall be addressing to belief systems and to acceptance, and in this, if you are not accepting of self, you shall be engaging trauma. And this be the reason that I speak with you, to be helpful in lessening the trauma that is associated with this shift in consciousness, for it is unnecessary. And if you are holding information, you shall be offering yourselves the opportunity to be eliminating this trauma within your individual focuses, and as each individual eliminates elements of trauma within their focus, they also lend energy to all other focuses within this planet to be lessening the trauma collectively en masse in relation to this shift in consciousness.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

HOWARD: “I’d like to talk about the July 4th party. On July 4th, as you may have heard, we went to the coast and had a wonderful time meeting Paul and Jo, and I wanted to know – I’ll try to make this as brief as I can – about the situation that occurred on the couch.

I’m sitting next to Jo, and suddenly David shows up with a book of Oscar Wilde, and in it was a picture of Aubrey Beardsley. Margot and I exchanged looks of complete shock and dismay because ... well, I wasn’t aware that Aubrey was a compatriot or friend of Oscar Wilde at the time and I still held what I considered to be a mythological metaphor, a mythos, regarding Aubrey and his incredible talents of pen and ink drawing, which brought me to him in the first place. Beyond that, I know nothing of his life.

I excused myself from the couch and I went outside, and I was incredibly distraught because the last thing I wanted to do was be sitting next to an individual ... Jo at the time was identified by David as being the Aubrey Beardsley of my dreams. I really had a difficult time coming to grips with this because I had other images in my mind, including Ayn Rand and Victor Hugo. It’s very convoluted and complicated here, but it’s something that I’ve lived with for about thirty years, and I was comfortable with that.

So, to bring this question to an end, I was so distraught that I was actually sitting next to a hero that I’ve worshipped and admired that I was considering just getting in the car and driving away, and that’s the childish reaction, which I’ve done many times in the past. I’ve stopped doing that. I’ve realized that you can’t run away from these things. You’ve got to face it.

I processed that situation for that night and during the following week and a week after that, and I finally realized that Jade had told us we base our behavior upon the heroes that we establish, the little pedestals that they establish that we see them as, and we kind of try to achieve what others have brought forth in their lives. Beardsley, to me, was the supreme illustrator of pen and ink, and he’s unequaled. He was also a very brazen man. He was doing things that Gauguin and other contemporaries of his tried to emulate. I just really wasn’t ready to see him, and I was disappointed to find that he had flesh and bones and that he was a woman, and then this and this and this and this.

It hurt me deeply because what was going on was some penetration into some inner part of myself that I held secret, that was mine. I’ve since learned that Jo has asked the question, was she Aubrey, and you said no, but I think the lesson here for myself and others is that what I experienced was incredibly traumatic, and I see a future for the next decade or so of a lot of folks meeting their heroes on the street, literally strangers, and if my reaction is symptomatic of what others are going to go through in terms of deeply-held secret beliefs, wow! We’ve got a lot of turmoil ahead of us! At the same time, I must say that I’m incredibly thankful that I was able to work through this thing on my own with my own self – and Vicki was incredibly helpful – to recognize what the heck was going on.

The last thing I want to say is, Jo suggests that I was Aubrey. I cannot validate her feeling. I feel, of everybody that I know, it would have to be my youngest son. But even so, I don’t think it matters, but I would like you to help us out here on seeing our heroes unmasked before ourselves in such a casual way. It was really incredible.

ELIAS: This is your presentment to yourself in alignment with this subject matter that we have been discussing within this particular session, of recognizing different aspects of this belief system which is being addressed to presently.

In the belief system of relationship, the aspects that are being addressed to not only involve aspects of relationships with other individuals, but those aspects of relationship that you hold with YOURSELVES, for THIS shall be your very MOST influencing relationship that you shall hold within any particular given physical focus. It shall be your most intimate relationship and most affecting, and in this you offer yourselves the opportunity to view the affectingness of the belief system in this area, and also how it is intertwined with the belief system of duplicity in that you create what you term to be heroes, individuals that you elevate above yourselves and you attempt to emulate throughout your focus as opposed to emulating YOURSELF or creating your OWN expression in its OWN greatness, but looking to other individuals as role models, so to speak, and reinforcing your own aspects of belief system in the area of duplicity and your own unworthiness and inadequacy.

Therefore, this also is a presentment of another aspect of the belief system of relationship and how it is affecting not only of yourself within yourself, but also of your interaction with other individuals as you look to them and assume that they occupy a certain position.

It also offers you the opportunity to view that although you may view other focuses of your own essence or of other essences, this individual that occupies the same space arrangement physically within the same time framework as yourself is the same essence as another focus, but is NOT the other focus. Therefore, there is also a distinction in this area which needs be recognized.

(Intently) You are not a reincarnation, nor is any other individual. You are new manifestations, and all of the manifestations are occurring simultaneously. Therefore, you are NOT another focus.

Tyl [Joanne] is NOT another focus. Tyl is the essence, and Joanne is one focus of that essence, holding all of the qualities and aspects of that essence of Tyl, which contains, so to speak, the focus of any other manifestation, but is NOT the other manifestation, in a manner of speaking.

Now; I may also express to you that you also do not hold the focus within your essence of this other manifestation or other focus of Aubrey, but you are correct that this is an example to you all of elements of the trauma associated with the action of this shift that you shall ALL be engaging, within the addressing to your belief systems and all of the aspects and affectingness of your belief systems.” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

JEN: “How come you choose to come back into this dimension now?

ELIAS: I have chosen to be interactive objectively with individuals to be offering information with regard to this shift in consciousness, offering individuals information of their reality, of belief systems, and of self to be helpful in the area of encouraging their own remembrances, which shall be helpful in their own addressing to the action of this shift in consciousness, which shall be lessening of the trauma which is associated with this shift in consciousness. I have expressed many times, there is much trauma which is expressed in accordance with this shift in consciousness, and myself and many other essences offer energy in helpfulness, lending in the directions of the particular intents of each essence to be helpful in the area of objectively lessening the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness.

As you move more into your own widening of awareness and addressing to your own belief systems, you shall view small expressions of your own trauma and confusion in addressing to your own belief systems. In this, you may also offer yourself information of the vastness and the intensity of trauma that other individuals may be experiencing if they are not offering themselves information with regard to this shift in consciousness.

There ARE individuals that offer themselves information and draw themselves to this information and like information concerning this shift in consciousness and choose to be holding very strongly to their belief systems and NOT moving in the direction of acceptance of these belief systems, and shall be creating of tremendous trauma!

JEN: A very inefficient use of energy then, huh?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, quite! And this be the reason that I and other essences continue to be offering information, for within physical focus you ALL exhibit an element of stubbornness in holding to your creations and your belief systems, and in this our patience is rewarded eventually as you move into your own awarenesses and your own remembrances and offer yourselves your own opportunities to be eliminating of your own traumas. In a manner of speaking in physical terms, it is creating of great sadness to be witness to individuals that hold an awareness or that offer themselves information and choose to be creating of individual trauma in movement into the action of this shift, for it is greatly unnecessary.

JEN: I wonder if having some awareness myself, if I might be helpful in helping others?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You have already lent much energy in this area and continue to move in this direction of offering information and lending energy to other individuals objectively and subjectively, in lessening the trauma that they shall be creating.

JEN: How can I help? How can I be more focused on doing that?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to other individuals, you shall draw yourself to this information with an understanding that you shall also in like manner share this information with other individuals that shall be helpful to them in like kind that it has been helpful to yourself, and continues to be. And this shall be the point: that I shall be offering information to individuals and those individuals shall be offering information to other individuals, and this shall be the action of affectingness that shall be creating of much helpfulness in lending energy to the elimination of this trauma and lessening of the conflict and confusion that is expressed with many individuals, and you already move in this direction.” [session 308, August 21, 1998]

DONOVAN: “… I wonder if my perception is correct about ... I mean, ever since I was a kid, I’ve noticed a really uncomfortable feeling of not being real, and looking at people talking to me and feeling like they weren’t real. (Elias smiles) It started getting really bad in college. It’s gotten so bad at times that I have anxiety attacks and just feel really confused, and just a lot of emotional stress and psychological stress.

I’ve looked in psychology books, and I guess they would call it a depersonalization disorder or something like that, where you walk around and just don’t connect. I guess what it is, is not connecting with my perception of physical focus. I don’t really understand what it is, but it’s kind of ... it’s my biggest problem, I would say. Can you help me understand what that is?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; let me first of all express to you that your science of psychology may be labeling of very many different types of experiences and expressing to individuals that these are malfunctions within you, but I express to you that your sciences of psychology do not incorporate certain elements of reality in the area of consciousness, and therefore they deviate in their understanding as to the choice of reality that different individuals are creating.

In this, let me express to you that what you are experiencing is not a dysfunction, and this would be quite a different type of expression from those expressions that are labeled within your science of psychology as a malfunction of your mental state.

Now; let me express to you, the reason that you experience anxiety, in your terms, in relation to this type of experience is that it is objectively unfamiliar to you, but it is quite in harmony with the movement and the action and energy of this shift in consciousness. I have expressed many times previously that there shall be trauma experienced in association with this shift in consciousness. I am not speaking figuratively, but in holding the awareness of the alterations that you are all creating within your reality in this physical dimension. You have become very familiar with certain types of expressions, and the expressions and experiences that you are now incorporating into the entirety of your reality do not fit with the officially accepted reality that you have created to this point. Therefore, there is much confusion associated with these experiences.

Your psychologists furiously scramble to be keeping abreast of all of the new creations that are popping up with many, many individuals, and are continuing to be inventing new descriptions and diagnoses as to all of these new conditions, so to speak, that are being introduced into your reality within your societies. I express to you that these are not new conditions or malfunctions. They are the incorporation of wider awarenesses that are naturally occurring in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. They are merely unfamiliar to you within objective terms.

Now; this – what you are experiencing, that you describe as a disassociation or a lack of connection – is in actuality not either of those expressions. It is a realization in part that you are not limited to the identification of this small framework that you have previously identified [to] yourself as singularly, as one individual, but this is creating of distress, so to speak, within you, for you do not understand what you are connecting to.

You are not disconnecting. You are connecting MORE. Temporarily, this may be creating of a sensation that you are disconnected from other individuals, and it may be creating of a thought process within your rationale in the direction of questioning what you are, who you are, how you are moving, how you are creating ... if you are in existence of reality or not!

It is creating of great confusion and many questions, and I am quite understanding of your expression of this feeling of disconnection with yourself and with other individuals, for this is the opening to awareness that many times may be temporarily threatening of your identification of your individuality.

In this, as you begin to objectively lose touch – figuratively speaking, in your terms – with your uniqueness and your individuality, your identity becomes threatened also. This is an automatic response.

In this, let me be assuring to you that it IS a temporary situation. It is merely perpetuated within your focus as you continue to focus upon it and concentrate upon it and be fearful of it and allow this experience to be agitating to you.

(Firmly) There is NO THING that is wrong in this occurrence. It is merely the allowance of yourself to be recognizing, in OBJECTIVE terms and reality, what you hold in knowing in subjective reality.

In this, you may express physically that you are too large to be housed in your singular form. (Smiling) Once you allow yourself the relaxation and the knowing that this is quite natural within this shift in consciousness, you may also begin to realize that your physical form is not in actuality disconnected from your awareness and from that which you identify as yourself or essence, for they are all expressions of the same.

To this point – throughout your creation of physical reality, throughout your history – you have identified your physical bodies as a vessel, [as] some element within your physical reality that is temporary, that dies, that may be discarded, and that is merely a housing, as I have stated, for your ‘spiritual soul.’ I express to you quite strongly, this is incorrect!

Your physical form is quite efficient and capable of accommodating all of essence, for it is the physical manifestation and expression of the projection of essence, and it is not separate from that which you identify as you within consciousness.

Presently and for much of your focus in this time framework, you have allowed yourself to be separating what you view as your consciousness from your physical form, viewing these two elements of your reality as separate entities. This creates this type of sensation of being disconnected. In actuality, as I have stated to you, you are allowing yourself MORE of a connection with essence, in recognition that you ARE more than you appear to be.

But you continue to hold this underlying layer within your beliefs that this physical manifestation is somehow separated from your consciousness, and therefore you continue to be experiencing this void, so to speak, in which there appears to be a gap between yourself and your consciousness, and this is what you interpret as a disconnection. You may be quite easily re-merging these two aspects of your reality.

Now; this is not to say that you may not continue with certain elements of a like experience, but it shall be affecting of you differently, for you shall not hold anxiety or trauma in association with this particular type of sensation, for you shall understand that you hold the ability to be manipulating your reality within this experience. For within this experience, you are allowing more of your own expression of the fullness of essence, dropping – in a manner of speaking – some of the boundaries and barriers that you place within your reality, and therefore allowing yourself to move more freely and manipulate energy more efficiently within these time frameworks.

I express to you that within this shift in consciousness, you are attaining to MORE of this type of experience, not less. And shall not your psychologists hold great surprise in their own experiences, moving into these areas that they now identify as a malfunction? (Chuckling)

DONOVAN: Okay, thank you.” [session 401, May 23, 1999]

JEN: “Hello! It’s nice to be with you, Elias, and it’s always nice to be with Mary as well – with both of you, I guess. (Elias chuckles)

Let’s see. I wanted to acknowledge the energy that you’ve been sending to my sister, which I think has been quite helpful in helping her reduce some of the trauma she’s been going through as of late.

ELIAS: Individuals objectively many times do not realize that as they project energy and are requesting helpfulness, they shall receive. In this, we are quite accommodating and responsive to you all. As you ask, we are responding.

JEN: So, I’m curious as to how I might be able to – in trying to send my sister energy – help her see a little bit more light than darkness. How can I be a little more focused on sending that energy to her, maybe not in knowing, but in the hope that she’ll receive it?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that your most efficient action of helpfulness and supportiveness is to be focusing upon self and acceptance, and recognizing that within your acceptance of another individual, you are recognizing that their choices are their reality, and recognizing – in focusing upon self – the areas that you place judgment upon another individual’s choices. For I am aware that I express to you all many times that your most efficient expression is to be focusing upon self, and I am also aware that you are not necessarily always understanding how turning your attention to self may be helpful to another individual. But this type of situation presents a very good opportunity to be an example in what I am expressing to you.

Let us view this situation presently. Miora [ANON] moves in a direction of extreme confusion presently, and in the whirlwind of this confusion is not viewing her choices and is limiting her choices more and more, closing in the energy more and more. In this, there are expressions in the direction objectively of many elements of reality which are unacceptable and in which other individuals, holding strongly in alignment with mass belief systems, place much judgment. Certain behaviors are not acceptable within your officially accepted reality.

In this, as she moves within her confusion, she rails against the mass expression, and in this railing against the mass beliefs, she also is accomplishing quite efficiently what she seeks. She holds within this now a great lack of acceptance and trust in self, and therefore she seeks to be reinforcing this through outside elements, and in moving into the direction of opposing mass belief systems and rocking the boat, so to speak, she also accomplishes receiving the reinforcement that she seeks. She already feels and believes that she is inadequate and is making wrong and bad choices, and reinforces this by expressing the potential for creating MORE choices that shall be viewed as bad and wrong....

JEN: By herself, or....

ELIAS: And by other individuals!

Aligning with mass belief systems, most individuals shall offer her the response that she seeks if she is expressing to them, ‘I wish to disengage intentionally. I wish not to be continuing within this focus. I shall be committing the act of suicide.’

And the response from other individuals shall be, ‘Oh, no! Do not be engaging this action! This is unacceptable!’ and this shall provide her with the reinforcement that she seeks. She already is viewing herself within her choices as unacceptable, and in presenting herself in unacceptable manners to other individuals, they shall also reinforce this unacceptability within her.

Within her interaction with myself, I have offered acceptance in these movements and have expressed to her – as she is very aware – that if she is choosing to be engaging this action, it is merely a choice, but that it shall be providing her with little difference, for she may be choosing to engage her challenges within physical focus and her movement into acceptance of self within physical focus or within nonphysical focus, but where she is, she is.” [session 403, May 26, 1999]

TOM: “You’ve also spoken about how our system is changing, the government and everything, within the shift; the money and that type of thing collapsing?

ELIAS: It is not a situation necessarily of collapse, but more that you shall be moving in the direction of recognizing the inefficiency of this type of exchange and shall be moving outside of this type of creation, recognizing that you may be creating much more efficiently without hindrance and reinforcement of judgments in duplicity in relation to your physical exchange of currency.

TOM: It’s more our own movement into acceptance of belief systems.

ELIAS: Quite, but this shall be also manifest and occurring throughout your planet and throughout the entirety of your reality.

You shall be moving into the elimination of this type of exchange, recognizing that it is not serving you as efficiently as you may be serving yourselves in allowing your expressions of your creativity in pleasure and joyfulness without pushing yourselves into areas that you view to be necessity, and this is directly associated with your beliefs in conjunction with your financial status, so to speak, and your creation of exchange in the manner that you have created it to this point.

You may be creating much more efficiently in allowing yourselves to be expressing yourselves within your own individual, most efficient manners, and all that needs be – in your terms – accomplished shall be accomplished regardless. It is unnecessary to be creating of this physical exchange in which you engage certain aspects of employment to be receiving physical currency in exchange.

You shall be creating of a new element of your reality in which you are merely creating movement together in harmony to be accomplishing all of the actions that you choose to be accomplishing, but recognizing that you need no compensation for this action. All may be provided to you quite efficiently and dispersed quite efficiently without this type of exchange.

You already hold awareness and recognition of this. You are merely moving in the direction of implementing this new creation.

TOM: I understand what you’re saying. It seems like it will take conflict to accomplish, and maybe that’s my own duplicity!

ELIAS: And so it shall! And within the action of this shift, this be the reason that I express to you all so very often that you shall be engaging trauma within the action of this shift, for you are moving in the direction of addressing to and accepting of all of your belief systems – not merely some, not merely a select few, but ALL of your belief systems – and within this acceptance, you are also creating great changes within your reality which are affecting of ALL of your reality, which I have expressed to you many times previously.

Now you move in the direction of assimilating this information and beginning to offer yourselves the first glimpses of the REALITY of this information and not merely the CONCEPT of this information, and that you shall BE creating and already ARE creating trauma in addressing to and altering your reality in response to these accepting actions of belief systems.

You are resistant objectively to this acceptance, for you hold very tightly to the familiar and to your expressions within these belief systems. You even express to each other that certain belief systems are acceptable to you, for they are ‘working.’ They are creating no conflict. Therefore, they are working belief systems and you need not address to them.

I express to you, this is not the acceptance of belief systems ... although I have offered information to individuals in encouragement to be moving in this type of direction temporarily in altering or changing their belief systems, which in actuality is inadequate terminology, for they are not in actuality changing their belief systems. They are merely moving their attention from one aspect of a belief system to a different aspect of the same belief system, and changing their alignment with the different aspects of the same belief system. Temporarily, this may be beneficial.

But I express to you also that the point is to be accepting of all of the aspects of all of the belief systems, and this shall not be accomplished without conflict and without trauma, for you hold tightly to the energy of these belief systems and you hold tightly to the familiar, and are quite objectively resistant to your loosening upon that hold in either direction. You hold to elements that you view negatively and you hold to elements that you view positively. You hold even stronger to those elements that you view positively!

If you are holding the opinion that you place the judgment that you employ a good or working belief system, you hold no motivation to be accepting of it, for it is offering you no conflict. Therefore, you hold much more difficulty in the actual acceptance of belief systems than the movement into change of aspects of belief systems.

I do not speak figuratively to you as I express to you that you shall be engaging trauma in this shift. You already ARE engaging trauma within this shift in consciousness. I have been quite expressive in explaining to you that you need not and it is unnecessary, but I also present you with the reality that you are already creating, in that you ARE experiencing trauma in many, many, many expressions and areas of movement, individually and en masse.

This is not figurative speaking. This is reality!

And in this, as you begin to widen your awareness and you begin to view the reality of this shift in consciousness and the implications of that reality, you also notice and recognize the potential for great trauma in certain areas; this being merely one, in the area of your establishment of exchange.

TOM: Which will affect many areas, in my viewing.

ELIAS: You are correct.

TOM: It’s a total change in our system of expressing in this reality.

ELIAS: You are correct once again, and this be the reason that information is being offered to you in the direction of accepting belief systems and this be the reason that you draw yourselves to instruction, to be helpful in the action of this shift in consciousness, for many individuals shall objectively rail against it, regardless that they have chosen it within consciousness.” [session 407, May 28, 1999]

DEANE: “I have a question regarding the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness. As all of us are aware, there is a concerted effort on your part, as well as many other essences, including Rose, to reduce the trauma associated with this shift. Now, if there is no right or wrong, if no thing is a good or bad thing to do, why the concerted effort? It appears to me that the effort is there because this is the right thing or good thing to do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be doing it! (10)

ELIAS: Ah, incorrect! I express to you, it is not a question of right or wrong. This is your translation and your interpretation, for you view trauma and conflict as bad and as negative.

In this, I express to you that the objective, in a manner of speaking, in this action, in which essences are participating in lessening the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness, is that this provides you with less thickness.

Now; be understanding that the engagement of energy lent and [the] participation in offering information by essences such as myself engaging with individuals within physical focus such as yourself is a direct responsiveness to your request for information. Knowing subjectively that conflict and trauma and any movement that you create outside of pleasure creates more of a thickness within your expression of energy, you choose to be moving in the direction of lessening that thickness, allowing yourselves greater mobility and more of a free flow in your accomplishment of this shift in consciousness. It may be accomplished in either manner, but you collectively understand and recognize subjectively that you may be facilitating this shift more efficiently, more easily, if you are addressing to conflict and trauma and eliminating these elements from your movement.

In this, collectively you have projected a request within consciousness, that essences nonphysically focused may be helpful in offering to you within this time framework information that you hold but that you have objectively forgotten, knowing within you subjectively that as you are reminded objectively of your abilities and your capabilities, you may be eliminating much of your conflict within your movement through the action of this shift, which shall also eliminate much of the trauma which is associated with this shift in consciousness, which shall provide you more of an ease within your movement and your creations within your reality.

It is not an expression of right or wrong, but more an expression of responsiveness to your request, in the knowing that energy within thickness creates more hindrances in your movement. It is not that you may not continue moving within those hindrances or within the slowing, so to speak, in your linear time framework of your energy and your movement, but that you choose to be remembering essence and your own abilities within your creativity, and therefore allowing yourselves more freedom of movement and less thickness within the energy that you move within [in] your physical focus.” [session 410, June 04, 1999]

FEMALE: “I found out yesterday that a friend of long standing died suddenly in September, and it sounded extremely bizarre, and I wondered if you would shed a little light on it.

What I found out is that she had gone from southern California up to Portland to be with her daughter, who was giving birth to her first grandchild. She was staying in a motel, got scalded in the shower, was burned over a third of her body, and was in and out of hospitals – mostly in – since, and then went up and down in health, and took a turn for the worse and died in mid-September. This is a woman who had emotional problems for much of her life, but it just seemed like out of nowhere, and I’m puzzled.

ELIAS: (Smiling) And I shall be thanking of you in your opening of this subject matter, for many individuals are quite puzzled, in your terms, objectively presently, for many individuals are choosing to be disengaging in what you term to be suddenness, abruptness, extreme situations or circumstances.

Now; to this, I express to you, I have been offering to you from the onset of this particular year within your linear time framework that this particular time framework holds a tremendous surge of energy. You have all lent a tremendous element of energy to this particular time framework as the final expression of this century and this millennium. Much has been lent in energy to beliefs in conjunction with this time framework, and you within this time framework are actualizing some of the beliefs that you have held for many centuries.

In this, as you move into an acceleration of the movement of this shift in consciousness and as you move into an intensification of waves in consciousness that you create in conjunction with this shift in addressing to individual belief systems, you draw upon this energy which has been lent for much time framework and you create an ease in all of your expressions. Be they what you identify as good or bad, negative or positive, you are all creating much more of an ease in this time framework of this year in creating ANY expression that you choose. Therefore, you also are creating the ability to be moving much more swiftly.

Now; how this moves in conjunction with your question as to the disengagement of this individual, many individuals within this present time framework are choosing to be disengaging. They choose not to be physically, objectively participating in this action of this shift presently. Much trauma is being experienced.

Many, many individuals are choosing many different methods to be what you would term as abruptly disengaging within this physical dimension. You may view an increase, so to speak, in the numbering of individuals that move in the direction of creating the action of suicide in this time framework. You may also view individuals creating what you term to be accidents, which are not accidents! They are quite purposeful and quite intentional.

Many, many, many individuals are choosing to participate in disengagement. This does not detract from the energy which is moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. In actuality, the individual focuses that choose not to participate objectively within the trauma of this shift are also lending energy to the accomplishment of this shift.

Individuals are choosing en masse to be disengaging from physical, objective interaction within this shift. This is not to say that they do not participate in other focuses that are manifest subsequent to the trauma of this shift, but they choose not to participate in the action of the trauma of this shift, and therefore disengage, and in that disengagement lend energy to all of you that ARE participating in this shift objectively and physically, and lend energy to all of you in the manner of reinforcement, that you may be accomplishing with less trauma.

You may be noticing presently amongst yourselves individuals engaging discussions in conjunction with the trauma which is being experienced throughout your globe, individually and en masse – your disasters, your violence, your wars, your intolerances to each other. But also within this time framework, you shall be noticing that individuals are expressing what they term to be a numbness. You may listen to each other expressing temporarily, ‘So very many traumatic elements have occurred, so many deaths, so many conflicts, so many emotional traumas! We are becoming numb to the effects of all of this trauma!’

No, you are not becoming numb to the trauma. You are experiencing trauma. You are recognizing that you hold a choice. You are beginning to recognize that you choose to create and participate in trauma, and you choose not to. You are not becoming numb. You are not moving into an expression of a lack of concern or caring. You are allowing yourselves the recognition that you hold the choice, and you may choose to participate or you may choose NOT to participate.

You may lend energy to the action of this shift, and you need not physically, objectively participate. You may lend energy to each other in supportiveness, in helpfulness, and you need not participate in trauma. It is your choice. It is not thrust upon you.

Therefore, what you temporarily view as a desensitization is in actuality the beginnings of the recognition within you each that you hold more choices than you have objectively allowed yourselves to view previously. This temporarily also may be creating of some elements of conflict, for you continue within the throes of your belief systems, naturally, and therefore you do place judgments upon yourselves and each other in this insensitivity, so to speak.

For within a moment, you allow yourselves individually to express this dread insensitivity or numbness – which is in actuality merely your recognition that you hold a choice to not participate in elements that you wish not to be participating within – and subsequent to your momentary allowance of this expression, you also participate in the expression of judgment to yourself and allowing and drawing to yourself the judgment of other individuals, expressing that you are insensitive and this is bad.

Therefore, you are moving in your small steps into an allowance of yourselves to be accepting of self and recognizing that you DO hold more choices objectively, and allowing yourselves to move in increments beyond your fears of how you shall be presenting yourselves.

This offered an opportunity for this individual to disengage and not objectively, physically participate in the trauma of the physical actions of this shift in consciousness, but to offer a lending of energy regardless, and this created an excusable method.” [session 486, October 16, 1999]

PAT: ... If we achieve an increased awareness as you are describing, will our individual perception of the trauma that is going on in the rest of the globe change, or will we still perceive that as trauma, and just not experience it personally?

ELIAS: Ah. As you widen your awareness, you also allow yourself to turn your perception. Quite briefly, as I have stated previously, your perception is an instrument. It is the instrument that creates all of your reality. Your beliefs are the influence upon that instrument. As you widen your awareness and as you incorporate acceptance of your beliefs, your perception is altered. It moves.

Your perception is not a rigid instrument. It holds the capability of being quite flexible, and in actuality alters quite frequently, and may alter instantaneously. At times, it may be challenging to you to be altering your perception, and you may be experiencing difficulty, for you are attempting to be forcing your energy. Within other times, you may be instantaneously altering your perception in quite dramatic manners.

As to your perception of what is occurring within your world and the trauma that is being experienced by individuals and groups, as you alter your perception in your awareness, you are not creating an action that eliminates your emotion, you are not creating an action that eliminates your preference, and you are not creating an action that eliminates your thought process or your opinion. You may engage an opinion without judgment.

I may express to you, for the most part, most individuals have not incorporated an experience yet that may offer an objective understanding of that statement, but in actuality, you may continue to engage an opinion without a judgment, which is the incorporation of your opinion in acceptance.

The trauma shall not be affecting of you, IF it is affecting of you, in the same manner, for you eliminate the aspect of judgment, and in the elimination of judgment, you may continue to hold a preference, but are not creating a reaction to choice, for you are recognizing in genuineness, within your reality, the reality of choice.

You may hold a preference to not be engaging a specific action. You may hold a preference within yourself to not engage an action of tearing your flesh. Within your preferences, you choose not to engage this action. You may continue to hold this preference without judgment, within self or within the association of another individual or any other expression of consciousness.

You may view the action occurring. You may allow yourself a thought process in relation to the action. You may continue to choose not to engage the action. But simultaneously, you create a genuine awareness and recognition that there is no right or wrong or good or bad in relation to that action, with yourself or with any other expression of consciousness; not merely that you may not be bothered by another individual’s engagement of this activity, but that it shall bother YOU to be engaging this activity, but that you genuinely express no judgment to yourself either.

You merely create a preference, which is the expression of your choice, for your choices are all expressions of your preference, for you do not create choices that you do not prefer, even in the choices that you view to be undesirable. Were you not preferring to choose them, you would not choose them, and you DO choose them.

You also may engage emotional expressions without judgment, without the association of good or bad or better or worse or right or wrong.

This is unfamiliar within your reality – for the most part, although not entirely – within this present now, for this is not how you have engaged creating your reality to this point.

But you are already beginning. You are already, each of you, beginning movement into this type of awareness, and presenting yourselves with examples and experiences in which you are lessening your judgments, and you are allowing yourselves to view experiences as choices, and choices as neutral.” [session 704, October 07, 2000]

ELIAS: “This action of channeling is precisely that. It is an allowance of an individual to channel the energy of their essence as a whole or of their essence in certain aspects, be it another focus within another dimension or another attention within a nonphysical area of consciousness or even another focus within the dimension that you presently occupy. It is an action of channeling the energy of an individual’s essence as a whole, or what you may figuratively term to be in part, from one area of consciousness into the awareness of this focus of attention that you recognize as yourself. In a manner of speaking, it is an action of funneling energy and information from one aspect or area of essence to another, allowing yourself an openness to the larger expression of yourself as essence.

But I may also acknowledge to you that if you are not understanding the action that you are incorporating objectively, this may be quite challenging and quite confusing and may even, in that confusion, spark expressions of fear.

INGRID: Yes, I never in my life have been experiencing so much fear as in the last four years.

ELIAS: Quite, for you are engaging what you perceive to be unknowns, experiences and expressions that are objectively quite unfamiliar to you, and [you] have not offered yourself adequate objective explanation concerning what you are engaging.

This, my friend, is one of the experiences that I speak with individuals concerning, in relation to the tremendous potential of experiencing trauma in the action of this shift in consciousness. For the action of this shift in consciousness is to be widening your awareness and moving into new expressions of reality, redefining your reality, and therefore altering your objective physical reality in this physical dimension. This is quite an unfamiliar action, and therefore there is tremendous potential for the experience of trauma in relation to this widening of awareness and opening to essence and the expression of it within your physical dimension.

Now; in this, recognize that in a manner of speaking your objective is to widen your awareness objectively. But this is not an expression of movement to a higher plane of consciousness, for there are no higher planes of consciousness. It is an opening of self, which is a natural expression of consciousness and essence. This is the action of consciousness and essence, an opening and continuous folding in of self as consciousness to be exploring and expanding in that action of becoming, which is the folding in and exploration of self. What you are incorporating now is a new action of discovery in that becoming, in association with this shift in consciousness.

Prior to the initiation of this shift in consciousness, you all within this physical dimension have been objectively exploring the physical aspects and manifestations and creations that you express within this physical dimension. You have, in a manner of speaking, exhausted that exploration. Therefore, you have collectively chosen to expand your exploration within this physical dimension and incorporate new movement, which allows for an awareness in an objective capacity of subjective expressions and of consciousness and its beingness, therefore incorporating a genuine intimacy and power and freedom within self.

And this incorporates an action of directing yourself and discontinuing the action of allowing other individuals or situations or circumstances or manifestations or even philosophies to dictate to you what your choices shall be or what your direction shall be, for you are moving into the action of acknowledgment of self and the recognition of your own abilities and the allowance of yourself to be directing of your choices yourself.

Now; in this, you have also continued your movement in presenting to yourself avenues which shall be helpful in facilitating your desire to be accomplishing this action of widening your awareness and becoming intimately familiar with yourself and your abilities. Therefore, in the steps that you have incorporated in your individual method, you have moved from directing your attention in incorporating information in relation to this other essence and have moved now in the direction of offering yourself more information to be validating of yourself, and have drawn yourself to this forum. Do you view how you have incrementally moved your attention to less and less distortion?

INGRID: Yes, but still, for example when I come home from work at lunchtime and I lie down and rest a little bit and I relax, I feel some voices coming through me. Actually, it’s two different energies, two children who are calling for their mother. One child is kind of happy and the other child is kind of sad. I don’t know what this is. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: These are other focuses. You are allowing yourself to be incorporating the action of transition in this time framework and also movement in association with this shift in consciousness, which I am understanding at times may be quite confusing.

INGRID: (Laughing) Yes!

ELIAS: In this, I may suggest to you that if you are allowing yourself merely to relax and not to be forcing your energy or pushing against these experiences that you are allowing yourself, and [are] merely accepting what you are presenting to yourself, you may recognize that you shall incorporate much less anxiety and much less of an expression of fear, for you are merely presenting to yourself an objective recognition of different aspects of yourself.

All of the focuses of attention that you incorporate as essence are present within you. They merely appear to be separated from you by time and space, but in actuality they are all you, and therefore they are all present within you and in actuality occupy the same space and time as yourself. For time and space, in a manner of speaking, although they are reality, they are also an illusion for they are the presentment of perception.

Now; within your physical dimension they are quite real for your perception projects them as a reality, but in a manner of speaking they are quite an expression of projection. As I have expressed previously with other individuals, they are a type of projection which you within your recognition in this time framework may similarly identify as associated with holograms. In the moment that they are being projected they are quite real, but in association with consciousness and essence they are a projection. Therefore, they also incorporate a quality of illusion, and in this the illusion becomes quite solid, which creates an expression of separation, which prior to the movement of this shift in consciousness has been quite purposeful.

But as you move into objective insertion of this shift in consciousness in this present century, that separation is being disregarded, and you are allowing yourselves more of an openness and less of an expression of separation in the desire to be intimately familiar with yourselves as essence and therefore incorporate an objective recognition in genuineness of all of the abilities that you incorporate within your physical expressions.

In this, as you allow yourself to relax in these experiences, you shall also allow yourself to be understanding information that you are offering to yourself. It is not an accident that you are choosing to be viewing and experiencing other focuses of your essence, of yourself, and it is not an accident and is quite purposeful that you allow yourself to be opening within your awareness to different aspects of yourself as essence in many different capacities.

In the time frameworks in which you are presenting to yourself these voices that you may identify as particular individuals, you are allowing yourself to tap into other focuses of attention of yourself. In the time frameworks in which you are experiencing energy that you translate to yourself as another entity but you do not quite recognize that as a specific individual, you are correct, it is not a specific individual, it is not even an actual entity. It is another aspect of you as essence and a different quality of energy that you incorporate, and you are presenting that to yourself to allow yourself to become familiar with your own expressions of energy.

As you remind yourself that these are all aspects of yourself, you may allow yourself to relax and not incorporate fear, for you shall not be intrusive to yourself with these experiences. You are purposefully allowing these bleed-throughs, so to speak, for your desire is to be intimately recognizing all of your expressions as essence. For once you allow yourself to become familiar with the energies and once you allow yourself to relax in the incorporation of these voices or even visions, so to speak...

INGRID: Or even touches, sometimes.

ELIAS: Correct.

INGRID: Because I was lying on the couch, I was covered with a blanket and had my eyes closed relaxing, and suddenly I could feel that the blanket was moving. I was thinking it was the dog that came over to me on the couch, and then I opened my eyes and saw the dog in the other corner of the room. But I know completely, I was sure that there was a movement of the blanket, and at the same time some voice said to me, ‘I did not want to scare you,’ and when I heard the voice then I even was scared. Before I was not so scared.

ELIAS: Correct, and these experiences are quite real...

INGRID: Yes, it was very real.

ELIAS: ...but they are not threatening, and therefore you may allow yourself to relax in these experiences, incorporating the knowledge that they are not threatening and they are not hurtful, and you are not experiencing lunacy.

INGRID: I am not?

ELIAS: No. You are merely allowing yourself to be opening and widening your awareness. It is merely your beliefs that express to you through your thought process that you are incorporating some expression of insanity, which you are not.

INGRID: Or schizophrenic or I don’t know. All kind of things go through my mind. (Elias laughs) It is much less now. It’s much less than it was before.

One question I have regarding the children I hear speaking. They always ask me, ‘Mammi, do you love me?’ and I never know if I should answer that or should I just watch this. How should I behave in this situation?

ELIAS: It is your choice, and if you are so choosing you may incorporate experimentation and respond.

INGRID: I can?


INGRID: Because one time I think I was reading in one of the sessions where you said one should not be intrusive in these kind of things, and then I did not know how to interpret this exactly.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I have offered that information specifically to individuals that incorporated an action of attempting to alter the experiences of another focus of attention of their essence. In this, what occurs in that action – for you do hold the ability to be incorporating that action, for all of the focuses of essence are you, but each focus of attention incorporates free will and incorporates choice – and in the action of attempting to alter the choices of another aspect of yourself, you deny choice to that aspect.

Now; this in actuality may be viewed as a much more complicated subject matter than I am offering in information concerning yet. I may express to you that essences are not intrusive to each other, but there is the potential for an essence to be intrusive with self, as you are aware; for even within your physical expression you may recognize that you may be much more intrusive to yourself than you may be in any expression with another individual. In actuality, you may not be intrusive to another individual, for this would be an expression of creating another individual’s reality and you may not create another individual’s reality. Therefore, you may not be intrusive to another individual, but you may be to yourself.

At a point within a future time framework I shall be discussing this subject matter more fully and more explicitly with individuals, offering explanation of the manner in which this type of action may be incorporated and the reason that it is expressed to not be incorporating that type of action, for it is in actuality hurtful to yourself. But this is a different subject matter than what we are incorporating presently.

In this action that you are expressing, you shall not be intrusive to be interactive with these other focuses. Being interactive with other focuses is a temporary action, and it is not intrusive.” [session 977, January 06, 2002]

ELIAS: “In this movement in this shift in consciousness, as you now are inserting this shift into your objective reality, your attention also must shift. I am aware that I do not incorporate terms such as ‘must’ often. But it is your choice to be participating in this shift in consciousness, and all of you present in this moment, in this forum, are participating; and in this participation, as you move into the objective insertion of this shift into your reality, avoiding trauma becomes more significant. It also becomes more present.

Each moment that you view in your linear time framework, that passes in your perception, escalates this shift, and it becomes more intense, and there is more of an opportunity to be incorporating trauma. And the manner in which you shall allow yourselves to avoid this trauma is to be aware of your attention.

What is your attention? How do you define your attention? Be remembering, you are incorporating a time framework in which you are redefining your terms and you are redefining your reality, and in this you are altering all of your reality in quite an intensity.

In this, shall any of you express to myself how you define your attention? What IS your attention?

JEREMY: Is it a tool we use to process or direct our experience?

ELIAS: Yes, and how do you perceive this tool? (Pause)

JEREMY: (Laughing) Consider me officially stopped. (Laughter)

ELIAS: For you do not view your attention. It is not an object. It is not even a thing that you may identify, such as a thought. Although do you not associate your attention with thought? Quite.

JEREMY: It’s more like a type of presence, right?

ELIAS: No. Your attention is you. It is your awareness. It is the combined expression of your subjective and your objective awarenesses, those expressions of you that create you as you.

Your attention is not your personality. Your personality may be an expression of you, in a preference. You incorporate many preferences within one focus, you create many preferences in essence; but preference is also an expression that your attention directs to. It is the expression of you. And as I have expressed previously, your attention is the wheel that steers you, as being your own individual ship. Your ship moves you through your experiences. (Jewel climbs off Elias’ lap, and runs to her mother. (11)) As the small one is directing! (Laughter)

And notice with the small one the lack of attention to all of you, and in your terms the lack of care in how you perceive the small one’s choices. And in this, I may express to all of you, one of your greatest expressions of conflict and challenge in this time framework is the question of how other individuals perceive you.

(Jewel runs back up to Elias and stares into his face; Elias smiles and nods to Jewel. Laughter from the group.)

And view what ease the small one moves within and the lack of concern of how it is perceived, or whether it is perceived.

STELLA: Elias, can you imagine us doing like the little girl, for instance? We would be told that we were nutty, or whatever. If I was holding my attention in me ... and I see the little girl doing what she is doing because her attention is totally with herself. So it goes totally against all of the beliefs, right, that we have presently? Because we ... right?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

STELLA: So how can I do it graciously?

ELIAS: The point, Cindel [Stella], is to be recognizing that you incorporate these beliefs, and also recognizing that you hold choice. You choose to align with them or you choose not to align with them – not that you eliminate them, not that you express ignoring them, but that you recognize their existence and you offer yourself choice in the moment, knowing that you may choose one expression within one moment, and you may choose another expression within another moment, for there are no absolutes.

And in this what shall it matter, if you are offering yourself permission to be paying attention to yourself? For do you not create all of your reality? (Looking to the group, and there is scattered laughter. Elias continues, humorously.) Ah! Perhaps ... perhaps not.

You DO create all of your reality. Therefore in creating all of your reality, you all create each other through your perception, and therefore if you are creating each other through your perceptions, if you are offering yourselves permission to pay attention to you in the moment and generate what you want in the moment, what shall be the response of those surrounding you but acceptance, for you are creating that. If you are accepting of what you are choosing, other individuals shall be also if you are genuine in your acceptance – and ah, this is the key!

The key is knowing you, and this is the expression of the ‘MUST pay attention to you,’ to know what your direction is, what is your desire, what is your want within the moment.

What you are accustomed to is paying attention to your thoughts, to your thinking, which as I have expressed previously, in objective expression, is the seat of your beliefs. Therefore, your beliefs are quite influencing. They are influencing subjectively also, but in outward expression they are QUITE influencing in association with thought.

Now; in this, as you familiarize yourself with attention, you may begin the recognition that attention moves. I have expressed explanation to individuals that thought is a mechanism. It is a mechanism associated with this physical dimension that you have created in association with your physical manifestation. It is as intrinsic to your focus in physical manifestation as your breathing and your heartbeat. Your attention is not generally focused upon your breathing or your heartbeat, but they continue.

In like manner, your thoughts are continuously being generated, but you are not always paying attention to thought. This is not to say that it is not being generated in like manner to your heartbeat in any moment, but this is your clue that offers you evidence that your attention is mobile, it does incorporate the ability to move. It is not bound to your thoughts, and it is not thought.

In this, as you familiarize yourselves with the movement intentionally of your attention through practice, you may allow yourselves to become more familiar with other expressions of yourselves that are not merely mechanisms.

Thought is a mechanism for translation. It is an objective translating machine. You are all quite correct that it is reality, but it does not create your reality. You may concentrate from this moment objectively until the moment that you choose to be disengaging upon thought and attempting to manifest what you think you want through the concentration of thought, and not generate the manifestation. For thought’s movement and function is not to create, it is to translate, and this is what it generates.

And it does not always generate accurately. For whether it generates its function accurately or not depends upon the information which is offered to it, and information is offered to it though the direction of your attention. Therefore, if your attention is focused upon thought and not upon communications, you do not offer your thought mechanism sufficient information to translate.

But let me express to you also – quite happily, in your terms – thought is such a highly efficient mechanism that even within the time frameworks in which it is not accurately translating or is incorporating some aspect of distortion, it is incorporating some aspect of non-distortion. It is allowing you an objective recognition in generality of information that you are presenting to yourself. It is merely not offering you specific information in its translation.

For example, you may express to yourself within your thoughts, ‘I want a particular job. I want to be creating a specific type of job. I want to be incorporating employment in which I may be incorporating nature.’ And you may be, within your thinking, assessing that you are expressing quite specifically. In actuality, you are thinking quite generally. The thoughts may be translating a genuine want, but within distortion.

Now; how do you incorporate the movement in paying attention and becoming familiar with your language to you? For you already recognize what you create, and as you recognize what you create, at times you confuse yourselves, and you view what you have created and you are scratching your heads and you are expressing to yourselves frustration, and you are expressing, ‘Why have I created what I have created? I did not want to be creating this. I know what I want to be creating, and I have created otherwise. Why, why, why?’

If you are paying attention to ‘how,’ you shall not be inquiring of yourself ‘why.’ For if you are paying attention to you, you shall move your attention to your choices. You shall move your attention to what you are actually generating – not what you think you want, but what you are doing. The doing aspect of you moves with your direction continuously. Whether you think it is moving with your direction or not, it is.

In paying attention to what you choose, you offer yourself information concerning your direction, and you offer yourself information concerning you and what is influencing you.

Now; paying attention to your communications is key, and your communications are expressed in many manners, as you are aware. One of your loudest communications is emotion, and this is significant for this is the one avenue of communication that you ignore most efficiently and most frequently. You do not ignore the signal! (Chuckles) You are quite adept at paying attention to the signals. But in not paying attention to the communication, the signals merely become louder and more frequent and more intense.

Communications that you offer to yourselves through emotion concern you. I may not stress this to you strongly enough. For although you have incorporated the objective recognition of my explanation and definition of emotion to you, you understand and you accept this definition as well as you understand and accept that you create every aspect of your reality. (Smiling)

As I express to you that emotion is not a reaction – emotion is NEVER a reaction – you may incorporate those words into your objective thinking once again, but within the moment in interaction with another individual and you incorporate an emotion, I shall express to you quite definitely your attention shall move once again to your thoughts – not to the communication, but to the signal and to your thoughts – and your attention shall jettison outside of yourself and focus upon the object of what has generated your reaction, and the reaction is emotion. And shall you in that moment be incorporating within your thought process, ‘Ah, yes, Elias has stated this is not a reaction, this is a communication, and this is concerning myself’? No, you shall not! You shall be focusing your attention upon the scenario, the situation, the individual, be it an object or another individual, or a creature or vegetation or even a rock that you have collided your toe with, (laughter) and you shall be expressing to yourself, ‘This has generated the emotion that I am experiencing now. I am reacting.’

(Humorously) Perhaps you shall even incorporate a thought that Elias – ha ha ha ha ha! – might be quite full of cosmic hot air, and knows not of what he speaks, and is quite out of touch with physical reality! And therefore bring another teacher, (much laughter) this teacher is malfunctioning! (Smiling and nodding)

And surprise! This is not a teacher, but a merely a companion to you all, a fellow traveler, as are all of you. This is not a lesson to be learned, my friends. But it may incorporate practice, for it is unfamiliar movement.

Now; let me express to you all within this forum also, I have spoken infrequently... of qualities or expressions of the common orientation. But I shall express to you now within this forum, for most individuals incorporate this orientation of common, and in this, most individuals throughout your globe within your physical dimension in this time framework incorporate this orientation of common.

And as I express to you in terms of trauma associated with this shift in consciousness, common orientation incorporates more potential to be expressing trauma within this shift, for the action of recognizing your attention within you is very unfamiliar, for your natural flow of energy is to project outwardly; and within this shift in consciousness you are not altering that natural flow but incorporating the recognition that simultaneously and in harmony you may also hold your attention upon you and pay attention to your communications, discovering your voice – not your outward voice, not what you project outwardly, but what is being generated inwardly that motivates the outward projection.

Individuals incorporating this orientation of common are quite familiar with objective imagery. It offers you vast fonts of information. It is very familiar to you, and you incorporate an understanding of objective imagery. You notice. You do pay attention.

Those of you that incorporate your new equipment, your computers, you are familiar with paying attention if they are generating different expressions than what is their function. Machinery, if it is functioning differently than your assessment of its natural function, you shall be noticing.

This may not seem to you to be different or unusual, for you naturally pay attention to outside expressions and view them as a reflection of some element that you are generating within yourselves; and in this you are correct, but the interpretation of what is being generated may be quite difficult or challenging many times. And I may express to you as common orientations, those individuals incorporating the other two orientations do not view objective imagery in the same manner as do you.

Those individuals that hold the orientation of soft do not pay attention to objective imagery as closely as do those of the common orientation. Individuals that incorporate intermediate orientations more closely associate in their noticing of objective imagery but their perception is also quite different, for although they may notice, they also many times do not concern themselves with what they are noticing. They merely express that they are noticing, and it matters not.

But those of you that incorporate the majority of manifestations – individuals within your physical dimension – do pay attention to what you are generating outwardly. You focus your attention upon all that moves outside of you, and although you think many times you are paying attention to what you are generating inwardly, in actuality you are not, for you are unfamiliar with what you shall be attempting to view within you.

What is it that you are looking for? What is the you within you? If it is not your thoughts, what shall it be – the shadowy figure that whispers to you? And what does it whisper to you? And if it is whispering to you, what is it expressing? And once again the attention moves outwardly to attempt to interpret.

This is significant my friends, for this is a natural flow but you must incorporate becoming familiar with that voice that is you, those communications that you offer to yourself. As you generate a communication in emotion, what are you expressing to yourself? For you are not expressing in conjunction with another individual or a thing or a situation; it is not the situation or an individual or an energy or an object that generates your communication. It is you.

(Loudly) Shall one of you offer an expression of emotion?

JIM: YAAAAAHHHH!!!! (Yells loudly, and the group laughs)

ELIAS: Very well, Yarr [Jim]! (Smiling broadly) Now, shall one of you express an identification of your response to the action which has been created?

ARIEL: Surprise.

ELIAS: Very well, now...

HOWARD: Humor – it was fun.

ELIAS: Very well. Humor and surprise. (To Ariel) In this, you have created the action through your perception of Yarr [Jim] yawping. (Laughter)

JIM: I scared myself! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Therefore, the emotion which is coupled with the signal of surprise is what, in your communication to you? What are you generating within that moment?

RETA: Pay attention. (Pause)

ARIEL: Are you speaking directly to me?


ARIEL: Oh! Put the pressure on! (Laughter, and Elias smiles) I don’t know.

ELIAS: Listen to this response: ‘I do not know.’ For this response is common to you all. You recognize the signal. The signal is the surprise, but what is the communication? ‘I do not know.’

Bosht [Howard] – humor. This is the signal. What is the message which is contained in the emotion?

HOWARD: Well, I wasn’t thinking of a response. Jim gave one, and I said very good to myself, that was good. In the group I thought that would be a good way to liven us up, humorously.

ELIAS: Therefore, what is your communication? For you have created this action, and you are generating the emotion simultaneous to the outward action. One is not following the other. Therefore, it is not a reaction; they are occurring simultaneously. Therefore, what is your communication? What are you generating in the moment?

HOWARD: It occurred to me that I was enjoying the surprise as opposed to being upset with it, I suppose. I enjoyed it.

ELIAS: You are continuing to define the signal.

HOWARD: Well, then, sorry! (Elias laughs; group laughter) I don’t know either!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! Tricky business!

I have been expressing to you all from the onset of this forum, there is no aspect of your reality that is hidden from you. There is no subconscious. There is nothing that you generate that is not available to you within your objective awareness, and this is the point. For in this example, you do not know for you view that there is some expression that is hidden from you; for you know not how to discover it, for you are unfamiliar with paying attention to yourselves.

(To Howard) Now; in this scenario, you create the expression of Yarr [Jim] within your perception, in his yawp, in what you are generating in the moment. What you are generating in the moment is becoming bored with Elias droning on. (Smiling, and group laughter) Therefore, what you choose to generate is an expression of excitement and within the moment this is what you create, and you express an emotion which incorporates the signal of humor. The message that you are offering to yourself is an acknowledgment of playfulness. In this moment you are expressing playfulness and acknowledging yourself, and therefore you generate the signal of humor.

(To Ariel) In the moment, you are intensely focusing attention outside of yourself, listening to Elias. But you are also assimilating what is being expressed, the words, the concepts. In the moment, you create the action of Yarr [Jim] and his yawp, and you generate the signal of surprise. The communication in this emotion is, within this moment, in the recognition of the concept, attempt to snap your attention to self: ‘He is expressing information concerning orientations. I now snap my attention momentarily to me to experiment. Where is my attention?’ And you generate the signal of surprise.

Another individual may express apprehension or a momentary emotion of fear, startledness. And in this, they recognize the signal, and the subjective awareness is offering a communication in that moment precisely and simply, identifying to you within your objective awareness what you are generating in the moment. This is the reason that I continue to express to you the importance of holding your attention upon you and in the now, in the moment.

JIM: It startled me that I did that. (Elias smiles, and the group laughs.)

SUE: I think that humor always involves an element of surprise, because if it’s not surprising, there’s nothing funny about it. And I’ve noticed in the past that sometimes I’ve started laughing when something unexpected has happened, and sometimes it was kind of bad but that was my natural response, to start laughing because ... I don’t know.

ELIAS: I may express to you, it is dependent upon the individual and the perception. Within your experience and your perception, you may consistently generate humor within the expression of startledness or unexpectedness. Another individual may incorporate humor in a different manner. Recognize that you each generate your own unique individual perceptions, and therefore there is no absolute expression that may be incorporated to all individuals. And this holds significance also, for you quite frequently turn your attention to absolutes, and express that all other individuals incorporate the same perception as do you, and they do not.

… And now we open the forum to your questioning.

PAUL H: I have one quick question, Elias, just about orientations. I think you used the words ‘vast majority’ for common. In terms of percentage, can you just hazard an approximate percentage of common, intermediate, soft? (Scattered laughter) For example, fifty, thirty, twenty percent, common, intermediate, soft – could you offer that?

ELIAS: Very well. In actuality, this is not an inconsequential question. (Slight pause) Approximately, within any given time framework, two-thirds of the individuals physically manifest within your dimension incorporate the orientation of common. The remaining one third is divided between those incorporating soft and intermediate, more individuals incorporating soft than intermediate.

PAUL H: So, that 33 percent of intermediate and soft ... you want to offer...?

ELIAS: Of that one-third, viewing that as a whole?

PAUL H: Yes. We’ll do the math later. (12)

ELIAS: Very well. Approximately (pause) ... in your terms, approximately 5/8 (laughter) of the individuals incorporate soft; and the remaining, intermediate.

PAUL H: Is that through all time? Is there some collective choice to keep those proportions more or less in that area through all of the space/time, or is that just pertaining to this now?

ELIAS: No; within each time framework, yes.

PAUL H: Within each time framework, wow.

JO H: So there won’t be any significant difference, as this shift progresses, in those proportions?

ELIAS: No. This remains the choice of essences as they manifest within this physical dimension. As I have stated, you choose to be manifest in the least in three manifestations to offer yourselves the experience of each orientation, but you may choose as essence to experience merely one manifestation of each other orientation. It is the choice and preference of each essence as they participate within this physical dimension.

For the most part, the choice of most essences – not all – is to be manifesting within the orientation of common.

PAT: But why?

ELIAS: For this lends to the design of this particular physical dimension. The choice to be experiencing a different orientation, to experience exploration of this physical dimension in a different manner, a different hue of perception, is chosen as a diverse expression in relation to this physical reality.

But in the design of this physical dimension – for the most part, generally speaking – the orientation of common lends to less thickness and more of an ease in conjunction with the expression of this particular reality, and also in conjunction with the belief systems that are an aspect of the design of the blueprint of this particular physical dimension. The orientation of common expresses less friction in relation to your belief systems as they have been expressed and designed throughout your history.

But in relation to the movement of this shift in consciousness, this also generates more of a challenge in shifting, for most individuals do incorporate this orientation of common, which has moved quite efficiently with the design of this physical dimension.

PAUL H: Just one last follow-up to the proportions that you offered, to clarify that. It feels like you looked at the entire simultaneity of the dimension, yet also if we look at this now, the proportion still holds in this now as well as the simultaneity?


PAUL H: Okay, thanks.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

GILLIAN: Elias, regarding intermediate – what is the sort of energy that we can lend in our own expression of awareness within ourselves that we can lend others as intermediates?

ELIAS: In relation to the direction of this discussion that we engage this day, I shall say to you, this is not the point. For as intermediate, as common, as soft, the point in this present time framework is to move your attention to self and to be familiarizing yourself with how you create your reality – not merely what, but how. And this action in itself lends, in your terms, to supportiveness to other individuals.

For each time you incorporate moving your attention to self and allowing your expression in genuineness, you project an energy which ripples through consciousness and offers a supportive expression to all other individuals that may be incorporating challenge in their movement in this same manner.

GILLIAN: The other question I have is, I have been noticing that I don’t always know the ‘how’ as I’m moving. I sort of notice the becoming, or in another moment an awareness just happening, or having the awareness. And even in objectively viewing what I’m creating and saying ‘it matters not’ very often, at the same time I sometimes feel a concern that am I just brushing it away. Or is this a natural thing and can I trust it, that I’m still moving and I will understand it possibly at a later moment because I’m still working with it inwardly?

ELIAS: I am understanding, and this in actuality is a confusion and concern of many individuals, allowing yourself to trust what you are expressing, and to know your direction even within the time frameworks in which you objectively are not experiencing clarity and some confusion.

In this, as you do turn your attention to what you are generating rather than relying on what you are thinking – but not discounting your thought processes, for they are a natural mechanism – you allow yourself to become more familiar with your movement.

You are correct that you may not necessarily immediately objectively translate accurately within thought, and this does at times generate confusion. But in allowing yourself to relax and not to be forcing energy concerning the confusion which may ensue in relation to thought and action – allowing the action, allowing the acceptance of what you are actually choosing, and noticing what you are actually choosing even within the time frameworks in which that choosing appears to be not in harmony with the thinking, but also not railing against the thinking and attempting to force these two aspects of yourself into a false alignment with each other – you shall allow yourself a clarity. Are you understanding?

GILLIAN: Yes, I am. In fact, I am noticing that in the relaxation, the acceptance is happening more regularly and more frequently in my daily life and in each moment.

ELIAS: Correct.

GILLIAN: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

JEREMY: Okay, so addressing to how we create our reality, coming from an individual common point of view, within my experience, in this now we start off with our attention, and then as we create experience, we filter that through filters or mechanisms like thought, our type of focus, and couple that with our emotional communication and our choices in the moment – our desires, our motivations, that sort of thing – and based on the belief systems, which again are closely associated on our thoughts, we construct a perception which creates or influences the color of what we experience, and that sort of thing.

So, moving into manipulating physical reality as a reflection of moving objects or manifesting things or altering things in whatever manner – and I’m speaking of all elements of our reality – at what point in there do we create the reflection which matches our objective expression in that moment to be moving an object or reconfiguring it or transforming it in some way – in other words, engaging parlor tricks?

ELIAS: I am understanding. (Laughter) In this, as you move your attention to what you are actually generating in parlor tricks per se, you express to yourself within thought that you want to be moving an object, and you concentrate in thought.

Now; as you incorporate this scenario, what is your action, Opan [Jeremy]? Your action is to be focusing your visual upon an object, and what do you incorporate in action? Focusing your attention upon thought, repeating the thought or concentration.

JEREMY: Not in every situation, ‘cause I’ve been quote-unquote leading myself out of that type of expression in which I have manifested certain other things, but I want to be able to recognize at what point I’m doing that and incorporate that on a more frequent basis.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But initially, the action is to be focusing your attention upon thought and repeating the thought, for this, in your definition, is concentration. Therefore, your attention is not focused upon your genuine concentration, it is focused upon your thought concentration.

Now; as you allow yourself to move your attention to viewing what you are actually generating, and allow yourself to inquire and explore inwardly what you are actually generating or creating, you also offer yourself information concerning the beliefs that are influencing what you are actually generating.

You create a thought that you think you want to be generating an action of moving an object without physically engaging the object.

Now; this is the aspect that I have spoken to you of previously this day, in which the thought may not be entirely inaccurate, but you do incorporate some distortion within the thought. The thought is expressing to you that your want is to be moving the object – and perhaps your desire is to be not necessarily moving the object, but to be recognizing your abilities. The object in its movement is a narrow interpretation of the desire, for you are not offering the thought process adequate information, for your attention is not focused upon inward desire or the influences of your beliefs.

Now; in this scenario, you may be attempting to move the object, and you are aware objectively that it is not moving. Therefore, you attempt to disengage thought or move your attention away from your thought processes, and you attempt to quiet yourself and incorporate meditation. Now your attention is once again not focused upon the object, and not focused upon yourself – it is merely not focused upon thought.

In this, you are not incorporating moving your attention to the beliefs that you incorporate concerning this action, and this is where your attention is. For where your attention is, subjectively, is what you shall manifest as I have stated many times, regardless of your thoughts; and what heavily influences this attention are the beliefs that you incorporate.

Now; this moves you to not merely the point of identifying the beliefs that are influencing, but also recognizing that they are beliefs and that they exist, not attempting to ignore them, not attempting to change them, not attempting to eliminate them; and these three actions are quite automatic. Even though you may express a thought process that suggests to you that you are not attempting to eliminate beliefs or change beliefs, these are such automatic actions, objectively many times you are not even aware that you are generating these actions. What is your evidence is that you do not manifest what you think you want.

And as I have stated, you may think you want to move an object – and perhaps you do – but moving the object is not actually the core of what you are attempting to express to yourself. What you are attempting to express to yourself is a trust of your ability, that regardless of what you want, you hold the ability to generate it, whether it be to move an object without physical contact or to move through a solid object as a manifestation within this physical dimension – to walk through a wall – or to generate a relationship that you want, or to generate finances that you want, or to generate a particular type of employment that you want. It matters not what you express within your focus that may be identified as a want, the desire is to present yourself objectively with the knowing that you do in actuality incorporate the ability to generate that singularly individually yourself and manifest that want individually yourself, and know that you in actuality do create all of your reality and that none of your reality is dependent upon any outside aspect.

Therefore, as you do not generate what you think you want, turn your attention to what you are actually creating, to what you are actually doing, for this offers you information. And as you view what you are actually doing, ‘I am actually focused upon this object, and it is not moving. Therefore, I am not generating the movement that I want. What am I generating?’ – not ‘what am I not generating,’ for you are generating an action – it may appear to you that no action is occurring, but there is an action occurring.

What are you expressing to yourself in that moment? Allow yourself to move your attention inward, and recognize where you are denying your choices and the areas of your abilities that you do not trust. You may move an object without physical contact as easily as you move your feet upon your floor, but you trust your movement of your feet as natural. You trust your movement in solidity within this physical dimension as natural. You do not trust yourself as essence, as greater than one attention.

Many individuals occupy their attention temporarily and quite intensely with the discovery, so to speak, of other focuses. The reason this is a fascination to many individuals is that it offers them information that they as an individual are more attentions than merely one; and this is the expression of essence, to know that this one attention, although highly unique, individual and great if you will, is one attention. It is no less than all of essence for it is all of essence, but it is quite literally one attention; and in this, the one attention is so concentrated in that attention that it views no other attention, and does not view itself as essence.

Within your individual focuses, you offer yourselves experiences continuously that mirror what I am expressing to you. In this present now, Opan [Jeremy], your attention is focused upon interaction with myself, and your visual is concentrated upon myself. Your audio is concentrated upon my words. Your attention is not focused upon many functions of your physical body. Your attention is not focused upon the many other individuals that occupy this room. Therefore those expressions of reality do not exist within the moment, for you have concentrated your attention singularly to focus intensely, and in that intense focus, many other aspects of your reality that continue to exist disappear. All of your focuses, all of your essence, all of yourself is present, but your attention is focused so intensely in one direction that all of the other expressions of essence disappear. Where is your finger? Not within your visual, and unless I draw your attention to your finger, within this moment are you aware of its existence? No. It exists, you are generating it, you are manifesting it. And essence is generated, and you are an attention of it.

In this, the direction of attention is ultimately important especially within the movement of this shift, for you are expanding and widening your awareness. These are not merely words. You literally already have altered aspects of your reality. Your reality is NOT the same as it has been previously. You are already redefining, and as it continues to intensify and move, if you are not moving your attention and allowing your attention to parallel your movement in widening your awareness, you shall incorporate trauma, and trauma shall be generated initially in frustration.

JEREMY: Which I am highly proficient in projecting (laughing).

ELIAS: In your terms it begins with frustration, and the expression of frustration is not recognizing your choices, knowing that you incorporate choices, but not objectively allowing yourself to recognize what they are.

RODNEY: ... My question concerns the ability to focus attention on self in the midst of emotional upset. This last week, two days before I’m ready to come out here to California, the head of my company tells me that there is huge amounts of work that has to be done in the next five to seven days, and I’m the critical individual to perform this function. Upon which, I inform him that he has approved of my vacation, and I will be totally unavailable for work. So he becomes extremely emotional and begins to discount my total value to him in a big way. So, on the first encounter, I remember the no-conflict scenario, and I say, ‘Boss, we’re not going to accomplish anything in this way, and I’ll talk to you later,’ and I walk away. Later when we do talk, he continues to discount me in an incredible way, and my focus of attention goes to, ‘Rodney, you created him. You created all of this. He is a reflection of your non-ending discount of self.’ And I see that, but you know, I didn’t know where to go from there. (Laughter)


RODNEY: After attempting to have some integrity with my perception of self, which was like telling him that I didn’t give a fuck whether he puts the deal together or not, which is not the sort of thing you say to your boss, but I continued during that discussion, after that discussion and when I went home at night, to focus my attention on the fact that this was indeed my reality, that I had created it, that he was me and that I had created him. And I really didn’t know where else to go with that, except that I was able to go into work the following day and in the course of a single day perform an incredible amount of work to his liking, whether he admits it or not – that’s neither here nor there.

ELIAS: Ah, but it is!

RODNEY: Okay, please tell me about that. The point that I’m bringing up is the difficulty I had in truly attempting to focus on myself, center on myself, and to see myself through this. I was aware that I had the choice of totally blowing off my job and my paycheck and a few other things, and I choose not to do that, but where I went from there was kind of like in a state of confusion.

ELIAS: Very well. Now let us view this scenario in what you are actually generating, which is the point of this discussion in its entirety – the confusion that ensues in not recognizing how to be paying attention to you and what you are actually generating, not actually listening to you and paying attention to what you are expressing, what you are creating.

Now; you create this scenario, and you are correct, you are creating the scenario and you are creating the expression of the other individual, but you are not listening to what you are creating. You are mimicking what you have incorporated in concept. What you express to yourself in thought, turning your attention to thought, is, ‘I have assimilated a concept that I am creating this scenario, and what is the most familiar expression that I have recognized in what I generate within my reality?’ Automatic response: I am discounting of myself. This is an automatic response of information that has become familiar.

This is not to say that you are automatically discounting of self; and if you are listening to self, if you are paying attention to what you are actually generating, you offer yourself information.

What have you expressed? ‘I have chosen to be incorporating a trip and not incorporating my work environment for a time framework, and I encounter my employer who becomes quite agitated with this scenario.’ And what is the expression of your employer initially that is the reflection to you, if you are paying attention? ‘You hold importance. You are significant. I am requiring of your skill to accomplish a particular task.’

This is the reflection, not the discounting of yourself. But quite clearly you present yourself with the reflection of the other individual in expression of your significance and importance, and your response is to be denying of that, but not, for your response is to be in agreement with your perception of your importance in your position but expressing your independence, that you may create your reality and it should be moving in the manner in which you think. But you are not paying attention to what you are actually generating. In this, it continues.

Now; your solution, in your terms, is to be continuing in your choice to be generating your trip in what you want, but also to be expressing your acknowledgment of your importance within your position and generating much work to accomplish an expression of physical output which you perceive to satisfy your employer, which is the acknowledgment within you of your significance within your position.

RODNEY: So my paying attention to self in this entire scenario was actually to see my perception of value of self?

ELIAS: In its falseness.

RODNEY: Excuse me?

ELIAS: In its falseness – in what you may produce, not what you are.

RODNEY: Do you have a comment as to how I separate those two?

ELIAS: In very similar manner to many, many, many individuals and many individuals incorporating the common orientation. You measure your value and your worth by your productivity – what you express outwardly is the measure of yourself. What you do is how you measure, not what you are.

What you do is what you do. It is not who you are.

RODNEY: How do I get away from the belief that tells me...

ELIAS: You do not get away! (Laughter) You recognize that you incorporate this belief and you accept this, and you allow yourself choice. Within one moment you may align with this belief, and you may choose to be aligning with this belief without judgment and knowing that it is your choice. Within another moment, you may choose not to be aligning with this belief, recognizing that it is your choice. The belief exists, regardless.

RODNEY: I have another belief that’s coupled with that one, and that says that my ability to survive on this planet, be it remuneration from authority figures et cetera, et cetera, is dependent on what I produce.

ELIAS: And recognizing that you incorporate that belief, and moving yourself into an allowance to choose within any moment whether you align with that belief or not, is the key. It continues to exist. The key is the choice, and the choice is incorporated in the moment. It is not on-going, it is not absolute, it is not unchanging. It is the choice in the moment without judgment: in this moment I choose to be aligning with this belief for this is efficient in this moment, without judgment. In another moment I choose not to be aligning with this belief, for it is inefficient – without judgment. I prefer within this moment to be expressing in conjunction with this belief; I prefer in this moment to not be expressing with this belief.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.” [session 986, January 19, 2002]

VERONICA: “Elias, is it reasonable to expect that the financial markets worldwide will collapse within a short period of time? If so, what period of time? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Is it reasonable to expect? No. This is associated with religious beliefs in regard to prophecies and predictions of disaster and events of tremendous proportion. You have already created events of tremendous proportion and you have allowed yourselves to witness your creation of trauma en masse, and you do not prefer trauma and you prefer to avoid trauma. You are not collapsing or generating destruction, but shifting.

VERONICA: But you, before...

ELIAS: I am aware. You shall be shifting – you already are – in association with exchange and currency, but not necessarily in the dramatic terms of destruction, rather shifting into different types of expressions.

VERONICA: I don’t understand the response with regard to the stock market and currency.

ELIAS: And shall it collapse? No.

VERONICA: So there could still be an investment for the future? Will there still be a financial transaction by institutions and individuals?

ELIAS: Temporarily.

MIKE: So what you’re saying is that we’re going to disassemble it ourselves? It’s not just going to collapse on its own?

ELIAS: Correct.

MALE: And it will become something else.

ELIAS: Correct.

VERONICA: I don’t know if I can express this adequately. But in looking at the market now, I see that those companies that are engaged in the destruction and then the construction of several areas in the world and the oil companies continue to do very well. I have always felt that it would be wrong to invest in such companies.

But in continuing with that, if the people in Saudi Arabia chose to be born there, to experience that, and if our politicians chose it and it’s a mass endeavor, then maybe I should not place a moral outlook on my financial dollar and I should go along with it. Because if that person chose to live there – I mean, who knows where I was in a past life – but I chose not to be there. But maybe this is for me now – it IS for me now – so maybe I can invest in a Philip Morris or in a Bechtel or in an Exxon-Mobil and not let it bother me.

ELIAS: Correct.

VERONICA: Wow! I have been struggling with that for so long.

ELIAS: This is merely a restriction that you generate within yourself in association with your judgments that some institutions, some expressions, are good and some are bad.

VERONICA: But I generate it in myself.

ELIAS: Correct, and that generates limitation. There is no good and bad, actually. I am recognizing that you do incorporate this belief system of duplicity, and what you are expressing is an example of what we discussed earlier, in recognizing that you do incorporate this belief system of duplicity, which expresses good/bad/right/wrong.

But you may acknowledge that belief and you may choose what you prefer. You may continue to incorporate your opinion in relation to your preference, and also recognize that other individuals incorporate different perceptions, and their perception creates their reality, and it is not right or wrong, either. It is their choice and their preference. Their preference, their choice, is not absolute, and neither is yours. Your beliefs are not truth. In offering yourself choice and acceptance, view the freedom that you offer yourself also.

VERONICA: Yes, and I can remove that shackle!” (Elias laughs) [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

BOBBI: “What I wanted to ask you about or talk to you about is my physical creations of the last three months, since the beginning of the year. I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing. I’ve had a lot of physical symptoms, a lot of medical tests, and the doctors can’t find anything particularly although the physical symptoms continue.

What I’m creating... It started out with high blood pressure, which was a surprise to me. I’ve had a lot of chest pain and they’ve tested my heart a couple of times because I was sure I was going to have a heart attack. I just don’t know what’s going on, and it just continues.

I’m trying to pay attention to what I’m doing and to get the message, because obviously I’m hitting myself over the head with these messages, physical and emotional ones. But as I say, there’s something I’m obviously not getting because it continues. Shall I tell you what I think is going on?


BOBBI: I think a lot of this has to do with further grappling with the concept that I create all of my reality, and being a victim of myself, a victim of disease, a victim of circumstance, all of that stuff. And of course, it’s absolutely made me pay attention to me and what I’m creating in the moment, because these symptoms can be very demanding. There are times when I’m absolutely out of breath, my chest is aching, I can’t do anything but just sit there. So I know that that’s going on also.

I’ve also recognized that one of my payoffs is that I’ve eased way up on my demands on myself, and other people have eased up on their demands on me as well, so I’m freer to do what I want even if all I feel I’m able to do is to sit there, curled up and miserable on the couch. And it’s less expectations of myself.

I don’t know how much of this, maybe you can tell me, if a certain amount of this is connecting with my counterpart, Diane, who’s doing the breast cancer thing. She’s coming to the end of that, probably is getting close to disengaging, and her symptoms are fairly extreme now as well. A couple of the times that I’ve gone through some of these things – especially the moments where I think I’m going to die and all that – I’ve found out later that she was going through those emotional upsets at the same time.

So, anyway, if you could sort of enlighten me as to what is going on and point me in a direction. I’ve still got doctor’s appointments out there, trying to figure out what’s wrong, and nobody can come up with anything or sort of do anything in the traditional medical sense to alleviate some of this stuff.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I may express to you that your impression concerning the counterpart action with your friend is correct, but this is not the only factor. This is influencing, and it is strongly influencing, for it is a presentment to you in association with beliefs concerning death and your struggle, so to speak, with these beliefs which concern the choice of death which is being expressed in the imagery of your friend. You are connecting with those experiences and you are generating experiences yourself to be addressing to these beliefs. But there are also other factors.

Now; let me express to you, your impressions as to what you are creating are correct. In this, what you are not objectively recognizing is the value in lack of action.

Let me express to you, recently I engaged an interaction with a group of individuals and I chose as the subject matter to be presenting information concerning value and value fulfillment, and how that is expressed and the information that you offer to yourselves in relation to that expression.

Your automatic association with the term ‘value’ is that it shall be expressed in some manner that you deem to be positive, that it is associated with worth, but it is also always associated with some type of positive worth. Worth is neither positive or negative. Value is neither positive or negative.

There are many expressions within each individual’s focus that they value, that they do not recognize their expression of value in association with it but nonetheless they do value, and they express these values in on-going manners. What you value you shall express, and you shall continue the expression for it is of worth to you, individually.

Now; at times you may be moving in a direction of expressing some manifestation and actions that you deem to be uncomfortable or even painful, but this is not to say that you do not value them. The experience is of worth, for it offers you information and it allows you the opportunity to become more familiar with yourself, which is the point.

Now; many times if an individual is generating an experience that is uncomfortable or painful, it is more difficult for the individual, such as yourself, to recognize the value in what they are creating. I am not expressing that you shall alter your perception in association with beliefs and view your experience as good or positive, but that you begin to recognize the value in what you are expressing. For if there were no value in it, you would not continue it.

Now; in this, you are generating several actions in your experience. One is to illustrate to yourself the value of incorporating no action, no producing action, and incorporating time frameworks in which your attention moves for the most part solely to yourself, in which you allow yourself a time framework to appreciate yourself, your abilities, your power only in association with you, not in association with any other individual.

Now; I am quite understanding the uncomfortableness that you have been presenting to yourself and also the discounting that you have expressed, and these are automatic responses; but view how this experience has generated an illustration to you of how directed and how powerful you actually are. No thing is attacking you. You are creating this yourself, and you incorporate the strength and the power to affect your physical body consciousness in such extremes that your thoughts may translate that you perhaps are even creating the choice of death. No outside expression is generating a threat to express this to you. It is all being generated within yourself.

Now; there are other factors that are in involvement in this experience that you are presenting to yourself, which quite align with these waves concerning beliefs that are being addressed to, that of sexuality and of duplicity, which continue in this time framework.

Sexuality is, as I have stated many times, not the expression of merely sexual actions but of all physical manifestation within your reality, and this belief system incorporates countless beliefs in relation to physical manifestations, some of which concern how you generate your physical manifestation, age, different processes that occur in association with the aging process, death. There are many, many, many expressions and beliefs incorporated within this belief system – also gender, and expressions and manifestations and processes that may be associated with specific genders.

You incorporate the gender of female in this particular manifestation. Therefore, you also incorporate beliefs concerning the function and the process of this female gender. In association with this belief system and the aging process, you incorporate beliefs as to how your physical body consciousness shall function or how it shall change in relation to age.

Now; in this, you affect physical aspects of your body consciousness, hormone levels, functions of different organs, and as a female gender, you incorporate beliefs concerning emotional expressions. I may express to you repeatedly that emotions are not a reaction or a response, but this does not discount the beliefs that are incorporated, and they are quite strong. The beliefs that are incorporated are that emotion is not a communication, it is a reaction, it is a response – some action is generated and you respond emotionally.

This is a very strongly expressed belief in association with the female gender, that if you incorporate this particular gender you also express emotional manifestations in association with many different expressions, some of which are in association with your physical body consciousness. You shall acceptedly express moodiness for you are incorporating a female gender, a female body type, and this is acceptable and even expected. This is another aspect of what you are generating in this time framework, associated with alteration of hormonal expressions.

Another aspect of this creation is associated with your roles, the roles that you have chosen to be incorporating but at times view to be somewhat overwhelming: the role of friend, the role of wife, the role of mother, the role of transcriber.

In this, you incorporate strong beliefs in association with disappointment. This is directly associated with personal responsibility [and] disappointment of other individuals. You express little identification of your own disappointment but concern yourself with the disappointment of other individuals. Therefore, you express strong expectations of yourself in association with other individuals. You have been generating this for an extended time framework, and simply put, in a manner of speaking you are tired. You wish to be moving your attention to yourself. This is not to say that as you move your attention to yourself that it is expressed to the exclusion of other individuals.

But you have offered yourself much information, my friend, and now you are moving into an expression of actually incorporating all of that information in reality, not merely in concept, and genuinely attempting to move your attention to you and experiment with how you shall create in association with what you want, not in association with the expectations of other individuals. You are also genuinely moving in an exploration of discovering your preferences.

You have generated a physical manifestation to move your attention and to allow you to genuinely pay attention to you in such strength that it is almost to the exclusion of other individuals – not quite, but it has been quite effective.

Now; this is a genuine expression of value. For what you value is allowing yourself a genuine expression of freedom, and in order to accomplish that you must be paying attention to you. (Pause)

BOBBI: I figured that was a large part of it. This just seems like a really difficult way to do that.

ELIAS: I am understanding that as an automatic association, but I may express to you, although beliefs are not good or bad, they are strong and they are not always as obvious as you may think them to be, for they are expressed in such automatic manners that you do not objectively notice. Therefore, in allowing yourselves to move your attention, you create experiences to match the strength of your beliefs.

BOBBI: That makes sense. That just makes a lot of sense. (Elias chuckles) As you said, I’ve certainly incorporated a lot of information over all this time and realized those things, but I guess I kind of kept them over to one side and thought here are the things that I have to do, or maybe even these are the things that I think I want to do, that I expect of myself, and I didn’t really allow those, the concepts and the reality of my choices and things, to mix.

ELIAS: And let me express to you, Jale [Bobbi], there are many expressions that you incorporate and many actions that you incorporate within your focus that are associated with your preferences and that are in alignment with what you want, but even those actions you push to extreme, in a manner in which the very things that you prefer and that you want to be creating become a chore.

For you are not listening to you, acknowledging that yes, this action is my preference and I do incorporate an enjoyment in engaging this action, but not in an extreme. You move the preference from the expression of preference to the expression of obligation, and thusly it becomes a chore and it no longer is fun. The reason that this is generated is that you are not listening to you and what you want in the moment.

Let me express to you, it is actually understandable, for you are expressing preferences and therefore within your thought process you become confused. For you express to yourself, ‘I do not understand why I struggle with this action or that action, when in actuality I enjoy this action.’ Yes, you do, but to an extent, not to the extent in which you are forcing your energy and you are incorporating the action as a chore.

BOBBI: Gosh, you know, I’m just so mired in this way of doing things that it is difficult to see where to begin.

ELIAS: And now you allow yourself also the experience of what I have expressed in this information. This shift in consciousness is very unfamiliar and it does generate trauma. Trauma is expressed in many, many manners, not merely in wars, but more significantly in each individual. The trauma is associated with the movement of examination of your beliefs, familiarizing yourself with yourself, and generating an unfamiliar movement. And you have generated trauma. Now it is no longer concept; now it is a reality. (Bobbi laughs and Elias chuckles)

BOBBI: So I have a good case of trauma-of-the-shift? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! In a manner of speaking! This is not to say that you are not generating quite real physical manifestations, for you are. But I am expressing to you what is motivating that.

BOBBI: And I’m glad to know that, because I knew I wasn’t getting all of it.

ELIAS: When you pay attention to yourself, genuinely pay attention to yourself, not to what you are necessarily thinking but what you are doing... And as I express to you ‘pay attention to what you are doing,’ I am not merely expressing to you to pay attention to what you singularly exclusively are doing yourself, for you are creating all of your reality.

Therefore, what are you doing within the big picture? What are you doing in actions, and what are you doing in presentment to yourself all around you? For you are creating all of that also, and you are experiencing all of it. What are you creating in your relationships, what are you creating with your friends, what are you creating with your family, what are you creating with your actions that you incorporate yourself? What are you creating in this forum, for this is also a significant expression of your creations. What expectations are you generating? What obligations are you generating? What are you denying yourself? How are you forcing your energy?

These are all expressions of what you are DOING, not merely what am I doing in this moment – I am sitting, I am listening, I am speaking, I am generating painfulness, I am fatigued. There are many, many, many other expressions that you are creating also in any moment, and that is all what you are doing also.

BOBBI: Could you clarify for me how I could recognize when I am forcing my energy, because you’ve told me that many times and I think that I’m just sort of blind to it.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall offer to you an obvious example. Within the time framework of our interaction in physical proximity recently, I incorporated a choice to be interruptive of the sound of the interactions of the groups, correct?

BOBBI: Correct.

ELIAS: Which you participated within.

Now; within the time framework subsequent to my interaction with the group, you had generated an agreement with Michael to be performing a task, and in the performance of that task you forced your energy in expectation and obligation to be completing the task and not paying attention to you and what you actually wanted to be incorporating, which was a participation in the group discussion upon the day subsequent to my session, correct?

BOBBI: That’s absolutely true.

ELIAS: Now; you did not listen to yourself and you forced your energy in expectation and obligation in relation to another individual, and you generated disappointment and frustration and even irritation within yourself.

Now; subsequent to that action, you have pushed your energy quite strongly to be generating a transcription of that very session that I choose to interrupt the sound. (13)

Now; to correct and fix that expression in association with the role that you incorporate, you forced your energy to be creating that transcription to the point of it becoming a chore, and incorporating frustration and also expressing a harshness of energy in association with your perception in relation to obligation that you express with other individuals, for the other transcriptions have been somewhat put aside or the movement has been slowed – which it matters not.

But what is significant is what you expressed within yourself in expectation of yourself, and your perception of how you shall be viewed by other individuals, expressing an apologetic energy to other individuals for delays. Do you understand what I am expressing to you?

BOBBI: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: And the harshness in which you generate expectations of yourself, and moving expressions that are genuine preferences and are pleasurable to you into an expression of chore and not pleasurable.

BOBBI: Yes, I do understand that. (Sighs) Gad.

ELIAS: And to match the energy of these beliefs that influence those types of actions, you have generated an intensity of physical expression to jar your attention and to interrupt the familiar pattern, and it has accomplished that end. It has generated an interruption, and that is what you value.

BOBBI: I guess it has really scared me, not knowing completely the whole story of what I was doing and that I would go to that extreme to get my own attention.

ELIAS: It is not unusual!

BOBBI: So, I have to ask. I mean, this is almost like a message to myself that I’d better clean up my act. If I don’t, will this continue? Will I, am I creating a probability to disengage?

ELIAS: No, not in this time framework; no, you are not.

BOBBI: I really don’t want to. I feel there’s a lot I still want to do!

ELIAS: Within this time framework you are not.

BOBBI: I also had a really overwhelming and bizarre fear that when my counterpart died I would also. I knew that was crazy, but...

ELIAS: I am quite understanding of this, and this is influenced by a belief also, which is an expression of romanticizing to lend validity to the tremendous expression of connection; but it does not diminish the worth or the significance of your connection and your relationship with your friend if you are not also disengaging.

BOBBI: A question about that counterpart action – for years, when I was younger, I really thought due to my beliefs in genetics and whatever that I could quite possibly get some sort of cancer in my 40s and disengage from that. I sort of romanticized that whole idea and then sort of snapped to later on and decided no, that’s not what I choose to do at all, and I felt that I had really moved away from that probability. Considering that we are counterparts and our issues are quite parallel – and I know this is her own choice – but in a way, is part of our connection that she is doing what I had expected for myself?

ELIAS: Yes. This is the action of counterparts, experiencing those experiences that you choose not to be expressing within your individual focus.

BOBBI: Also, since all this discomfort is centered right on my heart, right in the center of my breastbone and my heart, that probably is imagery to me of the whole heart/life-force thing. Is it?

ELIAS: Yes, and also recognize that this is symbolic and it is associated with your connection in part with this individual, what you term to be the heart connection.

BOBBI: So it is green energy center? I think there’s some yellow going on in there, but...


BOBBI: Thank you very much. That really has clarified quite a bit.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 1305, March 25, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to session 98, Wednesday, June 05, 1996, The Pregnancy Exercise.

Vic’s note: this was the first session [#98] we had since the birth of Elizabeth’s baby boy (named Sean), who was born on May 30, 1996. Elizabeth is one of Mary’s two daughters.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the fact that Elizabeth’s baby was the final, physical manifestation of the nine children of the essence of Rose. In other words, as of May 30, 1996, all nine male children had been born within, approximately, one and a half years of each other.

Digests: follow these links for more information on:
the essence of Rose | the nine children of Rose.

(3) Vic’s note: Elias often refers to the essence of Paul (Patel) as “my dear friend.” Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

Paul’s note: Mary’s question refers to Paul (Patel) session 05, July 06, 1996.

(4) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(5) Paul’s note: referring to the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide that occurred on March 27, 1997 in Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego, CA. A group of 39 people, including leader Marshall Applewhite, committed a non-violent suicide. Their belief was that a flying saucer, inhabited by “heavenly beings" was trailing the comet Hale-Bopp, and would take them to a “better” place. Their belief was that they had to be non-physically focused to accomplish this.

(6) Vic’s note: there are questions in this session about an individual experiencing trauma. I am not going to offer a lot of information about this person, with respect to her desire for confidentiality. Suffice it to say that she is having experiences which lead her to wonder if she is “going insane,” but she is definitely not insane. She is experiencing many elements of subjective bleed-through action in direct correlation to what Elias has been describing for two years now. In that, she has presented herself as a “real-life" example of what was previously just a concept.

(7) Paul’s note: a reference to the nine children of the essence of Rose.

Digests: find out more about the nine children of Rose.

(8) Paul’s note: Ramtha is an essence who offers information through an energy exchange with a woman named J. Z. Knight.

Digests: find out more about energy exchanges.

(9) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(10) Vic’s note: this reminds me of a question I asked early on in the sessions. Here is the excerpt, from session 09, May 24, 1995:

VICKI: “Does everyone who is completing their circle get this kind of help?


VICKI: Then how did we get so lucky?

ELIAS: You asked. (Here, there is a long pause while Vicki waits, pen in hand, for Elias to finish the sentence. Finally, she looks up to find Elias staring at her) You do not understand! You have, in your essence, become very aware. You have pierced through with your essence into your physical focus. In doing this, your essence has asked.”

(11) Bobbi’s note: the session started with Jewel, Mary’s two-year-old granddaughter, in Mary’s lap.

(12) Paul’s note: the math works out roughly to the following:

Common = 16/24 (or 2 in 3 = 67%)
Soft = 5/24, (or 1 in 5 = 20%)
Intermediate = 3/24, (or 1 in 8 = 13%)

Digests: find out more about orientations.

(13) Bobbi’s note: just for the record, that transcript was completed before Elias let it be known that he purposely affected the sound on the recording equipment. Gee, Elias, let a person know!

Digests – see also: | accepting self | altered states | appreciation | aspects of essence; an overview | being in the now | belief systems; an overview | bleed-through | blueprints | choices/agreements | counterparts | cultural/natural time | dimension | dimensional veils | distortion | disengage (“death”) | duplicity | effortlessness | About Elias | essence; an overview | fear | focus of essence; an overview | forum | imagery | information | inner senses; an overview | intents | manifestation | mass events | noticing self | objective/subjective awareness | officially accepted reality | perception | engaging periphery | probabilities | Paul (Patel) | personal invalidation | prophecy | pyramid focuses | “reincarnation” | religious era | remembrance of essence | Rose; an overview | Rose; the nine children of | sapling | separation | sexuality; gender, orientation, and preference | shift in consciousness | simultaneous time | Source Events | time frameworks | transition | trusting self | truth | unofficial information | value fulfillment | vessel | waking state/dream state | waves of consciousness | widening awareness | you create your reality |

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