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waking state/dream state

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I would also suggest to you all, as an exercise of a different perspective, once again, that you give yourself a conscious suggestion, before you enter your sleep state, to view your waking state as your dream. You have viewed your dream as a waking state. Now view your waking state as your dream. This will not be as difficult as you perceive, for you dream all the time about your waking state. You dream about your jobs, you dream about your playing, you dream about other individuals that you interact with. So, you are thinking of your waking state quite a lot. Now, in thinking of your waking state in your dream, make that waking state your dream. This will give you a perspective that is closer to reality.” [session 20, July 09, 1995]

ELIAS: “All elements of consciousness dream; everything. There is no thing within consciousness that does not experience dreaming. This action is not a continuous action. It is an action which is engaged temporarily within time periods to be communicating subjectively. I shall qualify in expressing to you, that you hold no confusion. When I am expressing to you that all consciousness experiences dreaming, this is related to all physical manifestations of consciousness. A rock dreams. An electron dreams. There are time frameworks set aside to engage subjective activity, to be communicating within consciousness.” [session 158, March 16, 1997]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you that you create outwardly what you know inwardly. You reflect outwardly what you are and what is reality inward. This applies to all things within your focus. Your television incorporates programming of what you term now to be (Pause) Ah! ‘Soap operas!’ I am not quite understanding the reasoning for this terminology, but regardless, you may be viewing these programs, which are seemingly spending much time each week to be expressing of one day’s worth of action; this being a direct reflection of your perception of essence, and how it views physical focus. Look to your inventions. They offer you great insight to yourselves.

Obvious inventions, such as your submarines, which swim through your water, allowing you to commune with elements of your world otherwise untouchable to you, but elements which you have created; your airplanes, which are a focus directly mirroring your knowledge of flying, of out-of-body experiences; your television, which is your ability to be visualizing; your telephone, which you now incorporate several lines, so to speak, that you may ‘click on and off’. You may engage in communication on one line, and click off to another line, and click back on to the previous line; your microwave ovens, which increase time; your computers, which alter reality and change your perception; what you are expressing to be now, within your advanced time, as virtual reality; which, in actuality, is a child’s game within your physical focus, mirroring your own knowledge of other realities, altered perceptions. (Pause)

These all are mirror images of yourselves. Satellites, that you send out into your atmosphere, which enable mass communication. You already possess the ability for mass communication, within consciousness. All of these instruments are tinker toys! (Grinning) Within consciousness, you possess the ability to be creating of much easier and much greater things, without physical expressions. You will continue to be creating and inventing of bigger and better inventions, for these are your toys and they keep you occupied; but you will also be learning to be projecting, within consciousness, to a greater degree. There are many subjects to which we have barely touched, to this point within our discussions; but you are experiencing many elements now which will be helpful to your understanding within our future present time.” (Grinning) [session 74, February 25, 1996]

JEFF: “I missed some of the discussions about dreams, and I’m confused right now about consciousness when we sleep. Are we leaving our bodies? I mean, yet we are somewhat unconscious. I think that we are, but I’m unclear to this idea of how we’re just gone, and we get these dreams, mostly that don’t make sense. But I mean, we are leaving our bodies?

ELIAS: I will express to you that you never experience a lack of consciousness. Therefore, you are not unconscious. Within your dream state, you experience another aspect of consciousness that you have incorporated into this physical focus. You have very purposefully and creatively incorporated this balancing state of consciousness, to be connecting within essence.

Many of your dreams are very symbolic; and in one respect, all of your dreams are symbolic, within one layer or another. You may interpret these dreams for yourself by allowing yourself to be connecting with them, and conscious of what you view. Within your awareness of your dream state, you may recognize different symbols which hold significance to you. Each of you incorporates symbolism that is quite repetitive within your dream state. You do this intentionally, for your own interpretation of your own language. Your essence speaks to you in its own language. You need only to translate this language into your waking state.

You will notice, as we have spoken of previously, that these two states of consciousness overlap continually. You will view events of your waking state within your dream state. You will experience events from your dream state within your waking state. There is a continual exchange of these two states of consciousness. They are as if moving from one room to another, and back. You are continually you within these states. Your perception within your dreaming state shifts, and allows you to connect more easily with essence. Therefore, you may be manipulating of this state more effortlessly to be accomplishing certain elements that you choose to focus upon, (turning to Vicki) if you are not blocking! (Laughter)

I use your dreaming state often as an easier vehicle for you, for you are not trained, in this location of your planet, to be communicating with essence through extensive, deep meditation. You do not learn this action from childhood. Therefore, you are not versed efficiently in this action. Dreaming is a natural event to you. Therefore, if you are concentrating upon this natural element of your focus, you may be using this ‘time’ to be experiencing out-of-body experiences, interpretations and communications with essence, developmental focuses, other-dimensional focuses. You may use this time to be problem-solving. You may express creatively within this conscious state, for it is not unconscious! (Smiling) You may view many elements that you do not allow yourself, within your waking state, to view. You may connect with alternate focuses, alternate selves, within this state much easier.

When you are accomplishing within this state of consciousness, it is reinforcing to you. Therefore, you may be more willing to be allowing yourself to be connecting with your waking state; but I express to you also, your first accomplishment is to be viewing your dream state as reality; for if you are viewing your dream state as imagination, within your definition of imagination, or fantasy, or only symbolic language of ‘nothing,’ then you are not accepting of its reality, and you are not trusting, and you also block portions of your waking state, for you block interaction between the two elements of physical focus. (Smiling at Jeff)

We have many discussions within our material concerning your dream states. I emphasize this state of consciousness as being quite important; underline; for this allows you connections and realizations that you do not connect with and allow yourself to acknowledge within your waking state. It is not an element to be discounted! You do not walk through your waking state and discount as unreal or unimportant your hours of your day between one o’clock and five o’clock. You do not express to yourself, ‘These hours do not exist!’ You do not ‘turn off’ during this time! You also do not turn off, ever, within your sleep state, and this state is equally important to your waking state. (Pause for emphasis)

I have expressed many times, your number of hours that you spend within your sleep state are not important. Your physical manifestation of your body is not requiring of the amount of sleep that you are indoctrinated to believe that it requires. The purpose of this ‘time’ is to be connecting with essence. Your body may regenerate through restfulness without sleep. You incorporate a very efficient expression within your physical body. It is quite capable, within its consciousness, of maintaining itself, and regeneration, continuously. Your purpose for your sleep state is to be allowing your consciousness to open, and to be in communication with your wider awareness.

I have offered many examples and expressions and suggestions, in helpfulness, to be remembering, and connecting, and interacting, and moving, and ‘playing’ within your dream state. I have offered information of dream steps and dream levels. I have offered interpretations. There are many expressions that you may incorporate. Are you understanding of this?

JEFF: A lot more. Not everything, but a bigger picture of understanding.

ELIAS: You will.

JEFF: I need to practice this, write down things in the morning, if I can remember.

ELIAS: Very good. This is often helpful within your waking state, for you choose to be not remembering, for you discount this element of your consciousness. Therefore, you do not remember; just as within your waking state, if you view an element to be unimportant and not worthy of your attention, you do not remember. This element of your consciousness, that you spend so much time in intimate communication with, is very important, and quite worthy of your attention, and very instructive, and quite fun too! (Laughter) Communication and exchange with other individuals who have been incorporated within this group will be helpful in instruction in this area, if they too are not discounting!” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

VICKI: “Okay, I also have a question or two for Uriel [Bruce]. Rameau [Sher] had a dream in which she interacted with a grandmotherly-type woman dressed in white. ‘She was sitting in a metal folding chair, and as I bent over to her with my hands cupped, she leaned toward me and said, ‘All that is will be the same.’ Uriel’s [Bruce’s] question is, ‘Would Elias care to comment on my intuitive feeling that this person was him?’

ELIAS: Correct. These individuals interact often within their dream state. You automatically, within your objective consciousness, translate your dream interaction into terms that you identify with. The reason that you hold such confusion within your attempts to be interpreting your dream interaction is that you view all of your interaction very singularly. You view the interaction within your dream state to be the same as within your waking state, which it is not. Therefore, you are attempting to interpret actions into familiar elements. You may translate actions with the same individual in many different ways. You may interpret one individual as being many different individuals, for they are exhibiting many different actions. Therefore, each action that they exhibit, you shall translate as an entirely new individual, not only a new action.

You interpret each action within your dream state entirely differently, therefore giving your objective self different messages. It is as if you are translating a different language, from your subjective into your objective. In this, you choose not to repeat words. Within your language that you use objectively, you have many words that you repeat continuously; within sentences, within communication to each other. Each word that I express to you may be expressed hundreds, thousands, millions of times. Within your dream state, for the most part, you choose symbols for each action differently. Therefore, as you may use the word boat many times within your language, you shall use the symbol to mean a different action each time. In this way, you do not confuse your objective consciousness by repeating and overlapping symbols.

Now; you may encounter many [of] the same symbols within your dream state, but they are representative of different actions. Therefore, you may experience the same dream, let us say, five of your nights consecutively. You believe you are experiencing the same action five times. In actuality, you are experiencing five very different actions and you are translating these, interpreting or attempting to interpret these all the same. Each of your symbols represents a different action, this being why your dream state appears so confusing to you; but we are within what you may term to be our beginning stages. I do not offer ‘skipped shells’ information, for it is important for you to be realizing that your dream state is important, and to be remembering and to be interacting. Therefore, it is unnecessary to offer information beyond this at this moment presently.

VICKI: Would it be possible to look behind the symbolism, and actually understand?

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence [Vicki]. Yes. Not to its entirety, for some of your involvement and action within this state may not be translated into your physical recognition, for it is an engagement of non-physical action or other-dimensional action which may be far removed from what you may imagine. Therefore, your physical creation of your physical body and your physical electrical brain shall automatically block some of your experience, and not interpret. In this, you automatically interpret into what is familiar to you, or you shall choose to not remember. But you are correct, you may view without your interpreted symbols. You may practice eventually, as you become more accomplished within your dream states, this action. This shall be quite helpful within the action of your shift.

You will notice that your small ones will be much more vivid within their dream states, and as they grow and as they move into the shift naturally, they shall automatically learn to view dream state without this separation. You, now, have been taught differently, and are at the end, so to speak, of another era of consciousness which you move away from. Therefore, you must practice and develop this ability. You each hold the ability to accomplish this.” [session 129, October 27, 1996]

NORM: “When I’m going off and working on a problem at work which requires development of new processes and equipment, I will wake up usually at three or four ‘o clock in the morning and I’ll have words floating in my head. Is this clairvoyance, or is this a result of interaction with essence, with my essence or other essences? Could you clarify that?

ELIAS: Within your dream state, you create a language that speaks to you individually, a language that you understand; although you do not think you understand! You do understand, for you respond objectively to the action that you accomplish within the dream state. You create your own imagery and symbols that will be creatively helpful to you. In this, you may interact with other essences. You may interact with your essence singularly. You always are interactive to a degree with all of consciousness, through Regional Area 2. You offer yourself information that you process into imagery that you may objectify.” [session 150, January 26, 1997]

ELIAS: “Time is a perception. It is not a thing in itself. It is a creation of perception that you hold to slow events. This allows you the opportunity to experience singularly, individually, and with no distortion of the event. Many physical focuses incorporate time elements for this offers you an exaggerated opportunity for experience without confusion, for you are concentrated with your attention in one direction.

VICKI: So when you have that kind of dream imagery that appears the same as objective focus, are you inserting a perception of time so that you can better view whatever it is that you’re choosing to view?

ELIAS: There are different reasonings for this action. As I have expressed previously, some individuals choose to be quite objectively focused and not to be paying attention to subjective interaction. Therefore, they shall recreate imagery within dream state which is mirroring waking state. This is not always the situation. It is dependent upon your direction within your probabilities. In some situations, as you learn more of your dream state and your creation of your imagery, yes, you may intermingle your imagery of objective waking state and objective dreaming state. This offers you information that you may assimilate.

You may understand more easily if you are creating imagery that is familiar to you. You experiment with this imagery to be finding the most efficient translation of the subjective action which is occurring. Just as Michael [Mary] projected within our session time period and held no objective explanation for the experience which was encountered, in this same manner you have no language to adequately translate essence subjective activity into physical focus. Also, in like manner of Source Events, as has been stated previously, they are too big to be manifest within physical focus. Therefore, you create fragments. You create mass events which are representations of elements or portions of Source Events. In like manner, you create dream imagery which is a representation and interpretation of the action which is larger, so to speak, than may be interpreted within physical focus.

You, within physical focus, hold singular attention. You, within subjective activity, are interactive with all of your selves; just as we have spoken of the air particles within a room. They are all the body of the air, but they are all individual particles. So you are also.

(Firmly) You are multidimensional. You are not one singular entity. You are extremely diverse. You are multiple. Therefore, you are larger than may be translated into any singular individual physical focus. This is not to say that your creation of manifestation is not reality, for it is. Each manifestation is reality. The manifestation is not illusion.

I expressed to you earlier that you create illusion within your experience, for you project yourself outside of the now within your perception; but your reality is reality. It is not an illusion. Your dream state also is reality; but they are both symbols and interpretations, expressed realistically through imagery and through physical matter, of essence activity.” [session 151, February 02, 1997]

MELINDA: “Elias, I have a question about a recurring dream. I have a dream where I lose a tooth, and during the dream I just freak out. What I’d like is, if you could offer any information as to what the subjective activity might be behind the imagery of my losing that tooth.

ELIAS: (Here, Elias starts to speak, and instead laughs in such a way that we all crack up)

MELINDA: Oh, that didn’t sound good!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall offer you more imagery, for you are expressing an interest and a wishing for information which many of you seek presently. You may accomplish within your dream mission, in accessing this activity subjectively ‘behind’ your imagery. (1) Activity behind, so to speak, your imagery does not translate outside of imagery. This is your language. This is what you have created within your understanding and your language to yourself. Your imagery is not different from your activity. It is only translated into images that you can identify; for within subjective activity, removed from your imagery, you have no reference frame for understanding.

You speak to yourselves of Regional Area 2 and accessing information within Regional Area 2. You access this information continuously. Within Regional Area 2, as it is connected to this reality, it is comprised also of imagery; for within your consciousness, as I have stated, objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony. One does not dictate to the other. They are intertwined. Therefore, they also must create imagery that you may translate. It serves no purpose for you to be creating of Regional Area 2 within consciousness that you may not access, for you would not understand. Therefore, your subjective imagery exists within this area also. It is different in what you may view to be more abstract, for the information subjectively relaxes your belief systems and allows for more information. It allows for interaction that you do not allow yourself to be aware of within your objective awareness.

You are connecting within energy with all other individuals, with all other focuses, with all of your probabilities, your probable selves, your alternate selves, and those of all other individuals. In this, you do not incorporate a time framework that you recognize within your objective awareness. Therefore, a translation is necessary for you to understand or create objective imagery; that which you project continuously as you are physically focused. This becomes obvious to you as you engage your dream activity, for the imagery appears differently. It may appear disconnected. It may appear that it does not involve objective imagery at all, but it is quite connected as it is merely a translation, compiling information which to you objectively would appear to be quite scattered.

As you create dream imagery, you are filtering information into images that you recognize that may be involving any aspect of physical reality, not always within your time framework that you are aware of. Therefore, you create imagery that seems to be strange, and you create belief systems that suggest to you that your dream imagery is always a translation which is directly translatable into objective waking consciousness. In one respect, this is correct; but you limit your thought process in attempting to give yourselves interpretations of your dream imagery, for there are many, many, many layers of dream imagery.

In this, it is quite limiting to view one image, a tooth, within a dream action, and be attempting to translate this into singularly how this is affecting of your day. In one respect it is affecting, for you have connected within consciousness within Regional Area 2 with another aspect. It may not be yours, but it offers you information which shall be translated. Therefore, within an experience within your day as you are objectively wakingly aware, a very small action may occur which is an element of this imagery.

In repeating dream imagery, for the most part although not always, there is interaction with other aspects of yourself, or counterpart action, which is being translated to you. You translate the information that you share with this counterpart into dream imagery. As resulting of this action, you translate once again within your waking attention into action. This action may not appear as a tooth.” [session 184, June 20, 1997]

LETTY: “I have another question. I’ve been having dreams where I keep dreaming about airplanes and being at airports, but I never get on the airplane. Am I missing the step? I look at it like getting on a plane and flying would be to me, which I do in this focus, but in my dreams it’s like I’m always one step before, and I wanted to know if it’s something that I’m kind of like holding myself back on?

ELIAS: Correct. This would be imagery to yourself of the aircraft as a transport device. In this, you do not allow yourself quite to be boarding this craft to be transported. You, as the other individuals within this company presently, are investigating subjectively other focuses within other dimensions, but are preventing yourself from viewing these other focuses. Therefore, you create imagery within your dream state to be offering yourself information of your own blocking of this action.


ELIAS: Entering into areas of investigating other-dimensional focuses creates a fearfulness within many individuals. Many individuals hold a fear of what they may not identify within its natural element. Therefore, they view that this may hold harmfulness to them, and this creates a situation that you hold back within yourself, not wishing objectively to be entering areas that are very unfamiliar to you. You hold, as I have stated previously many times, very strongly to this attention, to this focus, for this is familiar to you objectively, and you view other focuses within other dimensions to be holding fearful aspects, for they are very unfamiliar to you objectively and also partially subjectively within this particular focus. But within essence, they are all elements of you. Therefore, you need not hold fearfulness of any other focus that you hold within essence, for it shall not be hurtful to you.” [session 245, November 29, 1997]

LESLIE: “A couple of times as I went to sleep, I asked your help to visit my focuses ’cause I thought maybe it would work in that state better or easier or whatever, you know what I mean? Unfortunately, I didn’t remember anything when I woke up. So, did we go anywhere?

ELIAS: You are inquiring to the accessing within your dream state of certain other focuses.

Now; I shall express to you that you have been creating this movement in the direction of accessing other focuses, and you have moved into the viewing and partial interaction with one particular focus in which there are some elements of that energy which is affecting of this focus presently.

In this, you are not objectively allowing yourself the remembrance of this interaction within your waking state, but you are accomplishing and you are allowing yourself an objective responsiveness. In this, I have also been compliant with you in responding to your request ...

LESLIE: Thank you.

ELIAS: ... for helpfulness.

Now; in this, you have moved into your waking state from this interaction within your sleep state, and you experience a limited time framework, in moving out of your sleep state into your waking state, in which you are experiencing agitation.

LESLIE: Oh! Is that why I’m waking up so angry?


LESLIE: Oh! In the last few weeks, I wake up, and I’ve never experienced this, but I’m just so angry! I could just kill!

ELIAS: The reason you are experiencing this type of responsiveness is that in this interaction with this other focus, you are noticing certain parallels.

I express to you, as I have expressed to other individuals recently, it may be quite easier for you to be viewing another individual – even within another focus of your own essence – and recognizing the patterns and creations and behaviors of that individual and identifying more of the choices that are available to the individual than it shall be for you to look to self and identify the very same situations and expanse of choices which are available to you.

Therefore, in this viewing of another focus of your essence, what you are connecting to is a recognition that that focus is creating certain elements – certain actions and behaviors – within its focus which are quite similar to your energy and how you create within your focus, but your attention is turned to the other individual.

Therefore, you are not necessarily associating within the experience the commonality that you share with that focus. You are merely experiencing frustration, that you recognize certain choices which are not being accessed or implemented which may be in actuality helpful to the individual, but that individual is not choosing those particular behaviors or actions. This creates an element of frustration within yourself, for underlyingly, you are also recognizing that you are creating your reality quite similarly.

Now; in this, as you move from sleep state into your waking state – in what you in physical form identify as a type of transitional state – you are experiencing the objective response and becoming agitated. You are agitated with the other focus and with yourself also, in the recognition of these similarities.

There is also an element of frustration which triggers anger, for as you may be frustrated in intensity within a particular focus, many individuals easily move into the expression of anger in conjunction with this type of frustration. Therefore, this be the reason that you are experiencing this type of action as you move out of your dream state and into your waking state many times recently.

In this, I shall also express to you that it is merely a recognition that you are holding to your own energy quite tightly ... as we have discussed previously, have we not? (Grinning)

LESLIE: Oh, yes! (Elias laughs) Well, how do you let go? I feel the tightness, so I know I’m doing it, but how do you let go of it?

ELIAS: This, I express to you, within physical focus, you identify as a process. You allow yourself to be accomplishing this in increments, and in these increments, little by little, you allow yourself to be noticing as you are holding within each moment, and in that moment, relax and allow yourself to not be holding.

Ask yourself, within those moments that you feel that tightness and you feel yourself holding to your energy, what do you hold in such great importance that you need be holding to your energy so very tightly? This may be a response to your own energy and it may be a response to other individuals’ energy, but either situation, you may ask yourself within: What behavior, what thought, what feeling, what action holds such great importance and such value to you within that moment that you shall not allow yourself to relax or that you need be expressing justification of yourself or protection of yourself? For what shall be hurtful to you outside of you?” [session 409, June 02, 1999]

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End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: the intent of the dream mission is to connect with subjective activity which is represented by dream and waking imagery, thus being able to translate our language to ourselves of activity that occurs in Regional Area 2, thus becoming aware of how we create our reality.

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