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Sunday, March 16, 2003

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ďInitiating FocusĒ

ďUsing Visualization to ProjectĒ

ďProbable SelvesĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jon (Sung) and Erin (Melody).

Elias arrives at 11:42 AM. (Arrival time is 21 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

ERIN: Hello!

JON: Hey.

ELIAS: Boo! (Jon and Erin laugh in surprise) How shall we proceed?

ERIN: I want to ask you questions first. Letís see Ė what should I start with? Iíll start with one thatís famous. I really wanted to know if I have a focus as Marc Chagall. (Pause)

ELIAS: Observing essence.

ERIN: Do I have any famous focuses as artists or musicians?


ERIN: Is it an artist or a musician?

ELIAS: A painter, a dancer.

ERIN: (Laughs) Thatís funny, because Iím always posing around!

Is my impression of Mattís essence name as Darj, D-A-R-J (DARJZ), right, or is that a focus name or something?

ELIAS: Essence name, correct.

ERIN: Iím so happy! Is his color bright green, maybe essence color?


ERIN: I was wondering about my relationship with him. I think of it as being some type of reverse twin, that we have similar fragmentation and also maybe counterpart action or something like that.

ELIAS: Counterpart action, correct. Similar qualities of essence, not necessarily associated with fragmentation, but you have chosen similar qualities of essence, which lends to a tremendous familiarity.

ERIN: Are you the famous painter Marcel Duchamp, or the focus where you are Marcel Duchamp, is that a different focus of the same name?

ELIAS: Different.

ERIN: I had a dream where I saw a building and it was shaped almost like a spider. It had beams coming out from the sides and going up, and there were beams coming down. It was a light bluish-gray with a lot of glass, and there were some underground floors to it, I think. I was wondering if this is a building from the future.


ERIN: Is it associated with the City?


ERIN: Is it in the Alterversity, or does it have another function?


ERIN: What is the function of that building?

ELIAS: Shall you investigate? (Pause)

ERIN: I have this feeling sometimes of being big and small at once, where I feel like Iím very big and delicate, or very small and containing everything. Is that experiencing being essence, or is it experiencing something about size?

ELIAS: This is more associated with essence and allowing yourself to physically experience alterations in your energy expression, which allows you a very different perception and allows you the opportunity to incorporate more of a sense of yourself as essence and as different from the mere physical manifestation of the attention.

At times individuals may experience this type of sensation, so to speak, and generate this type of perception. It may fluctuate, in which you actually may experience a type of waviness within your perception, for the alternation of the largeness but also the smallness may appear to you to be pulsing in a type of in-and-out manner, in which you experience yourself in this waviness and your reality may appear quite unusual.

ERIN: Could I use that feeling as a window for experiencing the (inaudible)?

ELIAS: Yes, for this is a time framework in which you are relaxing your attention and allowing yourself more flexibility and may also generate new neurological pathways. (Pause)

ERIN: Do I have a probable self that is playing the oboe still?

ELIAS: Yes. (Pause)

ERIN: I was wondering if, for me personally in my position or designation of initiating focus, I create an on-going influence with my other focuses, where I would first move into events or engaging issues and then they would move into the events or engaging the issues that Iím engaging also.

ELIAS: No, not necessarily, for each focus generates their own direction and their own choices, and initiates their movement in association with any of their particular issues in accordance with their choices individually. But I may express to you, what you do offer in energy to all of the other focuses of yourself is periodic inspirations, for the energy that you project offers what you may term to be a freshness at times in the experiences and the expressions of the other focuses.

Every essence generates this type of expression. Initiating focuses offer periodic influxes, so to speak, to the other focuses, in which they may experience a renewed excitement within their focus or the renewed appreciation momentarily in their focus, which is a type of inspirational energy which is projected from the initiating focus.

ERIN: I was wondering if I have a conceptualization of this action thatís outside of time. Outside of our time framework, where essence will generate a gesture which will be inserted into any focuses which choose to, they will all translate it differently. But this gesture may be inserted into any time framework with any focus. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ERIN: Thatís very interesting.

Could you tell me if my impression that I have slightly more focuses in the future than in the past Ė almost equal Ė but maybe...? My impression was four present Ė I canít remember Ė thirty past and thirty-two future. I canít remember what my impression was.

ELIAS: Your assessment of slightly more within the future is correct. (Pause)

JON: Iíve been trying to figure out what my intent is, and I got an impression about it. The words that I came up with were to explore the union and the interplay of social ideas with individual beliefs. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. I am acknowledging of you!

JON: Thanks. If I look at what is my general desire, I would probably express that differently. I would say something more like ďto do things in a way that incorporates less limitations than is generally accepted by mass beliefs.Ē Is that basically an implementation of my intent but through the filters of my family and alignment?

ELIAS: Not necessarily through the filter of your family and alignment, but you incorporate the qualities of those families to enhance that exploration of that intent.

JON: I think that Iím a final focus. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes. Interesting dynamic, which may be quite complimentary! (Chuckles)

JON: Sometimes! So if Erin as an initiating focus provides inspiration to her other focuses, would I provide boredom to my other focuses?

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly) No. But I may express that many individuals that are the designated final focus at times experience a restlessness, or dependent upon their beliefs which they express, they may even express some perceptions in almost a dissatisfaction with their presence within this physical dimension, for they are aware of their designation as the final focus.

In actuality, I may express to you, what the final focus offers, generally speaking, at times in moments as an expression of energy to all of the other focuses, is a sense of knowing Ė a sense of knowing essence, knowing that they ARE essence, and a sense of almost solidity of their beingness and the realness of that, and also a sense of self, of presence.

ERIN: Is my focus of Harold Zantim, my final focus, present?


ERIN: I was wondering if I know any other initiating focuses.

ELIAS: Presently, no. But you may generate that if you are so choosing and draw that to yourself.

ERIN: Your comments at the Castaic group session about my initiating-ness made me curious. You said it was a creative choice in this time framework. Is it less done somehow?

ELIAS: Clarify.

ERIN: What I remember you saying is that it was very creative. What I thought that meant was that... I think my interpretation of that is off. Can you explain what you did mean?

ELIAS: And what was your interpretation?

ERIN: It was that there were fewer people choosing to be initiating focuses in this particular portion of the Shift. That was my interpretation.

ELIAS: In this time framework, you are correct in your impression. But what I was expressing to you was associated with yourself and your creativity and in your expression of your choices in relation to this position of an initiating focus.

Not all initiating focuses exhibit as obviously. (Jon and Erin laugh) They incorporate the perception. They incorporate the knowing that they are new in their perception, but not all initiating focuses express that outwardly in their movements and in their display of themselves in this physical focus, in this physical manifestation. Other individuals may somewhat suspect or guess, if they are paying attention to an initiating focus, and incorporate the information to identify that an individual is an initiating focus. Most initiating focuses do incorporate this quality of inspirational energy and a newness or a wonderment or what you term to be a freshness in their perception of their world and of themselves, but generally speaking they also generate manifestations and movements and expressions that are quite similar to other focuses, continuing focuses.

You have chosen quite creatively to be demonstrating an exhibition of these qualities and allowing yourself an openness as to your wonderment and your strangeness with this reality, so to speak, which is to be acknowledged. For I may express to you, your impression as to initiating focuses in this time framework is correct. There are not as many within this particular time framework as there are in other time frameworks. In association with this shift in consciousness, you have allowed yourself the freedom to be expressing yourself in conjunction with what you perceive. Whereas within other time frameworks, in association with the beliefs and the societies, individuals that are initiating focuses may be more reluctant to express a physical display of their perception, for it may not be viewed as acceptable.

I may express to you also, those few that are initiating focuses within what you perceive to be future focuses are even more so expressive than yourself (Erin laughs) and allow themselves to express, regardless of the perception of other individuals that may express that that individual chooses never to grow up! In past focuses, this is less acceptable and therefore the choice is generated to be less conspicuous and to be incorporating the behavior of what is acceptable for adult conduct but also continuing to express a jolliness. (Chuckles)

You have chosen to be expressing not merely in action and perceptions and behaviors but also in your manifestation. (Pause)

ERIN: Physically, like physical appearance?


ERIN: I look like a twelve-year-old! (All laugh)

ELIAS: Which quite matches your choice to be expressing not being the common expression of the adult! (Pause)

JON: Normally when I try and do projections, the way it works is that I try the manner of falling asleep and then I became lucid in whatever dream Iím having. Then I get these vibrations and I come back in my body and I just step out of my body. First of all, I was wondering if you could explain what exactly that sensation of vibration is. What is that signifying?

ELIAS: It is offering you a signal that you are projecting. Projection is not necessarily accomplished in the textbook manner. You do this quite often. But if it does not coincide with what you perceive to be the technically correct manner of projecting, you discount the action and you explain to yourself that you have not generated a projection at all but have perhaps merely generated a visualization or a dream imagery.

You have offered yourself a method to identify projections that you are aware of. In this, you generate a vibration quality to signal yourself to pay attention.

JON: So itís actually like a communication to myself rather than a part of the phenomenon. It doesnít have to happen.

ELIAS: Correct, but in this time framework it is both. You are correct, it is not necessary. But in this time framework, you are incorporating that as an aspect of the projection to signal yourself that you are generating that action.

JON: If I wanted to get into that state objectively without falling asleep first, I usually try but if I stay too focused consciously, objectively, then it seems that I donít get relaxed enough. But then if I try getting near sleep enough then I just end up falling asleep and I canít... I donít know.

ELIAS: Generate a visualization.

JON: That would be good, like your ďsnap.Ē (1)

ELIAS: Create a visualization in which you may hold your attention focused as a focal point. As you continue to focus your attention upon the visualization, you may begin to move into the visualization and experience it, and from that point you may move in different directions and alter the projection.

But you may create a visualization that incorporates your outer senses, perhaps sitting beneath a tree within a park. Do not merely visualize and view yourself sitting beneath a tree. FEEL yourself, SENSE yourself sitting beneath a tree within the park and incorporate the enactment of your senses. Feel your skin. Feel the air. Feel the grass. Incorporate your sense of smell as you breathe in the air and the vegetation around you. Incorporate your sense of hearing and choose. Are you alone beneath this tree? Do you hear voices within the distance, perhaps children at play? Perhaps there are no other individuals. Do you hear birds? Feel breeze or the lack of breeze. Feel the warmth of the sun or the cool of the shade. These are all input informations that you offer to yourself in physical situations, in actual physical presentments.

But in the incorporation of projections, you also incorporate sensation. Your body may or may not appear to you to be as solid as it appears to you within your normal waking state. But even if it appears less solid or more translucent Ė which at times individuals do incorporate that type of manifestation. This is the reason that individuals identify that they incorporate an astral body, for at times you do not project as solidly as you do within your waking state. But this is not to say that you do not incorporate the same sensations, for you do. Therefore, allow yourself in your visualization not to be observing but to be experiencing.

Perhaps you visualize yourself upon a shore. Shall you stand or sit upon the sand or a rock? Do you hear the waves of the sea? Do you hear the birds, your seagulls? Do you smell the air and the saltiness? Do you feel the different sensations upon the outer layer of your body of the cool, the mist, but also the warmth of the sun?

Perhaps you shall visualize a location and an environment in which it is not sunny. Perhaps it may be raining. This also provides you with different sense input. The more clearly you may visualize actually being within a different location, the more clearly you shall experience your projection.

JON: Thanks.

ERIN: Can you tell me how many percentage points of my attention I projected to my parentsí house? This was last week.

ELIAS: Within this time framework or generally, or within a specific time framework?

ERIN: Iím asking about the specific practice that I did where I projected to my parentsí house. I tried to experience like youíre talking about. I wonder how much of my attention I was able to project into that situation at that time. (Pause)

ELIAS: Eighty-one.

ERIN: Thank you. Wow.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Recognize that there shall always be some percentage of your attention that remains with your physical body consciousness and your physical manifestation in its environment to be continuing to direct it.

Now; you may be generating a particular type of movement, but this is not associated with projections, per se. In what you are speaking of with projections, you shall always continue to hold some percentage of your attention in association with your environment and your physical body consciousness in directing it.

But if you are generating an action of unconsciousness, what you define as unconsciousness Ė not coma, but a state of what you define to be unconsciousness Ė this is an entire removal of attention from the body consciousness. That may be maintained for merely a few of your physical hours, as I have identified previously, for this is a removal of both awarenesses. (2) Therefore, the body consciousness is directing itself, and it may function for a very limited time framework without direction from the subjective awareness. But that is quite a different expression.

JON: Is that an unconsciousness that takes place like when someoneís anesthetized for surgery? What is it exactly when someone has this type of unconsciousness?

ELIAS: Not an induced state of unconsciousness Ė that is an extreme state of relaxation. The individual is not what you term to be unconscious. Individuals generate that state generally in association with an expression or an event of trauma.

JON: Would this be like a near-death experience or something like that?

ELIAS: At times, but not always. An individual may generate a severe injury and may create this state of unconsciousness. They may express an extreme trauma, which may not necessarily incorporate an injury but perhaps what you view as a psychological trauma, which the individual shall faint, in your terms, and continue the state of unconsciousness.

Individuals generally create this state in association with an actual display of trauma, and thusly move into this particular state. As in any scenario, it is the individualís choice as to what their reason may be or what their motivation may be. At times it may be expressed as a near-death experience, but much more often not. That type of experience is not as common as the expression of unconsciousness temporarily.

Most individuals generate that state for a very brief time framework, perhaps minutes, less than one hour. But you may maintain that expression for several hours but not beyond, for the body consciousness becomes confused and ceases to function without instruction from the subjective awareness. (Pause)

ERIN: I was wondering if my dad is intermediate, political focused.


ERIN: And my mom is common, emotional focused?


JON: Am I thought focused?


JON: I noticed that sometimes it seemed like I was processing information through the yellow energy center first. Is that happening sometimes, even if Iím thought focused?

ELIAS: Yes. Not as often, but at times.

JON: Is my future focus Jason, is his father a focus of the essence Othello, named John?


JON: Am I an observing essence of Myrandaís focus Nathan Forrester?


JON: My future focus of Thomas, it seems to me like his essence is part merged with another essence. Is that correct?

ELIAS: You are tapping into a temporary action. You all engage this action of mergences with other focuses, other essences. In this, you are tapping into your essence merging with another essence and the influence, so to speak, that it is expressing in relation to that focus.

A mergence may not necessarily be obvious within most focuses. You yourselves are, generally speaking, unaware objectively of such an action, and it does not generate any interruption within your flow of energy. At times future focuses are aware of the action of mergence as it is occurring and allow themselves to tap into that action and experience it to be experiencing different qualities. But this is what you are tapping into.

JON: This temporary mergence, I was trying to figure out which essence thatís with. It seemed to be similar in energy to Allesander. Is that correct? It could be different; Iím not sure.

ELIAS: Allard.

ERIN: Do I have a future focus named Adaira at the Alterversity?


ERIN: Is she studying some kind of physical thing?


ERIN: Which would involve energy centers and projections and things like that?


ERIN: That makes me wonder about her name. Is her last name Mitchell or Mitchent?

ELIAS: Mitchell.

ERIN: And sheís from England? (Elias nods in agreement)

JON: One thing thatís been confusing me about probable selves... Iíll just it in a scenario here. Letís say I draw myself to interact with a probable version of Erin, and I also draw myself to interact with a probable version of her sister Becky. The probable version of Erin that Iím interacting with here draws to herself a different probable version of Becky to interact with than I do. Is that possible? What happens when I see an interaction between Becky and Erin, when in fact Erin is interacting with a different probable version of Becky than Iím seeing? Do you understand what I mean by that? (Pause)

ELIAS: You are interactive with one probable self, the sibling is interactive with a different probable self, and you are interactive with the sibling.

JON: The different probable...

ELIAS: The variable being this individual as different probable selves.

JON: I think thatís what Iím seeing. Iím interactive with a different version of Becky than Erin is. Weíre both interactive with different versions of Becky.

ELIAS: THAT you may be engaging. If you are projecting to another probable reality, you are interacting with the individuals in that probable reality.

Now; if you are speaking of THIS reality and you choose to be projecting to a different probable reality and viewing a probable self of your partner, and your partnerís sister in THIS reality is also projecting to a probable reality, she may be projecting to a different probable reality than are you. But if projecting to the same probable reality, you shall be interactive with the same probable self Ė but you do incorporate different perceptions of that probable self.

JON: Let me get this straight. Letís say thereís me, thereís Erin, and thereís two Beckys, A and B. Erin is interacting with Becky B and Iím interacting with Becky A, and I observe Erin and Becky interacting. But really would that interaction happen anyway? Even though Erin is interacting with Becky B, would she also interact with Becky A because I observe her doing it? Or I use my perception to create an interaction, but sheís not actually experiencing that because sheís interacting with...

ELIAS: It is dependent upon her choice and where she is directing her attention.

JON: But I can observe her interacting...

ELIAS: You may, and this may be a creation of your perception and does not require her actual energy projection and participation.

JON: Is this something that occurs regularly, or is that something that we generally not do?

ELIAS: Not generally. Occasionally you do create these types of interactions. You view them as glitches, and you explain them away and you express to yourselves that this has been your imagination and it did not actually occur.

But at times you do generate actions in which you may create the other individual actually interacting with you and you are actually interacting with your perception drawn upon an energy deposit of the other individual and not incorporating their attention. Therefore, they shall incorporate no memory of the event, for they have not actually participated.

JON: So generally, each of us has countless probable selves. It just seems like itís a geometrical problem of how all of these countless probable selves interact with each other. I draw one version of this person into my interaction of how many different countless ones I could.

ELIAS: Generally speaking, all of these probable selves do not interact with each other. Generally speaking, once a probable reality has been created and established, there is a veil of separation, a dimensional veil that generally most individuals do not cross.

JON: When Erin creates another probable version of herself thatís playing the oboe, does that create a whole new dimension with all of the people that that probable self of hers can interact with?


JON: Does that automatically create another probable version of me?


JON: Even though I had no part in creating that probability?


JON: In that probable version of me thatís in that reality, is my attention involved in that or is she just doing that with my energy deposit?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

JON: Wow.

ELIAS: Endless ramifications! (Laughs)

JON: It seems like a lot of energy to create. So thatís just like... I donít know.

ELIAS: Now view how powerful you truly are! (Chuckles)

ERIN: I have a question. I am very interested in one specific other dimension which I have experienced, I think, in a dream or a projection. I was moving muscles in my back or in my wings. I have a feeling that I have a lot of attention focused in this dimension and thatís why Iím very interested in it. I was wondering if you could tell me a name for it.

ELIAS: And what would the name of THIS dimension be?

ERIN: Earth.

ELIAS: No, that is the name of your planet.

ERIN: But thatís what I would call it. So you canít create a name, like Atlantis or 11:11?

ELIAS: YOU may create a name.

ERIN: I wouldnít know what to name it at this point. How many focuses do I have in that dimension that Iím speaking of?

ELIAS: As I have stated previously, other dimensions are not designed in the same manner as this physical dimension. It is, or it would be, quite distorted for me to offer any estimation of numbering of other focuses in other dimensions, for they fluctuate. But you are correct, you do incorporate many attentions in that dimension.

ERIN: Thank you.

JON: Thanks a lot.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. (Chuckles) I shall be anticipating our next meeting. Perhaps you shall engage your creativity and invent a name for your dimension! (Laughs with Erin)

Very well, my friends. To you both I offer tremendous affection. Au revoir.

JON: Bye.

Elias departs at 12:45 PM.


(1) For a description of the ďsnapĒ method of projection, see session 291, June 26, 1998.

Digests: find out more about altered states/projections of consciousness.

Exercises: find out more about SNAP.

(2) See session 206, August 14, 1997 for a discussion of unconsciousness and coma.

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