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October 01, 2007

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“Channeling and Energy Exchanges”

“A Ten Year Anniversary”

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Participants: Mary (Michael), Paul (Caroll) and Joanne (Tyl).

(Elias’ arrival time is … seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JO: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning old friend!

ELIAS: (Laughs) And what shall we discuss?

PAUL: We’re going to discuss channeling and energy exchanges today.

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: Jo do you want to…?

JO: No, you go ahead.

PAUL: Do you want me to set the stage here?

JO: Yeah.

PAUL: Back in April Joanne was working with the Ouija Board and began some sort of energy exchange with an essence that identified itself as Rose. And she started autotyping and doing some voice channeling, and I’m using different words and I know you define these words in your own way, and we can come back to that, too.

I also want to reference the June session in Vienna where Anne asked a question about Jo engaging an energy exchange with Rose and your answer was pretty grey, and you said, “No, not yet.” I’m paraphrasing here, and there was no follow up question. So that’s part of our impetus today, that we finally have enough experience for us all (laughs) to ask some questions about this. (1)

ELIAS: Very well.

PAUL: I know you make a distinction between energy exchanges with another essence and channeling one’s own essence.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: And I know you’ve also made a distinction between what we can generally call trance channeling, which is what Mary is doing right now, and on the other side of the spectrum that has a middle area, too, what we’d call conscious channeling. And the first example I had of that was really Ron engaging Patel autotyping. (2)

I know you’ve commented on that saying, “There is no unconscious, etc. etc.” And yet we know from our experience that there is a degree where Mary “steps aside,” in our terms dissociates, and doesn’t remember through this trance state. On the other side we have a more conscious channeling where the focus personality is aware to varying degrees of what’s going on.

So I’m just setting the stage with of my knowledge, experience, and understanding of the information you’ve delivered to date.

The other thing I wanted to put on the table, while I’m doing this introduction, is just to review two other sources of information. One is from the leading scholar, a parapsychologist named Jon Klimo, who we just had the pleasure of meeting last month at the Colorado Seth Conference. He has what we’ll just call a “taxonomy of channeling.” And he covers it, and I’ll add it to the notes of this session. (3)

But he says there’s full trance, sleep channeling, dream channeling, conscious or light trance channeling, clairaudient, clairvoyant, automisms, open channeling, and physical channeling. As he has studied hundreds, if not thousands, of different cases he’s just trying to ballpark different functionality that’s going on.

The other thing, then, is the information you’ve given on the energy exchanges within the nine essence families: Sumafi, Milumet, Gramada, etc. And it’s quite beautiful because that range covers a very similar range to what Klimo is talking about. For example, the Vold hear voices, the Gramada work principally with dream states and inspiration, Milumet deal with mystical beings and altered states and dreams, and so on so forth.

So there’s a wide variety of potentials here in what we can call energy exchanges and channeling.

ELIAS: Quite so. And ALL of them are valid.

PAUL: Right, and I know you’ve been very clear about that and know that it’s easy to distort this Sumafi thing that we’re all very interested in, and part of for quite some time, with the intent of least distortion.

The other point I will throw out there, too, in two main areas with any energy exchange. We do want to focus on levels of distortion and seek least distortion, but then the other part of it is that as others read the information, or engage through speech or any other energetic exchange, they have to interpret the information as well. And there’s plenty of for distortion, as you’ve pointed out repeatedly, and we all have examples of ourselves over the years with your information of doing just that and learning the subtleties. We were just talking about that with Mary today about how much time goes by and until perhaps we finally get some of these concepts.

So with that preamble I would love for you to offer your opinion on what’s been happening with Joanne for the last six months.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I will clarify for you what I expressed in that group interaction. For at that time it was not yet entirely what you would term to be an energy exchange. It was partial, but not entirely, which perhaps may be somewhat confusing. But in that (pause)… in certain types of interactions, the individual engaging an essence may be initially excited but also hesitant, and therefore they may partially allow for some interaction, but not completely. That was the point of the potential.

PAUL: Okay.

ELIAS: I would express agreement that this has become an energy exchange…

PAUL: Alright. That’s cool to hear!

ELIAS: … [and] therefore would validate that this is actually what you are engaging. I would also express you are aware that names are a partial translation of the tone.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore, in that partial translation of the tone, names can be repeated and not necessarily be the same essence. Are you understanding?

PAUL: Yes. And let me just give an example and then you can clarify. Let’s say Kris, channeled by Serge Grandbois, refers to Serge as Joseph. Seth channeled by Jane Roberts referred to Rob Butts as Joseph, and Kris has said it’s not the same essence. It’s the same name but it’s a different variation of tone. At least that’s my understanding. Is that what you’re…

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: …meaning?

ELIAS: Yes, that is correct. And I will express that within this forum I also identified an individual’s essence name as Joseph and expressed that it is not the same essence as that one that you are referring to in association with Seth. (4)

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: Therefore, that being expressed, what I will express to you in clarification is that this essence of Rose is not the same essence of Rose as that which participates in this energy exchange.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: But it is another essence and you are engaging an exchange. And I will express to you in encouragement – it matters not how you engage the exchange, it is ALL valid.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: And I would also express to you an encouragement in a manner to not necessarily concern yourself overly with the factor of distortion. For I will express to you that as you become more at ease with the exchange, and as you become more open to it, there will be less and less of that distortion. Therefore, it is not a matter to actually concern yourself with.

AND I will also express to you that each essence that engages an exchange with an individual within physical focus is generating that with their own purpose. And therefore the benefit of each one is different, and in that it genuinely is not necessary to concern yourself with distortion, for it is MORE significant to discover the direction of that essence and what that essence is offering in benefit to you.

PAUL: Mmhm. Yes.

ELIAS: And you are quite correct. Regardless of what is being presented by any essence, the information will be filtered through individual’s beliefs, their associations, their perception, and therefore it may be distorted. BUT it matters not, for if it is accomplishing its purpose and if it is accepted information from whomever engages it, it is valid. And it can be helpful and informative.

PAUL: Yes.

ELIAS: I am greatly encouraging of you both.

JO: Thank you!

PAUL: Thank you. And we were just saying to Mary beforehand that this is the tenth anniversary of our very first private session with you ten years ago to the day. So that’s an interesting anniversary that we’re celebrating jointly today!

ELIAS: (Laughs loudly, then slyly) And there are no coincidences.

PAUL: Yes!

ELIAS: (Laughs) I would express that that is very creative in your experience.

PAUL: Absolutely, because both are very memorable occasions for us, including today. So it’s wonderful talking to you, as always, in a private, and it’s also wonderful to get more information about this energy exchange.

Jo do you have some questions?

JO: Yeah, we’re still strapped in for the ride, which is what you referred to (laughing) ten years ago today. (5) Now more than ever perhaps!

ELIAS: (Laughs)

JO: Thank you for what you said. It’s very encouraging, and one of the things I also don’t want to over-worry is this Rose ontology, whether or not my Rose is your Rose. And I just wanted to see if you find this accurate. The way she described it to me is that she has described herself as this essence that is a progenitor of other essences, and doesn’t have any physical focuses. So she sounds a lot like yours, but the way that she’s described herself is as a “well of energy” and through the filter of myself she becomes filtered by my intent, and through coming through you and Mary, she becomes filtered through YOU. And therefore she isn’t the same Rose because of that, although there is a certain energy that perhaps we’re both referencing or tapping into. Is that accurate?

ELIAS: Yes, that would be accurate, and I would express to you that this is insightful of you to notice that this essence is expressing to you that it does not incorporate physical focuses, and the other essence does.

JO: Which essence? Your essence does? (Laughs) Your Rose does?

PAUL: The nine children. (6)

JO: Oh yes! Okay.

ELIAS: Yes, correct. And in that I will express to you that that does not prevent you or this essence at times from tapping into the energy of the other Rose, and combining that with your own energy exchange.

PAUL: Right, that’s clear. And Rose has delivered some preliminary information that says the same thing essentially. (7) So it’s a little cloudy, it’s a little grey, and at that level, not level, but that Regional Area of Self, that’s as far as I’m going to speculate about how it all works anyway, but it seems….

ELIAS: (Interrupting) For I will express to you that within nonphysical areas of consciousness there genuinely is no separation.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: And therefore the energies are continuously mingling. And in that, any essence can merge with any other essence and can draw different angles or directions, so to speak, from other essences. This is also the reason there are many essences participating in this energy exchange that I engage. For in that, it allows for a greater source of energy, which allows for a more powerful exchange. In this, your exchange with Rose CAN incorporate the same type of action and CAN mingle with the other essence of Rose, and therefore generate some differences in energy and in information through its own mingling.

BOTH: Right.

PAUL: And we’re starting to get some hints of that through the interaction thus far. It’s only been six months, so it’s still very, very new.

ELIAS: (Slyly chuckles)

BOTH: (Laugh)

JO: (Chuckling) And Elias, you know I’m pretty well versed in your teachings so I guess it’s no accident that Rose is very consonant with your teachings to a large degree, for example, with the families of consciousness. She’s also going to be using the orientations, pointing to your teachings and so on. And I guess along with my Borledim intent and alignment, she will be helping to reach people in simpler language.

But some of the things, too, that she said differ a little bit from what you’re teaching. So I imagine that some people may see these things as contradictory but they really aren’t. I’m reminded of some of the information that was slightly different between you and Kris, and so I sense that you are both, well, all you dead guys and gals are in cahoots, and I just wanted to know if you would comment on that.

ELIAS: I would quite agree, and let me express to you what may SEEM to be contradictory is not necessarily. And in this, I would express that different essences choose to engage language differently. Therefore, WORDS can be viewed quite literally and they may not necessarily be.

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: Many words can be incorporated to express one meaning. Therefore, they may not necessarily be contradictory. They may SEEM to be, superficially, but in actuality I would agree that, in your terms, we are all in cahoots (laughs).

BOTH: (Laugh)

ELIAS: As we are all in similar direction and may choose to incorporate different words, but generally speaking I would express that essences are not paradoxical, or in disagreement, or that we are engaging different directions. We are merely expressing them in different manners.

PAUL: Right. And that comes back to what you’ve mapped as the essence family intents. That’s where those nine main forms, you get nine styles or nine types. So you’re going to get a nice rainbow of potential translations and styles, right?

ELIAS: Correct. AND I will express that there may be more than nine. Those are the basic…

PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: …or the most common. But there are many, many, many different manners in which an exchange can occur. And there are many manners in which individuals can tap into information within their own essence. Remember, your own essence is no different than any other essence. You incorporate the same information as any other essence and therefore it is equally as valid in channeling energy from your own essence, and providing information, as an energy exchange with another essence.

At times, channeling energy from your own essence may be MORE personal and, as I have expressed, is easier. And in that, you are ALL privy to the same information that any other essence can provide. But that is not the situation that you are engaging presently. You are engaging an energy exchange and that is different only in association with the energy itself, and the affect that it engages in association with you as a physical manifestation. (Pause)

JO: Okay. I don’t have a follow-up question. I’m pleased to hear that because part of Rose’s agenda will be to encourage people to connect with their intent and their mode of channeling or providing an energy exchange. So this helps make it, I think, a little bit more accessible to also hear you say that. Thank you.

ELIAS: (Laughs slyly)

JO: (Laughs)

PAUL: I have a follow-up question Elias about the, let’s just call it the sub-families. We know that the nine families are what we call in our integral work “orienting generalizations.” They ballpark us, and as you’ve stated before, there’s many, many variations of those things in the sub-families. I just wanted to explore a little bit here about Joanne’s alignment and belonging to, as you have given it as Ilda belonging to and Borledim aligning with. Is that still her tone?


PAUL: Okay. In your energy exchange typology with the Borledim energy exchange, you’ve not given a lot of information on that, but you mention the one example of “children’s invisible friends.” And I was struck by that as I revisited the information initially because here, with Joanne, is an adult with an “invisible friend,” in that Joanne can engage Rose consciously to varying degrees. It’s like having an invisible friend. So that’s just one thing I wanted to put out there.

The other thing is that with her Ilda belonging to as a dominant tone from your perspective, as she engages this energy exchange with Rose, this Rose… I want to pick the word carefully… I’ll say “cloud” to give it some generalness. As her Ilda belonging to engages this exchange, it is part of what’s coloring what’s coming through. And we got the term “Sumilda” as sort of a hybrid Sumafi/Ilda layer in this exchange with her.

So I’m just putting that out there: the Borledim alignment, the invisible friend, the Sumilda essence layer, and this Rose cloud and see what your comments are on that. I know it’s pretty esoteric (laughs).

JO: (Laughs)

ELIAS: (Laughs) I would agree with the analogy of the Borledim, and I would express that that is quite consistent with the qualities of that family. I would also express that the Ilda allows for the type of direction that you are beginning to move within. You are already beginning to identify the direction of this essence and therefore your own direction in participating with this essence in sharing information. And those qualities of the Ilda facilitate that, and allow you to generate that more easily.

JO: The conversations that I have with Rose, or the intention of distributing this information more commonly among more people, or both?

ELIAS: Both. And what you express in association with what you are already identifying, that your understanding is, that this essence is moving in a direction of encouraging other individuals to be more freely tapping into their own essences, their own information, and perhaps other essences.

JO: Right.

ELIAS: And therefore, you already are beginning to recognize certain elements that are creating a direction with yourself and this essence.

JO: Right.

ELIAS: And in that, the Ilda is quite helpful, for it allows you to move in that direction more easily.

JO: Yes, she’ll say something, and I’ll laugh while speaking for her because I am present to some degree. (Laughing) It’s just…

ELIAS: (Laughs)

JO: …really strange. You know, just the actual state that I’m in when I’m doing that. Yup, thank you.

ELIAS: As for the other essence family qualities that your subdivision or hybrid, whichever you choose to identify it as, that would be a drawing of energy from the other essence – an incorporation of those qualities.

JO: You taught me well! (All laugh) I’ve become more like you in the process of learning to engage Rose’s Sumafi energy.

PAUL: So that’s where this Sumilda hybrid makes some sense?


PAUL: Right.

ELIAS: It is quite understandable, for in incorporating those qualities also, it generates an effective combination to accomplish the direction that you are moving in.

JO: You know you just reminded me of something you said to me years ago about “you can connect any dots,” you know. But I think what this does is to provide an orientation to my intentionality of knowing which dots I want to connect, and if they’re accurate dots.

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

JO: So that fits. I’m pleased about that. I’ve finally become a member of the tribe (laughing). (8)

ALL: (Laugh)

ELIAS: Perhaps you may engage your own tribal celebration and dance!

BOTH: (Laughing) I think we just might!

PAUL: Well that answers all my questions for today. Jo do you have any….

JO: I just have one that comes to mind. When we first met you in Elmira I asked you about my Borledim intent and alignment, and I said, “I’m infertile so what do you mean? I might be having children?” And you said, “You don’t need to be bearing twelve children to be Borledim aligned.” And you made a mention that was very innocuous of having a child late in life, and I kind of think this is what you were talking about. (9) Am I right?

ELIAS: Yes you are.

JO: So you saw these probabilities, of course, at that time.

ELIAS: Potential, yes. They were not actual probabilities yet, but potential. (10)

JO: Well, thank you. (Laughing) This has been quite a wild ride, and I look forward to many more years of this and I just want to thank you for all your loving support, you know – objectively, subjectively, and everything.

PAUL: Ditto!

ELIAS: You are very welcome my dear friends. I offer you tremendous encouragement in your journey and BE GENTLE with yourself, for energy exchanges can be challenging, but remember the most important factor is to remain balanced, although that also may be the most challenging.

ALL: (Laugh)

ELIAS: But, be encouraged for remember, there is NO harmful action with an energy exchange. Therefore, I am greatly acknowledging of you and greatly encouraging of you, and offer my energy of tremendous supportiveness.

JO: Thank you Elias.

PAUL: Thank you so much.

ELIAS: To you both in dear friendship, in tremendous appreciation, and in great lovingness. Au revoir.

BOTH: Au revoir.

Elias departs after 36 minutes.


(1) Paul’s note: I referred to the following exchange from the recent Vienna session:

ANNE: On the Rose question, Jo H. is channeling Rose, from what I understand from the forums, the chat things. Is that the case?

ELIAS: (Pause) Not yet. It is a potential, but no, not yet. [session 2284, June 02, 2007]

(2) Paul’s note: Ron Churchman has been an important part of the Elias forum since the beginning. He engages an energy exchange with a “dear friend” of Elias’ through autotyping whose essence name is Patel and focus name is Paul.

For more information see: Digests: Paul (Patel).

(3) Paul’s note: Parapsychologist Jon Klimo wrote Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources (1998). It’s perfect for those who want a scientific approach to the wide spectrum channeling phenomena. Jon provides a clear historical overview that reaches back to the first recorded histories in the West. His book helps to demystify channeling as a human intelligence we all possess.

Elias presented a typology of for each of the nine essence family intents and how they engage energy exchanges. In summary:

  • Sumafi = spoken or written language.
  • Milumet = with mystical beings via altered states and dreams.
  • Gramada = within dream states and inspiration.
  • Vold = hearing voices.
  • Ilda = to promote “legends of encounters of unusual origin or unusual factors.”
  • Sumari = conventional psychic phenomenon (long list!).
  • Tumold = within energy exchanged through other physically focused individuals.
  • Zuli = within physical forms.
  • Borledim = with children (“invisible friends”).

For more information see: Digests: essence families; energy exchanges (Dream Walker interaction).

(4) Paul’s note: Joseph is the essence name given a participant in the early forum in Castaic, CA named Jo in the transcripts (not to be confused with Joanne Helfrich). I have yet to find the exact session where Elias says this, and will include it when it’s found, because it helps to clarify the subtle distinctions being made here.

(5) Paul’s note: Jo refers to our first private:

ELIAS: … This also is no accident that you draw yourselves to this forum presently within this present now, for this be the action that many of you are engaging presently; addressing to core belief systems, base issues, and attempting to move through these and therefore allow yourselves the opportunity and the ability to be accepting. This shall be accelerating. Therefore, you may be strapping yourself for the ride! (Grinning and we all laugh) [session 224, October 01, 1997]

(6) Paul’s note: Elias introduced the nine children of Rose as part of what I call his “messiah mythos,” since it deals with the Christian belief system of a messianic figure that returns to straighten things out on a global scale. However, in Elias’ version, he describes nine male children that represent the nine main essence family intents. All were born from roughly 1993 to 1997, according to Elias, so that would make them roughly ten to fourteen years old as of this writing.

For more information see: Digests: the nine children of the essence of Rose.

(7) Jo’s note: Here’s what Rose says about this subject, which to me is consonant with what Elias expresses:

ROSE: Your Elias provides an exchange with Rose, so your Mary, you would say, would, but not really. She would provide a filtered version of Rose as well: filtered, you see, through Elias. …No, there would not be a direct connection with Rose due to your way of finding her, for you would be considered a genuine article in your terms only, not in a worldwide sense. Your Rose would be channeled in your Rose’s terms in many ways, but she would not be in direct ways the Rose Elias has expressed. The Rose Elias has expressed exists only in your Elias’ problematic picture. We say problematic for your hierarchies indeed get in your way of understanding us. But we will say your Rose would be Elias’ Rose as long as she didn’t come through you. Rose would not be considered Elias’ Rose as long as she came through anyone but Mary….

We suggest you can think of Rose as a means for our Rose story to enfold your world. Your Rose is as good as Elias’ Rose. We are aware you are thinking what we will say: (humorously) your Rose can beat up Elias’ Rose as easily, as your Rose can be allowed to be beaten, but you are aware this is only a great joke.

JO: So I think I'm getting this. Just as someone else could provide an energy exchange with, say, Elias, and that Elias would be THEIR Elias, one dimension removed from that, Rose would operate in the same way….

ROSE: Your Rose is Elias’ Rose, but when she comes your way, she is not Elias’ anymore in a simplistic sense. She will be Elias’ Rose only as long as she doesn’t exchange energetically with anyone else but Mary. We will be saying more, as we suggest this sounds impossible in some ways to understand….

The Rose you have is Elias’ Rose only in your implicit ways, indeed not in explicit ways. Explicitly, only Mary can channel her Rose, which you would say would be Elias’ Rose…. So you were incorrect in your way of saying you would not be channeling Elias’ Rose, you are, but in expression it wouldn’t be Elias’ Rose anymore.

JO: I get that. Rose is a kind of well that gets colored when exchanges happen, and is colored by intent…

ROSE: Yes, that is a very good example. You would consider your Rose also as a well you can drink from at anytime, and your words would be colored by your engagement of your Rose selves. So you can think of Rose as being a great big well of fundamental energies that expresses herself in ways that enrich individuals in many ways, that would be interested in ways they would best put their energies to use.

The Rose self is indeed an energetic field, not an individual, so your Rose will come through in a variety of ways: energetically, creatively, artistically, in ways you can imply would be innumerable. So you can say she is a big body of water, an ocean to drink from that will be as valued, as we suggest your water in your wells would be. We suggest she is so vast to imply your infinity, for she is Rose of your way of spirit, as well as sometimes infinite numbers of individuals in your world. For she is indeed earthbound in our terms, so she indeed allows interest in or physical dimensions in ways she cannot possibly describe. [session 137, September 17, 2007]

(8) Jo’s note: When we moved to Castaic, CA in 1998 we proceeded to work on the Elias book and website, which required editorial guidelines for assuring least distortion of Elias’ words. This was challenging due to sensitivity around “least distortion,” which was understandable. But at one point, my family alignments (Ilda/Borledim) were questioned, and because “I wasn’t Sumafi” there was doubt about my ability to portray Elias’ words accurately. My response was, “But I am Sumafi,” because as Elias said early on that we each have characteristics of all the families in different degrees.

ELIAS: You may exchange these individual words within all of your essence families, and each word will apply equally to each family. I may incorporate the word spiritualist to each essence family, and it will be correct. I may apply healing or communication, and it will be correct in referring to each essence family. As to an understanding within your accepted definitions and belief systems, I have offered definitions to you, and explanations of your essence families, so that you may connect with and understand more easily why your desires manifest within the direction that they do. [session 91, May 01, 1996]

So this was just my way of intuiting how my own Sumilda intentions would play out some day through this energy exchange with Rose.

(9) Paul’s note: Jo refers the first group sessions we had with Elias during the 1997 Sethnet Int’l Elmira conference in Room 106 where he first gave her essence family alignment (Borledim) and belonging to (Ilda), and answered Jo’s question about being infertile.

JO: I have another question about the alignment from the other family ... I don’t know how to pronounce it ... Borledim?

ELIAS: Borledim. (Correcting pronunciation)

JO: It seems to be a family of breeders. I seem to be infertile so far, in this reality! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is a very limited explanation!

JO: I understand that, and you warned me about that, and I know that there of course are interpretations. I think that might be a good starting point for understanding the alignments of the families.

ELIAS: We have been offered within this forum an example of another individual which is aligned with this family of Borledim which also physically manifests in this same manner, of inability to produce stock. Therefore, do not confuse yourself that you must be bearing twelve children (laughter) to be aligned with this family! Many, many actions occur between these families and within these families. Within the intent, energy is distributed by individuals that do not bear for the accomplishment of bearing within others.

Also, it is not limited to the bearing of young. There is much more involved within this intent of this family. It does not only center upon breeding. It centers quite heavily upon the quality of the stock – the education and the nurturing, the acknowledgment of the magnificence of each individual within their creation and their being. This is more to do with the focus of these individuals aligning with this family, whom hold great affection and connection to small ones regardless of their ability to produce them physically.

I shall explain to you also: Within the action of manifestation, you do not choose your child. The entering focus chooses all. The entering focus chooses its parentage, its family, its genetics, its heritage, its alignment. It manipulates all energy to be creating of the physical focus – every molecule, every atom, even each egg and sperm that shall meet. This is the choice of the entering focus. As you have allowed yourself also this experience in allowing yourself birth, you also allow for different experience in accepting this manifestation and the choices of another focus. Your only agreement within this is to be bearing of this child.

Therefore, some of your stories within your history that you read biblically are not fantasy or mythology but reality, that individuals may produce at ages far beyond those that you believe are physically possible. This is not to say that you have chosen this probability. I am only suggesting elements that you may not hold awareness of presently which are also reality. Be remembering the tremendous influence within energy and consciousness that these individuals aligning with this family of Borledim contribute to the manifestations of all of your earth stock, not only those that they individually bear. You may be contributing to all these small ones about you, regardless of your physical production of them. (Smiling)

JO: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. [session 186, June 22, 1997]

(10) Paul’s note: though I didn’t mention it, Jo’s comment reminded me of a similar yet subtle prognostication Elias made during a private session in 1999 that hinted of rosy things to come down the road, though at that time I was wrestling with personal issues, the newness of Elias’ information, and having moved so far away from home. So I asked Elias if I was experiencing what he calls trauma of the shift in consciousness, and he said very tenderly and reassuringly:

ELIAS: In part, yes, you each are incorporating an element of this within yourselves and you are experiencing your individual elements of trauma, and as these expressions are collectively experienced also, you may view the incorporation of mass events that incorporate trauma, but this all springs from the individual trauma which is being experienced.

In this, I offer to you much energy, much encouragement, and much acknowledgment, that you may be recognizing that this also is temporary and that you hold choices to be moving through this trauma and incorporating a new expression of joyfulness in a manner that you have not experienced within this focus yet, but shall be experienced in fullness and in intensity, and you hold the ability to be creating of this! It is merely a choice. [session 455, August 25, 1999]

I highlighted “but shall be experience in fullness and in intensity” to show the part that really struck me when first delivered, in that I sensed Elias was “seeing” probable futures that sounded quite joyous. This development with Joanne and Rose is certainly that!

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