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essence families; energy exchanges (Dream Walker interaction)

Paul’s note: Elias originally presented this information in the context of Dream Walker interaction, or an energy exchange with an aspect of essence that is non-physically focused.

The following list is a summary overview and is not mutually exclusive. According to Elias, Dream Walkers belonging to any essence family may engage in other types of energy exchanges than are presently listed or have been discussed to date.


Sumafi = interaction/communication in the form of spoken or written language

– “channeling”

– automatic writing

– “The Sumafi concern themselves with the least amount of distortion. Therefore, the Sumafi shall engage THIS particular phenomenon and no other.”

Milumet = interaction/communication with mystical beings via altered states and dreams

– angels/heavenly “beings”

– other “beings of light”

– other-dimensional focuses

– “speaking to creatures and audibly hearing a creature speak to you within a language that you understand”

– “speaking to a tree [or other plant life] and the tree speaking to them”

Gramada = interaction/communication within dream states and inspiration

– connecting with original knowledge via dream states and conscious acts of inspiration

Vold = interaction/communication in the form of hearing voices

– audibly hearing “other” voices (example Joan d’Arc)

Ilda = interaction/communication to promote “legends of encounters of unusual origin or unusual factors”

– interdimensional focuses

– extraterrestrials

– dragons

– leprechauns

– other “imaginary creatures or beings”

Sumari = interaction/communication with conventional psychic phenomenon

– “channeling”

– automatic writing

– Ouija board

– seance

– astrology

– tarot cards

– psychic readings

– crystal balls

– all types of similar “tools that [people] view to be beyond themselves, outside of themselves, offering themselves information that they may not normally access.”

– “Psychic phenomenon is their forte.”

Tumold = interaction/communication within energy exchanged through other physically focused individuals

– speaking and listening to objects, vegetation, elements (wind, fire, water, Earth)

– significant difference between belonging to:

shamans, witch doctors, witches (“they do not hear voices as other individuals may, but they receive the information.”)

– being aligned with:

concern themselves tremendously within physical focus in the area of healing in all of its aspects – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Zuli = interaction/communication within physical forms

– “within the expression of physical form, not only of human physical form but of all creatures and also of your vegetation, they may see elements within the expression of the physical form that shall offer them information.”

– bodily expression (whirling dervishes, dances, other rituals)

– vegetation, trees

– rocks

– “rituals of creatures, as [in] mating rituals”

Borledim = interaction/communication with children

– children’s “invisible” playmates

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Initially, within the expression of this creation of this dimension of physical focus, within the desire and intent to be creating of this type of reality upon this planet and this physical focus, each essence family expressed a manifestation not completely physically focused. These you may view as your forerunners. This, be understanding, is a quite limited explanation and idea, for there was no ‘before!’ These essences have manifest throughout your ages, so to speak. You view these essences as what you term to be spirits, or aliens, or leprechauns, or fairies, or angels, or many other beings that you view to be imaginary or unexplainable. We have expressed that originally, in a manner of speaking, these essences were what you would term to be ‘Dream Walkers,’ existing within what you now view to be a dream state, physically incorporated.” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “Every individual holds the ability to be manifesting an energy exchange, although it is not quite as simplified as you view the phenomenon to be. Within this action occurs a cooperation. Therefore, it is not merely the choice of one individual physically focused. There are many elements that contribute to the actualization of an actual energy exchange. We have begun briefly speaking of your individual and mass value fulfillment. These actions do not occur in actuality without the creation of value fulfillment for all individuals. Therefore, if there is not to be fulfillment within value of the individuals participating and the essences participating and also a benefit within consciousness, the exchange shall not occur. Many individuals express that they engage in the action of an energy exchange, although they term this to be mediumship, or within your new terminology, channeling. Their meaning within these words, in their understanding and definition, is the same as an energy exchange, although the accomplishment of an actual energy exchange is not as common physically as you may suspect.

As I have stated, you all hold the ability to engage an energy exchange. All essences hold the ability for energy exchange. All essences do engage energy exchange. Not all individuals engage this type of phenomenon. Individuals attain information which is beneficial to them in many different areas, this being only one. Many individuals, as has been stated, believe that they are engaging an energy exchange, when in actuality they are engaging their own belief systems. It is quite common for you physically focused to alter your perception in consciousness and not necessarily alter your area of consciousness. You may alter your perception of your waking consciousness and not be engaging another area of consciousness. You may be engaging a quietness of self in which you are allowing your own belief systems to be expressed freely. This is quite common.

There are different types of energy exchanges which occur within physical focuses. One type is what you view within this forum, which is also relatively the same type of phenomenon that you have studied previously of another teacher, that which you call Seth (1). There are other energy exchanges which are valid and contributing to value fulfillment, which are more aligned with a tapping of a world view. This is a complicated area, for you view the concept of a world view as individual. This is not always the case. Essences may collectively deposit energy information which is available to you. You may tap this information. This may appear to be an exchange similar to this phenomenon that you view within this forum. It is a different type of exchange. A different action occurs. It is no less valid. It is also an energy exchange. It is only not an energy exchange of essence.” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

Elias “gems”

Milumet (Watchers)

JO: “We were just discussing ... I hope I can phrase this correctly ’cause Vicki did such a great job. As the Sumafi essence family offers information and the Sumari essence family offers information through books, through Elias, through Seth, and so on, how do other essence families offer information? What are the forms of communication that we have with these other essence families?

ELIAS: Initially I shall express to you that I shall be expressing this within the forum of an individual session devoted to this subject matter, but I shall offer to you that within your example, this would be a very partial example and not necessarily a comparison to the examples that have been offered to you within the action of this essence or the essence of Seth; but I shall offer you one example briefly of a different type of energy exchange within a different family and its choice of communication.

You may look to your Milumet family, and within the exchange of information of this family, the exchange would be occurring within altered states and dream states, in your terms. That information shall be offered by essences represented in the same capacity as this essence of Elias, but within a different type of exchange.

These individuals belonging to the family of Milumet shall be receiving information in the direction of visions, in that the Dream Walkers connected to this family shall appear within a vision to individuals physically-focused belonging to the family of Milumet, or profound dream interaction that is known to be reality without question, and there is no thought within these individuals that their dream interaction is imaginary or not reality. They interpret this dream interaction as another form of reality which is the same as this waking consciousness reality, and they hold the ability to interpret the imagery offered within the dream interaction into their waking reality and know what the message and information was and how it pertains to their immediate and future reality within their objective awareness.

As I have stated, these individuals also often interact with visual projections. An angel or other interpretation of being may appear to them and offer information to them in the same manner that this essence engages this energy exchange with Michael [Mary] (2) and offers information to you.

These individuals may interact with other-dimensional focuses which are projections of essence that they may connect to and accept, therefore also being offered information. Many individuals that hold profound experiences – not negative, but enlightening profound experiences – within the context of what they interpret objectively as an abduction, interacting with extraterrestrials, this is an exhibition of the interaction of another essence choosing a form of communication that shall be accepted and shall be profoundly moving to the physically-focused individual and shall be correctly interpreted.

PAUL: So the examples that you’ve just given are available to any objectively focused individual regardless of their alignment or intent?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You all hold the same ability to be connecting objectively with this type of exchange within the capacity of the same essence awareness as Elias. You choose different forms.

You may be choosing within certain alignments such as the Milumet family as your Native Americans, in speaking to creatures and audibly hearing a creature speak to you within a language that you understand. This is not fantasy. This is another avenue that essences choose as Dream Walkers to be communicating information to you within the intent of a specific essence family and within imagery that shall be accepted within physical focus and your connection to that essence family.” [session 224, October 01, 1997]

Gramada (Formers)

ELIAS: “Good evening. This evening we shall be continuing with your essence families and your Dream Walkers. The inquiry has been posed in wonderings of how different essence families are connecting with you, in like manner to this energy exchange as being of Sumafi and also of Sumari, and that other families may be connecting with you as Dream Walkers in different ways. This is so. We shall focus in the direction of the Gramada for this evening.

Futurely, the Gramada shall be instrumental in dream missions. Within the area of technology, the Gramada, as the initiators, shall be instrumental in initiating technology that shall allow you to be viewing and connecting with dream imagery. Within your technology futurely, you shall be developing instrumentation that shall allow you the ability to move into the area of dream imagery and connect with each other in this dream imagery. Presently, you focus upon your dream mission and are developing your skills in the area of becoming dream artists. Michael [Mary] has developed the ability to connect with other individuals, as has other individuals connected within this forum, and interact with them at will within the dream state. You are aware of individuals that hold this ability also. Individuals are developing these skills as a prelude to what may be developing futurely. The Gramada family shall be those that shall be instrumental in this area, for throughout your history the Gramada family has gained information within this area.

I have expressed to you that individuals that are belonging to the Gramada family are initiators of action, of invention, of creation. These individuals are those that hold behind those that seek the limelight. These individuals are those that develop the ideas that propel you forward. This may be within many different areas. It may be within science, it may be within art, it may be within architecture, it may be within different inventions; but these individuals tap into information that allows you all to move forward within your development within physical focus.

... [These individuals] move into innovative directions. You may look to your example of your Sir Einstein, who to this day is not entirely accepted within his theories. His theories are closer to fact than your sciences allow for. His theories concerning time are closer to reality than your physicists allow for, and of alternate realities. Another individual that you are quite familiar with, your Sir Carl Jung – another very innovative individual with information far beyond his science and much closer to reality than you view within the science of psychology. These individuals are initiators. These individuals connect to other areas, and to Dream Walkers and information provided to them through Dream Walkers. They connect to this information in a different manner than this energy exchange. They connect to this information through dreams. I have expressed to you that your dream activity, your imagery, is equal in reality to your waking reality. In this, much information may be accessed. These individuals initially were not quite understanding of the information provided, but held the ability to access this information and allow themselves to assimilate this information and create a method of presenting this information objectively to your planet.

The Gramada family intersects with Dream Walkers through dream interaction – actual intersection – or through an action of inspiration. Information is transferred in a way that the individual is understanding that the information is not being accessed from themselves, but is accessed through their own thoughts. I am quite sure that you are understanding of this Olivia [Ron], for you engage this same action (3); that you may think that there is a possibility that the thoughts are your own, but simultaneously holding a knowing that these thoughts that bleed through are not your own and are not of you. This is a common action within the Gramada family.

The Gramada do not normally exchange within the action of an energy exchange in this manner that you view presently, although it has occurred; but this would not be the usual action that they would be expressing themselves within, for the Gramada family are not quite so overt. They are more quiet, more subtle, and not demanding of attention in this flamboyant manner. Therefore, they choose more subtle manners of exchange.

I have expressed that the Milumet may be connecting with heavenly beings. They may be holding visions or exchanging with elements of your environment – in reality, in actuality, speaking to your creatures and your creatures speaking to them, or speaking to a tree and the tree speaking to them – for they are quite connected with the Earth, with the elements. The wind may speak to them, and this shall be an action of the Dream Walkers with them in conjunction with their intent.

As to the Gramada, being much more subtle, they shall interact with the Dream Walkers within their family in a more individual, personal manner. It shall not be the grandiose situation of groups or masses, but individually being inspired and interacting within dream imagery; although the dream imagery shall be slightly different from that imagery that you recognize, for there is an added element. They are not merely creating their own dream imagery interpreting from their own action within Regional Area 2, but they are in actuality in communication with other essences belonging to the Gramada family offering information to them to be initiating within physical focus.

(Intently) Your dream activity is much more important than you realize. It is reality. This is not to say that you all shall be connecting with the Gramada family within your dream state, for you do not belong to the Gramada family; but this is the method, so to speak, that the Gramada shall be connecting with individuals within physical focus as Dream Walkers, to be interacting and offering information to be helpful and to be furthering within your information.” [session 237, November 09, 1997]

Vold (Hearers)

ELIAS: “Very well! We shall continue with our discussion of your Dream Walkers this evening.

I shall be welcoming to new essences this evening!

Within the family of Vold, the interaction of the Dream Walkers, within the comparison to this phenomenon that you view or this that you classify as a phenomenon, the Vold are those that are quite revolutionary, as you are well-accustomed to. These individuals are moving in new directions and initiating of movement into new areas within your physical reality. They are what you may view as changers, or the beginners of changers. Unlike the Sumari, who are also changers, they are merely initiators of change.

In this, as you view individuals among you that are aligned with this family, you may also be amused with the interaction of the Dream Walkers with these individuals of Vold. Unlike those of Milumet that may be connecting with visions of angels or what they term to be heavenly beings or connecting with your Earth and your plant life or creatures which speak to them, and also unlike the Gramada which derives their information from inspiration through their own thoughts, the Vold hear voices, (grinning) appearing to their peers as being quite within the throes of lunacy, for they hear audibly instruction from those essences which are the Dream Walkers. Therefore, they are also inspired, but they may express to other individuals that they have in actuality held communication audibly with some other source outside of themselves, in their terms. In this, they have been inspired to create movement.

I shall express to you that your individual of Joan of Arc, which you view within your history, is one of these individuals; not in actuality visited by an entity or an essence or an angel or any other definable being, so to speak, but listening to audible communication which was instructive in certain directions to be initiating of actions to be revolutionizing the era. In this, there have been many individuals throughout your history that you may notice as hearing voices to themselves and following the instruction of these voices and also altering your reality and your creation of your reality, initiating revolutionary actions that are very instrumental in altering the course of your histories. In this, the Vold is quite interactive presently. Within the action of this shift, voices from beyond are speaking to these individuals continuously, offering information to be revolutionizing your reality within this present now. Much action is being accomplished in regard to the individuals that belong to the Vold family in conjunction with the Borledim, but their information shall be acquired differently. They [Vold] shall be listening to these voices.

They are not the same as what I have expressed to you as your inner voices. This is connected merely to yourselves. Your inner voices are your essence speaking to you. These voices that these individuals within the Vold family audibly hear are voices that manifest to be instructing of these individuals to be furthering of the action of this shift, for the Vold family are quite interactive and also initiating of this shift in consciousness that you now experience.

The Vold family are what you within physical reality might view as peculiar. They are the different individuals. They hold great connection with the reality, within your dimension, of emotion. They are quite connected with its creation and its intricacy within your reality. They feel tremendously. They communicate within this feeling-tone. In this, oftentimes they are also viewed outside, slightly, of your officially accepted reality; the dramatists; those individuals that strive within their intents for creating great drama, this being the motivating force behind their revolutionary qualities – their thirst for ultimate drama.

Drama is an element of your reality within this dimension. It is an extreme of exploration of your reality, of your emotional qualities within this dimension. You have created this dimension with a base element of emotion, and in this you strive to explore all of the elements of emotion. Other dimensions do not hold this quality. Some hold the quality to a degree, but not to the degree that you create within this particular dimension and reality. Therefore, your essence seeks to explore all that is explorable within this avenue.

Essence seeks as consciousness seeks, to continuously be within a state of becoming and exploration, exploring all possibilities that may be for any possible reality. Therefore, there are endless probabilities in the creation of every reality. I have expressed to you previously that this reality that you occupy within this physical focus is quite complex. You have chosen to be creating of a reality that holds many elements that may be explored. One of these elements is the element of emotion, which as I have stated is one of your baselines of this particular reality.

In this, the Vold family is quite concentrated on the exploration of this particular avenue. It is initiating of movement throughout the other essence families, of which you all belong. In this, the movement of the Vold family is also moving of all of you, for you respond to their action just as any action of any essence family is moving of all of you, and you respond within essence and within your individual focuses to the call, so to speak. In this, the Vold family moves intensively in this present now, and has been throughout your century. The action of the Vold family shall taper off, in your terms, as you move into your coming century. Their initiation shall have been completed.

You are entering the end throes of this present century. Much emotional charge has been initiated by this family of Vold already throughout this present century. They have been initiating of much movement. Many voices have spoken to many individuals to be creating of many wondrous events within this present century. Now you shall be moving into your coming century, in which the Borledim family shall become more forefront. In cooperation with the Vold, they shall be initiating of the actions that shall be forthcoming.

I am understanding that this may be appearing to be inconsistent. You view the Borledim family as being that of the Earth stock; that of the nurturers, not those of science. I am understanding that you view your coming century as being quite influenced by your Gramada family, which shall play a part in the events that shall be forthcoming within the most probable probabilities, but it shall be this family of the Borledim that shall be initiating of the actions and events that shall be forthcoming within their intent. This be the reason that your nine small ones (4) have emerged presently within the end throes of this century, to be moving into the action of your next century and moving into the action of the accomplishment of your shift.

Therefore, as you encounter individuals that are belonging to the Vold family – not necessarily aligned with the Vold, but those individuals that are belonging to the Vold family – you may cease with your amazement that they may be expressing to you futurely that they are receiving instruction from voices from beyond. They may express that they are audibly receiving instruction from extraterrestrials, for this be a very large focus of you all presently, but there is no extraterrestrial action occurring within these messages. It is merely an interaction of essences no different from that which you view within this phenomenon. Do not discount what you yourselves experience or what others experience either, for you all shall be experiencing much more within consciousness objectively and subjectively as you move more fully into the action of this shift.

DREW: ... I have a question. When we hear people like the Son of Sam (5) say he got information from his dog to murder, or when Charles Manson (6) says he heard in the song Helter Skelter instructions to murder, is that the same action or is that something different?

ELIAS: It is the same. You merely hold belief systems that express to you that this is wrong.

DREW: So would that make Son of Sam Milumet?


DREW: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: Although I may also express to you that the information that is delivered may also be misinterpreted at times – not always, but at times – just as YOU may misinterpret the information that you receive within this forum!

DREW: Is that what happened in that case?

ELIAS: No. Revolutionary.

DREW: Oh. Is that Vold? That’s ...

ELIAS: Vold.

DREW: So even though the voice came through an animal, it was still the audible voice that was the connection that makes it Vold?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So he aligns with (Vic’s note: should be belongs to) the Vold family?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... But would it be a high probability that heads of governments around the world would be in the Vold family today?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. In actuality, more than not, individuals of the Vold family are not aligned with government positions. They are more within the positions of overthrowing your government positions!

NORM: And some of them did. Was Castro one of them?

ELIAS: No. Individuals that seek to undermine this individual are aligned with the Vold.

VICKI: I do have one question about this. This doesn’t mean that just people that are of the Vold family that are walking around hearing voices, that those are the only people that are going to be hearing voices? In other words, if I have an experience where I’m hearing voices, I could possibly interpret that, at some times, as an interaction with the Vold family in some sense?

ELIAS: Correct; or it may be an interaction with essence.

VICKI: Right. But these descriptions and explanations that you are giving recently about these families don’t just apply to each individual person.

ELIAS: Absolutely correct. It is not a rule. It is a generality that you may look to and attach to within your history of mass events and main actions that you recall within your history, to offer you information.

ROB: In a story in the Bible, sometimes people hear a voice. Like the child Samuel hears a voice and gets up and says, ‘Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.’ Would that be an interpretation of a Vold hearing a voice?

ELIAS: Yes. Not all of the interpretations of audibly hearing a voice is an interpretation of Vold, but within certain situations – within movement and altering situations that ultimately cause, in your terms only, an alteration of your reality and your probabilities – this would be an interaction of the Vold family. When you view situations of revolutionary action which occur in response to this voice, this would be an indication of the Vold family as Dream Walkers interacting with you.

LAJOY: Would this also apply to the likes of Marianne Williamson or The Course In Miracles? Vold doesn’t necessarily have to be bad or good. It covers a lot of extremes, yes?

ELIAS: Correct. This would not be the case with this individual, but you are correct in your assessment. It is not connected with bad or good. It is merely an action that is creating of a revolutionary action within mass.” [session 238, November 16, 1997]

Ilda (Tellers)

ELIAS: “In our continuing discussion of your essence families and your Dream Walkers and their interaction with you within your present time framework and also throughout your history, we shall move to the Ilda family. Within this family, what be your guess of interaction of the Dream Walkers of this family within your present now? (Long pause) Much disappointment! And we have just played our game! (Grinning)

VICKI: Well, I have a guess.

MARGOT: Guess, then!

VICKI: Interacting interdimensionally ... via the alien phenomenon.

ELIAS: Ah, our extraterrestrial subject once again! (Grinning) For the benefit of Lawrence [Vicki], you are correct, which you should be quite familiar with this interaction and aspect!

Throughout your history, the Ilda family has presented itself to individuals within physical focus in many different, unusual manners; this being for the reason that it is obtaining of attention, and also of notoriety.

In conjunction with the intent of the Ilda family, there is a great exchange in relation to the manner of the communication. As you are aware within your present now, your extraterrestrial phenomenon, so to speak, gains great attention and is communicated throughout your planet, not merely within this particular country. Many individuals express experiences and also exchange these experiences with many other individuals throughout your planet.

In previous history, the Ilda family has been responsible for areas such as dragon-slaying; this being another aspect of communication which was offered throughout many different countries, and stories of these encounters were shared throughout your world.

In all of the areas that you hold legends of encounters of unusual origin or unusual factors, these would be interactions of the Ilda family expressing information to be communicated throughout your world. It is expressed to those individuals of the Ilda family. Therefore, for the most part, the individuals that hold these encounters presently – with what they think to be extraterrestrials presently – are of the Ilda family, although some individuals also hold these experiences being aligned with the Ilda family.

Some individuals hold experiences that are not what they perceive them to be, as I have expressed previously, and they are not encountering what they think of as extraterrestrials. Even the encounters that ARE extraterrestrials are not extraterrestrials! They are other focuses interdimensionally, presenting themselves to individuals that are belonging to this family and drawing this experience to themselves to offer information to themselves and also to you, in altering your perceptions and how you view your reality; entering into your reality more than what you view within your officially accepted reality, offering you more information and more of an allowance for your own periphery; therefore also being helpful in communication, in offering you the opportunity to widen your awareness of the reality that you hold.

We have spoken many times of extraterrestrials and of their interaction and of their origins and of what they are. Therefore, you are aware that they are not little men inhabiting little planets within your solar system or your galaxy that you may travel to encounter! (Grinning) They occupy other dimensions and are elements of your own essences. This is not to say that you may not encounter another dimensional focus and not be Ilda or aligned with Ilda, for you may if you are so choosing; but within what you term to be objectively unsolicited visitations, these – once again, for the most part – are encountered by individuals of the Ilda family, within their intent and within the intent of the family itself.

At times, what you may term to be imaginary creatures or beings may also be visitations within the Ilda family; not all, for as I have expressed with the Milumet, angels are known to be manifest to be presented with the Milumet family; but there have been other visualizations of unusual creatures or forms which may be attributed to the Ilda family.

In this, I express to you, as I have previously: That which you view to be imagination is reality, and merely that you do not view yourselves certain elements, such as dragons or extraterrestrials or leprechauns, this is not to say that these elements do not exist. They are your images to yourself; for within their own dimensions they may appear quite differently, but as they approach you within this dimension they appear to be something that you may identify with, something that is a little more familiar and fitting into your reality more closely, even a dragon – another session Michael [Mary] shall not be pleased with – which appears to be a creature with four limbs and appearing not quite very far outside of your idea of what may be acceptable to you as a creature within this dimension. You have created creatures similar to this creature that have and do presently exist and existed upon your planet. Therefore, the form is not so very unfamiliar to you. Therefore, it is acceptable.

Your extraterrestrials that you envision are not so very removed from your own form; appearing to you in a slightly altered form, but not so very removed from your own form that it is completely unfamiliar to you. Therefore, this is acceptable to you.

Now; as I have expressed previously, this is only the manner that YOU visualize these elements. In connecting in actuality with another dimensional focus, it shall not appear with ANY similarity to what you view to be extraterrestrials presently. These are only your own images of elements that you do not understand and that are so very foreign to you that you intentionally image them in some sort of familiar form, but if choosing to be moving interdimensionally and in actuality connecting with another focus within another dimension that you have crossed into, those same extraterrestrials that you may have encountered previously shall appear quite differently; just as your leprechauns or your dragons may appear quite differently within their own dimensions also, but they take on a familiar form for you, for this is acceptable to you ... but not quite familiar, enough so not as to be gaining your attention and to be creating of your communication of this.

If you are viewing an alien creature, you shall immediately be expressing to other individuals of your experience, and communicating. If you are encountering of any very unusual element which does not fit into your officially accepted reality, you shall be communicating this and sharing your experience. In this, this being the manner of the exchange within the intent of this particular family. Quite effective! (Grinning)

You may ask your questions, if you are so choosing.

NORM: Is it required that the Ilda family have some sort of a creation available to a focus so that the focus can, with sideways vision, look at these leprechauns or dragons or whatever? I mean, it requires two things to happen: the Ilda family creating this, and the focus. Is that it, or can the focus just create it?

ELIAS: It is a communication. The question has been posed of what method other essence families communicate to the focused individuals, in like manner or comparison to this energy exchange that you view presently. Therefore, within an ongoing series, I have been expressing to you different manners that different essence families choose to be interactive, on the part of the Dream Walkers, with you; or also within an interaction of other essences in similarity to this essence – myself – in creating an energy exchange.

DREW: Is the action of the communication the same and it’s just the interpretation that’s different, based on which family you happen to be aligned with?

ELIAS: The communication may be different also, for the intents are different.

DREW: The family intents?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So, whereas someone in Ilda might see an alien, that same interaction would not take place with someone in Milumet, who would instead see an angel, or in Vold, hear a voice. It would be a different action with a different purpose?

ELIAS: The purpose may be the same, but the action is different.

DREW: Okay. So they’re not interchangeable with a different interpretation based on the alignment of the family of the perceiver?

ELIAS: Correct; for within this example, if an individual of Milumet is experiencing an exchange with what they perceive to be an extraterrestrial, the communication shall be different and it shall be interpreted differently.

DREW: Though it would be unusual for someone aligned with Milumet to interact with an extraterrestrial.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: But in order for that communication to take place, they couldn’t substitute it with an angel because it’s a different action.

ELIAS: It is not a question of substituting, for it is not a question of a ‘thing’ coming to the individual. It is a manifestation intentionally, spontaneously. The essence knows the individual it shall be exchanging with and is aware of the intents involved. Therefore, it shall manifest itself in alignment with this. (Pause)

DREW: Okay. It sort of begs the question then ... why would someone who is aligned with Milumet have an experience with an extraterrestrial, which is out of the ordinary for them, as opposed to communication with an angel, which would be more in alignment?

ELIAS: For the most part, they would not; but this is not to say that this is a ‘rule’ and that some individual within the Milumet family may not choose this type of encounter and interaction and that this may not speak to them more realistically than an angel, based upon their belief systems.

DREW: Okay, thank you.

HELEN: I have a question. So I think I understand that what you do is, you kind of summon something from another focus to come and give you information, but you design it in a way that is going to be comfortable and familiar, or not too unfamiliar for you.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You are in agreement as the focus to be drawing the experience to yourself, but it may not necessarily be the situation that you are requesting information or hold objective awareness to be seeking out the information, but you may be presented with information in cooperation of other essences wishing to be helpful to you and offering the information to you. In this, the other essence shall hold an awareness of your belief systems and your intent and your family and your family alignment, and shall present itself to you in alignment with this, in a form not unfamiliar to you.

HELEN: When you say the other essence, you mean the essence from the other focus that you perceive to be the angel or extraterrestrial or whatever?

ELIAS: A non-physical essence. (Pause)

BOBBI: So would these encounters all be subjective, or would there be a physical objective encounter that people are experiencing?

ELIAS: Absolutely! Are you objective presently?


ELIAS: Are you engaging in an encounter? (Grinning)


ELIAS: And so be other individuals, objectively, fully aware, encountering other elements in different manners!

BOBBI: Okay. Interesting!

VICKI: So if I understand it right, you’re saying that the action of this energy exchange (7) would be a Sumafi action?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Because the energy exchange was very similar with the Seth phenomenon.

ELIAS: The Sumari also engage this same type of encounter.

VICKI: Are there any of the other families that engage the same type of encounter?

ELIAS: At times, but not normally. Just as each family may choose periodically to exchange outside of their usual design, each family may choose at times to be exchanging in this manner, but it is not their usual ‘method.’ (Grinning)

VICKI: But it is for Sumari also.


VICKI: So basically, as you continue through the list, each family will have a different method of interaction via the Dream Walkers.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But the Sumari and Sumafi are basically the same.

ELIAS: Correct; although there are a few differences with Sumari. For the most part, the exchange that you view in this manner would be Sumafi; although as I have stated, many Sumari do engage this same phenomenon, but they engage others also which the Sumafi do not.

DREW: If I’m not mistaken, you said at one point when you were talking about this so-called alien phenomenon, which is an interdimensional experience, that physical remnants of the experience won’t last long in our dimension. Is that true?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Is that the nature of all of these experiences? So far, everything you’ve mentioned seems to have no physical, objective leave-behind in our reality; the angels, the voices. Other than the video tapes that we have of you, if we didn’t have that we’d have no physical evidence that this exchange ever took place.

ELIAS: Exactly.

DREW: Is that the nature of all of them?


DREW: So when people talk about there being remnants of a crashed UFO and that kind of thing from years ago, according to the information that couldn’t be true because the material can’t last that long in this dimension. Is that correct? Or maybe in our time frame, it can last a long time?

ELIAS: (Grinning) You move into tricky areas in this situation! I have expressed of this subject previously. What is inserted into your reality is not necessarily what you believe it to be, although there have been occasions that other dimensions have bled through into this dimension and have left deposits physically, as you also have bled through into other dimensions and left physical deposits. They are temporary, but they are also continued within your continued concentration and attention to them.

DREW: Our lending of energy can sustain them, essentially?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. You may visit a site that is reported to have elements of what you think of as extraterrestrials and it may have physical evidence and you may not objectively see it, but another individual may.

DREW: And that would be because ...?

ELIAS: Their attention is focused and they are holding to the image, which allows it to continue. There are individuals, as we have expressed and explained previously, that witness a bleed-through. Those individuals may continue to hold their attention and their concentration with what they have experienced. Therefore, they may continue to view what they have seen; but you, not experiencing the same reality and not holding the concentration and not having the concentration, may not see what they see. In either case, the image is temporary. It is merely a question of how temporary. It shall not continue permanently within your dimension. Therefore, you may encounter bones of your dinosaurs which have continued in existence, as you all en masse have held the concentration of these creatures. Therefore, elements of them remain. A bleed-through of what you think of as a craft shall not remain for this type of endurance.

NORM: Could it last for a hundred years?

ELIAS: It may, but it shall not last beyond that.

MARGOT: Elias, are you speaking of not just the junk and the debris that’s found on the ground of a supposed crash? Are you speaking of the type of phenomenon we see in the sky, that some people see in the sky as a flying craft?

ELIAS: This also would be a temporary situation. I do not discount that you view bleed-throughs, but you do not view them permanently, for they do not belong within your dimension. They are merely bleed-throughs, and they are temporary.

VICKI: But you ARE saying that if I go outside right now and see a spaceship land and see what I call an alien get off of it, I can interpret that as a communication from the Dream Walkers? Is this correct?

ELIAS: If you are encountering what you view to be an extraterrestrial, it may be an encounter of a Dream Walker, but you are not of the Ilda family. You are aligned; although it is possible within alignment that you may hold this experience also. But normally, if you are encountering such an experience and hold no alignment to Ilda or are not belonging to the Ilda family, you are merely presenting yourself with another focus of your own.

VICKI: Okay, that’s where I was getting confused, because we do this also, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And this would be a different action.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Okay. Similar to if I were to be able to project objectively to another dimension, this is an entirely different action ...

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: ... than what you’re talking about.

ELIAS: Yes; but the difference within the action is also of what you desire and solicit to yourself and draw to yourself. Within encounters that are unsolicited and objectively are unknown, these encounters shall be encounters of the Ilda in communication, in like manner to the phenomenon that you view presently.

NORM: Most of our interdimensional travels are by dreams, are they not?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. (Grinning)

NORM: Objectively, we are moving interdimensionally?

ELIAS: You may.

NORM: Well, I’m hoping to! I’m just wondering, how can we classify those events?

ELIAS: You shall KNOW if you are moving interdimensionally objectively! (Grinning)

NORM: But it can be very similar.

ELIAS: You shall not be mistaking! (Laughter) Other dimensions do not resemble this dimension!

NORM: Have I ever done it?

ELIAS: Have you? (Grinning)

NORM: I don’t think so.

ELIAS: (Humorously) I don’t think so either! (We all crack up)

SUE: ... You said that the Vold, I think, interact with the Dream Walkers by hearing voices, and you said that I’m aligned with Vold. I’ve been wondering, does that mean I have a capacity for hearing voices? Or is that not something I would pursue?

ELIAS: You may. It is more natural for those individuals belonging to the Vold family, but within an alignment you may access this also, if so choosing; just as within alignment of Ilda, individuals may also access the Dream Walkers within an experience of extraterrestrials.” [session 242, November 23, 1997]

Sumari (Speakers)

ELIAS: We shall continue with our investigation of your Dream Walkers this evening, moving to the family of Sumari.

Within the Sumari family and the intent, the individuals within physical focus connect to the Speakers within many different areas. The Sumari choose various methods, so to speak, to be connecting with essences and the Dream Walkers for their continued information. Sumari concern themselves with what you may view to be the unusual; those elements that you view to be psychic elements.

This be the differentiation between the Sumari and the Sumafi. The Sumafi concerns themselves with the least amount of distortion. Therefore, the shall engage THIS particular phenomenon and no other, but the Sumari are quite playful and investigative! They also are the individuals that are curious and wishing to be stimulating of you all within physical focus, presenting you with new ideas, stirring your curiosity.

The Sumari are quite open to receiving information within areas of astrology, tarot, psychic readings, ouija boards, (grinning) all types of elements that you may view to be tools presently that speak to them. They also engage within this type of energy exchange that you view presently, that you term to be ‘channeling.’ Psychic phenomenon is their forte. They are quite fascinated with all elements of unusual activity. Crystal balls! You may offer this to Cindel, that the Sumafi do not consult crystal balls, but the Sumari do! They are quite intrigued with elements within your physical focus that may speak to them and offer them information. Therefore, their attention magnates to all of these tools that they view to be beyond themselves, outside of themselves, offering themselves information that they may not normally access.

The Sumari also enter areas beyond these tools. They do not view them as tools. They view them as communications, which within the family of Sumari they ARE communications, but they also move beyond these type of communications and allow themselves inner communications. They are quite adept at accessing information from within. They translate this into thought processes that offers themselves and other individuals information. This also is an action of the Speakers communicating. Once they have allowed themselves an opening to their fascination with what you term to be paranormal ... interesting terminology! Paranormal! Almost abnormal, which it is not! It is quite normal for you all, for it is elements of yourselves! But the Sumari, once allowing themselves to be dabbling in the area of the paranormal, offer themselves enough information that they may be trusting of information to be directly transmitted to themselves and are not needing of an intermediate accessing. Therefore, as opposed to their tarot or their crystal balls or their Ouija boards, they may access their information directly, not needing necessarily an energy exchange, to which you term to be ‘channeling.’

I am MUCH not liking of this word ‘channeling,’ although I suppose in one respect it may hold an accuracy for you within physical focus; for just as you may change your channels upon your radio or television stations, you may also change your channels within your focus and access different information as you do within this energy exchange, although this also implies that you are accessing another element of self, which within this energy exchange you are not, and within interaction of the Dream Walkers you are not. You are accessing information of other essences which are meaning to be helpful to you within your focus, and are very much holding the intent of being helpful to you within this present now within the action of your shift. Therefore, you may view the playfulness of the Sumari. Even within their action of energy exchange and their accumulation of information, they choose a very colorful method to be exchanging and accessing information.” [session 246, November 30, 1997]

Zuli (Imagers)

ELIAS: “We shall continue our investigation of the essence families and the Dream Walkers, and move to the essence families of Zuli and Borledim. I am quite aware that I am skipping Tumold!

In comparison of this energy exchange, the family of Zuli connects and offers information to individuals physically-focused physically, as you would assume. The individual may acquire inspirations to themselves as information from a Dream Walker in the area of viewing physical form, which shall speak to them and offer them information of their reality. This may seem difficult to many of you, but as belonging to the Zuli family, these individuals are quite involved with physical form and its creation and its expression. Therefore, within the expression of physical form, not only of human physical form but of all creatures and also of your vegetation, they may see elements within the expression of the physical form that shall offer them information. In this, they view physical forms – even a rock – and they may view the expression of these forms, and they shall acquire thoughts that shall be expressing information of their reality to them that they may not be connecting to in other manners.

Just as an extraterrestrial may offer information to an individual of Ilda, an element or a tree or a dance of an individual may offer information to those that are belonging to the Zuli family, for they are quite attuned to the expression of forms and acquire much more information merely by viewing these forms than would other individuals of other families. An expression of dance and the movements within the dance may speak volumes to an individual belonging to the family of Zuli. Rituals of creatures, as mating rituals ... may also speak volumes to these individuals and offer them information that they may not be acquiring in other manners.

Borledim (Bearers)

Within the Borledim family, these individuals are attuned to small ones. They are attuned to all individuals, but they are VERY attuned to little ones. Therefore, within the expressions of small ones that you may view as humorous, an individual belonging to the Borledim family views as reality and listens carefully. Within child’s games and what you view to be imagination, those individuals belonging to the Borledim family recognize their expressions as subjective reality. They understand the reality of transition into physical focus, and in this they are attuned to the expressions of small ones, knowing that they are following their impulses and listening to their own language of essence, also knowing that small ones view what you do not allow yourselves to view – imaginary friends, which speak to them, which are not imaginary! They view essences that you explain as ghosts. They view activity of consciousness all about them. They read individuals as adults, (to Vic) as you have experienced (8). They view many more elements of reality beyond what you view as reality, for their attention is not so very singularly focused, for they have not completed their transition into physical, objective reality. Therefore, they incorporate much more subjective awareness than you allow yourselves. In this, the Borledim are quite attuned to this action. They understand that this is reality. They listen to these small ones, and acknowledge their reality as reality. They also acquire much information in listening to these small ones. In the same respect that you listen to this energy exchange, they are listening to little ones and receiving the same information.

Many of you may be attempting to be paying attention more carefully to little ones, but in not belonging to the family of Borledim, you shall not hear what they are expressing in the same manner that these individuals of Borledim shall hear. A small one may approach you and express, ‘My imaginary friend is seated within this chair. Please do not sit there.’ You shall hear ‘Do not sit there,’ and you shall excuse yourself and allow for the child’s continued imagination and play. An individual of Borledim shall be viewing the imaginary friend and expressing, ‘May I speak with this friend? What shall your friend offer to us as it sits within our chair?’ This individual shall listen carefully and shall gain much information from what you view to be the nonsense of child’s play. As the child may express, ‘My friend is seated here and is requesting of food and drink,’ you shall express, ‘Very well, dear. We shall offer cookies and liquid.’ The individual of Borledim shall understand the statement which has been offered. There is desire being acknowledged, and a request for nurturing. The nourishment of the form is the imagery of the nourishment of the self; the nurturing which is desired. Your interpretation shall be to place cookies and liquid upon your table, but the individuals of the Borledim family understand the imagery which is offered by the small one in recognition that this is not imagination, in your terms, but in actuality a communication of another essence to the small one that actually views it.

We shall be offering information of Tumold at our next meeting. I shall offer also, in addition to our last meeting: In the area of Sumari, they are quite fond of seances, which is in alignment with the tools that they use to be gaining information. Seances are quite fascinating to the individuals of Sumari, for they are interactive and offer excitement, and Sumari are quite enamored with excitement!” [session 247, December 07, 1997]

Tumold (Readers)

ELIAS: “This evening we shall continue with our discussion of the Dream Walkers and their interaction with you within energy exchanges.

We move to the family of Tumold this evening. This be an interesting family for energy exchange, for they exchange with the Dream Walkers in a manner unusual and slightly different than the other essence families. Their exchange is within energy and other individuals. They are the Readers; they read other individuals. They gain their exchange by energy exchanged through other physically focused individuals. This is not to say that they are not attuned to other energies, for they are. They may be receiving information through energy itself, which they objectively recognize and physically feel. They also may be viewed as quite strange to many of you, for they may be found speaking and listening to objects, to vegetation, to the elements, within your creation of your wind and water and Earth and air and fire. These elements speak to them within energy. They are tuned to be listening and recognizing the energy configurations of these elements that you have created. Therefore, other essences may be communicating through these elements, and these individuals shall receive their information in like manner to the information that you receive within this forum.

Within other individuals, they receive their information through energy. They assimilate the energy that they receive through other individuals, which in a manner of speaking is channeled by another essence, a Dream Walker, through an individual, and the individual of the Tumold family shall be receptive to this and hold an accurate interpretation of the information being sent, so to speak. No communication need be engaged within your language. They shall be receiving the information through energy that they shall assimilate through their physical body consciousness.

Individuals BELONGING to the Tumold family are very aware that their intent is NOT healing, not in the manner that YOU view healing. Their healing is merely to be reminding, and being helpful in restoring elements to their natural state; being helpful in directing energy. Therefore, individuals BELONGING to the Tumold family hold little desire to be actively helpful objectively to other individuals in the areas of healing that YOU view as healing, although they ARE very healing to all individuals that they may be in contact with, and they are also very healing within consciousness to you all; but their actions may appear quite differently from actions of individuals that are ALIGNED with the Tumold family. Individuals ALIGNED with the Tumold family DO move in the direction of healing, in your terms. This be their experience within an individual focus. This is different from those BELONGING to the Tumold family. Individuals ALIGNED with the Tumold family shall not be experiencing that of which I have spoken in the interaction of the Dream Walkers and their exchange, not in the manner of those BELONGING to the Tumold family.

Within different time frameworks of your history, you have created certain groups of individuals belonging to the Tumold family. In this, you view them pastly to be shamans or witch doctors or at times, witches. These individuals listen to the message presented in the elements, and respond as if someone had spoken to them. They do not hear voices as other individuals may, but they receive the information. They may gaze into the fire or connect with the wind, and it shall speak to them. A tree may offer them information as it moves its leaves and branches.

Other individuals without audibly speaking may offer them information within their energy. They do not receive the information initially within thoughts. In their experience, you may view them as entering into a temporary altered state, a natural altered state, and at times an induced altered state. Within this state they open their objective awareness to the information which is offered to them by Dream Walkers within the Tumold family. Some have induced altered states with certain substances throughout your history. Others induce this state naturally, at will. Either way, the same result is produced. It is an action of opening themselves objectively within their consciousness to allow the subjective and objective to merge, and allow a communication from Dream Walkers that shall be instructive to them and also to other individuals around them.

Throughout your history, these individuals have been labeled many things. They also have labeled their interactions in many ways. At times, they express that they speak to spirits. At other times, they do not hold an objective awareness of that which they speak to. They are merely aware and hold an inner knowing that the information which has been offered is valid and is information from the Dream Walkers, although they do not objectively recognize these as Dream Walkers.

The Tumold family presents an interesting dichotomy within your physical focus, for individuals are BELONGING to the Tumold family within physical focus and other individuals are ALIGNED with the Tumold family, and within this one family the difference between the alignment and the belonging to the family is vast. The expression of those that are belonging to the family of Tumold and those that are aligned with the family of Tumold is very different.

Individuals ALIGNING with the family of Tumold concern themselves tremendously within physical focus in the area of healing in all of its aspects – emotional, spiritual, mental, physical. There is a great movement in the area of PHYSICAL healing within those individuals aligned with Tumold.

The difference in its most affecting area is that individuals BELONGING to the Tumold family hold no expectation within their expression. Their thought process does not magnate in the direction of healing. They are not attempting to “fix” anything. Therefore, they hold no expectation. They also accomplish quite easily and naturally in this area, for they do not hold an expectation.

Individuals ALIGNED with Tumold hold tremendous expectation. They do not quite understand the action of the Tumold family. Tremendous belief systems have been acquired in this area. Therefore, they are continuously attempting to be proving to themselves and other individuals the abilities of healing. They place this into objective areas and wish to be showing themselves and other individuals that they, as you also, hold the ability to be affecting. This creates a tremendous expectation, for they are wishing to see a result. Individuals BELONGING to the Tumold family care not of a result, for it is unimportant.

Some individuals within the Tumold family, in BELONGING to the Tumold family, may even at times be creating of injury or disease within themselves spontaneously, and alter that creation and spontaneously UN-create what they have created merely for the benefit that other individuals may be connecting and realizing more of their reality than they are aware of in that particular present moment, and also to be addressing to the individual’s belief systems within the areas of what you term to be healing.

In a sense, these would be viewed to you as parlor tricks, no different than levitating a table or materializing a vase; but at times, for the belief systems are so very strong in these areas among you all, some individuals belonging to the Tumold family may be inspired, also within communication of the Dream Walkers, to be exhibiting this type of behavior, that it may address to your own belief systems and it may challenge your belief systems and allow you to be opening to your periphery.

It is quite an interesting family of consciousness, this Tumold. This be also the reason that they “follow” – they are those that address to your strongest belief systems. Therefore, as you have addressed to your other belief systems within your physical focus and attempting to be accepting of these, you shall continue to hold very strong underlying belief systems that for the most part you do not address, for they are so much a part of your physical focus that you do not even see them. These belief systems are the most difficult, and these are those that the Tumold addresses to and allows a surfacing of – all of the belief systems that you hold within you concerning your physical form, your psyche, your spirituality, your emotional states. These are the elements that the Tumold addresses to, and brings surfacely for you to be addressing to. You look to your belief systems, to be altering or changing or accepting within your behaviors, but you hold tremendous belief systems within these areas of form, of psyche, of emotion, of spirituality that you do not even address yet.

I express to you that you within your physical form may consume rocks and sustain yourself. You view this as amusing and non-reality. You hold tremendous belief systems, very strong belief systems, as to how you must be maintaining your physical form. What you consume has nothing to do with the maintenance of your physical form. It all works in harmony, and when ANY element of these four aspects is within disharmony, ALL are within disharmony. It makes no difference what you are consuming, in itself. It makes no difference what you hold within emotion, in itself. It is of no consequence what you believe within your spirituality, within itself. It holds no matter what you believe within your psyche, within itself. They all move in harmony to each other. THIS is the area of healing that the Tumold provides. In restoring to a natural state, they lend energy to bringing into alignment and harmony these four aspects of yourselves within your physical focus, within consciousness, objectively and subjectively.

... This shift creates a circle, in returning you to an element of the Dream Walkers. This be the reason that I express to you of the Dream Walkers. Otherwise, it would be unnecessary to express anything of these Dream Walkers; but as you accomplish this shift in consciousness, you shall be returning to this state, so to speak. You shall be physically focused, unlike the Dream Walkers, but hold the awareness of the Dream Walkers.

... As I have stated, in a manner of speaking you may be expressing that individuals ALIGNED with Tumold in many respects are distorting of the intent of Tumold, for they have allowed their belief systems to be overpowering of the intent. Tumold may be quite helpful in furthering the intent of the Sumafi, for they are quite aligned in not wishing to be creating of distortion. The intent of the Tumold, as I have stated, is not to be altering another individual’s creation or reality, but merely to be helpful in lending energy to a natural state and a harmony within all individuals and themselves. They are not attempting to “FIX” something. They are accepting of creations.

Within an individual BELONGING to the Tumold family, they may be interacting with another individual who is creating of disease, and they shall not create an attempt to be moving energy in a manner to discourage the individual from creating this disease. They are accepting that this is the individual’s creation, and if they are choosing to be continuing with this creation, this is acceptable. They may merely move into the direction of being helpful to the individual within their creation, recognizing that this is their choice to be within harmony of all of the aspects of the self in their creation.

HELEN: ... The four parts of ourselves that you said the Tumold would be helping us to heal and act in harmony, do they have any connection with the four Earth, wind, fire, water or whatever of the Earth? Is there any connection to the four parts of ourselves?

ELIAS: For the individuals within the Tumold family they hold significance, although they are symbols. They are imagery that they connect to within their exchange of essence, just as you hold imagery within this exchange. I express within this exchange what appears to you to be emotion, for this is what you understand. Therefore, you connect within your imagery and it is expressed. It is a symbol. It is not necessarily a reality outside of this dimension. It is merely a symbol for you, just as these elements of your earth and fire and water and air are also symbols to the individuals belonging to the Tumold family.

SUE: ... I have a question. Last week I wasn’t here, but Bobbi said that you were talking about the Zuli and them connecting with the Dream Walkers through the body and the physical – dancing and things like that. Would that include the Sufi whirling dervishes, that sort of activity?

ELIAS: Yes."[session 250, December 14, 1997]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Jane Roberts engaged an energy exchange with an “energy personality essence” named Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of the perennial philosophy called the Seth Material. (The Early Sessions, Books 1-9 are now available, [sessions 1-510].)

Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias refers to Mary Ennis, the woman who engages this energy exchange with him, by the essence name of Michael.

Digests: find out more about essence names.

(3) Paul’s note: Elias refers to Ron Churchman, the man who engages a similar energy exchange with Paul (Patel), by the essence name of Olivia.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

Digests: find out more about energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel).

(4) Paul’s note: a reference to the nine children of the essence of Rose.

Digests: find out more about the nine children of Rose.

(5) Paul’s note: referring to convicted serial killer David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam.

(6) Paul’s note: referring to convicted serial killer Charles Manson.

(7) Paul’s note: Vic refers to the energy exchange that Mary Ennis engages with Elias. This exchange is similar to what many call “channeling,” but Elias says that these two actions are somewhat different. Channeling involves an interaction with one’s own non-physical aspect selves or essence, and an energy exchange involves a mergence and an exchange with another essence. Mary’s experience within this exchange has changed many times in the last four years and appears to be different from the experience of channeling, according to our present information.

Digests: find out more about energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel).

(8) Vic’s note: this is in reference to a question asked in a previous session about some strange experiences I had while running errands one day. At three different times and in three different locations, three different babies looked at me and became hysterical, pointing and laughing, which made me (and their parents) uncomfortable. Elias said that the babies were viewing my “strange experiences” and recognizing that I was in a state of mind, so to speak, that they are in most of the time, and that they found my confusion in this to be very funny.

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