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Elias “gems”

NORM: “If the earth and the planets and the sun are a living system and they interact with us, then is astrology a reality?

ELIAS: I have expressed within our early sessions that this holds origins in truth. It has been distorted within belief systems, as have all of your other concepts, within your sciences, within your religions, within all of your elements of physical existence. There are relationships between these bodies and the body of your planet. This planet, and you as you recognize yourselves, would not exist without the cooperation of your universe, but you have created all of this harmoniously to be efficiently working.” [session 176, May 25, 1997]

ELIAS: “Originally, within the creation of this dimension and this physical focus, you have created harmoniously all of the physical elements involved within this particular universe. Therefore, you also, within your particular solar system, have created a harmony within what you view to be your other orbiting planets. In this, originally you offered yourselves the creativity of less separation, and recognizing that your connection extends far beyond merely your individual forms, and that you are ultimately connected with all that you view to be nature and all that is within your known universe. Therefore, you were recognizing of your affectingness of your other planets and your system, so to speak. The way this has been distorted is that you have turned the belief system oppositely, to be viewing that your planets and their alignment is affecting of you. In actuality, you are affecting of their movement.” [session 228, October 18, 1997]

Elias “gems”

DAVID: “The last year or so I have been very strongly pulled, more so than I ever have been, towards learning about the energies of the planets, as in astrology. Am I wasting my time or what?

ELIAS: No. There are no mistakes. You may be lending also, within your intent of Sumafi if you are so choosing, to be lessening elements of distortion within this belief system of astrological elements. As I have expressed to the individuals within this forum, this presently has become in your terms a distortion in belief systems, although it springs from a knowledge of reality within essence and your means of creating. Therefore, you may be choosing to be lending energy in lessening this distortion within this belief system, for there are elements of truth within the subject, although they are far removed from what you view presently in your attachment to astrology.” [session 189, July 03, 1997]

DEBI: “I’ve just discovered a web-site by a well-known astrological author where they are interpreting translating some old clay tablets, some old documents, that brings astrology back to its supposed beginnings and seems to simplify a lot of the complexities that have somewhat recently arisen between fixed stars and many, many different.... (Here, Elias begins nodding, an amused expression on his face) I see an understanding!

ELIAS: Belief systems, belief systems, belief systems and more belief systems, and distortion! I have expressed from the onset of these sessions that this subject is based in truthfulness. It has been grossly distorted throughout your ages, but within the action of this present shift, much movement occurs to be wading through the distortions and creating a better understanding of your reality and all of the aspects and elements of it. In this, en masse you offer yourselves the opportunity now to be discovering anew that which has always been.

DEBI: My belief has been that it has been too convoluted and that the simplistic approach.... It’s almost as if someone can’t read a chart to verify a happening, that they find some new technique to prove it out.

DAVID: Belief systems!

DEBI: Belief systems! (Laughter) So the ancient methods, the more simplistic methods would hold true, even though we claim to be in a modern world or a modern society.

ELIAS: This is not to say that the workings, so to speak, of energy within the context of your astrology are not exceedingly complex, for all of your manifestations within this dimension are extremely complex, but you may hold more simplistic viewing of the complicatedness of your creations; in like manner to your physical form being vastly more complex than your sciences shall ever recognize, but you effortlessly move with ease within it and do not objectively explain every single function to it. You do not express within every moment to your form to breathe, but it breathes, for you accept the ease of its movement. In like manner, you have distorted within belief systems many concepts that hold truthfulness in your exploration for the complicatedness of all elements of your existence, but you may also move through many of these concepts with ease simply, for you shall recognize the trueness of it.

I do not express to you that all that this concept has become within your present now is truthful, for it is not. It is steeped in belief systems. But I have expressed that you do choose purposefully to manifest within certain seasons and time periods for reasons of alignment with energy as you have created it within this dimension.

DEBI: So what’s a useful tool?

ELIAS: All of these elements are useful tools if used within a knowing that they are tools, and that they are influenced with belief systems and that they have become distorted through your ages. You may choose any of your ‘methods’ if you are accepting of self and open to energy and consciousness, recognizing that your method is merely an allowance for yourself to be trusting of yourself.” [session 194, July 17, 1997]

DAVID: “I have a question regarding astrology. You’ve said already that it’s been sort of like changed away from its original purpose, but I’d like to know what astrology’s original purpose is, so that I can understand more of what I’m learning in regards to it.

ELIAS: Originally, within the creation of this dimension and this physical focus, you have created harmoniously all of the physical elements involved within this particular universe. Therefore, you also, within your particular solar system, have created a harmony within what you view to be your other orbiting planets. In this, originally you offered yourselves the creativity of less separation, and recognizing that your connection extends far beyond merely your individual forms, and that you are ultimately connected with all that you view to be nature and all that is within your known universe. Therefore, you were recognizing of your affectingness of your other planets and your system, so to speak. The way this has been distorted is that you have turned the belief system oppositely, to be viewing that your planets and their alignment is affecting of you. In actuality, you are affecting of their movement.

DAVID: So in interpreting a birth chart, and we incorporate all the planets in our solar system, how then do I interpret ... for example, I see a configuration, say Saturn squaring Mary’s natal Mercury, and in an interpretation of that, it seems quite akin to what she’s presently experiencing.

ELIAS: But you view this to be that these planets are affecting of the individual. In actuality, they are mirroring the individuals.

DAVID: Okay. So am I right in assuming that when certain planets that are presently in what we call retrograde motion move forward, which would be at the end of this year, that next year we’ll be seeing more of a movement in our shift, more so than we have?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: Correct. So I can gauge a lot of that by my interpretation and my knowledge of astrology?

ELIAS: But recognizing that also, these actions are mirroring your own movement. This also may provide you with information that you seek so desperately of future events. You offer yourselves these future events. You hold the knowledge of what you are creating. YOU are creating these actions. Your planets are not creating these actions by their movement. You are moving them by your creations.

DAVID: Okay, so they work almost like reading a book, in a way.

ELIAS: They are reflecting you. Therefore, you may look to your outer landscape just as you look to your inner landscape (1), and view the motion that you yourselves are creating and that your outer landscapes are mirroring and reflecting. This be what I have expressed to you many times, that information abounds all around you. You merely do not notice or understand what you are viewing, but all of these elements are creations of yourselves. You collectively move your planet. You collectively move all of your other planets. You collectively create novas. They do not affect you. You affect them! You offer yourselves information of your creations by reading what you are creating; by looking to your mirror images, your reflections in your universe, and allowing yourself the information of what you are creating.

DAVID: So in what little I know – it’s so complex to understand astrology – when I interpret it for my friends, it seems to be that I’m quite on the mark sometimes. Is it safe to do that?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 228, October 18, 1997]

FEMALE: “Can you talk a little bit about the sun? (Inaudible) I’ve wondered about the sun and energies that are no longer manifest in this dimension, that somehow the sun is holding this energy to manifest in our dimension.

ELIAS: This would be a belief system. You have created all of these so-called celestial bodies for your own manipulation.

Let me express to you that your energy individually and en masse is so very unbounded and so great that even one focused manifestation within one dimension physically emanates so very much energy that it is necessary for you to be creating of all that you view in what you view to be your universe, for it is necessary that you express an outlet for all of this energy, which moves and creates all of the action within your known universe. Therefore, not only do you create bodies such as your sun purposefully for its practical function and what it offers to you physically, but you also create these particular bodies that you may be interactive with within energy and allowing the free expression in different forms with your energy.

As I have stated previously, your belief systems in the area of astrology are reverse. You believe that your planets move within certain orbs and that they in themselves, in their course of direction, are affecting of you within your individual focus. In actuality, you within your focuses collectively are moving these planets to be in alignment with what you are creating. They are a mirror image of what you create within this objective reality.

Your sun holds, as all of your stars, much intensity of energy. This energy is projected collectively by all of the essences participating within this particular dimension and reality, and is exchanged. Just as you collectively create what you view within your weather as your storms, you also much more powerfully project collectively your energy, which feeds the action of this star. You are creating of its burning, for you are projecting of your energy to this object and allowing a free flow expression of undirected energy; energy that is not being moved and manipulated in specific creations, but is what you may term – in your terms figuratively – as a surplus of energy that you hold within any physical dimension, for one manifestation physically is too small to be containing of the intensity of energy that you hold within each focus. Therefore, you create many outlets for the expression of this energy.

But as to the object itself and its creating of realities in itself, no. YOU are creating of IT, and of its motion and its movement.” [session 287, June 18, 1998]

TOM: “Elias, I have a question. Can you explain for me what we perceive to be the laws of physics – action, reaction, positive, negative? Are these just something that are created by our belief systems, or do these have some actual permanent significance?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within this dimension and within your creation of your reality as you hold the understanding of it presently and pastly, they are reality, but they are limited to this particular dimension, for they are entirely influenced by the belief system of cause and effect.

You move into the area of creating mass belief systems as explanations to yourselves of elements that you do not understand. Therefore, you have created the belief system that for each cause of action, there is an effect or reaction. This, as I have stated, is directly influenced by your mass belief systems, which have been hold (held) for many millennium. These have been offered to yourselves by yourselves, in explanation for actions that you create.

Let me offer you an example which may be quite easy for you to be understanding in the area of belief system, and you may apply this also to your sciences that you have created your new religions with, for you hold tremendous belief systems and ‘faith’ in your sciences! (Smiling) Therefore, they also have become another source of belief systems, another religion which is no different from all of your other religions. It merely expresses belief systems in a different manner that you accept more rationally as opposed to mystically within your present time framework, for now you move into the area of technology, a new exploration.

But in the example that I offer, you hold belief systems in the area of your planet. You look to your solar system, you look to your universe, and you create belief systems in the area of what you term to be astrology. Obviously this is not scientific, but it serves as a very good example in reality, for in the area of the belief systems of astrology, you believe that your planets move in certain orbs and certain directions and are affecting of you as individuals and en masse according to their movement. In actuality, YOU are creating of THEIR movement in mirror image to YOUR movement within your focus individually and en masse. Therefore, you have reversed the concept of the action within your belief systems, for you believe that you as individuals, and even within mass, are not capable; do not hold the ability to be creating of all of your reality.

(Humorously) YOU are not manipulating of all of the elements of your reality! THEY are independently creating themselves, or some supreme being within consciousness is creating of them, which is out of your sphere! But you, within this meager small ‘learning planet’ upon this ‘plane’ of existence in this very ‘low level’ that you aspire to move outside of in your quest to become more ‘enlightened,’ could not possibly be creating of all of your reality! Therefore, you create belief systems that shall offer you explanations of what you are creating, for obviously YOU are not creating it!

In this, your sciences do not acknowledge the reality of the energy of consciousness and its preceding, so to speak, within linear time frame, of physical manifestations or actions. In this, they create explanations with limited information, for they do not allow themselves to be accessing the information that shall offer them the actual actions that are occurring.

You may step before a carriage and it may be physically engaging you and running you over, and as it runs over the top of you, this is an action, and your belief system dictates to you individually and en masse – which mass belief systems hold great strength and energy – that you shall be injured; you shall bear physical evidence that you have been run over by the carriage. But you may arise and you may choose not to be creating of this, and shall bear no markings of the action at all. Within your sciences, it is dictated that for every action there is a reaction; there is a cause and effect. But there is not necessarily an effect for all cause. (Smiling)

They view behaviors of certain elements of physical creations that you have created to be interactive within this dimension for specific purposes. In this, they view them to be consistent, although they are not always consistent. Your physicists move into the direction of attempting to create a block, a box that they may place physical elements in and express, ‘These physical elements always exhibit the same behavior.’ But they do not! At times they deviate from the behavior, for although they may many times move in the direction of displaying the same behavior for the reason that you have created this action purposefully for certain workings of your manifestations within this particular physical dimension, and links of consciousness are in agreement with this and choose to be compliant, each link of consciousness IS consciousness and holds free will and holds it own ability for choice. Therefore, at times, links of consciousness, which are comprising of choice and are the make-up of elements that you view to be as atoms or other physical elements ... which to this time framework, you continue to not view these mysterious atoms! But these links of consciousness that make up these atoms may be choosing not to be compliant, and therefore creating of a different behavior and not being consistent.

You may also view in amazement individuals that you consider to hold strange powers or tremendous abilities within enlightenment within your own physical environment, within your own physical time framework; ‘masters’ or mystics that defy the laws, so to speak, of your physical reality. If you drop an apple, gravity shall pull it to the ground; cause and effect. But one of your masters may drop an apple, and it may float and defy your laws of gravity! YOU may float, if you are so choosing to create! Levitation is NOT a fantasy. It is a reality! And how may you explain this within your laws of your sciences, that you hold these fields that are absolute? THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES within your physical dimension. ALL may be challenged. It is merely a choice within consciousness.

Therefore, to your question, yes. It is directly influenced by your belief systems, and in altering your belief systems, you also alter your reality. This be the reason that you MAY alter your reality, for as it is presented presently, it is directly filtered through your belief systems.

This is not to say that your belief systems are bad. That perception moves you into the area of duplicity. Your belief systems are not bad. They are not good, either. There merely are, and they are that which is creating of your reality. But in not holding to your belief systems so very strongly, you also allow yourselves the expansiveness of your creativity and the ability to explore more of your reality.

As you hold to these belief systems tightly, you also create your box for yourselves; not for consciousness, not for the manifestation of consciousness or even physical matter, but for yourselves in your explorations, for you limit yourselves in not allowing yourselves to move beyond and view that there is much more to your reality than you allow yourselves to view. If you are allowing yourselves an openness and not boxing yourselves into your scientific belief systems so very strongly, you may view many more elements of your own creations that shall be quite surprising to you! You have already created many objective evidences of this for yourselves, which you term to be ‘accidents,’ that you do not understand: your element of your Philadelphia Experiment, (2) that even within this present now moment you do not understand. It is not an accident! It is a tapping into more of your reality which does not fit within your scientific belief systems. You hold many examples throughout your history of these types of action that you have ‘accidentally stumbled upon.’ And I express to you, there are no accidents!

(Intently) You purposefully create certain actions to offer yourselves evidences that there is more to your reality than you allow yourselves to view, and then you ponder and you question and you retreat to the safety of your sciences and your religions, which offer you familiarity, but offer you also partial explanations for certain aspects of your reality that you may feel comfortable with.” [session 291, June 26, 1998]

ELIAS: “There are many areas that may be explored in the aspect of sexuality with respect to relationships. In physical terms, you may place this action as a physical experience that you create to be facilitating of new focuses to be physically entering into this physical dimension.

Now; you also attach significances to this physical action, and within the belief system of relationship you attach certain aspects of the belief system to this physical act, for within this physical act you are physically merging two physical forms, and in this action you may be creating of another physical form. Therefore, you attach great significance to this action. This is not to say that your attachment of significance is right or wrong. It merely is.

In this, you also allow yourselves certain openings. Let me explain.

Just as within certain actions you create focal points to allow yourselves more of an opening to self and to your own awarenesses and to energies, within your objective expressions such as your cards, your crystals, your astrology, your numerology, your rituals, you use these as focal points, as actions that you allow through your belief systems an opening to consciousness and to energy. In like manner, you create a focal point of an action of physical mergence in the area of the action of sexual intercourse.

In this, at times individuals allow themselves to move into an area of opening to their own awarenesses, and in this action of opening to their own awarenesses they may also within agreement allow themselves to open to each other. In this, they allow themselves to experience an exchange of energy and at times a mergence of energy which exceeds physical action.

Within the attachment of your symbolism, which is an aspect of the belief system, you also allow yourselves the ability to be accessing other areas of consciousness, other aspects of self, other aspects of other individuals. In this, if you are choosing and if you are allowing your own openness, you may access other areas of consciousness together that may be quite enlightening to you, so to speak, and may offer you an opening to a remembrance of self and of essence and of the energy of essence, and you may also allow yourself the excitement and exhilaration of not only a physical experience of energy, but also the knowing of the powerfulness of your OWN energy of essence which may be expressed THROUGH you.

You may experience this also individually, but belief systems lend themselves, in the accumulation of energy en masse, to an easement of accomplishment in certain areas. This be the reason that I express to you that belief systems are not bad. They may be limiting, but they are not bad, for in many aspects they lend themselves to your own accomplishments.

In this particular area, the aspect of sexuality may be quite lending of itself in areas of widening your own awareness and your own experiences. You may allow yourself the experience of mergence of essence and not only feel this within energy, but also physically, within your physical senses and within your nervous system of your physical form, if you are opening yourself to this awareness within this sexual activity. For you have created the aspect of the belief system to lend itself in this direction as facilitating to you as a focal point, in like manner to any of your props that you use within physical focus for your attention. They hold symbology, and where you attach symbology you also allow yourselves openness, and you allow yourselves more of your own widening in awareness.” [session 308, August 21, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the inner landscape exercise, whose goal is to create a visualization that presents imagery related to whatever challenge, problem, or illness you wish to explore.

Exercises: find out more about the create an inner landscape exercise.

(2) Paul’s note: in the “Philadelphia Experiment” the U.S. Navy alledgedly experimented with powerful electromagnetic fields to make the Destroyer Escort – USS Eldridge – optically invisible in October of 1943. A true 20th century X-file type story, the U.S. Navy has categorically denied this event ever took place.

According to what is now really a legend, as the ship became “invisible” and then “returned,” there were disastrous consequences on the crew – including insanity, burns, and becoming fused with objects on the ship. The ship may indeed have “traveled interdimensionally” to Norfolk, Virginia and back to its Philadelphia Navy shipyard dock, all without moving “around” space in conventional terms but “through” it.

Vic’s note: regarding the Philadelphia Experiment, here’s an excerpt from session 06 dated May 14, 1995:

VICKI: “Concerning the concept of time, in OUR terms ... (laughter)

ELIAS: Thank you! (Grinning)

VICKI: ... would you please comment on the Philadelphia Experiment?

ELIAS: You wish to know if it is possible?

VICKI: I wish to know if it happened!

ELIAS: There are many more facts involved, but it IS possible for you all to supersede time and space. These are relative terms and concepts. They in actuality do not exist. This is why it can be accomplished. You do not need fancy experiments to do this! There are many scientific people who do not believe they can accomplish this without much measuring of everything! They ‘accidentally happen upon’ very natural states, and then they feel they have discovered something wonderful! They try to keep this information to themselves, not because it would be harmful but because they wish to hoard it and they do not wish to share, and they also do not understand. You in your focus have the ability to accomplish the same things as they do. They only BELIEVE that these things must be accomplished in specific environments. Their problem is that they do not understand what they have done. If they were to shift their focus, they would not know what to do! Their measuring instruments would not be necessary. This unnerves the scientific community.” [session 06, May 14, 1995]

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