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objective/subjective awareness

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Your objective consciousness would be likened to and encompassing of your waking state; that which you designate as your conscious awareness. Your subjective consciousness is that element of consciousness which encompasses all other states; all states that you term to be altered states, your dream state also, meditative states, hypnotic states. Any altered state of consciousness, in your terms, would be encompassed within your subjective activity. This also will be designated as what you presently think of as your unconscious element of yourself, although it is not unconscious!” [session 140, December 15, 1996]

ELIAS: “Your objective awareness is that which occupies your attention within your waking state. Your subjective awareness is that awareness which is a part of you, which moves in harmony to your objective awareness and includes your dream state and all other states of consciousness associated with this reality; not your waking state. These two states of consciousness I shall refer to many times. They also, as I have stated, are elements of you. They are inseparable. They are also not at odds with each other. You are not manipulated by some element which you term to be ‘unconscious.’ There is no unconscious. This suggests non-conscious, and there is no non-conscious. There is merely the area of your individual oubliettes, your places of forgetting, which is your objective awareness. Your subjective awareness is that which holds the remembrance, which you are moving into the position of merging into your objective awareness. This also is an element of this shift in consciousness.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “I express to you, as I have expressed previously, all is not hidden from you! These are ideas that are expressions of your belief systems. All is quite available to you, and you may view all of your creations quite easily. They lie before you! Your subjective and objective awarenesses are not in opposition to each other, and one is not creating any element that the other is not aware of and is also expressing in mirror action. Therefore, there is no element of your focus that is hidden from you. You are privy to it all! You merely need be viewing and paying attention and noticing what you are creating yourself.” [session 338, November 10, 1998]

ELIAS: “As you enter physical focus and physically manifest within this dimension, you choose a physical body type and function, a gender. You also choose an orientation. The orientation may fit to either gender. All three of the orientations may fit with either gender. Therefore, they cross over each other, and one does not dictate the other. This is another element of your belief system that creates great confusion within you, for as you DO identify so very strongly with genders, you confuse yourselves with orientations, for the orientations do not fit with one particular gender. They are not associated directly with each other.

“Orientation is your perception. It is what is creating your perception. Your beliefs are influencing of your perception and therefore create your perception also, but your orientation is an ingredient of your perception.

“Your perception is how you view yourself, how you view your world, how you interact with your world, how you interact with yourself, with each other, and HOW YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. You create your reality through your perception. Perception is not visual seeing. Perception is not limited to your thought process. It is not limited to emotion. It is all-encompassing, and that element of yourself that you do not identify as a thing, for it is not your body and it is not your brain. It is that element of yourself that creates your reality, that places you in the awareness of reality within this physical dimension. It is your awareness, your objective awareness.” [session 381, April 09, 1999]

ELIAS: “As I have expressed to you previously, your objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony with each other and are not independent of each other, in a manner of speaking. Therefore, what is being created subjectively is also being created objectively.

“What you are attempting to be moving into is the translation, is the objective awareness of BOTH creations of awareness. You wish to be objectively aware of subjective movement.

“And in this, we concentrate our subject matter upon the objective movement and objective noticings and recognitions and translations, for you need no translation of the subjective – the subjective needs no translation of the objective – and you have no motivation to be translating any objective imagery into subjective awareness.

“But as you HAVE created veils and separations objectively throughout your history in manifestation within this dimension, you DO hold a curiosity and a motivation to be creating a translation of that which you view presently – or perceive to be illusive – as the subjective imagery and movement, that element of yourself that continues to be suspect, and you wish or desire to be creating a translation, that you may hold an objective awareness of the movement of the subjective imagery and awareness; not that the subjective movement or imagery or awareness is being created in any different manner than the objective in terms of direction, for it is not.

“The direction is the same of both the objective and the subjective, but the imagery presents itself differently, and therefore there is a fascination in the area of investigating that which is unfamiliar to you objectively. Therefore, we DO concentrate our discussions in the direction of the objective terms of translation.” [session 506, November 24, 1999]

ELIAS: “Your attention is you. It is your awareness. It is the combined expression of your subjective and your objective awarenesses, those expressions of you that create you as you.

“Your attention is not your personality. Your personality may be an expression of you, in a preference. You incorporate many preferences within one focus, you create many preferences in essence; but preference is also an expression that your attention directs to. It is the expression of you. And as I have expressed previously, your attention is the wheel that steers you, as being your own individual ship. Your ship moves you through your experiences.” [session 986, January 19, 2002]

KATE: “What is the purpose of what is known at the present time as the ego? Is it the same as essence, and in what way does it assist us in knowing that we are part of consciousness, that we are consciousness?”

ELIAS: “This is your objective identity of yourself, your objective sense of yourself in this individual physical manifestation of this one focus. It is your identity. Therefore, it is quite significant within your reality, for it is how you identify you as you, your personality, what distinguishes you as unique.”

KATE: “Why is that where our negative belief systems seem to be stored, and why is it that we have – or at least I do – have such difficulty in releasing some of those beliefs?”

ELIAS: “For you continue to generate a misunderstanding. First of all, there are no negative beliefs. They are all neutral. It is merely a matter of your individual associations with different expressions of duplicity beliefs that generate an identification of negative and positive.

“Also, in relation to your question of why do these beliefs seem to be stored in this expression of ego, first of all they are not, but you do generate reinforcements of judgments concerning your beliefs and concerning this identification of ego, which you have mis-defined. Your negative association with this expression is directly associated with psychological beliefs that express to you, in association with religious beliefs also, that there are aspects of yourself that are base, undesirable and less than spiritual. One of these expressions of yourself that qualifies in that category is what has been identified as the ego.

“Now; as I have expressed, that which you identify in a negative sense as ego is merely that expression of yourself and your personality which expresses your identity. How shall you associate your identity with negativity, unless you are aligning with religious and psychological beliefs that express to you that in the physical manifestation you are less than, which is incorrect?” [session 1152, October 10, 2002]

NORM: “Now, I would like to have you define that, the difference between objective and subjective consciousness creating what we do.”

ELIAS: “There is quite little difference. As I have expressed many, many, many times, they move in harmony. Therefore, what you create in subjective awareness is what you also create in objective awareness.

“The difference between subjective and objective is that the subjective is quite precise and literal, the objective is abstract. Therefore one action that you may be incorporating subjectively, one direction, one motion that you may be creating subjectively, may be incorporated in thousands of manners objectively, for the objective awareness is abstract.

“It is quite the reverse of what you think. You associate your subjective awareness with dream state. Your dream state is quite objective. If you generate imagery in association with physical reality, it is objective.”

ARTHUR: “And abstract, in dream reality?”

ELIAS: “You are quite abstract in your dream reality, which is quite a mirror for your waking reality which is also quite abstract.

“Your subjective awareness is quite precise and is not abstract. Your subjective awareness may be precisely identifying to you a belief that is influencing what you are creating quite precisely – one – and you may be generating hundreds of objective expressions of imagery to reflect that one belief.” [session 1252, January 18, 2003]

ELIAS: “The point of transition is not merely to shed beliefs associated with any particular physical dimension, but also to shed the objective awareness, for it is unnecessary. Objective awareness is generated only in association with physical dimensions, with physical realities. Perception is a tool of the objective awareness; therefore it also is not necessary. In nonphysical areas of consciousness there is no perception. It is associated merely with physical realities. But that is a strong configuration of energy and is not immediately shed merely that you choose to disengage. That is what I am expressing to you. That is also a process that generates a beginning.” [session 1474, November 23, 2003]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Now! First of all, we will incorporate an adjustment of some terminology, to be more efficient for our purposes.

Henceforth, I shall refer to your waking state of consciousness as objective consciousness or self.

All altered states of consciousness, such as your dream state, your state within out-of-body experiences, and all other altered [states of] consciousness, as you view them, including your view of ‘subconscious,’ shall be referred to as subjective consciousness or self.

These terms are more efficient and encompassing for your understanding, for all of your conscious state that you view within your waking element deals with information projected out and received from ‘out.’ All other information is directed from within and processed within.

... [The] subjective self is the creative aspect, the initiating aspect, of your manifestation. [The] objective self is the experiencing and executing element of your manifestation. The subjective self is directly connected to mass consciousness and Regional Area 2. Therefore, information is obtained through Regional Area 2 within the collective consciousness, filtered into individual manifestations of reality, interpreted individually, and projected into objective self.

We shall speak of our tree, once again; my very faithful example. View the tree to be the objective self, the roots of the tree being the subjective self; but the tree is intimately connected to the ground. The ground is the collective. It supplies the information, the nourishment, the focus for the subjective self, which is interpreted within manifestation of the objective self, the tree. The ground, being the collective, may also be compared to mass events, for if the ground is creating parchedness, the tree alone is not affected only. Each blade of grass, each flower, and the ground itself is affected directly. If the ground is creating abundance of saturation, the tree, along with all other vegetation, is affected through the subjective self of roots, manifesting an experience within the objective self of the tree. Are you understanding thus far? (Here, there is a silent, uncertain pause, during which Elias seems to evaluate each person individually, and then continues)

The subjective self engages mass events. You look to mass events and you think of your involvement objectively; your physical experience. You also incorporate subjective experience within your dream element, for you incorporate mass events within this area of consciousness also. Mass events are not always incorporated throughout a nation, or a world, or even an entire community. A mass event, as I have expressed previously, may be experienced within small groups of individuals, but you are experiencing collectively, through agreement, within Regional Area 2.

You do not always understand the manifestations of your mass events. You do not always manifest all of your reasons for mass events, for within Regional Area 2 exists your Source Events. These are creative expressions which are vastly exceeding what you may physically manifest within physical focus. Therefore, I have expressed that you manifest an interpretation, an element. A Source Event is never entirely manifest, for physical focus of any design may not encompass a Source Event. Therefore, you may look to your mass events, and you may feel that you are left with ‘pieces missing’; incomplete explanations of the reason why you have created these events. This is quite common within the element of physical focus, for just as you have distorted information from Regional Area 2, you also omit experiences from Regional Area 2. Not all of the reasons for manifestations are necessary for the experience.

You may manifest a mass event. You may walk away affected by a mass event, and within years to your future, you may look ‘backwards’ to the event and you may question, ‘Why? What was our purpose?’ The purpose for the individual event may not be apparent to you, for the experience is what was important for manifestation. The reasons for experience are held within the subjective self, always. They are always accessible. Therefore, it is unnecessary, at times, to be manifesting all elements of certain issues or subjects of mass events.

I have expressed to you, from our beginning of our sessions, your purpose within physical focus is to experience. You have asked many times, ‘What is my mission? What is my purpose? Why am I in existence?’ You exist within physical focus, for you choose to manifest within physical focus for experience.

You choose many experiences. You are choosing a new experience and manifesting a new Source Event, involving your shift, for your experience. You choose to experience differently. Therefore, you create a new Source Event, which will be partially expressed and manifest within an interpretation and experience of your shift.

You also employ dialog continuously between the subjective and objective selves. Just as the tree does not exist without the root, one element of consciousness does not exist without the other. Therefore, there is continuous communication and interaction; therefore, your dream state. I have expressed to you, from very early on within our session times, the importance of this state. It is your subjective communication. It is important. It is very affecting, for it is affecting of all of your objective expression.

It has been addressed to us many times, ‘I experience difficulty within my dream state. I dream only mundane interaction. I dream of elements that I have viewed upon my television, or interaction that I have experienced within my day or within my employment.’ I express to you that even within these interactions of dream state, the subjective self speaks to you. Sometimes, your interaction of a dream which is focused upon your work state is, in actuality, a communication to the objective self, to be dealing with and coping with elements of that situation. It is delivering information to you to be helpful. It expresses creative information to you to be more artfully employing your energy within your every-day life.

As there is no time element within the subjective self, you may view the interaction, from the standpoint of the objective self, as reversed. You may dream, and to your perception it is seeming that you have been dreaming of what has been occurring within your previous day. There is no time element within your subjective self. It is an interpretation of the objective self.

Many times, within your dream state, your subjective self expresses, prior to an event, information to be helpful to the objective self. The objective self is not remembering of this information; therefore the interaction or event occurs, lodging a memory. Within communication and validation the following evening, the subjective self communicates once again and is confirming, ‘Yes, I have been helpful in offering you this information. You have responded and experienced. Now, I shall allow you to review and watch again.’

This offers you also the opportunity to be adjusting; for if you are experiencing elements within your objective self ‘time’ that you are wishing to adjust, the subjective self offers a presentation to you to be reviewing, once again, of your position; therefore also offering you the opportunity to adjust behavior.

Very much interaction occurs within this state. It is your clearest and closest interaction. You may view this to be your ‘subconscious’ self, which is not subconscious! Your subjective self is continually available to you. You only choose to be complicating your interaction, and believing that it is removed from you.

If I am expressing to you of very intricate methods for interaction with your subjective self, you will be engaging much brain activity, and you will be exhibiting a determination to be accomplishing; but as I express to you of effortlessness and ease, and how automatic these elements are to you, you do not understand and you do not acknowledge your own action. I have expressed to you, many times, you incorporate these actions continuously.

You experience OOBs [out-of-body experiences] continuously, but you continue to express to Elias, ‘How may I experience an OOB?” If I offer you a mathematical formula, and a very complicated method employing your silver cord, let us not forget this element, (grinning), you may acknowledge yourself, and accept your experience, and view your accomplishment; but as I express, ‘You already accomplish,’ you do not accept. There is no method! There is only trust of self, and acceptance.

Within the communication between the objective self and the subjective self, you also offer yourself an acceptance of explanation for elements that you may not explain. Thus, you have ‘coincidences.’ These are elements that will not fit into your factual focus; but nonetheless, they occur. There is no category for these occurrences, but you are accepting of them, for they are too regular to deny! Therefore, even your most scientific individuals are accepting of coincidences. These are elements of Regional Area 2 being manifest within Regional Area 1.” [session 92, May 05, 1996]

ELIAS: “You deal with an objective world; a time framework. This is where you physically manifest. It is the same as manifesting images within your dream state. You are not walking through a dream, and your dreams are not imagination. They are reality, and this also is reality. They are different realities for they are different areas of consciousness, but they are both reality. There is no other reality which is more reality than the reality that you manifest. Those realities which you do not see also are symbols, but hold their own integrity and are a thing within themselves. They are all affecting of each other.

Within physical focus, there is a constant intermingling and movement in communication which is influencing back and forth. Subjectively, you influence from both directions. Your objective physical expression is influencing of your dream activity. Your dream activity is influencing of your objective physical expression. It is a back and forth exchange continuously of symbolic information that you have interpreted, but you are always in control.” [session 151, February 02, 1997]

JIM: “Does subjective movement pertain to an awareness of your subjective self in your objective awareness? What would be described as subjective movement in consciousness?

ELIAS: To your way of thinking, you have thought within belief systems for much time within your modern now that your subjective consciousness would be classified as your subconsciousness. Within your belief systems, movement within this area of consciousness, subconsciousness, is out of your control and moves without your permission within whichever direction it chooses, be that beneficial or not. Before the institution of your school of psychology, subjective awareness and movement was thought of as the individual’s soul; the spirit; that element of self which motivates you and also moves out of your control, to your benefit or your detriment. I express to you that subjective movement and awareness is not out of your control. It works in harmony with your objective awareness.

Objective is the outward view of perception of reality. Subjective deals with the subject; you. It is the inward view and creation of reality. You form your reality in harmony of both. Objective movement, information, input, assessment, understanding, is assessed by your outer senses. Subjective movement is assessed by your inner senses. Together, they create your reality. Together, they create what you view as your self; that part of you which is not brain, but is mind.

JIM: So mind would more relate to the subjective self?

ELIAS: It is a combination; for it is taking in information from both objective and subjective awareness and combining these to be creating outwardly your reality. You also create objective reality and subjective reality, which you may view as opposite sides of one coin. Objectively, you may create events or movement, body expression, without thought process. You also project and affect elements within your world, within your environment objectively. Subjectively, you also create a reality within your sleep state and other altered states of consciousness, in your terms. Together, they create what you recognize as you.

JIM: Okay. So in the statement, ‘Your objective attention directs your action,’ your subjective attention would also direct your action, or create the action?

ELIAS: Your subjective action creates your desire.

JIM: Okay, and where we create the conflict is when we question the desire?

ELIAS: You create conflict as you are separating objective and subjective movement, not allowing these elements of oneself to be moving within harmony to each other.

JIM: Okay, so there is a lot of subjective awareness. Objectively I’m becoming very aware of subjective awareness, but I’m blocking it. Okay, thanks. If the body ... This has been brought up a couple of times. If the body is not a vessel, then why does it still remain in physical focus when seemingly the consciousness of it leaves? A dead body would still have a consciousness, would it not?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And it would still dream then as well, wouldn’t it? (Pause) And can we take it with us?

(Vic’s note: Jim’s cracking himself up again)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Within the individual elements, the individual cells, yes; it continues to be dreaming. Within the collective, no. Within the aspects of energy ... atoms, molecules, cells ... which are physically manifest, it holds its own independent identity. Therefore, the elements independently continue and also engage dream state until each individually is choosing to rearrange itself into another form of energy. They do not all rearrange at the same time. They individually choose.

The collective functions within direction of your subjective consciousness. As that is removed, the collective ceases to be joined. Therefore, it disconnects collectively, and each element experiences its own reality separated from the collective. Therefore, if you are choosing to be burying of this body, you shall witness decomposition of physical form. This occurs in stages, for not all of the elements choose to be rearranging themselves into other expressions of consciousness at the same time. You may choose differently, as I have expressed previously, and you may choose disengagement within such fashion that the body consciousness shall be rearranged immediately, all together.

JIM: As in burning, or ...

ELIAS: No; as in you may be consumed by another creature. If you are burning or cremating you are changing form, but you are not completely changing physical form immediately, and not all at the same time. Some elements of self, within your objective expression of body, do not respond to fire. Therefore, they shall not decompose at the same time as those elements of the body which are flesh.

Some individuals choose to be preserving of the body consciousness, and may continue within the expressed form for many centuries after discontinuation of consciousness within the manifestation. In this, you view mummification, or individuals solidified within rock of lava. But as to your question of these elements’ continuation of dream state, yes. As they are continued to be physically manifest, they shall also continue to engage this activity.” [session 170, May 02, 1997]

ELIAS: “Just as you hold many physical focuses within many other physical dimensions, the belief systems that you hold within this physical dimension are not relevant to another physical dimension. Therefore, within this physical dimension you may choose many manifestations and you may also choose to carry these belief systems through many of these manifestations, many of your focuses within this dimension and reality, although they do not enter into another physical manifestation, generally speaking, although they may bleed through at times. Within this situation you may witness individuals experiencing confusion, for they incorporate those belief systems as relevant to this physical dimension ...

BOB: How are they carried from there to here? What’s the vehicle for the belief systems to enter this physical focus? If they’re not carried in essence and you disengage one given physical focus, where are the belief systems from that physical focus retained until they remanifest themselves in this physical focus?

ELIAS: Within the aspect of consciousness that you choose to be remanifesting.

BOB: So they’re in the DNA code, or the genetic code?

ELIAS: No. They are not encoded physically. They are not part of your physical expression. They are not part of your physical brain. They are part of your consciousness. They are part of your objective consciousness which is retained. If you are choosing to be remanifesting, and you are choosing to be remanifesting within a similar intent, within a similar time period, within a similar culture, within the same dimension, you may engage transition temporarily and not move entirely into an area of complete subjectivity; therefore retaining an element of objective awareness, which shall be the aspect which shall continue and be remanifest.

BOB: So objective consciousness is not a function of physical manifestation at all. Objective and subjective consciousness are always one, or different aspects of one consciousness, which stays with essence. So even though we think, at least in our terms, of subjective consciousness being somehow more ethereal and objective consciousness as somehow connected to the brain, neither is the case. Consciousness is not a function of thinking.

ELIAS: Consciousness is not a product of thinking, but objective consciousness is relative to physical focus.

BOB: I thought I heard you say you retain objective consciousness as you go into transition, after you leave your body, where you would have no physical focus.

ELIAS: Correct; but you hold an awareness of physical focus continued within the area of transition, and you retain your objective awareness. If you are choosing non-remanifestation, you shall move into areas within transition that you shall disassociate all objective awareness. If you are choosing remanifestation you shall, within the tone of you that you presently recognize ... continue with me ... this element shall move into areas that shall disassociate from objective awareness and continue within non-physical subjective movement; but that aspect of objective awareness which has been an element of you shall deviate in tone ever so slightly and shall remanifest into physical focus, becoming a new creation. Therefore, it shall be its own personality and tone, but it shall be you.

BOB: Okay. It would probably be good if I just thought about this for a while. (Elias chuckles) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I quite enjoy our engagements! (Grinning)

BOB: Me too!” [session 173, May 11, 1997]

LESLIE: “As we are going through this shift, what are we expected to experience in terms of our emotions, our psychological experiences, and things like that? Maybe that might explain what I may have been going through for the last two years. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Quite. You shall be experiencing much subjective bleed-through information into objective reality. In this, let me express that the definition I offer for subjective activity would be all of that type of consciousness which is not waking consciousness. This would be including all altered states, in your terminology, all other focuses, all dream imagery, all of which you consider to be removed or subconscious. Many individuals within their belief systems also attribute this to being super-consciousness or cosmic consciousness. They are all the same. They are subjective awareness, which is the larger aspect of you as essence. This holds tremendous information and also imagery.

In this, within this particular dimension you have been extremely selective in your manifestation, limiting your awareness to only objective awareness, allowing for slight amounts of subjective bleed-through. Within the action of this shift, you have opened the floodgates and allowed the subjective awareness to rush into objective awareness. Therefore, within your waking state, within your consciousness that you recognize as you and that you are aware of, you may experience many different types of occurrences.

Some individuals within your present now encounter what they term to be aliens. These are focuses of their essence. Some individuals experience what they term to be walk-ins. (1) These are exchanges of focuses of other dimensions. They are reality. Some individuals experience bleed-throughs of information and imagery of focuses within this dimension, that which you classify as past lives. Individuals may be experiencing alterations in imagery within their waking, everyday experience. Objects within their experience may alter. You may view a chair, and it may be become another object, and it may return to a chair. You may experience many altered states of consciousness spontaneously, without effort, not intentionally. You may experience increase in projection or out-of-body experiences. These are all natural, normal elements of essence which you are allowing yourself to objectively become aware of.

Within this action you also encounter many of your held belief systems, for these are blocking elements. Therefore, they surface to be addressed, that they may be accepted and your awareness may be widened in these areas; for within the accomplishment of your shift globally, there is no place for the non-acceptance of these belief systems. This is not an elimination of belief systems! It is an acceptance in awareness of their existence and a neutralization of their power.” [session 183, June 15, 1997]

ELIAS: “Do not misunderstand. This is a difficult area, for this is not to say that your subjective awareness is not fully in play within your waking state. It is; but you hold more of an awareness of your subjective activity within dream state than within waking state. They are equally working within harmony at all times. It is merely a difference of your perception and your awareness of their workings. Is this clear? (Pause, looking at each person) No, it is not clear!

(Intently) Your subjective and objective awareness are continuously within harmony. They are continuously within perfectly working order. Within your waking state, you occupy your attention objectively. This does not mean that your subjective awareness is not perfectly working continuously, and inputting. It is. You are merely not objectively aware of its interaction, for you focus your attention singularly within your objective waking awareness. Within your dream state, within your dream imagery, you relax your objective attention. In this, you allow your attention to drift into an awareness of your subjective awareness. Therefore, you allow yourself both. It is not working any more or any better within your dream state than it is within your waking state. You merely allow yourself to relax your attention and therefore open your periphery and open your attention to incorporate both subjective and objective awarenesses, therefore allowing yourselves more information objectively. Now is this understood?” [session 237, November 09, 1997]

ELIAS: (Speaking slowly) “Now; be understanding: subjective imagery is not necessarily imagery in the definition of images. Objective imagery moves in large portion in the direction of images. The images that you offer to yourself within dream state are objective. This is the interplay of objective awareness within your dream state.

The dream state itself is a subjective movement. It is, in a manner of speaking, figuratively speaking, a subjective realm. Your waking state is your objective realm, so to speak.

Within the objective realm, there is subjective interaction and expression and imagery, and in like manner, in the subjective realm, there is objective interaction and imagery.

The images that are projected and created within your dream state is the objective participation. The impressions, the sensing, the impulses, the knowings, and at times the feelings that you experience within your waking state are the subjective identifiable insertions into your objective realm.

Objective expressions are not all solid and are not all translated into images. You do create objective expressions of thoughts, of emotions, which are not solid and are not necessarily images.

Within your subjective creations, the subjective expression is not necessarily an expression of images, although at times it may – in conjunction with your objective awareness – move in the direction of creating images. In like manner to your objective expression being generally the creation of images, the subjective is generally not the creation of images.

Are you understanding thus far?

PAUL: Yes, I am. I have a question about the relationship between subjective and objective experience. It’s clearly a two-way system, for lack of a better word, meaning that thoughts and emotions that may not necessarily even be images, that are certainly a very objective part of our waking state, definitely reach into and communicate with subjective, collective consciousness and act as a magnet, perhaps, in terms of probabilities and choices?

ELIAS: Not necessarily a magnet, but many times as a facilitating element.

PAUL: So there is a two-way give-and-take between the objective and subjective selves?

ELIAS: Yes, very much so.

The awarenesses of subjective and objective are continuously in harmony and are continuously interplaying with each other. One does not move independently of the other.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

ERIN: “My question is, I’ve been paying attention to the energy that I’m projecting, and I know this is probably going to get real personal about what my beliefs are, but sometimes I’m projecting a certain energy and I feel like I can’t change it. Whatever energy I’m projecting is where I am at that moment. Whether it’s a feeling or a feeling of energy, I don’t actually feel like I could change it. What is my personal belief that makes me feel like I don’t have a choice over the energy I’m projecting or even an emotion, either way, that I’m experiencing in the moment?

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you in identification, many individuals generate quite similarly in different capacities, for it is quite commonly expressed the belief that the subjective aspect of yourself is more powerful and more directing than the objective aspect of yourself. The objective aspect of yourself you view to be less controlling, less directing, less powerful, and subject to the subjective.

Therefore any element that you assess as a subjective action – a communication, a projection of energy – you do not necessarily associate those with objective. For you continue to separate the objective and the subjective as two entities, and not necessarily as entities that move in harmony with each other but entities that follow each other, and that the subjective is the more powerful, the directing awareness, and that the objective follows the subjective. Therefore, being the weaker of the two, it does not always incorporate the ability to change or to choose an action that is being expressed in the moment. This once again is not true, but it is a strong influence of a belief.

DON: Is that a belief more commonly expressed by intermediates? (2)

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no. This is not necessarily associated with an orientation. This is an expression, a belief, that is expressed by many, many, many individuals, and it is also associated with the religious belief system, for there are many beliefs that reinforce this expression of not directing yourselves, that there are aspects of yourselves that you do not control and that are directing of you without your will. You merely exchanged names.

You incorporated the identity of ‘god’ previously, and you moved from the identification of god to ‘a higher power,’ and you moved from the identification of a higher power to an ‘essence,’ and you moved from the identification of an essence to ‘subjective awareness.’ But in actuality they are all the same, they merely incorporate different names, and subjective awareness continues to be associated as the god.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

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End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: the concept of “walk-ins” is found in various New Age belief systems. The basic belief is that one personality is born – beginning a lifetime – and at some point a “new” personality takes possession and assumes the primary ego role. The result seems to explain the strong change of personality and loss of memory that some people experience.

Elias attempts to clarify this belief system within the context of human personality as a multidimensional process consisting of a variety of related aspect selves that he terms probable and alternate selves.

Just because people experience significant personality changes and/or inexplicable memory loss doesn't mean that there are intrusive actions of possession or the like foisted upon an individual by a malevolent OR benevolent ''external'' force. This is simply not the case and only serves to perpetuate the beliefs that some external ''thing'' or someone ''else'' creates our reality for us.

ELIAS: “I have begun to express to you elements of body consciousness. I have expressed to you from early on in our session times that your physical expression, your body, is not a vessel! It is a tangible, physical matter expression of essence. It is you. It holds its own consciousness, for each cell holds its own independent consciousness. Each atom holds its own individual consciousness. Within cooperation, it creates a collective consciousness which becomes your body consciousness. You, as a focus of essence, hold consciousness beyond the physical manifestation of body consciousness, but are intimately involved with this consciousness. You direct the consciousness and function of your physical expression; your body.

You are not another focus, but you may experience another focus. Another focus holds a body consciousness of its own, but you may experience an exchange and you may experience another focus in its totality. You may merge totally to another focus and experience another focus, as it may do likewise also.

I have also expressed that you intersect alternate selves. I have expressed that you may exchange with alternate selves. You may accomplish a certain time period within a focus and you may exchange with an alternate self, which shall continue the focus as you continue otherwise. How is this possible if your body consciousness is only your body consciousness? Here we come to unofficial information.

You view yourselves as one entity. You view yourselves as one mind, one body. You are not! You view your consciousness as one thinking mind, one thought process. You are countless thought processes. Each focus is not one entity. The air within this room occupies one space. It is not one entity. In like manner, you focus within one material expression physically, but your consciousness is not singular. Your physical body expression resonates to the tone of you, of one focus; not to the entirety of essence, but to the individual focus; for each focus is a new creation. It has been always, but it is new. We do not deal with used material!

Your body consciousness recognizes your beingness. Your body consciousness also recognizes that your focus beingness is an aspect of your essence and will also identify with all other aspects of essence. Therefore, within essence you may exchange temporarily between focuses.

Each focus is as the air within this room; myriads of aspects, countless elements of personality cooperating to create one focus. This allows for all of your alternate selves. These may exchange with an individual focus. However, another focus may not exchange with you. You may temporarily intersect and experience, but you may not ‘take over.’

You have asked much time ago of your concept of walk-ins; another entity which ‘walks into you,’ therefore assuming your physical expression and continuing for you as you dissipate into the cosmos! Which, we do not know of where you shall be dissipating to, but the new entity shall be ‘taking over’ your physical form. This does not happen! Underline! You may not assume another focus, for it is not you, although it is you! (Confused laughter) You may temporarily intersect, merge, experience another focus, just as they may temporarily merge with you and experience. In this mergence, you are unaware of this presence. You do not lose you, as they do not lose themselves.

If you are exchanging with another focus, you may merge into the experience of another focus. You may empathically be another focus. Aspects of your focus shall merge. This in reality you may consider, in your terms, a physical act. Your consciousness shall merge into this other individual. They may feel odd or strangely, but they also will continue to feel themselves. You shall hold an awareness, as if you are this focus. This may occur temporarily. You may not assume another focus. As you are all focuses of one essence, mergences may occur. The tone is close enough, in your terms, that each individual body consciousness shall temporarily be accepting of this mergence; temporarily.

Alternate selves hold almost entirely the same tone as what you understand of yourself. That self which you identify as you has countless alternate selves which are also you. You only identify one you, but just as you identify one air within one space, there are myriads of particles that are making up of this space. These alternates may exchange places with you, in your terms, for their tone will not be interrupting of your body consciousness. Another essence merging with you will be recognized by your body consciousness; and has been stated previously, your physical response within your body, to placing what you term to be foreign objects within it, shall be rejection. Your body and its consciousness holds its own awareness and responds to you.

This is not to say that an exchange with another essence may not occur ... obviously! [Paul’s note: refering to his interaction with Mary Ennis] (Laughter) Within agreement, an exchange may occur with another essence, but the body consciousness recognizes this exchange and is partially rejecting of this exchange. Physical elements occur, for the body consciousness realizes the essence occupying and directing ... We shall more express directing, for the essence does not float in and float out! But the body is recognizing of the direction and tone, which is different. Therefore, its response is to be rejecting of this. It will not reject alternates. It will not reject temporary exchange of other focuses of essence. It will be rejecting of another essence exchange. (Vic’s note: this must be why Mary experiences unexplainable physical symptoms and affectingness.) This is part of unofficial information. In all of its aspects, you may experience exchange or intersection with alternates or with another focus, and you may experience emotional changes, thought changes, action changes, that you do not understand. They shall be temporary, in your view, but you shall notice.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

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(2) Paul’s note: the concept of the three orientations (common, intermediate, soft) was introduced originally in the context of the ten fundamental belief systems in 1999. The orientations are thus a subset of the belief system of sexuality: gender, orientation, and preference. The orientations are a distinct “language of perception” that affects how we literally perceive our version of the world. They form a typology unique to the blueprints of our dimension in that each essence must experience at least all three orientations when engaging the cycle of manifestations. Thus, the minimum number of lifetimes equals three and has nothing to do with the conventional mythic belief systems of linear cause and effect reincarnation. According to Elias, the average cycle of manifestations engages roughly 300-600 focuses of attention.

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