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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I instruct you, over and over, that you draw to you information that will be helpful and that you need, and you do not need other influences to be instructing you as to what information you should draw to you! You will draw to you what you need.” [session 87, April 17, 1996]

JEAN: “Question. There’s a piece of material out right now, a book by, I believe his last name is Walsch, Neale Walsch, Conversations With God. What about this?”

ELIAS: “We have expressed previously that you will be encountering more information and material that shall be aligned very closely with information which is being delivered, for you are moving into your shift. Therefore, consciousness is aligning and is expressing itself within a harmony. This may not always appear this way objectively, but the action of the shift is pulling together your consciousness collectively, and creating a harmony in alignment with action and desire and direction. Therefore, you shall encounter, within your time element as you move futurely, in your terms, more and more interactions and information. This is being already quite reflected within your society. This is not to say that the actual information may always align together, but the actions are becoming noticed, and also more accepted.

“You are moving away from a religious-focus, and you are moving into a wider awareness. Your society reflects this in all areas. Even within your radio and televisions, which we are so fond of using as examples, you may view your programming to be quite different than was expressed within the time period of your nineteen hundred and fifty. I have expressed to you, do not be discounting of much information that you may encounter, for much information that you encounter does hold relevance and shall be helpful, if you are allowing yourselves to be open. If you are not allowing yourselves to be open, you continue to hold to your belief systems and your judgments, which is not the action of your shift.” [session 127, October 06, 1996]

ELIAS: “You offer yourself the opportunity for growth. You have availed yourself of information, which as I have stated previously, each individual shall draw themselves to information which speaks to them. No information offered is wrong. Therefore, if you are benefiting from the information and it is edifying to you, it shall be a beneficial direction. I do not discourage this action at all. In addition to this, I encourage acknowledgment of self.” [session 180, June 03, 1997]

MALE: “I just finished reading The Starseed Transmissions and Visions by Ken Carey, and I was wondering how accurate they are.”

ELIAS: “Let me express to you in reiteration, as we have spoken of this particular situation previously. Much information is offered which you may be interpreting and it may be helpful to you, but be remembering that much of the information which is offered ... and there is information in that information which applies in this situation that are filtrations of other belief systems inter-dimensionally.

“This is not to say that they do not hold significance, but not all of what you are accessing is applicable to this particular reality within this dimension, but the information presented is also beneficial and may serve to be a catalyst, so to speak. If you are exercising caution and recognizing the belief systems set forth within this information, you may move around these belief systems and you may allow yourself the benefit of the information offered.

“There is much material available to you in many areas presently, and as I have stated, there shall be being offered much more futurely in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, you may be accessing and assimilating many of these pools of information and it shall be quite beneficial to you. There is an element of accuracy in this information which you have presented, but be aware of the belief systems offered also.” [session 287, June 18, 1998]

ELIAS: “All individuals hold all of this information. What you offer in helpfulness is a movement in triggering a remembrance, for this is what you are all accessing, your own remembrances of essence, for you already hold all of this information, and this be all that I offer to you also, is encouragement to be accessing your own remembrance; not to be imparting your remembrance for you, but to be encouraging you to access your own remembrance – for it is your tone – and to be encouraging you to be trusting and accepting of self, for within your remembrance and the forgetfulness within your own oubliettes, you have also forgotten the trustfulness of self, and look to others for your guidance and your direction. But you hold your own direction, and you hold the ability to be steering your own ship!” [session 355, January 27, 1999]

ELIAS: “It matters not, in my interaction with you, that you shall be applying ANY of this information that I offer to you to yourself. I merely offer information, that you may glean from it any of that which shall be lending to your avoidance of trauma.

“Therefore, it matters not. I do not offer this information to you, that you may become enlightened beings and hold the secrets of the universe! I offer this information to you, that you may offer to yourself no expression of trauma within the action of this shift. Therefore, that which offers you trauma or conflict, I offer you the suggestion that you eliminate.” [session 370, March 09, 1999]

ELIAS: “Many times as you are offering information to another individual, it may be received much more easily if it is not directed to their personal experience. Therefore, it does not appear threatening to them, for the idea of accepting responsibility for one’s own creation may be, within the individual’s belief systems, overwhelming to them initially.” [session 391, May 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “You know already which direction you desire to be moving into, but you are offering yourself ten thousand reasons why you shall not engage this direction, and you are justifying all of those reasons as being influenced by duplicity and your own lack of acceptance and trust of self.

“In this, you – in like manner to many, many, many other individuals presently within this time framework – are offering yourself the knowing that you ARE complicating the simplicity of your choice and distorting your perception of this very information, for you are turning this information into areas to be justifying your own shrines and issues – your issue in personal responsibility, your issue in how you may be viewed by other individuals – and you are incorporating this information to be reinforcing of those issues and creating more decorations to these shrines, which is a distortion of this information.

“Therefore, I redirect your attention once again into the avenue of looking to self, acknowledging that which you ALREADY KNOW, and allowing yourself to be moving through the window and allowing yourself the trust and acceptance of self AND the trust and knowing that each other individual shall be creating of their reality in the most beneficial manner to THEIR individual value fulfillment.” [session 420, July 09, 1999]

ELIAS: “You are not occupying a lower plane. You are not within physical focus as a punishment or as a learning experience, that you may move to a more enlightened plane. You are already enlightened. You already hold all of the information that is possible to be held, for you are already all of consciousness. Therefore, what shall you not accomplish, except for what you express to yourself that you cannot?” [session 711, October 21, 2000]

ELIAS: “This information [i.e. essence names, essence family belonging to/aligning with, and orientations], I may express, (humorously) are your cosmic vital statistics. Ha ha ha! (The group laughs) And, in actuality, they may offer you some information concerning self, but I may also express to you they are not of ultimate importance.” (Chuckling) [session 765, January 25, 2001]

ELIAS: “... in my offering of information to you, I choose selectively in recognition of the strength of the expressions of your beliefs and the knowing of the reinforcement movement that shall be incorporated in the expression of information that I may offer within any particular time framework. And in that expression, I may offer to you limited aspects of information concerning any particular subject matter merely to acknowledge to you an actual existence, so to speak, or validation of reality within your physical dimension and your associations with energy; but I also choose, in relation to your physical movement and your TIME factor, when I shall be offering other information concerning certain subject matters, as to NOT be reinforcing the strength of your automatic responses and alignment with your beliefs.” [session 876, Tuesday, August 07, 2001]

ELIAS: “In time frameworks past, in offering this information and these concepts to you all previously in time frameworks in which the specifics of them were unfamiliar and what you incorporated in objective understanding and knowledge was merely that you do incorporate beliefs and that beliefs exist, I offered also generalities to facilitate your movement into a greater objective understanding of the directions and the specifics of them in relation to yourselves.

“Those generalities now are becoming obsolete, for you do incorporate a wider awareness now. But what is familiar to you? What is familiar to you is to allow some other expression – another entity, another individual – to direct you, for you are unfamiliar with directing yourselves. Therefore, you look to any expression that you deem to be an authority – of which all of you deem myself to be an authority, and I am not. You all incorporate the same information as do I.

“You are consciousness, you are essences, and you all incorporate the ability to tap into yourselves and to respond to your questions and to offer yourselves your answers, but this is an unfamiliar action. Therefore, as being unfamiliar and not incorporating the experience, which is the key, you flounder and you question and you become confused, for you express to yourselves, ‘How shall I know? How shall I acquire this information? How do I do that?’

“... For another familiarity which many of you fascinate yourselves with is complication. (Laughter) You shall analyze and analyze and analyze, for this is complicating and this is fascinating! ‘How much more may I complicate this situation and fascinate myself with how far I may move with this complication?’ And if it is not complicated enough in all of your analyzation, you shall inquire of another individual to offer a different perspective to analyze farther and complicate more! ‘I have not complicated this situation enough; how may I complicate it even more? Shall you offer me a suggestion?’ And the other individual is more than willing to participate in your complication and, ‘Ah, yes! I have analyzed in this manner,’ and you express, ‘Ah! I did not perceive in that direction! I shall evaluate in that direction also, and I shall further my complication.’ No – it is unnecessary.

“In actuality, I shall offer you a slight secret. Many times I offer information to all of you in much more of a complicated fashion than is necessary. For if I answer you in the genuine answer, you shall be blankly staring at myself and you shall, subsequent to our interaction, be milling ‘round discussing with each other, ‘What did he say? What was that meaning? I do not understand. There must be more, and he has eliminated some of the information.’ No, but you are unfamiliar with the simplicity of actually creating.

“Just as you automatically create your universe, and give it no thought. You merely do it. But tremendous thought is incorporated in generating creating coins and paper: ‘How, how, how? Not enough, not enough!’ Billions of stars, but not enough paper and coins!” [session 1398, July 19, 2003]

ELIAS: Individuals at times even value pain. They may not be comfortable in the moment, they may not be expressing what you identify as happiness in the movement, but this is not to say that they do not value what they have created, for subsequently they may be offering themselves valuable information concerning their experience.

“Even in uncomfortable situations and circumstances and encounters, you are offering yourselves reflections, and you are offering yourselves information, and you are offering yourselves an opportunity to examine what energy you are creating, what you are expressing outwardly and how that is creating a situation that you are experiencing in uncomfortableness. Discomfort is not synonymous with a lack of value. Were it not valuable to you, you would not create it.

“You merely generate this idea of a utopia that incorporates no discomfort ever, which – you may believe it or you may not believe it – but I may express to you quite definitely, were you to be creating that utopia, in actuality you would also be quite bored, for you incorporate no spice. I am aware that all of you want to be creating a focus in which you generate happiness and comfort and ease, but you also enjoy surprise and spice. Some individuals generate the spice intentionally!” (Chuckles) [session 1447, September 27, 2003]

DON: “This has been great. Again, it’s felt to me fairly recently, maybe over the last few months, that what I’ve been thinking of as my skepticism of some of the things you’ve had to say really now feels like it’s because the literal interpretation I’ve been making of some of what you’ve had to say just doesn’t comport with the conceptualizations I’ve had for years.”

ELIAS: “I am quite understanding, and in this, what you are conceptualizing is more accurate. But I may express to you, as I have previously with other individuals, it is challenging to be offering this information to all of you in increments that you may be understanding as you widen your awareness and to be accurately offering these concepts to you within the limitations of your language – and not merely your language, but also in association with how you automatically process information in regard to what is known to you within your physical dimension.

“Now; I am aware that some individuals do express some skepticism in the information that I offer to you, for they view it to be at times inconsistent. But what these individuals are not recognizing yet is that as you all continue to widen your awareness, I also am allowed, in a manner of speaking, to broaden the information that I offer to you, and I may express to you more of the abstract and more of what is not absolute. For in your widening of awareness in increments, you begin to allow yourselves a greater understanding and knowing of what I am offering to you in these concepts.

“But I also, in compliance with each of you, offer information only to the capacity that you are allowing within your objective understanding within any time framework. As you widen more and as you generate more experiences in conjunction with your inner senses and your objective experiences, you engage conversation with myself and your questions change, and the responses to your questions change, for you are allowing yourself more of a capacity to assimilate” [session 1484, December 23, 2003]

ELIAS: “This is the point. This is a general association that all of you in some capacity generate, that if there is distortion in information, it is not true, and undistorted information is more true – which is not true. (Laughter)

“For, what is significant that you understand is that regardless of what information is offered to you, regardless of whether I or any other essence may express any information to any of you – and per se perhaps it may be entirely undistorted, which would be another absolute; which there is no entirely undistorted information, for it is all filtered through layers of consciousness and languages and energies and perceptions – and this is the key, that regardless of what information you draw to yourselves – for this is the action that you are engaging; it is not that I am offering information to you – it is that you are drawing this information to yourselves. You each individually engage a choice to interact with myself, and that is an element of your method or your process of offering yourself information. I am merely an avenue of that.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

Elias “gems”

RON: “Is it that important to be validated of the phenomenon as opposed to being validated of the information?

ELIAS: It is to you!

RON: Oh. (with an ‘I’m not so sure about that’ tone of voice)

ELIAS: It is not to Elias. It is to you.

RON: But the information is perfectly valid.

ELIAS: Correct; but the information may be distorted if you are not accepting the validity of where, in your terms, it stems from. You may continue for a time framework in reassuring yourselves merely within the context of the information, but just as Dehl [Reta] and many others, you question the origin. You look to parlor tricks. You look for validation. I have offered you all – ALL – validation many times, but this may not entirely be acceptable to you, for you continue to rationalize what I offer to you. I offer you examples that you may not rationalize. I shall not levitate a table, but I shall offer you validation within what you view to be language, and your knowing within yourselves. But Michael [Mary] holds no ability within this area, but this essence, Elias, does. And I shall also offer to you that there does hold an importance within your words of language.

Express to Lawrence [Vicki] that not all of the communication is subjective. It is important that your words within your languages – plural – are important, for this is your means of communication and this be how you connect with each other objectively; not subjectively, but objectively. Therefore, although I do not communicate to you within a thought process, I do not communicate to you within a language, so to speak, I do configure energy to be expressing to you within the confines of your individual languages, for this be the method that you communicate to each other within.

There are messages that I wish to be communicating to you all. There is information that you have requested and that is offered to you, but there is information beyond what you have requested. There is information within the information. I offer you much information of yourselves, of your abilities, of your creativity, of the shift, which is reality. I also remind you of your responsibility to this information. Be mindful of this! You hold a responsibility in this information.

RON: Mary asked me a question today....

ELIAS: (To Bobbi) Be not so very serious! I shall not bite you! (Laughter) (To Ron) Continue.

RON: Mary asked me today if I could tell her how I got rid of my illness issue so fast. Within my Sumafi intent, should I be able to recognize and identify and relay to other individuals that sort of information?

ELIAS: This would be helpful. This would be the point!

RON: Objectively?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: But it seems to me, and this is something else that Mary and I talked about, that no matter what I said to somebody else ... I gave her an example that I sat and I directed my energy to the rocking chair, and that’s where I put my issue. If they believe that, it’s going to work for them.

ELIAS: You are also correct; but in relaying information to another individual, you may be helpful to another individual. They must be accessing their own information. They must be connecting with their own issue and their own creation and their own uncreation; but just as with all other situations that I have expressed to you many times, each of you holds experience, and in noticing your experiences and evaluating your experiences you communicate to each other your experiences, which offers information to another individual. This be the reason that I encourage you so very much to be interactive with each other, for you offer each other information and differences in perceptions, and in this you offer each other the continued ability to widen your perceptions and open your periphery by viewing alternates in your realities. Each individual closes themselves to their own perceptions, to their own viewing, and holds to that viewing, not allowing for their periphery. As they engage other individuals, they also open to their periphery, and to alternate perceptions that they themselves may not allow themselves the privilege of viewing singularly.” [session 229, October 19, 1997]

DAVID: “In these changeovers that we’re going to experience, will they be all gradual changeovers that won’t create sudden conflict or panic, or will there be much of that?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This be your choice, and this be the element of probabilities. You may be choosing of great trauma and tremendous elements of destruction for your own attention. This be your choice. It is a probability. You may be deflecting of this choice and not creating of this, which is what you are moving into now by allowing yourself information concerning this shift in consciousness; to be eliminating those probabilities and inserting other probabilities into your reality, but they are a continuing probability.

DAVID: And if this information that you give us is not released ... is this information going to be part of helping to not create this panic or trauma?

ELIAS: It is an element of this.” [session 233, November 02, 1997]

MARI: “Is there anything else, any other general information that you could give, that would be useful or helpful at this point in time?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that the most helpful information that I may offer you, and your spouse also, is that you be connecting with information that shall allow you each to be addressing to your belief systems which are very strongly held, for in the action of addressing to these belief systems you shall offer yourselves much more freedom, much more creativity, and you shall offer yourselves that validation, which you shall term to be spiritual, which shall move you into new areas of your own abilities and amazement. It shall be the most helpful to you to be addressing to these very strongly held belief systems.

Let me also express to you that you may be considering this information: that it is no accident or freak of nature that individuals alter situations that they have created within physical focus. Be remembering that no element, no action, no thing happens TO you. You are creating of ALL of the actions and aspects within your physical focus, within your reality.

Therefore, each occurrence is your creation, and you also hold the ability to uncreate anything that you have created, and as you are moving through your own belief systems you offer yourself more and more ability to be uncreating any aspect of your reality that you are uncomfortable with. But I shall also express to you that many elements of your focuses may be slightly uncomfortable, but you have purposefully created this also, that you may offer yourselves information.

Part of the action of creating certain physical elements with your partner is that he may move into the direction of uncreating many of these creations, that he may validate to himself that you DO hold the ability to be accomplishing this outside of the mass belief systems which dictate that you may not.” [session 299, July 19, 1998]

JEN: “How come you choose to come back into this dimension now?

ELIAS: I have chosen to be interactive objectively with individuals to be offering information with regard to this shift in consciousness, offering individuals information of their reality, of belief systems, and of self to be helpful in the area of encouraging their own remembrances, which shall be helpful in their own addressing to the action of this shift in consciousness, which shall be lessening of the trauma which is associated with this shift in consciousness. I have expressed many times, there is much trauma which is expressed in accordance with this shift in consciousness, and myself and many other essences offer energy in helpfulness, lending in the directions of the particular intents of each essence to be helpful in the area of objectively lessening the trauma associated with this shift in consciousness.

As you move more into your own widening of awareness and addressing to your own belief systems, you shall view small expressions of your own trauma and confusion in addressing to your own belief systems. In this, you may also offer yourself information of the vastness and the intensity of trauma that other individuals may be experiencing if they are not offering themselves information with regard to this shift in consciousness.

There ARE individuals that offer themselves information and draw themselves to this information and like information concerning this shift in consciousness and choose to be holding very strongly to their belief systems and NOT moving in the direction of acceptance of these belief systems, and shall be creating of tremendous trauma!

JEN: A very inefficient use of energy then, huh?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, quite! And this be the reason that I and other essences continue to be offering information, for within physical focus you ALL exhibit an element of stubbornness in holding to your creations and your belief systems, and in this our patience is rewarded eventually as you move into your own awarenesses and your own remembrances and offer yourselves your own opportunities to be eliminating of your own traumas. In a manner of speaking in physical terms, it is creating of great sadness to be witness to individuals that hold an awareness or that offer themselves information and choose to be creating of individual trauma in movement into the action of this shift, for it is greatly unnecessary.

JEN: I wonder if having some awareness myself, if I might be helpful in helping others?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You have already lent much energy in this area and continue to move in this direction of offering information and lending energy to other individuals objectively and subjectively, in lessening the trauma that they shall be creating.

JEN: How can I help? How can I be more focused on doing that?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to other individuals, you shall draw yourself to this information with an understanding that you shall also in like manner share this information with other individuals that shall be helpful to them in like kind that it has been helpful to yourself, and continues to be. And this shall be the point: that I shall be offering information to individuals and those individuals shall be offering information to other individuals, and this shall be the action of affectingness that shall be creating of much helpfulness in lending energy to the elimination of this trauma and lessening of the conflict and confusion that is expressed with many individuals, and you already move in this direction.” [session 308, August 21, 1998]

GERHARD: “I would like to work a little bit on the organization of the Elias information. Paul (Patel) said it’s more on a subjective level that the shift will come. What can we do on the objective level to make it easier to access it and not to make a religion out of it?

ELIAS: Let me address initially to the idea that more of your movement shall occur subjectively than objectively, for although you are continuously affecting subjectively and lending energy in the direction of this shift in consciousness subjectively, and there IS a great affectingness, this is not to discount your objective expression, for your objective and subjective awarenesses move and operate in harmony to each other. Therefore, you also may be addressing to the objective movements. Were this not so, there would be no necessity for MY interaction objectively with any of you within physical focus. I would not be interactive within this energy exchange with Michael [Mary] and speaking verbally, objectively to all of you if your movement were merely within a subjective area of consciousness and if the objective expressions did not hold importance ... but you move within your created reality within this dimension in an objective attention.

You have created this particular dimension, this particular reality, to be functioning within the manner of your objective attention. Yes, your subjective awareness moves in harmony with this objective expression, but you involve yourselves with objective creations and you have created an objective, physical reality. Therefore, your objective expression also holds importance. This be the reason that I have expressed many times to individuals to be moving in the direction of interaction with other individuals and to be sharing this information and expressive of these concepts with other individuals.

You have already begun in this area. I am aware of your expressions in movement into offering this information to other individuals, and in this you have already objectively begun to be lending energy to lessening the trauma in the action of this shift. You may continue in this direction, and as I have stated to you at the onset of this session, I am quite encouraging of these objective expressions. You express inquiry in the area of sharing information within groups in your physical location. I am encouraging of this action, for all of your objective expressions in alignment with this information IS helpful in lessening the trauma experienced within this shift.

It is correct that you lend energy subjectively to lessening the trauma and you lend energy subjectively in drawing individuals to this information objectively, but individuals are experiencing NOW many experiences that they do not understand and they hold no explanation for, and you hold information to offer to them in explanation of their experiences that shall be objectively helpful to them. Not only individuals that draw themselves to this information or this forum are experiencing strange and unusual events within their focuses. Individuals move more and more into the action of this shift in consciousness. It becomes more and more objectively obvious to you all regardless of the information that you hold.

Therefore, as you allow yourself more information, you also develop more of a desire to be sharing of this information, and the reason is that you hold an inner knowing that this shall be helpful in the action of this shift. Therefore, I express to you, go forth and share!” (Chuckling) [session 319, September 17, 1998]

JEN: “I’m wondering about studying this material that comes in transcripts, and becoming more aware of belief systems and trying to neutralize those. But are there potential dangers, so to speak, of becoming so immersed in the transcripts, and actually using the transcripts as almost like a filter in your day-to-day experiences, that potentially one might one not experience those events fully because of the filter?

ELIAS: Yes, and this be the reason that I have expressed many times to individuals that I am not advocating of any individuals to be aligning so singularly with this information as to be followers of this essence. I do not seek followers or disciples.

You have created yourselves quite efficiently and quite magnificently with very powerful rationale, very powerful intuition, and you hold the capability to be following yourselves. I offer information to you to be sparking your own memory of what you are and who you are, but YOU hold your own choices and need no other individual or essence to be expressing to you of your own direction.

In this, any information which is offered by any individual or any essence may be distorted by individuals within physical focus, and in that action of distortion, individuals may move into the area of fanaticism. This, I express quite clearly, is NOT the point of this information. I am NOT encouraging of this action, and I express that fanatical movements are defeating of your own purposes and lend energy to the very areas that you disdain within physical focus.

Individuals move in the area of fanaticism and are creating of what you define as cults as an expression of their own fears, as an expression of their own lack of acceptance of themselves and their own lack of trust of selves, and as you express this within yourselves, you also project this outwardly to other individuals.

Some individuals move in the direction of accumulating any different type of information, and they may use that information to be creating of the very expression that you are moving out of within the action of this shift. They are creating judgments.

(Intently) The reason individuals create judgments is that they are already creating judgments upon themselves.

This be the reason that I express to you so very many times and so very often to be looking to self first, and all else that you seek shall automatically be expressed. You shall automatically move in the direction of acceptance of other individuals if you are accepting of self, for what you create within you, you also create outwardly, and as you are placing judgments upon yourself, you create this expression outwardly and create judgments upon other individuals.

When you are expressing that you are right, you are also expressing that other individuals are wrong. When you are expressing to other individuals that they do not see, you are expressing a mirror image that YOU do not see. All of your expressions that you project forth to other individuals are direct mirror images of what you are creating within yourselves.

This be the reason that individuals move in the area of fanaticism, is that they are expressing extreme lack of acceptance of themselves, and therefore they express outwardly the lack of acceptance of any other area except the one chosen by themselves in their direction of attention. They are not feeling accepted within themselves, and therefore they do not accept outside of themselves, and narrow their attention farther and farther into a very narrow stream.

This in your terms may be considered the opposite action of your shift in consciousness, and within this present now, as individuals move in that type of direction and expression, they are also creating trauma. They are creating their own trauma within the action of this shift, and I have expressed many times that this is the point of this information, to be eliminating of this trauma within the action of this shift.

JEN: So that you don’t get sucked into it?

ELIAS: There is an element of confusion, distress, and conflict that shall be experienced in engaging this shift in consciousness by all individuals, for you are moving into the unfamiliar and into an entirely new expression, but not all individuals shall experience trauma. This is a very strong word within your language. This is suggestive of a great intensity of the experience, and also does not hold a pleasant connotation.

In this, as individuals are not allowing themselves to be WIDENING their awareness, and if moving in the direction of NARROWING their awareness, they shall be creating trauma, for this shift in consciousness is already accomplished. You merely view that it is not accomplished yet, for your perception resides within a linear time framework. But in actuality, time is simultaneous. Therefore, it is already accomplished.

You have all collectively, upon this planet within this dimension, agreed and chosen for this shift in consciousness to be accomplished. Therefore, it shall be! It is merely a question of whether you are choosing to be incorporating information and widening your awareness to not experience trauma, or to be experiencing trauma. This also is your choice. Moving into the direction of fanaticism and singularly focusing upon ANY area of information presented is narrowing your attention and your awareness, and this will be incorporating trauma.

Therefore, you are correct. There is a danger in individuals looking too singularly within ANY information. And I have expressed many times, I am offering you information, but this is to be incorporated into all of your focus, all of your experiences, not to be denying of any of your experiences.

I am also quite encouraging, as you are aware, of fun and pleasure! Your focus is not so very serious, and as individuals move into their association with this information, they are missing the point if they are incorporating this information so very seriously, for I am not advocating of this! I am expressing to you that pleasure and fun is incorporating less thickness in your focus, within your energy, and lends an easement to your movement through your focus. You merely are not incorporating this, as you are incorporating judgments and creating thickness and conflict within your focus, and this would be the point, to be eliminating of your conflict.” [session 335, October 24, 1998]

LEELA: “Recently I have been having these automatic writing experiences. Is this a communication with essence, and will this be developing so that it will become clearer to me?

ELIAS: Interesting situation that you have been presenting yourself with! Let me express to you that what you are tapping into are two different elements, depending upon the time framework and the openness and the framework, so to speak, that you are placing yourself within. Now; let me offer an explanation in this area.

At times you are tapping into a communication of essence, which would be the communication that you are allowing to be objectively surfacing through, so to speak, between yourself – the focus – and your own essence.

Now; at other time frameworks, your state of awareness or direction of attention, in a manner of speaking, slightly alters and turns. What this is creating is your own allowance to be tapping into a different type of experience and expression.

Therefore, you may notice at times a slight difference in the tone of information that you receive within this action of automatic writing. The information may present itself slightly different in one situation, as in difference to another situation.

The reason for this is that at times you are not necessarily accessing your own essence and a communication from your own essence, but are tapping into a world view of another focus of another essence and allowing that information to present itself also.

Therefore, you may be noticing, if you are paying attention, that you may be offering yourself in this experience of automatic writing a certain line, so to speak, of information, and at times there may be a deviation in this information and it may present itself slightly differently. This may be your indication that you have ‘switched channels,’ so to speak, (chuckling) and in this altering of channels, in a manner of speaking, you have turned your attention to be tapping into information of the world view instead of the communication of essence. Are you understanding?

LEELA: Yes. So, sometimes I’m tapping into the world view of another focus of another essence. Can you tell me what essence and what focus that would be? Is that one particular focus, or are there different focuses?

ELIAS: This would be of one particular essence, but at times would be slightly different focuses of world views of that essence.

Let me explain to you that each focus of an essence holds its own individual world view, but within these world views, these are energy deposits within consciousness that offer a philosophy, so to speak, and in this they offer different elements of information.

What you are allowing yourself to be tapping into is information that moves in a similar direction of information that you offer to yourself through your own essence, and this adds depth to the information that you receive through your own essence. It also offers you a wider view of the information that you receive.

Now; the essence that you tap into ... I shall offer you an identification of tone with this essence, although this essence objectively may be unfamiliar to you, but in this identification of tone, you may also hold an element of ringing in this direction. The translation of the tone of that particular essence is Nicolai.

There are different focuses of that particular essence that you tap into and this is not of tremendous importance, but the identification of the essence itself may become important to you futurely, in certain aspects. This is not to say that this identification holds great importance, but may be helpful to you in your validation to yourself of the reality of this communication that you hold with this particular essence.

As to your questioning of, ‘Shall this be developing further and be continuing?’ within the probabilities that you are moving into presently, you ARE establishing a type of communication with that particular essence in conjunction with your own essence.

In this action, if you are so choosing and if you are allowing yourself to be opening your awareness more, you may be developing in this area and expanding your own abilities, not merely limiting your abilities of communication with that essence or your own essence to the action of automatic writing, but may be moving into more direct interaction in a much more objective expression and awareness.” [session 340, November 15, 1998]

DEANE: “I have problems consciously identifying communications from essence. If I’m following an impulse or if I need advice and counsel, and shall we say ‘go inside to get it,’ I do not know how to tell if what I am receiving is from THAT portion of myself or something resulting from wishes, hopes, and dreams. I recently lost money in the options market because I thought the communications I received were really, really valid! Now, how do I tell the difference between a valid communication from this portion of myself, and one that is not? Or was it valid to begin with, setting me up so I would lose? (Elias grins)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Interesting question!

Now; let me explain to you that at times you may be receiving information from essence that in your terms appear[s] to be in actuality ‘setting you up,’ so to speak, for within the probabilities that you create and in alignment with your intent, at times you may be choosing certain lines of probabilities to be creating certain actions that shall gain your attention and shall allow you to be moving forward within your probabilities, offering you information that you shall pay attention to and that shall be beneficial to you within the creation of other probabilities. In this situation, let me express to you that many individuals become confused in identifying which voice to be listening to within themselves.

I have expressed previously that you may be experiencing two small voices within you and this may be creating of confusion at times, for as you choose to be moving into listening to self and within, if you are experiencing two small voices, you may become distracted and not be comprehending which voice is that which you may be listening to.

Let me express to you that in these types of situations, what you have created is a second small voice which is not the communication of essence, but it is a means of communication of yourself within your wants – not necessarily your desires, but in alignment with your wants – that has quite efficiently learned to camouflage itself in the disguise that appears quite similar to that small, quiet voice of essence. In this, you may be expressing at times communication to yourself with regard to your objective wants.

Now; let me also express to you that this is not bad or negative or wrong, for in listening to this particular voice you may be creating of events and actions that may appear to you to be negative or distressing, but they also are beneficial to you in different manners. In one respect they are beneficial to you, for they offer to you the opportunity to distinguish between these two voices. They also offer you the opportunity to view certain aspects of your creations that may be moving in these types of manners to be offering you more information as to the direction in which you are creating your reality.

At times individuals are creating of these types of actions, that they may view certain elements of their intent and how they may be moving away from their particular intent within their individual focus. Many individuals align with mass belief systems and distract themselves in these areas and move slightly off the mark within the expression of their individual intent, and in such situations they shall offer to themselves events and creations that shall gain their attention and in this offer them information as to how they may be realigning themselves within the expression of their individual intent.

In this particular situation that you have created, you have offered yourself the opportunity to view both of these actions; one to be identifying that voice which you have created within you that is expressive of your wants, but are not necessarily in alignment with your intent. Therefore, this offers you information.

It also offers you the opportunity to view the difference in the smaller voice, which is that voice of essence. The voice of essence which speaks to you shall always be the softer voice than any other communication. This be the reason that many individuals hold difficulty in the area of identifying this communication of essence to physical focus and objective awareness. Are you understanding?

DEANE: I think so, except you say that there is a difference between my wants and my intent. I thought they were the same, particularly in this situation.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This may be confusing with many individuals within physical focus.

Your DESIRE is that which motivates your intent and follows your intent within a particular focus, but your desire is not necessarily the same as your objective wants. Wants are those elements that are motivated within you in alignment with mass belief systems and within your objective reality, but they do not necessarily always follow your intent within a particular focus.

In this, you may also confuse yourself by rationalizing and offering yourself many reasons why certain wants may be beneficial to your particular intent, but let me also express to you that within physical focus, you are quite accomplished at fitting information into your beliefs, regardless of whether they actually fit within your reality or not!” [session 342, November 24, 1998]

ELIAS: “I offer information generally to groups of individuals, knowing that I am interacting subjectively with each of the individuals that shall draw themselves to the information, and that they shall apply this information to the areas in which their attention holds within each moment.

In this, in general terms, I express repeatedly to you all in literal terms that there is no good or bad or right or wrong. These are influences of your belief systems. I offer this information for the express purpose that you all recognize IN CONCEPT that the reality of essence and consciousness outside of belief systems that you hold within physical focus is that experience is experience. Choice is choice. They are not attached to judgments in the direction of right or wrong.

Now; understand that individually, as I speak to you each, I also hold the awareness that your reality IS real – it is NOT an illusion – and your belief systems are an intricate part of your reality.

Therefore, although I offer you the knowledge of the CONCEPT that you hold a belief system which we term to be duplicity and the CONCEPT that there is in actuality no right or wrong, I also acknowledge simultaneously that within your physical reality, you create a reality which DOES hold right and wrong judgments, and you have moved in the direction of lending very much energy to these judgments for so very long that these actions and behaviors are automatic to you and they are very much a part of your reality.

Therefore, in working within the framework of your belief systems, there is also expressed an understanding and an acceptance of these beliefs and their affectingness within your daily creations of your reality.

In this, I encourage individuals to be allowing more freedom within their expressions, challenging those aspects of their creations and experiences that they deem as bad or wrong and allowing themselves the expression of acceptance in turning that judgment into a right and good judgment temporarily, for as you are aware, within your reality, you all lean in the direction of creating in the manner of the pendulum. You shall swing far in one direction and you shall swing far in the other direction, but eventually you shall swing to the middle and you shall balance.

But prior to your balance, you also are engaged in your method of readjusting your thought process, and in this, you are incorporating new messages and information, swinging now to the other direction with your pendulum, allowing and accepting ALL of your expressions and experiences and deeming them all as good, holding the underlying knowing subjectively that this action shall facilitate the eventual balance and the genuine acceptance which shall swing the pendulum to the middle, and in that expression, you shall let fly free the expression of right and wrong and good and bad, and it shall matter not, for you shall recognize that in actuality, genuinely, your expressions, your choices, your experiences are merely that, and that they are not right or wrong.

I am expressing this to you to be clarifying that within this present now, your pendulum begins to swing to one direction and is not yet in the manner of settling within balance in the middle, for you are addressing to the expressions of duplicity which have gripped you for much of your focus in negativity and judgment, in the direction of bad and wrong and unacceptable behaviors, choices and experiences.

Therefore, you counter that information and those aspects of beliefs with different aspects of beliefs, and lean in the direction of expressing to yourselves the other judgment of good and right and acceptable. This is beneficial temporarily, as you allow yourself to be more accepting of self and more trusting of self. Once you have accomplished the acceptance of self and trust of self, this action shall no longer be necessary.” [session 397, May 18, 1999]

MARGOT: “Now, back when Vic first asked this, she went ahead and asked you if there was any particular belief system that I NOW hold that would be the reason that I still have asthma. And you said, ‘In moving into areas of examining belief systems and also expanding awareness, which is not in your terms a new development with this individual, there is a conflict which manifests objectively.’

So that kind of made everything just a little ... it made me feel really uneasy about my desire to UN-create asthma, because I’m going to be expanding my awareness – I’ll get as big as a house (laughing), I’ll get so wide! – or that’s my intent, and I’m doing all of these things and working with my belief systems. So, if this is creating my present asthma ... I’m not feeling helpless about it, or hopeless, but I’d like to hear what you would say about the possibility of me ever uncreating asthma.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you, Giselle [Margot], that as I have stated previously, this situation of your examination of what you create and of aspects of your belief system is not what you in physical focus would term to be a new creation, for you have been evaluating elements of your belief systems for much of a time framework within your focus, regardless that you may have been identifying the action in those terms. It matters not. The action has been the same.

In this, I shall offer to you an expansion of information as to what I have offered previously.

Let me first express to you that in relation to yourself, as in like manner to interaction that I hold with other individuals, I offer information to you within a given time framework that you shall allow yourself to hear and that you shall allow yourself to assimilate.

Now; we have begun this particular session in addressing to the inquiry as to why I have offered information in the manner that I have offered it, in relation to the subject matter of the belief system of sexuality and incorporating elements of gender.

This moves quite in alignment with what I shall express to you now with this subject, for in my offering of information – in any time framework, in any forum with any individual – I shall offer to you the amount of information that YOU shall allow to be received.

MARGOT: I understand, yes.

ELIAS: Quite. Therefore, in this, as you widen your awareness and as you open yourself to more of the assimilation of this information, I also am responsive and offer you more information.” [session 442, August 08, 1999]

LOU: “I have a question, Elias. I just got through reading the book Friendship with God by Neale Donald Walsch, and in there he talks – I guess essence talks – about the new gospel, that we are all one or we are oneness. Do you concur with that for the purpose of the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express to you, as I have offered previously, that you are offering yourselves information which is expressing quite similarly in many different manners presently, but in your very physical terms, the message is the same.

It is presented differently through different essences, be they physical or nonphysically focused, for different expressions shall speak to different individuals objectively, and you shall allow yourselves to be understanding and assimilating in very different manners, for you ARE very highly individualized.

And in this, I shall not concur in the terminology of religion, but in the movement which is being expressed, yes, the concept is the same. I choose not to be reinforcing certain terminology, which you automatically associate and identify with, which merely reinforces and perpetuates the energy that you lend to the expressions of your existing belief systems. Therefore, I am not in agreement with the terminology, but the concept is the same.” [session 502, November 11, 1999]

RODNEY: “I’ve been preparing myself for some questions that I would like to go over with you. I think ... if I can think out loud for just a moment. (Elias grins) I was going to ask you about the book called The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin, and I find out in talking to Mary that you did discuss this two years ago, and she gave me a brief sketch of some of the things you have said concerning the nature of the predictions in this book, and the fact that the so-called predictions are basically ... and I’m gonna phrase this in a way to hold this data, and ask if you that’s more or less what you think. And that is that the predictions are basically outlining possible probabilities that can occur, and the fact that some of them have does not mean that all of them will. As a matter of fact, I think that there are so-called predictions in this book which have not come true.

When they talk about the world coming to an end, and they keep saying the year 2000 and 2006 ... I was a bit taken by the nature of the so-called proofs mathematically of how this information was derived, and my sense of the matter is that if I, in my own life, in my own day-to-day approach to life, truly develop a trust that I personally live in a safe universe, that I am creating that reality for myself, in doing so, I am lending energy to all others who would choose to live a life that takes place in a safe universe. Would you comment on that understanding and that way of holding this information?

ELIAS: You are correct. As you allow yourself an acceptance and a trust, you also are contributing a particular movement of energy within consciousness that moves in the direction of not inserting these predictions, so to speak, into your officially accepted reality, and therefore you are lending energy to the creation of a different insertion of events and reality within your officially accepted dimension, in your objective awareness.

This is not to say that all other probabilities are not actualized, for they are. They merely are not necessarily actualized in this particular physical dimension.

RODNEY: So one person could – I can’t understand why a person would want to do so – but a person could choose to live in that reality in which, say, the southern tip of California does sink into the ocean.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

RODNEY: Okay. From the mathematical point of view, it’s pretty awesome that a document that was prepared three thousand years ago, and has been kept intact as to its original writing for three thousand years, could actually display information about the Shoemaker-Levy comet colliding with Jupiter, and give the exact date that it occurred. Of course, that’s the movement of heavenly bodies. I can understand where that might be predicted three thousand years in the future.

But then they talk about the building that was blown up in Oklahoma, and it gives the day, the hour, and the name Timothy and the name McVeigh, all on the same page. I find THAT kind of information ... it’s even more awesome that a probability of that nature was known to the author of this document three thousand years ago!

What I get from this is that time really IS an illusion, and that probabilities have existed since ... I’m not going to use the term ‘beginning of time,’ but they’ve all been created and they're all there, and that someone ... it even lends credence to the fact of the statement that you make, and that is that a being like yourself who is outside of this physical dimension is actually connected to all information. And so, you know, it kind of reinforces that statement.

ELIAS: You also are connected to all of this information, and this be the reason that you offer yourselves these types of documents or these types of areas in which you access information. It is not, as I have stated previously, that information is hidden from you. It is NOT hidden from you. It is available to you in whichever direction you choose to seek it in.

Now; let me express to you that within the time framework of the writing of these documents, the authors, in physical terms, of these documents were not objectively aware of the insertion of information, in objective terms, into these documents, and were not purposefully, in objective terms, creating a sub-language in mathematical terms which would be translatable futurely as they created these particular writings.

This action is quite similar to the creation of your game presently.

RODNEY: The game?

ELIAS: Correct, in that it holds a tremendous expression of information that you do not avail yourselves of, and I have been expressing this to you from the onset of its creation.

RODNEY: I’ve never really availed myself of truly playing the game that you created.

ELIAS: I have not created this game! All of YOU have created this game!

RODNEY: You're talking about the game that’s discussed in the transcripts?



ELIAS: And in this, in like manner to the information that you avail yourselves of now in mathematical terms in conjunction with this religious document, your game also contains much more information than you objectively realize, for it is the accessing of information through impressions, and in this, it has been created in a manner of allowance of information to be accessed and bleeding through into your objective awareness, and documented in a type of writing.

Now; any of these types of collaborative efforts, so to speak, within your writings throughout your history contain much more information than you objectively realize initially, and may be used as a tool to be offering yourselves much more information concerning consciousness and the movement of consciousness. You may access this information merely dependent upon how you are viewing these writings and how you turn your perception to allow yourself the accessing of information.

RODNEY: When you say that, what comes to my mind is perhaps the works of Shakespeare. Would this be an example?

ELIAS: This too may be a source of information, in objective terms. I may express to you that within your physical dimension, there are many expressions of information that you may be accessing and allowing yourselves information concerning consciousness. It merely is dependent upon how you are viewing the information that you are viewing.” [session 507, November 26, 1999]

HELMUT: “So, books are many words. If a wise man writes a book and if someone reads this book and also integrates his experiences...

ELIAS: Yes, and there are no accidents. Therefore, if you draw yourself to a book, you have purposefully engaged that action, for you are incorporating some action within yourself. You have drawn that information to yourself purposefully in conjunction with what you are addressing to. (Pause)

(Chuckles) Much to assimilate!

JENS: What about the turning point? You mentioned, actually...

ELIAS: This time framework and the actual incorporation of this interaction – this exchange with all of you present – marks a physical turning point in association with this exchange, which is expanding, and this particular time framework is the turning point of that expansion in which it shall increase, in which the energy also is increasing to match the increase of the volume of individuals participating in this information.

There is also a turning point occurring within your physical reality in conjunction with this wave in consciousness (1), not merely in this physical location but throughout your globe. Questioning is beginning.

BALBINA: Is this an acceleration?

ELIAS: You have already engaged acceleration; you merely continue that action. (Chuckles)

ANNE M.: So this is an expansion of what is...


HELMUT: What about earthquakes and stuff? Is there a relation to that or...?

ELIAS: No. This, as I have expressed previously, is associated with the energy of the individuals that occupy certain locations. Your earth, so to speak, your planet, responds to your energy for you have created it, and therefore collectively, as individuals congregate in certain locations with similar energy expressions, they generate different types of elemental occurrences in relation to your planet and in relation to your weather patterns. This is an outward expression of the collective energy of the individuals that occupy that area in cooperation with each other.

BALBINA: In Europe, Germany, it starts now, this expansion?

ELIAS: And beyond this continent.

ANNE M.: Can I just ask, in the expansion, how is that going to be physically manifest?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon you, how you project your energy, and this is the point.

ANNE M.: And it will be different for every person on the planet, or it will be like sort of a community experience?

ELIAS: Both, but it is your choice how you direct your energy and whether you are aware of what you are projecting outwardly. This is the point of recognizing your beliefs.

View your world. What are you expressing within each of your days? Are you expressing protection? Do you lock your door? What type of energy are you projecting outwardly?

I am not expressing to you that it is right or wrong or good or bad to lock your door, but what is your motivation? You may choose to continue that action but with another motivation, merely for you choose it. But is your motivation ‘unsafe’? Is your motivation protection? Much of your world is expressing protection presently.

HELMUT: Protection from what?

ELIAS: From yourselves, from each other, from your philosophies, from your differences.

ANNE M.: Let me then ask you, all of us here obviously are very inquiring as to this information and we’re seeking it out, but there are a great deal of other people on the planet who have no access to this information.

ELIAS: Quite incorrect.

ANNE M.: So they are accessing a form of this information?

ELIAS: Every individual within your reality upon your planet may access information in many different manners, and are, in some manner or another.

Now; there are some individuals that may be aware that they may access information and are choosing not to, and that is their choice also, just as also some individuals intentionally choose conflict or dis-ease. This may be associated with their intent, their choice to experience.

No individual within your reality is exempt from the availability of information. It is your choice. Individuals offer themselves information in many different manners. You are merely choosing this method.

LISBETH: And I think it’s not so important, because you can have the information and you can have also the belief that you have to be safe and to protect, or you can never get any information and you don’t have any problems with all these things, so it’s not...

ELIAS: Correct.

LISBETH: ...important to have information.

ELIAS: Correct. But it is important to YOU, for it is your preference.

LISBETH: If I know this information and I am not able to agree with my beliefs, it doesn’t help! (Laughing)

ELIAS: This is also a significant expression to pay attention to. You may incorporate beliefs that you do not agree with. This is not to say that they are not expressed; they are. You merely within your thought process do not agree with them. (Chuckles)

Very well, my friends! I shall disengage this conversation this day, for I am quite aware that you all incorporate much to assimilate and to be discussing amongst yourselves and sharing your perceptions (chuckles), and examining and noticing your truths and moving yourselves into your genuine freedom, for it is at hand.” [session 1398, July 19, 2003]

ELIAS: “Welcome!

Now; this day we shall be engaging a conversation, a discussion, concerning, initially, distortion.

What is your definition of distortion, and what is the meaning of distortion in your assessment? (Pause)

MARGOT: A representation of an idea that is not representing the material that is trying to be presented, a change in the way the material is presented from even just a slight angle – the meaning of the material, I should say.

ELIAS: And what defines the ‘meaning of the material’?

MARGOT: Well, that goes back to absolutes. Was that the right answer? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: If there is a right answer! (Laughs) This is what is significant.

Each of you incorporates an assessment of what constitutes distortion; but each of you assess that through your own perception, and each of you generates your meaning of distortion in association with your truths.

Now; as we continue to be engaging this wave in consciousness addressing to truths, this is a significant factor to be considering, for this generates many differences, many conflicts, and it is, generally speaking, a common ground for absolutes and truths.

How do you assess the information that I offer to you? For I have expressed to you that I offer this information to you in association with my direction and what you may term to be my agenda in the least amount of distortion, and I have expressed that to you from the onset of this forum. But what does that mean to you, to each of you, and how do you process that information? What is your association with that statement, and what does that influence in association with your beliefs and how you allow your beliefs to influence your actions, your interactions, and your assessments of other information? (Slight pause) This is a question. (Laughter)

PAUL H: Less distortion – this is Paul H, for the record – less distortion is better, so anything that is more distorted, any other information that holds greater distortion is badder or worse.

ELIAS: This is quite accurate.

PAUL H: And if that information is offered by one of the other essence family intents, since you’ve associated that concept with Sumafi intent, then it is badder or worse.

ELIAS: But what is the guideline? The essence family?

WENDY: This is Wendy. When I receive information with less distortion, I sometimes experience it as unfamiliar and a little bit difficult to integrate with my everyday life. I am not Sumafi – but that’s okay – and I have been aware that there is sort of a belief system of Elias that we kind of built up. I don’t think I understand or that I’m familiar enough with information that is not distorted to really make judgments. So I use that, I keep that in mind when I am trying to integrate the information. I’m always wary when I’m judging something as better or worse. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten with it.

ELIAS: Very well.

STEVE: I just had the thought that you used to say that Seth’s material was more distorted than yours. (2) He would say things like you can just affirm to yourself with your thoughts that you want something and create it that way, and you absolutely say that is not correct. Therefore, it must be that distortion means more not true than undistorted material.

ELIAS: Ah! This is the point. This is a general association that all of you in some capacity generate, that if there is distortion in information, it is not true, and undistorted information is more true – which is not true. (Laughter)

For, what is significant that you understand is that regardless of what information is offered to you, regardless of whether I or any other essence may express any information to any of you – and per se perhaps it may be entirely undistorted, which would be another absolute; which there is no entirely undistorted information, for it is all filtered through layers of consciousness and languages and energies and perceptions – and this is the key, that regardless of what information you draw to yourselves – for this is the action that you are engaging; it is not that I am offering information to you – it is that you are drawing this information to yourselves. You each individually engage a choice to interact with myself, and that is an element of your method or your process of offering yourself information. I am merely an avenue of that.

Now; in that offering of information, you each incorporate that information through your own perceptions. Therefore, what is true and what is not true? I am aware that many individuals within this time framework, in association with this wave addressing to truths, are incorporating confusion and difficulty – perhaps not quite conflict with many individuals, although that is being expressed also presently and even trauma. But for many individuals there is an expression of frustration that is occurring, for their truths may conflict with other individuals’ truths, and therefore the right and wrong, the true and untrue, the distorted and undistorted are being much more emphasized, and the questioning of what is right or who is right and what is wrong or who is wrong becomes also much more emphasized.

In this time framework, there is much comparison that is being expressed, and I have expressed to all of you many times, comparison is dangerous for it is an automatic discounting of yourselves and of other individuals. There is no absolute right; there is no absolute wrong. There are many different perceptions of individuals’ preferences and their opinions.

And I may express to you and allow me to emphasize, duplicity is a belief system. It is an element of the design of your reality. It is a belief system. It is not being eliminated in any manner, as none of the belief systems are being eliminated. This is the reason that I have expressed to you all from the onset of this forum that regardless that you are moving in this shift in consciousness and regardless that you are moving into acceptance, you shall continue to incorporate your opinions and your preferences; but you may hold your opinions and your preferences knowing that they are not wrong but also moving into a knowing that they are not absolutely right, either. They are your opinions and your preferences, and in your terms, they are right with you but that does not invalidate the rightness of another individual’s expressions – or not even another individual’s expression but the possibility of an expression.

... This is the significance of this wave: your individual truths and how you view them and the strength of them. They may be incorporated in power to be empowering of yourselves, or they may be incorporated in power to be limiting you and to be generating you as a victim of yourself with them, and that may be very powerful also. This is the point of recognizing them and identifying them and understanding them.

This expression of absolutes in distortion is another truth that you incorporate, that there are some absolutes and there are some not, that there are some expressions that are distorted and there are some that are absolutely not. This is NOT true.

DON: This is where my confusion came in, but I didn’t quite express it. If you can have a concept of something being less accurate and then another assessment being more accurate, that implies an assessment that is most accurate that would be an absolute...

ELIAS: No, it is not an absolute. I am speaking to you in conjunction with what you are expressing and in conjunction with your beliefs in this present time framework. It is pointless to be offering information to you that you cannot assess and that you cannot incorporate within your actual experience and your actual objective understanding.

You and I have incorporated discussion concerning the lack of absolutes in conjunction with the lack of separation, and the expression of individuals generating singularities in conjunction with focuses and the inaccuracy of that. In this, to be offering the information that each of you individually is drawing to yourself, as I began, I am an avenue of your own questioning, of your own process. You are drawing this information to yourselves. Were you not to be drawing this information to yourselves, I would not be speaking to you.

Each of you within your own individual process is inquiring of information that YOU want, and your method – or one of your methods – of offering yourselves that information is to incorporate a discussion with myself, individually or collectively. This also is a point that is significant for you to understand, for it is a very common occurrence with many, many, many of you that you become frustrated within yourselves and you discount yourselves: why have you not offered this information to yourself, why did you need to be incorporating a discussion or a conversation with myself to be offering yourself that information? That IS you offering yourself that information! For that is an avenue of one of your methods.

I shall not offer information that you are not drawing to yourself, that you are not seeking. I am merely another one of your avenues.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon!

GROUP: Good afternoon, Elias.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This day we shall be discussing thought. To begin with, what is thought?

PARTICIPANT: Translation of a communication.

ELIAS: Correct. What does that mean?

RODNEY: It means I’m getting an awful lot of information! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Not necessarily! I have discussed this subject previously but perhaps not to the extent that you incorporate a clear understanding of what thought is and what function it performs.

First of all, thought does not create your reality. It is a mechanism of translation and interpretation. It interprets and translates information that you offer to yourself through avenues of communication. Thought is NOT an avenue of communication. It TRANSLATES communications.

Thought follows communications. It FOLLOWS information. It does not produce it; it does not precede it. It always follows. You do, you receive, you input, you think. You do not think first and subsequently input. Thought can only translate what is being inputted to it. Therefore, it is a matter of attention that drives thought. What you present to yourself in relation to your attention is what you input to thought for it to translate.

This is exceptionally important, that you understand this mechanism. It is natural for you to think, and I am not expressing any discouragement from thinking, but it is important that you understand this mechanism and therefore incorporate a clear ability to use it in the most effective and efficient manner.

You all incorporate some types of electronics, correct?

Now; in association with electronics, if you set your electronics to an “on” position and leave it in that “on” position continuously, what shall occur?

RODNEY: The program will keep running and changing from time to time, like a radio or TV.

ELIAS: Correct, and what occurs eventually to that equipment?

PARTICIPANT: It burns out.

ELIAS: Correct, for it is not designed to be on continuously. Neither is your thought mechanism. If it is on continuously and if you are paying attention to it continuously, you are not offering it new information. Therefore, it relies on previous information and it begins to malfunction. The malfunction is that it moves into repeat – repeat, repeat, repeat. And the more it repeats, the more you pay attention. It becomes a destructive cycle.

Thought can actually interrupt information. It can actually malfunction your body consciousness. It can interrupt sleep, it can interrupt dream imagery, it can interrupt concentration, and it can create significant confusion and frustration in association with the repeat.

If you are not moving your attention in different manners, inputting new information, and are paying attention merely to your thought process – or paying main attention to your thought processes – it begins to generate this malfunction, in which it cannot translate new information. Therefore, it blocks new information and it is engaged, for your attention moves to it, and being engaged, it can only translate what it already has in input.

This is inefficient and ineffective, and can actually be somewhat damaging to you. It can block emotional communications. It can agitate the body consciousness, which may react in tension, and that can create difficulties for you as individuals physically.

Thought can be very beneficial if it is being incorporated for what it is, if it is being used as a translating mechanism and if you are allowing yourself to move your attention. This is important.

Many, many, many individuals presently are becoming so very focused upon thought that they are confusing themselves and generating the action of thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking – not paying attention to what they are doing, but thinking, thinking, thinking. In the repeat of thinking, it can strongly influence you to repeat certain doings that you do not like.

You can generate an experience that is uncomfortable and subsequently you can engage your attention with thinking, thinking, thinking of that past experience and continue to agitate yourself, offer yourself no solutions or answers to your dilemma, for what you are generating is merely the replay of the experience that you did not like. That also can very easily generate influencing yourself to be discounting of yourself repeatedly and not trusting yourself. For in being stuck in the repeat, not offering yourself new information, you become unmotivated or you feel stuck, and you discount yourselves in expressing to yourselves “I cannot accomplish.” You can, but it is a matter of paying attention to actual communications, not the translation continuously.

The communications that you generate, generally speaking, do not involve language. Therefore, thought is very useful, for it translates your communications into language that you understand. This is the reason that it is important to be flexible with your attention and to recognize that attention is not thought.

You can be paying attention to many different aspects of your experiences within your day and not be engaging thought. The information that you offer to yourself is continuously being inputted. You are always generating information. You generate information through your inner senses, through your outer senses, through your intuition, your impressions, your impulses, imagination, your body consciousness. You are constantly offering yourself information, but you may not be paying attention to what that information is.

How often are you aware within your day of what your air feels like, how it feels upon your skin? How often are you aware of the smell of your environment? How often are you aware of sounds that are not directly affecting you or that you are not directly engaging? There are many actions that are occurring within your day that you are not aware of, for you are not paying attention. Many times the reason that you are not paying attention is that you are thinking.

Many times thinking can even interrupt doing. Individuals express confusion in association with time. They do not understand how time escapes them so frequently. They do not incorporate enough time to accomplish what they want within a day. Those individuals may recognize much of their time is being incorporated in the mere doing of thinking, not actually engaging any other action but merely paying attention to thinking. And in those moments, what are you thinking of? Now? No. Future? Yes. Past? Yes. But not now, not present. In this, that also prevents you many times from being aware of what you are actually generating within your body consciousness, within your movement.

You can actually also generate the reverse. You can interrupt thinking. But this, for many individuals, is more difficult, for you become so caught in the fascination of your own thought processes that you do not realize what you are doing, and therefore, it continues to cycle.

You can interrupt thought by engaging your physical senses. They do not require thought to engage. You can also interrupt thought by paying attention to what you are actually doing, regardless of what it is. It may be sweeping your floor. It may be watering your plants. It may be patting your creatures. It matters not action you are engaging.

If you move your attention to what you are actually doing, this can also interrupt thought and reset it. For in moving your attention to what you are doing, you allow an opening for new information, different information, and in that, it allows thought to reset itself and begin translating accurately, not repeating. Therefore, it interrupts the malfunction aspect of thought and moves it into what it is designed for.

How many individuals within this present room have generated an experience in any moment that confused them or distressed them and then incorporated hours or even days of thinking in relation to that one event? (General consensus from the group) And how productive is that, actually? How often do you actually offer yourself constructive information in relation to that action?

You may at times offer yourself a sliver of information, generally speaking, that shall occur for in one moment you may incorporate a distraction from the repeat, which may allow a small expression of new information. But generally speaking, it creates frustration and even irritation, and it emphasizes what it is repeating. Therefore, you may generate a small experience and within days that small experience may become quite significant. For in the repeat, you are also generating new versions of the experience and enhancing them and elaborating upon them to emphasize to yourself.

It is not uncommon that an individual may generate a small interaction with another individual that may be somewhat disturbing or perhaps embarrassing or perhaps slightly irritating, and if the individual continues to generate the repeat in thought concerning that interaction, generally speaking within a day or several days the recall of that experience shall be quite enhanced and quite different from the original interaction and shall seem much more significant, and you shall either discount yourself much more than is necessary or you shall blame the other individual much more than is necessary.

It also generates a difficulty in relation to guidelines. For you all, as you are aware now, incorporate your own individual guidelines which motivate you to create your reality in the manner that you do. There are many aspects of your individual guidelines that are subtle – or obvious – enough that you do not notice your own automatic responses, and you continue to move in the expression of assuming that every other individual incorporates your same guidelines, for they are so absolute – and how can they not?

Thinking can also emphasize that and emphasize that separation of difference for it emphasizes blame, that other individuals are not generating actions in the same manner as yourself in certain situations, and of course, each of you with your individual guidelines hold some aspects of those guidelines that you genuinely view as not merely absolute but universal. Every other individual upon your planet MUST incorporate the same association with certain aspects of guidelines, for they merely are. There is no question.

What goes up must come down – not necessarily. If I perceive in this manner, you must perceive in this manner also, for it merely is. Not necessarily. If I express “no,” you should understand “no.” Not necessarily.

It is a matter of perception, and every individual’s perception is different, and each person’s perception creates their actual reality. In association with that, as you view another individual generating differently from yourself and incorporate the initial thinking to be translating and evaluating what is occurring, but then turn your attention to the thought process and move into repeat, you can actually irritate yourself, confuse yourself and generate conflict within yourself in relation to what is being repeated. The significance of this is that it is not productive and it can be damaging, and is, to many individuals.

Dream imagery is created by the objective awareness’s involvement in sleep state in relation to the subjective actions and movement that is occurring. Thinking can interrupt dream imagery, for in the action of dreaming you are not engaging thinking. You are doing. This is partially the reason that many times individuals incorporate difficulty in recalling dream imagery within waking state, which can be altered through different methods, but a natural reason that you incorporate difficulty is that you are not engaging your thought mechanism. You are creating objective imagery, but you are not necessarily engaging the mechanism to translate that. Movement is occurring and you are assimilating it, and it will be expressed within your waking objective experience in some manner in abstract imagery but you may not necessarily associate that with the dream imagery itself.

Dream imagery also, generally speaking, is somewhat less abstract than your waking imagery, and your thought mechanism is accustomed to translating abstract. Therefore when you do recall dream imagery, it may be confusing, for it is being processed through the thought mechanism. The thought mechanism is very accustomed to abstraction, and dream imagery is less abstract than waking imagery. It is more associated with emotional communication, feeling – feeling signals. Therefore, the imagery is more precisely generated in association with emotional communication and feeling and signals.

Therefore, you may generate a dinosaur in your dream imagery and your thought process may be attempting to translate that and may generate many different associations: large, heavy, old, carnivorous. Your feeling or emotional expression of it may be one simple signal – frightening. But you may not necessarily feel fear, for it is not necessary to feel it. You are translating it into imagery, but the thought mechanism incorporates some difficulty in translating into language.

Visualizations do not require thinking, either. But many individuals incorporate difficulty in generating visualizations, for they incorporate thinking and that interrupts the visualization, for it does not allow a free flow of energy for you to present to yourself what you do not expect. Therefore, visualization is difficult.

Another element of thinking that can be disruptive is that most of you want to be engaging allowing other sources of information, information from yourself or from other areas of consciousness or from other focuses or from other dimensions or tapping into other sources of information within consciousness. Thinking can interrupt and block this also. For thinking follows, it does not initiate, and it expresses in language. Some of the experiences that you wish to incorporate are not necessarily translatable yet into language, for you have not yet expanded your language enough to incorporate the identification of some of your experiences. You are redefining within your language and you are expanding your languages, but in this time framework it is not expanded enough to generate an explanation in language of your experiences, which can also block that expansion that you want to be incorporating.

And I am viewing all of you intensely thinking concerning what I am expressing! (Chuckles)

RODNEY: Would you take a question?


RODNEY: I can see over my past history where there would be an event that I would focus on for days and days and days. I sense that’s occurring less and less and less, for more than one reason. One, I’m in a more comfortable environment, and also because I’m getting over that. However, I sense from what you’re saying that I’m definitely blocked from thinking too much.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of thinking too much. It is a matter of thinking efficiently.

RODNEY: Let me ask you for a personal evaluation, if I can do that. How damaged am I in this thinking process? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grins) Ah. The damage is not necessarily expressed that you damage yourself and that shall be permanent.

RODNEY: But am I malfunctioning? Let me put it that way.

ELIAS: At times. It is not an ongoing malfunction unless you are what you would term to be compulsively stuck in that repeat thinking, if you are continuously generating that, and many individuals do.

RODNEY: I am on the hamster wheel about smoking. The affectingness that I’m creating around that, that’s the hamster wheel, that mental loop. I try to tell myself to get off even thinking about it. If I understand you correctly, movement of attention, preferably into the now moment...

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: ...would be a wonderful therapeutic aspect in relationship to that...


RODNEY: ...that mental loop that keeps going.


RODNEY: What about daydreaming? Daydreaming is not thinking, is it?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

RODNEY: How about reading a very interesting book, getting engrossed in it, or being a news junky and really following the news closely? I google the country because I have to see where all of this stuff is taking place.

ELIAS: I am understanding. You are inputting information and you are engaging your thought mechanism in an efficient manner. It can be occurring what appears to you to be simultaneous to the action that you are engaging, for the time framework of delay is so slight. The thought mechanism can be engaged so immediately that it may appear to you that you are thinking and doing simultaneously. But in actuality, the thought process is translating what you are doing as you are doing it. That is an effective incorporation of thought.

The expression of your hamster wheel is not an effective incorporation of thought, for that is a repeat. That is not inputting new information. It is continuing in the same subject in the same manner.

RODNEY: How do you get out of that hamster wheel?

ELIAS: Distraction; move your attention.

ELLA: Let’s say he’s watching the news and his thought follows that process. You say that is more productive because you have focus on what you are doing. For example, he’s watching the news but in another moment he realizes that part of his attention says I want to smoke. So to permeate what you are doing, you are multi-tasking, in a way. Is that what you...?

ELIAS: It becomes its own distraction and it interrupts. It interrupts what you are doing. In this, generating an interruption of the interruption is effective, and you may turn your attention to ANY of your avenues of communication, of which there are many, and distract and reset that thought mechanism.

ELLA: So if you notice that looping pattern... Sometimes it happens that you do not even notice it.

ELIAS: That is the point.

ELLA: So if you do notice, what you suggest is saying I noticed you, go away, I am focused on this. Is that how you...?

ELIAS: You move your attention.

ELLA: Back to where you want it to be.

ELIAS: Or to some other expression.

RODNEY: Is it just a question of moving the attention anywhere or are there certain activities...? Some people might like to paint, some like to sculpt or house clean. If they’re really into that and get pleasure from it, would moving the attention there have a qualitative difference?

I can move my attention. I’m aware of the noise of the air conditioner and the TV set. I can move my attention; that’s easily done. But it seems to me to move your attention to an area that’s a lot more engrossing... I can multi-task my attention to several places but none of them are engrossing. If I was focusing on my math problem or I was attempting to sculpt something, that would be much more engrossing.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual and the situation. It is dependent upon how much of your attention is being focused in thought in a nonproductive manner and how strongly that it is being held.

At times, if an individual is generating strongly holding their attention in repeat thought, it may be more beneficial to engage an action that can interrupt that. But if the thought process is engaged in that repeat and it is not as strongly expressed, your attention is not as strongly held in that, you can engage other distractions or interruptions that do not necessarily require that engrossing attention.

Another action that occurs with individuals in association with this many times is that you may incorporate some underlying frustration or irritation or confusion or bothersome expression that may not necessarily appear to you to be intense but ongoing, in which you are not actually engaging your attention with your thoughts continuously with a particular subject but you may find yourself revisiting that bothersome subject repeatedly. It may not be in every day, but it is an ongoing, underlying expression that is bothersome that you do continue to repeat to yourself over time frameworks.

That can also be a damaging action, for that is another action of the repeat. In that, it is beneficial to interrupt that and to recognize genuinely that you are not inputting new information and to recognize and remind yourself that thought is a translator. Therefore, what you are engaging is old news.

RODNEY: One of the problems I see is that if something is irritating you, if it comes up and I catch myself in that thought process and move my attention elsewhere, that begins to look to me like denial, denying the problem exists. It would have that implication for me. I don’t hear you saying that kind of denial is bad.

ELIAS: I am not expressing that that type of denial is bad.

RODNEY: But denying a significant problem that keeps coming up?

NATASHA: If it’s a problem, you need to resolve it, and you’re not going to...

ELIAS: What I am expressing is that stopping the repeat is the first step. You cannot offer yourself new information to address to what is bothersome to you if you are stuck in the repeat of thought.

ELLA: It feels like the first thing is to identify what is bothering you. If you know what the problem is and you see the thoughts that are occurring, it would be easier to say this the problem and it is regarding the same problem I have already identified, and now I am just projecting anxiety about it because I haven’t found the solution. In this case, you could say this is old news and I would like to move my attention.

What I’ve been doing when I have that feeling of fear is recognizing that I’m projecting, here I’m okay, and I was. But I was ignoring something that was occurring for nearly half a year, doing exactly what Rodney was saying, until it finally dawned on me why don’t I stop and look at what makes me feel so bad. Now I feel like a live demonstration of what you are saying.

ELIAS: Why do you not stop and look at what is bothersome? Because you are thinking, thinking, thinking and that blocks you from actually identifying.

ELLA: I did. It’s not a continuous process, but over the period of six months it occurs once a month, once a week. I do have breaks where I can actually engage some information, but very often sometimes I confuse myself. I say you have to see yourself in the now, and in the now you are okay. What you are doing is projecting into the future and bringing the problem into your life. Stop projecting and generating the destruction, which is what I do.

But what I realized is that I have been ignoring something that was already in my reality. So this type of discernment becomes very important for me, because I genuinely thought I was working on the problem.

NATASHA: But you still need to work on the problem, you still need resolution.

ELLA: Now I know what the problem is and I can free myself from that mental loop. Once I think I’m projecting, then the problem is not there. I just have to redirect my attention and I’m okay. Now that I know that I do have a problem, or what I consider a problem, I am desperately looking for a solution, which is not productive. I feel it. I feel it just preoccupies, irritates and frustrates and creates a fear.

I didn’t know you would be talking about it, but I’ve been living it for the past week. How do I get out of it? I feel like I’m creating it, that I’m able to manipulate my reality to create it. I almost feel like I introduced it into my reality for the purpose of learning how to get out of it. And yes, I understand that the mental loop can be very destructive, frustrating and damaging to your whole self.

ELIAS: Yes, and it can also interrupt information that you want to offer yourself.

ELLA: Yes, it feels like that. It feels like it’s blocking any other kind of communication. You’re just constantly looking for how to resolve. I don’t know how to resolve it, so I can just put it on hold temporarily and see what comes up. Is that what you suggest?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It is not merely associated with irritation or bothersome expressions. It can also be associated with inspiration. You may be engaging some action and want to be generating some new discovery, and in that, you can block the avenue for that new discovery in continuing to be engaging or moving your attention to the thought process in relation to the information you already incorporate but not moving to the next step – wanting the next step, wanting the new inspiration or the new puzzle piece, but continuing to repeat the puzzle pieces that you already have.

PARTICIPANT: Elias, would that be an example of being caught in the trap of focusing on the end goal instead of focusing on the process? Focusing on the end goal, expecting to look one way and not leaving yourself open to receive the new information that would allow you to actual achieve that?


RODNEY: I can give a perfect example of that. I worked on my mathematics for years and years and years, and it was repeating the same old stuff. We had a session on that. When I stopped trying to solve the problem and started engaging play and focusing on the playing aspect of what I was attempting to do, it solved itself. It was incredible. That was moving the attention from the goal...


RODNEY: let’s have some fun now.


RODNEY: If it goes someplace, it goes, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t, but I’m going to play.

STEVE: Elias, could I ask a question about myself, personally? I have had pancreatic cancer for about three years now. To break that process of not repeating, repeating, it’s a constant focus that’s there day in and day out, and my condition changes every day. It’s hard to be able to break that repeat cycle. What I attempt to do is try to bring myself back to my own attention and let my thoughts go elsewhere, but the underlying, looming factor still is getting cured or getting healthy at some point in time.

I really have a hard time because it’s a constant that’s always there. It’s very difficult. How does one go about breaking that constant repeat cycle? It’s almost unavoidable to do it. I attempt to do it in small bits and pieces but...

ELIAS: I am understanding. With physical manifestations, you are correct, it is much more difficult, for your attention automatically moves to the physical manifestation and concentrates upon it. That attention becomes divided in concentration upon the dis-ease and moving to engaging the thought mechanism more intensely to offer yourself solutions to the physical manifestation or dis-ease.

This is the reason it is significant to understand that thought does not function in that manner. It does not offer you answers; it does not offer you solutions. Other expressions of yourself that are communicated not in language are what generate your solutions. Thought merely translates it after the communication has occurred. What is significant is to allow yourself to engage those avenues of communication, engaging visualizations, inner landscapes. (3)

Inner landscapes can be very effective, for they do not require thought. It is a visualization and it does not require any objective knowledge of the mechanics of the physical body consciousness. It does not require any understanding objectively of how your body functions or how it is malfunctioning. In this, it allows you to move with your subjective awareness in a natural manner of directing the body consciousness naturally, not in dysfunction.

Also listening and engaging your inner senses, that of your empathic sense or your sense of conceptualization, may be very beneficial in distracting from the thought processes.

STEVE: Can you recap some of those things now?

ELIAS: Conceptualization is an inner sense that is exceptionally difficult to translate into thought; therefore, it can be more effective, for the thought mechanism is ill-equipped to translate the movement of what you do in conceptualization, for you are merging with an action, not a thing. Therefore, you are merging with the movement of energy. You are merging with the movement of concept, not a thing.

In this also, it may be suggested that you allow yourself to engage intentional relaxations in which, rather than focusing upon malfunction, focusing upon appreciation, generating genuine acknowledgment and appreciation of your physical body consciousness and acknowledgment of your power and effortlessness in generating the dis-ease. Rather than viewing that as a failure, recognizing it as an expression of your power in an effortless manner – which required no thought to create – and was created quite effectively and efficiently, and in that, as being an accomplishment not a failure.

STEVE: It’s funny that you say that, because my approach to this has been continually that it has been a reward in many aspects in my life rather than a bad thing. I’ve gotten so much more inner peace and inner belief in myself about what my capabilities are. Applying those now, I look at that as so much more rewarding and as something that I may have brought into my life for a purpose. I do like the suggestion of focusing more on the higher quality things (inaudible).

ELIAS: Congratulations, my friend!

We shall break and you may continue with your questions subsequently.


ELIAS: Continuing!

ELLA: Oh! You scared us!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Shock you into the now! (Laughter)

VERONICA: Elias, may I ask a question?

ELIAS: You may.

VERONICA: When one is in a quandary, having a problem and looking for a solution, and the wheel keeps turning and we have the “should I, will I, can I,” is a possible solution to that to take it apart, possibly by writing our beliefs and closely examining what the situation is with reference to our beliefs? Is that an alternative solution to end all the chatter and maybe disconnect it? That could be related also.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual. For some individuals that may be beneficial, depending upon your natural flow of energy and what you naturally do in association with your guidelines. For some individuals that may be a method to incorporate a means in which you can discover what is motivating certain actions or dilemmas and how to generate a method that will offer you a solution.

For some individuals, that would not necessarily be an efficient manner of processing, for it may merely encourage more of the repeat thinking. Therefore, it would be significant that you are aware of how you naturally process and what is actually beneficial to you and what actually reinforces a process that is not efficient and is actually distracting to you.

Some individuals naturally prefer to be analytical, and in that, it may be beneficial to such an individual to be evaluating and viewing their beliefs or their associations in regard to a specific problem, so to speak, to allow them to generate a solution. But with many individuals that type of action merely perpetuates what you term to be dwelling, which is the repeat thought process, and does not actually offer you new information, for it more encourages you to repeat the problem and not allow for the solution.

Imagination can be another avenue which is very useful and helpful in association with inspiration and solving. For in engaging imagination, you generate a free flow of energy, and in that, you encourage yourself to relax. In that relaxing, you allow for more of an openness to the information that is available to you.

ELLA: Elias, I would like to discuss a situation that happened to my friend and me today. It sort of demonstrated to me that sometimes thinking can interrupt the doing, and I wanted to confirm that’s what occurred, but I’m not sure.

As we were driving here, we were discussed different things but in the background I think I was partially involved in talking with my friend, partially watching the road, and partially still maybe thinking about the fear that I’m dealing with right now. We found ourselves in a very unusual situation, where we couldn’t even reconcile... Once we found out that we were not where we thought we were, we couldn’t figure out the time difference and the space where we wound up. I felt that somehow I created some kind of a time warp. I don’t understand what happened. We could retrace our steps, we saw exactly where we went, but we didn’t find the same place that we saw the first time.

I also remember that when we left the house, my friend expressed a sort of absolute statement: we’ll get there with no problems, it’s morning and there’ll be no traffic. I remember I had a fear of that; I remember that fear spoke to me in a small way that whenever I express something in absolutes, something bad happens. What happened?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Many actions were occurring in this experience and many avenues of information in this experience. And yes, one of those avenues of information was associated with time and bending time in a manner that appears to you to be confusing for it is not rational. Many expressions of consciousness, even what you do within your reality, are not necessarily rational and not necessarily logical, but they are real.

In this, you offered yourself an opportunity to be paying attention to an impression, and noticing and recognizing that you did incorporate that twinge. Therefore, you did know. You were offering yourself a communication. Whether you listen to that communication or not is your choice.

ELLA: But what was I offering? The prediction that I would generate something like that?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a prediction, but in a manner of speaking it is. For it is not a prediction of what will happen, but it is an identification of your energy and what direction it is moving in – in the direction of the possibility of creating precisely that.

ELLA: I have proved that to myself many times, that when I express an absolute this could be or this cannot be, I experience exactly what I said or thought could not be. I continuously prove to myself that you cannot express in absolutes. (Elias laughs) So that was a demonstration of that?


ELLA: Were you laughing at us over there? I got the feeling that you had a blast of a time watching the two of us. It felt very weird.

ELIAS: (Laughs) There may be quite a lot that may appear to you in upcoming recent time framework that appears illogical, irrational, not possible and confusing.

ELLA: It creates a physical sensation under my crown and I recognize that sensation. Why is it so physical? Is it because my brain is trying to logically connect something which is not?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is the manner in which YOU process.” [session 2049, July 22, 2006]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias refers to a wave in consciousness that deals with the belief system of truth occuring at this time.

Digests: find out more about waves in consciousness.

(2) Paul’s note: it was interesting that Elias chose not to challenge or clarify Steve’s claim, as I was present and found myself quietly disagreeing with his perception, but felt no need to debate either. Still, here’s what Elias has said about Seth/Jane Roberts, Sumari intent, and distortion. Recall that Seth holds Sumari intent and Elias holds Sumafi intent. My point is that we need to focus on the deeper complementary nature of these intents, and not get lost in surface level differences.

ELIAS: “The Sumafi is greatly involved with Sumari, for Sumafi incorporates before and after. When your Sumaris appear, they are taught by Sumafi. When they disappear, their ideas are continued and held steadfast by Sumafi. Within your present time, the Sumari have initiated, they have manifest, they have ‘stirred your pot’ temporarily, they have altered your focus. Now, the Sumafi incorporates the carrying on of this in teaching.” [session 67, January 21, 1997]

ELIAS: [to Jene] “The idea has been put forth; the initiation, the fire, sprung from Seth. Within that element, although the essence incorporated great care to hold very little distortion, your time element within your physical focus was allowing of great movement within energy, which was also allowing of distortion. The continuation is the fine tuning, so to speak; the commitment to widening awareness, within truth, with as little distortion as physical focus affords. This also demands great acceptance.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “Truths are absolutes. Truths are those elements which are not confined to one focus, or to one dimension, or to one reality. Truths are those elements of consciousness that are filtered through all of consciousness. Your belief systems are based upon truths. All belief systems within all physical focuses are based within truths, but they are distorted and they are interpreted. Therefore, they appear removed from the truths. This is the method that you have chosen within physical focus. You translate all subjective knowing and activity. Therefore, in one respect you view the translation as distortion. In another respect, it is not distortion, for it is your creation of your reality. As to the significance of elements as compared to non-physical, we would view your translations as distortions.” [session 137, December 01, 1996]

So we could even claim that Elias’ information is distorted by the fact that it’s a translation from a nonphysical area of consciousness into our physical belief systems. Jane Roberts called the impact of our belief systems “prejudiced perception.” Seth used the term “divine camouflage.” The Buddhist term “samsara,” and Hindu “maya” all mean something similar. Namely, we need to discern and “see” truth, distortion, and falsehoods with more than our physical eyes and rational minds.

To explore these subtleties further, see A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview: What are some Differences between Seth and Elias?.

(3) Paul’s note: follow this link for info on the inner landscape exercise.

Digests – see also: | absolutes | accepting self | appreciation | attention (doing and choosing) | avenues of communication | belief systems; an overview | bleed-through | choices/agreements | dimension | distortion | duplicity | energy deposits (world views) | energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel) | essence; an overview | essence families; an overview (Sumafi) | fear | fanaticism | focus of essence; an overview | forum | fun & pleasure! | the game | imagery | impulses | inner senses; an overview | inner senses; empathic | inner senses; conceptualization | intents | mirror action | noticing self | objective/subjective awareness | officially accepted reality | perception | engaging periphery | probabilities | remembrance of essence | Seth/Jane Roberts | shift in consciousness | simultaneous time | time frameworks | trauma shift in consciousness | trusting self | truth | waves in consciousness | widening awareness | you create your reality |

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