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the belief system of science, pt.1

Note: this is the first of two parts on science. Go to the belief system of science, pt. 2.

Paul’s note: the following are the ten primary belief systems according to Elias. He adds that there are many, many, many aspects to each belief system. However, these are not discrete, separated parts, but primary aspects that all work together seamlessly in the conscious mind of every individual. For example, aspects of the belief system of duplicity are present, in varying degrees, in each of the other nine.

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Here’s the excerpt from the session in which Elias delivered this important information (I have underlined each belief system for clarity, as Elias did not originally instruct for this to be done):

JAMES: “Would you tell me what the belief systems are?” (12-second pause)

ELIAS: “You are inquiring of the belief systems in conjunction with this blocking of action?”

JAMES: “No. I was inquiring in general; the belief systems in total that we hold; the bird cages.”

ELIAS: “Ah! You are inquiring of a listing of all of your belief systems!” (Grinning)

JAMES: “Yes, correct.”

ELIAS: “I shall express to you that you hold fewer belief systems than you think, although within these belief systems, you hold many more aspects than you think.

“In this, (pause) you hold belief systems of relationship. You hold belief system of duplicity. You hold belief system of sexuality. You hold belief system of truth.

“... This being also those in conjunction with emotion, and perception. You also hold the belief system of certain senses. You hold religious belief system, which we shall identify as spirituality, and you hold scientific belief system, which shall be the designation of physical reality and the elements of it.

“These are the basic belief systems that you hold within this particular reality.

“You hold one other belief system also, which may be viewed to be more encompassing, and this would be the belief system of your physical creation of your universe, which is slightly different from your scientific belief system or your religious belief system. In this, that particular belief system involves the aspects of coincidences and accidents.

“As I have stated, these are the basic creations of your belief systems within this dimension, but each of these expressed holds a tremendous amount of aspects within them. Therefore, although the designation of the belief systems – the cages themselves – may be few, the aspects or the birds within them are very many, and many of these birds may appear in manners that you do not even associate with these particular belief systems.” [session 364, February 24, 1999]

Elias “gems”

JIM: “Lately, I’ve been viewing, noticing things through a prism, and seeing the light refractions. I hear the scientific view of what we have now. What am I really viewing, as far as light and energy?”

ELIAS: “Do not be discounting of all of your scientific information, for your scientists are as you. You know. They do also. They do not avail themselves of inner knowledge and intuition many times, but they are knowledgeable of your physical creations and of your physical, viewable reality and universe. This is not to say that they hold all of the answers, for there is much that they do not understand; but there is also much that they may offer you, within their understanding of the mechanics of physical focus and within their limited knowledge of the workings of what is viewable. Therefore, in your terms, you may look to your light spectrum and the information that is offered to you by your scientific community, and you may accept this. The information beyond this is not applicable to your focus. This is not to say that there is no information beyond this information, for there is, but it does not fit into your reality.” [session 133, November 17, 1996]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that your – what you view to be in your terms presently – science fiction, as I have expressed previously, is closer to science fact than you realize. Within your approaching century, your scientists shall move into new areas of wondrous accomplishments. Elements that you investigate presently shall be viewed as child’s play compared to what you shall be accomplishing, as what is dictated within your present probabilities.

“Be remembering that your probabilities are probabilities, and that you may alter these at any moment. Therefore, they are not set in stone; but within the most probable probabilities, this shall be what shall be occurring and what you shall be looking forward to within your future elements.

“Within the mid-points of your coming century, tremendous new accomplishments shall be endeavored within your sciences. I have expressed to you that within this century, your sciences have mirrored you and essence and consciousness, developing these elements in physical matter of what you know to be within consciousness. You have created many wondrous inventions and have learned many elements within your physical dimension that mirror elements of consciousness and of essence. This offers you much information, and as you move into this new century you shall continue with this endeavor and you shall further your accomplishments and your inventions.” [session 233, November 02, 1997]

ELIAS: “And I express to you this night, as I have expressed previously, your science fictions are closer to science fact than you realize, and are not so very far removed from your grasp! And this should be evident to you, for you create more and more and more of your science fictions and occupy your fascinations with your science fictions as you move through your linear time. It becomes more of a fascination to you, and you become more creative with it, for you are accessing information that you KNOW subjectively within you, and you are expressing this outwardly objectively in imagery, preparing yourselves for what is to come.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

TOM: “Elias, I have a question. Can you explain for me what we perceive to be the laws of physics – action, reaction, positive, negative? Are these just something that are created by our belief systems, or do these have some actual permanent significance?”

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that within this dimension and within your creation of your reality as you hold the understanding of it presently and pastly, they are reality, but they are limited to this particular dimension, for they are entirely influenced by the belief system of cause and effect.

“You move into the area of creating mass belief systems as explanations to yourselves of elements that you do not understand. Therefore, you have created the belief system that for each cause of action, there is an effect or reaction. This, as I have stated, is directly influenced by your mass belief systems, which have been hold (held) for many millennium. These have been offered to yourselves by yourselves, in explanation for actions that you create.

“Let me offer you an example which may be quite easy for you to be understanding in the area of belief system, and you may apply this also to your sciences that you have created your new religions with, for you hold tremendous belief systems and ‘faith’ in your sciences! (Smiling) Therefore, they also have become another source of belief systems, another religion which is no different from all of your other religions. It merely expresses belief systems in a different manner that you accept more rationally as opposed to mystically within your present time framework, for now you move into the area of technology, a new exploration.” [session 291, June 26, 1998]

ELIAS: “You experience within this present now many expressions within your societies upon your planet, mass expressions of very strongly held belief systems which are being addressed to and are affecting of the individuals and how they are beginning to view these belief systems, not necessarily in alignment with these officially held belief systems. In this, as you continue to examine the individual belief systems, you offer yourselves more information in understanding how you have created mass belief systems.

“You may also look to your religious and scientific belief systems and view how very strongly they have been accepted en masse throughout your globe and are very aligned with. Even individuals that express that they are moving away from the religious belief systems hold many underlying religious belief systems, and move themselves into an alignment with your scientific belief systems very much as strong as they have held religious belief systems previously. In actuality, your scientific belief systems are merely a different type of expression, different language of the same types of belief systems as your religious belief systems.

“In this, let me be reminding you also that belief systems in themselves are not right or wrong. Therefore, I do not encourage you to move in the direction of placing more judgments upon the very belief systems that you hold, for you occupy your attention within physical focus, and this physical dimension is created with the basis of belief systems. Therefore, it is a basic element of your reality, and without your belief systems, this particular dimension and reality shall not be physically expressed. This is not the point. The point is to be examining of these belief systems and to be accepting of these belief systems, that you may render their power, so to speak, neutralized and you may not be so very affected by them, and in this, you may open your window for greater creativity.

“All of this information shall circle ‘round to the base point in every area, in looking to self, addressing to your own acceptance and trust of self, which within your language and within this objective expression may APPEAR to be sounding very elementary. But this, in its basic element, is your most difficult challenge, for you have created your officially accepted reality for millennium in the direction of not looking to self and in the expression of projecting outward to all other elements and looking to other individuals and other sources, so to speak, for your directedness. In this, I express to you within this concept an entirely different direction of your attention, in looking to self for your acceptance and trust and recognizing that YOU are creating of your reality, not looking to any other outside element to be expressing to you how to be creating of your reality, for you already possess the blueprints for creating your reality, and all is within your disposal. You need merely be focusing upon self to be accessing all of this information.” [session 330, October 11, 1998]

ELIAS: “As this shift in consciousness expands and gains momentum, more and more individuals experience an opening of periphery, which also is creating of what you term to be unusual experiences or unfamiliar experiences – heightened awarenesses, heightened senses, inner AND outer senses – and your sciences, your psychology, narrows more and more and more the field of normalcy, and your window for officially acceptable behavior becomes smaller and smaller.

“You even move in the direction officially of labeling your children more and more. Behavior that has been quite acceptable pastly is not acceptable any longer within your children, for your acceptable official reality becomes more and more narrow. This is your attempt officially to hold to the familiar, to hold to the officially accepted reality.” [session 347, December 11, 1998]

ELIAS: “I shall express to you that individuals within the direction of your sciences and your religions have been attempting to be creating of [a] bridge, so to speak, for much of your history, and I express to you that for a time framework, they shall continue to be moving in this direction.

“The individuals within religious expressions shall continue to be proving what they view as spiritual expressions, and objectifying and solidifying elements of consciousness into your physical reality that creates, as I have stated, a proof of the validity of experiences and expressions that are not easily explained objectively and that move into the area identified as mysticism.

“And your sciences continue to be attempting to create a method to be inserting elements of consciousness into physical manifestations and solid expressions that you may view.

“And in this, each shall continue within their explorations, and they shall continue to be creating of frustration to the point in which each recognizes that these elements are not opposite or at odds or separated, but that they are all merely expressions of one creation.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

Elias “gems”

RON: “After our last session where we spoke on the same subject, Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki] and I came up with what we thought may be an example of a Source Event, just trying to understand exactly what that was. The example we came up with was the technological revolution. Considering the fact that in our history, that we have recorded in physical focus, there’s been a technological revolution, I mean, there’s been revolutions like that, that have gone on from the beginning of our time, as we see it. Would that be considered from the same Source Event? Am I explaining that very well?

ELIAS: (Smiling) I am understanding of your question. Yes. Your terminology of a technology is only one interpretation of this Source Event; but you are correct that throughout your development and your history, you have incorporated this Source Event also, in your discovery of many different elements within physical manifestation. All of your sciences spring from this also, and have.

You do not incorporate only one Source Event at one time. You incorporate many. They also overlap each other; and as I have stated, they bleed through to different dimensional focuses, therefore influencing other dimensions. Other dimensions do not only influence your dimension. You also, within your expressions, influence other dimensions. Within certain dimensions, your accomplishments within elements of your sciences have influenced the progression of developments within other dimensions. Belief systems that you hold within this dimension bleed through to others.

You would be quite interested to view the parallel that within this dimension, you incorporate a belief system that other beings from other systems, galactic or celestial, bleed through or interact with you in this dimension. Within another dimension, they view strange creatures to which they believe influence, heavily, elements of their planetary system, which you would view to be very ordinary Indians. They are bleed-throughs. They are connections. They are very strong belief systems and influences. Many of them are very connected with reality. Therefore, within one dimension, they bleed through; for their power and their force, within energy, is very strong. It may be quite influencing of another dimensional focus.

I have expressed to you of Regional Area 3, to which we incorporate our ‘world view Library’; which I have expressed to you is energy deposited that may be tapped into by you, and also other dimensions, for information. Individuals incorporating great energy and power of thought, which is reality, (smiling) deposit energy within this ‘library,’ so to speak, which may be accessed. The essence itself does not occupy this area, but the energy of the thoughts and the ideas and the creativity does. Within this, these may bleed through into your dimension, offering what seems to be information quite ‘out of time.’

Your individual of Einstein or Plato incorporated great information that individuals viewed to be far surpassing their time period. This information was acquired by tapping into this area of consciousness which has been experienced previously, or what you view to be previously, not within this dimensional focus; for within this dimensional focus, no other individual incorporated the information that your Mr. Einstein held; but within another dimension, this information was already remembered. Being deposited into this area of consciousness and being accessible, it was accessed.

Therefore, you may also view that your reality is quite influenced by other realities, and intermingles, and is quite parallel and similar to other realities. You may not look the same; you may choose to incorporate different physical expressions; but your intellect within physical focus is what you would view to be basically the same. Therefore, within expression, you may say, not ‘I was a creature, or a tree, or the wind.’ You may say, ‘I am.’” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within your creation of mass events, communication collectively is immense. Within your present now, you view your technological age and your communication systems presently as being great. These immensely dwarf to your natural communication systems. Within the collective consciousness, in creating mass events, your communication is experienced in what you would view to be faster than light speed. It is instantaneous. Elements of objective expression are experienced simultaneously by many individuals; these being expressions of mass communication for the purpose of a mass event or the diversion of a mass event. Not all mass events are materialized within this Regional Area of consciousness, for there are times when you are collectively choosing to be postponing a mass event and allowing expressions individually, to be serving as a pressure valve; diffusing the situation, and altering the manifestation of the mass event probability.

You are in constant communication with each other. Your communication and agreements begin before you physically manifest within an individual focus. You lean towards probabilities. You connect with other individuals before your manifestation, in aligning yourselves with probabilities that you intend to manifest. This is not to suggest predestination, for you always hold the ability to be changing of probabilities. You always hold choices.” [session 93, May 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have stated previously, probabilities are choices. For Michael’s [Mary’s] benefit, we shall incorporate the example of color, to which you have already very well connected with the concepts. Probabilities are all of the elements, actions, events, hues, shadings, colors between blue and royal blue, to which there are numberless. Also, blue and royal blue are probabilities within themselves. Everything is a probability. Probabilities are very flexible. They also are continuously in motion. They are never static. Therefore, they cross time dimension elements. They also intersect and merge through time elements. As we have spoken previously, you may choose a probability within your past, and you may affect and change this probability within your future, causing a different probability within your present.

Your scientists view tiny particles, figuratively speaking; for in actuality, physically they do not view anything; but within their limited understanding, they view trails or images of particles. In this, they may accelerate these particles and allow for the action of explosion, so to speak, to which they may view ghost images or trails of these particles seeming to fly apart in hundreds of directions, this seeming to create hundreds of particles from one. But then, within their view of these trails or ghost images, the original one reappears. The hundreds have not disappeared, and continue to exist, but the one exists once more. How may this be possible? This being a physical example of the same action of probabilities.

By choosing one probability, you set into motion many other actions and events which, in themselves, are all probabilities, therefore giving birth from one choice to many probabilities; viewing the one choice has been made, therefore exists no longer. It has been the foundation, and you have moved ‘forward’; leaving behind the original choice, creating new choices and events as a result of the original choice. Then, within what you view to be future, another event may occur to which you express, ‘Was I not accomplishing this same event previously?’ And you may scratch your small heads in wonderment, for the event has reappeared!

You do this continuously. You only do not notice, for your attention follows one direction which you label as logic. You offer yourselves continuous information, which you reject and pay little or no attention to. Even when you are viewing elements of probabilities being actualized by you, until this present now, you discard this information. Having no explanation, you attribute these elements to ‘coincidence.’ Then, you allow yourselves to conveniently disregard this information.” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “Recalling our scenario of your television and its channels, you may find that you may gain many clues to your reality, where you direct your attention, and the expansion of awareness within that reality, by viewing other realities that you are aligned with. These would be, within your individual pools of probabilities, what you would term to be your own alternate focuses.

In the analogy of the television, we have stated that there are many channels that you may tune into. Within your present now, you also incorporate new technology which, as with all of your other technology, mirrors inner subjective expressions. This shall fit nicely into our analogy. These are new machines that you use in conjunction with your televisions. With these new machines, you may simultaneously be viewing a particular channel upon your television, and you may also be recording another program which is being transmitted upon another channel. Therefore, you are receiving two channels simultaneously. You also incorporate new technology to be viewing, simultaneously, different channels upon your screen, while taping or recording information of one channel not being viewed. Therefore, many actions are occurring simultaneously.

You may view the program which is being recorded as your subjective activity; that element of your subjective activity which you, in your terms, would view to be your subconscious, which we have stated, there is no subconscious! But this program, so to speak, runs parallel to your waking consciousness, your objective consciousness, that which you are attentive to.

In this, I shall be offering this evening an exercise (1), for it is difficult to be recognizing of alternate channels, and understanding the transmission which is occurring upon alternate channels, when you do not tune completely to the one channel that holds your attention. Your focus is blurred. You believe that your attention is directed and clear within the channel that you view; your objective attention; but you shall perceive soon just how blurred your attention truly is!” [session 122a, September 22, 1996]

NORM: “This question is kind of off the wall, but I’m interested in evolution and some of the ideas that scientists now feel, that it is not possible for the DNA molecule to express itself in a grown animal, in the behavior of the animal or the shape that the animal takes. A man by the name of Rupert Sheldrake has come up with the idea of morphic resonance. Do you feel that has any validity?

ELIAS: As to your physical sciences and the subject of evolution, this being one area in which your sciences lag. I express to you, within the terms that you think of as evolution, within your Darwinian theory, it will remain theory; for in actuality, there is no evolution. I have stated previously, you did not appear upon the planet eating apples! You also did not appear upon the planet evolving from a fish. You also did not evolve as man through a series of related primates. Each expression of man has been an expression in physical manifestation of consciousness, in regard to the essence families and experimentation of physical manifestation. Each has been unique within itself, and is not preliminary to another. One does not precede another. You do not evolve through your history and your ages. Your Earth does not evolve in the manner that you think of.

You think in linear terms. You think in time frame elements. In this way, you create explanations process. You do not create an element which exists throughout millenniums. You create anew within every moment. Each expression of creature and man is created independent and in itself, holding its own integrity and its own expression.

You may view, through your archeologists, through your anthropologists, what you view to be early expressions of man which you then attribute to your evolutionary process, but this is incorrect. These expressions are individual to themselves, as experimentations within consciousness within physical manifestations, which you have expressed within certain time periods, within certain time elements; manifesting upon this planet and then discontinuing with that particular manifestation, as viewing a more efficient manifestation and creating an invention of that. Therefore, there is no sequence to be followed. Your physical manifestation, every molecule within your physical manifestation physically, is now as it was; for this prototype, so to speak, was agreed upon as efficient.

You, as you are aware presently, do not hold the same living cells that you held within your physical manifestation within your past seven years. You are entirely new. You are entirely different. Your consciousness is recreating within every moment; as through your history, as through your millenniums of this planet, you are creating every moment anew. You choose, within one focus, to temporarily be creating in like form; but I shall express to you, you physically do not appear the same identically as you did within your past ten years. You shall not appear the same physically within your coming ten years, for you continuously change the appearance of your manifestation. You attribute this to simple explanations of aging process, for this is what you know; but you offer yourselves physical evidence continuously that you are continuing to be creating within the moment; ever changing, never the same.

NORM: So if I wanted to live to be one hundred and fifty or two hundred years or a thousand years, I could do it if I wanted.

ELIAS: This is your choice. What prevents you from extension of your physical manifestation are your belief systems. You look to stories as myths of ancients. You explain to yourselves that individuals within these myths, living to ages of nine hundred years, viewed their calendar differently. You explain to yourselves that individuals did not truly ever live such lifetimes, for this is impossible. Therefore, you offer yourselves explanations with different time sequences; shorter years. I express to you, within the time period of experimentation of manifestations early, as you term this to be, within the essence families and those of the Seers, many, all, chose much greater time elements for manifestation.

This is also purposefully created though. You choose to not manifest at such great lengths within years, for it is unnecessary. You may gain experiences within a smaller time framework. You, within your development of your abilities, offer yourselves more in certain areas of stimulation and experience. Therefore, you view it to be unnecessary to be manifesting for much years.

You also presently manifest more counterparts. Therefore, your experience is also widened. This also you express in reasoning of non-manifestation for hundreds of years; although you may choose to be continuing within your manifestation physically, and you hold the ability to accomplish this.” [session 133, November 17, 1996]

VICKI: “I have a question, just to clarify my own understanding, regarding the group counterpart action, and I’ll use the example of the shift. We have an intent to accelerate, in continuing the action of this shift. Within that, there are other groups, counterpart groups, that have counterpart action with us, but did I understand you correctly? Not what you would consider in opposition to the intent; such as groups with religious or scientific belief systems. I’m not quite clear on how the interaction between the groups would facilitate the action.

ELIAS: It is a lending of energy. You view singularly. You view that if an individual is not completely aligned with your thought process, that they are in opposition to you. This is not necessarily the case. Individuals may lend energy to the same purpose, to so speak, and hold different belief systems. There is movement within your scientific and your religious communities that aligns within energy, within an understanding that they have achieved thus far to a stopping point. They have moved into an area of choice-making. They may choose to continue upon your hamster wheel (humorously) within their physical mathematical languages scientifically, or they may incorporate true meta-physics; not your interpretation of metaphysical, but within the true explanation of metaphysics, there is a ‘beyond the physical aspects’ which encompasses subjective activity. Within religious areas, there is an understanding; a knowing; a movement. Their belief systems differ, but they understand and hold a knowing of movement. Their interpretation of this movement may differ, but they lend energy to the movement, for they believe.

There are individuals that do not lend energy to the shift in consciousness. These individuals differ from those that seek religious fulfillment and belief systems, or scientific truths. There is a vast ocean between scientists that seek truth and scientists that seek science! (Smiling) Those that seek truth shall move beyond physical, and understand that non-physical and consciousness are the mechanics of your physical.

RETA: Can I ask you a question? Do you know Rupert Sheldrake from England? Do you know of his work? Is he seeking truth?

ELIAS: (Accessing) I express to you that you each speak to Elias within terms of your physical focus. You utilize identifications, namings, which hold no meaning. Therefore, I offer explanation for accessing information to which you inquire. Yes; seeking truth, but distorted. Many individuals seek the truth, but are clouded by the belief systems that they hold so very strongly. In this, this individual also aligns. It is difficult for many individuals to move through belief systems and view what lies beyond.

RETA: Do you feel, though, that the interpretation of science is contributing to the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express that the energy lent is contributing, not necessarily the information.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “I shall begin by offering an equation. Then you may continue with your questions. You may express thanks to your new friend for delivery of this dream equation, and you may deliver the equation to Stephen [Norm] for his pondering. The equation is as stated: ‘Relay the force pattern as a source of tension.’ (Pause, as I write the equation down, frantically trying to remember who to thank for it.)

VICKI: This was from Carole’s dream? (I had to go through my email file to finally discover that it was Carole who sent this to me on December 9, 1996. I didn’t understand it at the time, and therefore didn’t pay much attention to it. Really tuned in, eh?)

ELIAS: This has been relayed to you by one of your new friends as a remnance of a dream. It is a message. The key words to be focusing upon within this equation are relay, force pattern, and tension, for their meaning is not as it appears. Now we shall allow the scientist to engage his scientific ciphering! (Smiling)

VICKI: Okay. I shall relay the message.

ELIAS: Very good.” [session 142, December 27, 1996]

DREW: “I mentioned before that some of my issues were personal, and so I felt more comfortable talking to you in this environment. I think maybe the best thing for me to do is to give you some brief background and just a feeling for where I’m at, and that may help you understand where I’m having a problem. I feel right now a sense of scarcity and lack in my life, a lack of abundance, and I’m trying to figure out whether my situation is a result of my behavior or my behavior is a result of my situation. Some of the frustration that I feel leads me to feel depressed and stressful and frustrated and confused.

I used the word fear earlier, and I’m wondering if that is what’s leading to what I think is less than healthy behavior for myself, or whether it’s the things I do that cause the lack in my life and the frustration and the depression, and which I should be addressing. And why, with my belief, I mean I really do believe that we create our reality and I do believe that I will be successful. I believe all those things, and yet manifesting it in my life ... Although I feel a feel a sense of being on the verge of turning these things around, I look back and also look presently at what’s manifest in my life, and just feel a sense of frustration and lack. So all of these things are sort of tied together. Let me just put that out before you and see how you respond and what you might have to say.

ELIAS: Many individuals have presented themselves with the concept of ‘you create your reality’. Many individuals believe that they accept this concept as truth. In theory, you accept this concept. In reality, you accept this concept. In reality, you do not accept this as reality. You accept this as an idea. It is easy and acceptable to accept the idea and the concept as an ideal, something to be striving for, something to be attained, something that you wish to be creating, but in actuality few individuals incorporate this concept as reality completely. You may offer yourself examples all about you, and you may view that although you may think you accept this, in reality you do not. This is the reason that it is expressed over and over to you, that you may eventually, in reality, accept this as a reality.

If you are presented with a scenario of a small one which is being engaged within a situation that you view to be unjust, you shall not consider that this small one is creating its own reality. You place conditions upon the creation of your reality. If you are creating reality that you are satisfied with, then you believe you are creating your own reality. If you are not satisfied, then you do not believe you are creating your own reality, for your belief systems hold to mass belief systems which express that if you view elements of your reality to be negative, you are not responsible for these elements of your reality. In accepting the concept that you create your own reality, you attempt to accept all of your reality but you become confused, for you also hold conflicting belief systems that afford you the idea that some of your reality you do not create.

In actuality, this brings us into complicated areas, for there are elements of reality that you do not create, but you draw yourself to. There are elements of your reality that are influencing of you that you may not individually be actually creating of, but you have chosen to involve yourself with these elements. Other individuals may create certain actions. Other individuals may create certain choices which are affecting of you, but you have chosen to be involved and you have chosen to be affected. Therefore, in one sense you are creating this reality also. You may not be creating the choices, but you have chosen the involvement. Therefore, within agreement you also are creating of the reality.

In behavior, individuals express many different types of behavior. You choose different expressions for your own noticing. Within you, you may choose certain time periods to be noticing of different aspects of self. These may be difficult within your perception, for you do not always understand the reasoning for your manifestations at the time that you are manifesting. This is the reason that you choose to be widening your awareness. This is also the reason that you have all chosen, within the action of your shift, to be creating of your shift, that you will be aware of how you create your reality. You actively objectively seek out this awareness presently, for you hold frustration in knowing that the belief systems that you have held within the past are not instructional to you any longer.

Many individuals within this time period feel themselves floundering. You are within the beginning stages of this shift. Therefore, it is a time of uncertainty. Many belief systems are being challenged and questioned. This creates conflict and confusion. There are many movements within consciousness presently which are creating of distraction within your objective focus. Therefore, many individuals feel unmotivated. They experience many emotional effects that they are unaccustomed to. They exhibit behavior that they are unfamiliar with, or they view themselves to be changing in their behavior. This may be disturbing to you, for you do not understand all of the action that is occurring that is facilitating this behavior.

As to whether you are creating your reality or not, you are. There are many elements that are influencing of this creation. You have drawn yourself to this forum to acquire information of self and of reality, of consciousness and its function within this reality. In this you may better understand how you accomplish creating your reality, as is the case with all of these individuals that choose to draw themselves to this audience.

There are many complicated issues that you hold. Presently, you allow yourself a time period of confusion. This allows you a time period to not be addressing certain challenges, and also not be confronting certain belief systems. This also you have chosen to be addressing by drawing yourself to a confrontation. You draw yourself here to allow yourself the opportunity to be confronting of self.

There are other elements in motion within this situation, to which you were listening to explanations of this evening with other individuals. You also engage presently a time period of remembrance. This complicates and confuses other situations for it enhances feelings, but you do not understand what to attach these feelings to. Therefore, you express to yourself that you experience depression. This is a workable excuse.

Do not misunderstand. I am not discounting of the emotions experienced, for they are real and they are also quite affecting. They only do not arise from where you believe they arise from. It is, within this time period now, acceptable to be labeling certain actions as depression attributed to stress or lack of self-confidence or actions and experiences within the past, but these are convenient methods of diverting your attention from self. Psychology offers equal truth as science, which is little; but within your present time period, many individuals accept these sciences as truth. You are inundated with information in these areas from a small child. Therefore, they have moved nicely into working belief systems.” [session 146, January 05, 1997]

(Vic’s note: in my perception, there was some rather unusual conflict being experienced this evening. I perceived conflict between individuals, conflict within individuals, and also individual conflict with the information being delivered. Also, I noticed less ‘indulgence’ on the part of Elias, with regard to his responses to expressed belief systems within questioning. All in all, it was an unusual evening.)

Elias arrives at 7:00 PM. (Time was twenty seconds)

ELIAS: Good evening. This evening, we shall look to a brace of manifestations in comparison, as we continue our exploration of unofficial information. (2)

Within your physical manifestation, there exists molecules. Molecules contain atoms. Many molecules may contain the same atoms. You may choose to observe molecules containing all the same atoms. Let us say you choose to be observing one hundred molecules, each of these containing the same six atoms. As you observe these molecules, you note that their behavior is not the same. It is different, but they contain the same components. For all intents and purposes they are the same, but they behave differently.

You view scientifically your known universe to be a chaotic creation. It is in actuality an immaculately precise, ordered creation which reflects its order in like manner of all manifestations. You may view one hundred individuals of the human species all holding the same physical components which are the make-up of the physical manifestation and each of these one hundred shall behave differently, just as the behavior of your molecules.

The order of your created universe is absolutely precise. Just as were you to be creating of a three-dimensional multifaceted object you would need to be absolutely precise with your angles to be fitting together the pieces immaculately, so you have created this physical universe. You view only chaos for the reason that you do not understand the order, for you do not understand unofficial information. You view irrationality or unpredictability as chaos. They are not synonymous. Energy and consciousness is unpredictable. It is not chaotic. It is unpredictable for it is always allowed choice. There are always probabilities. There are no predetermined actions. This is not the same as chaos.

Much activity occurs, as we have stated, continuously within your objective focus concerning unofficial information within every moment of your manifestation. You choose not to be acknowledging this information. It is not only available to you, but it is also presented by you, to you. Your response, as in accord with your belief systems that you have been taught, is to be not acknowledging and following of this unofficial information; for within your belief systems this appears to you to be irrational, unstable, and also irresponsible. This is in line with your belief systems and the value systems, not value fulfillment but the value systems, that you have established for yourselves objectively.

You have instituted psychological rules for yourselves which you view as guidelines; methods of responsible action and living. You view these to be efficient. I suggest to you that the efficiency of these is that they are efficient in conflict. They are quite efficient in producing conflict, confusion, dismay, duplicity, convolution; but as to their efficiency within creation, of trustfulness and listening to yourself and movement and affectingness within consciousness, they are lacking.

You choose to be moving into areas that you engage unofficial information. You draw experiences to yourselves to be illustrating examples of unofficial information. You allow yourselves the opportunity to view, within objective everyday reality as you think of it, scenarios that you may understand, that you may see before you your creations of probabilities. You allow yourselves presently to be hearing your own voice more clearly, but as you are so familiar and accustomed to disavowing this voice, it matters not that its loudness increases! You continue to discount its shouting.

At times, you allow yourselves to think and believe that the cosmos is offering you information to be benefiting you. Once again, this is a discounting of self. You are speaking to you, and you are learning to listen to you. As you are learning to listen to that voice of which we have spoken previously, its clarity becomes more profound. It begins, within your perception, very quietly; that quite whisper, that soft voice that you almost do not hear; but as you focus your attention more upon that small voice, it becomes more audible. It becomes clearer, and as you lend yourself to the acknowledgment of subjective activity and knowing, the clarity of this voice increases. The sound becomes louder. It also becomes more effortless to be allowing this subjective voice and incorporating this in a mergence with objective reality.

We have spoken of the drama that you create. We have spoken of the quiet whisper. We have spoken of the continuous unofficial information. As you now present yourselves in a variety of areas with unofficial information, do not discount this information. Your daily activity shall parallel these interactions.

You have chosen to be interacting within this forum. You have asked. In this, you have initiated agreements with yourselves. Therefore, your activity outside of this forum shall mirror what you have chosen. You shall be, and you are, presenting yourselves presently, more and more, with opportunities to be engaging your periphery. If you wished not to be engaging this action, you would not be continuing within this forum. Therefore, I shall ask the question this evening! If you have chosen to be engaging your periphery and widening your awareness and listening to your subjective unofficial information, why then do you not listen?” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

DREW: “Well, let me ask you about the case of a friend of mine who was recently arrested for sexual behavior that society deems inappropriate. He was actually exposing himself, and got arrested for it. Now, there are those who would say that this was not an act of sexual expression, but a symptom of other things that were going on with him. It is possible to find yourself, as he did, in serious trouble, what we would consider serious trouble objectively.

So at what point do you decide that your impulses are inappropriate or counter-productive? If you find yourself engaging in activity that can lead to what we would consider trouble, do you address it and try to stop it? Or do you just say, ‘Well, it’s just experience and everything is okay, and if it leads to arrest and prison or whatever may come of it that’s okay, because it’s just experience.’ It seems to me that there is some practical side of this that has to be considered when you take into account the difference between what I call theory and practice. The theory is, ‘Yes, everything is okay. There is no good and bad.’ But in objective reality, in practice, there are, it seems to me, certain behaviors that could be counter-productive, or not the best behaviors to engage in because of mass belief systems.

ELIAS: This may move in many directions. Initially of course, I may express to you that you may choose as an individual to engage these probabilities for the experience, but I am well aware of your direction in thought. I have expressed to this type of issue previously with other individuals also.

You have objectively created collectively a reality which you deem to be official and acceptable. Therefore, if you are choosing to be within alignment of this reality that you all collectively have created, you have established objective boundaries and guidelines within which you are expected, and you hold expectations of self, to be functioning within. This also is a choice. Now; if you are choosing to be functioning within the officially accepted guidelines of the reality that the collective has established, this is quite acceptable. You have created your reality in this way. In this, to more efficiently be functioning within this reality and also be acknowledging of self, you must look to alternatives. Think to your choices; this being why it is necessary to be addressing to belief systems, and identifying those belief systems which do not serve you; for within the continued practice or allowance of influence of these belief systems which hold strongly which do not serve you, they impede your movement and create conflict.

Let us view the scenario of your friend. This individual may choose the action which has been implemented, and these probabilities which are then implemented may be and are this individual’s choice. Let us view hypothetically that this individual chooses a different course within probabilities to be actualizing within this reality; for this individual actualizes different probabilities within another reality, but the reality that concerns you is the one that your attention is focused within, which is this one. Therefore, this individual may have looked to the unacknowledged impulses which were objectively becoming noticed, and may have chosen to be attending to the belief systems attached to these.

You all are taught to be denying impulses. This creates conflict in many areas. Within some individuals, the conflict becomes more extreme, depending upon the blocking of impulses. You are taught not only within your religious belief systems that impulses are bad, but also scientifically. They are animal instincts. They are base and they are unacceptable. Therefore, you automatically deny your natural impulses. As you continue to allow these belief systems to be influencing and you continue to be denying of self and self-expression, energy will be expressed. It will choose a way to express itself. Therefore, it shall find an outlet. Be that acceptable or not, and dependent upon the intensity of the blocking of these impulses, some individuals may create unacceptable behavior; as I have expressed to James, who manifests geysers within the blocking of impulses.

The individual may have chosen to be addressing the belief system of duplicity and identifying that natural functions of their physical form are acceptable, and in this may have allowed themselves the opportunity to release stored tension and manifest different circumstances; but as the individual does not address to the belief systems and does not acknowledge the oneness of self and also that there is no wrong within self, activity occurs which is unacceptable. Unacceptable expressions are expressed; not for the reason that the individual views that there is no wrong, but for the reason that the individual views very wrong, but cannot deny the energy which is natural to self. Therefore, actions and events sometimes occur within these individuals.

Be remembering also that these are choices. Individuals that create this type of action choose to be creating this type of action. There are many reasons why individuals choose unacceptable behavior within your established, official reality. Some choose to be manifesting extreme situations for their attention; for they shall not address to their belief systems until they have manifest extremely, for the belief systems are extreme. Therefore, they feel they must match the belief system within intensity within extreme events, and this shall attain their attention. This is not always the situation, for there are many reasons why individuals choose behavior that you deem unacceptable.

As to yourself, you present yourself here. Therefore, you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing these belief systems, to be acknowledging of these belief systems, and to be learning of self and the acceptability of self. Regardless, as I have stated, of established, viewed religious belief systems, there is an underlying subculture within all cultures of religious belief systems, and your scientific belief systems are also reinforcing of many of these; all of which point the individual in the direction of viewing self as untrustworthy and flawed. You are not flawed! All that you manifest within yourself is exquisite creativity and quite aesthetic expression. You only believe that elements of your expression are unacceptable, for many reasons. They are distracting. They are diverting. They are time-consuming. They are ‘in the way.’ And have I not expressed to you all, fun is ultimately important? If it is not fun, disengage! For it is unnecessary for you to be driving within self, and not appreciating of self and enjoying self within your existence.

Many individuals within your metaphysical belief systems express that this manifestation upon this planet, which they term your earth plane, is a learning experience; a practice. You are enrolled in your ‘earth plane school.’ I have expressed already to you that this is incorrect; although do not look to redemption within other areas of consciousness, for they are the same ... although they are different. They are different countries, but you remain you.

You may choose to locate yourself within this area presently, and you may futurely choose to move your location of existence upon your planet to another country; to which you shall adjust and learn a new language and adapt to a new culture and a new lifestyle, but you shall continue to be you. In this same manner, as you move into other areas of consciousness, you move to another country within consciousness. You may learn new ways of existence and new language, but you continue to be you. Therefore, this existence is equal in importance. It is no less. It is no lower.

It is important that you identify those elements which create conflict, which are belief systems, and address to these; for they shall not retreat, for you have chosen to be addressing to these. If you had not chosen, you would not be here and I would not be speaking with you. Therefore, your choice continues; and in this you continue to objectively provide yourself with events and feelings and circumstances that draw your attention to address these belief systems and be eliminating of your conflict. There is no element of your physical human form and function that is unacceptable. It is a wondrous creation! There is no reason for lack of indulgence of self.” [session 168, April 28, 1997]

JIM: “Does subjective movement pertain to an awareness of your subjective self in your objective awareness? What would be described as subjective movement in consciousness?

ELIAS: To your way of thinking, you have thought within belief systems for much time within your modern now that your subjective consciousness would be classified as your subconsciousness. Within your belief systems, movement within this area of consciousness, subconsciousness, is out of your control and moves without your permission within whichever direction it chooses, be that beneficial or not. Before the institution of your school of psychology, subjective awareness and movement was thought of as the individual’s soul; the spirit; that element of self which motivates you and also moves out of your control, to your benefit or your detriment. I express to you that subjective movement and awareness is not out of your control. It works in harmony with your objective awareness.

Objective is the outward view of perception of reality. Subjective deals with the subject; you. It is the inward view and creation of reality. You form your reality in harmony of both. Objective movement, information, input, assessment, understanding, is assessed by your outer senses. Subjective movement is assessed by your inner senses. Together, they create your reality. Together, they create what you view as your self; that part of you which is not brain, but is mind.

JIM: So mind would more relate to the subjective self?

ELIAS: It is a combination; for it is taking in information from both objective and subjective awareness and combining these to be creating outwardly your reality. You also create objective reality and subjective reality, which you may view as opposite sides of one coin. Objectively, you may create events or movement, body expression, without thought process. You also project and affect elements within your world, within your environment objectively. Subjectively, you also create a reality within your sleep state and other altered states of consciousness, in your terms. Together, they create what you recognize as you.” [session 170, May 02, 1997]

JULIE: “I have another question, kind of off the subject. I don’t really view that there is a right and wrong as far as everyone else is concerned. I have my own views, but I understand that they’re different for everybody, so that’s not a hard concept for me. But the concept of there being like a truth, it’s kind of contradictory to me. I don’t really understand how that all works.

ELIAS: You do not understand for within this physical focus the truths, within the mass belief systems, are inconsequential.

The mass belief systems attach the idea of truth to belief systems. These are not truths. Truths are unchanging and are relative to all areas of consciousness, not merely this dimension. Therefore, the constants that are in actuality truths are not recognized by the masses within physical focuses; not only this particular physical focus and dimension, but within any physical manifestation.

Truths are not regarded in actuality with much value. Truths are those elements of which we have spoken previously; of consciousness, and energy, and tone, and color, and dimension, and essence; but individuals within physical focuses attach the term truth to beliefs that they hold to be true and right.

What you view within physical focus is quite changing. Your facts are not truths, for they also are changing. Your own truths within belief systems are changing within your own time periods, within different societies.

JULIE: It’s confusing.

ELIAS: Therefore, recognize that what the masses identify as truths are not. They are belief systems that they hold to be true, for they are elements of their reality. They are real, but they are not truths. They are inconstants. Truths shall be valued outside of the context of physical focus, where you hold no moral belief systems and no scientific belief systems. All ideas, thoughts, expressions, manifestations, are reality. This is not the same as truth, although truth is reality also; but they are not synonymous.

JULIE: Okay, that helps. I was trying to lump it all into ... I wasn’t really separating it. I was trying to figure it out so that they all somehow work together and it wasn’t making sense, but now it does.

ELIAS: It is most amusing to be listening with individuals within our forum exploring their ideas of truths and wishing for examples of truths to be offered to them, for they shall not value those truths which are offered! They do not understand that these are constants within consciousness; not changing regardless of any area or focus of consciousness and manifestation and reality. They are wishing to be told that truths hold moral value, which they do not; for your moral value within your dimension holds no meaning within another dimension. Within your own dimension within different societies, your moral truths hold no meaning for other societies. Therefore, they are inconstant. How may they be truths? They are not absolute.

As you may relate to, color does not change. It is a vibrational quality. You may hold interpretations, within different dimensions and focuses, of color. You may manifest representations of this within what you view to be paint, or within creations such as your vegetation or your creatures or your atmosphere, but it continues, even within the interpretation, to hold the vibrational quality that it is.” [session 172, May 06, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon. Welcome to all of the new essences present this day! (Smiling) We shall be investigating information which is related to your genetics, in continuation of the introduction which has already been offered. I shall be focusing this day upon the relationship of your focuses to this manifestation that you identify with presently within this now. (Vic’s note: Elias uses the term ‘focus’ to mean a ‘lifetime.’)

Many individuals speak of reincarnational lifetimes. I find this terminology to be inadequate, as all of your focuses are simultaneous. They only appear to not be simultaneous within your identification of linear time frameworks. You understand time within this dimension in a certain type of definition. In actuality, all of your focuses of essence are occurring within this present now. This is all of what you term to be your past focuses, and also future focuses. These are important to your present now, for they are influencing of you within this present now.

I have begun speaking of genetics as being a choice of alignment. In manifesting physically into this dimension, there are many elements that you choose to align with. This is, to your way of thinking, an extremely complicated process. You do not merely choose the parents that you wish to be manifesting through. You also are identifying with physical genetic codes which have been accepted within the established physically-focused family lineage. You also incorporate your own genetic codes, which are established throughout all of your focuses. Therefore, you may experience within a lifetime some element which may develop which seems to be outside of the genetic heritage of your family.

An individual may manifest within a particular focus an ailment which to your sciences may be unexplained, for in examining the history of the family throughout the generations, there may seem to be no evidence of this affliction through heredity. You may carry the encoded messages genetically within each focus. Therefore, you may manifest elements within one focus that seem inconsistent with your heritage of that particular focus.

I have stated previously that you generally, not always but for the most part, choose to be manifesting within the same physical type. You may choose variations, but generally you manifest within this dimension of this physical focus with the same general type of body expression. You also carry the same type of genetic elements. This does not hold true entirely, for you may choose within any focus to deviate from this, and within extremes. As I have stated, this is a generalization.

It is to an extent valuable to be aware of elements of your other focuses as we are approaching your shift. As you approach your shift in consciousness, many more subjective elements shall become obvious to you. You shall be incorporating many more subjective bleed-throughs. Therefore, it is valuable to you to be holding an understanding of your other focuses, for they are influencing of this focus. They are not only influencing of this focus physically, but they are also influencing of this focus emotionally. This dimension of physical focus which you have chosen to manifest into is based in emotional experience. Therefore, this is an extreme element in importance, for your experience.

Your emotional state within this particular focus holds influences from your other focuses also. In this, your fears within this particular dimension and within this particular focus are also influenced by fears within other focuses of this dimension. I specify this, for you hold focuses of essence within many dimensions.

You are not only manifest within this particular dimension and physical focus. There are numberless physical focuses occupying the same space arrangement. The focuses which are influencing of this focus, to which you recognize as you, are those which are also within this dimension. This is not to say that some of your other focuses within other dimensions do not bleed through or influence you, for they do; but for the most part, your encoding limits itself to one dimension. Therefore, you hold a framework of reference subjectively to be functioning efficiently within this dimension.

You may be choosing many manifestations within this dimension, and you may be allowing recently some bleed-through information into your objective awareness. This occurrence is a natural action which is happening presently as you are approaching your shift within consciousness. This shift shall allow you more of an awareness than you have incorporated within the entirety of your history upon this planet. We have spoken of lessening or eliminating the trauma that may be incorporated within this shift in consciousness. Many individuals do not understand what may possibly be creating of trauma with regard to this shift. I express to you that as you allow more subjective information to become objectively known, this becomes very confusing; for this subjective information does not fit within the framework of your accepted reality.

You are not only changing small elements of your reality within the action of this shift. You are changing essentially the entirety of your manifest reality within this dimension; for you shall approach all of this reality differently as you incorporate much more subjective activity. It is quite obvious to you all that the movement within what you classify as psychic activity is growing tremendously. This continues upon a daily basis, and you all lend energy to the continuation of this movement which is altering and shifting the consciousness of your globe. This is not limited to a small area. This encompasses the entirety of your planet.

Were you not to allow yourselves the information of subjective activity and the understanding that this is also an element of yourselves and that you are much more than what you view within your mirrors as one physical entity, you would be experiencing much conflict within the confusion of information which shall be bleeding through. You have chosen this action collectively. Therefore, the information shall bleed through. You shall incorporate experiences of interaction with individuals within transition. You shall connect with information of your own focuses of essence. You shall recognize that all about you is your own creation, and also is not quite as solid as you view it to be! You also may surprise yourselves at your own abilities to manipulate energies in ways that previously may have seemed impossible.

Other focuses are lending energy to you presently within the movement and accomplishment of this shift; this being why, futurely and presently, you shall be encountering more of your own belief systems. They shall be becoming more obvious to you; for within the action of this shift you have chosen to be accepting of belief systems and acknowledging that they exist within physical focuses, but also that they are nothing more than belief systems. These hold no power unless you allow them. In this, as you move into the accomplishment of your shift you shall experience much less conflict and what you view to be tension, for you shall understand that these belief systems that you hold are not truths. They are belief systems. They may serve you, or they may not. They are not dictating to you.” [session 174, May 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening. As we continue with our subject matter this evening, we shall be addressing to certain elements of your genetics that your scientific community does not recognize as of yet. You have inquired of information concerning the DNA molecule, and I have offered information of variances in genetic coding which seems inconsistent with heredity.

We shall first focus upon a function of some RNA. In this, your sciences furiously research and work to be discovering why certain elements physically respond in the manner that they do. They do not understand the mechanism of these elements that you have created in your DNA and your RNA. Viruses, to scientific thinking, are foreign elements which are incorporated into the body of an organism. They are intruding, forcing their RNA into what you view to be normal cells, and these acquiesce to the intruding substance. First of all, as I have stated previously, these elements are contained within your physical manifestation already. You choose to be activating or not activating of these elements. Therefore, these molecules exist within your physical expression already. In this, subjectively within consciousness you instruct these molecules in the direction of which you wish them to be manifesting, as you also instruct your own DNA.

There is more to your genetic encoding than only physical elements. Emotional qualities are encoded within your genetics also, but as I have stated that all of memory is encoded, this is placed into the encoding physically by you subjectively. You are creating of all of these elements. Each individual contains a unique genetic pattern. Each individual physically manifest manifests DNA patterns which are unique to them. There are qualities of these patterns that may not be reproduced in any other individual upon your planet, for you have uniquely encoded your own genetics.

There are many elements that your sciences shall overlook, many more elements that go into the make-up of your expression within physical manifestation than they choose to look for. They shall be questioning why certain behaviors are exhibited by individuals or creatures or vegetation, but they shall not attribute this to genetic encoding. Here is where they deviate from our track, for these are elements also of your encoding. Everything that you are physically is encoded in these physical elements that you label as your genetics.

The simplest of your life forms, in vegetation in your plant life, respond to situations and vibrations and telepathic messages and emotion. You think to yourselves that your species is the only species capable of certain elements within your existence. I suggest to you that you may very well experiment yourselves with other life forms, as you view them, upon your planet, and you may witness that they also respond to thought processes and to much more than general, simple stimuli. You may frighten a plant by merely thinking of its destruction. You do not view this response, for you are not looking for the plant’s response. It shall create within itself an electrical charge which shall be its indication of withdrawal from you in recognition of your thought process, for within consciousness it understands what you hold as intention.

You devalue your creatures and your vegetation upon your planet as ‘less than,’ and as not holding consciousness as you hold consciousness. This is incorrect. All of what you view to be living creatures and also vegetation hold genetic qualities. You have created the entirety of your dimension physically in this same manner. You have encoded everything to be efficiently manifesting in repetitive movements. All of your living material or that which you classify as living material, be this creatures or vegetation, holds the same abilities that you hold in manifestation. Within consciousness they manifest with different intents as you direct this, and within consciousness they may seem to be simplified for their expression is not quite as complex, but each link of consciousness holds the same elements.

In differentiation to physical matter, each link of consciousness holds all the same qualities. These links of consciousness make up you within a physical focus. They make up essence within non-physical focus. They make up everything that you create within physical or non-physical focus in every dimension. These links of consciousness group together to form patterns or fields electrically, which then translate into physical focus more initially as an idea than as actual matter; and as you who are creating of this physical dimension add energy to the creation of any element physically within matter, these links which have grouped and formed fields move together more concentratedly and begin manifestation of physical matter. (Pause) I will end there, for I wish not to be confusing you with the complications of much of this information.

I wish to express to you that you differentiate living matter and non-living matter. You differentiate and express that there are elements upon your planet that hold life and breathe, and there are elements upon your planet which do not hold life. I express to you that your planet itself is alive. It holds its own consciousness. It breathes. It pulses quite rhythmically. Your planet itself pulses every twelve days. It holds its own rhythmic heartbeat.

Therefore, the distinction is merely a difference in the choice of arrangement of links of consciousness to be creating genetic codes, for all elements that you recognize to be living hold genetic codes. Rocks do not. This is not to say that the rock is not alive. It is manifest physically within matter and your time framework differently. You have chosen to be manifesting many elements within this dimension with many variations in creation. These creations that you have manifest which hold genetic coding are truly masterpieces, for they are quite exquisitely engineered; exceptionally precise. Each cell of each living entity holds its own encoding. It holds its own message, but it also holds its own memory. Many individuals speak of cell memory. The idea has been distorted somewhat, but in actuality each cell does hold extensive memory. These are not elements that you may measure, although you may partially measure, for you may measure behavior of cells or of parts. Therefore, you may witness demonstrations of some elements of memory. Each cell not only holds the entirety of your encoding within your DNA, but it also holds the entirety of memory; not only of this physical focus, but of all of your focuses.

Some individuals within this dimension hold memory within cells, which also speak to the individual objectively within their consciousness of other dimensions. It is not entirely what you would perceive to be as common, but there are individuals that have chosen to be fragmenting within essence and crossing over dimensional boundaries, so to speak, entering into different cycles of physical manifestation. This is confusing, I am aware, but it shall serve our purposes for explanation. This works in what you may view to be the opposite direction of your common present-day folklore involving your extraterrestrials. They do not carry off your DNA or your genealogy; but you, if fragmented within this focus from another dimension, may introduce new information and memory of other dimensional focuses. This is not an alteration of your genetic encoding. It is cellular memory which is held within physical manifestation. This may at times be misinterpreted by some individuals as being likened to a transplantation. There have also been many new myths created around the information which bleeds through within memory from these individuals.

Once choosing to be entering into this particular physical focus, this dimensional focus, the focus of the essence chooses to be complying with the accepted physical production and manifestation of form and function within this dimension. Therefore, you may not encounter aliens walking about you. You may also, as we have stated previously, not encounter what within your present new folklore is deemed as walk-ins, for there are no walk-ins (3); but you may encounter individuals that hold memory of other dimensional focuses which are also physically manifest. Their DNA, their genetic coding, their physical manifestation is in alignment with this dimension. Their memory within their manifestation is different.

Not all individuals allow a bleed-through into objective awareness of this memory. Individuals may hold cellular memory in this fashion and they may also be choosing upon manifestation to not be acknowledging of this memory, just as you are choosing within each focus physically manifest to be forgetful of essence for the purity of the experience within the physical focus. (Pause)

Returning to the interaction of the molecule which synthesizes protein, which is your RNA, there is no intrusion of one to another. It appears that the virus may be intruding and taking over and destroying of what you view to be the healthy cell, but in actuality this is directed subjectively, and the relinquishment of the healthy cell is an agreement to acquiesce to allow the manifestation that the individual has chosen. No element occurs accidentally; and within this manifestation physically in this dimension you must be realizing, within this time period now, how ultimately efficient you have created this physical world. You do not create accidents! All of your manifestations are exceedingly precise, to the movement of every single molecule and atom within your physical manifestation.

NORM: ... The emotional and memory portion of the DNA molecule, is that the arrangement of the atoms and molecules, or is it subatomic?

ELIAS: It is contained within the arrangement of the atoms.

NORM: So the sequence of DNA, RNA, enzymes, proteins, and then the sequence of those and the spaces in-between such as the introns ... The human genome is very, very large, I realize, but that can contain all the information of all of the individuals that have ever been on this earth?

ELIAS: It contains all of the information that is pertinent or valuable to that particular focus as the individual or of their focuses within essence, and all of the information pertaining to all of the manifest individuals within their lineage.

NORM: So for example, the information is dual in nature? Other than protein information, there is information on top of that that is ...

ELIAS: (Grinning) Yes ...

NORM: A smile! I like that! Interesting.

ELIAS: This is what I am attempting to be offering to you that your sciences have not discovered yet. There is much more involved within your genetic encoding than they realize.

NORM: It could be more than duplicity. I mean, it could be layer upon layer.

ELIAS: There are many layers and aspects of this encoding. You hold volumes of information within your physical manifestation.

NORM: And I directed the formation of my genome in the womb of my mother?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And I directed the information as to my physical form?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Is it therefore more or less fixed from that point on, with all of the probabilities that I need for this focus?

ELIAS: It is not fixed within an absolute. Within your encoding you allow for probabilities, for your encoding does not merely focus upon the physical manifestation within matter. It also holds information which is influencing of thought patterns, emotional expressions, behavioral patterns, and abilities which are dominant or recessive.

RETA: You say that the scientists now don’t even have an idea. Well, I’m sure they can microscopically look at the physical, and maybe some of the energy fields, to get to the DNA thought process or whatever. Do you have any suggestions or any idea how they would measure any of these other genetic encodings?

ELIAS: Your sciences look to physical evidence. Therefore, they view that their provable facts lie only within physical manifestations; those elements which they may view or speculate of which they know may be physical, but they do not hold the capability as yet to be viewing. In this, all other information is disregarded for they view this to be speculation and non-provable, although through experimentation behaviorally you may arrive at provable evidence through genetics if the sciences are opening their field to incorporate beyond only physical evidence. There are many elements that are quite consistent within your genetic make-up, which does not display itself physically within what you may view with a microscope.

RETA: Oh, I agree. It’s always been that they have to be able to reproduce the same evidence. The scientific community is just beginning to change, where a little faith might be real. I agree.

ELIAS: Plants are very interesting creations of yours and may offer you quite valuable information, for they respond much more than you recognize. They do not hold thought processes as in like manner to yourselves, but they do hold their own creation of thought processes and communication and memory. This memory is not only what you may view as cellular, but they may respond within action as provoked by memory. A plant may respond to events which it has encountered previously and remembers through your time element.

NORM: The experiment that you alluded to before, in regard to the plant responding to thought processes about perhaps the death of the plant and giving an electrical signal, I believe that experiment has been made, has it not?

ELIAS: Throughout your history individuals have performed experimentation within this area, although this is left unrecognized for the most part, and not lent credence to within your sciences. Your scientific community may view these types of experimentation as time-consuming and occupying of your thought processes, and mildly interesting temporarily. What they do not recognize is that this offers you information of genetic encoding within behavior patterns. As I have stated, your genetics does not only encompass physical attributes or manifestations. All of your non-physical elements that make up you are also contained within your genetic information.

NORM: The Darwinian theory of the development from very simple organisms to very complicated organisms and adaptive systems concepts is felt today to be the reason why, for example, the human genome was eventually developed after the billions of years of this earth life. However, if you were to statistically attempt to put this together in the appropriate order, it would be many, many, many times longer than the 4.5 billion years, would it not?

ELIAS: Quite. Your Darwinian theory, which it remains theory, is a somewhat logical assumption of your development upon your planet; although it is also quite incorrect, for you have not evolved in this manner. You have not mutated, and contrary to your scientific studies, you do not create and move within the process of natural selection.

I have stated previously that you have experimented throughout your ages with different forms of manifestations, and you have presently agreed upon this manifestation of form as being most efficient temporarily; for within what you view to be future, you may be altering of this to a degree also. This is not evolution!

Each manifestation is unique to itself. It did not evolve from another form. It was created uniquely, independently itself within your history, this being the history of what you know of with your planet; although in this also you know very little, for your planet has existed and not existed and existed once again many times; this being one ‘blink in’ of your planet within this dimension, within this universe, within your solar system and galaxy, and all those elements which you think you recognize! (Grinning)

NORM: So the Gaia hypothesis, in regard to the earth being a living entity, or not an entity but a living system, is correct.

ELIAS: System; yes.

NORM: And that there is some type of a twelve-day rhythm ...


NORM: Like a heartbeat?

ELIAS: Yes. It is not precisely twelve days, although we generalize, and in your terms I am rounding off ...

NORM: Within a day.

ELIAS: ... to the closest time period. It is not within a day, but within seconds. It may not be completely what you term to be twelve days, but to your objective knowing you will not view a difference.

RETA: Would we be able to tell, subjectively or objectively, when the pulse is happening?

ELIAS: Subjectively you are aware, for you are aware of the connection between yourselves and all else within consciousness. Objectively you may to an extent become aware, for your planet is not hiding from you! It reveals itself to you continuously. You only do not pay attention.

NORM: Would you really include the sun and the rest of the planets in this living system? Is the sun part of the living system?


NORM: And the other planets?


NORM: And you wouldn’t go beyond that for this manifestation?

ELIAS: Within what is relevant to your physical manifestation, no.

CAROL: My feeling at the moment, and you’ll correct me, is that if the earth is a living being, which I have known, then there has to be some interconnectedness with the rhythm of the earth and that of the entire universe and all of the planets outside of our galaxy, which would lead to the universal oneness that we’re so involved in trying to connect with right now.

ELIAS: All elements within consciousness are connected, and there is no separation. There is only separation objectively within physical manifestations, or the appearance of separation.

CAROL: If we were still enough as to feel Gaia breathe, if we could be still enough, we could feel the entire universe beat? (Elias nods) The OM sound, is that in fact the sound of the universe? Or is this one of our physical earthbound manifestations, our perception?

ELIAS: This is a tool within belief systems, although in like manner to many other tools, within the belief systems it may be facilitating of directedness within an individual. The sound that is physically created by an individual is merely a symbol which is filtered through a belief system, but belief systems create your reality within this dimension. Therefore, they may in many instances be instrumental and useful to your objective. If the individual holds a belief system that this sound may be focusing their attention, they shall allow themselves to be focused. In this, they shall also allow themselves to be accomplishing their objective. In this situation that you express, to be objectively holding an awareness of the unity of all, yes; you may be accomplishing of this.

CAROL: Is there a better way?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a question of a better method. Each individual chooses that which is comfortable and is acceptable within their belief systems. One may be using sound. One may be using visualization. One may be feeling. It matters not. They are tools for your focusing. There is no better or worse, if the tool is allowing the accomplishment. (Pause)

RETA: ... Let me ask you again about what you were talking about with genetic links to ancestors. A lot of my fellow church people are really hooked into genealogy. They really have a belief system that it’s necessary to hook up. A lot of them are searching and searching for certain things, and when they find one they feel it inside. I have not had that experience because I have had a lot of genealogy just given to me, but as you say the cell has a memory of this, could that be the linking inside is recognized?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: I think that’s interesting. They really get industrious in their search.

ELIAS: They are drawn in this direction for their own connection and information. Each individual seeks information in the area that shall speak to them.

RETA: How valuable would this information be if they could, in turn, turn it around and reach out and bring it to them?

ELIAS: It holds value in understanding of self, as investigating of your other focuses is valuable to you in understanding of self; for as you choose to be entering into physical manifestation within this dimension you do hold genetic codes, which in this you incorporate all of the individuals within that particular lineage. Therefore, you are an aspect of all of them, and they are an aspect, all, of you; just as you are the same within all of your focuses within essence. You are they and they are you, although you are unique and your own manifestation. You are not your great-grandfather, for you are you, but you are your great-grandfather! Therefore, information gained of other aspects of self is valuable.

NORM: If the earth and the planets and the sun are a living system and they interact with us, then is astrology a reality?

ELIAS: I have expressed within our early sessions that this holds origins in truth. It has been distorted within belief systems, as have all of your other concepts, within your sciences, within your religions, within all of your elements of physical existence. There are relationships between these bodies and the body of your planet. This planet, and you as you recognize yourselves, would not exist without the cooperation of your universe, but you have created all of this harmoniously to be efficiently working.

NORM: Glorious!

VICKI: I have a question. The genetic encoding includes information of our other focuses in this dimension?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But I’m confused about some of the other things you talked about tonight, as far as if you were to be experiencing a fragmentation in this focus, then you would have cellular memory ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... of other dimensional focuses.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: But if you did not incorporate this fragmentation, you would not have this memory? Is this correct?

ELIAS: What I have stated is that you hold this memory, but you may not be choosing to objectively remember.

VICKI: So the memory is there, regardless.

ELIAS: Correct. It may be tapped, but you may be choosing not to be acknowledging of the remembrance.

VICKI: Okay, that makes more sense.

ELIAS: This is provided that you hold focuses within other physical dimensions.

VICKI: Would this particular information be the kind of information around which belief systems of seeding and genetic alteration from aliens or other dimensions, is this where these belief systems kind of come from?

ELIAS: Correct. These are bleed-throughs of memory of other dimensional focuses, which are reality. There are not alterations of your physical DNA or genetic encoding within this dimension; although in a recognition within memory of different genetic patterns which do not necessarily include DNA, the individual may misinterpret the bleed-through information and therefore develop a belief system that their genetic encoding or DNA has been altered. They are holding information of different dimensions simultaneously within one focus. This is difficult to reconcile without further information. Therefore, belief systems are developed around this memory.

You also develop belief systems with regard to what you know and what you understand. You do not understand or hold objective knowledge of other existences physically which do not incorporate your DNA and RNA. Therefore, you develop belief systems which are built around known information within this dimension. You develop belief systems that suggest alteration of these molecules, for you cannot conceive of the lack of existence of these elements within physical manifestation, of what you term to be life within another dimension.

VICKI: Would the explanations of genetic encoding apply to animals?

ELIAS: Yes, and also your vegetation.

VICKI: But not something like a rock.

ELIAS: These do not hold the genetic encoding that you assign to what you designate as living tissue. You have created a different manifestation with different elements.

NORM: I’m trying to clarify a previous statement. Apparently you said that all of the genetic information is not encoded in the DNA?

ELIAS: It is.

DREW: ... It’s my understanding that one of the reasons that we fear our quote/unquote ‘destruction’ is because we don’t understand that in fact there really is no destruction and that we have a choice in everything that happens to us, as well as other belief systems about death. Why would a plant fear its destruction?

ELIAS: Consciousness is consciousness. It is all, within energy, the same in its most basic forms. Therefore, the links of consciousness may choose any direction for manifestation, but this does not mean that these links of consciousness do not recognize the same elements as do you. As a plant holds an electrical field and also emotion and thought, it shall respond in like manner to yourself. A stone would be responding in like manner to the plant had it the qualities within physical manifestation of electrical fields, which are objectively creating emotion or thought. It does not, although it does hold a knowing of the same concepts as it is also made up of the same links of consciousness. It has been created differently. Therefore, its expression is different, for it does not hold emotion.

DREW: Is it not true that the reason that we associate the emotion of fear with our death is because of belief systems?


DREW: And therefore, if a plant has quote/unquote ‘fear’ about its destruction ... A plant doesn’t hold belief systems, does it?


DREW: Am I mistaken to say that you said a plant would experience fear?

ELIAS: It will respond. It does not necessarily display fearfulness, but it will respond. You may interpret that the plant may be expressing fearfulness for its electrical response shall be similar to that of the display of fear, but this would not be as a result of belief systems. This would be a result of memory. The plant, within its consciousness, holds long-term memory. Therefore, within its genetic encoding it holds memory of hurtfulness or destruction, and may identify these elements if presented with them.

DREW: It seems like if it held that kind of memory it would be less fearful, because it would have a greater understanding of multidimensionality and the truth that there is no destruction.

ELIAS: Now you are attaching your thought process to the plant. The plant does not think in the terms that you think. It holds thought processes, but not in like manner to yourself; as do your creatures also not hold thought processes in like manner to yourself, although they do hold their own thought processes.

DREW: Okay. One human cannot be ... I’ll use the word hurtful or destructive ... to another without agreement. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Because there’s always free choice involved. Can a person be hurtful to a plant without agreement?

ELIAS: Within consciousness, in like manner to what you express within your species, there must be agreement; although it is not agreement in the respect that you express to the plant, ‘I shall step upon you and crush you,’ and the plant may not express to you, ‘This is acceptable.’ But within consciousness, all acts and events are within agreement, for the experience. Objectively, just as you within your species may experience events that within consciousness you have agreed to accomplish [but that] you may not hold awareness of within your objective knowing, neither does the plant.

DREW: So if within consciousness the plant does not want to be stepped on, I objectively may divert my foot for some reason, not knowing why, but because there is no agreement. So, a plant has choice.

ELIAS: Yes, to an extent.

DREW: Lesser so than I do?

ELIAS: Within mobility, yes.

DREW: Well, okay. That’s really a matter of belief systems as well. Isn’t it mass belief systems that say a plant can’t go from here to there because ...

ELIAS: You have created certain manifestations within certain design. Therefore, they are in agreement to be functioning within those limitations and design; just as Stephen [Norm] has created crystals (4) which do not hold the same abilities as those which you view to be naturally growing, in your terms. You create all of these elements upon your planet within agreement of their limitations of manifestation.

DREW: Within consciousness the plant has just as much choice and mobility, but objectively it does not?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: When you say cells have memory, are you using the word memory the way we think of it, in terms of remembering past events? Or are you using it more in the way you use the word remembrance, meaning a greater awareness of multidimensionality and consciousness?

ELIAS: I see no distinction.

DREW: Because of simultaneous time? In other words, when I remember something, generally we think of that as a remembering back in linear terms of an event that happened in our terms in the past, and I’m trying to understand if cellular memory ... if you’re using that term in the same way, or if you mean it more in terms of a remembrance of essence and truth and consciousness.

ELIAS: I use this word in the manner of no-time. Therefore, the remembrance or memory may extend to what you view as future.

DREW: When you refer to cellular memory, do all of the cells within our body share the same memory, or do they all have different memory?

ELIAS: They do not all share the same memory. Some hold different memory, but collectively they all share the same memory. I shall offer you a correlation. Upon your planet exists a creature within your seas. This creature is a cooperation of many creatures which appear to be one creature. In actuality, the entirety of the creature is a colony of many individual creatures holding distinct functions of their own, but as they cooperate collectively they create one living entity which you recognize as a man-of-war. This is not a singular entity. Each element of this creature that you recognize as one living creature is a separate individual cooperating within a colony. Each holds a different function. Each holds different memory. Collectively they create the whole, and share the entirety of function and memory.

DREW: They create a system.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: What I was leading to is a question of ... if we have an experience where we are aware of cellular memory, is it possible that it could be one little cell in our entire body that we’re experiencing the memory of, as opposed to the collective memory?

ELIAS: It is possible.

DREW: Is that more probable? Is that generally the way it works, or is it usually the collective memory?

ELIAS: It generally shall be the collective memory.

DREW: Okay. Thank you.

GAIL: I have experiences where my body remembers something and then I finally connect what the memory was to my body. Is that a normal process, or is that just a delayed reaction that I have?

ELIAS: I shall not be placing this into delayed reaction or normal process. It is your creation of remembrance. It is not unusual.

GAIL: So everyone has body memory, and then you connect it to your thought memory?

ELIAS: All individuals hold cellular memory within their physical form. Not all individuals connect this objectively within thought process or identification.

GAIL: So I’m just using it as a tool to remember?

ELIAS: It is a communication. It is not a tool. It is communication within cellular memory that you are choosing to recognize. Some individuals choose not to recognize the communication. Therefore, they do not objectively within thought process remember the information that the cellular memory is offering.

GAIL: So that’s sort of like being able to be aware of the earth pulse. It’s the same thing, but we just don’t pay attention to it?

ELIAS: Correct, although many more of you do not recognize the earth pulse than do recognize cellular memory!

NORM: ... In the field of vegetation, the ability of a plant to recognize fear by a focus, that goes as well for many other emotions, but perhaps not as great a transmission? For example, does a tree have the capability of understanding emotional events around a tree?

ELIAS: Yes. As you progress into more complex design of your vegetation, you shall also view more responsiveness and more attentiveness to elements within its environment and within consciousness.

NORM: So a flower really enjoys the interaction with a focus that appreciates the beauty and the smell?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And would that be expressed as an electrical signal?


RETA: But a flower is going to be demolished when you pick it and take it inside and enjoy it. Does it realize that the choice is made to be enjoyed, but it’s demolished?

ELIAS: Objectively, no; but you shall also recognize that within your plants, you may view the flower as the plant’s plumage. It is displaying of this for its own value fulfillment within its own beauty, and also recognizing of the appreciation about it. Therefore, as you pluck a flower and you place this flower within a vase within your home, it continues its radiance for you.

RETA: Would you think of a vegetable in the same way? I mean, we grow strawberries and we pick them and we eat them. Do they know then that they’re made for consumption and for our benefit?


NORM: In the man-of-war that you were describing earlier in regard to the sea creatures, there are several of those in the plant and animal world, are there not?

ELIAS: Yes. I was offering of one example that you may be familiar with.

NORM: Tuna and mackerel and salmon would all be ... and ants?

ELIAS: (Nodding) Although not completely within the same manner; for you may view your colonies of ants, and as they function as one body they also hold individuality within themselves. The colony within this creature that you view as a jellyfish, there are specific individuals that serve specific functions only; some being the brain, some being the reproductive organs, some being the respiratory system, some being the mouth, some being the tentacles; each serving its own function, but collectively creating an entire creature which you view as one entity, when in actuality it is not.

NORM: Communication is by other than nerve connections?

ELIAS: Yes. It is through electrical impulses, but not through your recognized nervous system.

DREW: All of this discussion about encoding and genetics and all of that is just our way of physically manifesting tone, is it not?

ELIAS: Within this particular dimension and manifestation. It is also a creative expression, for you manifest tone in many different dimensions in many different forms physically. You choose which creative direction you shall be pursuing, just as a painter may paint three colors upon a canvass and may also paint a tremendously detailed landscape upon another canvass. It is all within the interpretation of the creativity of that particular dimension.

DREW: And some may not be painted on a canvas at all.

ELIAS: Quite.

DREW: Can you tell us what day we are in, in this twelve-day pulse of the earth, the twelve-day cycle?

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning) Shall you be placing your ear to the ground and listening for the heartbeat? (Laughter)

DREW: Sure! I’m wondering ... You said that we can be sensitive to this pulse. We can be aware of it.

ELIAS: You may!

DREW: I thought it might be helpful if we had a hint as to exactly when this was going to happen.

ELIAS: You are within your day five.

DREW: Day five. Is the pulse basically an energy pulse?


DREW: Is the pulse a strengthening of the energy or a diminishing of the energy?

ELIAS: It shall appear as a heartbeat.

DREW: A heartbeat pulse is both, to use our terms, in and out.

ELIAS: Correct. It pumps.

DREW: It pumps. So if we wanted to meditate or make an attempt in our way to be sensitive to this pulse ... I’m always afraid to ask you questions like this! (Elias grins) Is there anything in particular that we should be sensitive to or looking for, or would the day itself even seem different?

ELIAS: Be sensitive to your oneness with all that you have created. Be sensitive to the idea that you have created this planet. Therefore, it is a manifestation of you. It is a part of you. You are not separate from it, although you physically view yourself to be. In this, you may attune your senses, your feelings, to be synchronized with its rhythm.” [session 176, May 25, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling) We shall continue with our subject of genetics this evening. I pose a question to you for your pondering. How do you suppose that a cell knows to be a human or a creature or a plant, and what is its motivation to be creating of that particular manifestation? How does it create a specific entity and not become confused within its manifestation?

RETA: Elias, didn’t you once say that in the essence family you choose, or right from the beginning of your intelligence you choose? So you’re gathering together those consciousness links that you choose. I don’t know how that comes from no thought process, but it gathers together in the form that you choose.

ELIAS: What if you are a fox?

RETA: Well then, you must have thought of that in the beginning. That’s what you wanted to come along and be.

ELIAS: Or a chicken? Or a flower?

RETA: I’ll take the flower. It’s that big bar coding machine up in the sky!

ELIAS: At our last meeting, we spoke of your DNA and the elements that it contains beyond that which your scientists recognize. Within consciousness, you are partially correct. Essence, in connection with any particular physical focus, directs links of consciousness to be manifesting into physical forms. In this, each creature that is created is also encoded.

Now; within your genetic encoding, you do not possess presently equipment which is sophisticated enough to identify the elements which are physically manifest within your genetic encoding. Just as you may look to your genes and your DNA and you may identify specific elements that identify you individually, separately, and differently from every other creature upon your planet, as I have stated previously, there is more information within this genetic encoding than you yet recognize.

As we spoke of this earlier, you may have been thinking that this information of memory and direction is invisible, or an elusive quality that you may not physically attach to. This is incorrect. The information is encoded physically in same like manner to the information which determines the probability, in your thought process, of your hair color and your eye color and your physical size, or your physical heredity within your manifestation of disease or health. In this same manner, links of consciousness gather together and form codes which imprint upon your physical DNA. This directs your manifestation.

In this, a flower knows to be a flower, and does not grow to be a rhinoceros! You grow to be a human, and do not grow to be a fish! Everything within your physical reality, as I have stated to you many times, is exquisitely precise. There are no errors. Everything is calculated exactingly. You are those that do the calculations. This is not to say that each of you presently occupy all of your non-physical time thinking up new manifestations for your earth planet and concerning yourselves with the creation of every element upon this globe, for within this present now and for much of your time period to this point, this has been unnecessary. It is automatic, except if you are choosing to be introducing a new species, which you do often.

There are new species appearing upon your planet faster than there are species that become extinct. It is not an equal exchange of replacement. It is an endeavor of creativity. Therefore, within consciousness collectively, groups of essences introduce new species quite often upon your planet. This, as with all other creations, is requiring of much concentration within energy to be creating the physical manifestation encoded with its own genetic line, which shall be new and different from every other species known to your planet.

Species that become extinct, as we have touched upon previously, choose to become extinct. This is accomplished in many different ways with the aid of other species, yours also, which has aided many creatures in becoming extinct. This is not an elimination of the species or the creature. They have chosen to be disengaging from this particular physical dimension and shall manifest within another dimension. They have served for their value fulfillment within this dimension and choose to be experiencing within another dimension; therefore becoming extinct in one and appearing within another. Some species upon your planet have become extinct in another dimension and become manifest within your dimension! (Chuckling, and we all laugh)

BOB: Earlier you said that the new species were a function of our creativity.

ELIAS: They are.

BOB: So I assume in other dimensions they’re also a function of creativity.

ELIAS: They are.

BOB: Yet they take on a character of being some sort of exchange between dimensions because they move from here to there. If they already existed here, how can they be created there?

ELIAS: For you must restructure the creation. You may not take a species from another dimension and place it into this dimension without your genetic encoding. Therefore, you must rearrange the energy pattern.

GAIL: But it’s the same creature?


BOB: Essence-wise, even though they don’t have essence?

NORM: But not necessarily the same form?

BOB: Their nature is the same?

ELIAS: The same form; new encoding.

NORM: Umm ... (Laughter among the group) But it would be ...

RETA: It would be like going from computer to computer.

NORM: Well, I know. But it wouldn’t be shaped differently.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: I see. So that there are many biochemical ... I guess there are many biochemical systems similar to ours, but [they] do not have DNA.

ELIAS: They do not necessarily have to resemble your dimension chemically. They may still continue with the same form projection.

NORM: In other words, could I be manifest in another dimension and look like I am?

ELIAS: It is possible. You will not, for you have no purpose in this manifestation. You have no reason to be manifesting in this manner. You are already manifest within another dimension as you, within a different form.

VICKI: But creatures are not?

ELIAS: Some.

VICKI: But this would be the reason that sometimes they ...

ELIAS: Creatures are not essence. Therefore, unlike essence which focuses simultaneously in many different physical dimensions, the creatures are a creation of yours within consciousness. They are a direction of energy of consciousness. Therefore, you direct energy within each physical manifestation aligned with the framework of that particular dimension, such as your genetic encoding within this particular physical dimension which is not incorporated within other physical dimensions. In this, you are within other physical dimensions presently. Your elephant is not. It is unique to this dimension and this physical focus.

The creatures also hold free will and choice, for all consciousness holds free will and choice. You have manifest this, but as it is created it may continue within its own choices. Therefore it may choose, for its own value fulfillment, to be experiencing another dimension within physical manifestation. In this, within agreement to you it shall become extinct, and its energy shall be rearranged and remanifest within another physical dimension, encoded with the specifications which are necessary for that physical dimension.

Your dinosaurs exist within another dimension. They move freely and appear in the same form as you visualize them to be within your dimension, but they do not exist within your time framework within this dimension any longer. Within another dimension they do exist, with different inner encoding. This is not necessarily genetic encoding in the same manner as your encoding, for this is unique to this dimension.

RETA: May I go back one step? I’m missing something here. If we as an intelligence are grouping our links of consciousness ... So I want to make choices to be me, okay? All right, you say the essence family is there to assist you. How would you know to make the right choices to make the right system? Does the essence family then cooperate to assist you in your choices?

ELIAS: You are not singularly creating your world!

RETA: No, I mean myself.

ELIAS: In the creation of your own self, your essence is creating of all of these focuses.

NORM: And it does it automatically. In other words, it helps decide how I want to look, my intelligence level that I want to be at, the value fulfillment and so on and so forth, and that’s all automatically encoded. I mean, it’s done automatically.

RETA: Yeah, but the choices. How do they make choices?

NORM: But you make the choices, but it is encoded automatically in the DNA.

ELIAS: It is not necessarily automatic.

NORM: I thought that’s what you said.

ELIAS: This in your thought process supposes that there is no thought or consideration to the action, which there is. You choose.

NORM: The links of consciousness that put together this additional information, other than the DNA, RNA, enzyme protein setup ... These links of consciousness, are they at the level of electrons or higher?

ELIAS: Much higher.

NORM: Much higher. Much higher than atoms and molecules?

ELIAS: Much.

NORM: Oh! And we cannot determine them yet?


NORM: Wow!

ELIAS: This would be those elements that are in actuality physically encoded within your DNA molecule, that you do not possess equipment powerful enough to detect.

NORM: That’s a challenge!

RETA: So somehow, all the way back, there’s got to be free will choices. And how, without a thought pattern, would you make those automatic choices to become such a perfect being? It just amazes me!

ELIAS: This question arises only as you are familiar with this manifestation which holds this particular thought process. Not all of consciousness operates within the same type of thought process. This does not mean that there is not preciseness, and what you might consider methods and organization, to manifestation. It is orchestrated differently.

RETA: By whom?


RETA: Orchestrated by my essence or my essence family?


RETA: I have a hard time with that. Okay.

ELIAS: As I have stated, you do not spring from an essence family.

RETA: No, but I was just thinking of them as a guiding mass.

ELIAS: You align yourself as essence with an essence family, for you choose to be within agreement of intent with an essence family.

RETA: So by the time you get down to that family, you’ve already made all those choices for yourself. You’re already there, and just aligning then with that particular intent. It goes way back to the links of consciousness again, and grouping.

ELIAS: This is a distortion in idea, that you have already created all of this, for all is simultaneous. You did not create before and then choose to become an element of an essence family, and there is no essence family which exists first and you are removed and then you later merge to the essence family. They are all simultaneous. In this, there is no organization which exists which you become a member of. The essences hold like intents; therefore magnate to each other. This designates an essence family.

In this, within the creation of this planet in this dimension, these essence families, which you are an element of, have created arrangements of consciousness links and encoded them genetically to be creating of all of your species upon your planet. As this has been accomplished, these species hold their own intent and choices and free will. Therefore, they may choose independently of you or essence to be disengaging from this particular dimension, and they may be choosing to be remanifesting or not manifesting physically, or moving into manifestation within a different dimension. In this situation, you as essence are assisting of this type of remanifestation into another dimension, for you are directing of the energy to be restructuring and rearranging the encoding; decoding your dimensional genetic code and creating of new encoding which is suitable for another dimension.

NORM: ... A little aside, before we continue on the DNA. Has the heartbeat occurred with mother earth yet?

ELIAS: It is occurring.

NORM: Right now?

ELIAS: (Humorously) And are you not all pressing your ear to your ground to be listening to the pulsation of the living earth? Shall we all press to our ground? I may be engaging Michael’s [Mary’s] defective ear! (Elias leans Mary to one side, pressing her ‘defective’ ear to the floor as everyone cracks up. What a ham!) I am quite aware of the pulsing!

NORM: Can you actually hear it? There is some frequency sound associated with that?

ELIAS: You may, if engaging your inner senses and your empathic sense, in actuality listen and feel.

BOB: What exactly would we be hearing?

ELIAS: The tone of your planet.

BOB: Doesn’t it always have tone?

ELIAS: Quite. It is its heartbeat, so to speak. Do you hear your heart if it is not beating?

BOB: I don’t even hear it when it is!

ELIAS: But you may.

NORM: Is there a manifestation of this heartbeat in a pulsing of lava below the surface of the earth with this heartbeat? Would there be some acceleration of the motion of lava?

ELIAS: Yes, there is; although the registering of electrical impulse is slight, and your instruments may overlook the difference.

NORM: It could be a slight change in the magnetic pulse?

ELIAS: It is an electrical force.

NORM: Polarizing the earth somehow?

ELIAS: No. It does not create a polarization. It is a pulsing, in the same manner as your heart pulses and creates the motion of your circulatory system. It does not polarize you.

NORM: It has to do this in order to maintain its good health?

ELIAS: It is a living entity. (Pause)

NORM: The DNA of the gorilla is ninety-nine point six or so, but of course, again it’s only in the arrangements that we know of now.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And the rest of it makes the big difference. Not the point four percent, but that which we do not know makes the big difference.

ELIAS: Quite; for there is much encoding that you do not recognize as of yet.

NORM: Then we have to use humans as instruments to determine that?

ELIAS: You will.

RETA: In our time period, do you think that will happen? We’ll be able to understand how to test or to measure or to understand the other qualities of DNA?

NORM: In the next thirty or forty years?

ELIAS: You shall begin, for your sciences shall begin to realize that their methods are inefficient.

RETA: The devices to measure is the problem really, intricate devices to measure such an elusive characteristic.

ELIAS: Within the action of your shift it shall become unnecessary for measurement, for you shall know.

NORM: We will know, for example, that all the viruses are carried in our genes, and our method of death will be modified also. In that, we shall not deteriorate the human body, but the biblical idea of translation would more or less become more prevalent.

ELIAS: This is your choosing.

NORM: We can choose that now?

ELIAS: As I have stated, within the action of your shift you may not necessarily alter all of your reality. You are widening your awareness and incorporating subjective consciousness into objective awareness, but this does not necessarily mean that you shall be creating extensive longevity within each focus, for you may not choose this. You may not choose many actions ... or you may!

NORM: We have to keep it challenging.

ELIAS: You are always challenging yourself, for all of consciousness is always challenging itself.

BOB: Is the shift just a function of this focus or dimension?


BOB: So in other focuses, we’re already shifted?


BOB: This is the only focus where we’re not.


BOB: Oh. So in some of the focuses we’re shifted.

ELIAS: Yes, in what you view to be future focuses.

HOWARD: Well, isn’t it primarily moving out of physicality?

ELIAS: (Firmly) No. You shall maintain your physical manifestation, but you shall be incorporating a mergence of subjective consciousness into objective awareness.


BOB: So subjectively, we already know everything we need for the shift. It’s just a matter of accessing it.


BOB: Because I was gonna suggest gaining information by accessing other focuses, but it seems like getting information from the subjective part of this focus is certainly more accessible than other focuses are.

ELIAS: Is it? (Grinning)

BOB: I don’t know! I’m just throwing it out there for you to respond to! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You would think, would you not?

NORM: So you can have an internet without computers.

ELIAS: Quite. In response, I suggest to you yes, you may access this information within this focus; although interestingly enough, you believe that it is more easily accessible to be tapping another focus and borrowing information from another focus and incorporating this information into this focus; this being the reason that you are motivated to be playing your new game. (5)

NORM: ... In regard to simultaneous time, I suspect that a real problem is our lack of ability to have any capability of thinking of the infinity, and perhaps even a double infinity, of every blink that occurs here is a blink that can be changed, and simultaneously there is another blink that’s occurring at every other time in the future and the past here, and you can go back to any of these and arrive at any blink that you want to.


NORM: And these blinks, they are so fast that they ... The links that are associated with this matter that we’re seeing here now, they become links in every other manifestation that the blink moves into.

ELIAS: They already are! (Smiling) I have expressed to you that all links of consciousness are manifest, are in existence, everywhere simultaneously.

NORM: And they remember the manifestation. They have a fabulous memory, don’t they?

ELIAS: Quite! They are understanding of each manifestation, physical and non-physical, that they engage, for they are everywhere simultaneously. They are within all dimensions at the same time, and they are infinitely small in your thought process.

NORM: It’s tough. It’s tough! In Planck’s time, ten to the minus-forty-four seconds, is that a blink? Is that a blink time for going from one manifestation to the next?

ELIAS: (Accessing) It is slightly off.

NORM: By one hundred and thirty-three thousandths? (Laughter) (6)

DREW: Blinks don’t happen within time!

ELIAS: You are within a time framework. It is a reality.

DREW: But you also have said that we are blinked both on and off at the same time. It is a simultaneous action.

HOWARD: There is a pause between a synapsal action/reaction at every nerve ending. That pause is the blink.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, you are correct. Within physical time frameworks, this is a reality also, which may not be discounted! You have created a physical time framework. Although it is elastic and bendable, it is a time framework and it is a reality.

DREW: So within our dimension ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... we blink on and off sequentially.

ELIAS: Yes. Within essence there is no distinguishment of time, for you may be focused within many different physical dimensions which hold their own time frameworks. Therefore, each link of consciousness is aware of every different time framework, genetic code, physical manifestation, matter incorporation, vibrational speed rate, and memory which is associated with the individual physical dimension, while simultaneously existing, functioning, and holding awareness of non-physical reality, which incorporates no time and no genetic codes and no physical matter.

NORM: He’s smart!

ELIAS: As to your questioning, the equation is slightly off.

NORM: It has to include more terms or something.

ELIAS: Your number element is different. It is not quite accurate within the calculations that you have physically developed.

RETA: You wouldn’t want to tell us what that number is, would you?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This would also be a negative fraction.

NORM: A negative fraction. (Norm’s talking to himself now) Negative fraction ... or natural fraction.

ELIAS: Exchange your number of forty-four for fifty-six.

NORM: Oh! That’s a big difference!

ELIAS: This is relative. It is a slight difference.

RETA: A slight difference ...

NORM: Twelve orders of magnitude!

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

MARGOT: Elias, may I go back to the first lecture that you gave on genetics, which I of course was not here for, but I read part of the script today. It’s my understanding then, from what you were saying, that the incoming essence in the baby or the fetus, or however you want to say that, is very much in charge of all of the progress and the growth before it is born.

ELIAS: Quite.

MARGOT: Therefore, I would assume then that the essence coming in is the one who selects the sex it will be, what it will manifest as?

ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: So irregardless of what science is saying about how that occurs, it’s totally up to the incoming essence.

ELIAS: This is correct, although you do engineer and direct all of the elements. Therefore, the essence manifesting is also directing of the precise egg, the precise sperm, which shall be united to be creating of the embryo.

MARGOT: Okay, then something that I heard once from an entity who said that the sex of the child could be decided upon right up until the moment of birth, could be changed by the essence. Is that a correct statement? (Elias grins, and we all laugh)

ELIAS: I wager to express that Michael [Mary] shall be quite tilted within his exploration of this session! Yes, you are correct.

MARGOT: That’s really interesting, isn’t it?

RETA: Right up to the time of birth?

MARGOT: Right up to the time of birth.

RETA: It can change.


RETA: But then you said ...

ELIAS: You may be experiencing many belief systems being challenged within this engagement! (Laughter) Be patient with this little one (Mary) as he is going to be exhibiting temper tantrums! (Laughter)

CATHY: I gotta see this! (Cracking up)

RETA: In one sentence you said they were choosing right up to the precise sperm, the precise egg, which chooses the sex. And in the other sentence you’re saying you can change this right up to birth.

ELIAS: (Firmly) You may change any choice at any moment.

RETA: Well then, what’s the point of choosing that particular egg if you haven’t made up your mind?

NORM: You can change it again!

ELIAS: You may have chosen initially, and you may decide differently later!” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Smiling) This evening we shall review your subject of genetics as it has been presented thus far, for it appears that there may be misunderstandings or lack of understanding within many of the elements of this information. I shall be allowing your questioning in areas of confusion.

We have discussed information of genealogy and your physical heritage. We have discussed the genetics in conjunction with your other focuses and also with this particular physical focus, or any physical focus in which you are manifesting. We have spoken of dimensional aspects in regard to memory, but not in genetic encoding within your particular dimension. We have discussed your RNA and your DNA and your manifestations physically, and the encoding which goes beyond that which you recognize physically within your DNA.

As to the subject of DNA, let me qualify that the information that has been offered to you is encoded within your DNA molecule. This encompasses far more than your mere physical attributes or elements of manifestation. The encoding also includes your mental and emotional states, and also holds the information of your other focuses. It is not limited to this particular focus.

Your scientists recognize only that encoding which may be identified within one particular manifestation, for this is what they look for and the limitation of their belief systems. They believe in one manifestation. Therefore, they may identify genetic encoding which applies to one lineage. They do not understand the concept or the reality of simultaneous time, and all of the other focuses of essence which are manifest at the same time as you. They also do not recognize the multidimensionality of the individual. Therefore, they do not seek information beyond the limitations of one particular focus, but I express to you that this information is physically encoded equally as much as any other information that you may attribute to your DNA as holding.

We have covered much material recently of your genetics, and I am recognizing that not all of this information has been assimilated and understood. Therefore, I offer you the opportunity to clarify to yourselves information of this subject this evening, that you may hold a better understanding. I am aware that each of you has held questioning within this time period of this subject that you do not feel as yet has been satisfied within answers. You may have your opportunity for questioning this evening, for clarification.

RETA: ... Well, I’ll be glad to start. Let’s just simplify this, okay? Let me draw a scenario. In my mind I’ve got this intelligence which is certain links of consciousness that have gravitated together, magnated together. Now we’re starting some sort of DNA stream right there. Then as we magnate or bring other parts of this together, our other decisions on our being, on our time, and everything like that, are we gathering then more attributes of our DNA as we progress through this building of us? I’m trying to see this as a growing thing, until we finally have developed a being that we want to project into this dimension, and we do that. Is it a slow process, or do you have this whole pattern to begin with?

ELIAS: From the moment of the mergence of the very first elements of physical life, as you view it within the manifestation of a human, all of the encoding is present.

RETA: That’s at that time, but how do you bring it forth? Are you bringing it forth a little at a time as you pick up your essence family, as you pick up the fact that you’ll be male or female or that your intent is going to be artistic or music or science and the other attributes of your personality? Or is it formed way back when you first start the intellect or the intelligence?

ELIAS: First of all, although I am aware that this is quite difficult, I must be instructing you once again that there was no ‘before.’

RETA: That’s difficult.

ELIAS: I am aware. Simultaneously, essence explodes, figuratively, into many focuses. (Pause) Think of your fireworks. Visualize your fireworks. Within this action, you shoot into your skies your fireworks, which explode into many, many, many glittering aspects of its one self ...

RETA: All encoded the same?

ELIAS: ... all at the same time. Think of each projection of twinkling light of these fireworks as a focus of an essence, all occurring simultaneously, all twinkling equally as brightly, and all projecting a manifestation. (Nice visual!)

The essence chooses a cycle to be entering into, providing it is choosing to be entering into physical focus. As it is choosing each physical dimension, it gathers information of each physical dimension and the elements required for physical manifestation within those dimensions. It accumulates the information of each physical dimension, this particular dimension requiring your genetic encoding for your manifestations simultaneously holding information of other focuses within other dimensions which hold different elements for manifestation. As all of this information is gathered, it is incorporated into essence.

Within your terms, underline, at the moment that essence chooses to be entering into physical dimensions, it explodes into countless focuses or facets. These focuses appear simultaneously within each dimension and within each time element of each dimension, according to the desire of the essence. In this, each twinkling of the firework holds its own individuality and choices. Therefore, within all of this simultaneous action occurs another simultaneous action, of each focus accumulating, assimilating and manifesting all of its own information which is pertaining to its own individual manifestation; that which it chooses.

In this, in your thought process and your time framework you may think of the action of the subjective events as preceding the physical manifestation ... although, mark this! It does not precede! But for the purpose of understanding, as you think in linear terms and within moments, you may think to yourself in increments of events. In this, the essence holds all of the information of all of the dimensions initially. It is directing of all of its aspects into all of the areas that it chooses to experience within. As it chooses the cycles that it is desiring to be experiencing, it also chooses a designated amount, so to speak, of aspects that shall be entering a specific dimension for that experience.

... In continuing, as the essence chooses the different cycles that it is desiring to be entering and it is designating the number of aspects which shall be experiencing within the individual dimensions, it then, in your terms, delegates to each sparkle its own freedom of choices to be manifesting within its own physical focus. This you may look at as a process or within steps, although it is all accomplished at once; this explanation to be specified as figurative. This would be the closest explanation that I may offer you at this time presently, in allowing an understanding of the action of manifestation. Therefore, the information of the DNA is held before the actualization.

RETA: So the genetic coding is all through the sparkles, and all through everything before it happens.

ELIAS: Not physically.

RETA: Well, okay ...

ELIAS: The information is known.

RETA: And of course when you’re looking at the DNA of the cell, you can’t see all those choices in all those sparkles. They’re just another genetic code, DNA, whatever you want to call it.

ELIAS: Now; be remembering that all of these sparkles of your firework are not focused within one dimension. Therefore, some are focused within your dimension, which shall hold genetic encoding as you understand it. Many others are focused within other dimensions, which do not manifest with this same genetic coding.

RETA: I understand that part.

NORM: So dynamically, our DNA is that updated during our lifetime by our experiences?

ELIAS: Not by your experiences.

NORM: By other focuses?

ELIAS: It may be altered as per your choice, but it is not a cause and effect. Your experiences do not alter your DNA.

NORM: Yet our DNA encodes everything about us in the essence.


NORM: But I have a problem with simultaneous time now, in that if there was a focus as my New Guinea focus that is encoded now in my DNA?

ELIAS: Yes, this is correct; although this is the aspect of the DNA molecule that you have not discovered presently, for as I have stated, it is not looked for. Within your investigation of your DNA molecule, you find what you expect to find. You find what you look for dependent upon the questions that you ask, for if your scientists are asking questions they shall research and investigate until they are acquiring their answers, or adequate answers for them within their present now; this being why your sciences launch a great investigation within the field of genetics presently, for they hold questions that they may not answer presently and they are curious.

As their curiosity enlarges, for they answer certain questions and must move on to new questioning they shall eventually be questioning beyond this one physical manifestation; for just as you view within many of your sciences accidental discoveries which create questioning which creates investigation, there shall be individuals which shall accidentally but not accidentally discover new elements that are inconsistent with established findings; just as your psychologists now experience elements within exchange of their clients which are inconsistent with their learning to this present now, suggesting that you are more than only this particular manifestation or focus. This creates questioning.

Within one area of your sciences questioning has begun, which has infected many other areas of your sciences; which the epidemic may be spreading also to your religious elements, for they may not deny the evidence that you present yourselves with.

RETA: Would you care to say what that development is? Name it? We see some of that happening, but do you have a qualified name for what’s happening? That’s not a parlor game, that’s an answer!

ELIAS: But shall you rob the individual of their discovery?

RETA: How could I do that? (Elias is chuckling throughout this)

ELIAS: For you all within your species value your discoveries so very highly, in acknowledging yourselves that you have acquired information that no other individual has known before!

RETA: All right, could we qualify it in the United States?


RETA: No? (Laughter) I mean, we want to watch for it!

ELIAS: You may watch! Your communication systems are quite extensive, creating your global atmosphere to be quite small ...

RETA: True.

ELIAS: ... within this present now. Therefore, it shall be quite easy for you to be watching for your discoveries.

NORM: Primarily psychological, though.

ELIAS: Not only psychological.

NORM: In reference to the DNA, but closely coupled to the DNA information?

ELIAS: Psychology has, in your terms, led your way into questioning areas. But in relation to your DNA, your physical sciences shall be investigating and researching, eventually to be discovering that element of unofficial information which is encoded physically, just as all of the other information that they presently are aware of. They need only expand their quest and engage their periphery.

BOB: Question. Are these discoveries important to the shift or just a by-product of it?

ELIAS: Both. They are a by-product of your widening awareness. As your physicists begin to encounter their block walls, for they may move forward no more without engaging periphery they shall be discovering of more information which is relevant to your understanding of yourselves. In this, the physical action is a by-product of the widening of awareness, but it also holds significance in the action of the shift; for as you learn more of yourselves, you also learn more of reality and how you create it.

This also shall be helpful in lessening your belief system of duplicity; for within your present now, as you move forward in your terms, you reinforce your issues of duplicity by looking to your planet and other species upon your planet and chastising your species for being destructive of other species and your planet itself! These are belief systems! You are creating precisely how you have chosen to be creating, within cooperation of all elements of this physical dimension. There are no accidents, and there are no ... ‘bad guys!’ (Grinning at everybody)

NORM: There are no bad guys?

BOB: No, just bad girls! (Vic’s note: and plenty of wise guys!)

ELIAS: Therefore, as you widen your awareness and you learn more of self, and you hold more accurate information of self and your manifestations within this dimension, you shall also begin to understand that within cooperation of all other elements, you have orchestrated this physical dimension exactly in the manner that you have chosen it to be manifest. It shall allow you to be loosening your hold upon many very strong belief systems that you hold presently.

VICKI: ... Okay. I have one more question regarding the information on genetics. I’m still confused and not clear about the cellular memory that we hold of other dimensional focuses, and what you were talking about a few weeks ago regarding if you fragment in this focus and it has something to do with another dimensional focus and it having something to do with the cellular memory. I’m so unclear I can’t even formulate the question, but I did go through that information again and I still don’t really understand what distinction you were making.

ELIAS: Interesting that you shall draw yourself to this particular questioning, as this particular questioning was to be addressed anyway for the benefit of all those, including Lawrence [Vicki], holding strong belief systems in regard to other dimensional focuses which bleed through to this dimensional focus; which you hold judgment upon information offered that you view to be indulgent of belief systems, which it is not! It is disagreeing with your belief systems, for you hold belief systems that these elements are false or non-existent.

This brings us to information offered to Dimin [Carole]. (Firmly) This is not indulgent information! This is accurate information. This individual is aware that within terminology of expressing irritating words of ‘star-borne’ that she is not born from a star but within another system of planetary rotation within another dimension, which has been stated within this forum, and has also been stated that this particular individual has fragmented within this dimension within this particular focus. Therefore, you may be gaining much information from elements of this individual, within an understanding of a different element of manifestation within your dimension presently.

This individual, as do many other individuals, holds memory of another dimension which the essence was focused within, and [was] not focused within this dimension until the action of fragmentation; which creates your firework effect, once again, into a new dimension. This individual fragmented into this dimension. The fragmenting essence held focuses within this dimension. This essence, in your terms, is a new essence, creating its initial entering focus with this individual which has already manifest. This is unusual. It is not rare, but it is unusual that any essence should fragment, within what you term to be the center of a particular physical focus, within a different dimension. Let me explain further for your clarification.

The essence has created its firework effect. It is dispersed within many, many dimensions physically focused. One focus, one focus within another dimension, not this dimension, is physically manifest. It is experiencing what you term to be its lifetime within another dimension. At mid-point, it is choosing within desire to be fragmenting from essence, creating new essence. Within the action of the fragmentation, it is merged with another aspect within another dimension, thrusting itself into physical dimension, physical focus, into this physical cycle. The aspect of the physical focus, from the original dimension of which we speak, has transferred to this dimension the whole of essence, [and] simultaneously has fractured into all of its sparkles of firework in many different dimensions. The aspect of consciousness known as the focus within one dimension continues physically within a different dimension. Therefore, the individual experiences a fragmenting or fracturing of memory within physical focus. They hold feelings of displacement.

These individuals also hold difficulty in acclimating to the new dimension. It is confusing to them, for the memory is held quite strongly and partially objectively of different dimension. This is no different than that of which we have spoken, of individuals who have acquired transplanted organs which hold physical memory and then incorporate action and desires in conjunction with the transplanted organs and their memory. There is no separation within essence. There is no separation within consciousness. Therefore, each aspect of essence is interchangeable. (Staring at Vic.)

VICKI: I need a cigarette!

DREW: Even among different essences they’re interchangeable?

ELIAS: We have spoken of this, and this would be a different action. Within essence, all of your focuses hold similar tone. Therefore, you may interchange with all of your different focuses; although be remembering, you may not assume another focus, for each focus is individual [and] holds personality and individual choices. Therefore, this was not an assumption of one focus into another. Within the action of fragmentation and entering into physical cycles of its own, within essence it created an exchange. The one focus did not assume the placement of the other focus. It created an exchange, just as you may exchange with alternates selves. This may be accomplished not temporarily. You may not assume another focus, but you may exchange with an alternate.

DREW: So I understand this. I think I understand this, but I’d like to rephrase it in terms that I understand a little better and make sure that I understand it the way you’re explaining it; that essence A, let’s say, has physical expression in many dimensions except for this one ...

ELIAS: No. It is holding expressions within this dimension. Essence B, which is the fragmented essence, is not holding aspects within this dimension.

DREW: Okay. Well, we just got our A’s and B’s switched.

ELIAS: Continue.

DREW: Okay. So B does not have any physical representation, if you will, in this dimension. And then through choice and agreement on a subjective level, B fragments one of its physical manifestations in one of its dimensions, and exchanges with a physical focus of A in this dimension?

GAIL: I thought it merged.

ELIAS: Merged.

DREW: Merged. Okay, it merges. So now let’s say this physical representation of A in this dimension is a 20-year-old woman. Are we talking about in mid-life this will happen to somebody? It’s not a new baby being born.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So a woman or man or somebody at whatever age, this mergence takes place through agreement on a subjective level, but they can at some moments in the middle of their life suddenly have all of these strange and unaware feelings that they don’t understand because of this mergence of essence from another dimension? Hmmm ...

BOB: Is this now one essence or two? These two merge. At some point, they were separate. However, we understand that they were individual essences. When they merge, do they become one essence?

ELIAS: We are not speaking of the essence. We are speaking of the focus.

DREW: But focus is essence, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Yes; but for the purposes of your understanding, in the individual focus the essence has created an exchange of aspects and a mergence within one focus.

BOB: So two essences are partnering up on this one experience, in effect?

ELIAS: Within this one focus.

BOB: Holy shit! (Much laughter, and we all start talking at once.)

DREW: What would be the advantage ...

BOB: That could be a bit confusing!

DREW: What would be the advantage ... (Vic’s note: you’re SOL here, Drew!)

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: I think you need a cigarette too!

BOB: Huh? (We’re really cracking up now)

VICKI: Would you like a cigarette too?

BOB: I’ll take a joint if you have one! (Vic’s note: and we’ve all totally lost it. It’s been a while since we’ve had some real face-rubbing going on, but just wait! It gets better! You too can rub your face!)

ELIAS: Therefore, you may understand more effectively the confusion that arises within Dimin [Carole] and the reasoning for explanation to this individual. This is not a situation of placating or indulging! As Dimin [Carole] enters areas of strongly held belief systems within this dimension which pertain to this dimension, they are addressed. As Dimin [Carole] inquires of other-dimensional belief systems, these are reality. They do not fit within this dimension, which is expressed to this individual, but explanation is offered for lessening confusion within this individual.

Now; look to yourselves at your own confusion at the action of this essence! Therefore, now think of the confusion of the individual within the individual focus which has experienced this action. This, in many cases within your history, has caused effects within the individuals that you within your societies have classified as insanity.

... (Vic’s note: During the break, we had many different interpretations of the information offered regarding Carole and her fragmentation.)

ELIAS: Very well! (Laughter) Incorporate a pencil and a paper. And who shall be my artist for this evening?

VICKI: It looks like we’ve got three of them going here.

ELIAS: Upon your paper, at one side, draw a small circle. Extending from this circle, draw many spokes. Upon the other side of your paper, draw another small circle. Around each of these circles ... Oh. Spoke the second circle. Around each of these small circles you may create a bigger circle, which you may think of as a solar system.

RETA: Around both of them?

ELIAS: Each.

RETA: Around each.

ELIAS: Label the first small circle A. Label the second small circle B. A is an essence which has exploded in firework fashion, and one line of the spokes has attached to a point of the larger circle, any point shall do, which shall represent a planet within a solar system. Extend another line from essence A out to the solar system surrounding essence B. This signifies that essence A has focused within both solar systems, or two different physical dimensions.

Now; essence B is fragmented from essence A. It holds no focuses in any dimension, but it holds dimensional focuses, for it holds all the information of the fragmenting essence. The aspect which is focused from essence A in the first solar system as a focus is the desiring aspect of essence wishing to be fragmented, just as any of your focuses that you are aware of within this dimension may at any moment fragment into their own essence. This aspect fragments, becoming essence B. Essence B then transfers the aspect, which is extending from essence A to planet, and moves this to planetary system B. Its focus point, upon entering planetary system B or dimensional system, is the same coordinate point as essence A, which already occupies the point within solar system B.

Essence B may not assume the focus. Therefore, a mergence occurs between the existing focus of essence A and the newly established focus of essence B, which has moved from solar system A to solar system B, and as it merges an exchange is made; that essence B within the mergence shall assume the positioning of this focus within solar system B, allowing for an aspect of essence A to return to essence A within solar system A. Draw a line from the focus within solar system B back to essence A, and project this back to solar system A. Therefore, there is an exchange and a mergence which has occurred. (Vic’s note: oh, I get it now!)

RETA: What happens in an exchange?

ELIAS: The one essence has chosen to occupy the space arrangement. Therefore, the aspect remaining of the original essence returns to its original space arrangement.

RETA: Okay, so we need to draw a couple more arrows. He came back, and that would stay and exchange.

NORM: Yeah, right, and it merged.

ELIAS: Correct. Any focus may not assume another focus, but it may exchange space arrangement with another focus. In actuality, you may exchange with another of your focuses within this dimension if you are choosing. Within agreement, you may move into the space arrangement within the time framework of another focus, as the other focus exchanges and occupies your time framework and space arrangement.

NORM: Well, that would be neat!

ELIAS: This does occur. It does not occur frequently, in your terms, but it does occur. Example: Individuals experience an event. Within this event, individuals experience what you term to be amnesia. The individual experiences the scenario of complete amnesia. You shall find through investigation that this is rare, but occasionally it does occur. You shall attribute this to a traumatic event, and you shall explain the complete lack of physical memory by saying that damage or malfunction has occurred within the physical brain. In actuality, what has occurred is an exchange of focuses within space arrangement and time framework. The individual shall not physically remember any elements of the present lifetime, although they shall hold memory. The memory shall be foreign and unfamiliar. This is unexplained within your sciences, for they do not allow for unofficial information. As I have stated, this is not common, but it does occur.

GAIL: I have a question. When they exchange, do they exchange body experiences or ... I guess that’s my question. Do they exchange body experiences?

ELIAS: They exchange entirely.

GAIL: Oh. Well, what about like ...

ELIAS: The manifestation shall appear the same physically.

GAIL: Oh, okay.

ELIAS: There shall be alterations in chemical elements, but appearance-wise, they shall remain the same.

GAIL: Does the body experience feel different to them?

ELIAS: Slightly, for they have exchanged consciousness. But as I have stated, you may exchange, for you hold almost the same tone with all of your focuses. You may not assume another focus, but you may exchange with another focus.

NORM: So, much of the DNA in the non-physical part of the DNA information is similar.

ELIAS: Similar, but it shall change ...

NORM: And it will change!

ELIAS: ... for you are incorporating an exchange of a different focus.

VICKI: The DNA will change?


RETA: So the memory will change.


NORM: The non-physical part of the DNA.


VICKI: What about the physical part?

ELIAS: The physical aspects of the DNA shall remain the same and the appearance of the individual shall remain the same, although some chemical characteristics shall change.

VICKI: But that wouldn’t be obvious within a physical examination of the DNA?

ELIAS: Not completely. The sciences would be needing to be looking very closely, although in examining very closely they may view alterations that they may not explain.

RETA: What about those people that through therapy then do regain memory? It comes back to them in bits and pieces. Is this a re-exchange back? Some people continue with amnesia for the rest of their life, but some do get their memory back.

ELIAS: There are different situations within this action. It is dependent upon the individual focuses. Within some focuses, subsequent to an exchange they may incorporate a regaining of memory of the other focus, the original focus. Do not become confused! (Vic’s note: it’s a little late for that!)

You have the original focus. You have another focus. The original focus exchanges. The second focus engages with lack of memory, but at times it may begin to incorporate memory of the original focus, just as you may incorporate memory of your other focuses. This is not always the case within elements of short-term memory loss. It is not always a situation of exchange.

RETA: Would this be the same as people ... For instance, in childhood they have a traumatic event and they block it out from their mind completely because it was so hard on them. And then later in life they’ll remember that through some other event, and then in searching, it will be a part of them. Is this an amnesia effect, or is this just a blocking of memory?

ELIAS: This is not what you term to be amnesia. This would be a different situation.

NORM: Do they ever play ring-around-the-rosy, with all the focuses just hoppin’ around?

ELIAS: This may be chosen, although this would be rare!

GAIL: You’d have to be really bored!

BOB: And all this is for experience!


DREW: From a practical matter, if there is a complete change of focus, then there is also a change of personality.

ELIAS: To an extent, yes.

DREW: So if we interact with somebody we knew before the experience and after, we may very well notice differences in their personality.


DREW: Also, if a focus from the thirteenth century exchanges with what we consider a focus of the present now, what sort of acclimation problems must there be for that focus entering a completely different time element?

ELIAS: You are assuming that they are entering the different time element with complete objective memory, which they are not. Objectively, they are blank.

DREW: So everything is new to them.

ELIAS: Correct. They begin bleed-throughs of memory which may be completely out of context, in your terms, to their present time framework.

BOB: But the essence they merged with is still in touch with his or her own memories, so this merging essence is sort of going along for the ride.

ELIAS: We are not speaking of a mergence presently. We are speaking of an exchange.

BOB: So an exchange in the terms of a foreign exchange student ... one going to Europe and the other one coming here, and they’re both gone to the new place?

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: So this person is blank objectively and is trying to function with no memory of anything? Does he know anybody or anything?

GAIL: Like amnesia. It’s already set.

BOB: Or even how to walk, for that matter?

ELIAS: Quite often, these individuals initially must be retrained to be physically functioning.

BOB: Of course, if they came from another dimension where things were entirely different!

ELIAS: This is not the same. We are speaking presently of individuals experiencing what you term to be amnesia. Within the exchange interdimensionally within fragmentation, there are allowances within essence to the new focuses. Therefore, their acclimation and confusion is not quite as great as the individual which is exchanging with another focus and incorporating what you term to be amnesia.

BOB: None of this is to say that there is not such a phenomenon as amnesia caused by getting smacked in the head. I mean, that still exists within this focus as an experience that is chosen, but that’s not necessarily an exchange with another focus.

ELIAS: Does it? (Grinning)

BOB: I don’t know! That’s what I’m asking! I mean, I got hit in the jaw when I was playing basketball in junior high school and lost short-term memory for, I don’t know, thirty minutes or so. Was I exchanging with another focus at that point?

ELIAS: No. Within very short-term memory loss, as you view this, this is merely a disorientation of physical expression. It is momentarily traumatized, in your terms. Therefore, it becomes confused. This is quite different from that which you would classify as amnesia.

BOB: It’s something that exists for an extended period of time ...

ELIAS: Quite.

BOB: ... and is not generally related to a physical blow.

ELIAS: It may be objectively related to an event; but consider, within your official guidelines of your officially accepted reality, you may not merely exchange with another focus at will with no outward sign of some unusual happening.

BOB: So I would have to create some sort of an event in order to accomplish the exchange.

ELIAS: You do not have to, but you do, to be fitting within your official reality. Therefore, you create an event which may be objectively viewed, and within this you may create your exchange quite neatly without questioning.

GAIL: Would a stroke fall into that category, like amnesia?

ELIAS: No. This is a different action.

NORM: The additional information that we have in the DNA in regard to other dimensions, that will serve a purpose later in the shift?

ELIAS: Clarification again. Within your DNA, you do not hold information of other dimensions. You hold memory, which is different. You do not hold physical encoding of other dimensions. You do hold encoding of other focuses within this dimension.

NORM: All right. There is two questions. Then this will become important in the shift? This information of other focuses within this dimension ... we will be using these?


NORM: For any specific purpose, or just for experience?

ELIAS: This is beneficial to your understanding of how you create your reality, and in this you enable yourself to be creating your reality more creatively; for you do not create your reality singularly, as you think you do. Your reality is created simultaneously, influenced by what you view to be past and future, which also are continuously changing through probabilities.

NORM: We, out of Framework 2 (7), we’re continually creating the new moment. There is a delay in this action. What is the usual delay time in our time?

ELIAS: There is no usual delay, ...

NORM: (Inaudible) Oh, okay. Go ahead.

ELIAS: ... for it is dependent upon the action and the probabilities chosen. Some events are requiring of many probabilities and many actions which are all intertwined, which may occur over time periods of years. Other probabilities may be manifest within minutes.

NORM: And all consciousness enters into it?


NORM: For example, if I were deciding to buy a car, the consciousness of the car would enter into the decision?

ELIAS: In the context that you are inquiring, no.

NORM: But in another context?

ELIAS: Within the concept of all consciousness and its inter-relatedness, there is joint action; but within your understanding of agreement and cooperation physically, no.

NORM: With living entities, it could be more effective.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the event.

NORM: Getting back to the clarification of memory in the DNA of other dimensions, that is a true statement? We do have memory encoded in our DNA in this dimension of other dimensions?


NORM: So we don’t have any memory and any physical attributes of any other dimension?

ELIAS: Mmmmmm ... You do hold memory!

BOB: It’s just not encoded.

ELIAS: You do not hold encoding within your DNA, ...


ELIAS: ... but you do hold memory ...

RETA: In consciousness.

ELIAS: ... cellularly. This is not encoded within your DNA, but you do hold memory of other dimensions.

NORM: Cellularly.

ELIAS: Cellularly.

NORM: And how did it accomplish this, or how did it acquire it?

ELIAS: This is a function of essence; this being that you are essence, all, incorporated within each focus.

RETA: So this is more or less the memory of essence in the cell.

ELIAS: [These are] the elements of essence. You are essence within each focus, although we speak of each focus singularly for your better understanding of the functioning of each focus.

NORM: But how will we be using that? Will we be able to access that in the shift also?


RETA: Do we access that now?

ELIAS: Not entirely.” [session 182, June 08, 1997]

LESLIE: “As we are going through this shift, what are we expected to experience in terms of our emotions, our psychological experiences, and things like that? Maybe that might explain what I may have been going through for the last two years. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: Quite. You shall be experiencing much subjective bleed-through information into objective reality. In this, let me express that the definition I offer for subjective activity would be all of that type of consciousness which is not waking consciousness. This would be including all altered states, in your terminology, all other focuses, all dream imagery, all of which you consider to be removed or subconscious. Many individuals within their belief systems also attribute this to being super-consciousness or cosmic consciousness. They are all the same. They are subjective awareness, which is the larger aspect of you as essence. This holds tremendous information and also imagery.

In this, within this particular dimension you have been extremely selective in your manifestation, limiting your awareness to only objective awareness, allowing for slight amounts of subjective bleed-through. Within the action of this shift, you have opened the floodgates and allowed the subjective awareness to rush into objective awareness. Therefore, within your waking state, within your consciousness that you recognize as you and that you are aware of, you may experience many different types of occurrences.

Some individuals within your present now encounter what they term to be aliens. These are focuses of their essence. Some individuals experience what they term to be walk-ins. These are exchanges of focuses of other dimensions. They are reality. Some individuals experience bleed-throughs of information and imagery of focuses within this dimension, that which you classify as past lives. Individuals may be experiencing alterations in imagery within their waking, everyday experience. Objects within their experience may alter. You may view a chair, and it may be become another object, and it may return to a chair. You may experience many altered states of consciousness spontaneously, without effort, not intentionally. You may experience increase in projection or out-of-body experiences. These are all natural, normal elements of essence which you are allowing yourself to objectively become aware of.

Within this action you also encounter many of your held belief systems, for these are blocking elements. Therefore, they surface to be addressed, that they may be accepted and your awareness may be widened in these areas; for within the accomplishment of your shift globally, there is no place for the non-acceptance of these belief systems. This is not an elimination of belief systems! It is an acceptance in awareness of their existence and a neutralization of their power.” [session 183, June 15, 1997]

ANDY: “Elias, is there a way for us nowadays, without technology, just with our minds, to understand the deeper layers of the cave paintings which we can find in physical reality throughout the world still? Is there a way that we can access the message which was left there from earlier civilizations or faces of civilizations which are still there, but now in a different time or dimensional framework? Can we access with our physical ability now?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You hold the ability to access all of this information. Within these expressions of creative work, these are communications of experience; a record of experience within different experimentations of objective manifestation. You view your history linearly, and you also view your history to be progressive. You view this to be an evolutionary process. Therefore, you view these cave paintings as primitive. In actuality, they are no more primitive than your communication presently within your physics. They are an expression of understanding of experience.

There have been many experiments within objective physical focus within this dimension. You have not created an evolutionary process as you believe. You have created many, many different experimental focuses, this which you hold an attention within presently being only another expression of an experimental focus physically with different communications. Therefore, as you allow yourself to be accepting of these belief systems, you may also be allowing yourself the understanding that within this reality, you have not progressed in the fashion that you believe. Within these different time periods within your experimentations, you have only offered yourselves differences within experiences, and these are recorded; for within the action of one of your families of consciousness, there is an intent to be recording of all of your experiences throughout all of your time frameworks.

I suggest to you that before these primitives, as you view them, with their cave drawings, you also held experimentation within this dimension which exceeds your technology within this present now, for your objectification does not occur within what you believe as a linear fashion. You may be objectified presently. You may also disengage and objectify within remanifestation, not within what you view to be as future, but within what you may view to be before your past.

Your planet itself has not been objectified in the manner that you believe. It also has not been manifest within evolutionary terms. Just as you are aware conceptually of your blinking in and out of this dimensional reality, so does all of your reality, all of your manifestations, all things that you have created. This also is including of your planet. Therefore, it has blinked many times, only within different pulsations than do you. Within these different pulsations, you do not remember or offer yourselves information to objectively find your evidence of your creations within what you may term to be ‘before your beginning,’ although it exists.

In an allowance of yourself to be accepting of these belief systems, that they are belief systems, that they are merely explanations to yourselves of that which you do not allow yourselves to remember, you may quite efficiently within yourselves access information to be offering yourselves accurate translations of what you view to be previous time periods. Just as you have held the ability within your species within this dimension to be creating of tremendous forms and structures with your pyramids that you view to be impossible to be creating, and you develop belief systems that a ‘higher intelligence’ must have been instructional and instrumental in these creations, for your lowly selves (humorously) must not be capable of creating of these magnificent elements! Very incorrect! You were not visited by other-dimensional focuses, which are also you, to be accomplishing of those elements within your physical dimension!

You hold tremendous abilities. You choose to be limiting yourselves in accessing your own information, but within certain time periods you allow yourselves a bleed-through, and you relax your belief systems and you allow a more creative expression. These you view as inconsistent and therefore must be attributed to a higher source, but they are examples to you of those time frameworks in which you have relaxed your belief systems and allowed your creativity to be more expressed. Within this same concept, you may be accomplishing of this presently. You may view physically your paintings within caves and you may understand, if allowing yourself the opportunity to be relaxing the energy of these belief systems by accepting these belief systems as belief systems, neutralizing their power within energy and offering yourself the ability to view and understand much more of your creations than do you presently.

As you continue to view an evolutionary progression, you look within diverted directions. You don’t allow yourself the information which is present and available to you. You view individuals to be primitive and less knowing than yourselves. Therefore, you have diverted your attention and do not understand what you view, for you are not looking within the areas that exist for explanation; just as you do not understand the workings of your genetics within your very selves, for you do not allow yourselves to be looking for your information. You look physically only. In this, you limit your information.

These individuals held no less intelligence and ability than do you. Their expressions within creativity of paintings may seem to be primitive and limited, but within an understanding of the activity which was occurring within these individuals, it was unnecessary to be occupying time frameworks with elaborate paintings of experience, for the experience was more important. Therefore, you may view this in like manner to shorthand!” [session 186, June 22, 1997]

ELIAS: “… you choose to move into a new creation of conscious awareness within the accomplishment of the action of this shift.

NORM: Will there be a physiological change in the human brain when this occurs, the acceptance of belief systems?

ELIAS: This is more probable.

NORM: And this will have to do with the myriad of hormones and enzymes in the human brain?

ELIAS: It shall be an alteration in construct and action and function. This presently, within your present now, is being observed with individuals. The activity within their physical brain is altered.

NORM: How’s mine looking?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Quite efficiently within your present now, within your choice of creation! (Norm laughs.)

CATHY: You asked!

TOM: Standard answer!

BOB: You are what you think!

GAIL: Was that the view in my dream that I had?

ELIAS: Express!

GAIL: I had a dream that I was looking down on someone’s brain and watching the energy pattern of it.

ELIAS: And viewing a movement from one side to another side–yes. You hold instruments within your technology presently that you may in actuality view part of this action now. Your technology and your instruments may not measure the extent and all of the action which is accomplished within your physical brain and your neurological pathways, but there is significant evidence presently presented within your sciences to be causing much questioning of activity which is occurring. This is a direct action also of the movement of your shift. You shall notice differences within temperature, within movement, within your actual synapses.

RETA: Did you not say also that there was a chakra that was going to be enlarged? More efficient or whatever?

ELIAS: No. There shall not be an energy center enlargement, but you shall be acknowledging of what you view to be a new energy center.

RETA: And where will that be?

ELIAS: This would be physically located between that area of your breast and your larynx. It shall be between your blue and your green.

RETA: So now you’ve said that we’ll have that new energy, but the other chakras will not necessarily be enlarged. It will be just that we have the new energy source.

ELIAS: Correct. It is present.

RETA: What is the color?

ELIAS: Pink.

RETA: Pink. Oh, yes, I remember.

GAIL: Is that the energy center that I exchanged with Michael in New York?

ELIAS: This energy center shall be helpful in aiding to movement within other energy centers. This energy center also shall be manipulating of these physical alterations within your brain, and also within your elements of body temperature and organ temperature. It shall be allowing of the physical incorporation of subjective actualization. Therefore, what you view to be an increase in psychic activity is governed by this energy center.

NORM: And that influences the brain.


NORM: And the brain is not a digital or an analog device. It is different than either one.

ELIAS: Quite. It is not a machine.

NORM: And the synapses have totally different activities than is currently thought, then?

ELIAS: Partially.

NORM: And you say the temperature is going to lower?

ELIAS: The temperature shall alter.

RETA: And be what? The normal temperature right now is ninety-eight point six.

ELIAS: You shall be altering partially of your physical form temperature in what you term to be a lower degree, but you shall also, within the creation of certain actions, be incorporating an increased temperature within certain areas internally.

NORM: The synapses, are they directly involved with the energy exchange with the inner self? Are they the method of energy exchange with the inner self?

RETA: The inner senses.

NORM: No, the inner self.


NORM: What is?

BOB: What is the ‘inner self?’

NORM: The inner self is my energy, my essence.

ELIAS: Your subjective awareness. Your physical brain is manipulating of your form, but it is manipulated through subjective interaction.

NORM: Subjective interaction with what?

ELIAS: This would be a communication to the energy centers, which then translate to the synapses.

NORM: And the energy centers being the chakras.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 188, June 29, 1997]

RON: “… Mary and Vicki and I watched an interesting show today about an operation that’s been performed that separates the left side of the brain from the right side of the brain. In that, the scientists believe that they’re creating two separate individual personalities within one body. What do you think about that?

ELIAS: (Grinning) They are not creating two separate entities or personalities within one body! But this may be interesting to you in recognition of the functioning of your form, in that you have created, as I have stated, within this physical existence a double existence of awareness–objective and subjective. You allow the communication, although not to your objective awareness, to be acted upon continuously. Within the creation of your physical form, which to this present now you do not objectively understand its workings, you have created a magnificent expression of essence and the intricacies of its actions. I have expressed to you that you are an exceedingly complex reality and expression of essence. In this, the consciousness which is identified by you as you is not, in your terms, physically connected to you, although it is within constant interaction with you. Your physical form has been created to be perfectly functioning and mirroring aspects of consciousness; mirroring physically, in expression, essence.

In this, you allow for the connection physically within your brain of one side and the other side, which work perfectly in harmony with each other. As you choose to be experimenting and separating of this and discontinuing the physical communication, the non-physical communication continues; but as I have stated, your physical body holds consciousness. It holds its own consciousness. Therefore, you allow for an action that you do not expect in separating these two hemispheres, so to speak, for in this separation you allow individually the bleed-through of subjective, which you do not understand. Therefore, you create another objective personality. This is not to say that you create what you view as multiple personalities. This is not to say that you create a disorder. You shall recognize, as you have within your observation of your programming this day, that your form may function equally as efficient regardless of your physical interference with its mechanics. It shall compensate.

The physical expression within the body consciousness may be confused and therefore respond, as it becomes confused each time that you create an unnatural element which is affecting of it. If you are breaking a bone you are confusing the physical body consciousness, for you have disrupted its natural state. Your physical body does not create these actions by itself. It is instructed to be creating of these situations. Your physical body consciousness does not reason. Therefore, temporarily it experiences trauma, which is confusion. In this same manner you shall experience, in separating the hemispheres of your physical brain, an element of trauma or confusion. This shall not prevent the functioning of your physical expression. You may, as I have stated to you, remove an entire hemisphere of your physical brain and you shall continue functioning, and not necessarily as an idiot! Your physical expression shall continue, and your subjective communication which directs your physical manifestation is uninterrupted.

VICKI: It almost sounded like you said that as a result of this operation, of splitting the left and right side of the brain, that this would allow more subjective bleed-through?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. It allows for the discontinuation of flow through the center, which is that energy center which connects subjectively and is allowed information for instruction for the physical form to be performing. In disconnecting this, your subjective awareness communicates to both sides individually. Therefore, if you were so choosing you would be allowing, outside of belief systems, your physical form to be expressing through the communication objective and subjective, creating one side of your physical brain to be expressing objective and one side to be expressing subjective. You hold deep belief systems within the impossibility of this occurring. Therefore, you rearrange the expression of consciousness and create what you think of as a separate personality or identity within the two hemispheres. You allow yourselves to view two aspects of one form.

This is not the allowance of viewing an alternate self being allowed to materialize objectively and physically within the same form. It is merely an interpretation of subjective and objective awarenesses which coexist with each other continuously within your focus. One is allowed objective expression, one is not; this being the duality that you have created within this particular existence; the double; the two facets of consciousness within one expression physically.

As individuals physically and objectively focused do not understand this expression, they immediately create an objective explanation. Therefore, the allowance is not made for the entire subjective expression, although this does bleed through. Within belief systems, the individuals and the scientists view the bleed-through to be negative and opposing, for it is unfamiliar; for you hold belief systems of control and that you must be objectively controlling every element and aspect of your existence. Therefore, individuals experience confusion and conflict for they hold these belief systems also, but the experience is merely a bleed-through of subjective being allowed to be expressing objectively, for the communication has been separated into two directions.

VICKI: In the experiment, after the surgery was completed, the people ... the objective imagery was such that the people were ... this is so hard ... one hand was fighting the other hand.

ELIAS: Or so it appears.

VICKI: Or so it appeared to them. That was the imagery within a simple action of eating. I don’t understand that part of it.

ELIAS: The belief system is that they hold no control of this element of their physical form. Therefore, they are fighting objectively and not accepting of the expression; viewing good and bad, right and wrong, control versus no control.

VICKI: So within the imagery of the two hands, the hand that they could control is the objective?

ELIAS: Correct. You do not believe that you control what you think of as your subconscious. You also hold belief systems that your subconscious holds evilness and destructiveness and is thwarting you, and is creating of elements within your existence which are conflicting and bad and wrong, and this belief system is directly related to this action which manifests. You shall not manifest the subjective expression within positive terms, for you believe that this unknown consciousness is not good and holds the potential for hurtfulness. It does not, but this is the imagery that you shall be creating, for you are fighting that which is unfamiliar to you. This is reinforced within mass belief systems also.

VICKI: It appeared that some of these people ... after a period of time, this particular imagery dissipated. It went away. Would that be within them an acceptance of this duplicity or duality that you’re talking about?

ELIAS: Not necessarily duplicity, this being only within the belief systems. But within the duality of their existence within consciousness within this dimension, yes; this would be an example of an acceptance.” [session 193, July 13, 1997]

LETTY: “I’ve been reading a lot of the transcripts, but I’m behind in my reading. Can you explain a little bit more about duplicity belief systems?

ELIAS: The belief system of duplicity underlies all of your other belief systems. This belief system would move hand-in-hand with your belief systems of right and wrong or good and evil, for you hold within you this double element of self and how you view yourself. You view yourselves to be intrinsically bad and intrinsically good at the same time. You look to self and you express to yourself that you are a good and positive and wonderful being, but underlying, between your religious and scientific belief systems, you also hold the belief system that you are intrinsically not good; that you are, at your base level, untrustworthy and deceitful and bad.

You believe this within scientific areas which express to you that your animal nature, which is your base of your being, is not to be trusted. Your impulses are what you equate with your base instincts, which are not to be acknowledged, for these are bad. Within your religious belief systems, you look to elements such as original sin that you enter physical focus with and must be cleansed from, for you are intrinsically bad upon entering physical focus and removed from All-That-Is or your creator or god or whatever you choose to be labeling all of consciousness with. Therefore, throughout your focus, as this is a globally-held mass belief system and is underlying within you all, you battle with this issue of duplicity throughout your focus.

You need be only recognizing that there is no intrinsically bad. You do not enter physical focus with a mark against you. You do not enter physical focus with the sins of the fathers before. You are intrinsically perfect. Therefore, you need not be making up for elements that are bad within you, for there is no bad! You need merely be accepting of the wondrousness of self, and recognizing that all of your choices are probabilities for experience.” [session 222, September 27, 1997]

JIM: “A question on the Ayurvedic Texts, which are the Indian texts of six thousand years ago. It seems from these texts that those individuals that lived at that time had a greater connection with energy – I guess subjective consciousness or energy – than people in this century. Is this correct?


JIM: No?

ELIAS: It is merely different. It is merely a difference in attention. You view yourselves within this century to be ‘less than’ many other cultures and peoples, for you view yourselves to move into the area of science, and you view this not to be spiritual. It is a tremendous creative endeavor. You have propelled yourselves into the action of this shift in consciousness within your era of technology, actualizing into your physical focus inventive, creative elements that mirror what you know within essence and within consciousness and within your abilities. All that you view about you is a mirror image of what you are. Therefore, how be you less connected, that you do not speak to a tree or a bear or hallucinate and connect within consciousness? You are objectively creating all that you know within consciousness.” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall be discussing a long-awaited topic, for I am aware that all of you and all of our close friends involved with this forum are quite focused upon events occurring futurely. This shall not be a prediction of future events, but offering you the most probable probabilities within the action of this shift as it so exists within this present now.

Within your present now, you are creating probabilities involved with this shift in consciousness. I have expressed to you that within this shift, it shall be accomplished within the third quarter of your coming century. In this, great accomplishments shall be occurring within this new approaching century, as dictated by your present probabilities. In this, I express to you that ALL of your reality shall be altered. What you view to be your reality presently and what you know to be your officially accepted reality shall be no longer, and you shall move into a new era of consciousness and physical reality. In this, many elements of your physical reality shall be altered.

Let me express to you that your – what you view to be in your terms presently – science fiction, as I have expressed previously, is closer to science fact than you realize. Within your approaching century, your scientists shall move into new areas of wondrous accomplishments. Elements that you investigate presently shall be viewed as child’s play compared to what you shall be accomplishing, as what is dictated within your present probabilities.

Be remembering that your probabilities are probabilities, and that you may alter these at any moment. Therefore, they are not set in stone; but within the most probable probabilities, this shall be what shall be occurring and what you shall be looking forward to within your future elements.

Within the mid-points of your coming century, tremendous new accomplishments shall be endeavored within your sciences. I have expressed to you that within this century, your sciences have mirrored you and essence and consciousness, developing these elements in physical matter of what you know to be within consciousness. You have created many wondrous inventions and have learned many elements within your physical dimension that mirror elements of consciousness and of essence. This offers you much information, and as you move into this new century you shall continue with this endeavor and you shall further your accomplishments and your inventions.

I have expressed to you many times that the most efficient method of travel is through space, not around space. I have expressed to you your abilities to be projecting, but I shall also express to you that within the areas of your sciences, you shall be moving into areas of exploration of your physical atmospheric space within your universe. I have expressed to you that it is futile to be looking to your immediate solar system, for within this dimension no life, as you term it to be, exists within this dimension upon the planets that are within your immediate solar system. But within your galaxy and beyond, within this dimension, there are other forms of beings that are other aspects of yourselves, as you well know, for these are all aspects of the same essences merely focused within different areas and different realities.

Within your coming century you shall be, within your most probable reality and probabilities, developing technology that shall be enabling you to accomplish feats that to this point in your time framework seem impossible. It is possible for you to access technology to mirror what you do within consciousness. Within consciousness, you exceed light speed. Your thought processes, your ability to project yourselves within consciousness, far exceeds light speed. This is child’s play to essence. It is merely the limitations of physical focus.

In this, you may view what I express to you this evening as being your science fiction, but in reality you hold the ability to accomplish these feats and shall be accomplishing these feats by the mid-points of your coming century. Therefore, I express to you: You have little time framework to be looking to before the accomplishment of tremendous elements within altering of your reality.

I have expressed to you that your monetary system shall not exist any longer within what you view as your present time framework. Within the end throes of your coming century, this shall be accomplished. It shall be unnecessary. You already view the devaluation of your monetary system. I expressed to you previously the devaluation of your exchange, and you view recently a tremendous example within mass consciousness of the lack of value of your exchange system.

You hold world markets. You hold exchanges. You view these to be stock exchanges. They mean very little. Individuals trade what you view to be tremendous quantities of what you value as monetary exchange systems. They hold very little value already. Within your coming century, which you may view presently to be much time but is very little time, this shall be eliminated, for it shall hold no value, for what shall hold value is what you are moving into the direction of now; the value of the individual, the value of consciousness, the value of your abilities and your exploration of consciousness and of your universe, of what you view to be your universe and beyond. This shall be more important than personal gain. You have moved in the direction of this area for much time period, and it holds little attraction any longer.

Therefore, developments shall be occurring within your coming century – as I have stated, within your lifetimes, so to speak, within your focuses. If you are so choosing to be extending your focuses to mid-point of your coming century, which is entirely possible and probable, you yourselves may witness these events which shall be occurring.

You have witnessed many amazing events that mirror what you know in consciousness. One hundred of your years ago, individuals would not dream of placing foot upon another element within your solar system; a moon, a planet. To this present now, you accomplish this. Within seventy of your next years, you shall accomplish more. You shall move into areas of viewing not other dimensional elements, but other life forces; not like yourselves, but existing within your galaxy. This may sound quite, as I have stated, like science fiction to you, but so was it science fiction one hundred of your years ago to be walking upon your very close moon, and you have accomplished, and you accomplish probes upon other planets within your solar system. It shall not be requiring much of your time framework before you are expanding and accessing the ability physically to be moving into areas of mirroring what you already accomplish within consciousness, and exceeding your barrier of your light speed.

I have expressed to you that you are most wondrous creatures and you hold abilities far beyond what you view that you are capable of, but you are capable of many more wondrous actions than you believe yourselves to be capable of. Within this action, what shall enable you to be accomplishing is the action of accepting, partially, some of your existing belief systems, and therefore not being bound to the limitations of your belief systems. I will express to you that even within the action of this shift, you shall not be accepting all of your belief systems, for within this physical focus, as I have stated to you, you shall always hold belief systems. It is the core of your reality. But you shall be accepting many of your belief systems, which shall be eliminating many of your barriers.

This is not to say that I am expressing to you that you may not be also creating conflict before you are accomplishing of these feats, for this exists continuously as a very present and real probability. You hold the ability to deflect this probability, but within the energy projected, it is entirely dependent upon you what you choose to be creating and lending energy to. You may be creating of some destruction futurely, or you may be deflecting of this and inserting different probabilities into your reality. Either direction, it matters not. You continue, as you have continued throughout the entirety of this century, to be creating of the probability that within mid-point of your coming century, you shall be mirroring your own knowing of consciousness and projection, and developing of technology to be exceeding what you possibly may be imagining of presently. (Pause)

This shall be one of very few – very few – sessions that I shall move into this direction of expressing to you the most probable probabilities that you hold futurely; but in encouragement of your movement and acknowledgment of your movement, which you presently doubt, I have chosen to be encouraging of you this evening and expressing to you a slight glimpse into what your most probable future probabilities are, as they exist within this present now.

NORM: Will we be able to develop instruments that reflect our consciousness that have, indeed, conscious intent?

ELIAS: You shall continue to create instruments and technology that monitor your physical reality, although you shall also incorporate more information about consciousness and acknowledge this more freely; but within your sciences you shall continue in the direction that you are moving in presently, in monitoring and developing within physical aspects.” [session 233, November 02, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening. This evening we shall be continuing with your essence families and your Dream Walkers. The inquiry has been posed in wonderings of how different essence families are connecting with you, in like manner to this energy exchange as being of Sumafi and also of Sumari, and that other families may be connecting with you as Dream Walkers in different ways. This is so. We shall focus in the direction of the Gramada for this evening.

Futurely, the Gramada shall be instrumental in dream missions. Within the area of technology, the Gramada, as the initiators, shall be instrumental in initiating technology that shall allow you to be viewing and connecting with dream imagery. Within your technology futurely, you shall be developing instrumentation that shall allow you the ability to move into the area of dream imagery and connect with each other in this dream imagery. Presently, you focus upon your dream mission and are developing your skills in the area of becoming dream artists. Michael [Mary] has developed the ability to connect with other individuals, as [have] other individuals connected within this forum, and interact with them at will within the dream state. You are aware of individuals that hold this ability also. Individuals are developing these skills as a prelude to what may be developing futurely. The Gramada family shall be those that shall be instrumental in this area, for throughout your history the Gramada family has gained information within this area.

I have expressed to you that individuals that are belonging to the Gramada family are initiators of action, of invention, of creation. These individuals are those that hold behind those that seek the limelight. These individuals are those that develop the ideas that propel you forward. This may be within many different areas. It may be within science, it may be within art, it may be within architecture, it may be within different inventions; but these individuals tap into information that allows you all to move forward within your development within physical focus.

They are not entirely, in themselves, accepted entirely. (Slight pause, and then humorously) This was redundant! (Laughter)

VICKI: (Laughing) It was!

NORM: (Laughing) What does that mean?

ELIAS: I am noticing! Our banner of noticing! (Chuckling)

NORM: A mistake!

ELIAS: These individuals ... you may strike the last entirely from your record!

VICKI: (Laughing) Alrighty! (Vic’s note: but I don’t think I will.)

ELIAS: [These individuals] move into innovative directions. You may look to your example of your Sir Einstein, who to this day is not entirely accepted within his theories. His theories are closer to fact than your sciences allow for. His theories concerning time are closer to reality than your physicists allow for, and of alternate realities. Another individual that you are quite familiar with, your Sir Carl Jung – another very innovative individual with information far beyond his science and much closer to reality than you view within the science of psychology. These individuals are initiators. These individuals connect to other areas, and to Dream Walkers and information provided to them through Dream Walkers. They connect to this information in a different manner than this energy exchange. They connect to this information through dreams. I have expressed to you that your dream activity, your imagery, is equal in reality to your waking reality. In this, much information may be accessed. These individuals initially were not quite understanding of the information provided, but held the ability to access this information and allow themselves to assimilate this information and create a method of presenting this information objectively to your planet.

The Gramada family intersects with Dream Walkers through dream interaction – actual intersection – or through an action of inspiration. Information is transferred in a way that the individual is understanding that the information is not being accessed from themselves, but is accessed through their own thoughts. I am quite sure that you are understanding of this Olivia [Ron], for you engage this same action; that you may think that there is a possibility that the thoughts are your own, but simultaneously holding a knowing that these thoughts that bleed through are not your own and are not of you. This is a common action within the Gramada family.

The Gramada do not normally exchange within the action of an energy exchange in this manner that you view presently, although it has occurred; but this would not be the usual action that they would be expressing themselves within, for the Gramada family are not quite so overt. They are more quiet, more subtle, and not demanding of attention in this flamboyant manner. Therefore, they choose more subtle manners of exchange.

I have expressed that the Milumet may be connecting with heavenly beings. They may be holding visions or exchanging with elements of your environment – in reality, in actuality, speaking to your creatures and your creatures speaking to them, or speaking to a tree and the tree speaking to them – for they are quite connected with the earth, with the elements. The wind may speak to them, and this shall be an action of the Dream Walkers with them in conjunction with their intent.

As to the Gramada, being much more subtle, they shall interact with the Dream Walkers within their family in a more individual, personal manner. It shall not be the grandiose situation of groups or masses, but individually being inspired and interacting within dream imagery; although the dream imagery shall be slightly different from that imagery that you recognize, for there is an added element. They are not merely creating their own dream imagery interpreting from their own action within Regional Area 2, but they are in actuality in communication with other essences belonging to the Gramada family offering information to them to be initiating within physical focus.

(Intently) Your dream activity is much more important than you realize. It is reality. This is not to say that you all shall be connecting with the Gramada family within your dream state, for you do not belong to the Gramada family; but this is the method, so to speak, that the Gramada shall be connecting with individuals within physical focus as Dream Walkers, to be interacting and offering information to be helpful and to be furthering within your information. (To Vic) Question?

VICKI: Yeah, I have a question.

ELIAS: I am aware! (Laughter)

VICKI: You were saying that the Gramada family will be instrumental in developing new technology to be facilitating our connection and understanding of dream state, of our dream activity? Well, that tweaks me out! I mean, don’t we have the ability to do that?

ELIAS: You do!

VICKI: Then why do we need to develop technology to do it? That sounds like a backward motion to me!

ELIAS: This is not backward. You mirror within your objectivity all that you hold the ability to accomplish subjectively.

VICKI: Well, I kind of get the mirroring thing. It just seems like if there’s machinery around to do stuff for people, then people don’t acknowledge and learn how to use their own abilities.

ELIAS: There is machinery around to be communicating with each other. You hold telecommunications, do you not?


ELIAS: You hold the ability to be communicating with each other without this machinery ...

VICKI: Right. That’s my point!

ELIAS: ... but you develop these machinery as a mirror of what you hold the ability for. In this, you may objectively view what you hold abilities in and therein move forward, in your terms, to be accomplishing yourselves.

NORM: A second focus would be able, with this machinery, to view another person’s dreams? Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: I shall express an example. The technology shall provide you that one individual may enter the dream state. Another individual may enter the same dreamscape. A third individual, and fourth, may also enter the same dreamscape. You are already playing with this concept. You are already playing with this concept without your technology, but you do not control your environment precisely yet. You look to this action as chance. You might connect with each other, and you might not. Futurely, you shall hold the ability to intentionally connect with each other within specific circumstances within dream state, within what you term to be controlled circumstances. You may isolate a specific dreamscape, and at will enter this to be altering of the reality within the dreamscape. You shall hold the accomplishment of your dream mission. Your technology shall merely aid you in your ability to be accomplishing this at will regardless of your connections and regardless of your interests.

NORM: So the technology is going to bring you to some kind of a location; a scape; an area – you said a ‘dreamscape.’

ELIAS: No. YOU shall create the dreamscape. The technology shall merely enable others to join you at will within the same exact dreamscape.

NORM: So you will be interacting with the technology subjectively.

ELIAS: Correct. It is merely a tool.

VICKI: Yeah, I kind of see that. I kind of see that if we had a piece of machinery like that, it would be more real to people that this is a reality, that it’s something that they can accomplish. But on the other hand, I don’t see that our use of the telephone has....

ELIAS: Benefited you? (Grinning) No!

VICKI: No! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And neither shall this technology either, in the manner that you are speaking; but it SHALL benefit you in aiding you in the direction of moving you into the area that you need not hold this technology. It is a tool; a stepping-stone to move you into areas in which this type of technology is unnecessary; but futurely, temporarily it shall be quite beneficial to you in allowing you to recognize that you DO create your reality, that your reality encompasses your dream imagery, and that your dream imagery IS reality and not to be discounted as any less than your waking reality.

NORM: Will the technology include a recording of some kind?


NORM: So anybody can view it then.


NORM: Wonderful!

DREW: Do dreams take place within space?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; for your dream imagery is connected with your objective awareness. Therefore, it is also connected with your space arrangement. Your time framework is different and your space arrangement is less defined, but – in your terms – but these dream imageries do occur within space arrangements that are directly connected to this physical focus.

DREW: Dream imagery is imagery for action, but it’s not the action itself, correct? It’s an interpretation of the action.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So when people are joining us in this dreamscape, are they joining us in the action? Where exactly is this joining taking place?

ELIAS: They are joining you in all three areas. They are joining you within the area of Regional Area 2, which you are creating within. They are also joining you within your dreamscape and they are also joining you within your waking state, which are both imagery of Regional Area 2.

DREW: Is Regional Area 2 a space?

ELIAS: It is an area of consciousness.

DREW: So when they join us in our dreamscape ... well, area implies space.

ELIAS: No. Regional Area 2 is merely a term that I have placed upon an area of consciousness which is directly related to physical focus, but it occupies no space arrangement. It is merely consciousness.

DREW: And this is part of our dreamscape? (Pause)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

DREW: So when people join us there, where are they joining us if it’s not a space arrangement?

ELIAS: Within your objective awareness, within your dreamscape and within your waking state, they ARE joining you within a space arrangement.

DREW: And the third area?

ELIAS: They are not. It is merely within consciousness.” [session 237, November 09, 1997]

LINDA: “... and some people are starting to say that more people will reach the fourth dimension during some of this shift. Is that something that we’re creating as our own belief system, or is that something that is happening?

ELIAS: You hold four dimensions already, within this one dimension! (Grinning)

LINDA: But we aren’t accessing of the fourth dimension consciously yet, are we?

ELIAS: Yes, you are.

LINDA: Okay. On a regular basis or just an intermediate basis?

ELIAS: Continuously, within your objective awareness.

LINDA: All of us or just some of us?

ELIAS: All of you.

LAJOY: Would it be more so the fifth dimension that she might be thinking of, when that shift occurs?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within your metaphysical belief systems, you separate into what you term to be fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and beyond dimensions. You access presently four dimensional qualities within this one particular dimension of reality physically. As you are accessing of what you THINK of as other dimensions, they are not planes of reality of more knowingness. They are merely sideways-accessing of other dimensions. Therefore, you may assign terms to these as fifth or beyond dimensions, but they are merely an awareness of accessing those dimensions that exist parallel to you physically, that you may enter into an awareness of their reality. Therefore, it is not a situation of moving ‘higher,’ in your terms, for I have expressed to you previously, you are your highest expression already. You merely move sideways in accessing all that is available to you. Therefore, in accessing what you term to be a fifth dimension, you are not moving to what you term within your metaphysics as a higher plane. You are moving sideways and accessing more of your reality, more of the reality of consciousness that is available to you.

Your fifth dimension, as you may term this to be, shall not be your higher plane of consciousness, but your awareness of other physical realities that you hold the ability to have an awareness of. Therefore, as you move into this accessible area, you shall allow yourself the awareness in reality – underline in reality – that other physical dimensions exist and that you may access these at will with ease. You may move into these other areas of physical dimensions, and you may temporarily – underline this word also – be interacting with these other areas of physical reality within other dimensions. You do not quite understand, as of this present now, that all of these realities, all of these areas of consciousness, exist alongside of yourselves simultaneous to yourselves, and not above or below you. They are merely sideways from you. You need be only stepping sideways to be opening your awareness to these other areas of consciousness, be they non-physical or physical realities.

VICKI: ... I’d like to ask a question here for Kip because it kind of fits in with what we were just talking about, I think, as far as cause and effect and stuff. I’m going to read his question. It’s a little lengthy. ‘If Elias can actually deliver new physics info, I have a long-standing puzzle that I wonder if he can shed some light on. During the early development of quantum mechanics, physicists were working with an atomic model that pictured the subatomic world as composed of little solar systems. During that time, they recognized that subatomic particles had a characteristic they called spin, conceiving it as an analog of the rotation of planets. It turned out that spin is not only measurable and conserved, but that it’s a necessary component of many quantum mechanical calculations. In other words, spin refers to something real. Now, our current understanding of the subatomic world is that it’s nothing at all like a little solar system. In fact, it’s not clear that there’s anything solid down there to spin. What can spin mean in terms of a probability cloud? So my question would be, what the heck is spin in the multidimensional world?’ His question has been sparked by Norm’s experiment.

ELIAS: You view these particles as holding a ‘thing’ around them. I have expressed to you previously that your view of these particles, these atoms or subatomic particles, are not as little solar systems at all. They are contained within themselves. They are not unlike units of consciousness, links of consciousness, merely appearing within matter. They are made up of many links of consciousness to be forming of your matter within a time framework. Outside of a time framework, they hold no meaning as an object. They are merely a configuration of links of consciousness in cooperation with each other. Your sciences assign a word of an action of ‘spin’ to these particles. This is a very misleading word within your language, for this presupposes a direction or a specific action within physical terms.

In actuality, within the insertion of these links of consciousness into a physical thickness, the configuration of the links create what is viewed as physical matter; a physical element that you may not physically view, but you are aware that exists. These physical elements are those that make up all of your physical matter as they come together within cooperation within consciousness to be creating of certain elements; but singularly within themselves, they do not hold what your sciences term to be a spin. They hold more accurately what you may term to be a force. It is not a field; it is not a thing. It is a force. Within the thickness of your time framework, the configuration of these links of consciousness coming together create a force within them; not around them, but within them. In this, they are enabled physically, within your time dimension, with a communication. Therefore, you may extract one particle and you may divide one particle ... or so you BELIEVE you are dividing one particle, for in actuality, you are not.

VICKI: What are you doing?

ELIAS: You are merely dispersing the same particle throughout your physical time framework of your dimension. You are not separating it. In this, the communication within the force of the particle continues in the same manner that you continue within your dream state as you, but not within a recognizable state of your waking state.

LINDA: So then you’re saying that when they say they are splitting the atom, they are actually just pushing it into another dimension?



ELIAS: You are merely expanding it.

LINDA: So then it covers more dimensions than it initially did?

ELIAS: It continues within this dimension, although aspects of it may move into other dimensions if so choosing; but if not so choosing ... for these particles themselves hold consciousness and choice. Therefore, if not so choosing to be entering into other areas of consciousness and other dimensions, you are merely expanding it.

LINDA: So then how do you explain the energy that’s created when we supposedly split the atom, the atomic energy?

ELIAS: Think of a bubble. As you blow more air into the bubble, it expands. As you continue to blow more air into the bubble, you are expanding its perimeters. It is not a contained element. Therefore, it may burst, but it continues to exist within its particles. It merely changes form. In this same manner, you are merely expanding these particles, and you may expand these particles throughout your physical space to very far locations, may you not? You may place what you view to be the split of these particles, one being within one physical location of your planet in another country, one being within this country. You have not split them. You have merely expanded the energy. Then you view that these amazing split particles hold faster-than-light-speed communication to each other. One shall alter its course if you are altering of the course of the other. It is merely responding to itself, for it has not been separated.” [session 238, November 16, 1997]

NORM: “I have some questions in regard to intent. We created this dimension with an intent, did we not?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Intent is an intrinsic factor in how this dimension operates?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: The intent then controls the physics of this dimension.

ELIAS: (Pausing) It does not control, but is influencing.

NORM: Influencing. So action and intent are both very basic, intrinsic factors in consciousness?

ELIAS: (Pausing) Within this dimension.

NORM: Intent is a universal truth, though.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: It is NOT a universal truth? Can you define the difference between dimensions and universes?

ELIAS: Your terminology is limiting. You think of universes as different dimensions. There are different dimensions for different universes. There are layers to each dimension which are, in a manner of speaking, sub-dimensions of each dimension.

Within this dimension, you hold a sequential time framework. Therefore, you also hold many sub-dimensions of this dimension, for the time frameworks create other dimensional elements within this one dimension, this one universe. Other universes which occupy the same space arrangement, merely within a different dimension in entirety, hold their own sub-dimensions. Some hold not as many; some hold more. It is dependent upon their creations. There are dimensions within dimensions. You also hold dimensions within each focus. There are dimensions within dimensions within dimensions!

NORM: We don’t want to be bored!

ELIAS: Quite!

NORM: So there are universes without intent? They do not know what they want to do, then?

ELIAS: I did not express this. I expressed to you that there is consciousness without intent.

NORM: For example, a link does not have intent?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon what area it is occupying. If it is occupying an area within a physical dimension, then it is holding intent. If it is occupying an area within non-physical consciousness and not interacting with physical dimensions, it may not hold intent. It merely is.

DREW: Isn’t becoming an intent?

ELIAS: Not quite; although within your thought process you may think of this as an intent, but it is merely relative to your thought process. It is merely an action of being. It IS.

You hold a direction; a directed attention. This is an intent. A link of consciousness within non-physical areas does not hold a direction. It merely is. It is continuously becoming without a directed attention.

NORM: Can you define consciousness then? (Laughter)

DREW: Been there!

ELIAS: Not in a manner that you may understand!” (Chuckling) [session 246, November 30, 1997]

NORM: “Good evening, Elias. There are several subjects I’d like to talk about. First I would like to talk about the experiment and some of my ideas and some of my dreams. I had a dream last night about it. I suppose what I’d like to talk about is the philosophy of how to carry on the experiment.

My idea had been that the concept of consciousness with everything ... that the photons or the bosons or the fermions always have a choice in doing things, and that if the experimental setup is correct, then the probability of those things leaving this particular dimension is high enough that it can be monitored with experimental equipment, and I wanted to do that in a fashion that kind of goes along with your statement that there are no closed systems. That statement, if I interpret it according to physics, means that some of the conservation laws of physics are not strictly true: the conservation of mass, the conservation of energy, the conservation of charge, and so on and so forth. That would be a wonderful thing for an experiment to show, that indeed there are time segments where those conservation laws are not strictly valid. Is that a legitimate thing to experimentally work on?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Okay. It’s really fascinating to think about the gestalt of links in a particle or an atom and how they work together and form that particle or atom, and also have perhaps a group consciousness, I would imagine. Am I on the right track there?

ELIAS: It is a cooperation.

NORM: A cooperation. That’s a general statement, a general law, right? There’s no separateness, so to speak, but yet there IS some separateness.

ELIAS: Correct, although this would not be a LAW, but you are correct in your assumption.

NORM: Okay. The gestalt has the ability to do certain things, evidently; and I and others, as essence consciousness, we’re in a sense creating ... I am creating the experiment.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And my expectations, are they the thing that is going to be proven? But if the expectations are not according to the physics of reality, that won’t be shown then, will it?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within your creation of reality and of the elements within physical reality, essence creates this physical reality. In this there exists a cooperation of consciousness to be performing within guidelines that you have created for mass, for matter, for your time continuum. Although consciousness – the links of consciousness – hold free will and may respond at times in what you consider to be irrational, they also respond in manners that you have created within your time element. Therefore, they are not as unpredictable as you may think.

NORM: So they respect the elements of our time and our mass and our general physical laws.

ELIAS: Correct; although they also move beyond these, for you have not discovered all of the elements of your sciences yet and all of the elements of your reality, for you do not take into consideration within your sciences the reality of consciousness and its free will.

NORM: Right. That is precisely the thing, precisely the idea or the concept that I want to explore in experiments. It’s frustrating to me. From the experiments that have been done, it appears that if in a previous increment of time ... time moves on. However, in a previous increment of time, after a period of time, after a time has been passed, then if something has changed that would have made their position not the correct position, then they have the opportunity to do things that they normally don’t do. For example, in the photon experiment of John Wheeler’s idea, where the photon went through the slits and one of the slits was closed – after the photon went through the slit but before it got to the photographic plate it was closed – and the photon says, ‘I’m going to leave this particular dimension and perhaps go into a very close parallel dimension through a minor veil,’ so to speak. Am I correct in talking about minor veils? Close, probable realities?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: It was like when I was ... you indicated earlier when I asked the question of when I was sixteen and I felt that there could have been a split, and indeed, there was another Norm Farb in a parallel dimension that became a vase artist. And of course, this goes on and on and on and on, and there’s an immense number of these close, probable realities.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And these particular free-will experiences that every link wants to do ... it sure has a hell of a lot of them to go through all the time! Can it see the other close, probable dimensions?


NORM: So it can look over there and say, ‘Well, I’m tired of this. It’s more fun to be over here.’ Right? Almost that way, right?

ELIAS: The links of consciousness exist simultaneously within ALL realities. (Pause)

NORM: I don’t know if I understand that, or if I did understand it I don’t know if I would believe it! But you say that one link goes through all realities?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Incredible!

ELIAS: They exist not merely within knowledge, but they exist within all realities simultaneously.

NORM: The original creation!

ELIAS: Therefore, it is merely the direction of its attention that creates it within matter or mass or speed within any one particular physical dimension.

NORM: Huh! It exists simultaneously in all.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Because there’s only now.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Huh! And it goes where its attention goes. Now, that’s for each link. But for example, an electron, you said, has over a million links in it. Those links are linked together consciously. Is that true?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, in a cooperation.

NORM: In a cooperation to form an electron.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And to keep that electron going during this blink period for this particular dimension?

ELIAS: It is the focus of the attention, which is a cooperation in cooperation with you as essence to be materializing, that you may view within your time element.

NORM: Um-hmm. One of the questions that I wanted to ask ... it evidently is quite often true that we as focuses here, in our developments, we have an analog to true reality. How close is the analog of the wave function? (8) The quantum mechanical wave function, being obviously steered by essence consciousness and the probability of that wave function ... and the wave function was declared to exist everywhere. Of course, that was assumed to be in this dimension, but if you integrated it over all space you would come out to a peak in a local area, and that would be where, for example, the wave function for an electron would be.

So the wave function, being that it was over all space, which now should include all dimensions, that would then mean that the links are of course over all dimensions too, over all reality, and that if you square and integrate the wave function over all space, you come up with the location where it is mostly probable. Do we steer something like this as essences, as focuses, as consciousnesses of our level of consciousness? Do we steer all of that? Is that a good analogy, this wave function idea?

ELIAS: Within THIS dimension.

NORM: Within THIS dimension it is, but there would be different wave functions or different concepts in other realities.

ELIAS: Correct; and there is no point.

NORM: There is no point. Yeah, there’s a fuzzy....

ELIAS: There is no CENTRAL point ...

NORM: There is no central point?

ELIAS: ... of your wave function.

NORM: Huh! Mathematics – I asked you the question once, and you sure got me going! It has no meaning with essence because of the fact that – I think I may finally understand it – that you don’t need it. You’re too damned bright! Is that it?

ELIAS: It is a language.

NORM: It’s a language that you just perform automatically.

ELIAS: The function is within energy. It requires no thought.

NORM: Yeah. Well, if you wanted to, you could create whatever you wanted to and see if it worked!

ELIAS: Precisely. Mathematics is relative to physical focus.

NORM: The what is? The methods? The mathematics is.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Right. So is the idea, though, of the choice after something happens, the thing that I have to have as part of the experiment ... I woke up, and I’m starting to wake up like I used to in the middle of the night and things float in my mind and they materialize. I mean, the ideas come from obviously what I have been working on in my dreams, and that is true? (Elias nods) That is true. Okay.

Now, I have wanted to produce a vacuum system that will allow me to have gasses of one kind or another, either gasses that are gasses at room temperature or I could elevate the temperature and have low vapor pressure elements such as barium, and I could be using them to produce a stream of very massive fermions, complicated fermions, and the reason why I wanted to do that is for the determination of the lack of closedness of this particular dimension. Of course, if I did it with something that would condense as it hit a target rather than being evaporated again, such as any of the noble gasses or hydrogen or oxygen or nitrogen or just any of the gasses ... but the gases are easier to work with.

I’ve been trying to follow your hint in regard to making it quite fluid, and so I thought of almost like a sprinkler system. The gas stream would be hitting a double gear-like thing, very lightweight, that would open and close the stream. In other words, you would see pulses of this. I woke up with that idea, and then for some reason I came up with the fact that I could put – as if this were a cylinder and the little wheels were on the inside of that – on the other side of that wheel, downstream from that, would be a closed cylinder. I got the idea that if I did this and I had another sensor on the inside of this closed system, after a period of time these particles may go into another dimension, but come back into the other closed cylinder. (Elias nods) Is that right??

ELIAS: Correct. (Grinning)

NORM: No shit! (A silent pause, and then Elias blows a puff of air at Norm, which is a ‘blow you away’ thing, and Norm starts cracking up) That’s fun! Well, let me see here.

VICKI: I don’t get it! (Elias is grinning at Norm)

NORM: What?! I mean, this is great! By the way, can you see what I’m thinking about?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

NORM: Okay. Of course. You can see everything! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Not entirely! (Grinning in a very amused sort of way)

NORM: Let’s see. The timing of this ... I’m going to be working, and then the timing of this would be within minutes of returning, or seconds or microseconds, would you think? If I get down to less than a tenth of a microsecond, then the instrumentation really starts costing me a lot of money, and I would like to do it as elegantly as I can and as simply as I can, to get this thing going. Can you give me some idea of how long it would take to come back from the nearest reality?

ELIAS: There are variables within this area. This be your time element. Within your experiment, it is possible that the return may be within fractions of seconds, but it may also be within a few seconds. It shall not be within minutes, but it may vary within more than one second and fractions of a second.

NORM: The quantum mechanical barrier of this cylinder ... I imagine it as completely closed. Well, I guess you could compute it with quantum mechanics due to the thickness and the energy required to penetrate that, but that alone is quite remarkable.

ELIAS: (Grinning) They are not moving THROUGH your material.

NORM: I know! I understand, but trying to calculate this with our mathematics and our quantum mechanics is not possible then, or it’s not valid or accurate.

ELIAS: It is valid. It is merely not accurate. (Norm laughs)

NORM: Okay, okay. The equation should be changed, or the concept should be....

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You merely affect the choice of the particles with the construction of your instrument.

NORM: Hmm! Should I have something that they like to get inside?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) They are cooperating with you ...

NORM: Should I have pictures of pretty girls inside?

ELIAS: (Laughing) This would be your choice! It matters not within consciousness! (Norm is cracking up)

NORM: Okay! But there may be something interesting for them to look at.


NORM: No. Well, why would they want to come back?

ELIAS: Within cooperation of your experimentation, and within the cooperation of consciousness to you as the observer.

NORM: The gestalt of essences that have formed this dimension and this set of multidimensions have, as you indicated I believe in the last few weeks ... I don’t want to say constraints and restrictions, but allowances and certain expectations – allowances, I guess, it’s the best word – of how this dimension is to operate, and this dimension is essentially going to start to modify those allowances as a fundamental ... like a gravitational constant, as we would think of the general theory of relativity. Is that....

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

NORM: Consciousness ... for example, there are certain properties. I mean, you could have properties like color or sound, but I’m sure there are properties that I have no idea what they are, but would there be an infinite set of properties for a link?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Jesus! It’s beautiful, fabulous, this totality of creation! You must even have a little awe of it too, do you not?

ELIAS: It is magnificent!

NORM: It is magnificent, yes. Nice word! And that allows essences to create ANYTHING that they like ...

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... any dimension, and new dimensions are being formed ...

ELIAS: Continuously.

NORM: ... continuously. Isn’t that beautiful! Are you surprised at some of them?

ELIAS: ‘Surprised’ would be inaccurate ... but within a state of wondrous amazement within becoming continuously.

NORM: It is. It certainly is. I guess I had known ... I realized when I was thirteen-and-a-half the total incompleteness of our religious concepts and ideas. I mean, it was trivial, absolutely trivial in regard to the wondrous reality that truly exists. I hope you don’t mind me saying that!

ELIAS: It matters not, although your religious elements have served you well within this focus and within your history within this dimension. You merely are opening now to a more expansiveness to your creativity.

NORM: Another thing that I’m kind of curious about ... because I thought you said that this particular dimension, of course, is more complicated or more elaborate, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the relationship of this particular dimension to the close probable dimensions that are experiencing a differentiation from this one. The origination of the differentiation into different probable realities ... does that start here in this particular dimension? That’s what I had the idea that you were saying, and I’d like to know if that is the correct way or if it is not correct. I have a feeling it’s not really correct.

ELIAS: Not entirely. (Pause) You think singularly in the terms of your attention, which your attention is focused here and it is focused singularly. You do not view all of the other aspects of yourself. Therefore, you also do not view all of the other aspects of your reality and all of your probable realities. These ARE what you have described as being merely separated from you by very thin veils. They are dimensions within this dimension. They are not OTHER dimensions of other physical realities. They are all a part of THIS particular dimension and reality. They are all affecting and exchanging and intertwining with you within every moment. You merely do not allow yourself to view this action.

NORM: For example, if I did view it, they would be kind of grayish-like, not full color? I guess maybe I wouldn’t have the capability of seeing that in full color, as some have indicated. Rob and Jane evidently had seen that when they were dancing that one night on their vacation in Maine, I believe it was, but that’s the sort of thing. Their reality ... for example, the vase Norman. His reality to him is just like this reality, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And so there’s no one reality that is the ‘lead’ reality?

ELIAS: Correct. It is within your attention.

NORM: Within my attention. In all of the probable realities....

ELIAS: This be different from aspects.

NORM: How is that different?

ELIAS: In this sense, you are creating and you are the main focus. YOU are creating of probable realities.

NORM: And the vase Norman is doing the same thing?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Ah, okay.

ELIAS: Aspects are all of the you’s of you.

NORM: Right. Now that makes sense!

ELIAS: The reason you do not allow yourself within physical focus to view all of your aspects of an individual focus is that you direct your attention for the purpose of your identity singularly. If viewing the numberless aspects of one focus, your identity would become confused.

NORM: But when I sleep, that’s a different level of consciousness. So, I can handle that. Is that true?

ELIAS: Not entirely.

NORM: Not entirely. But the vase Norman, he and I can communicate quite easily?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

NORM: I see. And does that harm each one?

ELIAS: No. These are aspects within THIS particular focus. Therefore, they are all you, in differentiation to other focuses, which are not you ... but are! (Grinning)

NORM: But are! (Laughing) There’s no separateness.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: The physics of all of these closely-veiled dimensions, would that be considered closed?


NORM: THAT is not even closed because the links span every and all dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: It’s interesting that even the smallest is allowed the greatest, isn’t it?

ELIAS: Absolutely. There is no element within consciousness that is greater than any other element.

NORM: Not even essence?


NORM: It’s because of the fact that there’s different properties? Why would you say that?

ELIAS: There are differentiations within consciousness as to function, as to tone; but there is no element within consciousness that is greater than any other element.

NORM: The immenseness of properties or capabilities is huge with any of them.

ELIAS: Correct; boundless.

NORM: Even ten to the ten to the two hundred – the immense number – even that is trivial.

ELIAS: Quite! It is as one.

NORM: As one! (Laughing) Okay! Or if you divide that by the true number, it’s zero!

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... Well, I think I’m starting to. The veils, they’re associated with a blink? The near-veils. I’m trying to get the physics of the blinks and the veils together. Can you help me there?

ELIAS: The blinking is associated with OTHER areas of consciousness and other realities, other dimensions. The veils that exist between you – that you recognize as you – and all of your aspects are not relative to the blinking.

NORM: Really! There’s just that many dimensions available, then?

ELIAS: You blink to be simultaneously interactive with all OTHER dimensions and areas of consciousness.

NORM: Right, and....

ELIAS: It is unnecessary for this action with aspects of THIS particular focus, for they are interactive with you continuously.

NORM: But we blink with our entire ... we blink simultaneously ...

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... with our complete set of ...

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... close dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: What would be a good term for this close set of dimensions? Local? In these local multidimensions?

ELIAS: All of the aspects of YOU within this focus.

NORM: Alright, okay. Aspect dimensions? My aspect dimensions?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: That’s a good way of saying it! When I express a different form of consciousness ... when I sleep, I interact with all these aspects?

ELIAS: You interact with all of these aspects in every state that you allow yourself; waking, dreaming, and what you term to be altered states. You are interactive and intermingled with all of your aspects within every moment of your existence.

NORM: Huh! Are any other me’s talking to another you?

ELIAS: I am aware of all of your aspects.

NORM: And they’re not. Are they good people? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Ah! Here we enter a very interesting belief system!

NORM: Well, I’m sure I’ve got a few gamblers and thieves and thugs!

ELIAS: You hold whatever you choose to be creating! Every aspect of you may be compared, and beyond, to every thought that you may ever express!

NORM: ... The energy of a thought of course carries information, but it is not composed of links.

ELIAS: It is!

NORM: It IS composed of links. Ah! I was misinforming myself. So energy IS formed from links?


NORM: Good! Now that makes sense! That makes sense, yeah. Ah, yes. Then that solves a lot of my questioning. For some reason, I thought that I misunderstood some statements at one time. That answers a lot of my questions that I was going to ask, then.” [session 251, December 18, 1997]

Note: this is the first of two parts on science. Go to the belief system of science, pt. 2.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias goes on to introduce the clarity exercise – a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(2) Vic’s note: I was clueless as to what a “brace of manifestations” was, having never heard the word brace used in this fashion. So, I looked it up. Interestingly enough, the dictionary said this word is a derivative of Old French, meaning “an armful, a fathom.” Then, I looked up fathom. One definition said, “A mental depth; intellectual reach or scope, penetration; as, a man of fathom. [Rare.]”

(3) Paul’s note: the concept of “walk-ins” is found in various New Age belief systems. The basic belief is that one personality is born – beginning a lifetime – and at some point a “new” personality takes possession and assumes the primary ego role. The result seems to explain the strong change of personality and loss of memory that some people experience.

Elias attempts to clarify this belief system within the context of human personality as a multidimensional process consisting of a variety of related aspect selves that he terms probable and alternate selves.

Just because people experience significant personality changes and/or inexplicable memory loss doesn't mean that there are intrusive actions of possession or the like foisted upon an individual by a malevolent OR benevolent ''external'' force. This is simply not the case and only serves to perpetuate the beliefs that some external ''thing'' or someone ''else'' creates our reality for us.

ELIAS: “I have begun to express to you elements of body consciousness. I have expressed to you from early on in our session times that your physical expression, your body, is not a vessel! It is a tangible, physical matter expression of essence. It is you. It holds its own consciousness, for each cell holds its own independent consciousness. Each atom holds its own individual consciousness. Within cooperation, it creates a collective consciousness which becomes your body consciousness. You, as a focus of essence, hold consciousness beyond the physical manifestation of body consciousness, but are intimately involved with this consciousness. You direct the consciousness and function of your physical expression; your body.

You are not another focus, but you may experience another focus. Another focus holds a body consciousness of its own, but you may experience an exchange and you may experience another focus in its totality. You may merge totally to another focus and experience another focus, as it may do likewise also.

I have also expressed that you intersect alternate selves. I have expressed that you may exchange with alternate selves. You may accomplish a certain time period within a focus and you may exchange with an alternate self, which shall continue the focus as you continue otherwise. How is this possible if your body consciousness is only your body consciousness? Here we come to unofficial information.

You view yourselves as one entity. You view yourselves as one mind, one body. You are not! You view your consciousness as one thinking mind, one thought process. You are countless thought processes. Each focus is not one entity. The air within this room occupies one space. It is not one entity. In like manner, you focus within one material expression physically, but your consciousness is not singular. Your physical body expression resonates to the tone of you, of one focus; not to the entirety of essence, but to the individual focus; for each focus is a new creation. It has been always, but it is new. We do not deal with used material!

Your body consciousness recognizes your beingness. Your body consciousness also recognizes that your focus beingness is an aspect of your essence and will also identify with all other aspects of essence. Therefore, within essence you may exchange temporarily between focuses.

Each focus is as the air within this room; myriads of aspects, countless elements of personality cooperating to create one focus. This allows for all of your alternate selves. These may exchange with an individual focus. However, another focus may not exchange with you. You may temporarily intersect and experience, but you may not ‘take over.’

You have asked much time ago of your concept of walk-ins; another entity which ‘walks into you,’ therefore assuming your physical expression and continuing for you as you dissipate into the cosmos! Which, we do not know of where you shall be dissipating to, but the new entity shall be ‘taking over’ your physical form. This does not happen! Underline! You may not assume another focus, for it is not you, although it is you! (Confused laughter) You may temporarily intersect, merge, experience another focus, just as they may temporarily merge with you and experience. In this mergence, you are unaware of this presence. You do not lose you, as they do not lose themselves.

If you are exchanging with another focus, you may merge into the experience of another focus. You may empathically be another focus. Aspects of your focus shall merge. This in reality you may consider, in your terms, a physical act. Your consciousness shall merge into this other individual. They may feel odd or strangely, but they also will continue to feel themselves. You shall hold an awareness, as if you are this focus. This may occur temporarily. You may not assume another focus. As you are all focuses of one essence, mergences may occur. The tone is close enough, in your terms, that each individual body consciousness shall temporarily be accepting of this mergence; temporarily.

Alternate selves hold almost entirely the same tone as what you understand of yourself. That self which you identify as you has countless alternate selves which are also you. You only identify one you, but just as you identify one air within one space, there are myriads of particles that are making up of this space. These alternates may exchange places with you, in your terms, for their tone will not be interrupting of your body consciousness. Another essence merging with you will be recognized by your body consciousness; and has been stated previously, your physical response within your body, to placing what you term to be foreign objects within it, shall be rejection. Your body and its consciousness holds its own awareness and responds to you.

This is not to say that an exchange with another essence may not occur ... obviously! [Paul’s note: refering to his interaction with Mary Ennis] (Laughter) Within agreement, an exchange may occur with another essence, but the body consciousness recognizes this exchange and is partially rejecting of this exchange. Physical elements occur, for the body consciousness realizes the essence occupying and directing ... We shall more express directing, for the essence does not float in and float out! But the body is recognizing of the direction and tone, which is different. Therefore, its response is to be rejecting of this. It will not reject alternates. It will not reject temporary exchange of other focuses of essence. It will be rejecting of another essence exchange. (Vic’s note: this must be why Mary experiences unexplainable physical symptoms and affectingness.) This is part of unofficial information. In all of its aspects, you may experience exchange or intersection with alternates or with another focus, and you may experience emotional changes, thought changes, action changes, that you do not understand. They shall be temporary, in your view, but you shall notice.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

Digests: follow these links for more information on:
aspects of essence | essence; an overview | focus of essence; an overview.

(4) Paul’s note: Norm (a retired physicist) asked a question in a previous session about certain man-made crystals.

NORM: “Tonight I brought quite a few crystals of quartz, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people love to play with them. These are synthetic quartz, grown by man; our own creation, as everything else is. Is there any difference in the ‘directing of energy,’ quote unquote, between the man-made and natural quartz?

ELIAS: There is a difference in quality, and therefore a difference in attraction of energy; for one, in your terms, has been naturally created; which is to say that the idea for creation is projected within consciousness, and the links of consciousness are allowed the freedom to collectively manifest themselves within their own design. Therefore, they are allowed a different creativity.

NORM: These are almost perfect crystals. They’re (inaudible.) They have been restricted, or have boundaries on their creativity.

ELIAS: They have been specifically instructed in their creation.

NORM: For time-keeping purposes.” [session 167, April 27, 1997]

(5) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(6) Paul’s note: Norm is referring to a question he asked previously in session 175, May 18, 1997 about the ratio of physical people to essence (souls):

NORM: “I have a question in regard to your ability to be able to discern all of the essences that you talked about yesterday, and obviously more essences than that. There are a certain number of billions of people here on this earth in the present now. How many of that set, what faction ofthose are different essences? One in ten? One in a hundred?

ELIAS: Ah! Seeking ratios!

NORM: Right, an estimate.

ELIAS: Within the entirety of your planet, in your mathematical terms which shall create a non-whole division, I shall express (chuckling) six and one thirty-third thousandth.

NORM: Six and one thirty-third thousandth!

ELIAS: Which would be your statistical ratio of essence to planetary physical form.

NORM: Did you ? that?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I am quite quick, am I not? (Laughter)

RETA: You are!

DREW: That’s not very many!

ELIAS: This being only one dimension. You occupy only one space arrangement.

DREW: There are many essences do not occupy this dimension.

ELIAS: Quite. You also are inquiring of present manifestion within this present now.

NORM: In other words, how many ... Of course, you could figure out that! How many focuses does my essence or the essences have on the average, and it’s very many!

ELIAS: This is entirely individual.

NORM: So the mean then could be quite different than the high and the low.

ELIAS: Absolutely.”

(7) Paul’s note: Norm is a Seth reader and physicist who uses the term Framework 2 to denote a non-physical area of consciousness that is the source of all probable events in Framework 1 or physical reality. Elias prefers the term ‘Regional Areas’ to ‘Frameworks’ but both describe the same phenomenological relationship of a non-physical source that supports and creates all physical manifestations.

ELIAS: “I will also briefly digress for one moment, to deliver another message. I will be informing Lawrence [Vicki] of a correction for our transcribing, but I will offer the explanation that this is a request from another essence [Ruburt/Jane Roberts]. As I continue in information to you, as an addition and also a repetition of information of another essence [Seth], I may alter terminology for the purpose of not creating belief systems within you to be encouraging you to be creating a new ‘sect.’ Therefore my terms may, at times, be slightly different, although their definition and meanings are the same. Within this, I will request from you that you be focusing upon these Regional Areas within our transcripts, referring to them with numbers instead of words; and also that you be allowing a distinction of these areas of consciousness in granting my request for capitalization also, this being a request of this other essence to me.

VICKI: So you want me to use the number 2 instead of spelling two.

ELIAS: Correct. Within previous material, these areas were referred to as Frameworks [The Seth Material by Jane Roberts]. You may use this as an example. I do not use this word of Framework, for it is appearing to me as inefficient as an area of consciousness. Therefore, I have chosen the terminology of Regional Areas. If you are exploring the literal definitions of these words, you will understand why I have chosen these words carefully.” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

Seth formally introduced the concept of Frameworks 1 and 2 in one of his dictated books in The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, (1981), session 815, December 17, 1977, Amber-Allen, San Rafael, California, 1995. The concept had originally been introduced during a private session on September 17, 1977, according to Rob Butts’ note on pg. 63.

The concept of Frameworks of Consciousness describes closely related regions of consciousness that work together to make the physical universe, as we know it, possible. They are not stepping stones or layers of so-called higher consciousness either, but are interpenetrated within each other. Obviously, Frameworks 2, 3, 4 and beyond exist “underneath” the range of our physical senses.

Other thinkers have used different methods to describe the same thing as Seth. Physicist David Bohm uses the terms Explicate Order and Implicate Order; the Explicate Order describes physical reality and the Implicate Order describes nonphysical reality as a region that contains the “source energy” all of the potential states and probabilities possible in physical reality. Bohm even postulates Super Explicate and Super Implicate Orders that are analogous to Seth’s Frameworks 3 and 4!

There are accounts that date back to Plato that describe the same phenomena. Plato’s famous cave allegory compares physical reality to two people chained to a wall beyond the sight lines of the cave’s entrance. Thus all they ever see are the shadows projected through the mouth of the cave from a fire burning “outside.” Their chains (i.e. physical senses) limit their perceptions to the shadows on the cave’s wall, so they are unable to see the fire (i.e. source reality) “outside” of the cave.

(8) Paul’s note: physicists use a complex mathematical equation called the wave function, conceived by Edwin Schrodinger in 1925, to describe the state of an electron (or larger system) in terms of probable states. Interestingly, it requires a human observer to “collapse” the wave function; in other words, to bring one version of the probable electrons (system) into a unique, concrete perception. Until an observation is made, there are only probable states. As such the wave function describes the probable state of matter before it “enters” our four-dimensional world of space-time. And we, through our perception, are therefore the agent that consciously creates matter.

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. – a theoretical physicist – offers the following definition in The Spiritual Universe: One Physicist’s Vision of Spirit, Soul, Matter, and Self:

“The quantum wave function is a mathematical formula that presents the possibilities of events occurring in the form of a wave pattern distributed through space and changing in time much as an ocean or sound wave ripples and flows. However, as seemingly physical as this appears, it has no physicality in and of itself. Moreover, it can not even be represented by real numbers but must be represented by complex numbers consisting of real and imaginary numbers.”

Norman Friedman offers the following reflections in Bridging Science and Spirit: Common Elements in David Bohm’s Physics, the Perennial Philosophy, and Seth, Chapter 1:

“The entire wave appears to collapse down to a particle instantaneously upon being observed. The wave function describes conditions before matter makes its appearance; we never see the wave until it collapses into matter. In essence, for every formation of matter there is a corresponding wave function, which contains all its probabilities of activity. But the wave function is essentially passive; mathematically speaking, it is linear. It cannot stimulate action from within itself. It requires an agent to make a choice among its probabilities for the three-dimensional world to be formed.

Some physicists, such as Wigner, identify this agent as sentient consciousness. In other words, human consciousness is what stimulates action in the otherwise passive wave function. Bohm feels that there is such an agent within all matter that performs this function.”

According to Elias, consciousness creates everything. The source energy of the human mind exists in a non-physical state and creates all physical manifestations. Everything, every thing physical and non-physical, is formed by links of consciousness. These links though non-physical are awareized, but certainly not “aware” in human terms. Each link exists in a “state” of no-time, no-space, and is therefore ubiquitous, or every where and when at once. These links are the building blocks of all matter. In other words, we use these links to form our conscious minds, bodies, the planet, and everything else in our multiverse.

Digests: follow this link (pun intended :-) to explore links of consciousness.

Note: this is the first of two parts on science. Go to the belief system of science, pt. 2.

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