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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You have experiences, you have relationships, you have friendships, you have environments of work relationships. All of these register within your psyche as part of your experience. When you encounter experiences that are uncomfortable, you create a special place for them. (Smiling) You build a ‘shrine’ to them, and you hold them, and you almost worship them. You keep them, and hold very tightly to the key that keeps them locked in. You do not allow them to ‘fly away.’ In this, you may use your key whenever you wish, and view your experiences that you are not happy with. You may bring them consciously to memory as often as you wish. And you, in holding so tightly to this shrine, are very protective and not wishing for someone else to dare to take it away!

When you are faced with a situation of letting go of one of these shrines, you very quickly create another similar situation to create another shrine, looking almost identical to the original. This is how you repeat your patterns, and in repeating your patterns, you disguise them and camouflage them under the terms of goodness, and helpfulness, and compassion, and thoughtfulness.” [session 23, July 23, 1995]

ELIAS: “Offering one small element of information to which you may also contemplate, and then you may formulate your questions. Concentrate on disassembling your shrines. This will be helpful in the action of eliminating conflict, for you have drawn these shrines out of Regional Area 2 to be presenting them directly in front of you, and you are not pleased with what you view. Therefore, you hold the opportunity presently to be disassembling of these shrines.” [session 113, August 18, 1996]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I have expressed previously to other individuals that individuals create patterns within themselves within physical focus, creating shrines, and in this they push these shrines away from themselves into areas that you consider to be unconscious – which are not unconscious, for there is no unconscious, but within your terms you consider them to be unconscious – and in this you place very carefully these shrines of your so-called past experiences and patterns of behavior into this area. In this, you remind yourself of these so-called past events that you have built quite glamorous shrines to, that you hold fearfulness within, and you pull these shrines to yourself every so often and view them. You view a physical situation within your present situations and it triggers an element of this shrine, to which you automatically unlock the safe that contains this shrine and pull your shrine, that you may view once again and reinforce your own fearfulness. In this, within certain situations of relationships, you also reinforce fearfulness within the other individual; your partner.

I have expressed previously to your partner that great supportiveness is held within you to her, and she is untrusting of this, and this is reinforcing of your own shrines; of your own past experiences, in your terms. Therefore, you reinforce each other within your relationship. I express to you that you each may more efficiently serve yourselves and each other by looking to yourselves now, and your accomplishments, and what you may offer to each other NOW.” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

FORREST: “Okay, the next one. This is a person named Daryl. He’s asking about his eye condition. He’s saying, ‘What else can I do to uncreate my eye condition?’

ELIAS: ... This situation holds two-fold. This individual has created two choices in this situation. As to the question of uncreating this function of vision, this may be more complicated than some other individuals with similar situations.

This situation has been created initially as an acceptance, in entering into this particular focus, of certain genetic elements. This is not to say that this may not be altered, for any individual within physical focus may alter their genetic encoding at any given moment. You always hold the choice in this area, although once again, your sciences view this to be fixed and static. It is not. It is a choice, although it is a more difficult element to be affecting of, for you hold very strong belief systems in these areas.

In the area of physical ailments, the mass belief systems are extremely strong and the individual belief systems are equally as strong. They are continuously reinforced, not only by the self, not only by the thought process, but also by your own creations in reinforcement, your experiences, which also is linked to the belief systems of duplicity. But also, these elements are continuously reinforced within your societies in the manner that you have created them. Therefore, these situations are more difficult for your alteration.

The second element which has been created in this particular situation is linked also to belief systems and issues held which have created shrines which have been efficiently placed very neatly into Regional Area 2 for their only partial viewing at the discretion of the individual, and in this manner this is also affecting of objective physical viewing. It is a mirror action. ‘I wish not to be viewing these shrines that I have created. I shall very neatly insert them into Regional Area 2. I may remove them at will and decorate them more and reinsert them into Regional Area 2, where I may not view if I am not choosing. And I shall also create a situation with my physical viewing, my physical sense of sight, that shall be reminding me that I have inserted these shrines into Regional Area 2, lest I forget to be pulling these shrines out once again and continuing my decoration of them.’

Therefore, there is held two very strong situations in this area; one being the viewing and dismantling of these shrines, which are created by very strongly-held issues within the self that are chosen not to be addressed to but continue to be reinforced and built upon – quite ornately, I must add – and also, the element of choosing physical aspects of genetics in entering into this focus, that this may be also reinforcing of the situation of the shrines not viewed.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

ELIAS: “In moving into the direction of trusting and accepting self, you shall offer yourself amazement in what you shall be creating, for your creativity is allowed much more of an expansiveness. And although this initially may hold fearfulness for you, you also, in allowing yourself to move into the trust and acceptance of self, shall validate yourself, and this shall, little by little by little, erode away your fearfulness, for you shall continue to reinforce your own acceptance and trust of self. And in this action, in actively participating in your own trust of self despite the officially accepted mass belief systems, you shall validate to yourself that this IS a reality. It is not merely imagination, but is in actuality a reality.

You may be choosing also to be engaging interaction with Michael [Mary] in this area, and he may be offering you information in line with this particular ability to be creating in this direction. Let me express to you that I am acknowledging of Michael’s [Mary’s] movement many times, for although this may be viewed rashly by many individuals, Michael [Mary] holds the ability to move quickly into areas and apply himself fully into the addressing of certain aspects of belief systems. I have offered previously the visual that Michael [Mary] creates his movement in the manner of jumping quite into the middle of the pond quite often, not viewing the depth initially, but allowing himself little fearfulness and creating the movement of this jumping regardless of what he shall encounter in the middle of the pond. This serves as an efficient example to many individuals in addressing to their own fearfulness.

RODNEY: It’s like she gave me a message last week, among several which I thought were on the money, and she said, ‘You keep putting patches on your old car, and it’s old and gray, and consider, have enough trust to go out and get yourself a new red one, bright red, that it would create a new direction in your life that would quite amaze you.’

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: Now, with all my concerns about money and about my ability to earn it and my age and all my limitations, for me to go out and acquire a bright new red car would require my jumping into the middle of a huge pond!

ELIAS: And not testing the waters with your toe!

RODNEY: (Laughing) Are you’re suggesting that this is exactly what I should find myself trusting enough to do?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within physical focus, you ALL create objective imagery continuously to be offering yourselves information as to what you are creating within. Therefore, let us view your example of your vehicle. You move in the direction of objectively patching the physical vehicle. This is a mirror action of what you are creating within. In not trusting, you may view a belief system. You may also view many of the aspects of the belief system, but you shall place these as jewels upon a shrine that you shall hold within you.

RODNEY: These patches?

ELIAS: Correct. And each of these aspects of belief systems, you shall not let go! You shall merely allow yourself to be creating them in the form of a jewel that you may view whenever you choose, and you may express to yourself, ‘What a fine jewel! And I shall hold this and I shall create an attachment to this! It holds much sentimental value to myself!’ (George roars with laughter) (1) ‘And I shall create a wondrous shrine and I shall place this jewel upon this shrine, that I may view this at any moment that I am so choosing.’ And in your objective outward expression, you hold to a vehicle that is being patched and patched and patched and run and run and run, and you shall hold to this vehicle, for it is necessary!

RODNEY: I have to be cautious!

ELIAS: Absolutely!

RODNEY: You’re telling me to hold my cautiousness as a jewel and to place my cautiousness upon the shrine?

ELIAS: You already have! (Rodney cracks up) I am expressing to you to be taking this jewel, viewing this jewel, and expressing to yourself, ‘This is merely a rock! Why shall I hold this jewel and continue to place this upon this shrine? I shall be discarding of this rock and I shall be dismantling of this shrine, for it does not serve me except to be participating in the action of perpetuating my own limitations.’ And what shall be so very wrong ... ah! This term ‘wrong!’ Let us not eliminate this, for this is our very duplicitous nature! And what be so very wrong with your acquiring of your desire of a new red vehicle that shall move much more efficiently and require much less effort?

RODNEY: The girls may like it!

ELIAS: Quite!” [session 303, August 01, 1998]

GERHARD: “Do I have shrines, things that I do not know or want to know about myself that I should know?

ELIAS: Shrines are not elements that individuals are unaware of. They are elements that you have created within your focus based upon patterns of experience, so to speak, that you hold within your focus, and you do not allow a free expression of energy in these areas.

Many, many individuals within physical focus hold shrines. In actuality, there are few individuals within physical focus that do not create shrines, for they hold experiences that they view to be negative or disturbing to them, and within their experiences they create patterns of repeated experiences in some areas, and in this they are creating of what I term to be shrines, adding to these experiences and holding to the energy of these experiences, not allowing the energy to flow freely.” [session 319, September 17, 1998]

SUE: “I wanted to ask about shrines. Do I have one, and if so, what should I do about it?

ELIAS: Shrines are energy that you hold that may be presentments of fearfulness. They are issues that you hold energy to yourself within the expression of. In this, yes, you do hold shrines, as many, many, many, many individuals also hold shrines. The expression objectively of shrines is that of issues that individuals hold in any given area. We have expressed the example many times of individuals holding issues in the area of personal responsibility. This creates quite an ornate shrine for many individuals!

Within your expressions within physical focus, you may be identifying the areas that you hold shrines by identifying certain issues that you hold, and a byproduct of issues that you hold is that you also shall be creating patterns repeatedly, and in the areas that you are repeatedly creating certain patterns in a certain direction, you may assure yourself that this is an area that you hold an issue and you have created a shrine, for the patterns are your objective expression of pulling forward, so to speak, your shrine, that you may place an additional gem or ornament upon it, and as you continue to hold energy in this issue, you also continue to perpetuate adorning your shrines and you perpetuate your patterns.

Individuals think of shrines as being very elusive and underlying, that they may not hold an awareness of, expressing to themselves that these are elements within their subconscious or unconscious self that are affecting of their focus without their permission. I express to you that I have stated previously many times, you do not hold an unconscious, and you also do not hold a subconscious. This implies a consciousness that is inaccessible to you or ‘less than’ any other element of consciousness that you hold, which is quite incorrect!

In this, your shrines are quite obvious to you, for you express your patterns quite objectively. In these expressions of patterns and issues, you also objectively create language to be identifying of these shrines. You create language that identifies your responses to your shrines. You express words as ‘triggers,’ ‘buttons,’ ‘pushing.’ These are your expressions of your own identification of your own issues, and each time you are identifying of these issues, you are also synonymously identifying a shrine.

Addressing to shrines is addressing to the patterns that you have created in relation to them, recognizing the issue that is the shrine itself, which is not so very difficult to be identifying. You need merely be recognizing those very elements that YOU classify as your own buttons and triggers, and once identifying those expressions, you may also identify the patterns that you set within your behavior throughout your focus, and as you address to these patterns, you begin to dismantle the shrines, for you present yourselves with viewings of your individual issues, your individual shrines, repeatedly. You do not build a shrine and place it far away from yourself and never view it. You hold it quite closely, and you are continuously pulling it outward to view and worship it!

SUE: I see. So I should not be looking for some kind of mysterious, underlying causes. (Elias grins and nods) Rather, I should be looking directly at the patterns that I see.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay.

ELIAS: I express to you, as I have expressed previously, all is not hidden from you! These are ideas that are expressions of your belief systems. All is quite available to you, and you may view all of your creations quite easily. They lie before you! Your subjective and objective awarenesses are not in opposition to each other, and one is not creating any element that the other is not aware of and is also expressing in mirror action. Therefore, there is no element of your focus that is hidden from you. You are privy to it all! You merely need be viewing and paying attention and noticing what you are creating yourself.” [session 338, November 10, 1999]

DARYL: “I’m interested in talking about several areas that to me all seem to be intertwined and connected with fear and duplicity. One of them is shrines to the past, and another one is an internal survival system I have which sort of divides me and is very limiting to me, and another one is my eye condition which causes pain on focusing. I sent you an e-mail question earlier about this, and you said that that was connected with shrines, and also a genetic choice that I’ve made.

(Vic’s note: reference session 268, March 08, 1998)

To me, these areas are all connected with my fear and duplicity, and I don’t know if you’d like to discuss them separately or together. I did feel like about four months ago I began a shift inside me, and thought that I was starting to dismantle the shrines and that things were happening, but now I kind of feel like I’m back on the hamster wheel. I’m just not getting very far very fast.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And you are experiencing the surgence of surfacing of this element of duplicity within yourself, are you not?

DARYL: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: Let me express to you initially that partially, this is in conjunction with this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently, which emphasizes many aspects of beliefs and is also bringing surfacely many issues that individuals hold, allowing you the opportunity to be examining and noticing these aspects of belief systems and also your individual fears and issues that you hold.

Now; in this, I shall inquire of you if you are wishing to be discussing elements of your fearfulness, or if you are wishing to be discussing other aspects of your reality presently?

DARYL: Well, I know that fear is an important issue to me. If there’s something else that I’m not aware of, I’d like to know about that. But I do seem to be holding very strongly to the fear, and it seems to me that that’s preventing me from letting go of this system inside me, if you understand what I mean by that.

ELIAS: Quite. In this, let me express to you that you are presently moving into a position of addressing to many of these elements within yourself, that you may be preparing yourself in outward expressions which concern other individuals, and this would be in relation to your individual intent. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, what you are moving into presently is sweeping away the cobwebs, so to speak, and emptying of your closets, and in this action, you afford yourself much more freedom of movement and much more freedom within your individual creativity to be expressing yourself with other individuals.

Now; presently and for much time framework within your focus previously, you have held issues in the area of fearfulness with respect to other individuals and interaction with them. I express to you, as you are aware already, that I focus attention quite specifically, much of the time, so to speak, in the direction of looking to self and examining those areas of self in which you are not accepting of.

Now; let me express in this that this particular direction of attention is extremely important, for it is very affecting, not merely of yourself but also within the interactions of other individuals, for individuals shall mirror to you what you project outwardly to them.

In this, individuals – yourself also, pastly – look in the direction of examining other individual’s behaviors and expressions and hold confusion in their thought process, that they view themselves as projecting outwardly what you term to be helpfulness and kindness and also that they project outwardly non-involvement in other individual’s issues, therefore offering no reason for other individuals to be interacting with them in any manner of what you view as negativity. They enter the area of confusion as they are faced with this type of negativity, regardless of their perception of their outward expression.

You have created this type of situation many times within your focus, which creates confusion and also lends much energy to areas of fear, for you view that other individual’s expressions become suspect and you are not trusting of their expressions in fearfulness that they may be hurtful to you, and you have experienced this feeling and this creation within reality, of hurtfulness repeatedly within your individual focus.

Now; I express to you that the reason that you draw these experiences to yourself is that you are holding to certain shrines. Be remembering – as you are aware of shrines – that within the action that individuals create concerning these shrines, you create patterns and repeated actions that shall reinforce your beliefs and shall reinforce the issues that are creating of the shrine.

In this, you have created a shrine in the area of how other people are viewing you, and that this is the measure of your expression and of your worth. Therefore, they are very intertwined. In each individual’s expression to you, if it is holding any hint, so to speak, of lack of acceptance in any direction within your perception, you shall add this to your shrine as another jewel and reinforce the issue that you already hold.

But let us be in remembrance of these shrines and the action of these shrines, for you draw to yourself expressions that shall be reinforcing of these issues, for you hold tightly to them and you do not view these as bad, but are very protective of these great shrines and are – in a manner of speaking, as I have stated previously – worshipping of the value of these shrines.

Now; this type of situation with very large shrines creates difficulty and thickness within an individual’s focus, for as you begin to notice that you have created a shrine of this type and you begin to address to this creation, you also choose to be dismantling of it, but hold confusion in how you may be dismantling of it. This moves us into the area of focusing upon self.

Now; I also express to you that I hold awareness of the difficulty in this area, for it is not merely the creation of the shrine that holds much power and energy, but also, within physical focus you have become very accustomed to creating automatic behaviors. In this, you create certain draws and responses within yourselves as easily and automatically as you create your breath – with no thought process. Therefore, many times there is initially also a great difficulty in addressing to these types of situations. Therefore, I express to you my awareness that what I am expressing to you may seem quite simplistic in words, but I hold awareness of the difficulty in its actualization.

In turning your attention to self, be recognizing of how you are drawing certain expressions from other individuals by not accepting yourself. In this, you ARE noticing of many areas of duplicity, for this may be slightly easier to be identifying, but in this noticing of duplicitous expressions and experiences, you may also move farther inward and identify the triggers, the emotions, the responses, and the reactions that you automatically are creating in relation to other individuals with respect to yourself.

As you move in the direction of choosing to be addressing to these issues and changing your reality, your most efficient movement in widening your awareness is to be affording yourself more of an acceptance of self. You may begin with this in small increments.

I express to you, individuals many times may become discouraged and also distracted in their attempt to be dismantling a shrine, for as they begin to view the shrine, they also view the enormity of it and the depth of it, and in this, they may be overwhelming themselves in viewing how they may be dismantling of this immense structure that they have created within them.

I express to you that you lean in this direction also, in being overcome, in a manner of speaking, at viewing these issues and the intensity of energy which has been provided them, and subsequently not holding a thought process or a feeling of adequacy in the area of ability to be dismantling of this shrine.

Now; this is the expression of the duplicity, which is also hindering of your movement. I express to you that you may be very efficiently dismantling of this once you are turning your attention more efficiently to self.

In this, I offer to you that you may be moving in small increments initially, merely noticing each time you are experiencing the twinging and the triggering of defensiveness, and also of what you may term to be hurtfulness. Many times, you may also be noticing of a twinge of irritation that you automatically express within you.

Now; I am not expressing to you that you be noticing of those time frameworks in which these types of expressions are quite obvious to you, but that you be noticing, within each interaction that you hold with other individuals, your triggering and your twinging that you create within you within each of these different expressions of interactions.

It matters not the measure in physical terms, that you view them to be quite small, for in viewing small twinges, in your terms, you are less inclined to follow those twinges and create a behavior in response to them, but you may allow yourself to be holding without a response or without a reaction, and merely allow yourself the moments to be examining why you are twinging in the manner that you are.

As you begin to notice these time frameworks, you may also identify to yourself at which times you are feeling oppressed and at which times you are feeling what you may term to be a victim of another individual’s expression. You may also notice in this how you move in the direction of creating a feeling of immobilization and helplessness.

These are not expressions that other individuals thrust upon you. These are expressions that you create within yourself, and you view these to be protections for yourself. But in actuality, I express to you that they merely restrain your movement, and cage you, and limit your expressions by eliminating much of your individual freedom. In this, you have based, so to speak, much of your own freedom of movement in relation to other individuals.

I express to you that the reason you engage with me this day is to offer yourself objective information that you already hold and you already know, in the direction of readiness to turn your attention to self now, and occupy your movement with noticing your own expressions regardless of other individual’s expressions. In this, also offer yourself permission temporarily to be moving in directions that offer you no conflict, and if your no-conflict scenario (2) is to be removing yourself physically from certain situations, employ that action! For initially, within this movement that you are creating presently, more importance is held that you continue to be reinforcing of yourself and creating your individual no-conflict scenarios, and this shall be validating to you in strengthening your acceptance of self regardless of other individual’s expressions.

I express to you also, eventually you may move into fuller expressions and you may not necessarily choose to be removing yourself from certain situations. But presently, your acceptance of self is quite weakened, and therefore I express to you to be attending to self first, and all other matters secondly. Are you understanding?

DARYL: I’m not sure about the last part, about removing myself from the situation. Are you talking about a relationship I’m recently in?

ELIAS: No. No, I am not expressing that you be removing yourself in these types of extreme terms, but as you are engaging in any particular moment of conflict and you notice that you are beginning to be more and more intensely discounting of yourself and your own expression within that conflict, it may be more efficient for you, within the moment, to be removing yourself temporarily from the interaction.

Now; in like manner, I am also expressing to you that it may be quite beneficial to you also to be removing yourself from yourself within your inner chatter at times also, for as you allow yourself to move in the direction of concentrating upon certain situations and creations and analyzing and repeating them to yourself over and over within your thought process, examining every angle of every expression that you hold, you begin to move into the area of doubting your own expression, and in this, you allow a wide window for the expression of duplicity.

In this, I offer to you that you may be offering yourself much more of an efficient expression – to be stopping and not continuing your hamster wheel within your thought process as you engage any situation that is creating uncomfortableness with you, and allow yourself to move your attention into another area. In a manner of speaking, it may be beneficial to you to disengage your analyzation and to be distracting yourself temporarily. You may return to your thought process and your analyzation of a particular situation, but once you have offered yourself a temporary removal and distraction, you lessen the intensity and therefore also break the circle of perpetuating the intensity of energy that you create within yourself, which also creates much of your confusion. (Pause, and then Daryl sighs and Elias chuckles)

DARYL: Okay....

ELIAS: Ashrah [Daryl]!

DARYL: Pardon?

ELIAS: I express to you that I offer you this information as I am recognizing within your energy how very efficiently you magnate in the direction of discounting self, and in this expression, you may be offering many different types of expressions that you view to be helpful to other individuals, and you are not affording yourself this helpfulness very much at all.

Therefore, I express this information to you quite purposefully in recognizing that there is a very large area within you that closes to your own expression of openness and vulnerability, and this is your expression of fear, and this also is your expression of duplicity, and in this, you do not afford yourself the comfort that you may afford to other individuals.

I express to you that you hold equal importance within physical focus and within all of consciousness to every other individual that is manifest, and you are as unique and as wondrous as any other individual! You merely do not accept this within yourself, for you view yourself to be the expression of the vacuum of the black hole, and I express to you that I view you within your energy to be the wondrous expression of the universe manifest within physical form!

Therefore, accept this information, that you may offer yourself the opportunity to be appreciating of self and not be discounting of self so very often.

DARYL: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

DARYL: In relation to my eyes, I felt that just before the condition started, I essentially gave up because I did feel the enormity of this and I felt helpless to change it, and that my eyes are partly an expression of that turning away and that helplessness.

ELIAS: Quite, and I express to you that you have quite efficiently created this outward physical expression of your protection. You do not allow yourself to focus, for you are concentrating very strongly upon holding your energy, that it may offer you a protection and not allow you to express the vulnerability and the openness. But in this expression, you are also restraining your own movement and you are creating of great limitations, and as you continue to be creating of these limitations within yourself, you mirror this outwardly in your expression of self.

Now; look to this expression, and how do you view this expression but as very bad, unacceptable, inadequate, and quite less than efficient? And this is how you view yourself. Therefore, it is quite efficient, within your expression of self in gaining your attention, that you shall employ your physical vision to offer you this type of information.

DARYL: So, if I move towards accepting myself and dismantling the shrines, then it will probably have an impact on my eye condition?

ELIAS: Quite; yes. I express to you, you hold in truth the ability to be altering this expression, and although I express to you that this also is an alignment with genetics, this is not locking you within an absolute expression and is not suggesting to you that you no longer hold the ability to be altering that reality, for you do.

Any individual may be moving outside of their own choices for alignment with genetic expressions within any given movement.

You within physical focus, in your amazement at these types of expressions, express to yourselves that you view miracles. I express to you that these are merely choices that individuals create in the desire to be altering of their expression of what they have created within their reality, recognizing that it is unnecessary for the continuation of that particular expression.

Now that you begin to offer yourself more of an understanding of what you are creating physically as a mirror expression of how you view yourself and your entirety of your focus, you may begin to be turning your attention to self and beginning upon your movement in acceptance of self, and as you move into this expression, you shall also be affecting of your physical expression that you have created to this present now. You may be uncreating this. You may also be uncreating your expression of lack of acceptance of yourself!” [session 405, May 27, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: Margot initially transcribed this session and sent me the following note: “As soon as I heard Rodney’s voice, I felt a distinct connection to him. I can’t recall that this has happened before with a new voice, and nearly every time I went to type ‘Rodney,’ I began typing ‘George’ instead. Frustrating as well as interesting!!”

So, I’m not going to change “George roars with laughter.” Actually, this is quite interesting because of another note Margot sent, which is as follows: “Vic, does it seem to you that Elias spoke especially affectionately to Rodney? At times it was as if they were two old guys, old friends having a friendly chat.”

This appears to be connected to a man named Charles who attended session 79, March 17, 1996. Elias referred to Charles as an “old friend” and said he was fragmented of Tomkin, which is the essence that represents the Milumet family in our game and is one of 12 essences involved with the energy exchange with Elias. What is interesting is that Mary’s daughter Elizabeth had an imaginary friend as a child who looked exactly like Charles. Elias identified this imaginary friend as the essence of Tomkin. Elizabeth called him George.

What is also interesting is that in my memory, only one person has brought an infant to a session. This baby was identified by Elias as being a focus of Tomkin. His physical name is Zachary, which is very similar to Rodney’s essence name.

Now, a note from Rodney:

“The names all ring bells with me, George in particular. I have a cousin by this name, but I rarely see him. Actually, I’ll explain the situation with a little story. Maybe 6 years ago, I formed a ‘men’s group.’ of 12 people who simply thought it might be a good idea. One of those men has the name Roger.”

“Now, after meeting every other week for over three years, I looked him in the eye one night and addressed him by the name George, and I kept on talking not realizing what I’d done until the awkward looks started to clue me in. Worse still, I continued to make this ‘mistake’ until it appeared that Roger was getting annoyed by it, so I began to make a concerted effort to stop. In all of this, I realized that I hold a very special affection for the name George.”

“Incidentally, Roger is and lives a life that is very complementary to mine – what I’m not he is, that sort of thing – and I admire him very much.”

Now, ain’t that interesting imagery?

(2) Paul’s note: Elias offers an exercise to help reduce personal conflict.

Exercises: find out more about the no-conflict game exercise.

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