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widening awareness

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “If you are needing of a method to be perceiving differently, this too has been offered within this company and these sessions; interaction with each other. For each of you holds individual perceptions. In this, you offer each other alterations in perception. You may hold a belief system, and your perception will follow this belief system; but as you have agreed to be widening, if you are incorporating helpfulness through interaction, you may also be accepting of another’s perception. In this is your method, to [be] allowing yourselves to widen belief systems.” [session 102, Sunday, June 30, 1996]

ELIAS: “In allowing yourselves the ability to widen your awareness, you also free yourselves from much of the confinement of your belief systems, which are merely creating of new and more creative religions, of which your sciences are another and of which your sciences are very limited. They provide you with exceedingly limiting information of your reality and of how you create your reality and of your universe that you occupy, and in your expansion of your awareness you offer yourselves the ability to access more than your sciences may EVER provide you with.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “Holding the remembrance and acceptance of belief systems are two of the base elements of this shift in consciousness, which allows you to open and widen your awareness, which subsequently allows you to be accomplishing your creativity more fully and realizing your abilities more fully.” [session 390, May 01, 1999]

ELIAS: “As to your identification of vulnerability and invulnerableness, I shall express to you that the movement into an allowance of vulnerability is productive, so to speak, for this offers less resistance and obstacles in the direction of widening your awareness.

“Be remembering that as I have stated previously, you may be equating the term of openness as synonymous with vulnerability. Therefore, you may also recognize that you may be expressing an invulnerability to be the expression of closure, and not an expression of openness.” [session 530, December 29, 1999]

ELIAS: “You are widening your awareness, and in this widening of awareness you are recognizing the lack of separation which also moves quite in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. This is an aspect of this shift in consciousness, the recognition that the expression of separation is generated in relation to your beliefs, but in actuality there is no separation. It is an illusion.

“As you widen your awareness, you allow yourself the recognition of the reality that there is no separation. As you continue to generate that awareness more and more in genuineness, you also open the door, so to speak, to allow yourself to pay attention to you more. For if there is no separation, then all that you perceive is you. And if all that you perceive is you, every aspect of your reality that you interact with is you interacting with you and therefore NOT outside of yourself, and this generates a motivation to be more clearly familiarizing yourself with you.” [session 1024, March 04, 2002]

SHAHMA: “... I’ve been having a lot of problems with my – maybe it’s not a problem, but it seems like it sometimes – with the short-term memory for a few years, and periodically it will get worse and then it will get better. But those are all, I know, they’re like worse and better – well, those are judgments; I realize that. But I feel like I may be shifting in and out. I mean, that’s almost the way it feels to me sometimes, that I’m going from objective to subjective, back and forth, and I have this sort of out-of-focus feeling a lot of times.”

ELIAS: “I am understanding, and I may express to you, partially you are correct, and I may also express to you that this is actually quite commonly experienced by individuals within your physical dimension in association with actual widening of your awareness. For you are allowing an expansion of your awareness; therefore you are incorporating much more of an objective expression of awareness, and therefore in that expansion, you are not focusing your attention in as narrow of an expression as you may have been previously. Therefore, that which you identify as short-term memory may be interrupted for your attention is moving in many directions.” [session 1053, April 08, 2002]

DON: “This has been great. Again, it’s felt to me fairly recently, maybe over the last few months, that what I’ve been thinking of as my skepticism of some of the things you’ve had to say really now feels like it’s because the literal interpretation I’ve been making of some of what you’ve had to say just doesn’t comport with the conceptualizations I’ve had for years.”

ELIAS: “I am quite understanding, and in this, what you are conceptualizing is more accurate. But I may express to you, as I have previously with other individuals, it is challenging to be offering this information to all of you in increments that you may be understanding as you widen your awareness and to be accurately offering these concepts to you within the limitations of your language – and not merely your language, but also in association with how you automatically process information in regard to what is known to you within your physical dimension.

“Now; I am aware that some individuals do express some skepticism in the information that I offer to you, for they view it to be at times inconsistent. But what these individuals are not recognizing yet is that as you all continue to widen your awareness, I also am allowed, in a manner of speaking, to broaden the information that I offer to you, and I may express to you more of the abstract and more of what is not absolute. For in your widening of awareness in increments, you begin to allow yourselves a greater understanding and knowing of what I am offering to you in these concepts.

“But I also, in compliance with each of you, offer information only to the capacity that you are allowing within your objective understanding within any time framework. As you widen more and as you generate more experiences in conjunction with your inner senses and your objective experiences, you engage conversation with myself and your questions change, and the responses to your questions change, for you are allowing yourself more of a capacity to assimilate” [session 1484, December 23, 2003]

ELIAS: “As you continue to widen your awareness, yes, you can quite definitely tap into other focuses of yourself, that which you term to be other lifetimes, past and future. You can also tap into other-dimensional focuses.

“You are not merely expressed in this one physical dimension. There are countless physical dimensions that you also participate in and incorporate focuses in those. As I have expressed previously, individuals that encounter extra-terrestrials are encountering other focuses of themselves. Therefore, you allow yourself to physically meet another you of you.

“The vastness of essence is beyond explanation. You are one focus of attention of essence that is physically manifest in this particular time framework, in this physical reality. There are countless yous within countless physical realities, and you incorporate many, many focuses of attention in this physical reality and in nonphysical areas of consciousness. You are incredibly vast expressions.” [session 1861, October 22, 2005]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You are barely scratching your surface presently, but you are learning quickly and you are noticing, and as you notice more, you will be connecting more. This is the beginnings of your shift. This shift entails a great widening of consciousness. It would not be quite possible for you, within physical focus, to be ‘snapping this on.’ You will ease into this area of consciousness. Some individuals will not ease as much, (grinning) and will be experiencing a jolt, for they will not be ready, and this will incorporate trauma. You have already begun the process; therefore you have already begun to eliminate this trauma.” [session 69, February 04, 1996]

VICKI: “I have a question. I don’t understand about the alien thing. I want to understand what you were explaining earlier.

ELIAS: Are you wishing information of true extraterrestrials, or are you wishing of information of what you believe to be these?

VICKI: I’m wishing of what people believe to be these.

ELIAS: Many time periods within your history have been connected to visitations by other beings, viewing man as not possessing the capability of accomplishing the things that he has accomplished, and within certain elements, physically focused man was not completely capable of accomplishing some of these feats; but, with helpfulness of Seers, there [were] the accomplishments.

These individuals, these Dream Walkers who overlapped with different cultures, did not always appear physically, but were interacting with the physically focused individuals and providing information and inspiration. There were also times when these Seers were manifest, partially. In this, as I have stated, they would not be viewed in the same manner as you view each other, for they did not actually possess a physical body. Therefore, in appearing to those physically manifest who have forgotten, they would appear to be other beings; sometimes being interpreted as gods or heavenly beings, sometimes being viewed as beings from other planets.

Within this, you also must incorporate a method that they have appeared. This was not a problem if you were viewing them to be gods or heavenly beings, for in these situations it was quite possible, within your perception, that they may just appear; but in those instances where some were questioned as to whether they be gods, they would be expressing negative. Therefore, the individuals physically manifest, as do you now, looked to their stars and developed their myths of other beings coexisting within their universe, more intelligent and more advanced them themselves, who would be visiting them and interacting in a helpful manner. In actuality, no spaceships were ever viewed. These were an invention of imagination of those individuals physically manifest. They were an explanation of transportation, of how these beings appeared to them.

This is not to say that you do not encounter unidentified objects. This is not to say that you do not encounter other beings, for you do periodically; not en masse. You do. Individually and periodically, you do view other crafts. These crafts, as I have stated previously, do not fly here. They do not travel across your universe and appear within your sky. They materialize as a ‘bleed-through’ periodically, within your dimension. Your ability to view them is a direct resulting of your widening in consciousness.” [session 72, February 18, 1996]

VICKI: “Well, I noticed something while I was doing this last week’s transcript, regarding the information on consciousness. I noticed I was very uncomfortable with this transcript. I had a hard time doing it. I had a hard time focusing on the information, and I had a hard time completing it. I think a lot of the uncomfortableness lie within wondering what an individual, without any previous information in this area, would immediately assume reading this introduction to consciousness, because I would immediately assume some sort of a religious connection, which makes me extremely uncomfortable, and because of that I’m even surprised I even finished it, instead of putting it off for another few days, and rereading it again, and maybe trying to convince myself that I was reacting in a ridiculous manner. So I guess my question is, why such a strong reaction to the brief introduction? (Babble, babble, babble!)

(Vic’s note: there seems to be a direct connection here between Mary’s illness, Elias’ energy, and Vicki’s babbling. An interesting viewing of this phenomenon, which seems to change constantly.)

ELIAS: Some of you do respond very strongly to information that you deem to be religiously oriented. Lawrence [Vicki], being very connected with a religious involvement, will be experiencing of this type of response. I will explain to you though, that although your religions have distorted your truths, they each are exceptional creations. Therefore, viewing religious elements as what you term to be negative or unacceptable is humorous, for you have created these belief systems for yourselves, and they have quite served you well. You only involve a distaste for a subject when you have felt affected in what you term to be a negative manner. You are approaching your shift; and in this, you are widening your awareness, which is also widening your belief systems. Therefore, you are not eliminating belief systems. You are recognizing of them, and accepting of them. Acceptance is quite different from eliminating! Your belief systems are not ‘bad.’ They are, in many ways, only ineffective, for they have been distorted and they have created much conflict, which you now are moving away from.” [session 81, March 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “Allow yourself to be open to probabilities, and you will be understanding more easily. As you block your acceptance of probabilities that you have aligned yourself with, you also block your understanding. Look to yourselves, and the experiences that you incorporate presently.

You are moving very quickly. You may view your own widening greatly, within a very small time element. You are within compliance. You are presently battling psychologically; for belief systems enter, and surface, and are influencing; but you are very quickly widening these also. Be open. (Pause, during which the new kitten ‘attacks’ Elias) Ah, small one! Very feisty! (Chuckling, and another pause)

VICKI: So this whole thing ... is this also why you seem to be so different recently? Your energy?

ELIAS: I remain the same ...

VICKI: Okay, I’ve asked this question before.

ELIAS: ... you change! Your awareness is widening. Michael [Mary] also, moving very quickly, is widening

awareness. In this, he is also incorporating a greater ability for acceptance. This is quite influencing of this phenomenon. The merging of consciousness, within the element of this phenomenon, increases; therefore the changes that you view.” [session 93, May 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Smiling) It has been asked, ‘What is this shift that we approach?’ It has been requested that an explanation be given. We have offered information of your approaching shift previously. I shall offer you more information, in light of your experiences recently.

Within our most recent session, I was acknowledging of each of you, and many more also, and congratulating on your new births. (1) We engaged an exercise to be emphasizing the interconnectedness of you all wthin consciousness, and to illustrate the parallels within all of your expressions. This also parallels the expression of mass events, expressed individually within your own individual realities.

Your shift is an alteration of consciousness which you have chosen. You presently are experiencing alterations in consciousness. You are experiencing an enlargement of the scope of your awareness. In this, you challenge existing belief systems.

I have spoken to you often of the trauma that shall be experienced with regard to this shift in consciousness. I have spoken to you that this shift is global; therefore, it is an immense movement. Just as waves of consciousness create mass events, which we have discussed thus far, your ideas of which are relatively small, this also incorporates a wave. This wave encompasses your entire planet; all of the individuals existing within it. Therefore, this wave is quite powerful. It has a tremendous motion incorporated within it.

The trauma that is experienced, within this alteration of consciousness connected with your shift, is related to a widening of awareness of belief systems. Thus far, within our discussions of widening awareness, these have been words. (Humorously) You widen here, you widen there! You are so wide, you are not very wide! You are too wide! Your awareness is widening, your awareness is not widening! (Grinning ‘widely’) They are words to you. They are ideas. I say to you, within reality, your awareness is widening!

In this, you feel within you the pulls and the pangs of this expansion within your objective consciousness. You become aware of belief systems, and you identify these belief systems. This also creates confusion. Within your individual expression presently, you experience conflict and confusion in widening belief systems. Within your shift, I do not use the term trauma lightly; for within your own experience, you already are becoming aware of the difficulty that is incorporated within widening in your awareness and recognizing belief systems, and also recognizing the reality of no right or wrong. You have existed for very much time within your present reality with these belief systems. Widening an awareness of these belief systems that you hold very tightly to creates conflict, for you do not willingly allow them to fly away!

I have expressed to you many times, I do not speak to you to eliminate your existing belief systems, only to be recognizing of them and widening your awareness to encompass more; for as you allow yourselves a larger scope of awareness, you also let loose your hold upon these existing belief systems. You do not forget them! You do not completely eliminate them; for you exist within physical focus within an area of consciousness that you have agreed upon accepted guidelines for existence. Therefore, to an extent, these belief systems are incorporated with you always; although you do hold the ability, and you have made the choice, to shift your consciousness to allow a wider perception, therefore allowing yourself to be ‘unlocked.’

You have existed for much of your time period ‘locked’ into certain belief systems and accepted guidelines. It is as if you have ‘rutted out’ a pathway within a field. This pathway has been traveled back and forth continuously. Its scenery, its direction, its area has been accepted by you all, and has been used. Now, you choose to plow the entire field. You choose to widen, and allow yourselves the opportunity to experience all that lies beyond your small rutted path. In choosing this, you also incorporate trauma, for you hold very tightly to your accepted rut. You do not incorporate tremendous change very easily! You are beginning to view, individually, the difficulty in incorporating these changes of widening awarenesses. You are beginning to experience the confusion of letting go of accepted belief systems. Think now of the trauma that shall be incorporated, within a much larger scale of your entire globe!

The process has been initiated. Just as you incorporate symbolism within all elements of your existence, you also incorporate symbolism within the manifestation of your shift. It seems, within your perceptions, to be a necessity to allow yourselves physically to view symbols, within your reality, that you may look to and connect with. Therefore you have chosen, within agreement, to manifest symbols.

One of your symbols that has been chosen, through agreement, is the manifestation physically, into physical focus, of Rose. (2) This manifestation now has been completed; this being only one of your symbols that you have offered to yourselves, but this symbol will serve to be instrumental and very instructive to you. Already, this essence has provided much instruction and initiation within your own widening.

Within our exercise at our last meeting, I offered the illustration of the symbolization of Rose’s gestation, that you personally may connect with and understand more of your own creations and your own widening. This has been incorporated already throughout our entire meeting time together. It continues at an accelerated pace. The physical manifestation, in being completed, accelerates the actualization of movement within consciousness. Therefore, if you are viewing that we have been moving quickly previously, we shall be moving more quickly now! (Grinning at Cathy)


ELIAS: For not only do you all move within consciousness as you learn and as you widen, but all other individuals are moving also. Their awareness is different, but their movement accelerates also, within consciousness.

It was inquired, early on within our sessions, ‘Why do you, Elias, engage with us?’ The response was, ‘To avoid trauma within your shift.’ You now begin to experience the reality of the severity of the possibility of trauma connected with widening belief systems, which is the action of your shift. What you experience presently, you may term to be a small taste! (Here, there are moans and groans from the group) Therefore, you may more clearly be understanding why essences incorporate with individuals physically focused to be helpful; although you view, at times, Elias to be not very helpful, and allowing you to experience much trauma! (Laughter)

You are accomplishing well, for you have allowed yourselves a base within understanding of essence, of self, of belief systems, of reality, to allow you no trauma. You experience distress or uncomfortableness or conflict, but you are not experiencing trauma, for you are learning how to avoid experiencing trauma by becoming aware of self.

I am understanding that you hold many questions this evening, and that you experience much confusion. Therefore, I will allow this evening’s session to be directed to your questions. But first, I shall welcome new essence this evening! (Smiling at Julie, and then to the group) You may ask your questions, if you are choosing.

CELIA: I have a question. You have mentioned the trauma. I believe, from my personal experience, there is difficulty with other people because of my change in belief systems in my shift, difficulty in their understanding of me, or saying that I’m ... weird! (Laughter) So, is this true? Is this what we call the trauma?

ELIAS: You will experience many individuals that will experience trauma as you engage this shift within consciousness, for they choose presently not to be acknowledging of this movement. Many individuals are very comfortable within their existing belief systems, and although they hold an underlying awareness that their existing belief systems are inefficient, they also, presently, work. Therefore, they hold to them, continuing. In this, they also reject those that they view to be widening. Just as within the manifestation of your religious-focus, within its onset, or what you would term to be its beginnings, there was also much conflict; for there is conflict within the birth of a new age in consciousness. As those within the beginnings of your religious-focus experienced much conflict and rebellion, so also do you experience the same expression presently. Understand that just as your religious-focus was a global incorporation, it was accepted; the difference being, within your religious expression, you allowed yourselves many different expressions of this mass event.

Within the incorporation of the shift, you are not choosing to be ‘replacing’ old belief systems, so to speak, with new belief systems. You are choosing to widen your awareness, allowing for existing belief systems; this being also an area which incorporates much confusion presently within what you term to be your ‘new age,’ for many individuals express, within ‘metaphysics,’ that they hold the answers for your shift within consciousness. In actuality, they create a new religion. They are substituting. They are incorporating new belief systems in an attempt to replace old belief systems; although they would be quite surprised to realize that their new belief systems are not very new at all! (Laughter) They are very anciently old belief systems brought forth surfacely, once again, into your present reality.

This is not the point. Your shift is not to be replacing belief systems, and incorporating new belief systems to be focused upon. Your shift is to be accepting of all – underline three times, although your computer will not underline three times – all belief systems. Within acceptance of all belief systems, you eliminate right and wrong. You do not eliminate the belief systems! You widen your awareness, within consciousness, to eliminate right and wrong; therefore allowing yourselves to be more consciously connected, within your objective consciousness, to essence; and allowing yourself a more efficient expression of essence within physical focus. All of this you will experience effortlessly, once you have made your connection.

All of your times presently now that you express to yourselves, ‘I am wishing to be expressing within this manner, but, but, but, but!’ (Grinning, and laughter) You will not experience, any longer, the ‘but’; for the expression shall be natural. It is the natural expression of your essence to be accepting. Within this one concept, within this one word, lies the whole of your shift, also lies the whole of your trauma, for this being your most difficult area to incorporate. Your belief systems encourage you and reinforce you to not be accepting. You do not accept others. You do not accept yourselves. You do not accept ideas. You do not accept anything, except that which you choose within your own expression of separation, which is your own private, individual space. Within your widening of awareness, you will become aware, there is no private, individual space! It is all connected. It is all affecting. It is all one. (Pause)

You also will not experience such ‘fighting.’ I do not express this word with the connotation of fighting amongst each other. I express this word of fighting yourselves, for if you are not fighting yourselves, you are not fighting each other! (Smiling)

Therefore, Sari [Cecelia], do not concern yourself that others view you strangely, or that they pull away. Focus upon your own expression. Focus upon the incorporation and expression of your own little tree (3), and in this, you will radiate to all around you. If you are not allowing conflict within yourself, you will not be creating conflict. This, I also understand, is a conglomeration of words! (Very humorously) If you are not expressing conflict within yourself, you are not creating conflict for any individual to which you encounter! Hm, hm, hm! Words, words, words! (Here, we all crack up)

These words hold truth. You do not understand the truth, for you do not understand the conflict that you generate within yourselves, for you identify conflict with feeling. Conflict does not always engage feeling. Conflict is incorporated through physical focus as an expression of separation, and lack of communication and connection with the expression of essence, which comes from belief systems. Therefore, if you are recognizing of these belief systems, and you are allowing yourself the acceptance of these belief systems, the conflict is eliminated.

Acceptance of belief systems is not recognizing a belief system. It is not expressing to one’s self, ‘I see this belief system. I am expressing I acknowledge this belief system. Therefore, I accept that I hold this belief system.’ This is not acceptance of a belief system! Acceptance of a belief system is the understanding that it is no more than a belief system that facilitates some action within accepted guidelines within physical focus, and that it holds no right or wrong. It is only a physical expression. In essence, underline, it is a symbol.

I express to you now, the physical expression manifested by our small one Elizabeth [Elizabeth], within a pregnancy and a childbirth, was the symbol. Your expressions, within consciousness, are the reality. Your movements, within consciousness, are the reality. Our exercise was intended to demonstrate the reality of consciousness, and the symbolization of the physical act and manifestation within physical focus. As I have expressed to you many times, your physical expressions are mirror images of essence. They are not essence. They are elements of the whole. Therefore, the belief systems are elements of the manifestation.” [session 99, June 09, 1996]

ELIAS: “As you widen your awareness of belief systems, you also, as you have recently viewed, begin to incorporate an understanding of how your belief systems align with mass belief systems. In this, I shall also express to you that within the area of mass belief systems, you very effectively restrict your individual selves. You have learned to distrust and discount yourselves. You have learned, through alignment with mass belief systems, that it is unsafe to be expressing of your individuality. Therefore, you ‘squelch’ or you deny your individual talents, creativity, and abilities; for if you are expressing of these abilities individually, you set yourselves apart. You become ‘different.’ (Grinning)

Within your mass accepted psychological ‘norm,’ you believe you must be the same; therefore, you hold belief systems the same. You may view yourselves individually. You may express to me, ‘I do not align with mass belief systems.’ I shall express to you, you are incorrect! You do hold to mass belief systems. You accept these. As I have stated, within a widening of awareness, you allow yourselves the perception of your alignment with mass belief systems. In this, you allow yourselves the opportunity to widen these beliefs, and truly be accepting of them, and allow them to fly away.

As I have stated this evening, you have each incorporated situations individually, within your recent time period, as have all other individuals, which have served for your viewing of belief systems that you hold. Many individuals, within what you view to be the masses, in these early stages of your shift, do not consciously recognize the elements they are presenting to themselves. Therefore, within a waking consciousness state objectively, they do not act upon conscious widening of awareness. Therefore, the action of widening is slowed. You within this company, and many others also, have chosen to allow yourselves to view and to become aware. As I have stated previously, this process is not always what you view to be ‘comfortable!’ (Grinning, as we all crack up)

GAIL: To say the least!

ELIAS: This is not necessary! (Humorously) ‘Oh, fine, Elias! Very well for you to say, for you occupy existence within non-physical focus, and do not deal with physical things!’ (Laughter) It matters not. Your perception is all that need be altered. (Smiling)

You may incorporate any physical situation, and you always hold choices. You always hold difference perceptions. You may choose to lock yourselves into one prevailing belief system and perception, but this also would be your choice! If you are wishing to be avoiding conflict and trauma, this is within your abilities!

I have stressed many times, from the onset of our sessions, the importance of interaction. The reason this interaction holds importance is to allow you alternate perceptions. Within our time that we have been engaged together, you have offered yourselves many examples of altering perceptions. You draw upon these experiences many times, but you continue to not make the connection! You continue to view the difficulty in shifting perception. You think, within your objective self, that you must incorporate a method; or you think, there must be a process; or you think, it shall be very difficult to shift. I have expressed many times to you, there is no difficulty within shifting. You need only perceive differently.

If you are needing of a method to be perceiving differently, this too has been offered, within this company and these sessions; interaction with each other; for each of you holds individual perceptions. In this, you offer each other alterations in perception. You may hold a belief system, and your perception will follow this belief system; but as you have agreed to be widening, if you are incorporating helpfulness through interaction, you may also be accepting of another’s perception. In this is your method, to allowing yourselves to widen belief systems.

I tell you truly, which you may communicate also to our new friends; you may choose to view presently, within this now, that you will not experience trauma in conjunction with this shift ... but, you will. You may look to your individual experiences, and you may view within this present now individually, not en masse, how the engagement of very strong base belief systems causes trauma. If you incorporate your multiplication, viewing mass events and mass consciousness, shifting mass belief systems causes trauma. Your expression of non-acceptance of these concepts is only an attempt at physically-focused control. You shall eliminate much, much conflict by allowing yourselves to view the unnecessary element of control issues; for you allow yourselves acceptance of self and trust of self in this, which far out-weighs your small concept of control. If you are trusting of self, you feel no need to be controlling of self, or any other element.” [session 102, June 30, 1996]

VICKI: “I have a question. Paul made a comment that even the interaction within this group should be ‘carefully administered.’ (4)

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: I don’t really understand.

ELIAS: In this expression, a caution has been administered to be realizing the reality of each individual, and to not be discounting of this. You move in widening of awareness, but you each are aware that your awareness is not very, very wide as of this moment, within this now! (Grinning) Therefore, you may be wishing to be expressing of helpfulness, and you may express contrary to your intention; for you are discounting or ignoring each individual’s expression of reality. (Pause)

At every given moment, you are creating your own reality. Therefore, your expression is real. Many times you express to each other, in an effort to be helpful, your opinion of the other individual’s reality; which is incorporated into your reality, but not necessarily into their reality.

Care must be taken in understanding and, once again, respectfulness of each individual’s differences and their individual creation of their own reality; this being the area to which you, within yourselves, create evaluations within your own perceptions of other individuals, and in this, express what you believe within your own reality; which is not necessarily, in actuality, the reality! Confusion may ensue, within both. (Pause)

These expressions would not be offered to you were you not in agreement to be engaging this action. You have chosen to be moving in this direction, and in this, you have asked for helpfulness; guideposts; which we respond to. (Pause)

This is not to say that each individual shall silence themselves and offer no information; for as I have stated previously to you all, interaction is important, for you share perceptions. In this, you offer alternate perceptions to each other, allowing yourselves and each other the opportunity to change perceptions, and also to widen your awareness. We express only that you exercise care, in understanding, within your own individual expressions, where they are motivated from. (Pause) As with our little tree, it is unnecessary for you to evaluate another. It is necessary for you to evaluate you!” [session 104, July 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “You view your reality within one direction, as I stated at our last meeting. This creates what you view and interpret as your ‘real’ reality. All other elements outside of this ‘real’ are unaccepted. They are ignored. But, just as we have spoken to Olivia [Ron] as to your confusion within accepting your periphery, if you are allowing yourself the ‘letting go,’ so to speak, of your insistent control, you shall allow yourself to view unofficial elements of your present reality. These elements occur continuously.

We have stated this to you many, many times; but each time you are presented with information that is ‘outside’ of your official ‘real’ reality, it is unaccepted! This is not only individuals very ‘planted’ which express this same idea! Within different elements of periphery, all individuals hold a non-acceptance of different, unofficial reality. You each incorporate different areas that seem to be more difficult. As you are widening your perceptions, you are presenting yourselves with difficult issues. You challenge your own official reality. You shall attain an understanding, whether you believe this presently or not! You are moving within consciousness into a wider perception, allowing more information and allowing more of your periphery.” [session 107, July 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within our interaction with you, we attempt to spur questioning, which motivates you to move beyond the probabilities that you have chosen within the pool that you connect with the individual focus. It is an action of motivating you to incorporate ideas that may widen your perception. This is what is meant by widening your perception; the allowance of viewing, objectively, more of your probabilities that are available to you than only the pool of probabilities that you have selected for the individual focus. The subjective expression is aware of the myriads of probabilities available. Objectively, you consider only within the pool that you have chosen. This is not to say, once again, that you are ‘locked into’ this probability, for you are not. There are no closed systems. Therefore, you do incorporate the ability to tap more of your probabilities than you allow yourselves presently.” [session 115, August 25, 1996]

ELIAS: “Throughout our discussion of probabilities, I have been instructing you to be noticing, and also to be allowing a widening of your perception. In this, you present a prime example. Notice your own movement within probabilities, moving through belief systems. Notice your own individual actions. As you engage new, or what you perceive to be new perceptions, moving through belief systems, you engage what action?

(Pause, staring at Vicki, who is clueless) Battling! I have expressed that your individual expressions and also your mass events mirror each other; therefore the action is the same. Within the initiation of the probabilities and the movement within consciousness into the area desired, you also, en masse, engage belief systems. Therefore, you display what you view initially to be ‘opposite of the end product,’ in your terms. These are areas which are instructional for you to be noticing and widening your understanding of. You view, within your selectivity of attention, a probability being actualized and displaying an ‘instant’ result. You do not allow for the understanding of all of the actions and probabilities that are simultaneously occurring, within a given desire.” [session 117, September 01, 1996]

BOB: “Would we expect to see more tolerance, because of this widening of awareness, between groups of different orientation? I think Reta is looking for a little bit more enlightened planet, would like to see that. By incorporating one religion, that certainly would be one way to do it, but as you say, that’s not going to happen. So do you see more cooperation and tolerance between different points of view as this awareness widens?

ELIAS: Absolutely. If you are holding an awareness and an acceptance of belief systems, your tolerance shall increase. If you hold an awareness and an understanding of self and focuses and essence, and the knowledge that other individuals upon your planet are also you, you shall eliminate many of your divisions and your intolerance. As your awareness of self increases, your awareness of all, and of your reality, increases. As you are accepting of belief systems, they no longer hold their intensity.” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

BOB: “Hello! I think the issue that’s most pressing for me is incorporating the information that I’m getting here into a new way of looking at things. For the longest time I thought I had a pretty good handle on that, but I’m here, so I must have felt that I needed to enhance that to some extent. I’m finding confusion in that there are times when I can totally connect with what I’m learning and what I’m seeing and it’s very, to use your term, effortless. It’s very easy to just see things clearly and respond to them in a way that works very well for me. The confusion is, at other times it seems harder than ever to respond to certain things. It’s very hard to reconcile that. At least in the past, there was a certain consistency of ability and response and something that you could hang your hat on, whereas now at times things work better than they ever have, and at other times they work worse than they ever have, and there’s this feeling when things are working worse that somehow I’m losing my grip with what I think I’m understanding. Is that enough information for you?

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughter)

BOB: Just wanted to make sure you had enough!

ELIAS: This is a very understandable response. You shall continue to be experiencing these types of actions. Eventually, you all shall understand and learn to be incorporating the effortlessness continuously, but you hold very strong belief systems.

Within your daily activity, before encountering ‘the cosmic one,’ (very humorously, and we all crack up) you continued within your belief systems quite nicely. You have nothing to be disturbing this or conflicting with your belief systems, and if you hold belief systems that are too conflicting for you, you shall merely change your belief system and incorporate a new belief system. Now you draw yourself to information to widen your awareness. In this, you allow yourself the opportunity to look, and to view belief systems and recognize belief systems. You attempt to widen your awareness, but you battle and you hold conflict for you do not understand the meaning of accepting belief systems. You are insistent upon eliminating belief systems, which is not possible within physical focus.

You have created physical focus with belief systems. They shall continue. Even within your shift you shall hold belief systems, but you shall hold an acceptance of these belief systems. Therefore, they shall work for you, in your terms. Those that do not work presently are those elements that you find yourself battling. You may not objectively always hold an awareness of what you are battling, but you shall view the effects, which shall give you an awareness if you are noticing; for each time you engage in battling belief systems to be moving through these belief systems, you shall be experiencing conflict. It is difficult initially, for your belief systems are very strong.

I have expressed to these individuals, initially you shall put forth effort to attain your effortlessness. Do not lose heart in this endeavor. You are not losing your mind, and you are not becoming irrational! I express, as I have expressed to Olivia [Ron], there are many elements of reality that you do not accept, but are reality. You shall find yourself battling with these elements more and more, for you are allowing a widening of awareness. Therefore, you are noticing more. You are becoming sensitized to more. You inner senses are becoming more activated. Therefore, you confuse yourself more. Look to the time periods that you experience your effortlessness. Realize that within the time periods that your action seems to be more difficult than previously, you are dealing with belief systems and allowing subjective activity to be influencing. You are beginning to open. You also fight this! It is natural.

BOB: Is it necessary?

ELIAS: It is not necessary. It is automatic!

BOB: So I’m stuck with it, is what you’re saying?

ELIAS: You may choose to be changing of this, but I shall express to you realistically that within actuality, most probably you shall continue with these types of actions, for you hold very strong belief systems. All of you hold very strong belief systems. You also hold a very strong belief system that you do not gain ...

BOB: Without pain! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Quite! You may express that you do not hold this belief system, but you do. You all do. You believe that you gain through tremendous effort, that with effort comes value. This is not necessarily correct, but this is what you believe. Therefore, this is what you manifest. I may express to you, very realistically and truthfully, that you may choose to experience effortlessness from this present moment after. You shall not believe me ...

BOB: I believe you! You don’t believe that I believe you! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: You do not believe that you believe! (Grinning) Therefore, you shall not manifest this, most probably.

BOB: Will you be helpful to me?

ELIAS: Absolutely, as I am with all, and you shall be noticing of this.

BOB: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 145, January 05, 1997]

NORM: “I have a question. I’m not sure that it would be worth considerable discussion, but I feel that the area of cooperativeness is probably quite important in my life. The relationship between cooperativeness and separateness or individuality, do you have any wise words in regard to that?

ELIAS: You shall present yourself, as you already are aware, with the opportunities to notice what you choose to address. With respect to cooperation and separateness, these are your choice, both; although as you choose to engage widening and as you ask yourself for information and helpfulness, you shall present yourself with the opportunity to view aspects of yourself that you may notice that are less efficient. Therefore, you shall create the opportunity for choices within probabilities of change, and you shall eventually open to recognize the direction within cooperation, as you learn to understand that there is no separation.

This is a very difficult issue for all of you, without exception; for you have created a physical focus that holds a camouflage of separateness. It is not an illusion, but it is a very effective camouflage of separateness. As you realize that there is no separateness, there are no sections, there are no oranges, (grinning) you shall allow yourself more of an understanding of cooperation.

Be reminding yourself objectively that you are a part of all and all is a part of you, regardless of your tastefulness for any aspect. You may view another individual or activity as distasteful, but they are elements of you. It matters not. You are not removed and separate from all. There are no walls between any of you. You only allow yourself a temporary viewing that appears to be sectioned; but although you create a physical manifestation, even this is not contained and sectioned from all else.

You shall find also, as you continue within your widening process, as many of my dear friends have continued with me within these session periods, that as you request of yourself your own widening you shall offer this to yourself, and you shall confuse yourself, and you shall shriek with dismay at times! But, you have requested. Just as we have spoken, you objectively choose. You are not the victim of a conspiracy within subjective movement. You have chosen, and you shall present yourself with those elements that you need be viewing for your own awareness and your own widening; this allowing you to more efficiently engage your shift, and transition within physical focus without senility!” [session 152, February 09, 1997]

RETA: “You said trauma would be one of the things people would go through in the shift, and that we can be helpful, and that one of the reasons we’re here is to learn to be helpful. You’re not saying that anyone here will experience trauma! Is that right? Not in this group?

ELIAS: This is your choice. If you are choosing to be availing yourself of this information and also applying this information and widening your awareness, you shall not be experiencing trauma within the shift. Not all that appear within this forum are choosing to be continuing and availing themselves of this information, and may experience trauma.” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

CATHY: “Where does acceptance of someone else’s creation fit into his whole scenario, or does it? [Our] acceptance of someone else’s creation.

ELIAS: If you are accepting of self and concerning yourself with self, you may be accepting of another individual’s creation of reality. Each individual creates their own reality for their own reasons. Just as with our little sapling, it should be of no concern to you. I am quite understanding that these are difficult, extremely difficult, underline, areas to actualize, for you hold very strong belief systems. This also is an element of your shift; that you are learning, as you are widening, acceptance.

I have expressed to you that tolerance is a natural byproduct of essence expression. It holds no effort. It is an automatic expression. Lack of judgment is a natural byproduct of essence. You incorporate these actions of intolerance or judgment, as you are influenced by your belief systems. As you begin to examine these belief systems and accept these, you also realize they hold no power. They hold no importance.

I do not express that you eliminate belief systems. I express that you accept belief systems as belief systems, and in this you shall understand and hold the ability to express naturally of essence. Therefore, the creation of another matters not, for you hold no judgment. The reason another individual is affecting of you is that you hold belief systems in relation to their creations, and as you hold belief systems you hold judgments as to another’s creation. Therefore, you are affected. Therefore, you experience conflict.

You hold these belief systems and their natural byproducts of intolerance and judgment for you do not accept and trust yourselves; for if you are trusting and accepting of self and eliminating the duplicity, you shall not hold a reason to be expressing through these belief systems, whose natural byproducts are intolerance and judgment.

This is extremely difficult for you. I acknowledge this, for within your creation you align with belief systems very strongly. They are automatic. You hold very deep issues that you have created throughout your focus.

(To Jim) I do not speak lightly of your child that you have created for I am quite understanding of the importance and significance of this creation, which holds much emotional and psychological affectingness; this being why I have continued to offer information within much time period to you of this situation.

Each of you hold issues that are known to only you. Each of you wrestles with your individual belief systems that you confront yourselves with, in your attempt to be widening your awareness and moving into this shift.

I shall be acknowledging to you that your movement is constant within this widening of awareness, or you would not inquire of these things.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

BOB: “As we move more into the shift and there’s a widening of awareness and periphery, will sexual issues, gender issues, be less important? Because they seem to be held more in essence than in belief system, and because we hold them in essence we create belief systems around them. But it strikes me that as we become more aware of the nature of sexuality and gender and that whole arena, that the belief systems seem to sort of break down naturally and are not as critical to be moved through as certain other belief systems, like religion ...

ELIAS: This has already begun. It is a difficult movement, for you have held strong belief systems within centuries of your history. Therefore, movement away from these belief systems shall appear initially to be sluggish, although they are already moving quite swiftly in an acceptance which grows more and more, of your sexuality and the lack of importance of choices of expression within this. If you are expressing within this area and you are not being hurtful, it matters not what you choose as an expression to be manifesting.

BOB: Why the distinction about hurtfulness, if murder isn’t a bad expression?

ELIAS: This being an expression of essence; and as you are moving into your shift and widening your awareness and knowing of this, you shall be moving into an area that you shall not be intentionally being hurtful to each other. Within your belief systems presently, you continue to view this as not an agreement; as victim and perpetrator. Therefore, I qualify that until the time of acceptance of this shift, hurtfulness is unacceptable.” [session 171, May 04, 1997]

CATHY: “Can you change a belief system and still be widening?


BOB: Which one?

CATHY: Any one.

ELIAS: Quite; for you may be changing or altering belief systems within your process, which you believe to be necessary of attempting to accept belief systems. This may also be an explanation to you of what I express, that you move in increments. Therefore, you may opt to be exchanging one belief system which seems to you to be very strong, and you may within yourself view yourself to be moving into an area of compromising temporarily with another belief system that you view to be less affecting. This will be lending energy to you to be accepting.

You shall not be awakening one morning and experience this revelation that you have accepted all of these base belief systems, for you hold another belief system that this is not possible. You must be engaging a process. Therefore, you limit yourself within time frameworks of your movement. This also is not ‘bad.’ It matters not, for all is simultaneous and is accomplished. Therefore, it matters not what you view to be slower movement or faster movement within accomplishment. You shall accomplish! It matters not the time framework in which you are accomplishing. It is not ‘better’ to be moving ‘faster.’ The objective is to be. It matters not your incorporation of time framework. As I have stated, it is accomplished already, for all is within simultaneous time.” [session 188, June 29, 1997]

JIM: “Christie expressed in her session a few months back that everything that we go through, everything that is presented to us is ... in accepting everything that comes to us, it is...

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: ... trusting of self, no matter what.

ELIAS: This be your basis. This be the basis of the action of this shift; to be accepting and trusting of self and therefore widening your awareness as a natural byproduct, and offering yourself tremendous new avenues in creativity that you may now explore, and increasing your ability; for you engage your periphery and no longer hold to your blinders. In this, you may not engage your periphery and you may not move in the action of this shift without accepting and trusting self.

You are moving into a new area of consciousness. Other individuals, other essences, shall not be expressing your direction for you any longer. You shall be directing of yourselves, individually and collectively, and this is unfamiliar to you. You are quite familiar with your officially accepted reality of being instructed by a select few in how to create your reality in the direction that they wish you to create your reality. Now you may create your reality in the direction that you choose independently, within your own creativity and for yourself.

You have always created your realities for yourselves. You have NOT always understood HOW you create your reality. You have also aligned within mass belief systems, within your societies throughout your entire globe, in agreement to be following instruction of select few individuals that you designate to be ‘the leaders.’ Now you may each be your own leaders.” [session 207, August 15, 1997]

ELIAS: “Attempt to be allowing yourselves to enter into areas of experiencing within this shift, and not holding fearfulness, and continuing to be focusing your attention upon the present now; for no other exists. There is no future; there is no past. There is now – continuously. Therefore, allow yourselves the experience within the now, and be trusting of yourselves. As you allow more of your widening and your experiencing, you also allow yourself more of your language to yourself. Therefore, you also offer yourself more information of self, and of your direction, and of your choices. If you are concerning yourself futurely, you are distracting yourself from listening to yourself. Individuals express to this essence, ‘What shall I do? Which direction shall I move into?’ You may answer these questions for yourselves if you are only listening to yourselves. If you are focusing your attention within the now, you may be surprising yourselves that your self shall speak to you within impressions and impulses and that small, quiet voice within you, which shall offer you your own direction and give you your answers.

You need hold no dependence upon other individuals or this essence for your answers, for you magnificently may offer these answers to yourselves. It is merely a question of remembering and listening to self, and you shall know within you when you are speaking to yourself. You shall hold a recognition of impressions that in your terms shall feel right to you, and you shall know which direction you wish to be choosing within your probabilities. This be the point, and why I express so very often to individuals that they focus upon the now, and self; for in this, you need not be inquiring of this essence! I may be offering you explanations of your reality, and I may be offering you helpfulness within your confusion, but this essence does not choose your probabilities for you. No essence chooses probabilities for you. You choose for yourselves. And as you are listening to other individuals or even listening to what you view to be other essences expressing to you a direction that you must move within, hold this as suspect, for no other individual may offer you your direction.” [session 216, September 13, 1997]

MARCOS: “I’m reading a book called The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda. Is that a useful tool, would you say? Is there useful information in that?

ELIAS: There are many different avenues within your time framework presently that are useful and helpful in your engagement of different activities subjectively that shall also be helpful in your widening of awareness within this shift. I do not express to individuals to not be accessing information. This essence is not your only avenue! There are many avenues to be gaining information within. Therefore, glean from that information that which will be helpful to you in accomplishing ... but not creating new belief systems!” [session 218, September 15, 1997]

HELEN: “From what I’ve read about the shift ... it’s kind of back to this religious thing. From what I understand from what I read is that our world has relied on religious factions for a long time, I guess to move us places and to let us explore, as you said, and needing to widen our focuses ... widen our knowing, I guess. Are you saying that when the veils are lifted from our other focuses that we will then be able to incorporate religious beliefs from other focuses in addition to the ones that we have now? And is that one of the purposes of the shift?

ELIAS: The purpose of the shift is not to be incorporating more religious belief systems.

HELEN: Less?

ELIAS: The purpose of the shift is to be widening your awareness, and in this allowing you greater creativity and a greater knowledge of your own abilities that you may be accomplishing within. This allows you less limitations and more accessibility to exploration of your reality within this dimension. It is also the action of this shift to be accepting those belief systems which you hold, that they may not be quite so limiting of your abilities and your creativity, and allowing you a freer expression of essence and less separation from essence. (Pause)

HELEN: But during this widening ... I mean, the image I get is that we’re cramped in a space. It’s like we’ve done all we can in a space and we need to be widened, obviously. But is it because what we’ve created is not serving us well? Or is it just for the expanse of our experience and creativity?

ELIAS: It HAS served you well to this now. It is not serving you any longer, for it is limiting. You hold a desire to be expressing more expansively, to be aware of your reality in many more aspects than you allow yourselves presently.” [session 252, December 21, 1997]

NANCY: “I experience these windows, what I call windows of reality. It usually happens before I go to sleep at night, when I’m in that crossover state. I’m well aware that I’m not asleep, and yet my eyes will be closing, and these like holes – so I call them windows – appear out of my field of vision, and I’ve been shown a reality that feels more real than this, even though it’s very brief. I just wonder what I can do to help sustain them ... or I don’t want them enough, so they don’t come to me? I guess I’d like to know what it is I could do, to maybe obviously gravitate in that direction?

ELIAS: Continue practicing with these windows of yours. These are focal points that you have allowed yourself in your own widening of awareness. But just as we have spoken at our last meeting of how individuals restrain themselves in the unfamiliar and in the area of their own fearfulness of the unfamiliar, let me express that although at times individuals such as yourself in this situation within physical focus may become excited in their discovery of new elements of their reality, you also hold to the familiarity of this particular focus.

Now; in this situation with yourself and your particular windows – your focal point – these are access points. Windows are a very good tone for these portals, for they do allow you access into the reality of other realities.

Mind you understand your own terms in your own expression: ‘I view these realities to be more real than this reality.’ Here is your key as to your creation and why you limit your creation, for these are DIFFERENT realities, but they are NO MORE REAL than this reality. You have allowed yourself the opportunity to view within yourself a belief system which has been perpetuated through your society, that THIS reality is ‘less than,’ that you are ‘working through the working plane.’ This also is reinforced by your belief systems in reincarnation, which are belief systems.

In this, as you discount this particular reality and do not allow yourself the appreciation of the magnificence of this particular reality and acknowledge your exploration of it ... for it SEEMS mundane and it SEEMS that you are entirely familiar with this particular reality. Therefore, what be there to discover and what be there to explore, as you have already explored all the aspects of this particular dimension and reality? Therefore, other realities appear to be more interesting and more real.

In this, you set up a barrier for yourself, for you are discounting of one reality, and in this action of discounting the one reality, within essence you automatically block yourself from entering into other realities too fully, for that shall be reinforcing of your belief system within this reality to be discounting of this reality. Therefore, in this situation I express to you the suggestion that you recognize the wondrousness of this reality, and that shall helpful to you in allowing you more access to other realities.

Be remembering, you are not upon a ‘learning plane.’ There are no planes. There are no levels. Therefore, you are merely experiencing your attention within one particular focus of one dimension, and you now are allowing yourself the opportunity within a widening of awareness to be viewing the other realities that you also occupy simultaneously. This may also allow you the opportunity to acknowledge yourself in feelings that you hold, that you experience in feeling not quite entirely ‘rightly placed’ within this particular dimension, and that perhaps there exists another dimension that you may fit more comfortably within.

The reason that you hold these feelings is that you allow yourself a closeness to other focuses that you hold within other dimensions. They have not entirely been allowed to bleed through objectively into this focus yet, although within the probabilities that you are creating, it is most probable that you shall allow this action. But presently, you merely allow yourself to move close to these other focuses that you hold within other dimensions, and what IS bleeding through is the FEELING of these other focuses in their familiarity, the knowing that you ARE participating presently, simultaneously, in other focuses within other dimensions.

Therefore, you hold a knowing of this, and you have thinned the veils between these dimensions. You have not eliminated them, but you have created a thinning of them to allow yourself to move more closely and be connecting with these other focuses. Before you may allow yourself to move into the direction of much interaction with these other focuses, you are allowing yourself to become comfortable with them, and comfortable with the knowing that they are also you. Therefore, you need not be fearful of them.

For in the actual encounter of other focuses outside of this particular dimension, the forms ARE unfamiliar. The creation of their reality is unfamiliar to you within this focus. Therefore, initially they may prove to be slightly frightening, for they ARE unfamiliar, and you may move yourself into the direction of expressing to yourself, ‘These are not myself, these are outside of myself, for this may not be me.’ But it is! It is another aspect of yourself, and you are now presently allowing yourself the wondrousness of exploration within physical focus of connecting to other aspects of you which do not occupy this particular dimension, but are within focus simultaneous to you within this focus.

I am acknowledging of your movement in this area. Merely be remembering that in your excitement in your connecting with these focuses, they are all you, and therefore you may move at your own pace in avoiding fearfulness in this area and also not reinforcing belief systems held within this particular focus and this dimension.

For as I have spoken previously of this shift in consciousness: simultaneous to the opening to consciousness and the opening of your awareness in conjunction with the action of this shift, you also pull to yourself the awareness of the reinforcement of more and more belief systems, for one of the base line actions of this shift in consciousness is to be accepting of the belief systems which are held individually and en masse. Therefore, you shall be continuously and increasingly addressing to and noticing all of the aspects of belief systems that you hold, and in this recognition you shall automatically move in certain directions of not intentionally reinforcing these belief systems. You shall automatically ‘step in front of yourself’ to be addressing to each belief system that may be blocking of your movement forward, so to speak.

This be the reason that you do not allow yourself, as I have stated, to move fully into the exploration of these other dimensional focuses, for you wish also not to be reinforcing the belief system of discounting THIS focus and THIS dimension. Be remembering that although they may seem alien to you, you may seem alien to them! And you are all the same, for you are all you!” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “Let us look once again upon our shoes. I have offered the analogy of the shoes and widening your awareness.

Now; let us look to the shoes. As you place the shoes upon your feet, you are noticing that they are holding tightly to your feet. They are creating uncomfortableness upon your feet.

You are noticing. You notice that you are uncomfortable. You are identifying that your feet are uncomfortable. You are identifying the reason that your feet are uncomfortable – the shoes press upon them tightly.

Now; in this, you implement action. You do not merely concentrate upon the shoes and poof them away! You implement action, and you engage acquiring another pair of shoes.

In this, you experiment with the new shoes, and you place them upon your feet. You are continuing to notice whether these new shoes shall be creating comfort or discomfort, and if they are not entirely comfortable, you shall discard them and you shall engage another pair of shoes, and you shall continue to be engaging more pairs of shoes until you acquire the pair of shoes that affords you the freedom of movement with no restriction.

In this – the acquiring of the new shoes and the exchange of shoes and the action that accompanies putting the new shoes upon your feet, experimenting with the new shoes – all of the actions that you engage in conjunction with each pair of new shoes is addressing to the situation. But throughout the action of addressing to the situation with the shoes, you are also continuously noticing and identifying.

It is not a situation of one follows the other, and once one has been accomplished, it is disengaged. You are continuing with all three throughout your process. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yeah, I’m trying to assimilate it. It sounds logical.

ELIAS: Once you have acquired the pair of shoes that you may place on either foot, regardless of left or right, and it shall be worn comfortably with no restriction – you may wear them backwards and forwards, you may wear them sideways, you may wear them on your right foot or your left foot and vice versa – once you have acquired THAT pair of shoes, then you have accomplished the widening.

MIKE: Okay. (Sighing) Notice, notice, notice. Okay.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! And we return to the onset of these sessions within physical focus, in which I expressed that very statement to our initial group of individuals – notice, notice, notice! And I continue to be expressing of this same word now – notice, notice, notice!” (Chuckling) [session 398, May 18, 1999]

JIM: “In the beginning of our sessions a long time ago, you had mentioned a payoff, and I’ve been curious about this for some time. I’ve been meaning to ask you. Could you expand on that maybe a little bit, as to what a widening of my awareness and acceptance and trust in self would be in terms of a payoff?

ELIAS: I express to you, Yarr [Jim], within physical focus, no individual shall engage any activity that shall not produce a payoff with them.

In this, all that you create within your physical reality also offers you a payoff in some manner, which this is a very intense area that you may be viewing, for it is quite affecting of all of your reality and quite motivating of all of your reality, for it shall be directing of your attention. If you are not receiving a payoff in a certain expression, you shall discontinue that expression and you shall move your attention elsewhere. Therefore, it may be quite beneficial to you each to be noticing what your payoff is and where you are receiving it in all of your expressions, for this is greatly a motivating force within your focus.

You continue within all of your experiences for the reason that it IS offering you a payoff, and in this, you may express that your payoff is the expression of your value fulfillment.

As you are continuing within your value fulfillment, you are receiving your payoff. As you are not continuing within your value fulfillment, you are not receiving your payoff, and you shall move your attention into a different direction to be continuing to be creating your value fulfillment.

In this, you in physical form may look to this action either positively or negatively. In terms of widening your awareness, you and other individuals may look to this type of information that I offer to you, and you may continue in assimilating it and you may continue in your process of creating its application within your focus, for this offers you a widening of your awareness, more of an understanding, more of an expression of freedom within your particular focus, and this is your payoff. You may equate your widening of awareness with your payoff, and it is also an element of your value fulfillment. Other individuals may choose different expressions that may offer them a payoff, but you all are motivated to be creating all of your expressions for this reason.

JIM: Okay. Well, I definitely have numerous payoffs! Thank you.” (Elias chuckles) [session 412, June 08, 1999]

KEVIN: “I guess the major issue I want to talk about today is my feeling that in the past five years or so – and this relates to coming up to the shift – as I’ve pursued different ways of widening my consciousness, the message that has always been coming back to me is, ‘That’s not for you. That’s not what you need to do right now. That’s kind of there already, and you need to do more work in the physical realm, how to interact with people on the physical realm.’ I just want to know if I have structured belief systems that are turning me the wrong way, or if I’m correct, or...?

ELIAS: I may express to you, my friend, you are quite correct; but I may also express to you the reason that you are offering this message to yourself is not that you are not widening your awareness, but that your association with widening your awareness moves with beliefs that this action is cosmic and not associated with the physical.

Now; let me express to you, in association with your alignment, in actuality this is quite commonly expressed by individuals that align with this family of Milumet, for there is within many of your societies rigid associations concerning spirituality and a definite separation in association with spirituality concerning physical and nonphysical. Those qualities or expressions that you deem to be pertaining to nonphysical are defined as spiritual, and those expressions that are associated with the physical are defined as non-spiritual.

In association with this particular essence family which expresses qualities concerning spirituality – but in ACTUAL expressions of spirituality – many times individuals incorporate a misunderstanding, for there is a strong association with religious beliefs, not necessarily in association with particular establishments of religion, but you all incorporate religious beliefs and in this there is a reinforcement of this separation between physical and nonphysical expressions.

Widening your awareness encompasses all of your expressions, and as you are physically manifest within this physical dimension there is a tremendous expression of paying attention and widening your awareness concerning what you physically manifest and how you interact with yourself, with other individuals and with your world, and allowing yourself a recognition of how your expression of consciousness in physical expressions, physical actions, generates a rippling effect within consciousness. It also allows you to familiarize yourself with you, therefore allowing you the ability to objectively, intentionally direct and choose in relation to your direction expressions that you want to generate and interactions that you want to participate within. This action IS widening your awareness concerning what you have chosen, to be physically manifest in exploration of consciousness, of yourself in a physical expression, and in this, you generate less separation, which is the point.

Therefore, in your terms, you are not off the track and you are not misconstruing or misunderstanding. But in allowing yourself to pay attention and to move your attention into a noticing and familiarization of what you generate physically, your message that you have presented to yourself is quite accurate: not to be concerning yourself with the cosmos for you ARE the cosmos.” (Chuckles)[session 996, January 26, 2002]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to session 98, Wednesday, June 05, 1996, The “Pregnancy Exercise” Session.

Vic’s note: this was the first session [#98] we had since the birth of Elizabeth’s baby boy (named Sean), who was born on May 30, 1996. Elizabeth McGuire is one of Mary Ennis’ two daughters.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the fact that Elizabeth’s baby was the final, physical manifestation of the nine children of the essence of Rose. In other words, as of May 30, 1996, all nine male children had been born within, approximately, one and a half years of each other.

Digests: follow these links for more information on:
the essence of Rose | the nine children of Rose.

(3) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(4) Paul’s note: a reference to Paul (Patel) Session 06, Tuesday, July 09, and Thursday, July 11, 1996.

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