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ELIAS: “An essence name is a tone. What I have offered to you is a translation of this tone in part, which translates into your language that you may identify with. You may identify components of your own tone if you are allowing yourself to be tuning to your essence. I have expressed previously that this tone may be used as a tool to be accessing information which is contained within your essence. Your essence is much vaster than you may imagine, and in this it holds endless information. You may access any of this information. You may choose to be meditating upon your individual tone, that which has been offered in part to you of the name, and in this you may allow yourself the opportunity to tap other areas of your consciousness, of your awareness, which shall offer you information in the direction that you are so choosing.

Let me express to you all that within this particular culture that you occupy, you are not brought up, so to speak, practicing meditation. Therefore, it does not flow with you as easily as it may with other individuals in other cultures. You may find that in practicing your idea of meditation – which in actually moves more into the area of visualization than actual meditation – but in this practicing, it is helpful that you offer yourselves a direction, for you do not hold the discipline that individuals within other cultures afford themselves. In this, if you are offering yourself a direction, your attention will remain focused.

I may also offer you an exercise that you may practice together in addition to contemplating your essence name and accessing information in this manner. You may also collectively choose a direction for a meditation. In this, you may choose to access another focus that you all share. This offers you the direction. Then you may engage in your meditation, and subsequent to your meditation you may share the images that you each receive, and you shall surprise yourselves at how much information you offer to yourselves and to each other in connection to each other. You may also find myself in one of your focuses that you share together. This offers you also the opportunity to be engaging yourselves, your own abilities, and validating to yourselves what you may accomplish if you are allowing yourself your own openness in awareness.

Essence names are powerful tools. I offer you only a portion of the entirety of your tone, but as you become familiar with your own tone you may also access more of your own tone, and you may also find that it may be used as a manipulating tool through consciousness in a similar manner to using dream triggers.

dream triggers

Dream triggers are elements which present themselves within your dream state repeatedly, consistently, continuously, although you may not hold an awareness objectively of this particular trigger. But within each of your dream imagery time frameworks you shall image a thing, an image, consistently that is your individual dream trigger. This is a window, and once you allow yourself the ability to manipulate within your dream state, you may access this trigger and you may use this trigger as a window into other areas of consciousness ... and it literally is as a window! It shall open and allow you to move through your imagery of your dream into other areas of consciousness and access other essences and other areas of your own essence.

A dream trigger may be as mundane as a book that goes unnoticed within your dream imagery, but is consistently an object which appears in your dream. Or, it may be a leaf. It may be a window pane. It may be a creature. It may be an article of clothing. It appears so very mundanely that it escapes your noticing. It is as if it were a background prop within your imagery of your dreamscape. Therefore, you pay little attention, but it consistently appears and in this is consistently available for your access into other areas of your own consciousness.

In this similar manner, you may also manipulate with your tone and may be allowing yourself the opportunity to use this tone as a window into other areas of essence. This is slightly different than your dream trigger, for this tone allows you to access you. It does not necessarily allow you to access other essences, but it does allow you to access all areas of your essence that you occupy. You may practice with this.” [session 275, April 04, 1998]

MIKE: “Okay, I read the exercise you gave for the stepping sideways, I guess, so to speak, and I didn’t quite understand how you explained it. So could you like give more info or add to it or clarify it for me, please?

ELIAS: And you are choosing to be stepping sideways to be viewing other focuses or other dimensions?

MIKE: Both.

ELIAS: Allow yourself a quietness. Allow yourself the opportunity to be moving into an area of ‘focused unfocusedness.’ I have offered an exercise that you may be connecting to within a recent engagement with our new young Sumafis that may be helpful to you in this area, and you may be accessing of this information if you are so choosing. This shall offer you more information in the area of stepping sideways and allowing yourself the ability to be viewing other focuses and other dimensional focuses.” [session 290, June 25, 1998]


NATHAN: “So, in focusing on self in the past year, I’ve been coming through so many different things as far as insisting on finding out the totality of myself and other focuses, and I’ve been drawn towards the Native American culture, and I’m wondering if you could help me. I have a couple of clues, but I was wondering if you could add a few more clues to the story.

When I’m running through the woods – that’s very natural for me – I feel as though maybe at one time I was a native, maybe in this area. Pine trees and the change of seasons is something that draws me, and I was wondering if you could maybe give me a little more information.

ELIAS: You are correct. You do hold a focus in this particular physical location. I shall offer to you a time framework of what you would term to be your 1600’s in this area.

I shall also express to you that that particular focus lends energy to you within this focus in offering you a recognition of a certain area of freedom, offering you energy that you may translate in this focus in the recognition that you are not separated from all that you view, and that although you view yourself within one particular body form, you are much more expansive even within this physical reality, and you are not limited in your energy to the expression of this particular body form. You hold the ability to be merged with all elements of your reality, all elements of your environment and your universe, so to speak, for you ARE all of it.

NATHAN: I understand that, yeah.

ELIAS: This particular focus lends energy to that knowing within you and that sense of communion that you hold within your environment and the ease in which you interact within it.

It also offers you a lending of energy in not creating a distinction between yourself and other individuals also, for in like manner to how you commune within your environment, you also may merge and commune with all other individuals, for there is no separation.

The individual within that focus holds a partial objective knowing of this, of this lack of separation. He does not hold an objective awareness of YOU.

NATHAN: I think I know what you're saying now – of the knowing that he’s connected with all.

ELIAS: Correct, and that there is no separation, and therefore lends energy to you in this focus to be creating of a similar objective knowing, and in this, you draw that energy to yourself in recognition of this shift in consciousness and that you are moving yourself into a wider awareness of all of your reality.

I shall express to you also a clue.

NATHAN: Can you say that again?

ELIAS: A clue.

NATHAN: A clue! Okay.

ELIAS: I shall offer to you a clue to be investigating with your comrades. (Smiling) You all express individually, and also with each other, a tremendous desire to be investigating objectively your interconnectedness. I have been encouraging of this for much time framework. I shall offer to you also an invitation with this clue, that you may all collectively, within your group of individuals, interact with myself, not merely Michael [Mary], and if you are so choosing, I shall be helpful with you in guiding you into an investigation of one of your focuses that you hold collectively, and we shall engage together if you are so choosing.

In this, I offer to you that you have all held a focus together in a physical location of your South America, you have also all held a focus together in your physical location of Central America, and you have all held a focus together in your physical location of North America. These are three focuses in which you all have participated together. Each of you holds fascinations in different areas and magnates to different focuses in these particular areas. Some of you magnate more to the focus within your northern America, some of you magnate more to the focus that engages Central America, and some of you magnate more to that focus in southern America, but you all magnate to these particular focuses, for they hold commonalities, and you have all manifest in this time framework within the action of this shift in – once again – incorporating a similar direction, and these focuses lend energy to that.

NATHAN: Okay, yes. Did we have the knowing in these other focuses that we would be together?

ELIAS: Partially; not entirely objectively, but within the belief systems held in each of these focuses that we are speaking of, there are belief systems that incorporate an understanding of some elements of consciousness – you incorporate a knowing of your manifestations. There are elements of distortion in that, for they are filtered through the belief systems of those particular societies, but they have incorporated knowings that you manifest in groups together and that you share more than one focus commonly together.

You also collectively hold other focuses in other areas, but these particular three focuses you magnate to presently more objectively. Therefore, I direct your attention to be investigating those focuses. I am not limiting you to those focuses in your investigations, but you each hold bleed-throughs objectively in this focus in conjunction with those focuses. Therefore, this lends energy to an ease in your investigation in these areas, and collectively, as you choose to be investigating together, you may allow yourselves much of an ease in your gathering of information.

Now; be remembering that the point of this type of exercise or exploration is to be translating that energy which you draw to yourselves in this focus into an understanding of what you are creating and the direction that you are choosing in this focus and how those focuses lend energy to you, that you may be accomplishing in this focus efficiently within the action of this shift.

Each of these focuses lends to you a different aspect of energy in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and you each lend to each other expressions of energy to be helpful to each other in your movements in this focus.

Therefore, my only cautioning in this area is that you do not distract yourselves into the viewing of these other focuses exclusively and adopting their belief systems as truths, but recognizing that all of these focuses hold their own belief systems, and in this, they are no more of an expression of truth than what you hold in this focus. They are merely differences, but they all lend energy to you in this focus, that you may be widening your awareness far beyond any of those focuses.

NATHAN: I understand that now. Does that have a lot to do with the amount of people that are on the planet now? Does that have to do with because there are so many people that ... well, a lot of people talk about getting back into the times of Atlantis and the Mayans and that consciousness that was on the planet, but we're actually going beyond that. So, we don’t want to get stuck in those belief systems of ‘the Native Americans did it this way’ and so forth. We want to take what we need and keep moving forward.

ELIAS: Very good! Yes.” [session 454 August 24, 1999]

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