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Elias “gems”

CATHY: “I would like to know why you always interpret the first layer of dream activity?”

ELIAS: “For this is the layer that you shall most identify with and be understanding of.”

CATHY: “Anything else, we wouldn’t get it at all?”

ELIAS: “Most probably you would be not understanding, although as you move into your dream mission and you offer yourselves more information, I shall be inclined futurely to be offering you information beyond first layer. Most individuals, generally speaking, within your species identify dream activity not as imagery. Most individuals identify dream activity as symbolic of psychological activity related to objective reality. Therefore, you shall understand the first layer of dream interpretation, for your belief systems shall allow you to be understanding of this. Your dream imagery is not the action that you engage. It is a translation of the action that you engage, as is your objective reality also.

“Your dream imagery is reality. Your waking state is reality. They are both an interpretation of the action that you engage subjectively materialized. Individuals do not understand the mechanics of this action. Therefore, they are accepting only of the interpretation of first layer.” (Pause, staring at Cathy, which she hates)

CATHY: “I have nothing to say! Just listening!”

NORM: “There was a question concerning consciousness levels earlier, which you said that there aren’t levels, but earlier you said that there were consciousness areas. Can you explain what that means?”

ELIAS: “There are different areas of consciousness. These are related to attention. All of consciousness is all of consciousness. It is all the same. There are no planes. There are no levels. There are no better or higher places within consciousness. All is the same. There are different focuses of attention. In this, there are created what we term as areas of consciousness. These are not places. These are not things. They are not space. There are no sections of space that are designated as areas of consciousness. They are directions of attention. In this, they are also influenced by intent. Each essence occupies all areas of consciousness.” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “In [the inner sense of] conceptualization you may attempt to disassociate yourself with your form and your ‘thingness,’ and allow yourself the motion and movement of action within energy. In this, you may choose a concept. You may choose an idea. You may choose a thought, and you may focus upon this and shed your imagery or your camouflage and be the action of the thought or idea or concept.” [session 162, April 06, 1997]

ELIAS: “I have expressed many times, it matters not what you are creating outwardly, your physical imagery. Physical imagery is continuously altering. It is continuously changing. You create physical imagery, and alter this moment by moment. At times, you create repetition in your choice to be creating physical imagery.

“This is the abstract aspect of your reality – a physical manipulation of energy. This is the reason that you manifest within this physical dimension, to explore and experiment, experiencing the manipulation of physical energy and manifestations, and how you may be projecting your expression of consciousness into a physical arena. This is the abstract.

“The clearer aspect of your reality – and the one that is, once again, not hidden – is the subjective participation of your awareness. But you associate that the subjective IS hidden – it is elusive, it is subconscious, it is not in communication with your objective. Therefore, the subjective may move you into expressions and directions that you are not aware of objectively. This is incorrect.” [session 764, January 24, 2001]

ELIAS: “Dream imagery is created by the objective awareness’s involvement in sleep state in relation to the subjective actions and movement that is occurring. Thinking can interrupt dream imagery, for in the action of dreaming you are not engaging thinking. You are doing. This is partially the reason that many times individuals incorporate difficulty in recalling dream imagery within waking state, which can be altered through different methods, but a natural reason that you incorporate difficulty is that you are not engaging your thought mechanism. You are creating objective imagery, but you are not necessarily engaging the mechanism to translate that. Movement is occurring and you are assimilating it, and it will be expressed within your waking objective experience in some manner in abstract imagery but you may not necessarily associate that with the dream imagery itself.

“Dream imagery also, generally speaking, is somewhat less abstract than your waking imagery, and your thought mechanism is accustomed to translating abstract. Therefore when you do recall dream imagery, it may be confusing, for it is being processed through the thought mechanism. The thought mechanism is very accustomed to abstraction, and dream imagery is less abstract than waking imagery. It is more associated with emotional communication, feeling – feeling signals. Therefore, the imagery is more precisely generated in association with emotional communication and feeling and signals.

“Therefore, you may generate a dinosaur in your dream imagery and your thought process may be attempting to translate that and may generate many different associations: large, heavy, old, carnivorous. Your feeling or emotional expression of it may be one simple signal – frightening. But you may not necessarily feel fear, for it is not necessary to feel it. You are translating it into imagery, but the thought mechanism incorporates some difficulty in translating into language.” [session 2049, July 22, 2006]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “At the beginning of our sessions, you were comparing dream state to physical focus. In that comparison, would you say that it would be a fair correlation to make that the events that we create in waking state could be compared to dream imagery?

ELIAS: Yes. You create translations. In this, you identify within your dream state objectively, in what Michael [Mary] is identifying as your imagery; your dream image or pictures that you are remembering. This is an objective incorporation. Therefore, it is a translation of subjective events. Waking consciousness is also a translation of subjective events. They may not correlate into the same imagery consistently, but essentially this is a comparable action.

VICKI: So, if you were to be viewing a spaceship, is that the same sort of physical matter as this cup?

ELIAS: Yes and no. This action would be likened to your dream imagery, as you are terming this presently, that would translate into your waking state the same. At times, you are translating into your dream imagery and you are creating the imagery to be translating also into your physical expression during waking state, as you view precognitive action. In this same manner, you translate within the moment into physical objectivity, although this is not created as you create a mountain or a tree or your ocean, which all may view.

Together, en masse, subjectively, you have all agreed upon certain organizations of energy which manifest into certain objects that you term to be matter. There are some manifestations that you do not all agree upon. Therefore, you may create the physical object, but this physical object is not permanent.

Now; I shall also express to you, there is more involved with this subject matter, for I have expressed to you that at times within your focus, there are bleed-throughs that you may physically view. Therefore, it is dependent upon the action. Within agreement, certain individuals may be open to viewing a bleed-through spontaneously together. Within other situations, individuals may create their own imagery and may translate this physically.

VICKI: I guess it’s hard to understand how some physical matter would be considered not permanent.

ELIAS: Just as I have spoken to you of your artifacts, your archeological finds, or your ancient ruins, the reason that these objects continue within physical existence, as you recognize this, is your attention; your agreement within your belief systems, and your attention within energy provided to creation of the object. As you continue to lend energy into a manifestation, it shall continue to exist. Within the creation of certain objects upon your world within your dimension, you all agree upon the manifestations. Therefore, you hold the energy. You continue with your attention, allowing for a continuation of the manifestation.

Within certain areas, subject matters, you do not all agree within your entirety of your planet. Therefore, the entirety of the consciousness is not within agreement. In this, objects may continue to be created, but they shall not hold the energy for continuation of the manifestation. There is a difference between what you create, and what bleeds through.

VICKI: Okay. I’ll think about that. I don’t really understand it, but I understand part of it.

ELIAS: If you are all in agreement that a cup shall be this shape, you shall all create a cup this shape. This is not to say that one individual or even a group of individuals may not choose to create physically a cup which bears no resemblance to your officially accepted cup. It shall continue. It shall be created, but the energy lent to this is not en masse. It may be partially en masse, but the energy lent to the creation is not strong enough to continue to hold the focus, allowing this object to be recognized as official creation accepted; just as you and Michael [Mary] experienced the creation of your creature. This is not imaginary. You have, in reality, in actuality, within the moment, created a physical manifestation. This creature does not walk upon your planet presently, for the energy is not lent to its continuation. (1)

Within the individuals that are creating of these objects or manifestations, the energy is not lent continuously; for within the mass belief systems, even those as yourselves that physically create before their objective vision do not entirely believe. There continues to be conflicting belief systems, for the mass belief systems are not accepting of this unofficial information. Therefore, the energy lent is not strong enough to be continuing with the manifestation.

This is not to say that you may not continue the manifestation if you are choosing. If all of the individuals amongst all of your cultures of this dimension were within agreement and accepting of unofficial information, and accepting this as official, it then would materialize and be. This is the object of your shift.

VICKI: It gets kind of confusing when you’re talking about stuff that is permanent and temporary mass. For example, this spaceship that people have been viewing for thirty years, I would wonder, are there people that could walk into the room where that spaceship is and not see it?

ELIAS: Yes. You accept what your perception and your belief systems dictate.

VICKI: So I would imagine that’s why there’s so much controversy around those sorts of things, because that happens sometimes.

ELIAS: It matters not that you be physically faced with information. You shall not accept information that you wish not to accept within your belief systems; and you may accept what you may think of as quite incorrect information, and you may create a perfect fit of incorrect information. Your mathematicians and your scientists accomplish this continuously, disallowing information which is true and accepting information which is distorted; but the distorted information will fit, for you will make it fit, and you will accept this as true, and you will accept no other explanation.” [session 139, December 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “Time is a perception. It is not a thing in itself. It is a creation of perception that you hold to slow events. This allows you the opportunity to experience singularly, individually, and with no distortion of the event. Many physical focuses incorporate time elements for this offers you an exaggerated opportunity for experience without confusion, for you are concentrated with your attention in one direction.

VICKI: So when you have that kind of dream imagery that appears the same as objective focus, are you inserting a perception of time so that you can better view whatever it is that you’re choosing to view?

ELIAS: There are different reasonings for this action. As I have expressed previously, some individuals choose to be quite objectively focused and not to be paying attention to subjective interaction. Therefore, they shall recreate imagery within dream state which is mirroring waking state. This is not always the situation. It is dependent upon your direction within your probabilities. In some situations, as you learn more of your dream state and your creation of your imagery, yes, you may intermingle your imagery of objective waking state and objective dreaming state. This offers you information that you may assimilate.

You may understand more easily if you are creating imagery that is familiar to you. You experiment with this imagery to be finding the most efficient translation of the subjective action which is occurring. Just as Michael [Mary] projected within our session time period and held no objective explanation for the experience which was encountered, in this same manner you have no language to adequately translate essence subjective activity into physical focus. Also, in like manner of Source Events, as has been stated previously, they are too big to be manifest within physical focus. Therefore, you create fragments. You create mass events which are representations of elements or portions of Source Events. In like manner, you create dream imagery which is a representation and interpretation of the action which is larger, so to speak, than may be interpreted within physical focus.

You, within physical focus, hold singular attention. You, within subjective activity, are interactive with all of your selves; just as we have spoken of the air particles within a room. They are all the body of the air, but they are all individual particles. So you are also.

(Firmly) You are multidimensional. You are not one singular entity. You are extremely diverse. You are multiple. Therefore, you are larger than may be translated into any singular individual physical focus. This is not to say that your creation of manifestation is not reality, for it is. Each manifestation is reality. The manifestation is not illusion.

I expressed to you earlier that you create illusion within your experience, for you project yourself outside of the now within your perception; but your reality is reality. It is not an illusion. Your dream state also is reality; but they are both symbols and interpretations, expressed realistically through imagery and through physical matter, of essence activity. (Emphatic pause)

BOB#1: Can I ask a question? Is dream activity always symbolic of or a translation of subjective activity, or can it sometimes be a review of objective activity? Is that clear?

ELIAS: Yes. This is what I have expressed earlier. It is dependent upon your motivation. There are individuals that are very objectively focused and will mirror objective reality into dream imagery. This is not to say that they do not engage subjective activity ...

BOB#1: They just don’t create imagery around it.

ELIAS: Correct. They do not translate this back to objective focus.

BOB#1: And you said that the intent of that or the reason for that is because they are particularly objectively focused and somewhat resistant to subjective activity.

ELIAS: It is not a question of resistant to subjective activity, for you all move subjectively. You each choose the experience, within each individual focus, that you wish. You choose a pool of probabilities that you choose to be moving within. Each focus is one focus.

BOB#1: It seems to me, based on my own dream experience, that there are times when my dreams are more a mirror of my objective activities than other times. I guess the point being that sometimes in my dream state I’m more open to subjective activity and the dream takes on a different character than at other times, when maybe I am largely objectively focused and the dream, as you say, mirrors the fact that in my waking hours I am largely objectively focused. So does that mean that if you try to be more subjectively focused in your waking hours, if that’s possible, or more open to hearing unofficial information and whatever, that in your dream state you would then mirror that or be more apt to hear subjective information? Compound question, huh?

ELIAS: I express to you that initially, yes, you shall mirror more awareness of subjective activity in allowing yourself different imagery, but this also is dependent upon your desire and your trustfulness and your amount of fear that you hold within the focus; for you may temporarily experience tremendous dream activity, creation of imagery, that seems to be suggestive of subjective activity, and you may also abruptly stop this action and revert to very objectively focused imagery or you may discontinue memory of dream action altogether, for you shall block your own movement objectively through your belief systems and your fear.

I am understanding of all of your desires for subjective movement, but you are not quite understanding of information which has been offered to you previously. You discount information offered to you that you may not wish to proceed and you may choose to be blocking yourselves, for you view this information as only words. As you experience what I express to you, you may incorporate second thoughts!

This is not to be frightening you, for the adventure that you face is magnificent. You need only conquer your fear of the unknown and allow for your own memory, which serves as great motivation; but with all journeys, as you view within your physical focus, you shall encounter your briar patches, and in these briars you shall become confused and you shall question your physically focused identity. These are temporary situations, but they do occur.

I express this as forewarning, that you shall encounter these actions. You hold belief systems with regard to rational, normal, acceptable thought processes and behavior patterns. As you deviate from these, you question yourselves. You question your own integrity. Be remembering that you are sound. You are moving into wider awarenesses of consciousness; and although you presently may not accept the lunatic, these individuals may be understanding of subjective activity much more clearly than are you.” [session 151, February 02, 1997]

ELIAS: (Grinning) “I shall offer you more imagery, for you are expressing an interest and a wishing for information which many of you seek presently. You may accomplish within your dream mission, in accessing this activity subjectively ‘behind’ your imagery. (2) Activity behind, so to speak, your imagery does not translate outside of imagery. This is your language. This is what you have created within your understanding and your language to yourself. Your imagery is not different from your activity. It is only translated into images that you can identify; for within subjective activity, removed from your imagery, you have no reference frame for understanding.

You speak to yourselves of Regional Area 2 and accessing information within Regional Area 2. You access this information continuously. Within Regional Area 2, as it is connected to this reality, it is comprised also of imagery; for within your consciousness, as I have stated, objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony. One does not dictate to the other. They are intertwined. Therefore, they also must create imagery that you may translate. It serves no purpose for you to be creating of Regional Area 2 within consciousness that you may not access, for you would not understand. Therefore, your subjective imagery exists within this area also. It is different in what you may view to be more abstract, for the information subjectively relaxes your belief systems and allows for more information. It allows for interaction that you do not allow yourself to be aware of within your objective awareness.

You are connecting within energy with all other individuals, with all other focuses, with all of your probabilities, your probable selves, your alternate selves, and those of all other individuals. In this, you do not incorporate a time framework that you recognize within your objective awareness. Therefore, a translation is necessary for you to understand or create objective imagery; that which you project continuously as you are physically focused. This becomes obvious to you as you engage your dream activity, for the imagery appears differently. It may appear disconnected. It may appear that it does not involve objective imagery at all, but it is quite connected as it is merely a translation, compiling information which to you objectively would appear to be quite scattered.

As you create dream imagery, you are filtering information into images that you recognize that may be involving any aspect of physical reality, not always within your time framework that you are aware of. Therefore, you create imagery that seems to be strange, and you create belief systems that suggest to you that your dream imagery is always a translation which is directly translatable into objective waking consciousness. In one respect, this is correct; but you limit your thought process in attempting to give yourselves interpretations of your dream imagery, for there are many, many, many layers of dream imagery.

In this, it is quite limiting to view one image, a tooth, within a dream action, and be attempting to translate this into singularly how this is affecting of your day. In one respect it is affecting, for you have connected within consciousness within Regional Area 2 with another aspect. It may not be yours, but it offers you information which shall be translated. Therefore, within an experience within your day as you are objectively wakingly aware, a very small action may occur which is an element of this imagery.

In repeating dream imagery, for the most part although not always, there is interaction with other aspects of yourself, or counterpart action, which is being translated to you. You translate the information that you share with this counterpart into dream imagery. As resulting of this action, you translate once again within your waking attention into action. This action may not appear as a tooth.

... As I was expressing to you: Within this imagery, this would be an action of counterparts interacting within Regional Area 2. This imagery is offered to you as validation, as is all of your imagery that you offer to yourselves. Within your recognition of this imagery of tooth, focus upon the tooth and the loss of this tooth. Within this counterpart action, the counterpart that you connect with within Regional Area 2 may identify with the absence of tooth. In this, you offer yourself a validation of the interaction within consciousness, in what you would term to be the connection of this counterpart; this counterpart being the same ...

MELINDA: Oh! (And the light bulb goes on!)

ELIAS: ... as you have connected with previously within helpfulness in energy. (Referring to Melinda’s counterpart action with Mary (3))

MELINDA: Oh my goodness! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Which, if you are expressing of this information of this dream imagery, this counterpart shall recognize the connection.” [session 184, June 20, 1997]

JIM: “Dreams; my understanding is that a dream is the attempt by the subjective mind to communicate with the objective mind through images. Is this correct?

ELIAS: It is imagery and there is communication. Your dream imagery is directly affecting of your objective imagery. All that you view within your waking state is objective imagery. Your dream imagery is your communication to your objective awareness and is creating of your reality in harmony with your objective awareness.

JIM: In harmony, meaning in understanding?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Maybe this question is too broad or something, but sometimes it’s very difficult to understand the imagery. Is there some principles involved or a guideline involved in trying to understand? Is there some over-encompassing principles or guidelines?

ELIAS: Clue: Feeling tone. You may create many images that all hold the same meaning to you. Each individual’s dream imagery is unique to them and speaks to the individual. There is no overall symbolism that is common to all individuals, for you create your own symbols in each dream imagery and many of these symbols may be meaning the same thing to you. You are merely imaging them differently, just as you may engage many actions within your waking state that all hold the same meaning to you, but they may be different actions. It is the same within your dream imagery. You may be creating many images and they may all mean the same thing, for what they are expressing to you is feeling tone; emotion.

JIM: The sense of something. I had a confusing dream this last week in which my uncle, a man I respect, accompanied me to some island or some high ground, and I was showing him that the ocean water was receding, leaving dry ground which seemed to connect land to land or even continent to continent. It seemed this was positive, whatever the impact was, but I don’t know what this dream meant.

ELIAS: (Accessing) This be your imagery to yourself, offering yourself information of your present relationship with your partner, and you are expressing this within your own imagery to another individual that you view to be worthy of this information that you are beginning to be connecting within deeper and more valuable, in your terms, areas within this relationship. You are beginning to view the value of what you hold. This be the relationship with your partner, not with the other individual. The other individual merely symbolizes your wont to express to another individual that you hold a respect for of this growing awareness that you are connecting to. The sand is you and your partner; the connecting. The water receding is the receding of the veils and the blocks between you.

JIM: Hmm! I also had a dream recently that carries an element which probably many people have had. I had a dream in which Princess Diana appeared, but very strangely, right next to me. She was decapitated; only her head was right next to me, but she was quite alive in her expressions. I told her I had great affection for her. She looked around, said ‘Thank you’ – I think she said thank you – then appeared to turn into a cat, and left. What was this about?

ELIAS: I have spoken of this individual previously, and the response within mass consciousness and the mass events that have been connected with this and other individuals. In this, you also have offered yourself your own imagery of which element and which mass event you have connected yourself to, that mass event being of holding the connection and the responsiveness to this individual; connecting with the objective mass event, aligning yourself with the mass event. Within the imagery of the decapitation, this is your symbol to yourself that the head, that which you view to be the most important element, the most objectively controlling element and thoughtful element and also the element that you associate with the soul, is still intact, but the body is gone; therefore symbolizing to you the disengagement of this individual, and your expression of sympathy and connection with this individual and the acknowledgment returned to you. The imagery of the cat being that you hold belief systems within fantasy that cats hold more than one life! Therefore, the individual turns into a cat, symbolizing to you the continuation of the focus beyond disengagement. (Pause) Interesting imagery!” (4) [session 232, October 31, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening. This evening we shall be continuing with your essence families and your Dream Walkers. The inquiry has been posed in wonderings of how different essence families are connecting with you, in like manner to this energy exchange as being of Sumafi and also of Sumari, and that other families may be connecting with you as Dream Walkers in different ways. This is so. We shall focus in the direction of the Gramada for this evening.

Futurely, the Gramada shall be instrumental in dream missions. Within the area of technology, the Gramada, as the initiators, shall be instrumental in initiating technology that shall allow you to be viewing and connecting with dream imagery. Within your technology futurely, you shall be developing instrumentation that shall allow you the ability to move into the area of dream imagery and connect with each other in this dream imagery.

Presently, you focus upon your dream mission and are developing your skills in the area of becoming dream artists. Michael [Mary] has developed the ability to connect with other individuals, as has other individuals connected within this forum, and interact with them at will within the dream state. You are aware of individuals that hold this ability also. Individuals are developing these skills as a prelude to what may be developing futurely. The Gramada family shall be those that shall be instrumental in this area, for throughout your history the Gramada family has gained information within this area.

I have expressed to you that individuals that are belonging to the Gramada family are initiators of action, of invention, of creation. These individuals are those that hold behind those that seek the limelight. These individuals are those that develop the ideas that propel you forward. This may be within many different areas. It may be within science, it may be within art, it may be within architecture, it may be within different inventions; but these individuals tap into information that allows you all to move forward within your development within physical focus.

They are not entirely, in themselves, accepted entirely. (Slight pause, and then humorously) This was redundant! (Laughter)

VICKI: (Laughing) It was!

NORM: (Laughing) What does that mean?

ELIAS: I am noticing! Our banner of noticing! (Chuckling)

NORM: A mistake!

ELIAS: These individuals ... you may strike the last entirely from your record!

VICKI: (Laughing) Alrighty!

(Vic’s note: But I don’t think I will)

ELIAS: [These individuals] move into innovative directions. You may look to your example of your Sir Einstein, who to this day is not entirely accepted within his theories. His theories are closer to fact than your sciences allow for. His theories concerning time are closer to reality than your physicists allow for, and of alternate realities. Another individual that you are quite familiar with, your Sir Carl Jung – another very innovative individual with information far beyond his science and much closer to reality than you view within the science of psychology.

These individuals are initiators. These individuals connect to other areas, and to Dream Walkers and information provided to them through Dream Walkers. They connect to this information in a different manner than this energy exchange. (5) They connect to this information through dreams. I have expressed to you that your dream activity, your imagery, is equal in reality to your waking reality. In this, much information may be accessed. These individuals initially were not quite understanding of the information provided, but held the ability to access this information and allow themselves to assimilate this information and create a method of presenting this information objectively to your planet.

The Gramada family intersects with Dream Walkers through dream interaction – actual intersection – or through an action of inspiration. Information is transferred in a way that the individual is understanding that the information is not being accessed from themselves, but is accessed through their own thoughts. I am quite sure that you are understanding of this Olivia [Ron], for you engage this same action; that you may think that there is a possibility that the thoughts are your own, but simultaneously holding a knowing that these thoughts that bleed through are not your own and are not of you. This is a common action within the Gramada family.

The Gramada do not normally exchange within the action of an energy exchange in this manner that you view presently, although it has occurred; but this would not be the usual action that they would be expressing themselves within, for the Gramada family are not quite so overt. They are more quiet, more subtle, and not demanding of attention in this flamboyant manner. Therefore, they choose more subtle manners of exchange.

I have expressed that the Milumet may be connecting with heavenly beings. They may be holding visions or exchanging with elements of your environment – in reality, in actuality, speaking to your creatures and your creatures speaking to them, or speaking to a tree and the tree speaking to them – for they are quite connected with the Earth, with the elements. The wind may speak to them, and this shall be an action of the Dream Walkers with them in conjunction with their intent.

As to the Gramada, being much more subtle, they shall interact with the Dream Walkers within their family in a more individual, personal manner. It shall not be the grandiose situation of groups or masses, but individually being inspired and interacting within dream imagery; although the dream imagery shall be slightly different from that imagery that you recognize, for there is an added element. They are not merely creating their own dream imagery interpreting from their own action within Regional Area 2, but they are in actuality in communication with other essences belonging to the Gramada family offering information to them to be initiating within physical focus.

(Intently) Your dream activity is much more important than you realize. It is reality. This is not to say that you all shall be connecting with the Gramada family within your dream state, for you do not belong to the Gramada family; but this is the method, so to speak, that the Gramada shall be connecting with individuals within physical focus as Dream Walkers, to be interacting and offering information to be helpful and to be furthering within your information. (To Vic) Question?

VICKI: Yeah, I have a question.

ELIAS: I am aware! (Laughter)

VICKI: You were saying that the Gramada family will be instrumental in developing new technology to be facilitating our connection and understanding of dream state, of our dream activity? Well, that tweaks me out! I mean, don’t we have the ability to do that?

ELIAS: You do!

VICKI: Then why do we need to develop technology to do it? That sounds like a backward motion to me!

ELIAS: This is not backward. You mirror within your objectivity all that you hold the ability to accomplish subjectively.

VICKI: Well, I kind of get the mirroring thing. It just seems like if there’s machinery around to do stuff for people, then people don’t acknowledge and learn how to use their own abilities.

ELIAS: There is machinery around to be communicating with each other. You hold telecommunications, do you not?


ELIAS: You hold the ability to be communicating with each other without this machinery ...

VICKI: Right. That’s my point!

ELIAS: ... but you develop these machinery as a mirror of what you hold the ability for. In this, you may objectively view what you hold abilities in and therein move forward, in your terms, to be accomplishing yourselves.

NORM: A second focus would be able, with this machinery, to view another person’s dreams? Is that what you’re saying?

ELIAS: I shall express an example. The technology shall provide you that one individual may enter the dream state. Another individual may enter the same dreamscape. A third individual, and fourth, may also enter the same dreamscape. You are already playing with this concept. You are already playing with this concept without your technology, but you do not control your environment precisely yet. You look to this action as chance. You might connect with each other, and you might not. Futurely, you shall hold the ability to intentionally connect with each other within specific circumstances within dream state, within what you term to be controlled circumstances. You may isolate a specific dreamscape, and at will enter this to be altering of the reality within the dreamscape. You shall hold the accomplishment of your dream mission. Your technology shall merely aid you in your ability to be accomplishing this at will regardless of your connections and regardless of your interests.

NORM: So the technology is going to bring you to some kind of a location; a scape; an area – you said a ‘dreamscape.’

ELIAS: No. YOU shall create the dreamscape. The technology shall merely enable others to join you at will within the same exact dreamscape.

NORM: So you will be interacting with the technology subjectively.

ELIAS: Correct. It is merely a tool.

VICKI: Yeah, I kind of see that. I kind of see that if we had a piece of machinery like that, it would be more real to people that this is a reality, that it’s something that they can accomplish. But on the other hand, I don’t see that our use of the telephone has....

ELIAS: Benefited you? (Grinning) No!

VICKI: No! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And neither shall this technology either, in the manner that you are speaking; but it SHALL benefit you in aiding you in the direction of moving you into the area that you need not hold this technology. It is a tool; a stepping-stone to move you into areas in which this type of technology is unnecessary; but futurely, temporarily it shall be quite beneficial to you in allowing you to recognize that you DO create your reality, that your reality encompasses your dream imagery, and that your dream imagery IS reality and not to be discounted as any less than your waking reality.

NORM: Will the technology include a recording of some kind?


NORM: So anybody can view it then.


NORM: Wonderful!

DREW: Do dreams take place within space?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; for your dream imagery is connected with your objective awareness. Therefore, it is also connected with your space arrangement. Your time framework is different and your space arrangement is less defined, but – in your terms – but these dream imageries do occur within space arrangements that are directly connected to this physical focus.

DREW: Dream imagery is imagery for action, but it’s not the action itself, correct? It’s an interpretation of the action.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So when people are joining us in this dreamscape, are they joining us in the action? Where exactly is this joining taking place?

ELIAS: They are joining you in all three areas. They are joining you within the area of Regional Area 2, which you are creating within. They are also joining you within your dreamscape and they are also joining you within your waking state, which are both imagery of Regional Area 2.

DREW: Is Regional Area 2 a space?

ELIAS: It is an area of consciousness.

DREW: So when they join us in our dreamscape ... well, area implies space.

ELIAS: No. Regional Area 2 is merely a term that I have placed upon an area of consciousness which is directly related to physical focus, but it occupies no space arrangement. It is merely consciousness.

DREW: And this is part of our dreamscape? (Pause)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

DREW: So when people join us there, where are they joining us if it’s not a space arrangement?

ELIAS: Within your objective awareness, within your dreamscape and within your waking state, they ARE joining you within a space arrangement.

DREW: And the third area?

ELIAS: They are not. It is merely within consciousness.

DREW: Okay.

NORM: At work, about a week-and-a-half ago I think it was, I was walking down the hall, and a woman who is a supervisor, who I hardly know, really surprised me. She said, ‘I had a dream about you last night.’ I said, ‘Well, what did you dream about?’ She said, ‘You were chasing a tire around on the freeway.’ It turned out that a couple of days before that, I realized that the tires on my van needed replacement, so the night before, I believe it was, I replaced all of the tires on my van. Was this an example of that? I had dreams of having a problem with tires and she interpreted it?

ELIAS: Connected with this.

NORM: Connected. So....

ELIAS: Correct. This would be an objective example within your waking state.

NORM: She didn’t have a dream of it then? (Elias nods) She DID have a dream of it?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: But how was that within the objective state?

ELIAS: Your dream state is intermingled with your subjective awareness, but it is also objective. If it were not so, you would not ever remember a dream, for you would hold no objective awareness.

NORM: So we weren’t connecting in a dream then?


NORM: Oh, okay ... which is partially objective.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Can I test my understanding of this here? So would that mean that Norm and this woman connected within consciousness subjectively in Regional Area 2, whatever their action was, and the woman created dream imagery that was the same as Norm’s objective imagery ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... and they both created imagery as representing the action.

ELIAS: Correct; in the same manner that at times – many times, many more times than you realize – Michael [Mary] creates dream imagery and you create objective imagery. They both hold an objective element, but within dream state there is more subjective interaction in play.

Do not misunderstand. This is a difficult area, for this is not to say that your subjective awareness is not fully in play within your waking state. It is; but you hold more of an awareness of your subjective activity within dream state than within waking state. They are equally working within harmony at all times. It is merely a difference of your perception and your awareness of their workings. Is this clear? (Pause, looking at each person) No, it is not clear!

(Intently) Your subjective and objective awareness are continuously within harmony. They are continuously within perfectly working order. Within your waking state, you occupy your attention objectively. This does not mean that your subjective awareness is not perfectly working continuously, and inputting. It is. You are merely not objectively aware of its interaction, for you focus your attention singularly within your objective waking awareness.

Within your dream state, within your dream imagery, you relax your objective attention. In this, you allow your attention to drift into an awareness of your subjective awareness. Therefore, you allow yourself both. It is not working any more or any better within your dream state than it is within your waking state. You merely allow yourself to relax your attention and therefore open your periphery and open your attention to incorporate both subjective and objective awarenesses, therefore allowing yourselves more information objectively. Now is this understood?

VICKI: Conceptually. (Elias grins and nods)

VICKI: ... I have another question about what we were talking about before, about imagery. Recently my experience has been that when I take a nap in the daytime, I don’t go all the way asleep, but I’m not all the way awake either. So I’m like halfway in between, and in this halfway in between state, I get a lot of imagery, a lot, and....

ELIAS: Correction: You REMEMBER a lot of imagery.

VICKI: I remember a lot of imagery. What do you mean?

ELIAS: You create much imagery when you are ‘all the way’ asleep!

VICKI: Right, but I don’t remember it.

ELIAS: You do not remember; but if you are holding to your objectivity more, you shall remember more.

VICKI: So that’s basically what’s going on, and the imagery itself is no different, as far as the reality of it, than any imagery?

ELIAS: Correct. You merely remember more easily and more vividly, for you are allowing more of your objective awareness to be interactive.

VICKI: Okay. That’s the only question I really have about it.

DREW: I have a couple. Actually, one is about a dream that I had. But just to follow up Vicki’s question, because I have a lot of that too, it’s an awareness while it’s happening, or at least it seems to be, so I don’t know if I’d classify it as remembering.

ELIAS: You always hold an awareness while you are within the imagery. You do not always hold an objective awareness when you are within waking state. Your imagery is the same. It is equally as vivid. It is equally as strong. It is merely a question of how much of your objective awareness you allow while in your imagery, and if allowing your objective awareness within your imagery, you shall also remember your imagery, and the more that you allow your objective awareness the more vivid your imagery becomes, for the less distinction you create between your waking and your dreaming states.

VICKI: It’s weird, because I have a hard time calling that a dream. If I’m going to tell somebody about imagery I had in that particular state, it doesn’t sound right to call it a dream, because I guess I have a definition of a dream as being when you’re fully asleep.

ELIAS: You are creating less of a separation, therefore creating more of a mergence between objective and subjective; allowing more of an awareness and less of a distinction between the two. You hold belief systems that they are very different; that one is imaginary, one is reality. They are both reality. They are merely created slightly differently. The more that you allow the objective interaction within your dream state, the more vivid and what you term to be ‘real’ it becomes, for the less distinction there is between your waking state and your dream state.

DREW: Entering into this state and attempting to maintain it would be a helpful exercise?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: I find that when that’s going on, like if I’m meditating or something and I go ‘Oh wow! I’m seeing imagery!’, as soon as I’m aware that I’m aware, it becomes more difficult. I begin to manipulate it as opposed to letting myself observe it.

ELIAS: You may manipulate. This would be the point, to be allowing yourself to manipulate within these states – which are in actuality all the same – as you manipulate within your waking state.

VICKI: I’ve tried to do that because it seems like it would be easier because you’d have an objective awareness, but whenever I try to do that, all of a sudden I’m wide awake and not there any more.

DREW: Yeah. It sort of takes you out a lot more somehow, physically focuses you a little more somehow, when you start to try to do that. Is there any advantage in not manipulating, in just letting the information come?

ELIAS: You may if you are so choosing, until you are comfortable within this area and trusting yourself that you shall not be pulling yourself away and creating a distinction and reverting to your waking state; but eventually, the objective is to be manipulating as efficiently within your dream state as you do within your waking state. This be an element of your dream mission.

DREW: Well, speaking of dreams, I had one the other night. It’s been a while since I’ve had one that made me feel like getting up at four in the morning and writing it down and asking you about it, but I’m going to. They’re not dreams any more. They’re like movies. They’re epics! Before I read it to you and ask for your impressions or information, there were a couple of things about it that stood out to me. One is that there are three elements in it. The color silver or silver-gray are in here quite a bit, and also images that seemed to be from the 1970’s are in here a few times. I’ll read it quick. I promise not to be too long. (Vic’s note: Famous last words!)

I’m upstairs in a bar near closing. It’s a small bar. I’m one of the last patrons. A waitress jumps into a tall man’s arms because something frightened her. They begin flirting, and then they’re kissing. I’m amazed and jealous. Then I begin to think that they already know each other. They leave together. I remain, looking for some action. A waitress puts her silver handbag on a barstool. I move it, setting it on the bar so I can sit on the stool. She comes by. I ask if it’s okay that I moved it. She says yes.

Then it seems to be later. I’m the last one in the bar. I’m surprised everyone has gone and left the bar empty with me there. I decide it’s time for sleep. I move to turn off the TV over the bar, when below, a man out on a nighttime sidewalk catches my attention through a window. He seems old and derelict, and frightens me. He almost sees me as he looks up, so I turn off the TV which is creating light in the room. I notice as the TV goes off that the light, which was causing a stroboscopic effect on the man, was fairly bright, and turning it off catches his attention. He looks up toward the window, but I duck and he doesn’t see me. I watch as he tips over a trash can, spilling a lot of trash down the sloping street. He then takes long tongs, and holding them down toward the clipping end, begins to go through the trash. I am indignant that he has spilled the trash, but wait to see what he’s doing. He’s taking aluminum cans out of the trash. I get mad that an aluminum can collector has made such a mess on the street. There’s aluminum/silver again.

I slide open the window, while fearing he now knows where I live, and say, ‘You’re going to clean up that trash, aren’t you?’ He says, ‘Oh, yes. Yes, I’m going to clean it up.’ I say, ‘Well, would you rather have me keep an eye on you, or the police?’ He gets the message and goes to clean up the trash. As part of the clean-up, he moves an old-fashioned, 1970’s style station wagon which is parked on the street. He moves it by simply putting his hand under the bumper and dragging it. He nonchalantly throws it to the other side of the street this way. I’m amazed by his strength, but then the station wagon seems to have lost its brakes and comes rolling quickly down the hill at the man. He jumps out of the way. It just misses him and continues rolling out of control down the hill.

I am now suddenly in a small Datsun – not a Nissan, but a Datsun, which was in the 70’s also – following the out-of-control ... and the Datsun, by the way, was silver or silver-gray ... following the out-of-control station wagon, which is now a bus, also silver-gray, careening down the winding streets. It keeps just missing major collisions with people and things. At one point, as it swerves down a twisty hill, I lose control of my car. I turn into the front yard of a house and keep driving in circles, hoping my speed will reduce enough so that I can harmlessly drive into a hedge to stop the car. I’m going fast, and all the hedges seems sharp and full of hard branches and twigs. Finally my car bumps gently on its side against a soft, bushy hedge. I think I said, ‘No harm done.’

As I got out, I now cannot see the bus as the road is twisty and descends down a hill, but I know it has missed several big crashes and can now hear what sounds like people shouting and lots of activity, as if maybe it finally crashed into someone. Then, coming from the house whose front yard I’m in, I hear my mom mournfully moaning, ‘No, no, no!’ I think she’s concerned that I was in an accident. My feelings are mixed. I’m touched that she’s concerned, and also feel a little guilty that part of what she’s feeling is concern over what she perceives to be more bad luck for me; also some guilt that I’m making her feel this way; also love, that she’s loved me enough to care that much; also concern for her fears and anxiety. I also have some concern that maybe she’s wailing, ‘No, no, no!’ about something else bad that’s happening in the house, like a burglar or a rapist or my dad died or something. I rush to the front doors, which I can sense as being the old doors that they had in the 70’s, and at the same time are the new doors they currently have now.

I awake with a mournful plea of ‘No, no, no!’ still with me ... bothering me, scaring me. I wanted to call home to see if everything was okay, but it was quarter-to-five in the morning, so I didn’t. That was my dream! (Whew!)

ELIAS: Your imagery is much more brief than your dream! (Chuckling) This would be an embodiment of our discussion of yesterday.

DREW: The pleasure discussion?

ELIAS: Correct. This dream is your imagery to yourself. In the beginning, you are viewing other individuals and looking to these individuals experiencing a pleasurable experience and feeling resentful of this, that you are not experiencing this and you are not allowing yourself your own experience within the area of pleasure. Then you move to the area of this man that frightens you and also displays undesirable behavior to you, which you hold judgments upon. This man is you.

The silver that you have created throughout your dream is representative of your connection, your tie, to this other you, in like manner to what many individuals, very many individuals, believe to be their ‘silver cord to their astral self.’ In like manner, you have created imagery in this to be connecting you to this man that you view to be distasteful, which you view as you; not being the you that is allowing himself that which brings you joyfulness, but creating what you view to be restrained and distasteful. In this, you also create imagery of this car, which is what you view to be ‘out of control.’ The car is moving out of control in symbolization of how you view your own belief systems, and holding no control over managing these.

I am choosing my words carefully for your benefit!

In this, you choose to be entering another car in pursuit of these belief systems, but in the attempt are also losing control of the vehicle that you occupy and moving into the area of stopping as the other vehicle moves beyond you; but you offer yourself reassurance in the imagery of your mother, that you are acceptable and that you are valued. In this, you offer imagery to yourself that you are valuing of yourself; not that your mother is valuing of you, but that you continue to hold an aspect that is valuing of you and that you may be accomplishing, but you must move beyond your fearfulness.

DREW: The most disturbing part of the dream to me, which was what woke me, was the ‘No, no, no!’ that sounded so mournful. What does that represent?

ELIAS: This would be your fearfulness. This would be reasonable for you to awaken yourself with that term, for you are attempting to be rejecting of this and attempting to move into the area of accepting. Therefore, it is unacceptable to you within your imagery that you shall be expressing ‘no’ in sorrowfulness, for it is unnecessary.

DREW: Let me just clarify a little bit, because it’s a little confusing. The bus representing belief systems, correct? The out-of-control bus representing belief systems? (Elias nods) Those are belief systems I currently have or belief systems I’m moving toward, that I’m afraid may run out of control?

ELIAS: Belief systems that you currently hold, that you are moving in the direction of challenging.

DREW: And I’m challenging them because I feel they may be going out of control?

ELIAS: No; but you hold fearfulness that this may be a possibility if not challenged.

DREW: I see. Okay. Is there significance to the 1970’s aspects of this? The station wagon, the old doors at the house ... there was something else. I don’t remember what it was.

ELIAS: This merely provides you with an area of safety; nostalgia.

DREW: I think the last time I talked to you about a dream, I was also in a car that didn’t lose control, but I gave up control, actually to you. I suspect that cars or vehicles are a dream trigger for me. I’m wondering, number one, if that’s correct. And, is there any other significance to the fact that I’m in these cars that are continually losing control or I’m giving up control of, or are these two not related?

ELIAS: This would be a familiar imagery that you are creating within your dream imagery, an element that you may recognize. You may also attempt within a dream trigger.

DREW: In terms of manipulating my dreams?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Accessing it that way?

ELIAS: Correct. Within elements that you create consistently within your dream imagery, you may view these to be dream triggers and they may be quite helpful in accessing more information, for you may move into the area of your dream trigger and it shall offer you more information.

DREW: One last question about this: I think I understand the symbolism in terms of the beliefs, which are the belief systems, and ‘No, no, no!’ was to indicate that I need not be fearful of them?

ELIAS: Correct; that you are not accepting of the overpoweringness of the fearfulness.

DREW: (Whispering) Overpoweringness of the fearfulness.... (Elias nods) Then there’s more fear than I’m aware of. Is that what you mean?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Hmm!

VICKI: Scary thought, huh? (Laughter)

DREW: It’s interesting, because when I woke up from this dream ... we had discussed once before that there were times that I sensed an energy in my house and you said that was fear, and that was completely there. I identified with that. This dream was representative of lots of things, but I’m not sure it was guiding in terms of the action to be taken. Should I assume that that’s just my choice on an objective level, in terms of whether or not I worry about the fear connected with the old belief systems? There was no guidance in it, I didn’t think. It was just representative of what’s going on with me. Would that be safe to say?

ELIAS: It is representative of what you are experiencing and what you are moving into within challenges of your belief systems.

DREW: But strictly representative and not necessarily directive?


DREW: Those are choices that are still in my hands objectively?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Alright. Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 237, November 09, 1997]

SUE: “I have, I guess, one more question, just kind of a general question. You’ve talked about animals, and I think you said that we create them. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: We create the animals that come to us, and then from that point they have their own choice in the matter?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: I wondered if that also holds true for plants?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay, because I’m very interested in gardening and the way plants respond and don’t respond, and looking back on cases where like I bought a mint plant and it died, and I bought another mint plant and it died, and I finally bought one that lived. I don’t know whether that means that I finally allowed it to live, or whether I finally got a plant that wanted to live. Does that make sense?

ELIAS: These are opportunities to view within your periphery, to be offering yourself information that you may be noticing. Actions and events occur within your creations every moment within your focus. You are merely not noticing the imagery that it is expressing to you. View now within your periphery that you are remembering this action and questioning now why this has occurred. This has been offered to you that you may futurely – this future, this present now – reflect and view within the context of your belief systems [that] if you are not succeeding within an action that you must persevere and continue, and that your patience shall be rewarded to you, and that if you are persevering within diligence, you shall offer yourself your accomplishment.

SUE: Yeah, I think one thing I didn’t really understand until some years ago was that if you keep doing something over and over, you will get better at it. I don’t think I understood that as a child because there were a couple of things I was really really good at, and everything else I just thought I was bad at, and I think that’s still a lesson I’m learning.

ELIAS: And one that very, very, very many other individuals are continuing to be learning also. This be your base of duplicity.

SUE: Okay. Well, I think I asked everything I wanted to ask, so if there’s anything else you want to tell me, I’m open to it. Otherwise, I thank you.

ELIAS: I shall offer to you one more suggestion: that within what I express to you within this session, be mindful that I am directing to specific imagery and specific belief systems. This is not to say that each time a similar action is occurring, such as within your plants, that they are always as a rule suggesting the same imagery. I am expressing to you specifically of certain imagery as an example to you, that you may allow yourself the opportunity to widen your periphery, and in this also widen your awareness and offer yourself the action of eliminating more of your conflict.

There are no rules within your physical focus. Therefore, actions cross over actions. Each element of imagery must be viewed individually for its particular meaning to each of you.” [session 256, January 10, 1998]

FEMALE: “Elias, I have a dream interpretation from a friend of Michael’s [Mary’s]. His name is Kevin. So, I’m going to read you the dream, okay? (Elias nods)

‘I’m walking through this field of green grass and flowers. That is all I can see for miles. All of a sudden, the ground opens up and I fall down into a perfectly round hole which I’m unable to climb out of. Then the smooth dirt walls turn into many doors and they open up and snakes of all sizes start to come out. There must be hundreds and hundreds of snakes all around me. I wake up just as an extremely large snake opens its mouth, big enough for me to walk into it, and it’s coming at me. I wake up screaming and sweating profusely.’

ELIAS: Very well. This dream imagery begins in pleasantness, and this is the familiarity of the focus; the acceptance of that which is known, which is the physical focus. In dream imagery, this is imaged as the field and as pleasant surroundings.

Then there is an abrupt motion of falling into this crevice or hole, which holds a smoothness of the walls, or slickness, and in this imagery the hole represents that action – not a place but the action – of moving into communication with essence. The smoothness of the walls is the representation of the ease in which this action may occur, almost as you in physical focus view falling into a hole. This is an effortless action, and there also is requiring of no control in this action.

In actuality, you view yourselves in an action of this type as being out of control, which is precisely the action which is necessary to be fully in cooperation and in fullness of communication with essence, for as you hold control or what you view to be control, you also block energy and you block your communication with essence, holding more intensely to your objective awareness within your attention. Therefore, the image of the smoothness of this hole.

The doors which are presented are those representations of all of the different focuses within this particular dimension of the essence as it is focused in this particular dimension. These doors appear to be opening themselves and presenting themselves. This is the presentment of all of the different focuses which this individual holds within this particular dimension, offering the opportunity to view all of these different focuses of which he holds. But what he is viewing in looking within these open doors is the presentment of these serpents, these snakes which appear to be emerging from the doors and snapping wildly at him. This imagery is the unfamiliarity.

The viewing of other focuses within one particular focus is an unfamiliar action, although within the action of this shift this becomes commonplace, for you are all opening your awareness and allowing yourselves to be loosening your hold upon your objective attention and dropping the veils of your one particular focus in relation to all of your other focuses, recognizing that all of your focuses occur simultaneously and offer you more information as to your focus presently. Therefore, these serpents or snakes are the presentments of the elements, the actions, and the individuals that occupy these other focuses within this dimension, but they are unfamiliar to the individual. Therefore, the imagery is presented in a threatening manner, for any element that you view to be unfamiliar, you also view as threatening or fearful. Therefore, within dream imagery you may present this in many different manners, and this individual has chosen to be in his creativity presenting the imagery of a creature that holds fearfulness to him and that shall be moving in the direction of threatening him.

Now; also let me express that within this imagery, another aspect of this imagery is that [in] the engagement of other focuses within this dimension, even within the action of this shift in consciousness, as you initially move in the direction of engaging other focuses that you hold, you may, if engaging too intensely, threaten your own identity within this particular focus temporarily; not permanently, not continuously, but there may be a temporary affectingness if you are engaging other focuses too intensely, and this shall threaten your own personal identity within this particular focus. Therefore, there is also in this dream imagery a recognition of that possibility of that action.

The final door which presents the large serpent which emerges most threatening is the imagery that he presents to himself of the actual movement or the creation of the probability of the movement to be engaging of this action, to begin to be viewing other focuses and that they hold this unfamiliarity, but at this engagement of this action, the imagery also is that the individual shall be consumed. This presents itself within objective awareness as being frightening. Therefore, the objective responsiveness upon awakening.

In actuality, this final serpent which appears to be attempting to be consuming of the individual is the presentment of self which attempts to be consuming of the attention of the individual within physical focus, that this individual may allow himself to move into the area of opening his own awareness and the allowance of a viewing of more of self by viewing other focuses, and the recognition that there is no harmfulness in this action and that this may be in actuality beneficial to this individual.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

MARGOT: “I guess I’m going to be the one to start this today, Elias, and I’m going to start with a dream. In this particular dream, there were elements in it that I’ve been wanting to ask about, and just in general about dreams. The night that I had this dream, when I had first gone to sleep that night, I saw you. I saw your blue eyes, which I’ve seen quite a few times now, but this time was kind of out of the ordinary because I saw a full face besides the eyes, and it was very fleshed-out and very alive, and it was very exciting! You turned your face toward me at that point, as I was looking at you, and it was obvious to me that we recognized that we were both there at the same time, so to speak. It’s the first time that I have seen a face of yours like this, and I recognized that it must be from a focus of mine. You were very handsome, of course! (Elias grins) You had a swarthy face and very black hair. The only sense I could pick up on was that it was from a Scottish focus. Is that right?

ELIAS: You are correct.

MARGOT: Good! Thank you! Now, in the dream that I had subsequently before I woke up the next day, I had an overriding sense while I was in the dream that I had dreamed it before. Do we actually repeat dreams, or does thinking while we’re in the dream that it’s a repeat dream ... is this an element that everybody has, or what is this?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, at times you may be repeating certain dream imagery to be attaining your own attention in certain areas. Some individuals do create repetitious dream imagery. This would be what you in physical form express as recurring dream imagery. In this situation of recurring dream imagery, you are experiencing elements of bleed-throughs that you are attempting to gain your objective attention with. In many situations of this type, you are attempting to gain your attention for the purpose of addressing to some situation or issue that is occurring presently within the particular focus that your attention occupies.

In THIS situation with this type of imagery, where you are not necessarily in actuality recalling an action of recurring dream imagery but you hold a sense that you have created this type of imagery within dream state previously, what is occurring is not necessarily an actual repeating of the dream imagery in itself, but rather that you are offering yourself more of an awareness of a remembrance of actual occurrences. Therefore, in this type of situation that you are expressing presently, what is occurring is not in actuality dream imagery per se. Although it appears very similar to dream imagery, what you have in actuality created is a movement into another area of consciousness, stepping sideways into an area, that you may view another focus.

Subsequently you hold a feeling or a sense that you have created this dream imagery previously, for as you view it, your thought process automatically leans in the direction that you are within your dream state – although you are not – and in this action you have allowed yourself a remembrance. Therefore, it becomes slightly more real in your reality than many of your dream state encounters with your dream imagery. Are you understanding?

MARGOT: Yes I am, and this is especially interesting because this dream that this occurred in, where I had a remembrance within the dream, I also have had elements of this dream several times, and not within the dream state that I recall. It’s just a thing that I have, and I wanted to ask you about that. I’ve had several dreams like this which seem to take place in a palatial home that belongs to Vicki and Ron, who very interestingly – this repeats in dreams – always seem to be away from home during the first part of the dream. I’ve dreamed about it before. Therefore, I know this home. There is always also in these dreams a large group of very interesting folks who are in this home to see Vic and Ron, except that most of the time Vic and Ron aren’t there.

I’m not understanding because I have dreamed this several times now within, oh, the last six months or a year. I’m not understanding, unless it’s a future. I’m not understanding what this is or what kind of imagery this is for me.

ELIAS: This is a recognition of another focus, which is not future focus but what you would term to be past focus, in which these individuals have occupied what you would now term to be a villa. In this, let me express to you that many times individuals, as they become more objectively aware and connected to other individuals within a particular physical focus, they also begin to allow themselves a remembrance and bleed-throughs of other focuses; not always focuses that they have all shared together, but there is an allowance within energy for their own understanding of each other in tapping into each other’s focuses regardless of whether they have shared them together or not. Therefore, in this situation you allow yourself to be connecting with information of another focus of Olivia [Ron] and Lawrence [Vicki], and allowing yourself more of an objective awareness of the connections within energy that you share with each other.

These situations occur for the reason that you may objectively validate to yourselves within physical focus the vastness of your interconnectedness with each other, for although you hold information in these areas, you generally continue in some areas to view many different aspects of your interconnectedness as coincidence or as concepts, and not necessarily in the vein of actual reality yet. In this, you continue to offer yourselves bleed-throughs and information through experiences of other focuses, that you may validate to yourselves the reality of all of this information, and as you continue in this action it becomes more of a reality and less of a concept to you, for it becomes more and more familiar to you, to the point that your skepticisms, which are automatic within much of physical focus, begin to dissipate and your acceptance of your greater reality begins to become familiar and is more of a reality to you.

MARGOT: Okay, that’s very interesting in light of what this particular dream was, the one that I’m talking about here, because in this particular dream, for the first time I don’t recognize anyone that’s in the house when Howard and I get there. In this dream they are strangers to me, but they seem to be a part of your group, a part of this group that does a lot of Elias, okay? We had arrived with, interestingly, a group of L.D.S. people, and I am just totally amazed that these two groups like each other right away and really begin to enjoy being there with each other. I don’t know if I thought of this in the dream, but it was kind of like the verse that says, ‘the lion and the lamb shall lie down together,’ because here’s a very staunch church group and a group that really loves to be around Elias! What is the symbology or the imagery for me in this part?

ELIAS: This imagery that you have presented yourself moves into the symbolism of this present now, which I shall express to you that within this type of imagery and this type of action of bleed-through, this is very directly correlated to this present now and the action of this shift, for this occurs more and more frequently with individuals presently as this shift increases in its momentum and movement in this present time framework.

In this imagery that you have presented yourself, you are merging the differences of individuals and their expressions and their belief systems and holding a recognition in this imagery that it matters not which direction any individual or group of individuals choose to be aligning themselves with, for you are all interconnected regardless and you are all moving in the same direction.

Therefore, regardless of your expressions or alignments with your own particular belief systems, you are all addressing to the same issues and the same actions within the action of this shift in consciousness ... and there is no separation! And in this also you are discovering the ‘meshing with ease’ and the similarities, and beginning to focus upon the similarities of different individuals as opposed to focusing so intently upon the differences of individuals and groups.

MARGOT: Thank you. I understand that. That’s kind of close to where I came to myself on it. In the first part of this dream I was very distracted because it seemed that I had left home in a really big rush and I didn’t have time to pack anything to wear. What I did put into a suitcase wasn’t anything I was going to need. What was this about?

ELIAS: This also is imagery in relation to this shift in consciousness and the actions that are connected with it. Your imagery to yourself – that you are moving in the direction of bringing with you, so to speak, a small satchel which does not contain what you view to be articles that you need – is the imagery to yourself that in the action of this shift and your movement into it, those items, those elements, those aspects of your reality that are familiar to you are no longer necessary and therefore are being left behind, so to speak, in a manner of speaking.

In this, this would be the symbolization of different elements of your reality, your belief systems, your behaviors, and your actions that you no longer align with, and are moving into a new area of action and creating that although is unfamiliar and requires none of these elements that you are familiar with, you are moving into this regardless. The action of the hurriedness is also symbolic in imagery of the rapidness in which this shift is presently moving and its increase in swiftness of all of its movement. Therefore, you move into this action in a hurried manner.

MARGOT: Okay. Now ... a very weird part of the dream comes now! Our friend Jade shows up and he needs some help with his car. He’s trying to drive down a very narrow canyon that is near this great big house that we’re all in. This is a very strange car because it runs along the canyon walls on rails, but the rails haven’t been used for a while and they need to be greased, and so I volunteer to go along with Jade in this little car-thing and grease the rails as we go down, and I do that with big gobs of grease. So we get all the way and everything is fine, but Jade does not go on his way when we get back to the house. He goes into the house and sits down and enjoys himself with everyone. The only thing that I could draw from this, and I think it’s in line with what you’ve been saying, is that I am helping Jade to accept his own belief systems and the belief systems of everyone else because I grease the rails for him. Is that correct, or what can you give me on that?

ELIAS: You are partially correct in your interpretation of this imagery, but I shall also offer you a continuation of this particular imagery.

In this imagery that you have presented yourself, you present yourself with the familiarity of another individual that you within this particular focus hold a relationship with, and this is a familiar element within the imagery to you. It continues with the theme of the dream imagery in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and the interconnectedness of individuals. Therefore, you image the interconnectedness of yourself and this individual by participating in helpfulness with this individual.

Now; within the imagery that you have created, you image that this individual is traveling inside of this strange, so to speak, vehicle and that this vehicle operates in a different capacity from what you view to be the normal operation of similar types of vehicles. Its appearance is different and its operation is different. This is your imagery to yourself in distinction of this particular individual and how this individual creates their reality within this particular focus and the interaction in consciousness that this individual engages within, opening himself to other aspects of consciousness and allowing for the engagement more fully of inner senses.

These rails that the vehicle travels upon, which you view to be slightly dysfunctional and therefore are in need of oiling or greasing, are the symbolization of inner senses that this individual holds, and that in like manner to you all, these inner senses may be facilitating of much creativity and actions within your physical focus, but are in need not necessarily of repair but of exercising and polishing of these inner senses, that they may be functioning much more efficiently than you have allowed them to be functioning previously.

Therefore, you hold the recognition that this individual engages the action of these inner senses and is participating with them, but your action of helpfulness in greasing these rails is the element of your correct interpretation, that you are being helpful to this individual in facilitating their viewing of their own belief systems and identifying certain belief systems that may be creating less of an efficient movement with these inner senses.

You view the vehicle itself to be different than your usual vehicles, for the vehicle is your symbolization of the individual himself, his physical manifestation, and as you view his manifestation to be slightly different from other individuals, you image this within your dream state as a different type or unusual type of vehicle.

MARGOT: That’s great! That’s exactly right! Now, when we get back to the house, YOU are there. You’re sitting down, you have your hands behind your head, you’re very relaxed. You’re wearing a very nice-looking dark brown pair of slacks, and you have a lighter-brown sport shirt on. I can see that your hair is dark, but you have it cut in a crew cut. Your eyes don’t look quite the same; they’re more kind of indigo blue or kind of a muddy blue. I stand in front of you and I tell you that I’ve been transcribing a session with Marta, and in the session you and Marta talk about the fact that Elias is now a ‘whole new Elias.’ And then I sit down next to you, and you begin telling me about this whole new Elias! What’s up here, Elias?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is your imagery to yourself of your own involvement with this essence and with the movement of our agenda, and as we move more fully into the action of this shift, you also allow yourself to become more aware of more of the fullness of the energy exchange which occurs in relation to this shift and to the delivery of information to individuals within physical focus.

There is the presentment of imagery in this situation also of a relaxedness or ease which emanates from myself in what you may term to be this more casual presentment of the energy exchange.

In this, you are offering yourself in your own imagery the recognition of alterations that are occurring presently and shall be continuing to occur within this energy exchange, in the direction of more of an ease for the actual energy exchange itself and much more of an allowance in the area of the delivery of information to other individuals. This is a cooperation between myself and Michael that you are beginning to identify in your awareness and that is being reflected in the movement of our agenda and the increase of action within this area. Therefore you, in your own recognition of this action, image this particular scene, so to speak, not only in the manner of easement, but that you view alterations, and you are speaking more directly to myself.

This also is significant imagery, for as we move more into this agenda and we are accomplishing more of the presentment of this information, there becomes more avenues for the connections objectively with myself and other individuals within physical focus for objective communication, as you are aware.” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

RODNEY: “My dreaming of late, mostly this year, has been ... I have not been recalling, and I’m wondering, am I in a dream cycle where dreams are not coming to me with as much energy as they have at other times? Or has my belief system shifted to where I am simply not becoming aware of them?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within the area of dream imagery, it is quite common for individuals to be experiencing what you may term to be a lapse in their objective recall of dream imagery for a time period, once allowing themselves more information objectively in the direction of a widening of awareness. As you have chosen to be moving into the direction that you now offer yourself information that I offer to you, and you have been offering yourself other information in conjunction with this information, you move into an action of widening your awareness objectively. Therefore, temporarily you also experience a time framework of a lapse in your objective remembrance of your dream imagery.

Many other individuals have experienced this same action within the beginning throes of their involvement with this material, so to speak, but this shall pass and you shall be re-engaging your objective awareness of your dream interaction and imagery. It is a temporary movement, for your attention moves more in the direction of your objective awareness, and therefore your objective awareness is not paying quite as much attention to the subjective movement that is occurring within dream imagery.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RODNEY: Over the years, there are certain dream images that have occurred over and over and over again, and I’d like to ask you about some of these because they repeat so often.

ELIAS: Very well.

RODNEY: One of them is, the landscape has been cleared by large equipment, like you would prepare a place for a large building. So, I dream about the earth a great deal. Its setting is normally a disturbed earth. That’s one symbol. Another symbol is very large mechanical equipment that moves over the earth, like huge trucks or cranes or earth-moving equipment, things of this nature. Could you comment on those two?

ELIAS: Yes. Your identification with earth is your imagery to yourself of yourself. In the recognition that there is no separation from yourself to that which you term to be nature, you image to yourself within your dream state your identification with the earth, which presents the image of yourself as being larger than merely your own physical form that you are familiar with. This offers you more of an encompassing symbolism of essence, and therefore more of the wholeness of you. In this, you may also recognize that one of your dream triggers that you present to yourself is earth, and you may be manipulating with this dream trigger futurely if you are so choosing. Therefore, I express that your initial symbolization of earth is the imagery that you present to yourself symbolizing you.

As to the imagery of earth-movers or machinery that is offered in different capacities, you have offered yourself the imagery of vehicles throughout your focus many times within your dream imagery. These vehicles at times may be identified with yourself, but many more times you commonly image these large vehicles as the symbolization of issues and situations that are presented to you within your focus to be obtaining your attention in different areas, to be addressing to certain issues that you hold tightly to. Therefore, the image is a type of machinery that is powerful enough to not only be attaining your attention, but to be motivating you into certain movements in specific directions. Are you understanding?

RODNEY: Yes. Issues or even beliefs that are large enough to move me. I thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. These are the presentment to you in acknowledgment that each time you present yourself with this type of imagery within your dream state, you are validating to yourself that you are moving into the direction of addressing to certain issues and belief systems and that you are being motivated to be addressing to these situations.

RODNEY: Good. So this type of dream is a good omen!

ELIAS: (Grinning) In a manner of speaking, yes.

RODNEY: Yes! (Laughing)

Another singular dream image that has occurred many times is that I am either in the water near land or on land near water, and in part of the dream, a long, long cable or cord appears. Frequently it begins by just being still or lying, like maybe lying over the land and then extending out into the water, and then I sense that this cord or cable becomes extremely tense, and moves, and there is an incredible energy associated with this cable becoming so tense, and it is frequently alarming enough to bring me into wakefulness during the dream. Could you comment on this dream imagery?

ELIAS: Quite. Now; let me express to you that your dream imagery is your language to yourself in a subjective manner from essence to the focus, and in this it is translated objectively, and therefore there is the creation of the images.

Now; in this imagery, the cord is your imagery to yourself of a communication line or a connection that you hold to essence, you being the water and the cable being the communication line which leads to essence. In this, as you image the tension and the intensification of the tension in this cable, the imagery is suggestive to you that there is an intensity of energy which is being presented to you as the focus from essence, in specific directions.

This particular imagery shall appear to you in dream state at times when you are participating in receiving an influx of energy from essence, so to speak, to be addressing to situations that may be occurring within your objective physical focus. At times when you view yourself to be dealing with difficult situations objectively, you shall also be experiencing this type of dream imagery, which is the influx of energy that shall be helpful to you in your movement objectively in addressing to certain situations.

RODNEY: Wow! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RODNEY: Upon awakening a few days ago, I had a dream image that was quite unusual. It appeared that I was in some kind of a seat, and I was being propelled or accelerated very fast forward over the ground. I literally heard the stretching of leather as this acceleration took place, symbolizing the great force. I can remember the stretching of leather, as on a saddle when one gets on a horse. It reminded me of that. As I propelled along the road or over the earth, I thought I was going to collide with a man that was standing in the road, but I swooped over the top of him. This was a very unusual image and one that is very recent, and I wondered if you could comment on that.

ELIAS: This imagery is presented to you in the preparation for your engagement of viewing and connecting with other focuses that you hold within essence. You are preparing yourself for this interaction, that you shall begin moving in the direction of investigating and viewing other focuses of your own, and in this you image the leather with the sound of the stretching and the sense of the stretching, for you are expanding your own awareness and you are allowing yourself to open to your own consciousness subjectively, which shall move into an objective awareness also, allowing yourself more of a remembrance and the ability to be interactive with other focuses that you hold.

In this also, you image yourself as flying OVER another individual, appearing that you may be colliding with the individual, but in actuality you fly over this individual. This is more imagery which moves in conjunction with the movement of connecting with other focuses. You allow yourself the ability to view the other focus, but you are not intersecting initially with another focus. Therefore, what you have expressed to yourself in this imagery is that initially you shall merely view other focuses and you shall familiarize yourself with this action, and then subsequent to that you shall allow yourself the interaction of mergence with other focuses and direct interaction. But initially, you shall be viewing these other focuses as an onlooker, not necessarily as a participant.

RODNEY: Is this mergence with another focus of mine possible within this physical focus?

ELIAS: Definitely! You may be interacting and merging temporarily with another focus at any given moment. This is merely an action of allowing yourself the trust in self to be loosing your hold upon your attention within this particular focus and allowing yourself to access other focuses. You hold the ability quite definitely to be interactive and to be merging with any of your other focuses.” [session 309, August 22, 1998]

WAYNE: “I recently bought a personal computer, 266 megahertz, but maybe six months later, I see 450 megahertz. It appears to me that the speed of these external machines ... something is speeding up rapidly, so it must be reflecting something going on with the larger transition. I was wondering, it must be taking us somewhere. The speed is speeding up somewhere. I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to where this might be going.

ELIAS: You are quite correct! Within physical focus you create objective imagery to mirror your own movements, and within the area of your technology you mirror quite efficiently with your inventions, your own abilities, and your own knowings. All of your creations of your inventions that you move into are all expressions of known information that you hold.

Think you not that it is quite interesting within physical focus that within this time period of this particular century, you have created within your technology more inventions within one time period than within all of your history? And within this century is the movement of your shift in consciousness, and as this shift in consciousness accelerates and moves into your next century, you shall be creating of more objective imagery that mirrors what you know within you.

Your technology advances at great speed, for YOU are advancing at great speed within the action of this shift. Consciousness is moving within an intensity and continues to build within this intensity, and in this you shall view more and more evidences of this. I have expressed many times that your science fiction is more true than you think and may be viewed more in the direction of science fact than science fiction, for all that you may imagine, you may also create. You hold the ability! It is merely a question of your own accessing of your own abilities within your own trust of yourselves, and as you move in these directions, you continue to be creating of more and more objective imagery that moves you farther and farther into your science fact.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

DEANE: “There was another [dream] where I was in outer space by myself, and I saw this exquisitely blue bubble with a crab-like creature inside, and for a brief moment, I watched it as it was traveling. It was going someplace. Would you enlighten me about this experience?

ELIAS: This is dream imagery. You have presented this imagery to yourself to be expressive to you in your own communication with regard to what you would term to be your universe.


ELIAS: What you have offered yourself in this type of imagery is the viewing of an element that is quite unfamiliar but holds no fearfulness, and contrarily holds an element of fascination for you, and you view this quite joyously as you are appreciative of its uniqueness and of its aesthetic qualities.

In this, you present yourself with this imagery that there is much within your universe which is unfamiliar to you but is not threatening to you, and therefore you may move in comfort within all of the areas of your universe and hold no fearfulness, for there is no element that shall be hurtful to you.

You have presented within your dream imagery the feeling of safety within your universe that you may translate objectively to be allowing you more of an efficiency to be moving within consciousness as you widen your awareness.

DEANE: Okay. Another night, I asked about my feelings of dying. I saw a blank yellow area, which I took to be some sort of a map. Then I saw a red line begin to travel from west to east, and then drop straight down as I watched. Then I said, ‘Guam?’ (Elias grins) – I was referring to the island of Guam – and then I heard a voice which said, ‘I’m dying.’ It sounded familiar, and I wondered if it was my own. I got scared and snapped myself back. Would you briefly explain this for me?

ELIAS: (Grinning) Let me express to you that this be another aspect of religious belief that you allow yourself within the safety of dream imagery to address to.

In this, you allow yourself to be connecting to this subject matter of death, objectively knowing that it may not be hurtful to you. You may be experimenting, so to speak, with this subject, and although you may be experiencing temporary fearfulness, you also realize objectively that you may discontinue this dream activity if you are so choosing. Therefore, there is no harmfulness.

In this, you image this particular island – of which you term to be Guam – as it appears quite unfamiliar to you. It also appears, within your beliefs and your thought process, to be quite foreboding, for it is not the choice of pleasantness that you may engage for recreational holiday!

Therefore, this particular choice of a physical location is the representation of knowing that this action of death is a movement into another location, so to speak, but that location is quite unfamiliar to you presently. In this, the religious aspect enters in your choice of this particular location, presenting that it may be – or possibly is – not quite the paradise that you assume it shall be through your beliefs!

There is a fear of the unknown, so to speak, and [of] which area shall you be projecting to once you engage the action of death.

In this, you offer yourself the opportunity to view these aspects of belief systems and recognize that you may be moving through these beliefs, and that it matters not your identification in physical terms of what you identify or think of as a place that you may be once you engage the action of death, for this is irrelevant. The area of consciousness that you shall occupy shall be WITH YOU.

Therefore, if you are engaging your trust and acceptance of self and you are joyful within self, it matters not what you choose to be manifesting as a ‘place.’ THIS is the element of illusion.

DEANE: I see that now ... yes.

Okay, I have one last dream. I was watching absolutely huge African animals outside my window, lying dead. Some had gotten there and died. One was a lion as big as an elephant! Then an African lady crawled out from under what I think was the lion. Another person was squatting down, watching her do this, as I was watching both of them. I became sort of afraid and moved back from the window. Would you briefly explain this one for me?

ELIAS: This is your allowance within your imagery for you to be viewing different belief systems and the affectingness of them; also the largeness, in a manner of speaking, and the heaviness of these beliefs. As they ARE, within your physical focus, quite large, they are also quite affecting.

You allow yourself to view these elements of reality outside of yourself, so to speak, for this is less disturbing to you than to be viewing them within self. Therefore, you image these as very large, familiar animals. The creatures are familiar within your imagery, for the beliefs are familiar. You may be identifying of the beliefs, but they appear within your dream imagery to be much larger than you anticipated. This is your imagery concerning the largeness of the belief systems, and as you widen your awareness, you become more objectively aware of the immenseness of these belief systems and all of the aspects that they hold within them.

They also hold great power, and in this, you image this as back to yourself in viewing the weightiness or the heaviness and how they may be crushing of an individual if held upon them, but you also image individuals emerging from beneath them. This is your imagery to yourself that regardless of the weightiness of these beliefs, an individual holds the ability to be moving into letting go of these beliefs and neutralizing [them].

DEANE: Elias, I thank you again, my friend.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 383, April 15, 1999]

KATIE: “… which brings me to another dream I had with Malhai [Tom] recently. He’s been in a lot of them lately ... in fact, just about every night! But there was one in which we were in this house, and I had poured him a glass of water, and I gave him the cobalt blue glass – that seemed appropriate – and then I tried to pour one for myself, but the glasses kept melting and all the water spilled out. And then a little bit later, he got up to go – and I couldn’t get him to tell me about this – but there was almost this energy swirling around us, and it seemed like this was some kind of a doorway, and it was the means by which he exited. I’m wondering what this doorway-thing was, or what this energy swirling around us was.

And then after that, I went out of the house. This house sat on a bluff over an ocean, at the edge of an ocean, and there was railroad tracks, and we walked along beside the railroad tracks for a while, and this train went by. It was a rather unique-looking train, and I’m even more curious about the train now, as Tom says that he’s had a lot of imagery around trains lately as well.

ELIAS: I express to you that this imagery that you have created of the train is an expression that you are offering to yourself in conjunction with transition. This is imagery that is symbolizing to you movement and a transport element from one area to another area. In this, you image the action of transition as a traveling through different areas of experience within consciousness.

As to your imagery that you have provided yourself of the cup which may not hold the liquid, I express to you that the reason that you have created this imagery also is that you are holding a recognition that you wish not to be containing your energy presently.

KATIE: Oh, cool!

ELIAS: In this, let me also express to you that this swirling of energy that you have imaged is a type of window that you may access to be moving through certain areas of consciousness that may facilitate more ease in your movement into different experiences, accessing information within consciousness in your dream state.

KATIE: Oh, great!

ELIAS: Therefore, if you are allowing yourself to be moving into that energy swirl, so to speak, you may also be moving through a dream portal into an awareness of other areas of consciousness.

KATIE: Well, Tom seemed to use it quite easily, (Elias chuckles) but he wouldn’t let me follow him.

ELIAS: Ah, but be noticing of this, and your acceptance in the allowance of other individuals to be dictating to you your behavior!

KATIE: Ah, good point. Good point! (Elias chuckles)

I had another dream recently, and maybe this is just something about the belief systems around the end of the millennium. But I had a dream that I was in a house, and it was a house that I lived in as a child, and my brother was there with me and part of his family and some other people, and it was ‘the end of the world.’ There was supposed to be some big asteroid or something that was going to hit the earth and destroy everything in the dream, and we sat there and decided, ‘Well, there’s nothing we can really do about it, so we’re just going to hang out here,’ and then nothing really happened. There was like a meteor shower and the meteors hit around, and there were little poofs of flame here and there, and then that was it, and everybody came back out afterwards. (Elias is chuckling)

ELIAS: And you provide yourself with this imagery in recognition of the energy lent within this time framework in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and in this, that there has been much energy lent in the area of prophecy.

This is not to say that you need be inserting these probabilities of prophecies into your reality, but as you already begin to notice, you all move quite easily in the direction of lending MORE energy to these prophecies, for this is familiar to you.” [session 395, May 16, 1999]

DONOVAN: “And along the same lines of sexuality and stuff like that, I had a dream, a really jarring dream, a few months ago, where I was walking with somebody who was similar to me, but was another individual. We both had this sort of dark, scary kind of make-up on, sort of androgynous, I guess, in sort of a scary way, and we were walking, and I pulled down my pants and I had this black blood covering my genitalia, and the guy like sort of gave a sinister laugh. We walked into this house, and there was two old ladies who were also sort of like twins, and apparently the police were coming or something, and I don’t really understand this, but apparently we had raped these two small cats. I looked in the mirror and I looked at myself, and I felt sleazy and weird-looking and I had all this make-up on my face. Then the police came, and I climbed out a window – which I think is maybe one of my dream triggers – and I hopped over a fence, and at that point, my dream became less like a dream and more like what I guess I would call a daydream, where I was sort of conscious of choices that I had within the dream. Can you help me interpret the symbolism in this dream?

ELIAS: Very well. This particular dream imagery moves in conjunction with this wave which is occurring presently in consciousness which addresses to the belief system of sexuality.

In this, what you are offering to yourself is the viewing, one of duplicity, one of unfamiliarity in relation to different orientations and the judgments that accompany this unfamiliarity in association with orientations, and the aspect of physical unacceptability in action and in form. You also present yourself with the aspect that is involving the acceptability or unacceptability of behavior in relation to what you term to be sexual activity. This offers you the opportunity to identify many different areas associated with this belief system of sexuality that you hold great judgment within, and in this identification of these different aspects, you allow yourself the noticing of your own fearfulness of the unfamiliar in these areas, which is also creating of very strong judgments.

In this, there is an expression that you have created within your dream imagery of camouflage. Therefore, it is more difficult to be identifying that you are participating within all of this dream imagery, for much of this dream imagery within your beliefs is quite unacceptable. It addresses to many areas of this belief system.

It also addresses to the area of victimization – the victim and the perpetrator. You view yourself as the perpetrator, which of course is very bad. I express to you that in this imagery, you also offer yourself the opportunity to view that these are merely experiences and choices. You create this imagery within your dream state as it provides you with a safe environment to be experiencing all of these identifications of aspects of belief systems that hold much fearfulness and uncomfortableness for you within objective waking state, therefore allowing yourself a beginning movement into addressing to these aspects of this belief system and lessening the intensity of them within your objective waking state.

There is much involvement within this present wave in consciousness addressing to this very large belief system, and it is very affecting of individuals within this present time framework, being manifest in responsiveness in many different manners, dream imagery being one of these expressions, but not the most affecting expression.

In this, I say to you that you presently within your awareness are allowing yourself movement and opportunities in many different directions, addressing to your reality in many different manners all simultaneously within this now, and in that expression, I offer to you an expression of energy from myself which may be helpful to you in your accomplishment, for the base line of all of this activity that you engage presently is to be allowing yourself a greater acceptance of self.

You hold a partial trust in self and in your abilities, but this imagery that you present yourself with presently offers you a movement more into the area of acceptance, in knowing that you are merely creating your reality for the purpose of experience and exploration, not in the expression of right and wrong. These are the influences of your belief systems.” [session 401, May 23, 1999]

KATIE: “... I’ve been having some imagery in my dreams lately, and objective imagery as well. I’ve had a lot of objective imagery related to drains being clogged. I’m kind of wondering what that is about. I’ve been exploring it and haven’t really been able to figure it out.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Let me express to you that this is your imagery that you are presenting to yourself in the area of letting go. This letting go, so to speak, is the symbology that you offer to yourself in allowing yourself to release your hold upon energy concerning other individuals. Although you are moving, as I have stated, into the direction of focusing upon self and you are offering yourself great encouragement and validation in this movement, you also continue to hold to this energy in familiarity, in your expression of manipulating your energy in conjunction with other individuals.

Now; this presents itself to you within this time framework also in relation to this new challenge that you offer to yourself. This is directly related to offering you a remembrance: that as you hold to this type of energy, in slipping into the expression of attempting to be manipulating other individuals’ realities – regardless of your intention, for your intention may be to be helpful, but it matters not; it continues to be an attempt to be manipulating energy in the creation of other individuals’ realities and a lack of acceptance in this area – as you continue to hold to your energy in this manner, you create a blockage, which does not allow a free flow.

This be the reason that I have expressed to you that you present yourself with this reunion, so to speak, in offering yourself not merely the opportunity to view some elements of mirror action between yourself and this other individual, but also to present yourself with the challenge of offering information within the framework of another individual’s belief systems, and in that, not invalidating their belief systems and therefore not discounting their reality as being reality.

In this, you present yourself with imagery in the area of drains or pipelines, so to speak, that may either be blocked or flow free. (Elias starts to say something else here, but stops)

KATIE: Okay. That’s why the toilet plugged up while I was there too, right? (Elias chuckles)

Also, I’ve had other imagery with strawberries. In one dream I was doing a bridal consultation, and the bride was wanting to carry a wreath of flowers instead of a bridal bouquet. She wanted strawberry jam incorporated into it, and I could only perceive this as being a very sticky mess within the dream ... and I had no idea how to get strawberry jam into a wreath! And then in another dream, I was presented with a plate of pancakes with strawberries on them instead of the blueberries that I wanted, and then I show up at Lisa’s house and see strawberries on a table there! What is this about?

ELIAS: This is the incorporation of imagery that you present yourself with presently in relation to spirituality.

In this, you choose the physical imagery of strawberries to be representative of a particular color, red, which is the vibrational quality of the Milumet family, which is the presentment of what you term to be spirituality, but in very different terms of expression than your definition of spirituality.

The presentment of certain types of imagery in this area with these strawberries, incorporating them into different types of forms but retaining the essence of them, presents you with the imagery of the challenge of incorporating spirituality in its essentialness, but manipulating it within its definition – its actual definition – into different forms or translations within physical reality, therefore allowing you to view that spirituality is not confined to the presentment of one particular form or expression, but extends far beyond that particular type of definition. (6)

Regardless of which hue, so to speak, that you present within your belief systems any definition of spirituality, the essence of spirituality is the same and incorporates all of your reality, not merely one form or another or one expression or another, and is not limited to the designations that you incorporate in your definition of it.

Therefore, you also present yourself with the incorporation of the imagery of strawberries in an area that you do not necessarily wish it to be, and in this, you allow yourself the opportunity to view the challenge of incorporating the concept – and eventually the reality – of genuine spirituality throughout the entirety of your focus, for there is no element of your focus that it is not incorporated into.” [session 428, July 20, 1999]

MIKE: “I was noticing, before my last session, spider webs, and that's partly why I went in the direction of the web designing and whatsuch. However, I’ve been noticing more spider webs, and this time around, I’ve been seeing more spiders in the webs, and I actually had to kill a spider because he was like bugging me. And anyway, I’ve been noticing the spiders and the spider webs, and I was wondering what the imagery is.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in this imagery, what you are presenting yourself with is objective symbolization, that you may recognize the workings of the spider and the web.

In this, the spider may spin the web, and may move in the direction of allowing another creature to become entangled in the web.

Now; this is a cooperation, be remembering.

Therefore, in this, as you view the spider web and the spider, you view the spider to be a threatening element, or the presentment of any element within your reality that you may view to be an obstacle or a negative element or a hindrance. Any of these directions may be symbolized by the spider.

The web is the incorporation of the process that you engage in your interaction and your addressing to the spider or the obstacles.

In this, you may choose to become entangled in the web, and therefore, you create the reinforcement to the obstacle and you feed the obstacle, OR you may not become entangled, and therefore, you may move freely.

In this, you present yourself with this type of imagery now, for you are quite accomplished at entangling yourself in the web and feeding the spider, for you become so very occupied with the web that you lose sight, so to speak, of the approaching spider.

In this, you are continuing to be struggling with the entanglement of the web, and therefore immobilize yourself, and as you immobilize yourself, you also become devoured.

This is very inventive and instructive imagery that you are presenting yourself with ... and also look to your interaction in which you assault the spider objectively for the reason that it is "bugging" you! HA HA HA HA!

And of COURSE it is irritating to you, for it is objectively reminding you of this imagery – that you present yourself with obstacles, and in your process in addressing to these obstacles, you become so very entangled with the process that you immobilize your movement, and therefore reinforce the obstacle or feed the spider.

In this, I shall express to you quite similarly to my expression with Candace [Nicky], and what I have offered to you previously also: Be aware of your concentration in certain areas.

You move many times in the direction of creating certain elements within your reality of which you wish to be creating, but you also create the presentment of great obstacles before you in your wanting of creating certain elements of your reality, and in this, you begin to examine and evaluate and analyze to the point of confusion and to the point that you immobilize yourself. This is the web.

And in this, you become stuck in the web of the analyzation and the viewing of the aspects of your creations, in which the obstacle then becomes strengthened more than the want. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yeah, pretty much. It’s gelling. (Elias chuckles) So what you’re saying is that I’m allowing the obstacles to take over more strength than myself, kind of, without trying to reword everything you said.

ELIAS: Correct” [session 435, July 30, 1999]

JO: “I had a dream recently in which I was taking a bath, and the door opens and in walk two men in what could be typified as priestly garb, with faces covered, and each carried a large rock. I sensed that they were there to pummel me to death, and at that point, I woke up. It was a very personal and premeditated event. It felt like an execution. They felt like priests, and it felt like my security had been violated – I had possibly been betrayed – and I’m wondering if this is imagery about the nature of the death of my focus Jessaline, and about what resulted from her choices which involved not aligning with prevailing beliefs in her environment.

ELIAS: This imagery is not a presentment in conjunction with another focus. This is imagery that you have offered to yourself in conjunction with this focus.

In this, you allow yourself the creation of objective imagery – in the form of religious individuals – that shall suggest to you the association that you hold with religious beliefs and how they are influencing and affecting of choices that you create within this focus, and in this, although you objectively attempt in certain situations to be disassociating yourself with the idea of religious belief systems, underlyingly there are associations with religious belief systems. Regardless of how they are identified and defined objectively, they are continuing to be influencing, and in this, they are influencing of the perpetuation of certain elements of duplicity which are objectified in this focus.

In this, the element of duplicity, which moves in conjunction with other aspects of beliefs, is the element that appears threatening or hurtful. This is what you perceive in an action which may be hurtful to you, that you identify as your need to be escaping.

In this, you may look to the information of this dream imagery and identify how beliefs may be influencing and how they may be affecting of your emotional expressions and your development of fear, and your automatic response objectively of attempting to be turning away from the interaction with or the viewing of these creations of fearfulness.” [session 530, December 29, 1999]

RODNEY: “In going over some of the dreams that I’ve had in my life, there is one image I recall. It just spontaneously comes into my mind, and it’s a dream I had when I was very, very, very young, I would guess prior to sixth or seventh grade, and that would have been around 1940, before much of the horror of the second world war.

I dreamt that I was inside a huge open arena, like maybe in Roman times, with very high walls, and I saw, rising over the rim of the arena, a monstrously large skeleton, a skull, and I had a sense that it was black, although I can’t quite remember that. And that dream image has stayed with me for a very, very long time, and that was one of the notes that I wanted to ask you about, and I was wondering if you would comment on that, or whether it’s not worth commenting on.

ELIAS: I shall offer you commentary upon this imagery, for this may objectively offer information to you and to other individuals also that experience similar types of imagery which they view to be unexplained.

In this, you have offered yourself what we commonly identify now as a bleed-through of energy.

Now; it is quite apropos that you shall incorporate this particular dream imagery this day, as I have also offered you the challenge that you be exploring and investigating other layers of other dream imagery that you have offered to me.

In this, we may incorporate another example of the other layers of dream imagery.

In one layer of that imagery that you have presented to yourself – the layer which is most closely associated with your experience and energy within this focus – you have allowed a bleed-through in association with another focus which participates in warlike activities and that which you in physical focus identify as the atrocities, so to speak, that may be associated with the engagement of war.

Your experience within that focus has also created a tremendous expression of fear and a tremendous expression of what you may term to be hopelessness in that particular focus.

The expression within that focus and the experience in that focus holds such intensity that within this focus, as you have been participating in the movement of this shift from the onset of your manifestation, your awareness has allowed for an affectingness in a memory, so to speak, of that focus, which bleeds through into the experience of this focus.

Subsequent to the actual imagery in this focus, there is a continuation of an underlying feeling, in a manner of speaking, that is continuously present. You may not focus your attention objectively upon it continuously, but it may be brought to your objective attention at will.

RODNEY: Is this ... please allow me to interrupt you for a moment.

ELIAS: You may.

RODNEY: I think I’ve been aware most of my life that there is a part of me that has an incredible ... I’ll use the term fascination with death and destruction and warlike activities, and I’ve always sensed in some way that I was capable of incredible horrors. It has been the subject of many of my dreams over the years.

As a young boy, instead of going to see the comic shows on Saturday afternoon in the theater, they also showed us the atrocities of the concentration camps in which they slaughtered the Jews in the second world war. And then when I grew up to be in high school, I read so many books about Hitler that my English instructor told me I could no longer read any more of them – that kind of fascination. So what you’re saying truly does not surprise me. My question is, is what I’m doing in this focus in any way helpful to that other focus?

ELIAS: Energy that you express in this focus is automatically expressed to the other focuses. There is....

RODNEY: I guess when I say that, I guess I have some judgment about that other focus as being in some way a victim, and I don’t want to hold my perception of that focus in that way. But it just seems to me that energy that would give that focus some relief from the fear would be something I would like to see.

ELIAS: And you may be, in your terms, helpful in that type of desire, in allowing yourself to be accepting and to not be continuing in your expression of judgment, but the recognition that these are chosen experiences.

Now; let me also express to you, I am not creating a statement to you that this be synonymous with a lack of emotion. You may be incorporating emotion in relation to the experiences of other focuses.

Let me express to you in simplicity, Zacharie [Rodney], in relation to your physical body.

You may be incorporating hammering your toe, and you may incorporate physical pain. Your toe is an element of your physical body. Other parts, so to speak, of your physical body consciousness shall be responsive to that action of hammering your toe. Your thoughts in your attention shall immediately move to be focused upon the action which is incorporated in relation to the toe.

Your toe is not your physical head. Your toe does not incorporate the entirety of your neurological system, but your neurological system shall be affected by the incorporation of experience of that one toe, for it is an element of the entirety of the body.

In like manner, what is occurring in one focus is also you, therefore is affecting of you. In like manner, what is occurring in your focus is affecting of other focuses, and what shall be the most affecting – in what YOU assess to be helpful – is your movement into acceptance.

For just as within your physical body, you may be the individual that is creating the hammering of your own toe. If you are not incorporating the judgment that the action of hammering your own toe is bad, you may also be affecting of how the hammering of your own toe is received.

In this, if you are recognizing that the hammering of your toe is a choice and that it may be perceived in whichever manner you choose – that you do hold choice, therefore creating the acceptance – you may be hammering of your toe and not incorporating pain, and in the lack of pain, you shall not be incorporating the distraction of attention of other elements of your physical body consciousness, and your thought process may not shift to your toe, for it is not assessing pain.

Therefore, your toe may incorporate its experience and not have that experience be perpetuated by other elements of your physical body consciousness and your thought process.

If you are incorporating the judgment that this hammering of your toe is wrong and that it shall incorporate cause and effect and that you shall incorporate pain, you shall turn your attention within your thoughts to your toe, and you shall concentrate within your thoughts upon the painfulness of your toe and therefore perpetuate the action.

In like manner, you may perpetuate or lend energy to the perpetuation of those experiences within other focuses that you assess as negative – or positive, it matters not – through your attention with them.

Now; this moves us in our circle, once again, to your imagery, and that the underlying feeling has continued throughout your focus in relation to this dream imagery. Other individuals create very similar expressions.

In this, as you allow yourself to identify what is occurring, many times the mere identification of that action within the other focus eliminates the underlying energy of continual judgment.

Now; the reason that this energy of judgment is eliminated is that within one focus, you create dream imagery in this manner. You do not offer yourself objective information or recognition that what you have created in imagery is directly related in association to an experience which is occurring within another focus.

It is you, but it is not you.

Now; in this, as you do not offer yourself that information, you continue to hold to the energy of that experience, and as you hold that energy of that experience underlyingly within this focus, you continue to place judgments upon self....

RODNEY: Because I don’t distinguish it as being different from me.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, you perpetuate the energy in this focus, which also lends to the perpetuation of the energy in the other focus, for you are creating a judgment within this focus upon self. You are creating the judgment that you have created a disturbing and negative type of imagery which is bad, and which has, in the belief of cause and effect, created an uncomfortable and distasteful feeling and emotion.

... Yes. This holding of this energy creates the action, within your beliefs, of the identification of cause and effect. You have created the negative dream imagery, which creates – in the action of your association of beliefs of cause and effect – negative and uncomfortable or distasteful emotions, and even to a point, physical feelings.

In this, you assess that there is some element wrong with you that you shall be creating these feelings and emotions and imagery. Therefore, you continue to perpetuate this discounting of self, this lack of acceptance of self, and this judgment upon self in an underlying expression which continues throughout your focus which is directly associated to this particular imagery. The imagery itself is directly associated to another focus, but you do not offer yourself that information in explanation objectively.

Therefore, many times – many, many times within physical focus – the mere identification that this is an action which is occurring within another focus releases you in this focus from the holding of responsibility in judgment of yourself in the creation of that imagery, which automatically allows you to be releasing of the energy and not continuing the perpetuation of these emotions and physical feelings which continue to rise up, so to speak, in your vernacular, from time to time, as they are not dissipated in actuality throughout your focus, for you are continuously holding the energy underlyingly.

Now; I shall also direct back to this particular imagery, for it is significant within the physical time framework.

In the physical time framework in which you incorporate the imagery associated with another focus of yours, you also allowed yourself a tapping into mass energy within the time framework.

It matters not that you did not incorporate objective recognition or what you would term to be knowledge of actions which were occurring in other physical locations of your planet within that time framework. The energy is expressed regardless, which also ties into what we have discussed previously, concerning the communication of energy rather than the communication of words and language.

In this, you have allowed yourself, in that time framework also, to be tapping into that collective energy in other physical locations, which was occurring in similar types of expressions to what you are experiencing in another focus.

Therefore, you create the association, and in the layer that is not the most closely associated to you individually with this dream imagery, you have allowed yourself to be tapping into the viewing of probabilities that were being created in this focus collectively with other individuals.

Therefore, that layer of your dream imagery extends beyond merely you and your immediate experience and interaction, but outward, as the ripples within a pool as a pebble is dropped into the water, and in those outward ripples, you incorporate beyond your community and into the experience of the collective in consciousness within your world.

RODNEY: It seems to me that the image of the coliseum stands for almost all of humanity, and I was in the middle of it alone, and that the focus, the primary focus of this coliseum was this incredibly huge mountain of a skull that was looming over the top of it. So it kind of symbolized for me ... it was the focus of more than just me.

ELIAS: And as a small boy in this experience, the physical imagery is quite terrifying and overwhelming.

RODNEY: I don’t think I’d ever seen a coliseum at that point.

ELIAS: I am speaking of the other focus, in which you do.

RODNEY: The other focus does experience a coliseum?

ELIAS: Yes, as a small boy.

RODNEY: As a small boy, he does. Very interesting. I’m tempted to ask you another question.

ELIAS: You may.

RODNEY: This isn’t the only focus I’ve had that engaged in warlike activities, is it?

ELIAS: No. (Pause)

RODNEY: Hmm. I don’t see any point in going any further with that question! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

RODNEY: Unless you do!

ELIAS: You may be offering yourself your attention with this one area of imagery, and this may be enough, so to speak.” [session 583, March 18, 2000]

GILLIAN: “... I was just thinking about imagery. I created an illness two weeks back, and I realized I was going all around my block just to cross the street! That’s what my impression of my illness was. ...There was some other imagery that I projected, but I’m not sure what I got from that. My wallet was stolen, and last night I fell down and got a bump on my head, and it hurt so!

ELIAS: Very well. In these examples, let us together examine movement, choice, and creation.

Now; you express that you have created an object of your possession that is stolen. In this, as you allow yourself to move your attention from outside of yourself to inside of yourself, you may allow yourself information concerning what you are actually creating within the moment.

In being aware of what you are actually creating and choosing within the moment, you may not necessarily create objective imagery to reflect what you are creating.

Now; in examining what you are presenting to yourself – which in actuality is expressed in both of these scenarios, but the imagery outwardly is different – this is an efficient coupling of imagery presently to illustrate to yourself what I am expressing to you, that the objective imagery is changeable, it is abstract, and in actuality the objective imagery matters not. What holds significance is your direction and the choices that you are engaging or creating within the moment, which offers you information concerning your direction and what you may be addressing to within a particular moment.

Now; the direction that you have chosen is to be examining and addressing to within self how you create automatic responses in relation to being a victim – not a victim of other individuals, but how you within self associate yourself at times with this role of being a victim.

Now; this in actuality is quite efficient that you present this particular imagery in discussion this day, for it also relates to your previous question in relation to your curiosity in how you may not necessarily be paying attention to experiences. This provides you also with an example of creating experiences but not necessarily paying attention to what it is that you are creating, what you are choosing, and identifying the direction of your movement.

Now; in this, as you turn your attention to self and allow yourself to move beyond the action of thought analyzation, and move your attention in the direction of choices and the aspect of yourself that is creating choice, you may allow yourself to more clearly view your direction and the movement of steering yourself.

Now; as you allow yourself to pay attention to what you are choosing, you may not necessarily create a reflection outwardly in objective imagery in relation to the movement that you are creating or what you are addressing to for it may not be necessary, for you are already offering yourself information and recognition of your movement.

(Deliberately, punctuating his words by tapping on the armrests of the chair) But in not paying attention to what you are choosing, I may express to you, as I have many times previously in this forum, you shall create expressions that shall gain your attention in one manner or another. You SHALL offer yourself information concerning your movement. There is no aspect of your reality that is hidden from you. But if you are not paying attention to self and [to] what you are creating inwardly, you shall create it objectively outwardly to reflect what you are creating inwardly, therefore efficiently offering yourself another means of communication to yourself.

The confusing aspect, many times for many individuals, with this type of outward expression is that the objective imagery literally is quite abstract and is quite changeable. Therefore, you may present to yourself many different scenarios, many different expressions of objective imagery that all are related to the same movement, the same subject matter, inwardly. Are you understanding?

GILLIAN: Yes, Elias. I’m understanding. I’m also understanding that what you are saying to me at this time is that I’m creating objective imagery to tell myself to pay attention.

ELIAS: Quite, but you are also creating specific types of objective imagery, different expressions of objective imagery to gain your attention in relation to a particular subject matter.

In this, as you continue to not recognize your direction and your choice in relation to a particular subject matter that you are exploring or addressing to, you also shall continue quite creatively to express different objective forms of imagery that shall relate to the same subject matter.

GILLIAN: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 873, Sunday, July 29, 2001]

JIM: “Well, I’ve got some questions, as always. (Both laugh) I’d like to start off this morning with something that we discussed in our last session, if I may.

ELIAS: Very well.

JIM: You said that objective imagery is the abstract and what holds significance is the expression of your perception. (7) I’d like to go into, if we could, a definition of abstract, if we could clarify some of that a little bit. That was a very powerful statement for me. I’ve been relating to it a lot, and I’d like to get a little bit more information on, I guess, the definition of abstract. How are you defining that?

ELIAS: The abstract is quite changeable. There may be myriads of images that may be expressed that are suggestive of one subject, and in this, there is tremendous allowance and openness for interpretation. It is quite what you may term to be the opposite of definite or any association with what you may define as absolute, and you do create absolute associations to this point within your physical dimension.

In this, the abstract is an objective expression which may be designed in a manner that elements of your reality or expressions or imagery that you create may not always be what they appear to be.

As you allow yourself an investigation individually of artistic expressions, and you allow yourself to view the expressions of other artists which are defined to be abstract, this may provide you objectively with a clearer view of what I am expressing to you in definition of abstract.

View the expressions of any abstract artist. It matters not what their choice of expression is artistically. It may be in music, or dance, or painting, or writing, poetry – it matters not. There shall be expressed a quality in their design which appears differently objectively than what you associate with actual manifestations within your reality. Therefore, the appearance may be different than the actual manifestation. It is an interpretation, a variation upon a theme, so to speak. This is what creates the quality of abstract. It is a translation of a particular subject matter and a physical projection in objective imagery and creation that at times appears distorted, or may be viewed as an impression of a particular subject matter or manifestation rather [than] an actual literal reflection of a subject or a manifestation.

This quality of abstraction creates a tremendous openness for interpretation and a tremendous expression of changeability.

... Individuals, my friend, turn their attention fully to the abstract objective outward expressions, the imagery, and in this, the snare which is expressed in relation to your attention is that your automatic association is to define that objective expression and imagery as an absolute.

(Bobbi’s note: the following is delivered intently, and Elias taps sharply on the arm of the chair with each of the following words.) Therefore, you create an automatic response in associating the physical manifestations of objective imagery as the absolutes, which distracts your attention away from the actual direction, intent, motivation, subject matter, preference, and interest that you individually are inwardly engaging, and therefore expressing outwardly whatever you choose to be manifesting in the abstract expression as merely a reflection of your movement. Your objective imagery, my friend, is in actuality a very similar type of expression as what you objectively identify as dream imagery.

(Continues tapping with each word.) Now; in viewing your objective imagery in this manner, allow yourself to recognize the number of experiences you have individually created in which you offer to yourself an objective recall of dream imagery. In this time framework now, you incorporate enough information and have assimilated enough information that you hold an understanding that the imagery that you create within the action of a dream is a translation and is not literal. It is a translation of a movement that you are creating subjectively, and you create actual objective images of that movement that you understand in relation to your translating mechanism; and your translating mechanism is thought.

Therefore, as you view your dream imagery and recall that imagery through the translating mechanism of thought, you create what you define as mental images expressing to yourself a scenario associated with the movement in the dream activity. You also recognize that this is quite abstract. You do not question the abstractness of dream imagery. For as you present yourself with dream imagery, many, many times you view it as quite confusing, and you express to yourself a lack of understanding of how that may be associated with your objective movement, and you create confusion, and you request information to assist you in translation of your own individual dream imagery.

I am expressing to you that your objective imagery that you create within waking state is equally as abstract. You merely do not associate with the abstractness of it, for you define it as absolute for it is physical and solid in your perception and therefore unchangeable. Your tree is your tree: it is absolute, it is unchangeable, it is physical matter. A rock is a rock. Your electronic equipment is what it is, and you view this to be an absolute, unchangeable. This is all objective imagery and is QUITE changeable.

Therefore the expression of objective imagery, as I have stated many times, matters not, for it IS abstract, and it IS quite changeable and may be altered moment by moment – and often is altered moment by moment – and is also a projection of your perception. Therefore it is imagery that is unique to you individually.

(Elias continues intently punctuating his words by striking the armrest of the chair.) What holds significance – and is quite worthy of your attention, especially in conjunction with the movement of this shift and the insertion of this shift into your objective reality – is the recognition of your interest, your motivation, your direction, your preference, and your choices. For your direction of exploration, your movement, is directly associated with your interest and your preferences in association with your intent, and that may be expressed outwardly objectively in COUNTLESS manners, but the direction is consistent.

JIM: Okay, I’m finally there. That was great. Thank you for some clarification there.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 876, Tuesday, August 07, 2001]

ISABEL: “Hi, Elias. Well, I think I have a few questions, but now I’m going to go only for the dream that I had.

ELIAS: Very well.

ISABEL: As you know, I’m baby-sitting for my two dogs, so my dream is that I’m going to bed to sleep. I always take my dogs with me, they don’t follow me, I take them and they go to sleep next to me, and I’m trying to fall asleep when I hear voices in my room. So I look to see who is in my room, I turn around and I see my dogs are talking, the two dogs talking. I just am amazed to see the two dogs talking, so I just keep looking at their mouths and how they’re moving their mouths, talking. One was telling something to the little dog; in my dream I knew what they were asking and I heard the answer from the other dog. But when I woke up, I tried to remember what the conversation between my two dogs was about and I could not remember. Anyway, in my dream I continue and I was amazed to see them talking. So I said, ‘That’s enough of this.’

But then suddenly I got like an anxiety attack in my dream and I started getting very upset for whatever reason, I don’t know from what, and suddenly I saw this person – who is always the same person, I never see his face – but he walked into my room and sat down on my bed and he told me, ‘Don’t worry about it. Why worry about it? It’s nothing, calm down. Don’t worry about anything.’ And then, but I don’t know why, I want to scream. I was trying to scream, I heard myself trying to scream, I heard the voice trying to get out of my throat, and I couldn’t.

I knew I was awake because that’s when I heard my own voice, and I couldn’t open my eyes. So I said, ‘I have to stop this. I know it’s okay. It’s okay,’ and I turned to the other side and said, ‘I have to calm myself down.’ I saw my big dog going around my bed, going towards the door, so I said, ‘Now I have to get up,’ and I was kind of nervous, now I have to get up and take the dog out, the dog needs to go out. So then I sat on the bed, I could not tell if I was with my eyes closed or open, and there is my dog next to me, not the other dog going out. Finally I was able to open my eyes and I said, ‘I’m not going to have any more of this dream,’ because my heart was beating so hard and I was so scared. I couldn’t find a reason why to be so scared from this dream. So I said, ‘I’m not going to sleep any more. I’m going to try to stay awake until I calm down.’ In two minutes, in one minute after I said that, I was already asleep.

And there it goes again – I am in an open field, but this is with another dog. I am with a golden retriever. The dog is coming to me and I am standing in the middle of this beautiful place, and I see that something is coming down, like a little ball. I try to catch the ball because if it hits the dirt it’s going to break. So I’m trying to catch it, but I missed it and it broke, and it was all blue dust, very beautiful blue dust. When I bend down to see what else was there, if my dog is there, the other dog, the golden retriever, his face and especially his nose was all blue. I’m trying to clean it up, the blue off his nose. I always like to look eye-to-eye to my animals; I try to make contact with my eyes with their eyes. I keep looking in the eyes, and I said, ‘I hope it’s not going to get infected or anything,’ but I keep just looking in the eyes and I always feel it’s somebody, somebody is behind those eyes. And I woke up.

I know what you’re going to ask me, if I figured it out! I’ve been thinking for two months of this dream, and I always have it in my mind because I don’t want to forget. I’m trying to figure it out, what the dream is all about, and I cannot get an answer.

The only thing that I know is that I know I love animals, so it’s a good message or a good feeling about them, that I don’t worry about anything. But I would like to know really what the meaning was and why I forgot what the two dogs were talking about. They were talking about me, because I see how well they know me, but I cannot remember what the conversation was about. They were having a long conversation, those two dogs.

ELIAS: And I may express to you, my friend, it matters not what the conversation was concerning. You have presented yourself with specific imagery, and in this imagery you present yourself with manifestations that you trust and that you incorporate affection for, but you concern yourself with what is being expressed concerning you.

This concerns perception. It is imagery that you offer to yourself in explanation of your associations with perception concerning what you trust and what you incorporate affection for – not the dogs, but concerning individuals that you incorporate affection for and that you value their opinions. Therefore, you concern yourself with the perceptions of other individuals as a measure of your worth.

You also present yourself with myself...

LETTY: Yes, I picked that one up!

ELIAS: ...for you present to yourself the imagery, once again, of the individual that approaches you that you do not recognize, which has been myself repeatedly in offering an expression of encouragement to you that it matters not. You have concerned yourself in extreme with what is being discussed in your perception and it matters not, for the point is that the discussion concerns you and your perception of how that influences your evaluation of your worth in relation to what you value and other individuals’ perceptions. And in this, you generate anxiety, for perhaps what is being discussed may be contrary to what you assess as valuing yourself and therefore the possibility of devaluing your worth in the perception of other individuals.

You continue the dream in creating imagery once again that is familiar and [that] you incorporate affection for in relation to the creatures, but you create a different creature. In this, you no longer create the imagery of other individuals’ perceptions, but you incorporate merely yourself and the creature. And what is the image of the creature in this aspect of the dream imagery once again?


ELIAS: Correct, and you offer yourself the validation of that in the imagery of the blue ball which is incorporated upon the creature’s face. And what is your incorporation of action? To be attempting to express personal responsibility, which is entirely unnecessary.

ISABEL: Yes, I was worried about that dog.

MARCOS: Something we know nothing of, right? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, quite! Very unfamiliar!

ISABEL: It’s so easy to see now. It’s easy to understand it, so clear NOW! (Elias chuckles) Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.” [session 997, January 27, 2002]

MALE: “Elias, I have a question about some imagery that’s been popping up quite consistently. Whenever I look over at the clock, it’s either 11:11 or (inaudible, due to group response about this), and it’s been happening for about five years or so. I was just wondering if you would comment on that. Obviously there’s some type of significance, due to the response. If you would comment?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) This has become an imagery that individuals en masse have chosen as their objective reminders of shifting. It has been accepted by individuals, in actuality, throughout your globe.

FEMALE: Really?

ELIAS: Yes, collectively within consciousness and not merely subjectively, for you are aware objectively.

Initially this was expressed as an association as a date of shifting, but not actually in association with what you recognize as shifting. Within your metaphysical beliefs, originally this was expressed as a shift date, but in association with movement to higher dimensions. There are no higher dimensions. But in association with this shift in consciousness, subsequently this has been adopted, so to speak, collectively by you all, and you express an identification with this number objectively in imagery as a reminder of your shifting.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

FRANK: “... I’d like to start by asking you about a dream I had since we last spoke. I was in my home and I saw this little alligator, about a three- or four-inch long alligator, that had a sort of menacing look on its face. The next thing I knew, I was trying to find this alligator again because I wanted to get rid of it or kill it or whatever, and I couldn’t find it. Then there were a lot of these little alligators all over the place, and my wife and a close friend of mine were present also. Shortly thereafter, there was a hornet as well, which I think I killed in the dream.

My impression of this dream is that the little alligators represent either beliefs or perceptions that I view as negative that I’m trying to change or get to the bottom of.

ELIAS: Partially. I may express to you, the stronger message in this imagery is to be paying attention to actions that you generate throughout your day that you perceive to be small, for those actions or responses or expressions that you deem to be small are those that comprise the larger picture of the entirety of the movement of your day.

In this, all of these small actions that generally speaking are overlooked and not noticed are indicators of how you are generating your movement and your direction throughout your day. Those indicators express to you the moments in which you are allowing yourself flexibility and the moments in which you are expressing rigidity, the moments in which you are generating automatic responses and not noticing, and the moments in which you are actually paying attention.

The number of these small menacing creatures is your imagery to yourself in relation to how many times throughout your day there are expressed automatic responses and actions that may be noticed by turning your attention to serve you as indicators. But without noticing, they remain the expressions of reinforcement of automatic responses. Are you understanding?

FRANK: Yes, I am, although I have a question, or maybe you could give me an example of one of these small actions that I’m not paying attention to.

ELIAS: Examine mundane movements of your day. Let us begin with how you awake. What do you incorporate in the first few moments as you awaken?

FRANK: Usually that I’m tired, I guess.

ELIAS: And as you move from your bed, what are your actions?

FRANK: I don’t know. I guess I would say they’re pretty mindless.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Quite. Even an action of showering or brushing your teeth, if you are noticing, you generate the action in the same manner. You shall incorporate the same movements. You shall incorporate washing in the same manner each day. You shall brush your teeth beginning on one side or in one particular motion each day, and you move your attention to thoughts concerning what shall be occurring later within your day, and you pay little attention to the actual actions that you are incorporating. Consuming your coffee or certain meals throughout the day, certain manners in which you approach your vehicle and how you engage starting your vehicle, these are all actions that you incorporate in each and every day. They are all actions that you generate in a manner of automatic responses, and they are all influenced by beliefs.

In this, you generate all of these actions throughout your day and you do not notice what you are actually doing, which we have spoken of previously – paying attention to what you are actually doing. All of these actions you deem to be mundane, insignificant and small, and therefore you do not pay attention and you do not notice the mechanics of them. Even the manner in which you may prepare a sandwich may be generated in the same action each time.

Actions such as these are the actions that you generate continuously, and these are the actions that are indicators to you concerning your automatic responses and the influence of beliefs that are reinforced daily. They are also actions unnoticed, which generates another indicator that you are not moving your attention in the now or upon self. But...

FRANK: Are you saying that to the extent that I do focus on these mundane actions and pay attention to how I’m doing them, as opposed to doing them on an automatic basis, that that is sort of – well, I don’t want to use the word “practice” – but it’s a way of making sure I’m in the now and paying attention on the more significant items in my life?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, for all of these actions that you incorporate are, in a manner of speaking, puzzle pieces that contribute to the design of the whole picture, and therefore offer you more of a clarity in understanding what you actually generate and how you create within your reality.

You, in like manner to many other individuals, move your attention to what you deem to be large actions or significant actions: your business, your family, engaging interaction with your children, planning activities or events, planning actions that shall generate clients within your business, actions that shall be generating greater income. These are actions that you deem to be large and significant.

All of these small actions that you incorporate in hundreds of movements throughout your day contribute to how you shall generate the large actions that you wish. But what you focus your attention upon are these large events, so to speak, or actions, and confuse yourself in how you may generate those in a manner of intentionally directing your energy and your movement to accomplish what you want.

FRANK: Let me ask you this question. Let’s take the action of brushing my teeth, for example. Other than by noticing it, other than by keeping myself in the mode of noticing myself and focusing on myself and not doing things automatically, how else does that contribute to these big actions that I am in fact concerned with?

ELIAS: For these are indicators of your beliefs and your hold in rigidity to these beliefs.

As an example, in brushing your teeth, let us say that you brush your teeth in a specific manner in specific motions, and in those specific motions you generate that action for a reason. You may not express a thought translation of those reasons, for you are generating an automatic response. But in recognizing that, you may be incorporating a belief that expresses if you incorporate certain motions in brushing your teeth, you shall be preventing harmfulness to your teeth and therefore you are generating a protection of your teeth. This is influenced by beliefs.

This is what I am expressing to you, my friend. Even an action that you view to be so small as brushing your teeth is influenced by many beliefs that are expressed in those larger actions, associations that there are elements that incorporate the ability to attack your teeth that are not generated by yourself and that may be harmful to your teeth. Therefore you must be generating actions to be protecting of them, for they serve a function which is important to you.

FRANK: That I understand. That does get down to a significant belief that really pervades everything in my life.

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the point. This is the significance of the dream that you have offered to yourself in this type of imagery, that all of these creatures appear to you to be very small but they also appear to be menacing and there are many of them.

FRANK: Maybe this part is not significant, but just to help me understand the dream imagery and how the process of dreams works, why at one point did my wife and my friend suddenly show up in this dream? And why at one point did I see a bee or a hornet in this dream? Is there any significance to that?

ELIAS: Yes. You present these individuals within your dream imagery as symbology of interaction with other individuals and that these menacing little actions, so to speak, or small creatures are incorporated in relation to other individuals also, and that other individuals generate these types of actions also, which you allow to be affecting of your automatic responses.

Therefore, they are interconnected, and this is the reason that you present other individuals within your dream imagery. You present specific other individuals, for these individuals incorporate certain representations to you in the manner in which they express themselves and how you interact with them in differences.

You also present to yourself the hornet as imagery of the challenge, so to speak, or the difficulty in grasping these actions with your attention. You translate that in physical imagery. The hornet is a significant representation. For were you to attempt to physically catch within your hand this creature, you would incorporate more of a challenge than attempting to catch these reptile creatures, although you initially present to yourself the imagery of merely one and its disappearance, which is the imagery of the automatic response and how it is unnoticed.

FRANK: Yeah, it’s there and it’s gone. Let me ask you about something else. I hadn’t really thought of it until just now. It was probably some time in the last couple of months. While I was asleep, I actually got stung by a hornet that was somehow in the house. Does this have anything to do with this same imagery here?


FRANK: It’s sort of like another wake-up call about all this?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

FRANK: Because at the time I really wondered, ‘Okay, this is some sort of message but God knows what it is!’ (Elias laughs) Maybe I should have said, ‘Elias knows!’

ELIAS: Quite in keeping with how you generate your imagery! Ha ha ha!

FRANK: So it was the same sort of message?


FRANK: That’s very interesting, and it’s something that I will try to focus on. But as you know, for anyone, for all of us that’s tough. That seems like a lot of work, or maybe we’re just not used to doing it.

ELIAS: I am quite understanding. Recognize also, my friend, that it is unnecessary to continue to hold your attention upon all of these mundane actions that you incorporate. The significance is that you allow yourself a temporary time framework in which you familiarize yourself with your movements, and therefore allow yourself to identify what motivates certain movements, and which movements, which actions, you are incorporating rigidity with. This offers you much clearer information in how you may be generating choices to create more of an ease in your creations.

FRANK: I can see that. I understand. It’ll be an interesting piece of homework for me.” (Elias laughs) [session 1196, December 02, 2002]

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End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: this is in reference to the “alien creature” that Mary and I created one day for a short time. In that moment, this creature was real. We can both vouch for that. However, in our officially accepted reality, it was a large plastic spoon!

(2) Vic’s note: the intent of the dream mission is to connect with subjective activity which is represented by dream and waking imagery, thus being able to translate our language to ourselves of activity that occurs in Regional Area 2, thus becoming aware of how we create our reality.

Digests: find out more about the dream mission.

Digests: find out more about Regional Area 2.

(3) Vic’s note: we’ve presented Elias publicly four times to date, and each time Mary has become a nervous wreck shortly before we were to begin. I talked to Melinda about this, as she and Mary are counterparts. We made an agreement that she would “send cosmic drugs” shortly before start time at the Bodhi Tree. This was interesting to observe. Mary was starting to lose it. Two minutes after the agreed-upon time, Mary almost fell down. It appeared as if she had just injected some powerful drugs. She remained in this state until the session began.

(4) Vic’s note: Elias does the most interesting dream interpretations! I found both of these to be fascinating, and very insightful.

(5) Paul’s note: Elias refers to his interaction with Mary Ennis as an energy exchange. This exchange is similar to what many call “channeling,” but Elias says that these two actions are somewhat different. Channeling involves an interaction with aspects of one’s own essence, and an energy exchange involves a mergence and an exchange with aspects of another essence. Mary’s experience within this mergence has changed many times in the last four years and appears to be different from the experience of channeling, according to our present information.

(6) Vic’s note: I have changed one word in the following sentence: “The presentment of certain types of imagery in this area with these strawberries, incorporating them into different types of forms but retaining the essence of them, PRESENTS you with the imagery of the challenge of incorporating spirituality in its essentialness ...”

It was originally stated: “The presentment of certain types of imagery in this area with these strawberries, incorporating them into different types of forms but retaining the essence of them, CREATES you with the imagery of the challenge of incorporating spirituality in its essentialness ...”

(7) Paul’s note: Jim refers to an exchange from his previous session dealing with his llama.

ELIAS: “... I hold an awareness that you do not individually recognize the vastness of consciousness or your individual expressions of affectingness of consciousness, but I may express to you in truth – and as you are aware I do not incorporate this particular term often – but in this discussion and this subject matter I may express to you in TRUTH the alteration of your perception creates a movement which is affecting of all of consciousness.

Therefore, what you may term to be these small expressions of objective imagery, of alteration of one creature and their physical manifestation, or an alteration of a translation of transference of a picture from one medium to another, you may allow yourself to view as great in its significance in the alteration of perception; but in relation to objective imagery, it may be viewed as similar to one grain of sand upon your planet.

(Firmly) The objective imagery is the abstract. It is not what holds significance, for it is continuously changeable. It matters not. Within one moment, you may be incorporating objective imagery in the expression of your llama. Within another moment, you may be incorporating objective imagery in relation to an expression of your dog or a pony or a bird or another individual – it matters not. What holds significance is the expression of your perception, which holds consistency in ALL of these objective expressions of imagery.” [session 809, March 30, 2001]

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