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dream triggers

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Dream triggers are elements which present themselves within your dream state repeatedly, consistently, continuously, although you may not hold an awareness objectively of this particular trigger. But within each of your dream imagery time frameworks you shall image a thing, an image, consistently that is your individual dream trigger. This is a window, and once you allow yourself the ability to manipulate within your dream state, you may access this trigger and you may use this trigger as a window into other areas of consciousness ... and it literally is as a window! It shall open and allow you to move through your imagery of your dream into other areas of consciousness and access other essences and other areas of your own essence.

A dream trigger may be as mundane as a book that goes unnoticed within your dream imagery, but is consistently an object which appears in your dream. Or, it may be a leaf. It may be a windowpane. It may be a creature. It may be an article of clothing. It appears so very mundanely that it escapes your noticing. It is as if it were a background prop within your imagery of your dreamscape. Therefore, you pay little attention, but it consistently appears and in this is consistently available for your access into other areas of your own consciousness.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

Elias “gems”

CATHY: “What exactly is a dream trigger?

ELIAS: A dream trigger; this is a term that you have invented to be designating of what you might term as your dream window. Each of you holds symbols that you identify with within your objective knowing. This is identified with also subjectively. Within your dream state, in many actions you intersect objectively and subjectively with a particular symbol. If you are noticing and paying attention to your dream activity, you may identify these dream triggers, these symbols that are meaningful to you, for they are intersections of objective and subjective consciousness. At this intersection point, you may transcend objective.

CATHY: Does everybody have more than one?


TOM: Is it like an alphabet? Hypothetically, it’s symbols like an alphabet, and we have so many symbols that we do recognize?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

TOM: Our own tribal symbols?

ELIAS: Each individual holds their own symbols. These will be symbols that are easily identified, objects that you are very familiar with; objects, or motions, or ... emotions that you understand within your waking state objectively, and you also use for translation within your subjective and dreaming state.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

DREW: “I think the last time I talked to you about a dream, I was also in a car that didn’t lose control, but I gave up control, actually to you. I suspect that cars or vehicles are a dream trigger for me. I’m wondering, number one, if that’s correct. And, is there any other significance to the fact that I’m in these cars that are continually losing control or I’m giving up control of, or are these two not related?

ELIAS: This would be a familiar imagery that you are creating within your dream imagery, an element that you may recognize. You may also attempt within a dream trigger.

DREW: In terms of manipulating my dreams?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Accessing it that way?

ELIAS: Correct. Within elements that you create consistently within your dream imagery, you may view these to be dream triggers and they may be quite helpful in accessing more information, for you may move into the area of your dream trigger and it shall offer you more information.” [session 237, November 09, 1997]

BOBBI: “I have a lot of imagery of rain and flooding and running water in my dreams, and in one dream interpretation you said that was my imagery to myself of emotion. Is that consistent through most of my ... (Elias is nodding) That’s my continuing imagery.

ELIAS: Correct. You may also view this imagery as a dream trigger. Therefore, as you allow yourself more information in movement within your dream state and also within other states, as you become more adept at manipulation within these states, you may use this imagery as your dream trigger.

BOBBI: Yeah, it’s usually then that I find I go to my city. I don’t know if it’s THE city; it’s MY city that I wind up in. The emotion then is not particularly any emotion, just emotion in general?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 263 January 28, 1998]

RODNEY: “My dreaming of late, mostly this year, has been ... I have not been recalling, and I’m wondering, am I in a dream cycle where dreams are not coming to me with as much energy as they have at other times? Or has my belief system shifted to where I am simply not becoming aware of them?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within the area of dream imagery, it is quite common for individuals to be experiencing what you may term to be a lapse in their objective recall of dream imagery for a time period, once allowing themselves more information objectively in the direction of a widening of awareness. As you have chosen to be moving into the direction that you now offer yourself information that I offer to you, and you have been offering yourself other information in conjunction with this information, you move into an action of widening your awareness objectively. Therefore, temporarily you also experience a time framework of a lapse in your objective remembrance of your dream imagery.

Many other individuals have experienced this same action within the beginning throes of their involvement with this material, so to speak, but this shall pass and you shall be re-engaging your objective awareness of your dream interaction and imagery. It is a temporary movement, for your attention moves more in the direction of your objective awareness, and therefore your objective awareness is not paying quite as much attention to the subjective movement that is occurring within dream imagery.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

RODNEY: Over the years, there are certain dream images that have occurred over and over and over again, and I’d like to ask you about some of these because they repeat so often.

ELIAS: Very well.

RODNEY: One of them is, the landscape has been cleared by large equipment, like you would prepare a place for a large building. So, I dream about the earth a great deal. Its setting is normally a disturbed earth. That’s one symbol. Another symbol is very large mechanical equipment that moves over the earth, like huge trucks or cranes or earth-moving equipment, things of this nature. Could you comment on those two?

ELIAS: Yes. Your identification with earth is your imagery to yourself of yourself. In the recognition that there is no separation from yourself to that which you term to be nature, you image to yourself within your dream state your identification with the earth, which presents the image of yourself as being larger than merely your own physical form that you are familiar with. This offers you more of an encompassing symbolism of essence, and therefore more of the wholeness of you. In this, you may also recognize that one of your dream triggers that you present to yourself is earth, and you may be manipulating with this dream trigger futurely if you are so choosing. Therefore, I express that your initial symbolization of earth is the imagery that you present to yourself symbolizing you.

As to the imagery of earth-movers or machinery that is offered in different capacities, you have offered yourself the imagery of vehicles throughout your focus many times within your dream imagery. These vehicles at times may be identified with yourself, but many more times you commonly image these large vehicles as the symbolization of issues and situations that are presented to you within your focus to be obtaining your attention in different areas, to be addressing to certain issues that you hold tightly to. Therefore, the image is a type of machinery that is powerful enough to not only be attaining your attention, but to be motivating you into certain movements in specific directions. Are you understanding?

RODNEY: Yes. Issues or even beliefs that are large enough to move me. I thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. These are the presentment to you in acknowledgment that each time you present yourself with this type of imagery within your dream state, you are validating to yourself that you are moving into the direction of addressing to certain issues and belief systems and that you are being motivated to be addressing to these situations.

RODNEY: Good. So this type of dream is a good omen!

ELIAS: (Grinning) In a manner of speaking, yes.” [session 309 August 22, 1998]

DONOVAN: “Do I have another focus named Malitska or Malicha? (Pause)

ELIAS: Malita.

DONOVAN: Can you say it again, please?

ELIAS: Malita.



DONOVAN: Did she practice witchcraft?

ELIAS: You may be expressing in these terms, if you are so choosing. I express to you that this terminology is expressive of superstitions which are held within your belief systems. The individual merely allows herself the ability to be manipulating energy within her focus efficiently. (Chuckling)

DONOVAN: Okay. I did a meditation where I think I connected with her, and I guess I’ll describe it and you can tell me how accurate I am. Sixth century A.D., and I’m getting two countries – I think it was Yugoslavia and Bavaria – I kept hearing two words. She was a hermit. She lived in a shack. She had a lot of anger. She channels energy. She was very much into the mother earth. Her god was the mother earth, and she experimented with physical manipulation of her body to the elements, such as she would lay with no blankets in the winter and freeze, but not harm herself, but experience the sensation of freezing.

I’m also getting that her intent name was The Taster of Lightning, (Elias grins) and I’m seeing an image of literally that – her standing in the rain, in a thunderstorm, and actually having the lightning physically going into her mouth. Is this accurate at all?

ELIAS: I express to you acknowledgment that you have allowed yourself quite accurately to be accessing information and the energy of this individual. I may express to you also that within this, you may be allowing yourself to be gathering information from this individual, recognizing the belief systems that are held within her focus, and not necessarily incorporating those belief systems, but viewing the abilities that this individual allows herself to be connecting to and experiencing, recognizing that in expanding your awareness, you may be creating of many wonders within your physical focus, and you may draw upon the energy lent by that focus to be encouraging within your focus, in being helpful to you in accessing your own abilities.

DONOVAN: Okay. Did she practice Wicca, or was it her own personal belief system that she developed?

ELIAS: This would be, in a manner of speaking, similar to that cult, but not identified with it and its organization. I express to you that she has developed her own identifications as dictated by her own individual beliefs.

DONOVAN: And another thing that I saw was, there was this bonfire and people were chanting, and when I read a portion of the dream trigger session, I had a dream that night that displayed for me what my triggers were, and one of them was that bonfire, and I’ve seen the bonfire on several occasions. Can you explain to me the significance of the bonfire in relation to my focus now?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you choose this particular type of imagery in relation to what we have been discussing within this session, as you view underlyingly within your belief systems that your physical body is – in a manner of speaking – a hindrance at times, for within your beliefs, it is the expression of a vessel. In this, you view physical imagery of fire – and that expressed in the manner of bonfires – as being an element that may eliminate the physical aspect of your manifestation.

The reason you have created this as your trigger is to be allowing you to move through your individual portal – within dream state or meditative state – without the encumberment of the physical form, for as you move into this fire, there is a symbolic action that you create of shedding the physical form through the imagery of the fire, which releases your aspect of consciousness to be experiencing the freedom of movement into other areas of consciousness.

You view within your belief systems that you may not necessarily be accomplishing of this same action if you are continuing in holding to the physical form, but must be loosening your hold upon that aspect of your reality to be moving more freely within other aspects of your reality. I express to you that this a belief, but it also is reality within yourself, and in this, you have created a trigger that shall efficiently allow you to move around the hindrance of your individual belief systems.

DONOVAN: Hmm, okay. So it’s sort of like ... I think I understand. I view wood as very physical, and then fire as still physical but more energy-like, and then that converts to smoke, and then sort of dissipates. So it’s sort of my perception of – I can understand, I think – my perception of lessening the physical intensity of the body physically focused, or my perception of what it would be like to relax that focus. Do I understand that correctly?

ELIAS: You are correct. You are lessening the density and the solidity of the physical form through this imagery, and therefore allowing more of an expression of freedom within energy and your movement.” [session 401, May 23, 1999]

FRANK: “Okay, I have two questions. Number one, how do I go about investigating these focuses, and number two, how do I benefit from doing that?

ELIAS: First of all, you may be allowing yourself to view other focuses that you participate within through relaxation methods, so to speak. You may also allow yourself to be interactive with other focuses through the action of projection or through dream interaction.

FRANK: Which do you think would work best for me? (Pause)

ELIAS: You may be allowing yourself more of an ease through dream interaction or through the action of meditation. You may experience more of a challenge in your attempt presently to be projecting, and allowing yourself to be viewing other focuses in that manner.

FRANK: I’m not sure I understand what you mean by projection. Can you define that?

ELIAS: Projection is the action of allowing aspects of your consciousness to be moving freely; not in association with your body consciousness.

Now; projection allows you the involvement, so to speak, of both objective and subjective awarenesses.

It is what many individuals within your physical focus presently identify as out-of-body experiences, although I may express to you that I identify a distinction between a projection of consciousness and what you may actually identify as an out-of-body experience.

For an element of your consciousness continues to be focused and interactive with the body consciousness within the action of projection. In a manner of speaking figuratively, you divide your awareness and allow an element of your consciousness to be continuing in interaction with your body consciousness subjectively, but you also allow yourself an element of your consciousness, subjectively and objectively, to be moving freely through consciousness, moving through the barriers, so to speak, of time, space, and even at times dimensions.

An actual out-of-body experience is the removal of your subjective awareness and its interaction with the body consciousness. Therefore, the body consciousness is, in a manner of speaking, left to be functioning temporarily without interactiveness or instruction from the subjective awareness.

In this, the action of an out-of-body experience may be engaged for much less time framework than a projection of consciousness, for there is, in effect, within your physical dimension, a necessity for instruction and interaction between the subjective awareness and the body consciousness to be continuing the functioning of the physical body.

Therefore, in projection, you allow yourself to move your consciousness, subjectively and objectively, in part, so to speak, away from your physical body consciousness, and without the encumbering of the physical matter of body expression, you may allow yourself more of a freedom of movement.

Now; let me express to you, this also is an influence of your belief systems, for in actuality, you may allow yourself this same type of movement WITH the incorporation of your physical body. But as you do not believe that you may move through time or space arrangements dimensionally incorporating the physical body expression, you do not allow yourself the freedom of that type of movement.

Whereas you DO allow yourself this type of movement in the design of what you create as what may be identified as an ‘astral body.’ This also is a creation that you have engaged as a means to be continuing with your identification of self as you move through consciousness.

Are you understanding?


ELIAS: In this, you may incorporate presently slightly more of a challenge in engaging that type of activity than you shall in engaging a meditation or your dream state to be investigating of other focuses.

As you engage a meditation, allow yourself a relaxation process, so to speak, but also offer yourself a directedness in that relaxation. In a manner of speaking, offer yourself the direction through a suggestion, but do not push with your energy, for as you force your energy, you also create an obstacle. Therefore, in offering yourself a direction through a suggestion, you may direct your energy more efficiently to be accessing certain focuses that you wish to be investigating of.

Within your dream state, you may incorporate either a suggestion prior to your entering of sleep state, or you may be accessing your dream trigger within your dream state as a portal, and once you have accessed your portal, you may direct your attention specifically to another focus of your essence. Or, you may also be engaging the expression within dream state of the Gates of Horn, so to speak, which also may activate a type of portal, so to speak, within consciousness, and allow you an ease in movement into the accessing of another focus.

FRANK: What is the Gates of Horn?

ELIAS: This is an expression which may be incorporated within consciousness. It is a type of trigger, so to speak.

In creating this expression within dream state, and also even at times prior to your sleep state, what you are activating, so to speak, is not necessarily an actual place, but a call, so to speak, to essence within consciousness.

It is a call to yourself, figuratively speaking, which creates a type of trigger that allows you to be moving spontaneously into other areas of consciousness, and specifically directing your movement into your objective, in a manner of speaking. This creates – once again, figuratively speaking – a type of direct pathway to other areas of consciousness that you wish to be accessing, through your energy of essence.

FRANK: Can I do this by suggestion, or how do I do this?

ELIAS: You may allow yourself to be offering the suggestion merely [by] expressing these words, so to speak, before entering your sleep state, or you may be expressing these words within your dream state.

FRANK: Saying the words is a suggestion that I want to access this?

ELIAS: Correct. Within your dream state, or even within your waking state prior to your engagement of sleep state, you may merely express the words of ‘the Gates of Horn,’ and this automatically creates the suggestion and creates a trigger, so to speak.” [session 674, August 04, 2000]

VIRGINIA: “... I think the biggest question, as I was speaking earlier to Marcos and Letty while we were driving, I was having this dream about me being naked in my dreams. No matter what I was dreaming or where I was or what I was doing, I always ended up naked. But nobody else seemed to think that it was unusual that I was naked. I was the only one that was feeling a little apprehension about my nakedness. I really didn’t want to get into that because I’m okay about being naked. I don’t have a problem with being naked. I like me, I like my body, so I don’t have a problem with it.

My question to you is, I think we all have a purpose here on Earth. I’m a loving person and I’m a giving person; I recognize that. I have no problem in showing that and giving that, but I think I have a greater purpose. I am trying to live and go through this journey of what we call life. My big question for me is, what is my purpose? How do I get to it? How do I recognize it?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) My dear friend, I wish not to disappoint you...

VIRGINIA: But tell me I’m supposed to be somebody great, okay? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: You already are! You are wondrous and great. It is merely a matter of your discovery of that, and in this, I may express to you ‘what is your purpose?’ – your purpose is becoming. Your purpose is movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, to turn your energy and your perception from outside of yourself to the exploration of folding in upon yourself and exploring all of the wondrousness of you.

Your purpose is to experience. You have manifest in this physical dimension to incorporate a different expression of experience. The familiar is to be experiencing that folding in within consciousness in nonphysical expressions. This is the nature of consciousness and it is quite familiar. What you have chosen is the challenge of that experience and movement in relation to the physical, the expression of generating physical imagery, physical manifestations from nonphysical, something from nothing.

For in terms of corporeal expression, consciousness is not physical; it is not a thing. And you are consciousness, not a thing but a movement, a flow, an energy. In this, the wondrousness of what your purpose is is to be generating all that you are generating from no thing. You are not a thing, and view what you create! You have generated not merely yourself in physical form but an entire universe surrounding yourself, and this is all an expression of you. It is your exploration of YOU and what you are. This is your purpose, to be exploring all that you hold in capability of generating. And look what you have already generated – the entirety of the universe, for it is all an expression of you, in wondrousness of you.

Therefore, what is your purpose but to appreciate what you are and what you generate, for all that you view in all of your reality is an expression of you. All that you view within all of your universe from the tiniest speck of sand to the most distant star is all an aspect of you and what you generate. Therefore your purpose is to recognize this and to appreciate you.

VIRGINIA: Thank you. I’d like to, because I think I am all of that.

ELIAS: And so you are!

VIRGINIA: I do, I really do.

ELIAS: And I may also express to you in relation to your imagery, in your dream imagery, I am aware that within your expression in waking state you express to yourself that you incorporate no issue in what you term to be nakedness, and in physical expression of nakedness you are correct; but this is not the expression of your dream imagery.

The expression of your dream imagery is twofold. One, you generate this imagery of nakedness as a dream trigger, which correlates also with the other expression. For it is not nakedness, so to speak, in physical expression that you generate this imagery in relation to but exposure, the exposure of your genuine self and the opening of your genuine self. In this, this is the reason that you choose this imagery as your dream trigger, for if you move into a mergence with that expression of nakedness within your dream, you allow yourself an openness to yourself and you may incorporate that imagery as a portal to move beyond the dream imagery and into an expanded exploration of other expressions of consciousness.

VIRGINIA: So what you’re saying is if I incorporate those two, meaning not necessarily the physicalness of being naked but the consciousness of it, then I can find a way or create a way to be more of who I am?

ELIAS: Yes. It is your portal. It is your allowance to openness to yourself, and you may incorporate this as an avenue to become intimately familiar with you and create that intimacy in relationship with you, which is ultimately of significance.

VIRGINIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 997, January 27, 2002]

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