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FRANK: “I was on a business trip, and I was out on the west coast in a hotel room, and I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like ... actually, like I was out of my body, like my consciousness was like flying around the room backwards, okay? And this went on for a few seconds, and then I guess I realized what was happening, and then it sort of ended.

... in that particular time, this was like September of ’92, why did I become aware of it at that time, and why haven’t I since? Since then I’ve wanted to re-create that experience, but haven’t been able to. So why did I find out about it then, and why not since?

ELIAS: In actuality, I may express to you, this is quite common that individuals allow themselves an awareness of an experience quite purposefully within any particular time framework.

Within that moment, you merely allowed yourself an expression of a lack of fear, a lack of analyzation, a lack of information objectively to be analyzing, and in that, you offered to yourself a momentary ease in objectively being aware of what you were engaging in this projection.

Now; this is purposeful in offering yourself an example objectively that you may recall and draw upon as you choose to be re-creating that type of awareness, so to speak.

For in this, you offer yourself information as to how to be engaging that type of experience in allowing yourself the example, and recalling not merely the experience itself but your state of being, so to speak, in that moment, and the difference of that moment and what you create in moments that you are intentionally attempting to be re-creating that type of awareness.

For now, you offer yourself much more information, which creates an excitement and an objective desire to be engaging these types of experiences, but also creates an automatic action and response within yourself of objectively creating an intensity of concentration, and that objective concentration in its intensity creates a tension, and that also creates a pushing within your energy rather than an allowance and a relaxation.

It also moves you into more of a thought process. In the previous experience, you were not analyzing or creating a thought process of how you shall be creating this action. You merely allowed yourself to freely express this type of experience, and allowed yourself an objective awareness of the action, though as a free flow of energy. Now you engage a thought process in relation to the action itself, and this complicates your movement.

FRANK: Okay. So the question is, how do I relax myself to be able to accomplish what I’m trying to accomplish?

ELIAS: … allow yourself a focal point, but not in the expression of concentration objectively. Allow yourself a suggestion of a focal point, a direction, so to speak. This allows you to focus your energy rather than creating a scatteredness of your energy.

Once you have allowed yourself the suggestion of your objective, so to speak, and chosen a focal point ... be it merely to project your awareness to another physical location, or within the same room that you are physically occupying within the moment, or within another time framework. It matters not what you are actually choosing, but that you offer to yourself initially one direction, and in this, you focus your energy.

Now; focusing your energy requires no thought. The suggestion is enough. Once you have offered to yourself a suggestion, it matters not also that you actually project your awareness to that particular focal point, for this is not the point. The point in offering yourself these types of suggestions is merely to be offering the suggestion to yourself within your energy to be focused.

Once you have offered that suggestion, allow yourself to be creating a relaxation physically and within energy and within your thoughts, not creating a distraction or an interruption of the relaxation by engaging a thinking process....

FRANK: I assume that applies to almost anything I want to manifest?

ELIAS: For the most part, yes.

FRANK: Okay.

ELIAS: Thoughts are a creation within this physical dimension that serve a specific function. But within this physical dimension, you have directed your attention in almost an exclusive manner to the creation of thought in an expression of extreme of communication to yourself that you have moved your attention away from recognizing all of the other avenues of communication that you offer to yourself.

In actuality, the expression of communication of thought in its genuine function is relatively small, in your terms. The actual function of your thoughts is to be defining and identifying other communications. But as I have stated, you have moved your attention into this particular expression in such intensity that it has become what you now identify as almost an exclusive avenue of communication, which is not in actuality its design.

This is the reason that many times you experience conflict and confusion and also obstacles within your movements and within your experiences, for you are engaging your thoughts to excess.” [session 746, December 22, 2000]

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