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LETTY: “Well, I have an impossible question, but I’m still going to ask it. Part of making our focuses here easier, to me it seems like, is the part of accepting or understanding. Is there kind of like a short cut? (Both Letty and Elias start laughing) I mean, a lot of times intellectually I understand where I’m wrong and why, but getting down to actually living it makes it ...

ELIAS: First of all, you are not wrong!

LETTY: Okay.

ELIAS: For there is no wrong! You merely choose differently. Each of you chooses to objectify your reality differently. You align with the mass belief system that certain actions or elements of your being are wrong, which they are not. Therefore, you may be initiating by attempting to be accepting of this. You may attempt an exercise, if you are so choosing, to be recognizing each moment throughout your day, that you may ‘catch yourself’ within your belief systems and within the action of non-acceptance of your expression and actualizing the lending in energy to the belief system of right and wrong. In this, you may offer yourself information, which you may recognize how very many times within one of your daytime periods you are invalidating of self, you are not accepting of self, you are expressing non-acceptance of self. You are all quite accomplished at these actions, but if you are recognizing of these actions you may allow yourself the ability, in your terms more quickly, to be engaging your periphery and altering your perception, which shall be influencing of creating more effortlessness within your focus.

Within the beginnings, so to speak, of our sessions, I was offering to the individuals within that forum an exercise, to be not only noting but to physically be writing down every moment that they were invalidating of self or responding within a belief system. You may be responding in what you term to be positive or negative. It matters not. But as you recognize each response, you also may offer yourself information in how you align with belief systems; for you may be responding to an individual which may comment to you that their parent has disengaged physical focus. Their parent has died, and your immediate response within your belief systems may be to be expressing, ‘Oh, I am so very sorry.’ Why??? (Laughter) No negativity has occurred with this individual. This individual has chosen intentionally to be disengaging physical focus. This individual moves to the area of transition and offers themselves more choices. Therefore, why shall you be sorry?

This is a belief system. It is an automatic response, which you do continuously! You may recognize in your response, which you do not view to be negative ... you are being consoling and concerned! But you may recognize in this response that you are also aligning with a mass belief system, and in this you are lending energy to the perpetuation of this mass belief system. You are also reinforcing your own belief system of negative elements attached to the action of death and lending energy to your own belief systems of fearfulness, within one consoling statement.” [session 187, June 28, 1997]


ELIAS: “This day, we shall be discussing not necessarily your automatic responses but the influence of your beliefs in association with what you do, and we shall be interactive as per our last group interaction in your participation with this subject matter also.

Now; what we shall be examining initially you may be associating with a belief of protection, for many of you express very strong associations with protection and are not even aware of how strong your alignment with this belief is. But what we are actually examining this day is how you move, how you create actions within your day that are influenced by beliefs that influence significant events within your focus. For you move throughout your day reinforcing beliefs continuously, and are objectively unaware of what you are actually doing or what is actually influencing.

I have chosen to begin with Castille [Letty], for Castille [Letty] and I have discussed an exercise of this very subject matter. (Looking at Letty) You may offer briefly to the other individuals present this day your assessment of your successfulness with that exercise for merely one day in paying attention to all of your actions and all of the influences of the beliefs. And what do you assess was your successfulness in that one day?

LETTY: Everything you do from the moment you get up and you brush your teeth or comb your hair, there is a belief system attached to it.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: The exercise was to pay attention for one whole day to what I was doing every day. So I went along saying to myself, ‘What am I doing? What am I doing?’ It was incredible to find the belief systems that I never paid attention to.

ELIAS: And were you recognizing of many repetitions in these beliefs?

LETTY: Oh yes, many of them.

ELIAS: Correct. Within one day, you engage countless actions, and each of those actions is influenced by a belief.

Now; the point of this exercise is not to be expressing judgment concerning beliefs that are being expressed, but rather to allow yourselves to recognize what beliefs are being expressed and the influence of those beliefs in association to your actions and your choices.

This is not to say that once recognizing the influence of the belief that you may be choosing a different belief to be expressed. You may choose to continue to express the same belief that you have been, but you know that you are choosing and this is the difference. For, throughout your day you express many, many actions, and you are moving in what you term to be automatic pilot. You are NOT paying attention to what you are expressing, what you are doing.

The significance of this paying attention in mundane, what you term to be insignificant actions throughout your day is that the influence of those beliefs in association with your actions in each day are very often the same beliefs that influence what you view as significant events.

You all incorporate events or experiences within your focus that you deem to be uncomfortable and negative and that you express to yourself you wish you had not created; and your automatic response, which we discussed in our previous group session (1), is to be inquiring of yourself, why have I created this?

Now; we have examined those automatic responses and you have offered yourselves the opportunity to be examining yourselves and evaluating what your most common automatic response may be. Now we shall examine what you express most commonly throughout your day as an influence of beliefs. For those beliefs are the why, in association with the events or the experiences that you generate, that you question, that you dislike.

This also is quite empowering. For as you allow yourselves to become more clearly aware with what you generate even within one day, you allow yourselves to recognize your choices. I may express to you all quite definitely, I have offered information to all of you that you are not eliminating beliefs and you are not changing beliefs – but what are you doing?

You incorporate every belief which is contained within all of the belief systems, each and every one. You incorporate EVERY belief that is associated with all belief systems, but you express few. You choose in association with how you choose to manifest, the culture you choose to be manifest within, what you align with, your families, your orientations, your preferences. You choose certain beliefs that you shall be expressing, and these also are associated with your opinions.

Now; as I have stated many times, you may be expressing acceptance in entirety of your beliefs and continue to express your individual opinions and your preferences. They are not at odds with each other. Acceptance is an expression in which you do not incorporate judgment. This is not to say that you may not incorporate your individual preferences and individual expressions and your opinions, but knowing that they are your opinions and your preferences and they are not better or worse than any other individual’s. They are merely different. The acceptance is expressed in difference, and difference is quite challenging to be accepting. You automatically express the want for sameness, for if you are the same you validate yourself and each other. If you are the same, you are expressing that you understand each other objectively, and this is good.

Now; as I have stated, the significance of recognizing what beliefs are influencing your actions throughout one day is that this offers you an intimate awareness of yourself. It allows you the freedom of choice. Do not misunderstand, automatic responses are choices also but they are limiting, for you are not intentionally directing objectively these automatic responses.

I am not speaking of thinking continuously, for choice does not require thought. Action does not require thought. But thought is a powerful tool that you incorporate within your physical reality. It is an objective tool that translates information to you. It allows you, at times, more clarity in your understanding of what you are creating.

Now; many times it does not offer you clarity. It offers you confusion, for you are not offering your thought mechanism information to be translating accurately. Therefore it translates generally, then you become confused and you spin upon your hamster wheel.” (Smiling) [session 1252, January 18, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Mary only holds 4-5 group sessions per year at this point in the overall sessions (January, 2003). So Elias refers here to session 1167, October 26, 2002 held earlier in Fresno, CA.

So there have been eighty-five private sessions in-between the two group sessions, and yet Elias maintains a sense of group continuity, since many people in this session (Castaic, CA) were also present at the Fresno session, but have no access to the intervening private sessions that have yet to be published.

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