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essence families; belonging-to/aligning-with

Paul’s note: the nine essence families, along with their associated colors and original intent names, are:

name            pronunciation intent color

Sumafi Su-ma’-fi (Seers) black
Milumet Mil’-u-met (Watchers) red
Gramada Gra-ma’-da (Formers) orange
Vold Vold (Hearers) yellow
Ilda Il’-da (Tellers) green
Sumari Su-ma’-ri (Speakers) blue
Tumold Tu’-mold (Readers) indigo
Zuli Zu’-li (Imagers) violet
Borledim Bor’-le-dim (Bearers) pink

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You may view these families to be the same as ‘psychic races,’ just as you incorporate different physical races upon your planet with characteristics of their own, but each also incorporating individuals with their own individual focuses. In this same way, you align with these essence families, who may be also interpreted as races. You each possess your own individual qualities and individuality, but are belonging to essence families.

Therefore, just as within physical focus you may be manifest as of African lineage, therefore your skin tone may be dark, but you may incorporate, within your physical manifestation individually, very different qualities. You may choose to become a medical practitioner which is dominated by another physical race. Therefore, you also possess qualities aligning with other essence families, even though you are incorporated within [belonging to] a specific essence family.” [session 68, January 26, 1996]

ELIAS: “You may choose, if you wish, the same essence family to be aligning with throughout your focuses. You may also choose to align with different essence families within different focuses. Generally, you do not change your alignment with an essence family within a particular focus.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

JO: “Elias, does it help to know what family that you’re in, and will we be more prone to find out what families we’re in and become more focused on that rather that our birth families, for example? It sounds as though the identification of those families really is important to us.

ELIAS: Within one aspect you may view this holding importance, although the importance should not be exaggerated to be all-consuming; for this creates more belief systems, and you shall create your cults around your belief systems of your families! It is valuable only for your own information, in understanding of self and your intent and your creations. Many, many individuals within this Sumari class are not Sumari! ... (grinning at Frank, and we all crack up) ... but share a recognition of the interaction and harmony of all of these families, for there is no separation.

ELIAS: ... Within physical focus, not often but at times, individuals choose to be aligning with more than one family. At times, individuals choose to be belonging to more than one family. Therefore, it is not set within stone that you may only align with one or be an aspect of one. At times, individuals change their alignment with family. This is not common within essence, but it is more common within focuses. It is not impossible within essence, although it is not generally chosen. Within a lack of decision for one alignment, essence chooses two; and you may find the harmony of those, for they are not within conflict.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

RODNEY: “… [does] the family that you align to speak more to your objective experience in a focus, and that the essence family to which you are belonging speaks more to the subjective component?

ELIAS: It is expressed objectively, but the qualities of the essence family that you align with shall be expressed objectively more obviously and shall be in an obvious intensity. Your experiences shall reflect the qualities of the family that you hold the alignment to in that particular focus much more strongly. You shall exhibit objective expressions and qualities in association with the essence family that you are belonging to, but they shall be more recessive.” [session 753, January 06, 2001]

Elias “gems”

(Vic’s note: Elias departs at 8:52 PM., and ‘pops back in’ at 9:31 PM. This was initiated by a conversation between Vicki and Jim about healing, during which Vicki obviously was not getting it! Bear in mind that within a pop-in, we always miss the beginning statements.) (1)

ELIAS: “... you align with essence families, which aligns you with individual and collective intent.

VICKI: So then there would really be no difference ...

ELIAS: There is no difference! Lawrence [Vicki] offers helpfulness to other essences, which you may be terming to be healing, within another expression of communication. You may express this to be artistic, if you are wishing. You may express healing intent to be communication or artistic. We have indicated with individual identifying words, as you identify yourselves with names. All is helpful to each other; but within different intents, each alignment with each intent possesses an inner identification with tone and understanding, which is automatically connected with and expressed.

You do not choose consciously, as you view your conscious selves, responses to each given situation in alignment with your intent, for you have already chosen your intent. Therefore, you continuously follow your intent. Your desire manifests within your intent, and is directing of your action effortlessly! No thinking, or analyzing, or rationalizing! Automatically! You respond, just as your body responds automatically to growth and regeneration without your instruction.

VICKI: So this would kind of be where the wider definition of healing comes in? (Elias nods) Because when you respond within your intent and within helpfulness, it makes it a lot bigger, that word.

ELIAS: Absolutely! You may exchange these individual words within all of your essence families, and each word will apply equally to each family. I may incorporate the word spiritualist to each essence family, and it will be correct. I may apply healing or communication, and it will be correct in referring to each essence family. As to an understanding within your accepted definitions and belief systems, I have offered definitions to you, and explanations of your essence families, so that you may connect with and understand more easily why your desires manifest within the direction that they do.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “Focuses choose alignments with families. These alignments are not necessarily the same family as that which you belong to within essence and its entirety. In this, within the individual focus the alignment is quite strong. Therefore, within your expression, you shall express in accordance with the essence family that you align with, for this is your leaning within this particular focus; although underlying, constant, is your allegiance to your essence family overall, that you are belonging to within essence. Therefore, it also is quite influencing, which you may observe within yourself quite easily. You express quite naturally in alignment with the Ilda family, being quite communicative, but within your persistence of least distortion and your pursuit of excellence within all activity, you display the underlying Sumafi.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

ELIAS: “It is quite important, for you are belonging to one essence family. In manifesting within physical focus, you choose alignments with different essence families for that experience, for this also is influencing of your intent within the individual focus.

... The individual focus holds the continuing underlying family that the entirety of the essence belongs to, but the alignment with the family within an individual focus is stronger or overriding or more obvious for the individual focus than the underlying. ... The entirety of essence is belonging to one family. Therefore, all of the focuses belong to this one family; but each focus experiences, within alignment of their intent, with another family.” [session 237, November 09, 1997]

VICKI: “Could you explain the concept of belonging to two families at the same time?

ELIAS: It is unusual, but this is merely the choice of the essence. It has chosen not to be merely belonging to one family, in your terms, in a feeling of great alignment to both of these particular families and a draw to incorporate the intents of both these families. It is not a rule that you must be belonging merely to one family. It is merely unusual that one essence shall be belonging to more than one family.

VICKI: So the underlying intents of Sumafi and Gramada exist throughout Michael’s physical focuses? (2)

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 243, November 25, 1997]

ELIAS: “Individuals BELONGING to the Tumold family are very aware that their intent is NOT healing, not in the manner that YOU view healing. Their healing is merely to be reminding, and being helpful in restoring elements to their natural state; being helpful in directing energy. Therefore, individuals BELONGING to the Tumold family hold little desire to be actively helpful objectively to other individuals in the areas of healing that YOU view as healing, although they ARE very healing to all individuals that they may be in contact with, and they are also very healing within consciousness to you all; but their actions may appear quite differently from actions of individuals that are ALIGNED with the Tumold family. Individuals ALIGNED with the Tumold family DO move in the direction of healing, in your terms. This be their experience within an individual focus. This is different from those BELONGING to the Tumold family. Individuals ALIGNED with the Tumold family shall not be experiencing that of which I have spoken in the interaction of the Dream Walkers and their exchange, not in the manner of those BELONGING to the Tumold family.

... The Tumold family presents an interesting dichotomy within your physical focus, for individuals are BELONGING to the Tumold family within physical focus and other individuals are ALIGNED with the Tumold family, and within this one family the difference between the alignment and the belonging to the family is vast. The expression of those that are belonging to the family of Tumold and those that are aligned with the family of Tumold is very different.

Individuals ALIGNING with the family of Tumold concern themselves tremendously within physical focus in the area of healing in all of its aspects – emotional, spiritual, mental, physical. There is a great movement in the area of PHYSICAL healing within those individuals aligned with Tumold.

The difference in its most affecting area is that individuals BELONGING to the Tumold family hold no expectation within their expression. Their thought process does not magnate in the direction of healing. They are not attempting to “fix" anything. Therefore, they hold no expectation. They also accomplish quite easily and naturally in this area, for they do not hold an expectation.

Individuals ALIGNED with Tumold hold tremendous expectation. They do not quite understand the action of the Tumold family. Tremendous belief systems have been acquired in this area. Therefore, they are continuously attempting to be proving to themselves and other individuals the abilities of healing. They place this into objective areas and wish to be showing themselves and other individuals that they, as you also, hold the ability to be affecting. This creates a tremendous expectation, for they are wishing to see a result. Individuals BELONGING to the Tumold family care not of a result, for it is unimportant.

Some individuals within the Tumold family, in BELONGING to the Tumold family, may even at times be creating of injury or disease within themselves spontaneously, and alter that creation and spontaneously UN-create what they have created merely for the benefit that other individuals may be connecting and realizing more of their reality than they are aware of in that particular present moment, and also to be addressing to the individual’s belief systems within the areas of what you term to be healing.

In a sense, these would be viewed to you as parlor tricks, no different than levitating a table or materializing a vase; but at times, for the belief systems are so very strong in these areas among you all, some individuals belonging to the Tumold family may be inspired, also within communication of the Dream Walkers, to be exhibiting this type of behavior, that it may address to your own belief systems and it may challenge your belief systems and allow you to be opening to your periphery.” [session 250, December 14, 1997]

ELIAS: “In aligning with the same family as you also belong to, you create an intensity within the focus, but as with all focuses you also develop belief systems concerning this alignment. You move through your focus and you may not ever know what your alignment with a family is, but you shall develop belief systems about it, for you develop belief systems concerning your behavior and your behavior follows the intent of the family that you align with. You develop belief systems that certain behaviors that you display are good and certain behaviors that you display are bad. You all create these belief systems concerning the families that you align with. You do not hold this conflict with the families that you BELONG to, but with the families that you align with, you do. In this, in holding double – belonging to and alignment of one family within a focus – the alignment becomes intensified. There is no element to offset the intent. Just as we have spoken within recent sessions of the difference between the interaction of Dream Walkers with individuals BELONGING to a family and the action of individuals ALIGNED with the same family, there are differences in your behaviors within your alignment.” [session 258, January 15, 1998]

PAUL: “Elias, I have a question for you this morning. Back in Elmira last June, you told me that I held a belonging to the Sumari family and an alignment with Sumafi. And then in our private session in October, I think it was #224, in an answer to a question I had about a dream with red ball imagery, you mentioned that I offered myself information in the context of belonging to the Sumafi family.

So my question for you is – doing my noticing and solving this puzzle, perhaps, of my belonging to – do I hold a double belonging to in this focus, or has something changed since that time?

ELIAS: No. You do not hold a belonging to and you have not altered your family or your alignment, but your essence moves into areas temporarily of investigation of two other essence families, moving closely into communication and mergence with other essences belonging to these two essence families, that being of the Sumafi and of the Milumet. In this you allow yourself information to be filtered through to the focuses within this particular dimension, which shall be helpful to those focuses which hold alignments with those particular families.

This is not entirely an uncommon action within essence. This is not to say that you shall be altering of your choice to be aligning with or belonging to any particular essence family, but that in certain time periods, essence moves into a mergence with these families and is experiencing the intent of those families, that it may offer itself a clearer definition and understanding to be translated into the physical focuses to be more beneficial and helpful. This is dependent upon the action that the individual focuses choose to be manifesting in alignment with their intent, and as you move into the area of certain actions within this particular focus physically, you also allow yourself the opportunity to draw more upon information which is in conjunction with the intent of the Sumafi family.

You now move physically into the objective space arrangements to be surrounding yourself much more with individuals belonging to the Sumafi family, and you also engage active participation objectively in the action of this agenda in conjunction with this forum. Therefore, you allow yourself the opportunity to be accessing more information within alignment of the intent of the Sumafi family, allowing yourself a clearer understanding of that intent, which is not only teaching, but the presentment of that teaching within the least amount of distortion. Are you understanding?

PAUL: Yes, I am. Thank you. That makes perfect sense to me in decisions that I’ve made in the last year and such. You mention that it’s not uncommon to do this. I’m just wondering, with other individuals with other intents in other families, that they would make choices similar to the manner that I have in terms of drawing themselves perhaps to an area with individuals that they are not belonging to the same family in that intent, or even aligned with. I’m just thinking of all of the seven billion of us physically focused presently, that within that context this kind of action must happen frequently, drawing oneself to other intents, and then this merging that you’re talking about, and learning more about those intents without changing your essence tone or belonging to a family.

ELIAS: Absolutely. You are correct in this understanding, for this offers individuals within physical focus a clearer understanding of the action and intents of other essence families. Many times also, individuals shall be moving into the direction of this mergence with the family that they themselves align with within a particular focus.

But you are, as I have stated, correct that essences commonly choose this action of physically engaging focuses that are of different families and then merging with those family intents to be offering themselves a more efficient manner of engagement with these individuals. This also offers another type of empathic action, which is filtered into the individual focus, allowing for more efficiency in their interaction. You shall also notice that this action shall be occurring more and more futurely, as you move more objectively into the action of this shift in consciousness.” [session 300, July 21, 1998]

RODNEY: “You spoke of the Sumafi being prone to create repetitiveness and rigidity in their focus, which I understand is so they might pay more attention to what’s really happening underneath, and that this was modified somewhat by his alignment.

I wonder if you would address how that might be modified by my particular alignment, which is Sumari. In other words, how would being aligned Sumari modify the expression of the Sumafi, of being repetitive or rigid? How does that alignment interact with the essence family?

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you, in this, in like manner to many other individuals, Michael [Mary] also holds these two families.

In this, you do continue to create repetition, and in some expressions, you also hold to the rigidity of certain expressions, but the influence of the Sumari allows for a flexibility in change. Individuals that may be aligned with the family of Sumari and belonging to the Sumafi family shall express a type of diversity, so to speak, in their repetitiveness.

What I am expressing ... which exhibits itself similarly, as you may allow yourself to view, in your experiences and in those experiences that Michael [Mary] creates also. You may be expressing a rigidness in holding to certain expressions throughout your focus, certain methods that you have chosen, and you may be creating a repetitiveness in how you allow yourselves to be assimilating and interactive with information, but you also offer yourselves a variety of experience and more of an ease in the expression of change.

This is the influence of the Sumari aspect, for the quality which is incorporated quite strongly by the Sumari is their allowance for the expression of change in an ongoing expression, which offers you a diversity of experience.

… Now; you may view throughout your focus that you choose certain methods of assimilating information. You may also recognize that in some situations, your interactions with other individuals may, in a manner of speaking, follow a particular pattern, so to speak.

And in this, you create your repetition, and as you assimilate information, you create specific methods in which you allow yourself an objective understanding through particular thought processes and manners of attention. You also create repetition in what you pay attention to in relation to your communications with yourself and in relation to other individuals.

Therefore, if you are allowing yourself to be investigating and paying attention, I shall express to you that you may quite easily view the expressions that you have created throughout your focus that are repetitious or that express a rigidity.

The Sumari influence, as expressed through the alignment – and therefore the dominating objective expression of direction, so to speak – is in a manner of speaking creating an allowance of what YOU perceive to be a softening effect of that rigidity, for although in actuality it is not, it APPEARS in this manner to you within your perceptions, for you allow for an ease in movement in change. You are not unsettled, so to speak, in the expression of change. You allow yourselves to flow easily in the movement of change, and this type of expression also, generally speaking – although it is not a rule – does not create an expression of fear in association with unfamiliarity.

RODNEY: … [does] the family that you align to speak more to your objective experience in a focus, and that the essence family to which you are belonging speaks more to the subjective component?

ELIAS: It is expressed objectively, but the qualities of the essence family that you align with shall be expressed objectively more obviously and shall be in an obvious intensity. Your experiences shall reflect the qualities of the family that you hold the alignment to in that particular focus much more strongly. You shall exhibit objective expressions and qualities in association with the essence family that you are belonging to, but they shall be more recessive.” [session 753, January 06, 2001]

JIM: “... a number of years ago, back in 1995, we had spoken about the energy centers, and there hasn’t been really a lot of information since then. I’ve engaged in conversations with some people, connecting energy centers and color and vibration together, and there’s been some discussion and some talk on that relationship.

Is vibration a quality, a physical quality, of just Regional Area 1, or do the areas that you’re involved with, Regional Area 2, 3, so to speak, also have a vibration? I’m getting involved with some people, they’re very heavy readers of Seth, as you know, and this has been a point of discussion. I’d like to begin to clarify in my mind some of the relationships that might exist between your terminology and the Seth terminology within this term of ‘vibration.’ I realize speed is an aspect of our physical and you don’t mean speed, but to me there just seems to be a vibration within energy. If there wasn’t any type of movement then it would just be stagnant, but there’s no relationship of space and time within your relationship. I’d like to maybe discuss that a little bit.

ELIAS: Very well. I may express to you that within consciousness, vibrational quality is what you may term to be a constant. Your interpretation of it in your definition of its movement in relation to time and space is relative to your physical dimension, but vibration is a quality of consciousness. Therefore, it is translatable into every area of consciousness, be it physical or what you term to be non-physical. It is a movement. It is not necessarily associated with speed or time in some areas of consciousness.

But as I have spoken to you previously, information that I offer to you in relation to many of these qualities of consciousness, I express in a manner which you may understand in relation to the design of your physical dimension and what is known to you. (3) This is not to say that certain expressions or qualities of consciousness are not translatable outside of your physical dimension, for they are. They are merely translated differently, for they are not associated with the confines of the design of your physical dimension.

Now; within the expression of other physical dimensions, this quality of vibration may be interpreted within the confines of that particular design. Therefore, the translation may be different or the association may be different than your identification, but it is incorporated as a quality and as a reality, nonetheless. Within the area of consciousness that I occupy my attention presently, vibrational quality is expressed also. The association with it or the recognition of it is expressed differently than your recognition and definition of it, but it is expressed. It is recognized, for it is a movement.

JIM: Would that also hold true of the families of consciousness, the expression of the qualities of the families that we have discussed within this dimension?

ELIAS: In which capacity?

JIM: What am I looking for here? (Elias chuckles) We’ve associated the colors with the families in similar vibration and similar qualities in the creation of ... ‘cause the families are a collective intent of energy. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: So that collective intent, that holds a vibration within this dimension only?

ELIAS: In association with this physical dimension, yes; not necessarily in association with other physical dimensions or other areas of consciousness. The expression of quality of vibration in relation to color in association with each of these essence families is directly associated with the design of your individual physical dimension.

JIM: And that doesn’t apply within other areas of consciousness?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, no.

JIM: In your area of consciousness are families recognized? Are there families of intent as we have within this physical dimension, or is that even necessary?

ELIAS: No. You have created a quite specific blueprint and design in association with your manifestation of this physical dimension, and in this, in relation to efficiency of expression and direction, choices have been collectively created to group certain collectives of essences together expressing similar tone, similar vibration and similar direction of movement, which expresses the preference of exploration of each group of essence in relation to the design of this physical dimension. Therefore in a manner of speaking, it may be translated into your physical terms and understanding that there are collectives of essences that share similar interest, so to speak, in particular expressions and manifestations and direction of exploration, and these collectives create what we have termed to be essence families in association with your physical dimension. This is physically reflected in your individual physical manifestations and your individual interests.

You hold a direction of interest in relation to certain physical expressions, manifestations and directions of movement. You express interest in movement of energy in what you define as healing. Your definition of healing may change or alter but your direction of attention in interest remains the same, once again moving in the expression of objective expressions; and imagery being the abstract and quite changeable, your definitions of your terms also are abstract, for they are changeable and not absolute. In this, what remains consistent is your preference and your interest in exploration of specific directions. Another individual may not express any interest in your interest.

JIM: Yep, been there, found out that! (Laughs)

ELIAS: This is the reflection objectively within your physical dimension of the expressions of these collectives of essences which are identified as essence families, and in this, they overlap, for you align with one essence family and you belong to another essence family. Therefore, you interact with other individuals in different capacities that may align with or belong to either of the essence families that you incorporate within one focus, and this creates a natural understanding objectively and interplay with ease between yourself and any number of other individuals that hold a similar combination of essence families, regardless of the identification of which they are belonging to and which they are aligning with.

JIM: Well, all that ties into the statement we talked about, that all of the chants and dances and rituals, herbs and teas and foods, surgeries and medicines and pharmaceuticals, that there’s many different modalities of healing and basically they are all presented for our entertainment, that it is actually the individual who is doing the healing. So would that follow in with the different expressions of the different families, and the different expressions of a different individual and their alignment?

ELIAS: This is not quite what I am expressing to you. What I am expressing to you is an identification of what you may recognize in the similarities of qualities and direction of preference and attention in interest between individuals that are belonging to or aligning with the same essence families, regardless of how that may be translated objectively.

As you have stated, it may be expressed or translated objectively in a myriad of creations of objective imagery or actions or scenarios. It may be manifest in many different manners, as you have stated, in surgery or chanting or color or manipulation of energy through focal points. It matters not, for this is the objective imagery and is abstract. What holds significance is the expression of direction, which is motivated by the preference which creates a direction of interest, which is also expressed in relation to the motivating movement of the quality of intent of the collective, which is identified as a particular essence family.

Once again this is significant, to be objectively recognizing the abstractness of the outward expression of manifestation and physical imagery and allowing yourselves to recognize the consistency of the subject matter, the interest, the intent, the direction that you are engaging.” [session 876, Tuesday, August 07, 2001]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: pop-ins, as we term them, used to be quite frequent occurrences, although their frequency has diminished. They are an interesting element of this phenomenon, an element that seems to be related to several different actions; misinterpretations expressed during conversation, fear or lack of fear within those present, an offering up of information for clarification, a response to connecting within consciousness. The most important element, though, seems to be Mary’s willingness to incorporate them. Bear in mind that we don’t really understand what initiates a pop-in. We just suddenly find ourselves talking to Elias instead of to Mary, which can be a little unnerving at times! As a result, the transcribed part of the pop-in begins whenever somebody remembers to turn on the tape recorder! Many pop-ins are never transcribed, as quite often they occur in places where there is no tape recorder.

(2) Paul’s note: the name refers to a man named Michael, not Mary Ennis’ essence name of Michael.

Digests: find out more about essence names.

(3) Bobbi’s note: originally spoken as: “But as I have spoken to you previously, information that I offer to you in relation to many of these qualities of consciousness, I express them in a manner which you may understand in relation to the design of your physical dimension and what is known to you.”

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