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“the quick-fix”

Elias “gems”

ANON: “You’ve talked a lot about the belief systems we have. I read in one of your transcripts that if you believe you’re going to get sick, you actually become sick. So if you get sick and you really don’t want to be sick, how do you change that belief system?

ELIAS: Interesting question, and not so very easily accomplished within that particular creating. Many individuals move in this direction of inquiry also.

First of all, your creation and the uncreating of your creation is dependent upon the individual and the reason that they are creating of their illness. Individuals at times create these illnesses quite purposefully, and they objectively at times wish to be uncreating of that particular situation, but underlyingly they are NOT wanting to be uncreating of the situation. In moving in the direction of uncreating an element of dis-ease or what you may term to be illnesses, it is important to be viewing the issue which has created the illness to begin with.

Many times individuals are creating of illnesses merely to be excusing themselves, in a direction that they may be allowing themselves a time framework of a sort of relaxation and disconnection from areas that they view to be obligations. Therefore, they offer themselves a break, so to speak, and they are creating of an excuse, that they may offer themselves permission to be creating of this break.

At other times, individuals are creating illnesses or dis-ease for the reasons of blocking energy within them or not addressing to certain issues that they hold, and in this they hold the energy in certain areas of their physical body.

Therefore, each situation, although it may hold similarities to other situations and other individuals and their creations, is unique to the individual who is creating it. The one common element that may be addressed to is to be looking to the reasoning behind the creation.

If you have created a situation of dis-ease merely for a break, it matters not that you are uncreating of it, for you shall uncreate this situation when you feel you have accomplished enough of your break. In other situations that you have created dis-ease in relation to issues, it is necessary to be viewing these issues and evaluating why you are creating this and addressing to the belief systems influencing these issues, and this shall be lending energy to you to be uncreating of these situations.

Now; you also hold your physicians that offer you what you may term to be ‘quick fixes,’ for they have moved in the direction of your medical sciences and your pharmaceuticals, which are temporary inventions of cures, so to speak, and you move in the direction of believing that these cures shall be accomplishing their purpose. Therefore, YOU uncreate what you have created temporarily, in compliance with your belief that these pharmaceuticals are alleviating of what you have created. Your belief is so very strong in this direction that you accomplish quite well in uncreating within very short time periods any element that you have created that your pharmaceuticals hold the ability, within your belief systems, to be curing.

In other situations, you may be creating of physical ailments that you do not hold medications for to be curing of your ailments. In this situation, you move outside of an allowance of the belief system to be helpful to you in energy, therefore continuing within your creation and only allowing yourself to be uncreating of these particular situations.

As I have stated, it is quite dependent upon the individual and what they are creating and for what reason they are creating of each situation. Many times though, I express to you, the mere identification of the issues and the belief systems involved with these issues may be enough to begin to be uncreating of certain ailments. At other times, this may not be enough. You may be identifying of your issues and your belief systems, but you may also be holding to these issues and not addressing to them even in your awareness of them, and in these situations you shall perpetuate the physical ailment that you create in conjunction with these issues.

Many individuals that create physical ailments as their individual expression of held energy create repeatedly in similar fashions in conjunction with the same issues, and even when they have addressed to those certain issues, their creation of physical ailments is a familiar creation to them. Therefore, as they move into addressing OTHER issues, they shall be creating of very similar types of ailments, for this attains their attention.

You create physical affectingness to attain your attention in different directions. If you are not attempting to gain your attention, you shall not be creating of physical ailments, for it is unnecessary. This is a method, so to speak, to be gaining your own attention in certain areas, to be addressing to certain situations.” [session 316, September 12, 1998]

Elias “gems”

NICKY: “In brief, could you give me a clarification of the phrase that you gave Mikah [Michael] (1), on the ‘quick fix?’

ELIAS: This may be referring to choices that you are creating in certain situations that may be addressing to those situations in immediate terms, but are not necessarily dealing with the issues that are underlying and are influencing of the situation itself. Many times you may be creating choices objectively that may be affecting of the situations that you are participating within, but they are not necessarily addressing to the issues that you hold that have created the situation that you are within.

In this, at times you may offer yourselves what you term to be a ‘quick fix,’ in choosing different avenues to be directing your attention within, and in those actions you may be alleviating of certain elements within your situation, but you are not addressing to the situation entirely. Therefore, you are merely creating a temporary affectingness.

Now; an example of this type of situation would be in a creation of energy that you may be allowing to affect yourself in a physical expression.

Let us express that you are creating a physical affectingness within your physical body which stems, so to speak, from an issue that you are not paying attention to. Therefore, you are holding energy in certain areas of your physical form, and you are affecting of your physical form in manners that you may term to be unpleasant.

In this, you may address to a particular energy center, which may be affecting temporarily of the energy which is creating the discomfort within your physical body, but this – in certain situations, not all situations, but in certain situations – this may be classified as a ‘quick fix.’

It may be temporarily affecting physically, for you are manipulating energy within a specific energy center which shall affect the area of your physical form which is within discomfort, but it shall not alleviate entirely the discomfort, for that element shall return, for you have not addressed to the issue or the underlying element which is creating of the affectingness in its expression.

Therefore, this may also be applied to many different types of expressions that you create within your physical focus. You may choose to be temporarily affecting of certain situations within yourself, but if you are not addressing to the issues or the belief systems that are creating of the situation, the affectingness shall return and shall only be addressed to temporarily. Are you understanding?

NICKY: Oh yes. As you’re talking, I’m thinking that for myself, a perfect example, so to speak, would be my asthma.

ELIAS: Correct.

NICKY: Okay, because you gave me information about the restrictions and so forth, and you also gave me information about manipulating the energy centers – and this has been, thank God, quite beneficial – but there’s still underlying issues to be dealt with, correct?

ELIAS: Correct. And in this situation, you are correct – you DO provide yourself with a very good example of this type of action.

You may be efficiently affecting within the moment of the situation of restriction in the physical action. You may manipulate your energy centers and you may in actuality affect the situation of your asthma within the moment and alleviate the discomfort, but it shall return and you shall deal once again with the repeated action of this affectingness or this discomfort, for the underlying issue has not been moved through.

NICKY: Okay. Now, I have two questions related to that directly. Number one, what would be a particular issue with Mikah [Michael] – and/or myself – when you refer to him as ‘the quick fix?’ And then number two, could you, in helpfulness, point me in the direction of one of the particular issues relating to the asthma? Because evidently, there’s something we’re not wanting to see and that’s why it’s not presenting itself, or we’re not going along the avenues of wanting to see it.

ELIAS: Let me....

NICKY: Therefore, are either one of us open enough to receive the information to help us proceed with walking through the issues?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Candace [Nicky].

NICKY: Okay.

ELIAS: You are beginning to view more fully the extensiveness of looking to self, and in this action, you are beginning to view that there are many more aspects that you involve yourselves with – and many more areas of automatic responses that you create – than you have initially allowed yourself an objective awareness of.

In this process that you engage of continuing to look to self and all of the aspects of belief systems that are influencing in the area of not accepting self, you are moving the beyond the area of ‘the quick fix,’ so to speak, and you are accomplishing.

Now; let me also express to you that although it is possible for you to instantaneously move through an issue, I also express to you the knowing that I hold of your reality, and your reality does not present you with the working ability to be moving through issues immediately. Therefore, the reality of the situation is that you move through within a process, and this be the reason that I address to you in this manner, in moving in increments or steps, for this is how you create your reality.

I am not addressing to you singularly, for you ALL create your reality in this manner in this particular dimension. In this, as I may also address to you and I may offer you information that you in actuality hold the ability to instantaneously change or alter your physical gender – you hold the ability and it is possible – this is not to say that you shall actually create this, for this action does not fit into your officially accepted reality. Therefore, you also do not hold a process for this action.

Now; I may express to you that you may move through and address to any of your individual issues instantaneously in the same manner that it is possible for you to be creating a different gender physically within yourself immediately within this present now. You shall not allow yourself to accomplish that. Therefore, it is ludicrous for myself to address to you in this manner.

Your reality is your reality! It is real, and in that reality, you move through issues in increments and you offer yourself information in increments and you move in acceptance in steps, and this is what you are creating presently.

You allow yourself bits of information that you may assimilate, and as you assimilate each bit of information you move, and as you move you are creating your process of steps, and this is acceptable, for this is your reality!

In this also, at times you present yourself with side-steps, in which you alleviate elements of your conflict temporarily with quick fixes.

Mikah [Michael], as I have expressed to him, is viewing many different areas of his focus and his attention very singularly, and as he continues to view very singularly and concentrate his attention very singularly, he also shall create the situation, within his experience, of not viewing all of the information that is available to him and not allowing himself to view all of his creativity and all of his choices.

In this, I express to you individually differently, for you are allowing yourself to view more elements of your reality.

I have been expressing from the onset of these interactions, of these sessions, with all individuals: one of your most affecting actions is to be noticing, and if you are viewing singularly, you shall also be noticing singularly.

But if you are allowing yourself to be opening to your periphery and you are allowing yourself to be widening your awareness, you shall be automatically allowing yourself to NOTICE elements of your reality in each moment – with each interaction and each experience – that shall offer you more information in the direction of addressing to the very elements that you choose to be addressing to.

You draw to yourselves continuously imagery and information and experiences that address to the very elements that you wish to be addressing to. It is merely a situation of your noticing WHAT you are drawing yourself to and WHAT you are offering yourself within your experiences, for they are continuously presenting themselves to you, for you are continuously drawing yourself to them. You merely do not allow yourself to be noticing all of the information that is presented to you.

NICKY: Okay. Why is it I feel ... now, that’s exactly where I go too ... why is it I feel that I have a block? Because Mikah [Michael] also says to me, ‘Ma, you draw an awful lot of information, and you’re not always taking it in.’ And sometimes in my head I’m going, ‘Oh my God! There is so much! Which one do I focus on?’ It’s almost as though I intentionally block my own awareness!

ELIAS: At times this is correct, for within your reality you have created a belief that you may be assimilating only a certain amount of information within any given time framework, and that if you are in-taking too much information in your assessment, you shall overload yourself and overwhelm yourself. Therefore, you create a processing of your own information in steps and in increments, in a manner that is comfortable to you.

You also create a judgment upon this process as you in-take information offered by other individuals and the judgments that accompany that information, and as you allow this mirroring, you create the judgment upon yourself that you are creating inefficiently or that you are not in-taking information rapidly enough, for all that you view within your good and bad also falls into the area of measurement in time and quantity. Therefore, you place judgments upon your ability to be assimilating information quickly or not quickly enough, [and] in amounts of information, that they are too small or too large.

(Intently) Let me also express to you, Candace [Nicky], to be – once again – FOCUSING UPON SELF, and I shall express this to Mikah [Michael] also, and to every other individual. Concern yourself NOT with other individuals’ creations or opinions or thoughts or experiences or their evaluations upon your creation of your reality, but concern yourself with your own expression of your creation of your reality, and in this, all else shall follow. Your acceptance of other individuals shall follow, your letting go of your issues shall follow, your acceptance of aspects of belief systems and the judgments that are so very affecting within them shall follow ... ALL other actions are natural byproducts of your own acceptance of self and your own trust of self, that you are creating perfectly within your intent within your focus, and it matters not the evaluation of any other individual. They may also be concerning themselves with their reality and not yours!

It is not their responsibility to be creating your reality! It is not your responsibility to be creating their reality!

NICKY: And it really is an issue with most of us, isn’t it?

ELIAS: With you ALL.

NICKY: Yeah. Boy, I see that all the time. I mean, I’m realizing that about myself all the time, how quick I am to run and jump into somebody else’s shoes and not minding my own business, you know?

ELIAS: But acknowledge yourself in this, for you are noticing, and this is the point. If you are not noticing, you may not be allowing yourself to be addressing to these situations and these aspects of belief systems, and you may not allow yourself to address to your own acceptance of self. Therefore, do not berate yourself for what you are not accomplishing. Do not berate yourself for your expression of noticing your automatic behavior. Be acknowledging of yourself that you ARE accomplishing, for you ARE noticing. Were you NOT noticing, you would not be creating movement, but you ARE noticing and you ARE creating of your movement, for you are addressing to the aspects of your own belief systems and your own issues, for you are noticing and you are offering yourself the opportunity to alter your behavior.” [session 372, March 16, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Mikah is the essence name that Elias uses to address Nicky’s teenage son, Michael. Nicky refers to information given in a private session that has not been made public.

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