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Elias “gems”

VICKI: [asking a question on Mary’s behalf] “‘I don’t understand the concept of spiritual evolution. If we already are, how can we evolve?’”

ELIAS: (Chuckling) “He (Michael) is quite amusing! You do not understand! Once again, language! I incorporate different words. I am conscious to be expressing the least conflicting use of your language, and I also understand how easily your words may confuse you, or may invoke belief systems to which I am wishing to avoid and not be perpetuating of! Therefore, I choose not to be incorporating the words of ‘karma’ or ‘evolution,’ for you already possess belief systems with regard to these words. I substitute ‘becoming’ and ‘choices.’ It is the same.” [session 66, January 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “You are continuously exploring, for all of consciousness is continuously exploring and creating and becoming, and in this, you are continuously exerting your creativity to be creating new elements of reality.

“And therefore, as you have already created a certain type of amazing stories throughout your history, you seek now to be creating a NEW type of amazing stories, and accepting that those creations that you have engaged previously are natural abilities that you have explored repeatedly.

“Now you offer yourselves the opportunity to explore new areas of your reality, inserting new and exciting elements into your physical reality, in which I have stated previously, your science fiction becomes more as science fact, and your science fact becomes recognized as natural.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

ELIAS: “... You are wondrous and great. It is merely a matter of your discovery of that, and in this, I may express to you ‘what is your purpose?’ – your purpose is becoming. Your purpose is movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, to turn your energy and your perception from outside of yourself to the exploration of folding in upon yourself and exploring all of the wondrousness of you.

“Your purpose is to experience. You have manifest in this physical dimension to incorporate a different expression of experience. The familiar is to be experiencing that folding in within consciousness in nonphysical expressions. This is the nature of consciousness and it is quite familiar. What you have chosen is the challenge of that experience and movement in relation to the physical, the expression of generating physical imagery, physical manifestations from nonphysical, something from nothing.

“For in terms of corporeal expression, consciousness is not physical; it is not a thing. And you are consciousness, not a thing but a movement, a flow, an energy. In this, the wondrousness of what your purpose is is to be generating all that you are generating from no thing. You are not a thing, and view what you create! You have generated not merely yourself in physical form but an entire universe surrounding yourself, and this is all an expression of you. It is your exploration of YOU and what you are. This is your purpose, to be exploring all that you hold in capability of generating. And look what you have already generated – the entirety of the universe, for it is all an expression of you, in wondrousness of you.

“Therefore, what is your purpose but to appreciate what you are and what you generate, for all that you view in all of your reality is an expression of you. All that you view within all of your universe from the tiniest speck of sand to the most distant star is all an aspect of you and what you generate. Therefore your purpose is to recognize this and to appreciate you.” [session 997, January 27, 2002]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you previously that although you view the action of death as moving into an area of consciousness where you shall be incorporating the position of ‘god’ and ‘knowing all,’ you shall never know all, for you are continuously, as are all essences, as is The Creating Universal One And Whole also, in a continuous state of becoming; ever-changing, ever in motion. There is no ‘destination.’” [session 111, August 11, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have spoken to you of pools of consciousness, which you may also view as species of consciousness within physical focus and within your experimentation of your species; although all species, of all that you view to be living organisms upon your planet, have experimented within their species, developing what they choose to be their most efficient expression to this moment. This is not to say that you may not progress further within your expression of each individual species, for you shall, for you are continuously within a state of becoming, as we have stated previously. Therefore, there is no stagnation or static non-movement within consciousness.” [session 115, August 25, 1996]

ELIAS: “I shall address also briefly a concern of manifestation of physical form upon this, quotations, ‘physical plane,’ with all of its motors! Within physical focus presently, you tend to view yourselves as ‘less than.’ You lean in the direction of viewing yourselves as ‘lower than, less intelligent than, less evolved than, less creative than.’ You may fill in your blanks! This is incorrect. I may express to you this evening that there are essences that do not possess the experience that you possess, for it has been their choice to not be physically manifest within any dimension. Therefore, they lack this experience. Within consciousness, they assume the experience from those that experience, but within their choice individually, they do not possess the experience and the understanding of the experience.

Those which you view to be ‘great masters,’ which occupy the areas of consciousness that you view to be far removed from yourself and so knowledgeable, may possess knowledge of universes, but do not possess the understanding of your emotional experience. Those that you view to be ‘ascended masters’ possess much knowledge that you do not, but you also possess much knowledge that they do not. Therefore, you are the same. You are all, we are all, within a state of becoming. There is never a completion. Therefore, there is never an ending point or an area of consciousness that you shall know all, for as you approach knowing all, you shall realize there is more; as you realize presently that the more that you acquire within knowledge, the more knowledge is available to you.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

ELIAS: “You are continuously within a state of becoming. Therefore, within every moment of consciousness, you create the probabilities. You do not choose from those elements which you believe to exist already. They are not displayed before you. You create them each moment, and as you create each probability as a new event, you also simultaneously create all other probabilities which are within an aspect of the choice that you have created. This is not to say that you choose to cross a street, therefore within another probability, another you only does not cross the street. Within the energy and freedom of the energy within consciousness, this may be translated in planting a flower within another reality, for the energy has rearranged to actualize aspects of probabilities in every possible area. It may bear no resemblance to your thought process of probabilities, but energy is unlimited and is continuously reconstructing itself and manifesting continuously in every area. (Humorously) Therefore, as you choose to actualize a probability, you may discard your idea that you have pulled this from your cosmos and chosen this event from the vast library of events! (Laughter) For you have created a new event within energy which has never before been conceived.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “In the idea that you hold to within physical focus that you are a unique individual identity, it is correct to be expressing that you are not singular. Each individual is continuously within a state of becoming. All of consciousness is in a continuous state of becoming. I have expressed previously in this area that the manner that you view yourselves in within physical focus is quite limited. You view yourselves to be a singular individual.

... Within physical focus, as a focus manifestation, you are not singular. You hold countless alternate selves which are continuously interchanging with you. These alternate selves are all you. They are different aspects of the uniqueness of you, but they are all elements of what you may perceive to be the whole of the individual focus. In expressing that there are countless numbers of these aspects of yourselves, you may envision to yourselves numbers initially, if this be facilitating of an ease in your thought process. You may express that you hold ten thousand alternate selves – although this is figuratively speaking, for in actuality they are numberless – and in this you may also visualize to yourselves that within each moment there is an interchange, an exchange, that is occurring with different aspects of the self. At times within a particular focus, these aspects exchange places, so to speak. One aspect within the focus may be appearing to be dominant. This be the projection of the personality.

In this, in time frameworks that you are creating of different choices, you are exchanging positions with other aspects of self. You exchange with other aspects of self in different activities also. Certain aspects hold greater ability, so to speak, in different actions. Therefore, it is a continual exchange. You also are creating of probable selves quite often within the process of an individual focus. Each time that you are engaging what you would view to be a large or instrumental choice/decision in a specific direction, you are automatically creating a probable self which shall be moving in the direction unchosen.” [session 269, March 19, 1998]

FORREST: “Insofar as we would be correcting our definition of love to define it as that which enables choice in abstract terms, would we be moving closer to a physical translation from the English language, the nature of that essential truth?


FORREST: Why not? What would be the closest physical translation in that case?

ELIAS: There is no physical translation.

FORREST: Within the English language?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) It is not an enabling. It is not an emotion. It is a quality of consciousness. It is an action.

FORREST: How would you describe the characteristics of that action?

ELIAS: Becoming.

FORREST: Wouldn’t we regard the process of becoming as the process of choice?

ELIAS: It merely is.

FORREST: Wouldn’t you say that choice merely is?

ELIAS: Choice is a different action.

FORREST: How is the action of choice different from the action of being?

ELIAS: Choice implies differences. Becoming IS.

FORREST: It has been my understanding that choice does not just imply differences, but also implies sameness.

ELIAS: It may.

FORREST: So in that sense, wouldn’t we be viewing ‘beingness’ as an aspect of choice?

ELIAS: No. Being, becoming, IS.

FORREST: But choice isn’t, necessarily.

ELIAS: Correct. You are viewing within the belief systems of this particular dimension and within your physical knowledge.

FORREST: So what would you be offering as a correction to this?

ELIAS: That beyond merely individual physical dimensions there are elements that you have not dreamt of, but that you hold the ability to access this within your remembrance. This be the point of this shift in consciousness, that you liberate yourselves from the confines and limitations of your physical belief systems and move into the wider awareness of essence and consciousness, which shall allow you a more expansive expression of your creativity which is a more expansive expression of your thought processes and of your knowing, and also frees you from this hamster wheel (smiling) that you continuously run upon in a circle, asking your same questions and receiving non-answers.

In allowing yourselves the ability to widen your awareness, you also free yourselves from much of the confinement of your belief systems, which are merely creating of new and more creative religions, of which your sciences are another and of which your sciences are very limited. They provide you with exceedingly limiting information of your reality and of how you create your reality and of your universe that you occupy, and in your expansion of your awareness you offer yourselves the ability to access more than your sciences may EVER provide you with.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “I have stated many times, this shift in consciousness is limited to this dimension. This is YOUR choice within this dimension upon this planet in this reality, and in this you may be allowing yourselves to drop these veils within your singularly focused attention and allow yourselves to be interactive and viewing of so very much more of your reality that you create within essence. This offers you the opportunity to view and participate within the action of transition, which until recently, so to speak, in relative terms, individuals have chosen merely to engage the action of transition after disengaging physical focus.

Disengagement of physical focus, as you are most probably aware, is that moment that you choose, which you DO choose, to be disengaging of this manifestation, or what you commonly address to be death. I do not choose to engage the word death, for there is no death. There is merely emergence, which is birth. Therefore, at the moment of disengagement, you are birthed, not ‘deathed.’ (Grinning, obviously pleased with the word ‘deathed.’ Elias is full of himself tonight!)

But within this action of being birthed and an emergence, you enter into an action which is termed to be a transition. This transition is to be shedding completely of the objective awareness and the belief systems held within the objective awareness, that you may re-emerge – not newly emerge, but re-emerge – yourselves into non-physical focus and move into whatever direction you choose to move within, for you are within a continual state of becoming, and that is what you are. Therefore, if you inquire, ‘What am I?’ or ‘Who am I?,’ you are essence and you are within a continual state of becoming. This is consciousness. This is essence. This is you.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

RODNEY: “I have another question along that line then. Is the creation of mathematics an art form?

ELIAS: All that you create you may express to be an art form, for it is all creative! They are all expressions of creativity and explorations within areas of consciousness of becoming, in the most diverse manners that you may imagine. Therefore, within the complexity of consciousness, within this particular dimension you have created MUCH complexity for a very extensive exploration of physical manifestation.

Contrary to your present belief systems within your ‘metaphysics,’ (chuckling) as I have stated previously, you are not within a ‘school’ within this dimension. You are not upon a ‘lowly plane.’ In actuality, this particular physical dimension, as I have expressed previously, is one of the most complex physical dimensions that are created presently, within ALL dimensions and universes within consciousness. You allow yourself tremendous diversity within this particular physical dimension!

Therefore, if approached by individuals expressing to you that you have been ‘placed’ here by some outside element and that you are ‘learning’ through experiencing within the area of ‘karma and remanifestation,’ you may express in response that you are a glorious being, and that you hold no necessity to be repeating of any experience, and that you are not used material! You are a new wondrous creation in yourselves and shall never be repeated again, for you shall always continue and have always been yourself! (Chuckling) And that no individual shall be discounting of you and contributing to the belief system of duplicity, that you are not as wondrous and worthy as you are!

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: But also in this, recognize the wondrousness and gloriousness of them also, for they are the same as you!” [session 291, June 26, 1998]

ELIAS: “Good morning!

JOE: Good morning! (Elias chuckles) Elias, today, if it’s alright with you, I’d like to ask you for an explanation and perhaps a little bit of a discussion on two models of cosmology.

ELIAS: Very well.

JOE: Okay. One model of cosmology would state, or rather the theory would be, that consciousness did create and is behind the universe that we know, and all universes, but that it is expanding; that basically the individual consciousnesses, essences, personalities – whatever the terminology would be – the individual consciousnesses would basically be probability generators, in that each and every thing that they do would generate probabilities, which in turn would generate future probabilities, which in turn would generate future probabilities, and basically that this would cause an expansion of consciousness.

And then there’s the second one, which quite frankly I’m probably going to write my doctoral thesis around. It has a lot to do with the way you’ve explained things to me in our private sessions, and also in the transcripts. It is more an experiential cosmology, in that everything exists already, and that we simply experience that which we choose to experience within consciousness.

Now, maybe one of these is right and one of these is wrong, or perhaps neither are, or perhaps it’s a combination of the two, and what I would like you to do, if you don’t mind, is to give me your ideas from your vantage point as to what’s what here.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall express to you that in actuality, in a manner of speaking, both are correct, for consciousness IS. And in that statement, I shall also express to you that in a manner of speaking, it is not expanding, for it is already All-That-Is.

In another manner of speaking, you may view in physical terms, within your physical understanding, that it IS expanding, for in relation to probabilities, the probabilities do not lie before you, and in a manner of speaking, do not already exist.

Probabilities are created in the moment. They are chosen to be inserted into physical realities in singular fashion, so to speak. But as to the creation of probabilities, each probability – and all of the other probabilities that are created in conjunction with one probability – are created in the moment. They are not previously in existence, so to speak. But they are actions, not things.

Therefore, in one manner of speaking, as you view the subject matter of probabilities and your physical reality, your physical universe, you may express that your physical reality or your physical universe is expanding, so to speak, as a product, so to speak, of the insertion of the chosen probabilities.

In another manner of speaking, in conjunction with consciousness itself and in relation to the simultaneousness of time, consciousness itself is not expanding, for it already IS. And even within the creation of probabilities in the moment, it is not expanding; it is being explored. For you are not choosing a thing by creating a probability, but you are implementing an action, and in creating an action, you are not ‘adding to’ consciousness, but exploring abilities in consciousness.

Therefore, it IS experiential, and in relation to consciousness itself as All-That-Is – and there being no element outside of consciousness – ‘itself’ is not expanding. This be the reason that I state to you that as essence and as consciousness, you as individuals are what you may term to be within a continuous state of becoming. This becoming is, in physical terms, an expansion of awareness and experience, but not an expansion of what you are.

You may view this to be similar, in quite physical limited terms, to a structure. You may view a physical building containing many, many, many rooms. The building is unchanged and not expanding as you explore all of the rooms of the building. The building already exists and is the structure that it is. But you may allow yourself to move freely throughout the building and explore all of the elements of that building, all of the components, so to speak, and within the building, you may create choices concerning your exploration and your experience in conjunction with that building, but you are not altering the building, so to speak.

Even within the action of creating actual physical things, in a manner of speaking, these also are actions. They are not an expansion, so to speak, of consciousness, as it already is.

They are also not an insertion of probabilities that already exist, in the terms of creating a thing, for as you create any thing or movement within physical realities, you are merely materializing choices of actions.

JOE: Let me ask, just to clarify one thing: Then basically you’re telling me that the potential for any probability exists, although the probability or the choice or the action itself may not have been actualized.

ELIAS: Correct. The potential for all probabilities does exist within consciousness. The actualization and the choice of any probability is created within the moment.

JOE: Okay. (Pause)

ELIAS: You yourselves within this physical dimension are an adequate example of this concept, and as I have stated many times previously, within this physical dimension, you mirror many, many aspects of consciousness in physical forms.

All that you know within consciousness, you also are actualizing in physical form in a type of imagery, so to speak. You hold the knowing of communication and interconnectedness within consciousness. You manifest physical creations that mirror that communication – in your translation of it in this physical dimension – and you create more efficient and speedier, so to speak, manners in which you may be participating in this interconnectedness and communication.

JOE: Well, I’m not that good at it, ’cause I’m still working on the apple!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! Ah! But you participate with your apparatus that you identify as your computer, which is a mirror in physical manifestation of what you know within consciousness.

JOE: See, I think some of the confusion that I have is between the actual terminology of what a probability is, versus an actualization, versus the concept that all probabilities will be explored. Now, if all probabilities will be explored, then at least my way of thinking up to this point was that all probabilities existed. They simply had not been actualized.

ELIAS: No. The potential for all probabilities exists. The probabilities themselves exist within the moment, as they are chosen and as they are created. Probabilities are merely an action, and they move in conjunction with choice.

JOE: Well, let me ask you: In going back to the example of the building, if the building with all of its rooms is truly infinite, is there anything – or is there an awareness within consciousness of anything – beyond, outside of, next to, above, below? And I know I’m using terms that have meaning within this dimension. But basically, is there anything that consciousness is aware of other than itself?

ELIAS: There is no thing outside of consciousness. It is all.

JOE: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, there is no element to be explored outside of consciousness, for there is no outside of consciousness. And in this, how may it be expanded, as there is no area outside of it?

JOE: Well, then let me ask you: If there is nothing outside of consciousness, how can it be truly infinite? If there is no potential for expansion of all that is, then how can all that is be truly, in every sense of the term, infinite?

ELIAS: And this is the point, for in truth, it IS infinite. Your definition of infinite is an ever-expanding element, but I am expressing to you that in truth, infinite is ever-ongoing; not expanding, but also boundless. There are no boundaries.

This is the element that may be translatable into your physical understanding, which would be translatable in the concept of expansion, for as you are exploring, you are expanding your awareness, in some terms. You are expanding your physical awareness. You are expanding your objective awareness. Your attention is continuously expanding, and within essence, even within nonphysical areas of consciousness, the attention of an individual essence is continuously expanding, in a manner of speaking, for it is continuously exploring within its awareness.

But as to the actual expansion – in what you may identify as physical terms – of consciousness itself, which is not a physical entity in itself, it does not expand, for it already is and always has been, in your physical terms. In nonphysical terms, the expression of ‘will always be’ or ‘has always been’ are irrelevant, for they are relative to a time framework, and within consciousness outside of physical manifestations, physical dimensions, time is not relevant in the manner that you associate it to be. It is quite relative. It may be moved and molded and manipulated in many different fashions to be accommodating of different expressions of reality.

Time is an element of function that facilitates creations within consciousness to be manifesting certain expressions within consciousness, but outside of the incorporation of physical dimensions, time is not expressed in a manner of a measurable thing, for it also is an action.

JOE: Well, wouldn’t expansion itself, in relative terms, have to incorporate time?

ELIAS: In physical terms, relatively speaking, yes.

JOE: So expansion in, say, an expansive cosmology would simply be within a physical time dimension; would have absolutely, positively no bearing or basically no translation in another type of dimension.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. Each physical dimension, each physical manifestation of consciousness, in their construct and their design of reality, is relative to itself, but may not necessarily be translatable into another physical dimension or reality.

In this, you may allow yourself to be recalling information that I have offered in conjunction with questioning offered to myself concerning other dimensions and what you term to be extraterrestrials, for in this subject matter, I have expressed to many individuals: what you may allow yourself to view in this particular physical dimension as what you identify being an extraterrestrial is a translation into the familiarity of your reality. It may not resemble the actual manifestation of another physical dimension at all. It is your translation of energy into forms and expressions that you shall understand objectively and allow yourself to be interactive with.

Therefore, as you view a little squashy guy, in your terms – ha ha ha! – as an extraterrestrial, you may be quite physically interactive with this form, and it may be interactive with you, and what you have created and what you are interactive with IS quite real, but it also is a translation, for the energy pattern or configuration of that other-dimensional focus of consciousness does not translate into your physical reality in the manner that it is expressed in its own reality. In like manner, your physical components, so to speak, of your reality do not translate into other physical manifestations of reality. They also do not translate into nonphysical areas of consciousness. All of the energy which is projected from one area of consciousness to another area of consciousness are translations. They are reconfigurations of energy.

This exchange that you hold with myself presently within this now is a translation. It is a filtration of energy through layers of consciousness that is translated in objective terms to be interactive with you within this physical dimension in a manner that you may understand and that shall be familiar to you in your objective understanding in this physical reality.

There is an incorporation of humor. There is an incorporation of emotion, of intellect, of speech, of movement. All of these elements are familiar to you, for they are all constructs of your physical reality, and this is the area of your attention presently. They are relative to this particular expression of physical reality. They are NOT relative to OTHER areas of consciousness – other physical dimensions or nonphysical expressions of consciousness.

This is also evidenced in your movement within this physical reality. You may not physically translate your body consciousness, in the manner that it is expressed presently, into nonphysical areas of consciousness. It shall not fit. Are you understanding?

JOE: Elias, I’m understanding somewhat. (Elias chuckles) There’s a tremendous amount here that I have to think about. Some of this – although it’s not overwhelming in that respect – I really, really have to think about and process, so to speak, in order to be able to give an intelligent answer as to, ‘Am I understanding?’ Somewhat, but in other areas, no. I mean, these are what we in this physical dimension would describe as deep subjects.

ELIAS: Quite. Be understanding also your frame of reference, so to speak, which is your physical reality and all of the components of it. Within your physical reality, you have created constructs of mathematics and of physical expressions of consciousness, and in this, you create an understanding of yourselves and of your universe and of your reality through physical terms. This be the reason that I express to you within language, but I also am offering information to you that many times becomes quite confusing, for it is outside of your frame of reference.

JOE: And therefore, basically unexplainable.

ELIAS: It is not unexplainable, but it is outside of your familiar frame of reference, in physical terms. In this, I shall also express to you that this is an element of the reason that you have created this shift in consciousness, to be allowing yourself an expansion, in your terms, of your objective physical awareness, which also offers you more of an expansion – once again in your terms – of your ability for manifestation in this physical dimension or realm, so to speak, allowing you more of an opportunity to be exploring WHAT ALREADY IS.

JOE: In other words, or maybe not even in other words, but we are basically constantly striving towards an ability, which is already inherent, to attain the unattainable, and once that’s been attained, we will continue to go onward in this exploration.

ELIAS: I shall respond to this in two manners. In one manner, I shall respond to you in the affirmative, in conjunction with your beliefs. In conjunction with your beliefs, in physical terms, yes, you are continually striving to be attaining.

I shall also respond to you in another manner, in conjunction with consciousness and essence. No, you are not continually striving to be attaining, for you hold the awareness and the knowing that you already hold all that is, and within that, you are creating an infinite exploration and a continual action of becoming.

But even within your physical language as I am presenting it to you now, there are limitations in conjunction with time, for what I am expressing to you in the statement concerning consciousness and essence in its lack of striving is accurate, but within the translation of your physical language, which incorporates an inherent element of time, it becomes inaccurate.

JOE: That I think I understand, at least in part.

ELIAS: Within your physical dimension and within your beliefs, you are creating a reality in which you are continuously striving and you are continuously attempting to be attaining, and this also is what you are addressing to in the action of inserting this shift in consciousness into your officially accepted reality, allowing you the recognition that you already ARE, and therefore it is unnecessary to be striving for, for there is no element that you may attain that you do not already hold. And you need not strive in your becoming, for your assessment of becoming is the creation of some element of your reality which is better. As I express to you the action of becoming, it is merely an exploration and a creation of experience. It is not the movement in attainment.

These are expressions of your beliefs, which are your reality within this physical dimension, and therefore are quite valid. You are offering yourselves information now that allows you to view that there exists more concerning your reality than you have allowed yourself to view within the limitations of your beliefs. But I shall also once again offer the statement now that your beliefs are not bad, and have been quite purposeful in this physical dimension and therefore are not bad now, and shall continue to be a foundational element, so to speak, of this physical reality, for this is the design of this particular physical reality.

JOE: Elias, this transcript is going to go out to several people who are also investigating or have investigated along the same lines that I am, not necessarily with you, but with Seth and others. Is there anything you’d like to add? Am I asking the proper questions?

ELIAS: (Chuckling, and Joe laughs) It is not a question of you not asking the proper questions! Ha ha ha ha!

I shall express to you that these are very difficult concepts within this physical dimension. In this physical dimension, you have created a focus of attention which incorporates a tremendous desire and motivation for exploration – translated into physical terms – and an insatiable curiosity, so to speak, which creates a continuous movement of energy in your exploration, and in the familiar terms of expansion within your physical dimension, you are constantly creating an expansion of your awareness and of your physical abilities.

In this, merely be recognizing that this is relative to this physical dimension. The action of becoming and exploration is what you may term to be a truth, for this is translatable in different expressions throughout all of consciousness, and as I have stated previously, truths are elements that are consistent and may be translated throughout consciousness regardless of the manifestation or the area of consciousness, physical or nonphysical, and in some manner may be relevant or relative to all of consciousness.

Therefore, in conjunction with exploration and becoming, you may identify this to be a truth within consciousness. As to its manifestation and its expression in this physical dimension that you occupy your attention within, your design of it is relative merely to this particular dimension, and in this, you are creating expansion, in your physical terms, but even in expansion physically, you are not expanding consciousness.

JOE: I think I understand a little bit! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

JOE: But this isn’t something that I have an ability to grasp. I probably do in essence, but in this focus, I don’t have the ability to grasp it instantaneously. I really have to think about it.

ELIAS: You are correct in this assessment, and I shall express to you also, there are some elements of consciousness that you shall not hold an objective understanding of, for your attention is held within this one area of consciousness and it is designed in the type of awareness that is expressed objectively, and within your objective understanding, there are elements of consciousness that may not be accurately or adequately translated into your objective physical reality.

You may be offering yourself an understanding within conceptualization, which is an inner sense that you hold in this physical dimension. But I shall also express to you that even within the offering of understanding through your inner sense of conceptualization, you shall experience difficulty in translating these experiences or this knowing into your physical language, for you do not incorporate a physical language yet which is adequate to be incorporating a description and objective definition of many elements of consciousness.

This also is a movement of this shift in consciousness, in which you are redefining your terminology and thusly redefining your reality, which shall be helpful to your objective understanding of the reality of consciousness, but it shall not be incorporating ALL of an understanding of consciousness.

JOE: I’ll tell you what has happened recently, probably before and also a great deal during the sessions that I’ve had with you. I’ve developed an intuitive, innate trust in my own essence, realizing at least in part that there is no division, and it has made things a lot easier and a lot more fun, and my understanding seems to expand much faster than it had before.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct that this may be the assessment of the movement that you recognize within objective terms. You shall quite definitely create much less conflict and more of an ease and more of an allowance of your abilities and your expressions, without confusion....

JOE: I’m still trying to ease into this apple! (Elias chuckles and Joe laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha! In your expansion! Ha ha ha!

JOE: Elias, in our last session, you had ... I’m sorry. Was there something else you wanted to say on that subject?

ELIAS: You may continue.

JOE: I didn’t get the dog-gone tape back yet, so I haven’t had a chance to review, but did you not refer to the fact that it takes a certain discipline, and that the discipline is taught, when we were talking about this ability to manifest this apple? Or am I off-base here?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) YOU expressed the concept of discipline, and I have responded to you in expressing to you that within your beliefs, you lean in the direction that you must be incorporating discipline to be manifesting this type of action. I have expressed to you that this is an aspect of your belief systems.

In actuality, you need not objectively be offering yourself any information as to the components or the construct of the manifestation of the apple. Your concentration in physical thoughts is not what shall be creating the physical manifestation, and you also may be manifesting this physical object instantaneously.

It is the limitations of your beliefs that prevent you from the materialization of this object, and I have stated to you, you shall create what you concentrate upon.

Your concentration is not the manifestation of thought process. Your concentration is the expression of what you believe, and in this, your beliefs influence your perception, and your perception is the tool in which you create your reality.

Therefore, as your concentration moves to beliefs that you are limited in your abilities, that is offered in influence and translated to your perception, and your perception shall actualize that belief.

JOE: Okay. I think you’ve answered this quite nicely. The question in my mind was the difference between discipline and effortlessness, but as usual, you’ve covered it quite nicely.

ELIAS: Ha ha! I may express to you that you may be incorporating discipline and you may be objectively concentrating within your thought process and you may create strenuous methods, and this shall also create your payoff, and eventually within your process, you may allow yourself the same product, so to speak. But I express to you also that it is unnecessary. You may accomplish in that manner or you may accomplish instantaneously.

JOE: Well, I’m working on it!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!” [session 549, January 20, 2000]

ELIAS: “The point of manifestation is not to be learning, is not to be acquiring, is not to be moving into positions of levels of consciousness or advancing yourselves.

The point of physical manifestation is experience, is an exploration of being. This is the point of consciousness, period. It is the action of consciousness.

EDWARD: I didn’t know you were an existentialist! (Elias chuckles) Because you realize that you challenge with that statement probably 90 percent of all the belief systems on the planet.

ELIAS: Quite, and quite intentionally.

EDWARD: Yes. Because of course, almost every religion or belief system moves you into God, or gets you to become God, or gets you to be prepared to meet God or something, and you’re making it very clear in this statement that there is no other point to it, except for the experience itself.

ELIAS: Correct.

For the experience is the action of becoming, which is what you create as consciousness. This is the action of consciousness, the action of becoming – exploration of self, exploration of all that is, and you are all that is. Therefore, this is what you create. This is what you DO. In your terms, you explore. In other terms, you invent, you discover.” [session 737, December 09, 2000]

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