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Elias “gems”

VICKI [asking a question on Mary’s behalf]: “‘I don’t understand the concept of spiritual evolution. If we already are, how can we evolve?’

ELIAS: (Chuckling) He [Michael] is quite amusing! You do not understand! Once again, language! I incorporate different words. I am conscious to be expressing the least conflicting use of your language, and I also understand how easily your words may confuse you, or may invoke belief systems to which I am wishing to avoid and not be perpetuating of! Therefore, I choose not to be incorporating the words of ‘karma’ or ‘evolution,’ for you already possess belief systems with regard to these words. I substitute ‘becoming’ and ‘choices.’ It is the same.

Essences will express to you, if they are genuinely speaking to you from a teaching focus, that there is no repayment of debt. You owe nothing to any other individual or essence. There is no failure! There are no mistakes! But you may choose, for your experience, to be incorporating similar action, to which you expel within different focuses. This is your choice. It is not ordained! No ‘God’ is pointing his almighty finger at any individual and expressing, ‘You now will pay for this!’ Incorrect! You may point your finger at yourself and say, ‘I will now create this for myself,’ but this is your choice.” [session 66, January 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “We are presently battling very established belief systems. Whether you acknowledge within yourselves these belief systems or not, they exist. You also hold a belief system in karma. Whether you understand this term or whether you have studied this concept or not, you hold the belief system. It is a mass belief system. You believe that if you are experiencing any element that is harmful to another, this shall be to your detriment and you shall owe for this. Therefore, you shall manifest to be making payment. This is not true. It is a belief system. It reinforces your ideas of right and wrong and good and bad. It reinforces your belief systems of illness or oddities, but these are all choices. You all choose. No thing is thrust upon you. As I have stated, you may not instantaneously objectively understand your creations; but as we speak, you learn to learn your own language once again, and therefore you begin to understand your creation of your own manifestations, and the why’s.” [session 151, February 02, 1997]

Elias “gems”

JENE: “At our last meeting you had a description, and I’m sure you know what that was. I’m confused as to how I deliver information using a science/belief system of numerology now that I’m dealing with someone who is not familiar with these terms, our terms, expansion. Often I use past lives. We know this is simultaneous, however most people do not. Now I’m finding a bit of confusion within my own description when trying to read or be of assistance to someone.

ELIAS: (Intently, speaking quite quickly) You translate all that you do, all that you know, into linear terms. This is not what you term to be wrong. This is a tool. It is a symbol. All that you express linearly is a symbol. As we have expressed previously, the symbol represents another element, but also holds its own vitality within itself simultaneously. I am understanding of your confusion, for Elias expresses to you, you do not hold past lives; but your tool expresses, you do hold past lives. Within consciousness, within essence, you are an element of the consciousness that resides within each focus, as they all are an element which resides within your focus. Therefore, upon a very simplified term, you may continue to express with your symbols to another individual holding less understanding, and allow for their terminology incorporating reincarnational selves.

Many essences expressing to individuals physically, audibly, within your time frame now, express within terms of reincarnational selves. This is for the purpose of understanding. Individuals understand and identify and may relate to these words, these terms. You have gathered, within this company, to move beyond these terms. You have asked. Therefore, your request is responded to. In this, I do not offer you what you may view as conventional terms which attach themselves to existing belief systems, for your intent is not to be aligning with existing belief systems, but to be moving into the action of the shift, or to be moving through the area of transition while presently physically focused. In the desire to be accomplishing within this intent, you draw to you this energy, which offers alternate terms that may not attach to existing belief systems.

I have expressed previously that eventually we shall be tipping many belief systems, or what you view to be (blowing air at everybody.) (Laughter) I initiated these sessions with my first (blowing again) of there is no karma, and all listened and were aghast. There is no karma! You do not hold reincarnational lives! You are a new creation. You, physically manifest, are individual and new and perfect, and shall never be repeated, as you are not repeating another. You are your own individual personality manifest physically, which shall continue and which has always continued previously. (When Elias blows air at us, he is ‘blowing us away’)

JENE: ... Are there other terms ... I’m gonna have a little bit of difficulty now using those terms! (Laughing) Even though they are symbolic to most individuals that I would speak to, and have been symbolic to myself, are there more efficient terms that I could use, in terms of what I see in the numbers and the letters and the essence and the energy of these essences as I’m speaking to them? I’ve always known those were symbols for the information that is then transmitted, that then I share. Are there more efficient terms I could use rather than karma or incarnate lives?

ELIAS: You may continue with these terms if you are choosing, and you may also incorporate an honesty with the individuals that you are speaking to. You all hold the ability to understand.

JENE: You mean, they’ll hear it. They may not carry it or be able to acknowledge, but they will hear it. It will strike a chord.

ELIAS: Quite; and it is not your responsibility to be making sure that they are understanding! They shall receive what they choose to receive. They shall hear what they choose to hear. You may offer realistic information in addition to your commonly held terms. You may express ‘karma,’ and you may additionally express, ‘although this is a term which is commonly identified with. It is not expressive of elements within what you view to be your past that you must ‘work out,’ for individuals do not ‘work out or of’ karma. You create within each moment newly. All is a choice. If you choose, you may alter what you have created in your perception previously, for all is simultaneous; but it is not cause and effect.” [session 131, November 06, 1996]

ELIAS: “As I have stated to you all, you enter each physical focus with your own individual pool of probabilities that you pull from. In this, you are not predestined or set in the actions that you shall choose within your focus, or ‘lifetime’ as you choose to view it, but you set a pool of probabilities within a certain direction. You always possess the choice to be extending and pulling from probabilities outside of this pool that you have chosen. Nothing is set in stone. As you choose a direction within a focus, you may offer yourself the opportunity to be noticing and widening, or in your terms ‘learning certain experiences,’ and you may not listen to yourself. You may choose an experience, and you may be expressing some direction to yourself, and you may not be listening to your own direction. Therefore, you shall continue to present yourself with this scenario, so to speak.

This is not karma! This is also not a situation of if you have not accomplished correctly, or if you have not ‘got it right’ the first time, you shall continue and continue! This is not the case. You may choose to be offering yourself the opportunity to be in communication with essence through certain experiences, and you may not be listening. Therefore, subjectively you shall draw yourself to similar experiences. Now; I shall also express that this is not always the case either, for some individuals choose to be experiencing certain experiences over and over and over repeatedly within an individual focus, for they wish to experience this.

Within your thought processes, you think to yourselves that you must possess some great reasoning for choosing these experiences; some great beneficial outcome. ‘I shall experience devastation presently. Therefore, I shall hold the ability to be understanding of other individuals which experience this devastation, and I may be helpful to them.’ You may be helpful within consciousness, regardless. Each individual chooses their experiences for their experience.

Be remembering also that this is one focus. Within essence, you hold many focuses experiencing other situations. (Humorously) But do we not all wish and believe that this one focus that we are recognizing of is the ‘good’ focus! This focus is that of the kind, righteous, good individual, the well-intentioned individual, the spiritually moving individual! These may, within your belief systems, all hold true, or they may not; but it matters not, for you are essence. Therefore, all of the experiences within all of the focuses are yours, and you may be experiencing elements within an individual focus that you would have designed to experience in your thought process in another focus. The reason for this thought process also is influenced by your belief systems, for you attach right and wrong, good and bad to your experiences.

(Intently) You have endowed yourself with feeling. Within this dimension and this focus, you have created emotion. These physical beings hold this element. This is your experience. One emotion is not greater than another. One feeling is not better than another. They are only different.” [session 144, January 04, 1997]

VICKI: “I have a question regarding all probabilities are actualized. I guess I was always viewing the pool of probabilities as this stagnant place where at some point in time you choose to actualize one of many, and the other ones just kind of lay around there stagnant until you choose to actualize another one. But from the discussion last week, I get that this isn’t necessarily how it works. All probabilities are actualized presently. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Therefore, they are influencing of your choices. I’m still not real clear on that, but one question is, within that pool, any probability you would choose would be in alignment with your intent? Is this correct? Or would some be more beneficial or efficient within that intent?

ELIAS: These are two different questions! In actuality, all choices that you choose within probabilities are in alignment with your intent, directly or indirectly. But as to your second question, yes; some choices of some probabilities may be more beneficial or efficient than others, but they all shall be within alignment of your intent. It is your choice. You may choose to be crossing to the opposite side of a lake within a boat straight away, or you may choose to reach the same destination by walking around the shore. You shall arrive at the same destination. Your action in actualizing your destination is different, and is your choice. One is not worse than another.

There are many variables involved. You may be choosing what you think of as the most expedient method, for this within your belief systems is better or good.’ This within other terms may not necessarily hold the same definition. You may choose, within variables of your intent, to be experiencing the walk around the shore. Many times, you may demonstrate this behavior as you are illustrating certain experiences to yourself for your noticing. This is not, underline, karma, underline! You are not experiencing repeated or drawn out experiences in a karmic fashion! You may choose, for your own clarity within a given experience, to not be experiencing within the most expedient method. Quick is not always the most efficient, although within your belief systems you view rapidness as best. The more quickly you learn something, the better you are. The more quickly you accomplish something, the better you are. In actuality, speed is not the deciding factor. The experience and the clarity of the experience is of importance.” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “Parallel focuses are quite common. I also express that all essences engaging within this action do so for a reason. You manifest for certain experiences and for the accomplishment of certain value fulfillment. Many times, you shall create parallel focuses for you choose certain probabilities and experiences within one that you may choose to actualize, within the same dimension, a different probability within another. This, once again, is not karma! It is not to say that you choose one outcome which you are then dissatisfied with. Therefore, you choose to repeat a focus and alter the outcome. Incorrect!” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

NORMA: “And when does it stop, you know? If you don’t understand this, for example in this focus, and then again you choose another focus and do it again, change roles, when will it stop then?

ELIAS: This is not a question of karma! You are not ‘working out’ any actions. Therefore, it discontinues as you choose to discontinue the action! (Grinning, and we all laugh) It only continues as you choose to be continuing the action. Therefore, within any moment you may choose to disengage the action. It is not a case of ‘carrying over’ continued experiences and exchanges within the context of a necessity. It is not necessary. It is a choice, for you choose to be creating of your reality in the manner in which you choose!

You choose each probability. No thing is thrust upon you. No action is required of you. No interaction is necessary to be continued. It is all a choice. You always hold, within every moment of your being, the choice to be altering of your reality, and you may alter it in whichever direction or manner that you choose. Therefore, I suggest to you that you hold tremendous freedom, for you are not bound by these belief systems that dictate to you that you must be interacting within certain guidelines. You do not manifest within the belief system of karma! There are no ongoing focuses that you must experience, for you have experienced previously the opposite. You are not obligated to be experiencing being a victim simply because you have chosen within another focus to be murderous. You may choose not to be a victim. In like manner, you may choose to be a victim and you must not necessarily hold to also experiencing being murderous. It is all of your choice, and that which you choose to be experiencing.” [session 187, June 28, 1997]

DAVID: “There was a word I came across today and it’s the word dharma, and we were told that it’s the twin of karma, and that if you do not understand dharma, then you’re not dealing with the complete pack of metaphysical cards! (Laughter) Can you tell us about dharma?

ELIAS: Many different terminology may be used presently and it matters not, for the concepts are the same. This is an expression offered to you within acceptable terminology, that may serve to be helpful in moving you with ease away from the concept of karma in which it has become; for the belief system has become quite distorted, and as it filters through into your western cultures and society, it distorts even farther. Therefore, an expression is offered to be moving your thought processes away from this strictness of the idea of karma, by allowing you the information that there may be another element without which karma is meaningless.

You think of karma as cause and effect. You think of moving through experiences, and repaying for those experiences that you have created negatively. There is no negative! It is merely your belief system that there is negative. This is not to say that you do not in actuality create negative elements within your reality, for you project energy into the creation of these elements. If you are believing in evil destructive devils, you shall project energy into their creation and they shall be reality! The expressions are offered to explain to you that this is unnecessary. It is merely projections of fearfulness in elements of consciousness and energy that you do not understand, for you do not allow yourselves a remembrance of.

This element of ‘dharma’ is the balancing factor within the belief system of karma. I continue to express to you, this is a belief system! It is unnecessary to be creating this. You may be choosing to hold this belief system and you may be choosing to be creating its reality, but it is unnecessary. It is merely a perpetuation of the belief system that you hold duplicity and that you are not presently, within your present state and form, perfect beings ... for you are! You need not improve upon that element which needs no improvement! It is merely your belief systems. You do not create the action of the shift to be ‘improving’ upon your creation. You create the action of your shift to expand your creativity and allow you the opportunity to explore areas of physical focus that you have not chosen to explore previously.” [session 193, July 13, 1997]

LETTY: “When my brother Marta was here last time, he asked a question for me about a person that I guess was my brother in another focus, and I’m trying to understand the bleed-through. I guess I’m having problems because if we were so close and we had such a close relationship there, why is it causing conflict in this focus?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Hmmm. There have been unresolved issues that were chosen in another focus to be ignored and to be moved beyond, and the focus was placed upon the appreciation of the relationship and the moving into the experience of the emotional connection within that focus. Therefore, you were not choosing to be focusing upon issues dealing with this relationship.

Now; let me explain that this is a choice. This is not a situation of karma; that you have unresolved issues within one focus, therefore within the area of cause and effect you choose to be engaging and resolving those issues within this focus. This is not the case. It is merely a choice within probabilities of presenting yourself with these issues of acceptance and relationships in different areas that apply within the probabilities that you choose within THIS focus. Therefore, in working through these issues and this conflict, you shall be benefiting yourself in the area of acceptance within this focus. In this, you choose to allow bleed-throughs from another focus to be influencing within this focus, that you may be dealing with situations that directly apply to you within this focus.” [session 222, September 27, 1997]

LISA: “I have a question. Can you explain to me a bit about karma? I was brought up to believe that there is such a thing.

ELIAS: This is a very common belief system within your reality presently. As you have moved into this century and the beginning throes of your shift in consciousness, you have developed new belief systems which suggest to you alternates for those religious belief systems that you have held for many centuries. You view these to be new enlightened belief systems, although you do not believe that they ARE belief systems.

In actuality, there is no karma. There is no moving from one focus to another focus. There is no repaying of debt. There is no consequence for your action within one focus. The only consequence that occurs within any focus for action incurred is that consequence that you draw to yourself for your own information within one particular focus.

All focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, you are not reborn. You are a new creation in yourself, and shall never be recreated into another creation. You may create an aspect of yourself that shall continue within physical focus, but it shall be its own creation and it shall also be a new creation. You are not used parts! (Laughter) You are continuously creating anew.

YOU are YOU. And you, as a focus of essence, experience within a physical focus, and in completing your experience within a physical focus shall move beyond physical focus and continue within your exploration of self within other areas. You may choose to be exploring another physical focus within another dimension, but you shall not repeat this physical focus within this dimension, for this would be pointless. You have already experienced, within your countless amounts of counterparts and focuses within this dimension, all that that you need be experiencing within this dimension. Therefore, you hold wondrous areas to be exploring within consciousness beyond this one particular dimension and focus.

There is no element that you need be repaying or holding an element of cause and effect within this particular dimension. It is merely one focus of your essence, and in this you manifest to experience, to explore. There is no right and wrong within consciousness. All is an experience. Therefore, what need be repaid? It is merely your own belief systems that dictate to you that you hold karmic debt.

LINDA: Elias, I was understanding that karma was just simply action – good, bad, whatever – just action. If I was to throw this pen, it has to land. It’s just action and the effect of that action, not necessarily good, bad, payment, repayment.

ELIAS: This also is cause and effect. If you are to throw your pen, you hold an expectation that it must land.

LINDA: Exactly.

ELIAS: Therefore, it does; for within mass belief systems, you hold expectations of cause and effect. This is not truth. This is merely belief systems within your particular dimension.

LINDA: But since it is a belief system, it really makes it part of our reality since we all believe in it.

ELIAS: Yes. It IS your reality, and you shall throw your pen and it shall fall.

LINDA: So that doesn’t mean that karma does not exist totally. It means that we choose to have it exist in our reality. So there is, no matter whatever we do ... if say that karma is simply action, then there is action and reaction in our dimension because we choose it to be there, not that it doesn’t exist totally.

ELIAS: Because you CHOOSE it to be there.

LINDA: Yeah, but as a group consciousness, we all choose it to be there.

ELIAS: Quite. I express to you these elements, these truths, that you may expand your awareness, and that you may view that you hold belief systems but you are not bound by your belief systems, and that you may move outside of these belief systems and alter your present reality. I express this to you for the reason that you ARE participating within the action of your shift in consciousness, and within your future time period your reality shall be completely altered and these belief systems shall not hold you as they do presently. Your reality shall be executed differently. You shall throw your pen, and if you are not so choosing, it shall not ...

LINDA: Land.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 238, November 16, 1997]

LINDA: “Are some of these challenges what we would call in our focus karmic?


LINDA: So is that something different?

ELIAS: I have expressed previously that within your thought processes you have been presented with belief systems in the area of karma, but these are belief systems. Within the reality of essence and consciousness and manifestations into physical focus, there is no karma. There is no repaying of debt. There is no repeating of situations or actions or events to alter events. You do not move from one focus to another focus. All of your focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, how may you repay an action that you have not engaged? For it is not you. It is another focus.

LINDA: But isn’t the other focus of us essentially us too?

ELIAS: It is of your essence, but it also holds its own slightly different tone and its own personality and its own choices.

You do not live and die and return and live and die. All of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all now. Therefore, in reality there is no thing other than the now in every moment of it, for it is all now. Therefore, you may question yourselves and recognize your own belief systems as to why you view futurely or pastly. They are all now.

LINDA: Then what is coded in our DNA? A lot of people say there’s memories coded in our DNA, as well as ...

ELIAS: You DO hold memory. You DO hold encoding of other focuses, of essence, of consciousness, and this IS encoded within you, but this is not ‘karmic.’ It is merely information that is available to you, which also may suggest the gloriousness of you and how efficient[ly] you have created this reality to be offering yourself a window into the whole of you beyond one focus.

LINDA: So if people say that they can see your past lives, they’re basically just seeing different focuses at the same time?

ELIAS: Correct. You look to these as past or future, for you move within a reality that suggests linear time. Therefore, you look to your other focuses as having already occurred or about to occur. In actuality, they are all simultaneous NOW.” [session 259, January 17, 1998]

RODNEY: “You were speaking of what’s going to happen in this shift in consciousness and you made the statement that, ‘Within the action of your shift, you have chosen to alter these probabilities within a recognition that all that you hold to be negative within destruction within your belief systems is unnecessary.’ That statement has really caught my attention. I’m aware that a great deal of my thinking, and it appears to me to be the thinking of people that I’m in contact with, is that a common thought is that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. You can’t accomplish something beautiful without doing something ugly. You can’t take good care of your family without going out and being a bastard in the world of business. (Elias chuckles) Is this what you’re talking about in this sentence?

ELIAS: What you are referring to is in the mass belief system of cause and effect.

Now; let me express to you that in actuality there is no cause and effect. This is a belief system that you have created en masse upon your planet and you hold to very tightly. Therefore, you also create this in your reality. In actuality there is no cause and effect, and it is unnecessary to be creating of one action to be accomplishing another action.

Example: You may step into your road – I have offered this example previously, but it serves its purpose well – and in stepping into your road, you may be engaged in an action with a carriage and it may strike you.

In this, your belief system is that if you are struck by the carriage, you shall be injured and you shall create physical displays of these injuries. You may be creating of breakage of bones, bruises upon your skin. You may even create more serious injuries within your physical form. This is cause and effect. But what I express to you [is], in actuality it is also quite possible to be standing within your road and to be struck by a carriage and sustain no physical injuries, for it is your choice in your alignment with the mass belief systems to be creating this or to not be creating this, and there are physical examples throughout your planet of this type of action occurring, where an individual may be struck in what you term to be an accident – which there are no accidents – and sustain no physical injury.

Now; onlookers shall express, ‘Oh! This is a miracle!’ For within your belief systems, a miracle is an action which you perceive to be impossible, but it is obviously possible or there would be no creation of the action. If it were not possible within your reality to be creating of this type of situation and not sustain physical injuries, it would not occur ... but it does occur! Individuals holding what you think of as terminal illnesses instantaneously cure themselves, or are healed in the view of other individuals by some ‘special power.’ In reality, they have healed themselves. They have returned their form to its natural state within this physical manifestation, and they have NOT created what you term to be a miracle. They have merely uncreated a situation that they have chosen to be creating initially.

You hold the ability within physical focus to accomplish much more than you believe you may accomplish. This be the reason that I express much attention to belief systems and am directing of individuals to be noticing and attending to these belief systems, for you hold belief systems in every area of your physical focus, and some ... MANY of these belief systems are very limiting. Within consciousness collectively within this dimension, there is a recognition that these belief systems ARE very limiting and that it is unnecessary to be continuing in the participation of many of these belief systems.” [session 303, August 01, 1998]

NATHAN: “I guess the last question I do have is, can give me any information about ... when I was two months old, I had a bone infection, and I’m wondering if this is something that is karmically affecting me from another life, or if in fact it is from this life, something I need to release or let go of in order for this to heal.

ELIAS: Let me express to you initially:

Is this an affectingness karmically? No! I shall express quite intently, you may be experiencing affects within energy of other focuses, but they are not – NOT – expressed in the identification of what you term to be karma. This is unequivocally a belief system!

This is a belief system that reinforces your involvement and your identification and your beliefs in duplicity. This....

NATHAN: In being a victim.

ELIAS: It offers you a tremendous reinforcement of cause and effect, of duplicity, in that you shall reap what you sow. What you put forth, you shall also acquire. If you are offering the expression of the righteous, you shall be creating this within yourself and you shall reap your rewards. If you are creating negativity and you are harmful to other individuals, you shall also reap the consequences.

THIS is the identification of the belief system of karma, and I may not express to you strongly enough that this is NOT in reality what you create within this dimension or any dimension or any expression of essence!

You do draw to yourselves experiences in your expressions that what you set forth you shall also draw to yourself, but this is directly dictated and created by your belief in this action of karma. It is not a natural function of essence or of consciousness.

Experiences are experiences. They are not right or wrong or good or bad, and there is no cause and effect. It is all a choice of what YOU choose to be creating.

You shall draw to yourself in conjunction with your belief systems, not that it is dictated by the universe or the cosmos or all of consciousness that this is what you deserve, for there is no measurement of what you deserve. You already are! Therefore....

NATHAN: I’ve been floating on that one for a while, that belief system. I think initially I didn’t believe in karma, but then I’ve had so many encounters with or information from other people I’ve talked with that are so....

ELIAS: It is a VERY strong belief system within your physical dimension. Many, many, many individuals hold very strongly to this belief system and reinforce it continuously in their creations of drawing to themselves events and circumstances that validate this to them, but THEY are creating this and it is THEIR choice. It is NOT cause and effect that is beyond their control and inflicted upon them OR rewarded to them.

NATHAN: Right. It is choice. It’s funny ’cause I know that, but how could I still hold the belief system of that? It’s like I’m missing a few steps, and I catch myself. It’s just cleaning out the closet, so to speak, you know?

ELIAS: It is the familiar and the unfamiliar – the recognition of the belief system that has been held for much time framework and the movement into the unfamiliar and the new, recognizing that you hold these belief systems and this is neither good or bad, and you shall continue to hold these belief systems but they need not be affecting of you. There IS a difference.

In this, you have not been karmically affected, but you HAVE created in this focus a physical affectingness, that you may offer to yourself an objective challenge.

NATHAN: I see. More or less, it’s mind over matter. I can heal myself, and I can prove it to myself because I actually have some sort of ailment that I can prove to myself that I can heal myself.

ELIAS: You may VALIDATE to yourself that you hold the ability to be altering ANY element of your reality, no matter how absolute it appears, for within....

NATHAN: That’s the hardest thing, you know!

ELIAS: Quite! And within your reality, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. I have been expressing this for much time framework, but individuals do not hear. There are no absolutes! You THINK there are absolutes.

NATHAN: That’s what gives us comfort.

ELIAS: Quite. This offers you a ...

NATHAN: I’m glad there’s no absolutes! (Laughing)

ELIAS: ... feeling of security and solidity.

But in actuality, there are no absolutes, and there is NO THING within your reality that you may not alter if you are so choosing, even bone.” [session 454, August 24, 1999]

LENORA: “Is this my last reincarnation?

ELIAS: HA HA HA! Shall we be opening a new can of worms, so to speak, (everybody cracks up) and a new aspect of religious belief systems? Ha ha ha!

I shall express to you, no, this is not your final reincarnational focus, for you do not hold ANY reincarnational focuses, for you do not reincarnate! (Grinning) All of your focuses are manifest simultaneously NOW.

Are you the designation of the final focus of essence within this particular dimension? Yes.


ELIAS: This is not to say that any other manifestation in this dimension of your essence shall be remanifest, for it shall not, for no focus remanifests, for there is no reincarnation.

At the moment that any individual focus chooses to be disengaging from this physical dimension, it chooses also to be moving into other areas of consciousness. It does not repeat and remanifest within this physical dimension. This would be quite redundant and quite unnecessary! You are manifesting many focuses of essence within this physical dimension. Therefore, it is unnecessary for any particular focus to be remanifesting into this physical dimension.

There is no reincarnation. There is no karma. Therefore, there is no cycle of learning and movement to a higher plane, and there is no cycle of debt that needs be worked through.

You hold complete freedom within your focus. The only limitations that you hold within any focus are those that you place before yourself in conjunction with your individual beliefs.

GARY: But if we have complete freedom, then isn’t it possible that we could decide to incarnate again?

ELIAS: In what you may term to be the realm of possibility, yes. I shall express to you that you do not, for it is unnecessary. There is limitless consciousness to be exploring within self.

Therefore, as you incorporate an exploration of this one physical dimension, why shall you be creating a redundant action and repeating your exploration, as you ARE essence and you ARE experiencing all of your other focuses within this physical dimension also?

GARY: Possibly because some of them aren’t as right as others?

ELIAS: Ah, not so! (Chuckling)

TONY: Are you saying, from what I gather, that all things are happening at the same time?

ELIAS: Correct.

TONY: All things that have ever happened are happening now. So, our essence can express in physical form, and simultaneously in certain others? Is that correct?


TONY: It IS happening that way. Okay. So, it really comes down to, it doesn’t really matter....

ELIAS: Quite! I offer one point for your observation, and this is what I have been expressing many, many, many times. It matters not!

You manifest within this physical dimension to experience. You have no mission. You have no quest. You have no higher plane to attain to. You manifest for the experience.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

HOWARD: “Another theme that I kind of wore out in the book (1) was continuing with the axiom, ‘as above, so below.’ And it occurred to me some time ago, after some brief questions, that the idea of karma was an invention to try to make a link between the cause and effect in the physical world with something in the eternal realms. That’s the way it’s written. But I would probably say that the person who authored this or came up with this idea in the first place felt his actions were eternal, and then would have eternal reaction to it. And so, karma was thus invented. Is that kind of correct?

ELIAS: Let me clarify.

Initially, the belief in what you identify as karma was created in association with the knowing of the natural movement of energy that you create – how you naturally manipulate energy – and in this, you naturally draw to you what you express. What you project outwardly, you also seek to draw to yourself in a type of mirror action.

Now; in the knowing of that type of flow of energy, but within the expression of separation and the forgetting, so to speak, the incorporation of the idea of karma was inserted into your reality, not yet as an expression of cause and effect, but as an explanation for the movement of energy that you held an awareness of – and continue to hold an awareness of – in drawing to yourself like expressions to what you project.

Now; in subsequent time frameworks, you have expanded upon that belief and incorporated another aspect, which is the expression of cause and effect.

HOWARD: Okay. Very, very interesting! I don’t know if you’ve had this question put in such a way that your clarification has come forward as clear as it has, but I certainly understand it exactly. Wow. That’s a good one!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha!

HOWARD: (Laughing) I’m glad I asked it!” (Elias chuckles) [session 629, June 04, 2000]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Howard refers to his book We the Angels published in 1998. For more info see session 629, June 04, 2000

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