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dimensional veils

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We have spoken previously of how you each have divorced yourselves from essence, and subsequently have forgotten your own native language. You now incorporate a desire to be connecting with essence, to be dissolving of the veils that exist between the focus and the entirety of the whole. In this, it communicates to you, but you have forgotten your language! Therefore, be not in distress; and allow yourself the opportunity to be assimilating a new language, and not pressing yourself to be attempting to interpret within your present language.” [session 100, June 16, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you previously, elements of what you may anticipate as actions of your shift. You may anticipate a wider awareness. What is meant by this wider awareness? You presently now are aware of you. You are aware of this reality. You are aware of this universe and this objective consciousness. You hold the ability for a much wider awareness. You are approaching this now.

Elements that you view within consciousness to have veils between yourself and them shall not hold these veils any longer. It shall not be an effort or difficult for you, each of you, to communicate with each other regardless of your area of consciousness, within certain limitations. Areas of consciousness such as transition will not appear to be removed from you. You view presently that only some individuals may communicate within this area of consciousness. You must possess special gifts! You all hold this ability.” [session 130, October 28, 1996]

ELIAS: “As I have stated previously, one of the actions that shall be engaged in the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness is to be dropping the veil between this physical dimension and the movement into non-physical areas of consciousness that you view to be related to death, which would be transition non-physically. Therefore, you shall hold the ability to be objectively communicating with individuals that have disengaged.

Presently there remains a veil in this area, and in that action, as you have created that veil, individuals that are engaging the action of transition non-physically do not hold their attention singularly to any particular area of this physical dimension. This be the reason that there is a presentment of difficulty in the situations of individuals inquiring with respect to what you term to be loved ones, friends, or relatives that have disengaged physical focus and are engaging the action of transition. I hold an awareness that your desire or your want in these types of inquiries is to be validated that the individual continues beyond death and is remembering of you.

This poses difficulties with many individuals, for these are very closely associated emotionally and may be very affecting of individuals. Simultaneously, within my intent and following that intent, I choose not to be reinforcing your belief systems. Therefore, the presentment of information in this particular area may not be addressed at times, for there is no choice engaged to be hurtful to any individual, but there is also no choice being engaged to be reinforcing of belief systems, as to the occurrence once an individual has disengaged and their focus of attention.” [session 377, March 23, 1999]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Futurely you shall allow yourself this experience as a great exploration within your curiosity; these being aspects of actions that you inquire of in regard to your shift. ‘What shall we find to do? We shall not be occupying ourselves with murderous intents and violent actions, and we shall be bored for being so wonderfully content!’ I have expressed to you that you offer yourselves new avenues for exploration. In this, you shall have MUCH to occupy your creativity and your curiosity!

NORM: If one of us were to go to some particular dimension, call it X, how would we communicate to our fellow humans? Can we communicate some kind of a map as to how to get there? (Much laughter) Would I be able to somehow take pictures and project images to others here, such as a camera? (Laughter and chatter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are continuing within your idea that you shall cross dimensional veils through a craft and be needing of a map to be arriving at your destination!

NORM: No, I only need an analogy. How would I communicate to Ron that I’ve been to X, and hey, it’s really great there! You ought to see those people!

ELIAS: In the same manner that you are speaking presently! You shall be expressing, ‘Hey Ron! (Laughter) I have been to this dimension! I have seen wondrous elements! Shall we move to this area together?’ Communication shall remain the same.” [session 192, July 12, 1997]

ELIAS: “I express to you that within the action of this shift, you shall be accomplishing these elements as easily as moving from one room to another room; but presently, you hold many reservations and belief systems that confine you within this particular dimension. Lawrence [Vicki] is attempting to move outside of these belief systems and actually project through space into another dimension. Many individuals upon your planet project themselves to another location within this dimension upon your planet.

VIVIEN: What we consider an out-of-body.

ELIAS: Correct. They do not project themselves to another planet, even within your own dimension and solar system. This is projecting, in your terms, much farther, for this would be a penetration of dimensional veils.” [session 226, October 05, 1997]

DREW: “I had a brief moment of seeing something that when it was over, I interpreted it as seeing what I will describe as a tear in the fabric of our space, and kind of seeing through to what’s sort of behind the screen, if you will, of this dimension. I saw it in the blink, literally, of an eye, kind of up, and it looked to me what it would look like if someone were to take their thumb and just kind of punch a hole and tear back just a tiny bit. It didn’t seem like a bleed-through. It seemed more like my seeing into something else. Can you help me understand that?

ELIAS: This would be, within your allowance of a widening awareness, a momentary objective viewing of a loosening of the dimensional veils. It is information that you offer to yourself in connection with this shift. You are merely beginning to experience those elements that other individuals have been experiencing also. You are allowing yourself to be connecting with the action of this shift, and therefore allowing yourself more experiences of the flexibility of your reality.

DREW: So I was seeing through to another dimension?

ELIAS: Not entirely, but allowing yourself a beginning.

DREW: Would you know specifically what dimension I was kind of peeking into?

ELIAS: None, specifically.


ELIAS: You are merely piercing the veil of this dimension, offering yourself the information that this is possible.” [session 246, November 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you: Just as you create veils between your dimensions that you may not be penetrating – for you do not allow yourself to penetrate – as you choose to disengage physical focus, you create a veil between the objective and subjective expression of body consciousness. You remove the direction for its functioning. Therefore, it ceases to function. It remains as what you may view as an artifact, holding objective consciousness, for all of your matter holds consciousness. Therefore, it holds objective consciousness, for it continues to exist objectively, but it has no more interaction with subjective elements.” [session 250, December 14, 1997]

NORM: “Right. That is precisely the thing, precisely the idea or the concept that I want to explore in experiments. It’s frustrating to me. From the experiments that have been done, it appears that if in a previous increment of time ... time moves on. However, in a previous increment of time, after a period of time, after a time has been passed, then if something has changed that would have made their position not the correct position, then they have the opportunity to do things that they normally don’t do. For example, in the photon experiment of John Wheeler’s idea, where the photon went through the slits and one of the slits was closed – after the photon went through the slit but before it got to the photographic plate it was closed – and the photon says, “I’m going to leave this particular dimension and perhaps go into a very close parallel dimension through a minor veil,” so to speak. Am I correct in talking about minor veils? Close, probable realities?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... Another thing that I’m kind of curious about ... because I thought you said that this particular dimension, of course, is more complicated or more elaborate, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the relationship of this particular dimension to the close probable dimensions that are experiencing a differentiation from this one. The origination of the differentiation into different probable realities ... does that start here in this particular dimension? That’s what I had the idea that you were saying, and I’d like to know if that is the correct way or if it is not correct. I have a feeling it’s not really correct.

ELIAS: Not entirely. (Pause) You think singularly in the terms of your attention, which your attention is focused here and it is focused singularly. You do not view all of the other aspects of yourself. Therefore, you also do not view all of the other aspects of your reality and all of your probable realities. These ARE what you have described as being merely separated from you by very thin veils. They are dimensions within this dimension. They are not OTHER dimensions of other physical realities. They are all a part of THIS particular dimension and reality. They are all affecting and exchanging and intertwining with you within every moment. You merely do not allow yourself to view this action.

NORM: ... Well, I think I’m starting to. The veils, they’re associated with a blink? The near-veils. I’m trying to get the physics of the blinks and the veils together. Can you help me there?

ELIAS: The blinking is associated with OTHER areas of consciousness and other realities, other dimensions. The veils that exist between you – that you recognize as you – and all of your aspects are not relative to the blinking.

NORM: Really! There’s just that many dimensions available, then?

ELIAS: You blink to be simultaneously interactive with all OTHER dimensions and areas of consciousness.

NORM: Right, and ...

ELIAS: It is unnecessary for this action with aspects of THIS particular focus, for they are interactive with you continuously.

NORM: But we blink with our entire ... we blink simultaneously ...

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... with our complete set of ...

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: ... close dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: What would be a good term for this close set of dimensions? Local? In these local multidimensions?

ELIAS: All of the aspects of YOU within this focus.

NORM: Alright, okay. Aspect dimensions? My aspect dimensions?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 251, December 18,1997]

JIM: “I have a question. Your past physical focus of Elias Ulloa, was that one of your aspects? I think we’ve discussed this before. (Vic’s note: Elias Ulloa is a character in a book by Carlos Castaneda)


JIM: So in that, you were involved with shamanism within Mexico. The magical passes that you experienced, were those a means within that time to perceive other dimensions and other realities?

ELIAS: This was a partial action, but limited.

JIM: Whereas the shift that we’re experiencing will be much broader and much deeper.

ELIAS: Quite.

JIM: Hmm. Then those actions really wouldn’t offer any methods, so to speak, to move into these other areas, other than just a focus?

ELIAS: No. Throughout your history, many individuals have allowed themselves an awareness within individual focuses to be penetrating the veils of dimensions, but this is not the same as the action of your shift. You are all widening your awareness and this shall become your reality, a new reality, not engaging snippets of viewings of other dimensions, but an accessing of other-dimensional activity at will.” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “A world view is not only accessible to the focuses that are focused within that particular dimension. It is slightly more difficult for you within this dimension or for another focus within another dimension to access across the veils of dimensions those world views which are deposited by particular focuses within particular dimensions, but it is possible to be accessing, although this be another subject altogether.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

PAUL: “One other question. I had an out-of-body experience on March 13th of this year, in which for the first time I was actually able to project consciously out of my body into my bedroom (1). So my question is, at the very moment that I separated ... well, I know there’s no separation. At the moment my perception changed and my environment changed, was my experience still within the context of what you call Regional Area 1?

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you that within an out-of-body experience, as you continue to involve yourself with your objective reality, so to speak, you are projecting your consciousness through space, but continuing within Regional Area 1.

Now; I may also express to you that you hold the ability and it is entirely possible that you may project within what you term to be an out-of-body experience and you may project into different areas of consciousness, but within those experiences that you find yourself moving within familiar areas and with familiar objects, you are continuing to be moving within Regional Area 1 of consciousness. You are merely moving through space and time, as in differentiation to moving around space and in time.

PAUL: So in that experience, subsequently I explored my house and came back into my bedroom, and I believe, in what you term as a focal point, I dove through the bedroom window and I know I shifted gears, as it were, and I had two basic ... what I describe as a scenario. One involved an urban situation with a black painter, and the second one involved a college campus that I had attempted to connect with in Brattleboro, Vermont. In those two scenarios, where I know I shifted gears, was I still experiencing in Regional Area 1?

ELIAS: Yes, but you are also allowing for a partial dimensional veil-piercing. Regional Area 1 is much vaster than you realize. It encompasses much more within the potential for your experiences than you recognize. You view Regional Area 1 as being very limiting and merely that which is your waking experience, but it encompasses experiences that you may allow yourself beyond your normal, usual focus of attention, for you focus your attention quite singularly, and as you are allowing yourself to open more freely to many more elements within consciousness, you may also view that there is much more expansiveness to Regional Area 1 than you have allowed yourself an awareness of.

Now; also in this, I express to you that you pierce a veil of dimension, for within this dimension there are inclusive many other dimensions, some being very parallel and some being different qualities of different time frameworks. In this, you have allowed yourself to be piercing a time framework veil within your objective Regional 1 awareness. You may accomplish this within your waking state also. Be assured, you may be piercing time veils in your objective waking state. You may also be accomplishing of this more easily within an out-of-body experience, for you allow yourself more freedom within this state.” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: as I’ve been experimenting with my own out-of-body experiences for almost twenty years now, I’m including my notes for reference.

From my dream journal, dated Friday, March 13, 1998, 8:12 AM.

Focusing my intent to have an out-of-body experience this evening, (recorded at 12:24 AM.) I went to bed @8:30 PM. I had enjoyed a couple glasses of wine before bed, listened to a Monroe Insititute hemi-sync tape (The Heart Agenda), and fell asleep. I woke up feeling very mild vibrations again. It feels like my consciousness is phase shifting from one frequency of awareness to another. I must have awakened ever so slightly after two sleep cycles. I repeated my affirmation, “Now I am out of body!” and that helped to initiate the separation state. I felt the gentle vibrations begin for just a couple of seconds at the base of my neck and then spread down my entire back all the way to my feet. There is a definite awareness at the nape of the neck (medulla oblongata region.) They thicken in a way as I move into my “first" energy state. I seem to move through an “energy membrane" of some sort as I shift conscious frequencies that I perceive as some sort of vibrations.

I then sat up in the bed in my “astral body" form but wasn’t sure what to do. I realized that I had to deal with my fear of the unknown issue and lack of focus issue, so I concentrated on visiting Mary Ennis in Vermont. Then I sat up a second time and finally separated out and threw my legs onto the floor just like in objective focus and stood up. This second effort was very smooth and effortless, not jerky at all. My body was in the bed with Joanne next to me.

I then walked around the bed room. It was dark. I went over to where the mirrored doors are and there was “other” furniture there, more like my childhood bed room, Uncle Arthur’s model ship was there. I passed my right arm through the glass case and the body of the ship but was able to make the sails move vigorously. I thought that if Jo had been watching, she’d have witnessed the sails moving invisibly without seeing my body. This is almost like manipulating the higher frequency energy of the ship so that the denser, objective matter that is also an aspect of this “ship" would move. This would be an interesting set of experiments.

I walked out of the bedroom door to the piano in the living room. I played one key and it made a loud sustained sound. So I “unstuck" the key because I thought it might disturb Jo. It was located in the same location in reference to its physical counterpart. I realize now that I should have just sat down and played it. This could be an entire thread of experimentation in regards to my piano playing. I could actually attempt to “practice” and see how it impacts my kinesthetic motor control physically. That is the next step in my developing piano technique. I’ve been practicing Keith Emerson’s Trilogy for the past four weeks and I’m progressing nicely. There are lots of multi-octave arpeggios and my next steps is to play them faster and more smoothly connected.

I went back into the bed room and concentrated on reaching Mary Ennis. Using the window on the right side of the bed where Jo lay sleeping as a focal point, I then dove forward through it. I really was ignoring both of our bodies in the bed, this would be an interesting series of experiments also as observing the physical body from this region. Anyway, on this first attempt I got stuck half in and half out, right in the wall! I instantly knew that I hadn’t focused my intent strongly enough. Innocent “mistake" I realized. So I pulled myself back in, took a couple of steps backward, then took a running, more intensely focused leap “through” the window into an urban setting. I immediately saw a black man who was a painter standing in the street, painting at night under a street light, which I found unusual. He had a beautiful attitude/vibe and was very artistic. I really liked him. There were 4-5 story apartments around and people, all black, were watching TV or eating dinner. I realized that I could observe them if I wished but had no interest in doing so. In hindsight this morning I feel that this man is most likely a painter that Mary has connected with in Vermont and the “city" environment is more related to him and his background than anything else in Brattleboro.

I then concentrated on Mary again, and began flying eastward and into sunlight which really got me excited (as all of the previous scenarios had occurred in the dark.) I thought this is really cool how this works, it’s night time in Castaic, California but as I travel East, I travel into the sun. I luxuriated in the feeling of warmth on my arms, and the general brightness. (Since this occurred at sometime between 12:00 AM. and 12:22 AM. it wouldn’t be light in the East yet.) So this is just my own way of creating a comfortable feeling for myself. Next time all I need do is think “create light now!” and it’ll illuminate the room or any environment for me. Also, I should remind myself to take notice of the clock on Jo’s dresser to get a bearing to check when I return.

The next environment was, I assume, a college walk way. There were dozens of college aged people walking on various paths. I stood directly in front of a very plain looking college-aged woman. She couldn’t see me, but paused sensing my presence. I stepped aside and she continued. I had this feeling that there were other dimensional beings present who were in a similar phase shift like me, but there were so many people I couldn’t really tell who was in my state and who wasn’t. In hindsight, I realize that I could meet focuses that aren’t humanoid and that is another fear I need to address. For example, if a half cheetah/human appeared I need to realize that the only fear or bad that exists is of my own creation.

Finally, there was an immature college male that was going back and forth between the people who were walking. I realize now in hindsight that this was probably an “other dimensional focus” who was also present in parallel with me (a counterpart?) but we never connected directly. His actions were actually amusing to me as he seemed to revel in his ability to run in and out of the flow of walking people without disturbing them but still observing them. I grew uneasy as I realized that there were “others” who were observing me. This unsettled me because I couldn’t “see" them. I then woke up at 12:22 AM. and mulled over the experience and evaluated it before rising at 12:32 AM. to find my tape recorder which was in my studio because I am still in the process of transcribing my journals from the Fall and Winter.

A note added later; when I described this experience to Mary, in mid-March when she returned briefly to Castaic to get her belongings and complete her move to Brattleboro, Vermont, she thought that I had connected with the local college there and with a woman named Dianne who is a psychologist and had attended a Vermont public session.

Personally, I feel no need to verify how direct a match my version of the college walk way maps to its physical counterpart, or how my version of Dianne maps to the physical version. I know how intensely I was concentrating on visiting Mary in Brattleboro without be instrusive to Mary’s privacy. The fact of my experience that I “landed” on the college campus walk way (which also happens to be where Mary and Forrest were holding public sessions at the time) is proof enough to me. Some day when I visit Mary in Brattleboro I will check out the university and see how it maps to my feelings of this experience.

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