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dispersed essence

Elias “gems”

CATHY: “Would you give us more information on dispersed essences?

ELIAS: (Grinning) I have been waiting! It is difficult to explain this concept, only for the reason that you may incorporate misunderstanding very easily; for within this interpretation, I am quite limited in expressing to you the difference of these essences. I will ask you to be attempting to conceptualize the idea of essence.

Essence incorporates energy. It incorporates, usually, an energy field; energy fields being different than only energy, for energy fields are directed energy. You, within physical focus, view energy fields as containment; therefore you would equate an essence as being contained by an energy field. Although it is not contained, it does possess energy fields.

Dispersed essences are energy, but do not incorporate energy fields. Therefore, the difference would be likened to a bubble; and the air within the bubble as being one essence, and air with no bubble as being a dispersed essence; both containing the same air, both incorporating the same energy; one incorporating energy fields, one not.

Within the manifestation of essences which are dispersed, they incorporate aspects differently within other focuses. They allow themselves the ability to be connecting with aspects outside, so to speak, of their own essence; as in the same manner that essences incorporate their facets. Therefore, they may be directly involved with aspects, as other essences are indirectly involved with aspects; (pause) Rose being dispersed. (Another pause)

CATHY: Well, I’ll have to read that over a few times to digest that!

VICKI: Is a dispersed essence an experience that is normally chosen, at one point or another, by most essences?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is not viewed as what you would term better or worse, or more advantageous or not. It is only different. Just as you incorporate a thought-focus, and another chooses an emotional-focus, or another chooses a political-focus, some choose to be dispersed. Others do not. It is only a choice for experience. This is not to say that you do not experience equally, for you do. You only experience differently.” [session 64, January 03, 1996]

Elias “gems”

CATHY: “I have a little dream question, since you’re here. I was wondering, in my dream where Drew took his glasses off and handed them to me, when I looked through his glasses I saw two of everything. The only thing I can think of is that when I did the mirror exercise I saw two of everything, and if I remember correctly that had something to do with my dispersed essence?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: Does that perhaps mean that Drew has some kind of dispersed essence or something?

ELIAS: No. This is your language to you, be remembering. This would be a reminder of you and your connectedness and your dispersement, of which extends to this individual also.

CATHY: You mean the remembrance part extends to this individual?

ELIAS: The dispersement.

CATHY: I’m confused now!

ELIAS: Within the focus of your essence, you choose the action of dispersement which allows you a mergence with other essences, as projecting aspects of your essence to other essences; in like manner to Rose, another dispersed essence.

CATHY: Oh. (Much laughter) Just have to think about that, and think about it, and think some more!

ELIAS: Not all essences choose to be incorporating this action, as I have stated previously. In actuality, a minority, so to speak, of essences incorporate this action. You, being Seer also, choose to be a dispersed essence. This allows you to be incorporating aspects of your essence within other essences. I shall offer to you that if you are choosing to be engaging your new game ever, your experience may be different from these individuals, for you may find yourself experiencing focuses that you may not attribute to you. You may experience your own essence focuses, and you may also experience other essence focuses, for you are dispersed within them.

CATHY: Gee, that would be exciting!” [session 161, March 31, 1997]

CATHY: “I have questions for Mary. Is the dispersal of essence more common in the Milumet family?

ELIAS: Within those essences choosing to be part of, so to speak, the Milumet family, yes, this would be more common than those belonging to other families, although essences choosing to be aligned with the Milumet family may display this also. In this, essences choosing to be aligned with the Milumet family holding this quality of essence choose to be focusing as aligned with Milumet, in your terms, many times; experiencing this alignment as they are dispersed. Therefore, they also incorporate alignment with other families within one focus.” [session 190, July 06, 1997]

BOBBI: “I have a question. In a dream several weeks ago, I had the name Norene, so I was assuming maybe that was another focus. I had another dream impression where that name seemed to – it was either Noren or Norris or something – take more of a masculine ... anyway, I associated the two names. Is that another focus?

ELIAS: (Grinning at Cathy) Another dispersed essence! (To Bobbi) You hold a dispersed essence! (Laughter) This would not be another focus of yourself but of your daughter, that you have allowed yourself to be connecting with; which within dispersed essences, this is more easily accomplished than with other essences. You may be connecting with Shynla [Cathy]! (Wild laughter)

(To Cathy) For I am quite sure ...

CATHY: Oh, yeah!

ELIAS: ... that you may be explaining ...

CATHY: Oh! Piece of cake!

ELIAS: ... quite adequately this situation of dispersed essences! I am quite fond of your little analogy of the dispersed essence!

CATHY: I was hoping she could tell me something about it! (Laughter)

BOBBI: And I was hoping for ... what does that mean, exactly?

ELIAS: Shynla [Cathy]?? (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh god! Well, it’s somewhere in the transcripts! (Everybody is losing it)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Cathy) Continue!

CATHY: I’ll look it up for you!

ELIAS: Oh, I am so disappointed! (Very humorously)

LISA: I want to hear about that analogy!

ELIAS: Quite!

CATHY: I was wondering what that was myself! (To Vic) Do I have an analogy that you’re aware of? (Cathy is dying here)

VICKI: The clouds and the wind analogy.

CATHY: Oh, THAT one! Oh. It’s all coming back to me now!

BOBBI: I think I heard that analogy, but ... (Elias is laughing)

CATHY: It’s like if you’re a dispersed essence, there’s all these little clouds in the sky, and we’re like the wind that blows through them, so we can like experience everybody else’s everything in this room! (Elias is staring at Cathy with a very amused look on his face, and we all crack up again)


ELIAS: This is quite an interesting distortion!

CATHY: Now you’ll get your explanation!

ELIAS: And so shall you!

CATHY: I can go look it up and read it again, and then forget it!

(Vic’s note: The reason that this was so funny is that Cathy HATES being put on the spot in any situation, and most especially in the sessions. She will do ANYTHING to avoid being in the spotlight!)

ELIAS: Essences, although not confined or encased in any THING, also create a type of boundary of energy to them. This is not a boundary in the sense that you think of, for it is not an enclosement of energy; but within your terms, in your language, it is a type of boundary to the tone or the personality of the essence; its identity.

I express this in terms that you may understand. You may understand that this is figuratively speaking, not literally. It is an offering of an explanation that you may visualize, for you already visualize essence as a thing. Therefore, in your visualization of essence as a thing, many essences are creating a personality identity boundary, distinguishing themselves from other essences. Dispersed essences do not create the personality identity boundary. Dispersed essences intertwine themselves with all other essences.

In this, within consciousness, an essence shall not be intrusive to another essence and be invading another essence, so to speak. These are quite figurative terms, only for the purpose of explanation.

Dispersed essences do not concern themselves in essence – not within the focus, but in essence – with being intrusive, for they are intermingled with all other essences. Therefore, they are not intrusive. They are a part of all other essences. (Elias starts shaking his head in exasperation again)

It is not possible for you to be understanding of which I am speaking within physical language terms. You may conceptualize and you may allow yourself a closer understanding objectively, although within objective understanding you shall not be understanding entirely of this concept; which is a concept to you, although it is reality within essence.

BOBBI: Okay ... (We all crack up)

CATHY: (Clapping) Good job, Elias!! (Quite sarcastically)

ELIAS: Your little clouds and your wind are more visual!

BOBBI: What does that mean in practical, objective terms?

ELIAS: Within objective terms, this affords you an ability more easily to be connecting with other individuals, with other essences, and experiencing other essences’ experiences. You may be connecting much more easily with another essence’s focuses and you also may be experiencing your inner senses of empathic and telepathic much more easily than other physically focused individuals, for your essence affords you this ability to be connecting within all of your focuses objectively more easily, (to Cathy) which you do also. You hold little difficulty connecting with other individuals empathically and not holding to the empathic situation ...

CATHY: I believe that!

ELIAS: (to Bobbi) ... as you may also. You also may exercise your telepathic abilities more easily than other individuals, for you are part of other essences. Therefore, you may access your connection with all different focuses as an element of yourself.

BOBBI: I can always see everybody’s viewpoint all the time. Would this be part of that?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 247, December 07, 1997]

BOBBI: “I have a question about being a dispersed essence. You were saying that I would be more easily able to pick up information about other people?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Would that also work in reverse?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Other individuals do not allow themselves the freedom within their connecting to other focuses and actions of other essences. Dispersed essences are more unusual than common, for they allow themselves this ability to be moving through other essences, and therefore also allowing themselves the ability to access experiences within other essences.

BOBBI: And this would be with the agreement of the other essences? This wouldn’t be an intrusive action?

ELIAS: No. Essence does not view a mergence of another essence as intrusive. If one essence is not choosing to be allowing of this action, they shall automatically have this be known. Therefore, the automatic action of any other essence would be non-intrusive and would not be merging with that essence.

BOBBI: That mergence, is that something that I will eventually, hopefully as I widen, be able to do more consciously? Or is this just a subjective action that goes on?

ELIAS: You may, as you are offering yourself more information and practicing with your movement. You may allow yourself to be objectively aware of this action. You hold the ability.

BOBBI: Is this the same action as when you go to a psychic and they tell you things? Is that what they are doing? Are they generally dispersed essences?

ELIAS: No. All individuals hold the ability to be connecting in the manner that you view your psychics. It is merely a development of your inner senses, and trusting the viewing of one layer of consciousness and probabilities that you may connect to within an accessing of information with other individuals.

BOBBI: So it’s a different action, basically?

ELIAS: Correct. These individuals merely have developed their inner senses in certain capacities, which you may also accomplish this if you are so choosing. This also would be part of the point of this shift, to be developing your inner senses and trusting of yourself more, and allowing yourself more information and more freedom of movement within your focus.

BOBBI: So it would be just a matter of practicing and trusting the information?

ELIAS: Correct, and noticing and not discounting what you are connecting to. Also, dispersed essences allow themselves within their focuses more openness to their empathic sense, which many times may be encouraging for you to be developing your other inner senses, for you hold a natural ability within the area of your empathic sense. This allows you to be connecting to other individuals objectively and accessing their experiences more easily.

BOBBI: Accessing their experiences in an objectively recognizable way?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: Okay. It’s more than just feelings. Generally I can pick up what people are kind of generally feeling.

ELIAS: You may develop this inner sense and you may allow yourself more of the experience. You may in actuality merge with another individual and experience all that they are experiencing. All individuals hold this ability, but dispersed essences allow themselves more of an ease within their expression of their empathic sense.

BOBBI: So I have a head start!

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking! (Grinning)

BOBBI: I would like to attempt something like that. Would that be just the ... I guess I don’t know how to go about something like that! Just the intent of doing it?

ELIAS: You may practice with this sense, and as you notice that you are connecting with another individual in their feelings, you may allow yourself more of a movement into a mergence with them. Visualize yourself within their physical form. Relax your focus and allow the movement physically into another individual.

BOBBI: Okay. Well, I will attempt that!

ELIAS: You shall find yourself within a new experience of holding to your own identity, but occupying another individual’s form and experiencing their experience. You may also, as I have offered previously, practice with this inner sense with objects if you are so choosing. You may practice with elements of nature, so to speak, or what you view as nature; a plant, a tree, or one of your creatures. This may seem a little safer and easier to begin with.

BOBBI: Probably. It would be a more limited experience than another person. Would that other person, if I attempted that, be aware?

ELIAS: Objectively, not necessarily.” [session 263, January 28, 1998]

BOBBI: “I was also wondering if you could give me a little bit more information about being a dispersed essence. Why is this an unusual choice? I would assume, since the term is dispersed essence, this means you’re dispersed in essence in all of your focuses. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Quite.

BOBBI: Why would this be an unusual choice of experience?

ELIAS: Let us view in figurative terms.

In this, think to yourself of all of consciousness. In one respect, you are all of consciousness. All essences are all of consciousness. In another respect, you are differentiated from all of consciousness. This, be remembering, is figuratively speaking in very physical terms for your understanding.

In this, your natural state, as all of consciousness, is dispersed, for you are all of consciousness, but this is not creating of a distinction, so to speak, of personality tone and the individuality of that expression.

Therefore, in creating the designation of essence, the essence is creating a uniqueness and a distinction, in a manner of speaking, of personality tone within energy and vibrational quality. This creates a differentiation of itself from other elements of consciousness and other essences.

Now; in the situation of a dispersed essence, you may be expressing to yourself within physical focus, ‘What shall be the point?’ Why shall you be an essence if you shall be dispersed, for the objective of creating the distinction or the uniqueness of essence is to be individually unique, whereas within the expression of a dispersed essence, although you hold uniqueness within the individuality of tone and personality expression in energy and vibrational quality, you also incorporate no boundaries, so to speak ... although this may be quite confusing, for within essence of any type, there are no boundaries in actuality. But within the distinction of individuality of essence, dispersed essences incorporate all other essences and a continual mergence with all other essences and all of consciousness.

I am quite aware that this is a very difficult concept within physical terms, for we are speaking of essences which are not physical and do not hold boundaries, and all of essence incorporates all of consciousness, but there is a distinction. I have presented to you all, from the onset of our discussions within this forum, that there is a distinction between essence and consciousness that is not incorporating essence. There is a difference.

This difference is an element of personality tone in energy within consciousness, which distinguishes itself in its identity, so to speak, from other elements of consciousness. As essence, the essence distinguishes itself and its creations throughout consciousness from elements of consciousness that are not essence.

You within physical focus distinguish yourself in identification as different from a rock. You both hold consciousness. You both are comprised, so to speak, in physical terms, of the same element of consciousness, but you hold the distinction that the rock is not of essence – IS not essence – but you are. The rock is a creation OF you within physical focus, and is comprised of consciousness. Therefore, you are manipulating of consciousness to be creating of the rock, but the rock is not essence, and you are.

As to a dispersed essence, it makes not this distinction. It holds the identity of personality tone, but does not create this distinction between itself and all of consciousness. (Brief pause)

BOBBI: Okay....

ELIAS: Therefore, figuratively, in a manner of speaking, you may be expressing that essence creates a distinction between itself and all of consciousness. Dispersed essences do not.

BOBBI: Okay....

ELIAS: And this is not helpful! (Chuckling)

BOBBI: Well, it’s more information, which will be helpful as I read it over and think about it a bit. Who else would I know that is dispersed besides Cathy (Shynla)? (14-second pause)

ELIAS: Another dispersed essence within this time framework that you may identify: Miora [ANON].

BOBBI: Thank you. Also, at one point you had said that by being a dispersed essence, you could access other individual’s experiences and focuses and information. There was also information about the ability to more easily access certain focuses of one’s own. Is there something about the tone of a dispersed essence that makes it more ... I don’t know what I’m trying to say ... more like other tones? I’m not putting this very well. I understand the concept of within one’s own essence, you can access certain of your focuses more easily than others, relating to the tone of those focuses. Now, if a dispersed essence can also access other individual’s focuses, what is it about the tone of the dispersed essence that makes that possible?

ELIAS: For you are not creating of the distinction.

BOBBI: Okay ... okay. I was (inaudible).

ELIAS: Correct. You are not creating of the separation, so to speak, although it is not a separation in the terms that you hold within your thought processes within physical realities, but the distinction is not incorporated within dispersed essences. Therefore, there is allowed, so to speak, more of a mobility.” [session 418, July 07, 1999]

BEN: We had David staying last night with us. He mentioned something about Liam being dispersed. What was he talking about?

ELIAS: I may express to you that [he is] not a dispersed essence, but that may be confused at times with the engagement of the empathic sense. Some individuals engage their empathic sense quite naturally and that at times may be confused with being a dispersed essence.

BEN: What would that empathic sense be recognized as?

ELIAS: It is merely an expression of energy and another individual recognizing that you express a type of energy, that if you are so choosing you allow yourself to engage your empathic sense quite naturally and easily.

BEN: What’s the relationship with that and being dispersed? Are dispersed people more empathic?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. But essences that are dispersed easily tap into energy of other essences, which within physical focus it is an action in which the focus may easily and naturally, without intentionally attempting, be tapping into other individuals within their world and offering themselves information concerning the other individuals. It is somewhat of a different action, but the energy appears very similar.” [session 1518, February 20, 2004]

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