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facets of essence

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Aspects are incorporated within all focuses, in all dimensions. I have spoken to you of no separation. Essence is not contained, in the direction that you think of. In this, aspects of your essence are incorporated within all other individuals, all other awarenesses, all other dimensions. Facets are those elements of essence belonging, so to speak, to your individual essence.” [session 60, December 10, 1995]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Within non-physical [focus], your awareness is wide enough to encompass all of the facets of your essence, to which you will view this particular focus as one expression of yourself. Presently, you view this one focus as the entirety of yourself. You view your identity, within this one focus, as being the entirety of you. This is only one probable action of essence. Intersections of other facets or developmental focuses of you are slightly different in expression than intersections occurring with present, or what you view to be present, probable selves.

... The purpose for this information is to allow you to think of essence. You, within one focus, are not the entirety of essence. You are also the center of essence, just as each focus is the center of essence; but were you to allow yourself the opportunity to be physically meeting with your other facets of essence, they would present themselves to you viewing you as the probable self, a past or future, and to them, you would be appearing to be ‘less real,’ just as they appear to you, within your periphery, as being ‘less real,’ or removed from your immediate experience.

These are difficult areas to be engaging, within your understanding and your language attachment to concepts. Therefore, as I have stated previously within our sessions, we shall be moving quite slowly with this particular information. We have moved into areas of discussion previously, to which we were quite understanding that you were not understanding! This has been offered purposefully. This particular information holds elements that will be beneficial to you presently, within your present interaction physically. This information is pertinent to your everyday life, for you engage probabilities and intersections every day. Although you do not always recognize the intersections, you do recognize, presently, the action of probabilities. Even within this knowledge, you do not, in actuality, focus upon your action of probabilities. You do not concentrate on each probability that you engage within your waking time period, which there may be hundreds; for every moment of your existence engages probabilities. Each moment that you choose to engage your physical body and draw another breath, you have created a choice of a probability to continue within physical focus.” [session 113, August 18, 1996]

ELIAS: “Each focus, as I have stated, incorporates its own ‘line,’ so to speak, of probabilities. Your essence engages its own selectivity as to its focuses. Therefore, regardless that all time is simultaneous, you may not choose, within essence, to be incorporating a physical manifestation within every time period of your planet. The probability is open to you. You may not choose to be exercising this probability. Within essence, as we have stated previously, it is not efficient to be manifesting in every moment of time. Therefore, you incorporate aspects and counterparts to be experiencing also; these being not facets.

... You choose, within essence, to focus physically within areas of time elements that you choose to experience. For the purpose, so to speak, of incorporating all experience physically, essence chooses the probabilities of incorporating counterparts; therefore in one sense not manifesting facets into every time element, although within another sense there are manifestations; for these also are elements of essence, for they are all connected.” [session 115, August 25, 1996]

ELIAS: “You all possess all qualities [of essence]. You do not manifest all qualities. You all possess all creativity. You selectively focus upon certain qualities to manifest. In this, you hold counterparts that manifest also those qualities that are latent within you, as also occurs in what you may term to be reverse. Each of your facets, your other focuses, are counterparts to you; this being another type of counterpart action. I have stated previously, all counterparts add to your experience. You experience is always enhanced by counterparts. This is the reason that you have created this action.” [session 131, November 06, 1996]

ELIAS: “To this point, many individuals dabble with healing processes. They do not understand the energy exchange which is occurring or not occurring. If you are availing yourself of information to be engaging an energy exchange, this is one method of healing. In your terms, this would be classified as a similar energy exchange as to what you witness presently; an exchange of essence into physical focus, directing energy. There are equally as efficient methods of conducting healing processes within physical focus, not necessarily engaging an energy exchange with essence.

Also, you may be engaging an energy exchange with your own essence; other facets of your own essence which lend energy through your physical focus. These require an openness and a mergence of the individual directing the energy and the individual receiving, understanding that you are lending energy to be instructing of the physical body consciousness to return itself to its natural state.

Many individuals enter the area of healing focus believing, within a belief system, that they are healing another individual. (Firmly) No individual, no essence, heals another essence or individual. All individuals heal themselves; but you may be influencing and helpful within an energy exchange.

Now; as I have stated, you may engage within an energy exchange of another essence, as with this phenomenon, only directing into a healing aspect; or you may tap the energies of your own essence, other facets of your own essence that you may direct temporarily through this specific focus in lending energy, then merging with the individual that you are focusing upon.

You may also, if you are trusting within self, direct your energy within this particular focus. You hold the ability completely within an individual focus, which requires no ‘extra’ helpfulness. You are ultimately powerful. Therefore, you may direct your energy and merge with another individual, and be instructive within body consciousness of this other individual; lending energy and direction for the individual to be healing themselves.” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “I shall explain to you that within your history of much time ago, in what you may view to be ancient time periods, your belief systems magnated to objectifying ideas of god within your understanding of self. It is a projection of your knowing of essence and consciousness. Therefore, within your ancient time periods, you will view the belief systems and acknowledgments of many gods, for you held still a recognition partially of the many facets of your essence. Therefore, your interpretation of your god was multiple. As you moved through your history, you also developed intentionally more and more objective focus. As you created a singularity of attention within the focus, you also altered the belief systems, continuing within the projection of your image.

Religious belief systems presently express to you that you are created within the image of god. In reality, god is created in the image of you, for it is an inner recognition of a conceptualization of essence.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

PAUL: “You’ve delivered a lot of information on different actions such as fragmenting and splintering of essence and focuses and such, and you’ve used two terms, aspects and facets, and recently you’ve not used the term facets at all, I believe. So my question is, what is the difference, in your terms, of using the term ‘aspects’ versus ‘facets’ of essence?

ELIAS: Within the time period that these terms were offered, the engagement was with these individuals of what you may express to be our initial forum. These individuals held very little objective understanding of many of the concepts which have been offered within this forum, and for clarification reasons I was offering of certain terminology to be more clearly expressive of certain concepts, and in this, separating for them different types of actions and manifestations, that they may more clearly understand all of the different aspects of themselves, of essence, for these are difficult concepts. (In other words, we were clueless!)

As we move more fully into more of an awareness within this shift in consciousness, individuals are not needing of such separation within language for their understanding of these concepts. Therefore, it is unnecessary for myself to be separating aspects and facets and probable selves and splintering in these manners, but for understanding purposes previously, it was more efficient to be offering such terminology.

Facets are those aspects of self, as you are aware, that manifest into focuses, but all elements of essence are considered to be aspects. This term is encompassing of all of the elements or creations or manifestations of essence, physical and non-physical. This concept is becoming more easily assimilated by individuals presently.

As I have expressed to you previously, this shift in consciousness escalates now and is moving more rapidly in the area of individuals’ objective awareness. Therefore, many concepts and clarifications that have been offered previously are unnecessary to be offering presently or continuing for the understanding of the forum within this present now. They have already engaged elements of their periphery. It is unnecessary to be offering extensive explanations to them as to the actions and abilities of self, for they have engaged this already.

These individuals that were in attendance of previous sessions at the onset of this forum held very little awareness objectively in these areas, but have quite efficiently moved into an expansion of their awareness and have opened to their periphery, which I offer my acknowledgment in this to them all.

PAUL: So are you saying, Elias, that you will no longer use the terminology of facets then, in the way that you did at that time, and that you will then use the term aspects in its place?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. There are individuals which shall present themselves in drawing themselves to this forum, and within probabilities, at those time periods I may be returning to certain terminology for clarification and for their understanding. But for the most part, this is unnecessary and shall not be incorporated into our discussions, for as I have stated, individuals drawing themselves to this forum presently have already opened to their periphery to an extent and already hold an understanding objectively of that which I speak. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be so very clarifying in the terminology.” [session 300, July 21, 1998]

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