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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “These are terms that are easier for you to understand, for you think within linear terms. In actuality, it is quite similar to this action, although all of these focuses occur simultaneously, and you have not been reincarnated, for you are new. You have not experienced previously. You have not been before, although you have been always. [session 129, October 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “Remanifestation is not reincarnation. They are entirely different elements, for there is no reincarnation. You also think in terms of sequence, which this also holds no relevance within non-physical terms. Therefore, your questions lead to a direction of asking, (humorously) ‘If I die, I move to an area of confusion and chaos. I await a small time period within this confusion. Great masters and teachers approach me and express truths to me. Then I am knowledgeable, and choose to be born.’ No! You do not move in these terms. You are a new creation. You do not!” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you that you do not reincarnate. Each focus is of itself a new creation, independent within personality. You have not been manifest over and over and over again, but you have been always; for outside of your present recognized reality, there is no time frame as you understand it. Therefore, what was, is. You are then as you are now also. If you are thinking of your individual focus and you are thinking of these air particles, that you are not one entity, you may allow yourself a clearer understanding of the diversity of self. Just as particles do not communicate through time in faster than light speed but know within them, so are you also. Subjectively, you are aware, to a point, of your other focuses. They do not all occupy the same time framework as you, but they all occur now.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

ELIAS: “Many individuals speak of reincarnational lifetimes. I find this terminology to be inadequate, as all of your focuses are simultaneous. They only appear to not be simultaneous within your identification of linear time frameworks. You understand time within this dimension in a certain type of definition. In actuality, all of your focuses of essence are occurring within this present now. This is all of what you term to be your past focuses, and also future focuses. These are important to your present now, for they are influencing of you within this present now.” [session 174, May 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “Now; this is difficult, to be offering an explanation that you may understand – but we shall attempt, in your physical terms – for it may be confusing to you. For you are one focus of essence, and all of your other lifetimes, as you term them to be, are other focuses of essence, and although they are you, they are also not you. They are independently themselves, creating their own reality and creating their own choices, holding their own family alignments, holding their own free will and personality choice. But as you are all of essence in each individual focus, you are also all of these other focuses. This is the confusing element of essence.

The reason I express this to you is that you may understand that these focuses are not linear. Within your thought process, you have created a linear time framework in this dimension. Therefore, you think of these focuses linearly, one lifetime following another lifetime, and that you – that you identify as you now presently – is participating in each of these lifetimes. This is the belief: that you are born into a focus, you continue through this focus, you die, you are born again, you continue, you die, you are born again, and so the cycle continues. In actuality, ALL of your focuses are occurring NOW. They are not linear. Therefore, in one respect, you ARE all of these focuses as essence. In another respect, you are this focus that you identify as yourself, and all of these other focuses are occurring now also. Therefore, they are each individually themselves.” [session 385, April 18, 1999]

Elias “gems”

JENE: “I have a question. Within this physical focus, the thickness of a time dimension we’re very aware of, and it is sequential. Within transition, what is the escape button, or the desire or intent for remanifestation or for disengagement? Is there an educational period of time that we experience the body consciousness, subjective objective consciousness, All-That-Is? (1) When that takes place, do we then choose, which everything is a choice, the desire and intent to remanifest? Or ...

ELIAS: This enters into a difficult area, for you continue to think in terms of reincarnation. Remanifestation is not reincarnation. They are entirely different elements, for there is no reincarnation. You also think in terms of sequence, which this also holds no relevance within non-physical terms.

Therefore, your questions lead to a direction of asking, (humorously) ‘If I die, I move to an area of confusion and chaos. I await a small time period within this confusion. Great masters and teachers approach me and express truths to me. Then I am knowledgeable, and choose to be born.’ No! You do not move in these terms. You are a new creation. You do not reincarnate!

CHRIS: So what we refer to as our past lives are just other selves?

ELIAS: (To Christy) They are other focuses.

(To Jene) Now, in continuing with your question; you discontinue a physical focus. As Lawrence [Vicki] has inquired, even in this discontinuation of physical focus, there is significance in your action. Therefore, if you are choosing to expire as you sleep and you are choosing to be buried within your earth, your choice within transition shall be different than your choice within transition had you chosen to be consumed, or to be consumed by fire, or to be vaporized by your atomic weapons, or to be poofing away! Your choice of disengagement of physical focus is quite influencing of your choice of transition. In this, you continue.

There are many choices that you may engage within the area of transition. If you are enamored with this cycle of physical manifestation, you may choose within this area of transition to fragment, and you may choose to focus the entirety of your essence within physical focus. Therefore, you shall be born again. If you choose, you may engage aspects of your consciousness that you may continue within physical focus, as other aspects move into other areas of consciousness. If you choose, you may disengage physical focus; at which point, as has been stated, it then is the choice of each individual focus to align or fragment, or other actions.

VICKI: Well, what happened with Lydia and Tweety when Tweety was born? So what happened to the personality of Lydia? (2)

ELIAS: The personality of Lydia was not assimilated. It was not swallowed by Tweety! Aspects of consciousness merge between Lydia and Tweety to form the manifestation, the focus, in agreement and cooperation. Other aspects of Tweety and of Lydia continue within personality, within their own individual directions. The merged aspects of consciousness create a new personality aspect of the joined focuses.

VICKI: So that would be where the new comes in, but then aspects of Lydia and Tweety continue?

ELIAS: Correct; not losing their individuality or integrity.

(Here, we pause a few minutes for a tape change)

ELIAS: As you think in terms of yourselves as individual entities, you think singularly. You think you move from one focus into another focus as you are, but you are more than you recognize. You view only a portion of yourself. You think in terms of your objective self, and you think that this is the entity that moves through consciousness into ‘places’ of areas of consciousness. (Humorously)

You move from your physical ‘plane,’ being the individual person that you are, into a non-physical transitional ‘plane,’ which naturally is a place, for you must occupy a place! And from this place of transitional plane, you move to a ‘higher’ plane of more encompassing knowledge, and possibly to a teaching master such as I! (Laughter) Very incorrect!

You are much more than what you objectively perceive. There are no planes. There are no levels. You do not move ‘higher and higher,’ moving into your ‘heavenly realm.’ You occupy your heavenly realm presently! You already are your highest expression! You only move into different manifestations of experiences.

NORM: So we’re essentially in heaven right now, in a sense.

ELIAS: In a sense.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

VICKI: Okay. One other question on the transition deal. The action of the shift is very similar to the action of transition, it appears. When the shift is completed, so to speak, will we be engaging transition all the time, kind of?

ELIAS: No. Your choice shall remain the same. You may be choosing to be engaging transition within physical focus, or you may not. It shall be the individual choice. You shall continue to hold belief systems. You shall merely accept the belief systems that you hold. Therefore, the action of transition shall still be necessary.

VICKI: Well, I guess the reason I have the question is because partially I’m under the impression that if you engage transition and you intend to remanifest, you don’t necessarily engage an action of getting rid of belief systems, but of accepting them?

ELIAS: Correct; but be remembering that each focus is a new creation. Therefore, you as Lawrence [Vicki] may be choosing remanifestation – which is a very inadequate term, for you are not remanifesting, for you are manifest already – but an aspect of your focus shall be that which is another focus. You as Lawrence [Vicki] shall attend to your belief systems and be moving into other areas. You continue always as you. (Elias pauses, shaking his head and looking exasperated)

This is the area that enters you into your belief systems of reincarnation, which there is no reincarnation. You do not enter into a focus and disengage and continue by entering into another focus. This is linear thought process, which is also a belief system. It is a reality within this dimension, for you have created it as such; but within the reality of consciousness, all action is simultaneous. Therefore, there is no linear succession. It is almost – underline ‘almost’ – an illusion. It is a reality within this dimension. I am not expressing to you to be diminishing the reality of your time element within this dimension or your succession of time in this dimension, but within all of consciousness it is all simultaneous, and within consciousness this IS possible.” [session 247, December 07, 1997]

FEMALE: “Elias, I wanted to ask you about disengagement. When you choose to disengage, do you always have a different physical being afterwards, or could you have none? I don’t understand.

ELIAS: Ah! We move into the belief system of reincarnation! (Grinning, and laughter) There is no reincarnation, for there is no ‘thing’ to be reincarnated! Each focus is a new, unique expression. It is not a used part! (More laughter)

Therefore, I express to you also, all of your focuses occur simultaneously. You merely hold the perception within this dimension that you move in the direction of linear time in sequence. You are born, you live, you die, you move into non-physical focus, you are born, you live, you die, you move into intermission, you are born, you live, you die. Very incorrect!

ALL of your focuses are occurring simultaneously. This be the reason that you may access all of them, for all time is simultaneous. It is not linear; it is sideways. You may step sideways – not forward, not backward, but sideways – and you may view the other you’s, which are not you, for they are also uniquely individual focuses of essence, but you are also, and each focus contains all of essence. Therefore, you ARE the other focus ... but you are not! (Laughter)

In this, as the individual focus chooses to be disengaging, you do not ‘return,’ so to speak. But I shall express to you that the reason that you have developed this belief system of reincarnation is that as – within linear time – you as you choose to be disengaging from this physical manifestation, you move into a non-physical area of consciousness, and you may project an aspect of you which shall be manifest physically. This is a new creation. It is not you. It is its own new creation, and although within this physical dimension it appears to be appearing within linear time, it is not. All of this action is occurring presently.

Presently, you sit within this room and engage me. Presently, you occupy the area of transition in non-physical focus. Presently, you occupy other areas of non-physical focus. Presently, you occupy many other time frameworks within physical focus. Presently, you occupy other focuses within this particular time frame. And presently, you occupy focuses within many other dimensions! (Grinning)

This is all you, and this is all available to you within the action of this shift. And there be your motivation to engage this shift and its accomplishment, for it is magnificent, for you are magnificent, for you are essence, and essence is magnificent!” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

ANNE: “Is part of the conflict being created, not only with me, I think, but with other people, by the fact that we’ve all been here before and we’ll all be back again? I believe that, in a thinking kind of way. You don’t remember that like you remember yesterday or last year or when you were ten, but I think that there is something inside our core that has a remembrance that we’ve been here before; not here, but HERE. Does that contribute to the conflict?

ELIAS: Partially, at times, for you DO hold many focuses, many manifestations within this particular dimension, that which you within your belief systems term to be lifetimes or that you identify within the concept of reincarnation.

I shall express to you that all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously. Therefore, there is no reincarnation, for you are not manifesting again from used parts! (Chuckling) You are projecting elements of consciousness, of essence, into focuses of attention – which is what you are presently, a focus of attention – and essence focuses its attention simultaneously in many, many, many directions.

But as to your question of the affectingness in the area of conflicts with respect to other focuses or what you term to be other lifetimes, each focus which is manifest in this particular dimension holds belief systems. Many of the focuses hold very similar or the same belief systems. In this, each focus is affected by all of the other focuses with respect to the belief systems that you hold within this physical dimension.

Now; in certain areas, it may be more affecting, dependent upon what you are choosing to be creating and addressing to within any particular focus. Therefore, in THIS particular focus that YOU occupy, you have manifest within the center throes of this shift in consciousness, the objective of which is to be addressing to belief systems and accepting belief systems, to widen your awareness and offer you greater freedoms in your abilities of creativity and your expressions of explorations without the limitations that you create as obstacles for yourselves presently.

Therefore, as this is the objective within this particular focus, other focuses lend energy to you in offering bleed-throughs of energy, which ARE affecting, and this creates a helpfulness to be moving these issues and different aspects of beliefs surfacely into your objective awareness, that they may be addressed to and thusly accepted.

ANNE: Are you saying that the things that we view negatively as a conflict could actually be viewed positively as ... as you said, the motivation to ... I don’t even know how to finish the sentence!

ELIAS: You are correct in your concept, yes. You may view these conflicts as an opportunity. It is an opportunity for movement. It is an opportunity for a widening of awareness, an opening, and a realization. It is also an opportunity to eliminate obstacles and barriers and thicknesses within energy and limitations within yourself.

Each time you are engaging conflicts, you are also incorporating elements into your focus that are beneficial. I am not expressing that they may be comfortable, but they are beneficial, for every element that you create within your reality offers you an opportunity to view what is being created, and an opportunity for you to open to your awareness more and eliminate limitations.

ANNE: This is my key ... this is my key. (Pause)

ELIAS: And in that, be not forgetful of the natural inclination of yourself and of the acceptance of self.” [session 445, August 13, 1999]

FEMALE: Could you talk to us about reincarnation?

ELIAS: Ah! And which direction shall you be proceeding within in this subject matter?

FEMALE: I’m particularly interested in knowing how long it takes one to reincarnate. I don’t think there’s a rule of thumb, but for this plane, is it many thousands of years, or can it happen with the next baby, so to speak?

ELIAS: This is a difficult subject matter for individuals within this physical dimension, for you have created very strong belief systems in the area of reincarnation.

Now; I shall initially express to you that reincarnation, in the manner that it is expressed in your philosophy, is a belief system. It does not occur in the manner that you express to yourselves within your ideas.

In actuality, outside of this physical dimension and outside of certain other physical dimensions – for this is not the only physical dimension which is in existence – but outside of physical dimensions, time does not exist in the manner in which you think.

Time is simultaneous. Time is an element which has been created in consciousness, and therefore is, in a manner of speaking, an entity in itself, but it is also relative to each physical dimension in its expression and its movement. In this particular physical dimension, you create the perception and the movement of time in linear fashion.

Now; let me also clarify in this area. The perception is your thought process of how time moves. It is your identification of the element of time and its movement in a fashion of forward. This is what we express as linear time. It moves in a line. You move from past to present to future, and all of your reality is encompassed by this creation of the movement of time. Therefore, even your language moves in conjunction with your creation of time.

Once you move outside of this physical dimension, the element of time is not relative any longer. Therefore, it is not created in the same manner.

This moves in conjunction with your belief system of reincarnation, for you view your reality to be moving through moments of time that you record as history. You also have created a perception of memory, which allows you recall of events and experiences, which also moves in a linear fashion.

In this, your perception of death as not being a final discontinuation of yourself moves into an identification of a return or a remanifestation, for you continue a thought process in a linear fashion.

In actuality, you do hold many focuses, that which you identify as lifetimes. I express the terminology of focuses quite purposefully. The entirety of the summation of all focuses within one particular physical dimension would be designated as a lifetime, so to speak, and all of those focuses – which you identify as lifetimes – are different directions of attention within the lifetime occupied in one physical dimension.

You are essence. Therefore, you are much larger and greater than you view yourselves to be within one particular focus. This now which you identify, and the you that you know and that you are familiar with, is one focus of essence.

Now; as we discuss an individual focus, be not misunderstanding that you may think to yourself that you are merely a piece or a part of an essence, for you are not. You are the entirety of essence. Your attention presently is focused in one direction. This is not to say that this is all of you. It is merely the direction of your attention that you are focusing upon, and you may view your physical manifestation presently, now, and offer yourselves an example of this type of action.

You perceive one physical body form. This you identify as you. Within this one physical body form, many actions are occurring simultaneously. You hold five outer senses which are continuously, nonstopping, processing input of stimulation and information of your environment and of yourself, but you are not holding your attention within the action of your outer senses. Therefore, you are not noticing all that is being processed and all that is being created within the action of the function of your outer senses.

Within your physical body form, there are infinite actions that are occurring simultaneously, and you are not focusing your attention upon any of the actions that are occurring continuously within your physical body form.

Outside of your physical body, many actions are occurring. You are participating in interaction with other individuals. You have created an environment in which you are participating within and you have created a world which is affecting of you, and you are affecting of it. But within a particular moment, you may not be holding your attention in the area of noticing any of these elements that are all occurring simultaneously. You may hold your attention quite singularly, and merely be aware of one action.

Presently within this very moment, now, you are aware of the interaction that you are listening to with myself. You are not holding your attention in the area of any other action that is occurring within this dwelling.

This is not to say that actions are not occurring. They are, and you are also participating in these actions by your mere existence within this room.

The point of this explanation is to offer you slightly more of an understanding of how very many actions occur. It is your perception which identifies what you view, and within your perception, you view where you are directing your attention.

As essence, you are directing your attention – one of your attentions – to this particular focus, and you are participating in this focus. You do not allow yourselves the awareness of all of the other focuses which are occurring simultaneously.

This relates to your belief system of reincarnation, for within this belief system, you believe that you manifest, or that you are born, and you move through a particular focus and you die, and you are born again and you move through and you die, and you repeat and you repeat and you repeat.

What I am expressing to you is that in actuality, all of your focuses are occurring now. You do not manifest or create being born, and move through a focus and create death, and subsequently remanifest. They are all occurring now, for all of reality is occurring now.

The element of time in linear fashion is a creation that is relative to this particular physical dimension and has been quite purposefully inserted into this physical reality.

You have chosen to be creating a reality in which you shall slow your movement and your actions, that you may experience the fullness of all that you create physically, that you may view and examine and evaluate and experience and assimilate all of the wonders of which you create in this physical dimension.

Now; in this, essences choose different numbers, so to speak, of manifestations that they shall insert into any particular physical dimension. Each of you, as an essence, chooses how many times you shall focus your attention within this particular dimension, and this is entirely the choice of each essence.

As to remanifestation, I shall also express to you that there is an action that occurs in conjunction with your creation of linear time within this dimension. It is not in actuality a remanifestation.

Therefore, as you choose the moment that you shall disengage from this reality – or at that moment that you term to be death – you shall continue the you that you identify. The you that you know shall continue in nonphysical areas of consciousness, for you have already offered yourself the experience of this particular physical dimension, and as essence is focused in many, many different attentions within one physical dimension, it is unnecessary for any one focus to be re-entering into that physical dimension.

As you disengage this physical dimension, you shall move into another area of consciousness which we designate as Regional Area 3, which is the area of transition. In this area of consciousness, the action which occurs is the shedding of belief systems which are held in conjunction with this particular physical dimension, for they are unnecessary in nonphysical areas of consciousness.

You also shall disengage your objective awareness within this action of transition, for objective awareness is also a creation which is relative and useful within physical dimensions, but is unnecessary within nonphysical areas of consciousness.

Your objective awareness is all that you view physically – all that you think, all that you hold in emotion, all that you perceive physically. This is your objective awareness, which is unnecessary outside of a physical dimension. Therefore, this also is shed within the action of transition.

At that point, so to speak, once the belief systems have been shed and the objective awareness has been shed, you hold the choice of movement into any action and any area of consciousness, and you hold the choice to be creating any new action or area of consciousness for your exploration, for essences are continuously within a state of becoming, and in this state of becoming, there is a continuous action of exploration of consciousness and a continuous action of creation of consciousness. This is never-ending.

Now; in this choice to be continuing within any area of consciousness nonphysically, at times, that aspect of essence which has been identified as an individual focus may choose to be projecting an aspect of their consciousness into an element of physical focus within any physical dimension.

This is not to say that they are remanifesting. They are merely projecting an aspect of their consciousness into another area of physical reality to be experiencing that element of physical reality.

In this, individuals also create a belief system that they may be reincarnated into a creature. You do not remanifest as a creature. Creatures are not essence. They are a creation of you as essence.

Therefore, you hold the ability to project an aspect of yourself into the consciousness of a creature and to be creating a reality in conjunction with a creature, but you do not manifest as a creature, for this would be quite limiting to you within a physical dimension.

You allow yourselves much more freedoms of exploration in the manifestation of your species than is allowed, so to speak, in the creation of creatures within your physical dimension, for they are a creation of yours, in a manner of speaking.

In this, in agreement, as they are also consciousness, they have chosen to be creating their reality in conjunction with your design.

You have designed this physical dimension, and you orchestrate it, and therefore you also direct it, and in this direction, all that participates within it is consciousness, and is also in agreement with you to be creating itself in the manner that you are directing.

In a manner of speaking, you have created an enormous play within this physical dimension, and you are the directors, and all of your reality are the players – your atmosphere, your planets, your universe, your mountains, your oceans, your weather, your creatures, your plants – everything that is in existence within your physical dimension is a creation of you. You are the directors, and all of it is your players, and you orchestrate, individually and collectively, the movement and the dance of all of it.

Therefore, addressing to your initial questioning as to reincarnation, there are many, many beliefs that are incorporated in this philosophy of reincarnation. You create these belief systems based upon underlying knowings of certain elements of yourselves and of reality.

You hold the knowing that you are much more and much greater than one individual focus of attention, but within your creation of objective reality, you do not understand how this may be possible, for you view one singular body. You identify yourself as one singular individual. You do not view ten thousand clones standing beside you physically!

Therefore, you create a belief – an explanation to yourselves – of how you may be greater than this one individual focus of attention.

In this, as you have created a linear time framework, you express quite logically to yourself that the action which must be occurring is that you must be manifesting and disengaging and remanifesting again. In actuality, you already are all of your lifetimes, so to speak, and you need merely turn your attention ever so slightly sideways – not forward or backward – and you may quite easily view all of the other focuses that you engage within this dimension.

In like manner to how your physical body is affecting of you in any given moment, so to speak – and you may within the moment turn your attention to the affectingness of any element within your physical body and notice that it is affecting – you may also notice that the energy of all of your other focuses is affecting of you, for you are participating within it, and you are also affecting of all of the other focuses within this dimension.

You hold many more focuses of essence than merely in this one particular physical dimension, but within your direction of attention, those focuses which you hold in this particular dimension you may express to yourself are closest to you and the most easily accessed, for you shall understand their reality within this dimension. You do create veils between yourself and other-dimensional focuses, for their realities are quite removed and different from the reality within this particular dimension.

Is this sufficient? (Grinning)

FEMALE: (Laughing) More than sufficient! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” (Chuckling) [session 488, October 20, 1999]

LENORA: “Is this my last reincarnation?

ELIAS: HA HA HA! Shall we be opening a new can of worms, so to speak, (everybody cracks up) and a new aspect of religious belief systems? Ha ha ha!

I shall express to you, no, this is not your final reincarnational focus, for you do not hold ANY reincarnational focuses, for you do not reincarnate! (Grinning) All of your focuses are manifest simultaneously NOW.

Are you the designation of the final focus of essence within this particular dimension? Yes.


ELIAS: This is not to say that any other manifestation in this dimension of your essence shall be remanifest, for it shall not, for no focus remanifests, for there is no reincarnation.

At the moment that any individual focus chooses to be disengaging from this physical dimension, it chooses also to be moving into other areas of consciousness. It does not repeat and remanifest within this physical dimension. This would be quite redundant and quite unnecessary! You are manifesting many focuses of essence within this physical dimension. Therefore, it is unnecessary for any particular focus to be remanifesting into this physical dimension.

There is no reincarnation. There is no karma. Therefore, there is no cycle of learning and movement to a higher plane, and there is no cycle of debt that needs be worked through.

You hold complete freedom within your focus. The only limitations that you hold within any focus are those that you place before yourself in conjunction with your individual beliefs.

GARY: But if we have complete freedom, then isn’t it possible that we could decide to incarnate again?

ELIAS: In what you may term to be the realm of possibility, yes. I shall express to you that you do not, for it is unnecessary. There is limitless consciousness to be exploring within self.

Therefore, as you incorporate an exploration of this one physical dimension, why shall you be creating a redundant action and repeating your exploration, as you ARE essence and you ARE experiencing all of your other focuses within this physical dimension also?

GARY: Possibly because some of them aren’t as right as others?

ELIAS: Ah, not so! (Chuckling)

TONY: Are you saying, from what I gather, that all things are happening at the same time?

ELIAS: Correct.

TONY: All things that have ever happened are happening now. So, our essence can express in physical form, and simultaneously in certain others? Is that correct?


TONY: It IS happening that way. Okay. So, it really comes down to, it doesn’t really matter....

ELIAS: Quite! I offer one point for your observation, and this is what I have been expressing many, many, many times. It matters not!

You manifest within this physical dimension to experience. You have no mission. You have no quest. You have no higher plane to attain to. You manifest for the experience.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

JIM: “Elias, I know we have multiple consciousnesses, or multiple focuses, simultaneously. When one disengages and has a transition or whatever, what happens to that consciousness? I understand it continues on. Does it reincarnate again? Does it go somewhere else? Do we make another focus somewhere else that somehow incorporates the thoughts or the memories or the consciousness? What happens to that personality?

ELIAS: What would be the point of reincarnation?

JIM: Since they’re all simultaneous, anyway.

ELIAS: And also it would be quite redundant. You have experienced what you chose to experience and explored what you chose to explore, and they are all simultaneous. In this, each attention continues in whatever exploration it chooses.

JIM: In other realities?

ELIAS: Perhaps, or perhaps within other areas of consciousness, not necessarily associated with physical dimensions. It is not a matter of movement in planes or higher or lower. It is a matter of choice, and which direction that attention chooses to be exploring once it has accomplished each one of its explorations.

JIM: Do any of them choose to come back to this physical plane a second time?

ELIAS: No. Once again, that would be redundant.

Let me express to you, my friend, you are not learning; therefore, do not misunderstand. But were you to engage a class within a school and you moved through that course of study, so to speak, and completed that course of study, what would be the point to engage it again, but to be redundant? You have already accomplished. You have already engaged the course of study. You have offered yourself the information and you have completed. Therefore, you choose to move to another experience. It is quite similar with attentions and with essence and consciousness.

JIM: So if we have thousands of individual focuses that are scattered down through the time line within this particular physical reality, when they disengage they usually don’t usually come back to this physical reality, they just move on to different areas of consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct.

MALE: I don’t quite understand some of the terminology, words like ‘again’ and ‘have completed.’ Time is not a real parameter of consciousness. It sounds like a sequence of events, and I don’t understand what a sequence of events is, other than a physical manifestation.

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing, but you are engaging a physical manifestation which does incorporate linear time, and therefore this is familiar and it is quite easily understandable in association with language and concepts. Many individuals experience much challenge and difficulty in attempting to understand outside of the expression of sequences of events and linear time, for this is what you know and this is what you are experiencing.

MALE: So are you saying that your description was a metaphor for something you wanted to describe to us but can’t in our language? Your description, could it be considered a metaphor?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

MALE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 1290, March 15, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts’ term for expressing the concept of God as an action of eternal becoming, inseparable from and contained within Everything, incomprehensible in Its Totality.

This information was first introduced in The Seth Material, Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs, (1970), sessions #426-428, (no date given.)

Elias initially used the term “Creating Universal One And Whole” to describe the same Reality. This was subsequently replaced by “all of consciousness.”

Digests: find out more about Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness.

(2) Paul’s note: Lydia and Tweety are characters found in the first two Oversoul Seven books written by Jane Roberts – The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973) and The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979.)

Lydia and Tweety are both focuses of Oversoul Seven. The first book details Lydia’s death in the late 1970’s and subsequent afterdeath experience. In the second book her afterdeath transition continues and she is involved with a remanifesting/continuing focus, nick-named Tweety who is born into 17th century Denmark.

This is a great example of how remanifesting/continuing focuses occur in the context of linear/simultaneous time frameworks. These books are excellent primers for many of the ideas contained in the information offered by Seth and Elias.

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