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Regional Area 2 (RA2)

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “I have a question. Can you give any further information on probabilities and what they are?

ELIAS: A probability is a possible choice; therefore, there are countless numbers. You incorporate them singularly, one at a time. You choose one action. You choose from myriads of possibilities, which are probable choices. Each of the choices that you do not choose manifests elsewhere. All probabilities are actualized. All are not actualized within your focus. You possess the ability to choose the most efficient probability; efficient being the probability which incorporates no conflict. You do not always find the probability which incorporates no conflict, but it is always available to you. (Pause) But as you are within your oubliette, you do not always view the most efficient probabilities, for many times they are within the ‘pit’ in front of you! (Pause, grinning at Vicki) Do not complicate the issue of probabilities! It is a simple concept. It is only choices and this is what your Regional Area 2 is comprised of – choices.

GUIN: Mostly collective, correct?

ELIAS: Within Regional Area 2, all of your personal choices for your individual focus are manifest. They also connect with all other individuals, but this is not a collective consciousness area. That we will be reserving for Regional Area 3. I choose, within probabilities, (grinning) to be holding on the subject of Regional Area 3, for I wish not to divert your attention to mass events before you have incorporated individual events!” [session 65, January 07, 1996]

ELIAS: “This area of consciousness of Regional Area 2 is in direct relation to physical focus. Therefore, it is the creative area, within consciousness, of creation and manifestation of this Regional Area 1 of consciousness. Beneath your physical manifestation, beneath or inside of the action of translation of physical manifestation, is the action of the feeling within consciousness, which holds no form and is an action in energy. This is a specific creation for a specific focus. Other areas of physical focus also hold what you would term to be an equivalent of a Regional Area 2. They may not hold the action of feeling in relation to their physical focus. This is your specific creation within this specific manifestation.” [session 139, December 12, 1996]

ELIAS: There are different areas of consciousness. These are related to attention. All of consciousness is all of consciousness. It is all the same. There are no planes. There are no levels. There are no better or higher places within consciousness. All is the same. There are different focuses of attention. In this, there are created what we term as areas of consciousness. These are not places. These are not things. They are not space. There are no sections of space that are designated as areas of consciousness. They are directions of attention. In this, they are also influenced by intent. Each essence occupies all areas of consciousness.” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “Sure. I would like to connect the essence of Rose, in the physically focused names, with the name of Madeline.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And I would also like to say that I don’t understand this category at all!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will express to you that as with all of your categories, you receive your answers through impressions. Each essence connected within your game has been physically manifest. Certain manifestations of these essences are what you would view to be predominant or exceptional. Certain focuses are what they view to be, shall we say, their favorite. They incorporate affection for certain developmental focuses within certain dimensions. Therefore, as they hold an affinity for these, you connect through impressions with these essences and receive which developmental focus they hold an affinity for. As with all other connections which you incorporate within Regional Area 2, you have set out your willingness to be connecting. Therefore, you are open, and the essences may whisper to you their answer; this being a developmental focus to which this essence holds an affinity.” [session 69, February 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “This evening, we shall begin to incorporate our focus upon your mass consciousness and events, to which I have promised. It is seeming to be appropriate presently in light of recent events, and individuals incorporating many illnesses. I will express to you, as I have previously, that there is a mass consciousness which incorporates these actions. You have asked me why an individual chooses to manifest an illness. I will explain that each individual incorporates their own choices and reasoning for their individual manifestation, although they also tap into a collective agreement, within consciousness, to manifest such actions. This is more far-reaching than you necessarily perceive. You have created, within physical focus, mass movements for mass benefits. Therefore, all benefit by your incorporation of an illness. Not only do you benefit; which you do. I will explain; (to Vicki, grinning) for you do not manifest anything if you do not receive a pay-off; but also, many individuals benefit.

You incorporate belief systems of scientific elements and religious elements which, collectively, you agree upon and accept into your reality. In this, it is entered into your collective area of Regional Area 2. You may manifest symptoms identical with each other, for you may manifest identical anything if you are choosing, for you are all connected within a collective consciousness. This consciousness area is not the same as what I have expressed to you of Regional Area 3. We will not discuss this as of yet.” [session 83, April 03, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within Regional Area 2, all physically focused consciousness, collectively and individually, is originating. All of your manifestation that is created in Regional Area 1 originates within Regional Area 2; therefore collectively, within consciousness, your mass events also originate within this area of consciousness.

... All mass events are manifest expressions, within physical focus, of an interpretation of a Source Event. These Source Events are what you may term to be myths. I will explain that within your intellect and understanding, and what you view to be advancement within knowledge, you disassociate yourselves from viewing myths as reality. You view myths as fantasy and imagination. We have discussed imagination at length previously, as it is reality, but you do not believe this! It is not a reality to you! (Grinning)

I have expressed to you, every manifestation within this Regional Area 1 of consciousness is a mirror image of known realities. In this, within Regional Area 2, you have created myths; ideas; creations; thoughts; emotions; landscapes; sceneries; of events, of objects, of reality. These are what your physical reality stems from. Within your consciousness and your intellect, you do continue, to some extent, to incorporate your original myths, although you distort them; therefore creating a loss of reality with them, and also a lack of power within these myths. I have expressed to you previously that your original, so to speak, ideas of religious elements, that you now view to be mythology, were a creative expression much more closely related as mirroring the reality of essence, being less separated and less singular in focus.

Let us view another aspect of your mass creations. We have briefly discussed the creation of illnesses. Let us view your weather patterns. I have expressed to you that you create your atmospheric conditions. These are not accidental. Your religions will inform you that weather is created by god. When your weather is favorable, god is smiling upon you. When your weather is disastrous, god is very angry with you and punishing you. Your scientists will express to you that your weather patterns are impersonal atmospheric conditions. They bear no consciousness. They are mechanistic. Both of these interpretations are incorrect. Your weather patterns are not god speaking to you or lashing out at you. They are also not impersonal mechanistic events. They are expressions directly related to your emotional-focus. Within mass consciousness, you collectively create the weather that you experience.

Within different areas of your planet, individuals magnate to certain areas. They choose certain geographical locations of your planet for creation of certain patterns. Like spirits seek like spirits! We have expressed previously that you, as individuals who choose to reside in this area of your country of your planet, choose to be here purposefully, for you each incorporate a personality type that is expressive and creative; and in this, you experience waves of emotional-focus. You settle quietly for a time, and then you ‘shake things,’ and your earth shakes also! Your scientists attribute this to ‘lunar pulls,’ or to geological conditions. They do not incorporate the explanation that you yourselves, collectively en masse, within consciousness, are very affecting of these conditions.

You have created, collectively, this planet that you inhabit. You manipulate your environment continuously. This is another action of collective consciousness and a mass event expression. You will notice, as I have expressed previously, that individual areas experiencing what you term to be disasters will also experience a building, within consciousness, to this disaster point. Whether this be expressed within an earthquake or a flood or a fire or a tornado, it does not matter. The individual areas manifest differently, for the individuals occupying these areas choose different expressions for different reasons. Some choose to occupy areas where they may manifest, collectively, horrendous natural occurrences that may be threatening, but also offer warning previous to the event. This allows the individuals involved the opportunity to choose to participate and involve themselves within that consciousness wave or not. Others, which incorporate more volatile situations within natural occurrences, as you view them, choose this for their excitement! (Smiling)

You have expressed to me, ‘Why do individuals manifest illness?’ I have given you reasons. You also manifest, collectively, events such as disasters for many of the same reasons. They are quite beneficial to you collectively. Groups of individuals experience time periods of separation, removal from each other physically, emotionally; and also, to a certain extent, within consciousness, they isolate themselves. This is unnatural. Therefore they create, within collective agreement, a situation to alter conditions, therefore creating the situation of ‘pulling together’ collectively; allowing barriers and separation to dissipate, allowing expression with the individuals that may otherwise be unexpressed. Individuals incorporating healing abilities, non-expressed, may incorporate these abilities within the situation of a disaster. They will not question their ability. They will allow their consciousness to automatically respond. They will connect. Others, feeling that they are needing of compassion or nurturing, will be placing themselves within the roles of the victims, therefore allowing an exchange.

Your economy also benefits. Depressed areas benefit. New revenue is generated. Small individual business owners, within a depressed economy, will be regenerated within an influx of new capital afforded to them as a result of disastrous situations. All individuals benefit. Some individuals choosing to be entering this type of wave of consciousness may choose to exit this physical focus, needing no explanation, and also needing not to incorporate illness or lengthy departure. There are many reasons that you collectively create situations, but you always benefit from your collective encounters. You may not choose to view that you benefit. You may perceive negatively; but you will, in actuality, be benefiting. Even your wars are beneficial; although I have expressed previously, hurtfulness to another essence is never acceptable, it is beneficial, sometimes, and profitable.

VICKI: ... Wow! That’s interesting! (Pause) My own question is: Quite honestly, I really don’t understand what a Source Event is yet.

ELIAS: It is the original, so to speak, event within consciousness that creates an interpretation within physical focus. You may create, within Regional [Area] 2, a myth of a great and powerful civilization. Within Regional [Area] 1, your Greek society springs. Within Regional Area 1, these individuals create their own interpretations of the original Source Event, according to their understanding within consciousness. They create physical myths that mirror back to the original myth.

A myth is not what you view it to be. It is an event; an imaginative creative expression within collective consciousness; all of which is reality. You, within physical focus, express a myth to be fantasy. Without your myths, you would not create what you view before you now. Without your expressions within Regional [Area] 2; your Source Events, your myths, your fantasies, your stories; you would not create your technology for exploration beyond this planet. You would not create your technology to explore beneath your seas. You would not fly. These are the expression and the interpretation of the myth and creativity, which is the source within Regional Area 2.

JENE: ... I know, I can go to a psychic to find out the other information, right?

ELIAS: I will express to you that within these expressions, your probabilities are always open systems. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be investigating of these situations; for you may be instructed, ‘Oh, yes! Incorporate this action! You shall become affluent, and secure, and quite happy!’ And within your own manifestation of your probabilities, you may thwart your creation because your probabilities are always changing. Individuals may express to you what they view, within a telepathic expression and connection with your consciousness, of what your Regional Area 1 ‘most close’ probability may be. Be remembering, as I will express to Yarr [Jim] also, that there are many forces working within Regional Area 2. Therefore, just as I expressed to Yarr [Jim], your reality does not always lie directly in front of you. I express the same to you, in that your reality may be created more effortlessly and more effectively, in following your intent and exhibiting patience.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

ELIAS: “We shall briefly continue on with our discussion of Source Events this evening. We were previously discussing Source or Master Events, to which some of you incorporated some confusion. We have discussed mass creations and situations in the area of illness and your weather patterns. I will express to you, speaking in the area of Source Events, you may gain a slightly larger perception of these as we move into the area of religious creations, for this spans a greater amount of time, as you view it, in one area; and also involves many individuals throughout your world that you individually may view as connected to certain religious belief systems. Also, you yourselves are very affected by these types of belief systems.

In this Source Event, within Regional Area 2, the myth is created collectively within consciousness. The myth is much vaster than the interpretation which physically manifests. It also is affected by other Source Events within other Regional Areas of other dimensional focuses, this being the action that you may view as bleed-throughs into your dimension; aligning with religious belief systems, but not quite focusing within your officially accepted religious belief systems. Therefore, you create new belief systems which also fall into the category of religious belief systems. They stem from other religious belief systems within other dimensional focuses, but as all consciousness is connected and intertwined with all consciousness, (smiling) many areas of consciousness bleed through to others.

Some individuals may be intersecting with these belief systems and misinterpreting their origin, not having the information of the Source Event, and where, so to speak, it is coming from. Therefore, you incorporate many belief systems that all fall into one category, so to speak. These all stem from one myth, that which you would perceive as the original; although this is an inefficient term, for in actuality, there is no original, as you perceive an object or an idea. These things hold solidity; or, to your perception, hold a sort of solidity. A Source or Master Event does not. It is an action within consciousness, a very highly creative and expressive action of collective consciousness interaction between essences and The Creating Universal One And Whole. We shall explore, partially, these bleed-throughs later.

... Very well. In continuing: Within consciousness, within Regional Area 2, in what you view to be centuries ago, you, within energy, created a Source Event. Within your perception and your ‘thinking,’ you view these events in a very piecemeal fashion. You view segments. You do not always connect all of the segments together. Within time periods of your history that you remember, (smiling) or that you may investigate to be remembering, you may view a type of global shift. This is quite different from what you presently are beginning to experience; but nonetheless, there occurred a type of shift within consciousness, in focusing upon a religious-focus, which has continued till this present now. It was developed in many different expressions, but each expression was an interpretation of the Source Event. Not one was the entirety, or the ‘one.’ Each was an interpretation of one Master Event which occurred, once again, so to speak, within Regional Area 2. In this, you created belief systems quite strongly within each of your interpretations and expressions of this Source Event. Some of the interpretations and expressions became quite strong and quite enduring.

The reason we focus upon this Source Event presently is that you are so accustomed to viewing your reality in this manner that you automatically lean to this type of creation. Therefore, you offer yourselves information, or you connect with information, that is unfamiliar to you within your historical lines, and you automatically ‘box’ this information into your religious belief systems. This is not to say that you believe that angels speak to you or that you have been visited by god. It is to say that you have offered yourself information presently, within this now, that pertains to your shift, and you automatically interpret this within a religious element.

You have created a new religious belief system, this being of your metaphysics. The true interpretation of this word is the exploration of your universe and reality. Your interpretation of the definition of this word encompasses many elements that are ... particles. You piece together information that you are offered, and you attach interpretations to this of masters, and guides, and angels, and many other elements. You have offered yourselves, through consciousness, a widening, to be understanding of elements of essence and consciousness as you approach your shift. You do not understand that what you view, what you know, what you perceive, is greater and vaster than you interpret it to be.” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “All of your individual experiences are influenced by mass events.

[The] Subjective self is the creative aspect, the initiating aspect, of your manifestation. [The] Objective self is the experiencing and executing element of your manifestation. The subjective self is directly connected to mass consciousness and Regional Area 2. Therefore, information is obtained through Regional Area 2 within the collective consciousness, filtered into individual manifestations of reality, interpreted individually, and projected into objective self.

We shall speak of our tree, once again; my very faithful example. View the tree to be the objective self, the roots of the tree being the subjective self; but the tree is intimately connected to the ground. The ground is the collective. It supplies the information, the nourishment, the focus for the subjective self, which is interpreted within manifestation of the objective self, the tree. The ground, being the collective, may also be compared to mass events, for if the ground is creating parchedness, the tree alone is not affected only. Each blade of grass, each flower, and the ground itself is affected directly. If the ground is creating abundance of saturation, the tree, along with all other vegetation, is affected through the subjective self of roots, manifesting an experience within the objective self of the tree. Are you understanding thus far? (Here, there is a silent, uncertain pause, during which Elias seems to evaluate each person individually, and then continues)

The subjective self engages mass events. You look to mass events and you think of your involvement objectively; your physical experience. You also incorporate subjective experience within your dream element, for you incorporate mass events within this area of consciousness also. Mass events are not always incorporated throughout a nation, or a world, or even an entire community. A mass event, as I have expressed previously, may be experienced within small groups of individuals, but you are experiencing collectively, through agreement, within Regional Area 2.

You do not always understand the manifestations of your mass events. You do not always manifest all of your reasons for mass events, for within Regional Area 2 exists your Source Events. These are creative expressions which are vastly exceeding what you may physically manifest within physical focus. Therefore, I have expressed that you manifest an interpretation, an element. A Source Event is never entirely manifest, for physical focus of any design may not encompass a Source Event. Therefore, you may look to your mass events, and you may feel that you are left with ‘pieces missing’; incomplete explanations of the reason why you have created these events. This is quite common within the element of physical focus, for just as you have distorted information from Regional Area 2, you also omit experiences from Regional Area 2. Not all of the reasons for manifestations are necessary for the experience.

You may manifest a mass event. You may walk away affected by a mass event, and within years to your future, you may look ‘backwards’ to the event and you may question, ‘Why? What was our purpose?’ The purpose for the individual event may not be apparent to you, for the experience is what was important for manifestation. The reasons for experience are held within the subjective self, always. They are always accessible. Therefore, it is unnecessary, at times, to be manifesting all elements of certain issues or subjects of mass events.

I have expressed to you, from our beginning of our sessions, your purpose within physical focus is to experience. You have asked many times, ‘What is my mission? What is my purpose? Why am I in existence?’ You exist within physical focus, for you choose to manifest within physical focus for experience.

You choose many experiences. You are choosing a new experience and manifesting a new Source Event, involving your shift, for your experience. You choose to experience differently. Therefore, you create a new Source Event, which will be partially expressed and manifest within an interpretation and experience of your shift.

You also employ dialog continuously between the subjective and objective selves. Just as the tree does not exist without the root, one element of consciousness does not exist without the other. Therefore, there is continuous communication and interaction; therefore, your dream state. I have expressed to you, from very early on within our session times, the importance of this state. It is your subjective communication. It is important. It is very affecting, for it is affecting of all of your objective expression.

It has been addressed to us many times, ‘I experience difficulty within my dream state. I dream only mundane interaction. I dream of elements that I have viewed upon my television, or interaction that I have experienced within my day or within my employment.’ I express to you that even within these interactions of dream state, the subjective self speaks to you. Sometimes, your interaction of a dream which is focused upon your work state is, in actuality, a communication to the objective self, to be dealing with and coping with elements of that situation. It is delivering information to you to be helpful. It expresses creative information to you to be more artfully employing your energy within your every-day life.

As there is no time element within the subjective self, you may view the interaction, from the standpoint of the objective self, as reversed. You may dream, and to your perception it is seeming that you have been dreaming of what has been occurring within your previous day. There is no time element within your subjective self. It is an interpretation of the objective self.

Many times, within your dream state, your subjective self expresses, prior to an event, information to be helpful to the objective self. The objective self is not remembering of this information; therefore the interaction or event occurs, lodging a memory. Within communication and validation the following evening, the subjective self communicates once again and is confirming, ‘Yes, I have been helpful in offering you this information. You have responded and experienced. Now, I shall allow you to review and watch again.’

This offers you also the opportunity to be adjusting; for if you are experiencing elements within your objective self ‘time’ that you are wishing to adjust, the subjective self offers a presentation to you to be reviewing, once again, of your position; therefore also offering you the opportunity to adjust behavior.

Very much interaction occurs within this state. It is your clearest and closest interaction. You may view this to be your ‘subconscious’ self, which is not subconscious! Your subjective self is continually available to you. You only choose to be complicating your interaction, and believing that it is removed from you.

If I am expressing to you of very intricate methods for interaction with your subjective self, you will be engaging much brain activity, and you will be exhibiting a determination to be accomplishing; but as I express to you of effortlessness and ease, and how automatic these elements are to you, you do not understand and you do not acknowledge your own action. I have expressed to you, many times, you incorporate these actions continuously.

You experience OOBs continuously, but you continue to express to Elias, ‘How may I experience an OOB?’ If I offer you a mathematical formula, and a very complicated method employing your silver cord, let us not forget this element, (grinning), you may acknowledge yourself, and accept your experience, and view your accomplishment; but as I express, ‘You already accomplish,’ you do not accept. There is no method! There is only trust of self, and acceptance.

Within the communication between the objective self and the subjective self, you also offer yourself an acceptance of explanation for elements that you may not explain. Thus, you have ‘coincidences.’ These are elements that will not fit into your factual focus; but nonetheless, they occur. There is no category for these occurrences, but you are accepting of them, for they are too regular to deny! Therefore, even your most scientific individuals are accepting of coincidences. These are elements of Regional Area 2 being manifest within Regional Area 1.” [session 92, May 05, 1996]

ELIAS: “Offering one small element of information to which you may also contemplate, and then you may formulate your questions. Concentrate on disassembling your shrines. This will be helpful in the action of eliminating conflict, for you have drawn these shrines out of Regional Area 2 to be presenting them directly in front of you, and you are not pleased with what you view. Therefore, you hold the opportunity presently to be disassembling of these shrines.” [session 113, August 18, 1996]

NORM: Over the years, I quite often, not every night but probably four or five or six times a month when I kind of get stuck on various things, I will wake up at three or four o’clock in the morning and a word or an idea will be in my mind, and it is the answer to what I have been seeking. Is this the sort of thing that I should really promote as an opening of a channel to information from my entity, or from others that are outside of our focus?

ELIAS: I express to you that information that you receive during your dream state is information that you pull from Regional Area 2 to be helpful to yourself. This is an interpretation of your own individual language of essence to self or focus. You are in communication with your essence continuously. Within your dream state, you utilize this time element creatively to be translating your creations into objective awareness. You create initially within Regional Area 2 and you translate this into Regional Area 1, which is your objective consciousness. Your communication lies within your dream state. Therefore, your concentration upon this state of consciousness holds great importance.

Therefore, yes. Your concentration and your attention to this state would be helpful to you and instructional to you. Many times, you accomplish translating your subjective activity into language that you may understand objectively and promote within your waking state. All of the interaction and information that occurs within this state is translated into objective focus. You are not always aware objectively of the connection, but there is always a flow. You offer yourselves the opportunity to view, at times, the bleed-through with your own symbolism and translation into objective symbols that you recognize, that you may be accomplishing certain activity within waking state.

NORM: One question that I had is, in the Region 2 that you are in, there are many essences or entities that have finished their cycle. I’ve looked at all of the families, and it appears that nowhere does it state that there are scientists or mathematicians. The only family that I guess I could put them under directly would be the Sumari. There’s two parts to this question. Are there engineers and scientists and mathematicians in Region 2 that are active in Region 2, and what family do they belong to?

ELIAS: In actuality, you have expressed many questions within this question! First of all, I shall clarify; I do not occupy Regional Area 2 of consciousness. This area of consciousness is the area of consciousness that is designated by you to be encompassing your subjective activity, individually and en masse. Therefore, it is directly connected with Regional Area 1, which is your waking consciousness; your physical focus.

Also, individuals that you view to be departed do not occupy Regional Area 2. As has been stated, this area of consciousness is directly related to your activity. It is all of your subjective activity. Therefore, individuals that have chosen to disengage physical focus, temporarily or otherwise, and move into an area of transition, move to what you may designate as Regional Area 3. This is different, within action, from the area of consciousness in which you create all elements affecting physical focus. This is Regional Area 2.” [session 135, November 24, 1996]

NORM: “When [Vicki] asked you the question [about fragmentation], you closed your eyes and took some deep breaths and slowly came up with the answer. Could you describe how you did that?

ELIAS: This is an allowance of information. What you view is an exchange of energy. (1) In this exchange of energy, the personality focus of Elias appears to you. Translations are accomplished within this exchange. Within certain requests of certain information, an opening is allowed, therefore funneling in information which is not as readily accessed.

Different information is occupying different areas of consciousness. Just as you within essence focus your essence into many different focuses, in this same type of manner, within essence I focus attention in many different areas. While directing energy exchange within this area, there is a concentration of specific energy; a focus of energy which is directed to be exchanged with you. In this, just as you within a focus are concentrated on that focus for that time period, within this exchange I concentrate an energy focus. Therefore, other information must be accessed, or openings must be allowed, to filter in some information. It is necessary to be directing of energy within the thickness of the time element.

Much in concentration is involved in this type of energy exchange. Much that you do not understand, in what you may term as mechanics, operate within the accomplishment of this type of exchange. Therefore, it is necessary to be directed. Without the concentration of direction, you shall experience much distortion. In the event of the least amount of distortion, the x-ray is focused precisely. Therefore, in answering of certain inquiries, what appears to you as moments are taken, to allow openings for accessing other focuses and areas of information.

NORM: That doesn’t always have to be opened by the other essence. In other words, you ask for access to information, but the essence that has the information does not have to open? Does not have to?

ELIAS: I do not ask for access to information. I possess the information. I only open to another channel of my own essence.

RETA: Are you getting the information out of Region 2? Is that where you’re going to get the information?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although within certain inquiries, I may access focused energy within Regional Area 2 for information.

RETA: But normally you don’t have to, because you have that knowledge. (Here, Elias is grinning, and we all start laughing)

ELIAS: I shall express, Dehl [Reta], that all of my focuses are the same to me, so to speak. Therefore, it is not a question of ‘going to’ somewhere to be accessing information. It is, in your terms, not unlike you being engaged within a conversation singularly with one other individual. Your attention may be quite intent. The individual may be speaking to you, and you may turn your attention slightly to hear another individual speak. Therefore, you do not go anywhere! You only turn your hearing. In this same type of manner, I momentarily open my awareness to another area or focus to access information, allowing information to be transmitted to be answering of certain inquiries; for these inquiries are not within the directed attention presently of the focus of this energy exchange.

NORM: You have created focuses to the extent of all of your interests. So your desire for completeness of knowledge was quite intent, and you do have almost complete capability in gaining information then.

ELIAS: Within your physically focused terminology, not! (We all crack up) You shall never be complete, for there is no completion, for you are continuously within a state of becoming! Therefore, how may you be complete?

NORM: Well, you’ve gone quite a ways, then!

ELIAS: I have only remembered, and so shall you.

TOM: Is there ever gonna be an end to this physical focus to where we have a perfection of all, the universal one, the universal whole?

ELIAS: The point is not to be striving for perfection within physical focus. The point of physical focus is to be experiencing, for you already are perfect!

TOM: ... Elias, are there any basic steps, besides the sapling, for any of us in here to be able to see Regional Area 2 and remember it? Basic steps that we can ...

ELIAS: Begin with your dream state!

TOM: You know me and my dream state! That’s why I’m talking about mind-altering drugs! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: I shall express to you James [Tom], that you may engage in what you term to be mind-altering drugs, and you shall not understand what you encounter any more than you understand your dream, for you automatically translate. Therefore, follow these twins and the mission, once again! I emphasize that you are, so to speak, upon the brink. Therefore, be patient and continue in your endeavor.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

ELIAS: “Your dream state that you recognize, as I have stated, is a translation. It is an objective translation that you will recognize. If you are remembering a dream state, you have remembered an objective translation for subjective activity. This objective translation is mixed with subjective activity. Therefore, it does not translate always identically into waking state; although within the subjective activity, you always create within subjective activity, in your terms, before you manifest within waking objectivity. In this, your creations originate within Regional Area 2, which would be your subjective activity and interaction and cooperation. This then is translated into objective symbolism, which is then translated once again into waking actuality.

(Vic’s note: Elias is speaking quite quickly now, as opposed to his delivery of the family counterpart information. Also, there seems to be an unusual exchange of energy between Bob and Elias. It’s interesting to note how differently Elias interacts with individuals.)

BOB: Okay, one more question. So if I understood the entirety of what you said, my sense of being able to manipulate time within the dream state, or to move back and change things, is an objective translation of what I was actually doing?

ELIAS: Correct, but you are manipulating time within this state, so this would be an accurate translation; for within your creation of physical focus, you have created a time element which is relative to the entirety of your physical manifestation, which encompasses your subjective activity also; although within your subjective activity, you do not hold the belief systems that restrain you within your waking, objective focus. Therefore, you hold the freedom within your subjective activity and your dream ‘time’ to be manipulating of your time element.

BOB: ... Okay, I have a question then. You talk about a shift, or a move towards greater awareness. Would that be accurate? (Elias nods) But previously, you said that we have almost attained perfect objectivity. I think those were the words you used, something similar to that. Complete objectivity, I think was what you said. As a whole, as a planet, or as a group?

ELIAS: Within your physical focus, within moments, you experience complete subjectivity. You experience this within your sleep state. Within the mass, you also, in the action of blinking out, within moments, experience complete subjectivity. You do not incorporate continued complete subjectivity unless you are choosing to be disengaging the action of physical focuses. You do, within the whole of essence, in the action of blinking out, experience moments of complete subjectivity. These moments will not be recalled objectively. You may recall most, almost all, of your subjective activity within Regional Area 2 if you are training yourself to be accomplishing this, but as I have stated, Regional Area 2 is relative to this physical focus, therefore holds an element of objective knowing, although it is subjective activity.

CATHY: So for myself, if I could objectively manipulate an emotion or a feeling or whatever, would that be like a stepping stone, so perhaps I could do that in my dream state and be aware that I’m dreaming?

ELIAS: You may practice with this awareness within your waking state. All of your activities, objectively and subjectively, intertwine and intersect. Therefore, they are affecting of each other. If you are allowing your objective awareness to become more focused, you shall also experience an affectingness within your dream state.

CATHY: Okay. I’ll go in that direction.

NORM: The blinking on and off, and our creativity with respect to action and changes and Region 2, and the development of what occurs here from Region 2, what is the connection between that action and the blinking on and off? Or is there any?

ELIAS: Partially, there is a relationship with your blinking in and out and your activity within Regional Area 2. This is only a partial intersection, for the action of blinking out allows you the opportunity to be connecting this individual personality focus with the entirety of essence. Therefore, it allows you the opportunity to be intersecting and interacting with all of your other focuses, and the entirety of essence within the whole. Therefore, you intersect with Regional Area 2 for it is one of your essence focuses, but you also intersect with all of your other focuses within essence.” [session 140, December 15, 1996]

CAROL: “Elias. Relay the force pattern as a source of tension.

ELIAS: No! You relay the force pattern as a source of tension! (And we all crack up. Elias is grinning widely)

CAROL: Does that sentence have something to do with the electric light show I saw blinking on and off when I got that sentence? Is that the energy that we have to be able to access to create?

ELIAS: Accessing energy! Very good beginning!

CAROL: And then we need to engage action with the energy?

ELIAS: This is a sentence presented to you objectively, in description of subjective activity. Your question is, ‘How do I create my reality?’ Your answer is this.

CAROL: Create the force pattern as a source of tension.

ELIAS: You must be engaging your periphery and allowing yourself a wider explanation and definition of these words, for these words indicate the action which you engage within Regional Area 2 in creating your reality, and also within your dream mission behind the imagery. It is the same.

CAROL: How would I consciously move my consciousness to the place in the dream imagery where that information becomes clearer to me?

ELIAS: You do not move your consciousness to a place. You allow yourself to understand your imagery which you have created for your symbolism; recognizing that you create symbols to explain action to yourself, and also recognizing, as I have stated previously, that each symbol, every symbol, is a symbol, and also holds its own integrity and therefore is a reality.” [session 148, January 14, 1997]

NORM: “Can you see in Region 2 some of the areas that I am trying to create?

ELIAS: Interesting question. I hold focuses of consciousness within this area of consciousness. Therefore, I hold an awareness of the activity that is occurring within this area of consciousness. It would be precise and slightly difficult to be narrowing to one individual activity within the completeness of the area of Regional Area 2, although it is possible.

NORM: For example, my creative energies that are in there, do they not bear a stamp of my essence or my focus?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: So they have a tonal quality of some type that is identified with an individual.


NORM: Alright. Thank you.

ELIAS: Your energy which is of your essence contains your signature, so to speak, within every area of consciousness. It is recognized as you within all dimensions of consciousness.” [session 151, February 02, 1997]

BOB: So would that explain to some extent the dream that I had the other night?

ELIAS: This is not a dream. This action is not dream imagery. This is a different action. This is similar information offered to you in unofficial information that you recall. You have recalled objectively an out-of-body experience. Simultaneously, William [Gail] also engaged an out-of-body experience. Therefore you, in recognizing this momentarily, thought to be expressing to William [Gail], although William [Gail] was not paying attention. You engaged your own activity within another direction. As you realized that you were not engaged within what you view to be a waking state, your response was instantaneous, in ’snapping back’ to physical expression.

BOB: Okay, I pretty much understood everything you said, except in the beginning you said that I was not in dream state.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: So, you’re saying I was awake. Because I initially thought I was awake.

ELIAS: No. You engaged your sleep state. Within this process, you chose to be engaging in an out-of-body experience, which you all experience and accomplish, underline this entirely, every sleep state! You do not recall all of your out-of-body experiences. You have offered yourself the opportunity to recall the activity that you engaged in this out-of-body experience.

BOB: So, while I was out-of-body I engaged unofficial information, recognized that I did, let myself experience it to some extent with some comfort, sought to engage her (Gail) in it unsuccessfully, and at some point realized that I was out-of-body but didn’t recognize it as that, chose to recognize it as being in a dream, and that snapped me back in body and awake simultaneously.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: How does that differ from a dream?

ELIAS: Dreams are imagery. They are an interpretation of subjective activity. You engage out-of-body, in your terms, activity continuously. Within every day of your physical existence, you experience out-of-body situations. You do not recall this action, for within your belief systems this is unnatural and frightening. And as we are all aware, you only disconnect from your physical body at the point of death! Therefore, be wary of out-of-body experiences! (Very humorously)

But to continue, within the experience of what you think of as out-of-body, you may recall portions of the action that you engage. You may choose to engage similar action to physical waking state; walking through hallways, looking at furniture, stepping outside of your doorway, viewing yourself within another physical location upon your planet. These are all actions that you may engage. They are not the entirety of the action that you do engage every time period within your sleep state, but your consciousness may choose physical activity temporarily. In this, you may recall, if you are allowing yourself, your activity during this state.

Within dream state, or what you term to be dream state, this is an imagery that you create for yourself which is an interpretation creatively of the action that you have engaged while in your sleep state. It has been stated many times to you that your sleep state is not engaged for physical restfulness. Your physical expression, your body, does not require sleep state. Your consciousness requires sleep state as you are engaged within physical focus, for this is your opportunity to be in communion with essence. This is your opportunity to exert your creativity to its maximum ability within physical focus; your engagement of Regional Area 2. [session 152, February 09, 1997]

MELINDA: “Elias, I have a question about a recurring dream. I have a dream where I lose a tooth, and during the dream I just freak out. What I’d like is, if you could offer any information as to what the subjective activity might be behind the imagery of my losing that tooth.

ELIAS: (Here, Elias starts to speak, and instead laughs in such a way that we all crack up)

MELINDA: Oh, that didn’t sound good!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I shall offer you more imagery, for you are expressing an interest and a wishing for information which many of you seek presently. You may accomplish within your dream mission, in accessing this activity subjectively ‘behind’ your imagery. (2) Activity behind, so to speak, your imagery does not translate outside of imagery. This is your language. This is what you have created within your understanding and your language to yourself. Your imagery is not different from your activity. It is only translated into images that you can identify; for within subjective activity, removed from your imagery, you have no reference frame for understanding.

You speak to yourselves of Regional Area 2 and accessing information within Regional Area 2. You access this information continuously. Within Regional Area 2, as it is connected to this reality, it is comprised also of imagery; for within your consciousness, as I have stated, objective and subjective awarenesses move in harmony. One does not dictate to the other. They are intertwined. Therefore, they also must create imagery that you may translate. It serves no purpose for you to be creating of Regional Area 2 within consciousness that you may not access, for you would not understand. Therefore, your subjective imagery exists within this area also. It is different in what you may view to be more abstract, for the information subjectively relaxes your belief systems and allows for more information. It allows for interaction that you do not allow yourself to be aware of within your objective awareness.

You are connecting within energy with all other individuals, with all other focuses, with all of your probabilities, your probable selves, your alternate selves, and those of all other individuals. In this, you do not incorporate a time framework that you recognize within your objective awareness. Therefore, a translation is necessary for you to understand or create objective imagery; that which you project continuously as you are physically focused. This becomes obvious to you as you engage your dream activity, for the imagery appears differently. It may appear disconnected. It may appear that it does not involve objective imagery at all, but it is quite connected as it is merely a translation, compiling information which to you objectively would appear to be quite scattered.

As you create dream imagery, you are filtering information into images that you recognize that may be involving any aspect of physical reality, not always within your time framework that you are aware of. Therefore, you create imagery that seems to be strange, and you create belief systems that suggest to you that your dream imagery is always a translation which is directly translatable into objective waking consciousness. In one respect, this is correct; but you limit your thought process in attempting to give yourselves interpretations of your dream imagery, for there are many, many, many layers of dream imagery.

In this, it is quite limiting to view one image, a tooth, within a dream action, and be attempting to translate this into singularly how this is affecting of your day. In one respect it is affecting, for you have connected within consciousness within Regional Area 2 with another aspect. It may not be yours, but it offers you information which shall be translated. Therefore, within an experience within your day as you are objectively wakingly aware, a very small action may occur which is an element of this imagery.

In repeating dream imagery, for the most part although not always, there is interaction with other aspects of yourself, or counterpart action, which is being translated to you. You translate the information that you share with this counterpart into dream imagery. As resulting of this action, you translate once again within your waking attention into action. This action may not appear as a tooth.

... As I was expressing to you: Within this imagery, this would be an action of counterparts interacting within Regional Area 2. This imagery is offered to you as validation, as is all of your imagery that you offer to yourselves. Within your recognition of this imagery of tooth, focus upon the tooth and the loss of this tooth. Within this counterpart action, the counterpart that you connect with within Regional Area 2 may identify with the absence of tooth. In this, you offer yourself a validation of the interaction within consciousness, in what you would term to be the connection of this counterpart; this counterpart being the same ...

MELINDA: Oh! (And the light bulb goes on!)

ELIAS: ... as you have connected with previously within helpfulness in energy. (Referring to Melinda’s counterpart action with Mary [3])

MELINDA: Oh my goodness! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Which, if you are expressing of this information of this dream imagery, this counterpart shall recognize the connection.


ELIAS: It is attributed to this essence (Elias) greatly helpfulness that is offered within our new agenda of expansion, in lulling Michael [Mary] within this expansion as he projects uncomfortableness with the action of this expansion. I express to you that within this reality, the counterpart action is more objectively affecting. Therefore, commend yourself ... for you have accomplished! (Grinning)

Note: Here, something unusual occurred. Elias looked at me, managed to spit out the word ‘break,’ and was gone. I’ve never seen this happen before. Mary came back coughing, saying that it felt like she had swallowed sea water. (4)

MELINDA: ... What happened with Mary/Michael just a little while ago when she swallowed the sea water, when she got hit with energy? What was that all about?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) He is quite visual, is he not? Within accessing information of counterpart action within areas of answering your question within Regional Area 2 and this imagery, and also quite intentionally avoiding allowing for unsolicited clues to this dream mission, alterations or another road, so to speak, was approached; for Michael [Mary] accesses subjective information within your time period of this energy exchange. In not wishing to be offering clues, (laughter) I have chosen another route, so to speak, which is allowing of an influx of energy which appears to be intensified; in your terms objectively that you may understand, a very ‘cosmic subjective smoke screen’ which appears as increased energy, to be not offering of clues that he may find himself! (Grinning) Therefore, he experiences an intensity of energy. In this, in his terminology, he may be expressing to you that he is ‘losing his footing.’

MELINDA: Okay, thanks.” [session 184, June 20, 1997]

VICKI: “I have some questions for some friends. Ron has been posting early transcripts on AOL for some time now, and this question was posed by a new reader of transcripts. (Cath) The quote she pulls out is, ‘Also through imagination has come most of your philosophy.’ Her question is, what portion of philosophy did not come through imagination? (Pause)

ELIAS: Certain aspects of philosophy which are concepts of you as a conscious being – man and his relationship to consciousness – are not your creation through imagination. Be remembering, imagination is reality, but this being an accessing of information within Regional Area 2. The accessing of information in some areas of philosophy has come from Regional Area 3 and your world views which have been deposited, and others have come from your Dream Walkers and the action that they create as reality; therefore this being accessed by some philosophers and translated into philosophy. Therefore, there is different accessing of information which bleeds through within your different philosophers.” [session 205, August 10, 1997]

LETTY: “Can we go into a little bit about what dreams then really represent? I know a lot of it has to do with your ... I’m trying to understand the dream state, and how it relates to my wake-up state.

ELIAS: Ah! Moving into the area of the dream mission!

LETTY: Yeah!

ELIAS: You may be connecting with Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki] in this area, for they investigate continuously of this dream mission with a sizable amount of fervor! (Chuckling) Michael [Mary] engages the subjective activity in this investigation and Lawrence [Vicki] provides the objective avenue within this dream mission, for they are within harmony and move hand-in-hand.

Your dream state is directly affecting of your waking state, as I have stated many times. This is all imagery that you create in creating your reality within this particular physical focus. It is influenced through Regional Area 2, which is where you are initially creating of your reality and then translating this into your dream and waking states. My clue, which is already partially known, is that what is occurring within Regional Area 2 is beyond imagery. (Staring at Letty) ALL imagery is a translation. Therefore, your waking objective reality is a translation of what is occurring within Regional Area 2.

LETTY: Which is our dream.

ELIAS: Partially. Your dream state is the imagery of Regional Area 2. It is not necessarily the entirety of the action. It is the translation of the action within imagery.” [session 222, September 27, 1997]

PAUL: “I have some questions about dreams, dream experiences. In one of the sessions I’ve read, the issue of ‘a true dream from the gates of horn’ and its Egyptian connections in our past was mentioned, and you mentioned that Michael [Mary] had connected or accessed this region twice. I’m wondering if you would just elaborate a little bit further if you can about this type of action, of us tapping into a region that we call the Gates of Horn and what type of information is available there as opposed to other areas of our dreams. What’s special ... that’s not the right word. What’s unique? What’s the unique thing in that area?

ELIAS: When you are accessing that area of consciousness, when you are asking for information within that area of consciousness, you are asking essentially to be offering yourself a truthful dream imagery regardless of the information. When you are in the position of asking this type of question to be accessed within your dream state, you are also dealing with belief systems that you are wishing to be offering yourself information to be helpful to you, and risking your own non-acceptance of the answer that may be offered; this being why it has been termed the ‘true dream’ from this area, for it shall provide you imagery and action within Regional Area 2 that is truthful to you beyond your belief systems.” [session 224, October 01, 1997]

DREW: “Do dreams take place within space?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes; for your dream imagery is connected with your objective awareness. Therefore, it is also connected with your space arrangement. Your time framework is different and your space arrangement is less defined, but – in your terms – but these dream imageries do occur within space arrangements that are directly connected to this physical focus.

DREW: Dream imagery is imagery for action, but it’s not the action itself, correct? It’s an interpretation of the action.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: So when people are joining us in this dreamscape, are they joining us in the action? Where exactly is this joining taking place?

ELIAS: They are joining you in all three areas. They are joining you within the area of Regional Area 2, which you are creating within. They are also joining you within your dreamscape and they are also joining you within your waking state, which are both imagery of Regional Area 2.

DREW: Is Regional Area 2 a space?

ELIAS: It is an area of consciousness.

DREW: So when they join us in our dreamscape ... well, area implies space.

ELIAS: No. Regional Area 2 is merely a term that I have placed upon an area of consciousness which is directly related to physical focus, but it occupies no space arrangement. It is merely consciousness.

DREW: And this is part of our dreamscape? (Pause)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

DREW: So when people join us there, where are they joining us if it’s not a space arrangement?

ELIAS: Within your objective awareness, within your dreamscape and within your waking state, they ARE joining you within a space arrangement.

DREW: And the third area?

ELIAS: They are not. It is merely within consciousness.

DREW: Okay.” [session 237, November 09, 1997]

VICKI: “I have a question about offering yourself information. I had a dream last night. The imagery of the dream was that in this elusive Regional Area 2, we create experiences. I was creating experiences for myself, and then I was presenting them to myself after they were created, so to speak, and then making a choice as to whether or not to actualize it into my present now reality, which ... I don’t know. It made me think about it when I woke up this morning ’cause I never thought about it that way before. I’m just wondering what that dream was actually about, or if there’s any reality to it.

ELIAS: It is imagery presented to yourself within the context of your dream mission. Within Regional Area 2, you do not create the experience, but you create the blueprint for the experiences and you create all of the probabilities that may be connected to the individual experience. You translate this into your dream state. Within your dream state you create an experience, and you choose within your dream state to be actualizing or NOT actualizing this objectively.

VICKI: You choose in your dream state ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... whether or not to actualize it in the present now?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 259, January 17, 1998]

FORREST: “Okay, the next one. This is a person named Daryl. He’s asking about his eye condition. He’s saying, ‘What else can I do to uncreate my eye condition?’ The answer is going back to him. Whatever I’m asking is on their behalf.

ELIAS: I am aware. It is unnecessary to reiterate yourself. (Fifteen-second pause)

This situation holds two-fold. This individual has created two choices in this situation. As to the question of uncreating this function of vision, this may be more complicated than some other individuals with similar situations.

This situation has been created initially as an acceptance, in entering into this particular focus, of certain genetic elements. This is not to say that this may not be altered, for any individual within physical focus may alter their genetic encoding at any given moment. You always hold the choice in this area, although once again, your sciences view this to be fixed and static. It is not. It is a choice, although it is a more difficult element to be affecting of, for you hold very strong belief systems in these areas.

In the area of physical ailments, the mass belief systems are extremely strong and the individual belief systems are equally as strong. They are continuously reinforced, not only by the self, not only by the thought process, but also by your own creations in reinforcement, your experiences, which also is linked to the belief systems of duplicity. But also, these elements are continuously reinforced within your societies in the manner that you have created them. Therefore, these situations are more difficult for your alteration.

The second element which has been created in this particular situation is linked also to belief systems and issues held which have created shrines which have been efficiently placed very neatly into Regional Area 2 for their only partial viewing at the discretion of the individual, and in this manner this is also affecting of objective physical viewing. It is a mirror action. ‘I wish not to be viewing these shrines that I have created. I shall very neatly insert them into Regional Area 2. I may remove them at will and decorate them more and reinsert them into Regional Area 2, where I may not view if I am not choosing. And I shall also create a situation with my physical viewing, my physical sense of sight, that shall be reminding me that I have inserted these shrines into Regional Area 2, lest I forget to be pulling these shrines out once again and continuing my decoration of them.’

Therefore, there is held two very strong situations in this area; one being the viewing and dismantling of these shrines, which are created by very strongly-held issues within the self that are chosen not to be addressed to but continue to be reinforced and built upon – quite ornately, I must add – and also, the element of choosing physical aspects of genetics in entering into this focus, that this may be also reinforcing of the situation of the shrines not viewed.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias uses the concept of an “energy exchange” to describe the temporal mergence of essences holding different tones (or energy personality signatures) for the purpose of offering helpful information.

Elias engages what he terms an “energy exchange” with a woman named Mary Ennis. This exchange is similar to what many call “channeling,” but Elias says that these two actions are somewhat different. Channeling involves an interaction with one’s own non-physical aspect selves or essence, and an energy exchange involves a mergence and an exchange with another essence. Mary’s experience within this exchange has changed many times in the last four years and appears to be different from the experience of channeling, according to our present information.

(2) Vic’s note: the intent of the dream mission is to connect with subjective activity which is represented by dream and waking imagery, thus being able to translate our language to ourselves of activity that occurs in Regional Area 2, thus becoming aware of how we create our reality.

Digests: find out more about the dream mission.

(3) Vic’s note: we’ve presented Elias publicly four times to date, and each time Mary has become a nervous wreck shortly before we were to begin. I talked to Melinda about this, as she and Mary are counterparts. We made an agreement that she would “send cosmic drugs” shortly before start time at the Bodhi Tree. This was interesting to observe. Mary was starting to lose it. Two minutes after the agreed-upon time, Mary almost fell down. It appeared as if she had just injected some powerful drugs. She remained in this state until the session began.

(4) Vic’s note: folks often ask Mary “where she goes” during a session. Her perception has changed quite a few times over the last two years. Presently, she defines her experience as being analogous to that of attempting to stand in a tidal wave without falling down. In her perception she fell down at this point in the session, which has never occurred before.

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